Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on June 4, 1947 · Page 4
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 4

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 4, 1947
Page 4
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fa* 8 * , pop- increased to Market Briefs STREET HOUSE FOR SALE 524 Hughes Street FHA or G! Loan Available for Immediate occupancy Hughes Pitts Inc. 117 \V. Kingsmill Phone 200 NEW YORK STOCKS f , l! - v ,. T '' 10 Associated Press) .Airlines m l \\iil.lrn Vnn.-on.ln \n.l, -ivson-rinvt 1 ;,ni'. ' 12 74,.. 7 i aboul my business rnkrveiottirjclpe f salad, Tim KTORTt I vrn* off In noftrcHnfc nchool ivhon OtwcKo Trent Into n dither of r.tcltemrnt over the fnnernl of 301111 a: Hn- liert Tolllvcr, nn pl.ibot-nle ulip- nniilsrnim xtsiKfA 1>r hi* mother nnd .nlKtPTw nnd now ItnoTra aa the Tolllver BirM' ilelmt Into O(«cs-o nocleij". l;p <o that ilme, 1 hml never hcnrd of Hubert or liny of the other Tolllver* who ivrre to lienome onr tcm-n'n moit fnmonH family. Knther ivrote they \rerr pennlleKR nevreomprn who hml routed the his; » nr«(onl honne ne\t door to our.q on the 9AOOO !n.<turnnee yonna Ilnbert hnil left. The tvt-o yonnRcst Rlrl.i—I«"lt>rn nnd Annnbclle—. were Ix-nuties nnit openly mnk> ItiK n piny for the two well-to- do nnd middle-need bnehe1or*t Sam nnd .Nelson l-'orbe*. AVhen I «-nmr» home for Mummer vnentlon, the TnlUvfi-* jrnve me 11 '-jmrprlHe Iinrty." Durlup the evening, I-Inrn dUnppenred for n -while with JOIIFIJT Jiob Flnnernn. , * * • } VI *& ' 5 we walked home Father asked •me if I had had a good time. A wonderful time," I said truthfully. "It was a beautiful party. But I feel awfully indebted to the Tollivers. I'll have to do something for them." "You might give a party in their honor. People haven't been very nice to them, and it makes me hot under the collar. They're nice people, even if a little flamboyant. If we back them up publicly, everyone will fall in line." I was more than a little annoyed that Father had suggested the party without waiting for me to do so, but I agreed that was an in a particularly fortunate posi* tion. Ycrti can afford to wait until the right man comes along or not to marry at all If you so prefer. The lovely Florabelle and Annabelle can't." * * * 'THE next morning Leah brought me a breakfast tray. She had barely gone downstairs -when I heard giggles /and greetings and what Father called Leah's belly laugh. In a few minutes Florabelle and Annabelle were in my room-. They were as fresh and pretty as daisies, even though they said they had been up since 6 o'clock. "We brought back the silver and china Leah lent us," Annabelle (xplained. "And we had to run upstairs and tell you how beautiful you looked last night," Flora drawled. I knew that I was anything but beautiful, yet the praise was very soul-satisfying. I told them I wanted* to give a large party for them and their sister and mother, perhaps a garden f&oths, and w-hfte trtftfe In th« mayonnaise. And Aihjr Would ba fljd to rhakte her delicious potato r°" s and bring thiSm over hot. And didn't I think it would be smart to. serve tea instead ol coffee? In the New York papers the smart set always served tea, afternoons. . * * * 1 T DON'T know just when it was; but certainly before the invita-< lions were out, that Flora pathei timidly let drop the idea that w« make it a supper instead of an afternoon party. She said thai since it was so hot, everyone would be certain to come late and want to stay later. "I hadn't planned on serving supper," I said a little coldly. "Ij would mean a lot more work, and with the mob of people I have on my list it would be extremely expensive." Flora's face fell. " '*"»*••*'••••« ' "I didn't mean that the after< noon party wouldn't be wonder Legal Records IWAtt* Transfer* ' M?- ^^.and wife, Grace riln"' l?i ^V^" ^ aild wife - Ruth «£i 'i* -* 0 ** 1 ?* 8 numb «-ed 12, 13 and 14 situated in Block l of the e addltlon of the c " - Praser and wife, Al- party, and ask all my friends and Father's. To my surprise Flora burst into sudden tears. Annabelle got up and kissed her and shook her gently. "Don't be a goose," she told her. ' '«. >nu can do a proleuionol re-flnishmg job with our complete, eo , y ., 0 . USlt c , orke R ,, n(o| tquipmont. Savs lima ord money und giv? y ou , 0= U u new beauty and lustre - we furnish all equipment, malerioli and complete instruction,. OUR RENTAL PLAN INCIUDES EVERYTHING YOU NEED RENTAJU—PEH DAY Sal >der 53.50 E *&r S2.00 ivaxer 51.00 PHONE YOUR RESERVATION TODAY , excellent idea. I said that it was impossible not to like the Tollivcr girls, especially flora and Annabelle. They were so pretty and worked so hard. I added that I didn't like the way they threw themselves at the heads of Cousin Sam and Mr. Nelson men old enough to be their fathers' 1 said it was undignified, that It made me a little sick. .. " W} \ a t els e can they do, poor things?" said my father. "It's a choice between Sam and Nelson and their Uncle Lafe's grocery store. You, my dear daughter, are , We're not used to kindness," she said to me. "It's the loveliest thing that ever happened to us," Flora got out. I felt uplifted and grand. Flora was soon laughing, and we fell to planning the party. I explained that I'd have to ask an awful mob. "The more the merrier. Sister, isn't it heavenly? Guests of honor at a huge, big, wonderful party! Were you eVer so thrilled? Think of it, a real party for us!" My idea was a simple garden party on a Saturday afternoon, with punch and sandwiches and little iced cakes. But both Flora and Annabelle took it as a matter of course that I would have elaborate refreshments. They had g - tul," she said dolefully, "but 1 thought that Sister and I could help with the work, and we're ex-, pert at pinching pennies. You'd hardly need a single extra thing if you turned the tea into a supn per, except possibly a ham." Sud-t -- -liUlon Corp Hcth Stool . . Chrysler Corp Cont Jlntoi-H . Com Oil denly Flora's face lighted up, and she clatpad her hands. "Why nol serve Spsftish rice instead oi ham?" s*ie dried ecstatically. "That would be • wonderful. Everybody has ham. If you substituted vea! for half the chicken you could serve the whole lot for a dollar 01 two. Really, Louise darling, i| would be an economy in the end. as you wouldn't have to give an-, other party for ages. And it would be such fun." ; Looking back, it gives me 4 warm glow to remember that I finally allowed Flora to have hei) head and, instead of a niggardly, commonplace afternoon lawn party, gave the "fete champetre" of Flora's dreams, i I never dreamed then, of coursej of the consequences of that party or what it would do to both Flora and Annabelle. - ; *. .(To Be Continued); • A.' • ' u van, All of Lot number 6 and the S 16 ; y iL trtt of ^ nurnbeT? both situated in Block 36 of the Fraser addition of the city of .Pampa. Walter w. Merten to B A. Weitz and wife, Florence Write; a pJt of the westerly one-half of the southwest one-quarter of Section 89 located in Block 3 of the I&ON Bail- P8ny SUrV6ys of CH*e ww* -Wffliafh ft. tStes fi,*!? t^^ay « the offices of Bte- trfct Clerk D6e fhe Panipa Wafct Ad* r mto takes fife ia* tad seriously. Hid world is full 6f trouble.—Or. Lin -'SXf&ftfr, CMteSI philosopher and autfebr. STORAG INSURED SAFE COLO PAMPA Tr'tT" Kroner and others to Henry Urbanczyk; The northwest one! irvey 158 located in onmn Z " 0 "* the H& °N Railroad Company Surveys of Gray County. Divorce Suit Filed The divorce suit of Peggy Kelley 22 inn sn 217-19 N. Cuyler Phone 801 1 SPRINGS § Bring your spring troubles to us We make repairs and rebuild springs for all cars and trucks. If we don't have them we make them. Brown St. Garage 228 VV. Brown St. Pam pa, Texas Frank Dittmeyer, Owner 32 Years in I'ampa Fiwnoi-t Sulph 1 Oen Eleo -10 Oen Motors .. <1(J (iouilrlch BIf 14 Oroyhound Cor 30 C'nlf Oil .. 2S llmistdii Oil .. "3 ''it H.-irv .... 4 Kan City South 7 ]j(u-klu»ei1 Alrc 22 Mo-Kiui-Tox .. i; Monltf \Vanl. 23 N'ntl Gypsum ]2 N" Am Aviat.. 3 Olilo Oil Air 26 12 !) IS n Thursday Friday Saturday I I'dM Am Pnnhnnil . „ I-'onni-y .1C Phillips Pel ' Plymouth Oil Vtirn Oil so Iliidio Corp Alii 35 Hepub Stoel 39 Spars Roobuck -II! Sinclair Oil .. 40 Socony Vac !)1 Southern Pac 21 Strl CHI Cnl 4|) Stcl Oil Tnd... 8 ^M Oil NJ... fi7 Texas Co. .. 35 <T>x fJulf Prod G rex r;ulf Sul . 8 TPX Pno C&O M Tide \\'at. A Oil 270 I'S nuhlwr 10 T'S Sipol . ' 44 ^Vrst Un Tol A 24 M oohvorth Ji'W 11 23 Vt 64'4 21'X, lit', 7 r is 23V, 5% 33»f C4% 28% 20% 11% 4 U 52I/J IGII; 7% 22TS, B',4 10% 40% MORE NATIVES 3 G 50 29 G4 21 SI 18 11 4V 23 57 40 72 61% 12% 49 29 C5-V, 3 9% 40 Our stocks of paint are first quality. We must reduce this stock now. Buy and save. Use our budget plan. KANSAS CITY LIVESTOCK ffencrn.1 market close to 50 higher for two days; cows and bulls full ' Nine out of ten American babies now are born to native parents, while only 25 years ago, more than one-half of them had at least one foreign-bom parent. Thousands of smaJl businessmen are at the mercy of labor leaders trying to organize their employes or. interfering in the conduct of their business— Sen. Robert A. Taft (B) of Ohio. For That Sluggish, Down-and-Out Feeling * Was ecauM to eat-didn't know what to- digestion was, felt strong as an ox? place en(r f pr. nB °run ) - P d e own condlt^nf B ]aclc Sf reMstanoe to infection and dlsewl. To get real relief you must keen tin hS U f,,?°1 str , e "? tn - Medical authorities, by analysis of the blood have bv nnoi tlve proof shown that'sss To^Fc s" bh^ JftL el £f M ve In b «»"dln e up low uiuuu Btrongtn in* mt+t-i tlonal anemia. ThlsTdue 8 to th? ssa Tonic formula which contains special an ?, pot !2£ ^tlvatlng ingredlentef .Also^SSS Tonic helps you enjoy the Juice when t, 7 ,.ii7""" J —MIU» mosiom- ^,'il\. n ^, ve llttle cause to get balky *S£a tlfte. ° at and glve off that Don't wait! Energize your body with rich, red-blood. Start on SSS Tonic Sow As vigorous blood surges throughout vn,,r whole body, greater TrestaSs and hAt^.°Hj d I™!? 1 ?! you ettt better, -«...!* better, feel better, work better Play better, have a healthy color glow In KILLS WEEDS - WILL NOT HARM GRASS The modern method of WEED CONTROL recommended by all leading authorities. • Mosf efficient , weed killing formula known. • Does not injure grass or soil. • Does not harnr animal life, 8 oi. sii* $]00 Treats 1600 ft. SUPPLY CO. Phone 1220 ,. 5 ., clioce 27.00; medium to low pood S?nn r »i < nn and ho , rned whltft f ^ c « ^J .1)0-23. 00, good and choice heifers and mixed yearling 23.00-25 50; com? mo " !l i'l medium cows 14.50-15 75- Kood and choice vealers 21.00-25.00 Hops 4000; fairly active to all inter- 22.7:i-24.00; 300-300 sows IS. 00-75. STOCK FIRST QUALITY House Palal Roof Enamels Floor Finishes ® Earn Pa in) @ Hoof Slain Painis • Varnishes • Dutch Boy Lead FORT WORTH LIVESTOCK RT WORTH. June 3 _ m _ Cat . .. 5,300; calves 1,800; very active- rn ly i . S eady l ° ,«t>-on K ; Instances 25^ 50c hlRher: medium to jrood slauuhter M e n e n' Sl yearll "« and heifers 18 00- fi.OO; common kinds 13.00-17.50- cood la cows 12.50-18.00; pood ad choice fat calves 19.00-23.00; common to medium calves 14.00-18.50; stocher and feeder steers and yearlings 15.00-20 75; stocker calves 15.00-23 00- stookpr cows 10.00-13.50 stocKer HOKH GOO; butcher boss 25-50c down: sows and pigs steady; top of i™ ^n™ nto , r > Kood ™<* « holc « butc i>^J? il 80 ," 300 ll); R ' 00(J a "d choice 150- P n .h butchers 22.25-24.00; sows 18.00. 10.00; feacker pics 15.00-21.00. CHICAGO WHEAT , Dec 2.181/j 2.22 May 2.1fiJ/.- ! « 2.19 Ib 21 50-' ^i.ou-. . 2.18'/, 2 20 ; H 2.15VJ FORT WORTH GRAIN Barley No. 2, 1.55-60. . 2 * WhUe 1 - 131/ ^ 141 '4; No. ' N °' 2 yellow m "° per 10 ° We offer this new stock of wallpaper at this sav- ings. We must reduce our stocks. 10^ • V OH CHICAGO GRAIN CHICAGO. June 3— W— Grain futures bounded upward on the board of trade today, moving sharply In res- Donse to renewed government buvlnK and reports of unfavorable weather in the corn belt. Some profit cashing early in the session shaded the initial advance but renewed buying attributed to commercial interests and mills- induced .some short covering, and stop loss orders were uncovered on the way Oats advanced with other grains, , Towa , rd ll| e dose profit cashing, In. duced by an advance of more than B cents in wheat and around 4 cents In C01 :'!. .V au ?f d . nrices to back don. n/ ii ? flnl * h wheat was 3 cents to Wi BUY NOW AND SAVE! oxworth Galbraith Lbr. Co, Phone 20$ CHICAGO PRODUCE CHICAGO, June 3— OP}— (USDA)— Potatoes about steady; Alabama bliss trlumps $3.75-3.85; Arizona bliss triumphs $ 'Long Whites $4 15 V '?n , e f {, < V?"5"'5, la V"* Whites $|.154.20 (All U. S. No. 1 quality). NEW ORLEANS FUTURES NEW ORLEANS, June 3— (/P)— Cotton futures advanced here today on trade and speculative buying and short covering. The market closed steady, $1 35 to $2.00 a bale higher. The main factors fn the rice were predictions of continued high textile prices .stiff advances In grains and unfavorable private crop reports. Open High . Low 'Close '. ..... 34.28 J4.66 34.20 34.53-55 l •:•.:•.: 8:8 11:11 8:{I I^H? ? t*" * ^ "* '^,'i'n., 'M ' " flKMs4<2TJ^ NEW ORGANS COTTON co^n wc fflf $Sb;Wi •KSMR& gr here today. Sales 234. Low mlt 1 ""-^- Si.55; njloldllnsr 86.05; eood mlc 86.65. Receipts 8,rW, Slpcf J™?J Reliable builders and contractors estimate that adequate electric wiring should cost only 4% of the total cost of your new house. 4% is a small figure when it comes to the benefits of adequate wiring. By investing 4% of your building costs in wiring you can be assured that your home will be adequately wired for the appliances and better lighting you wish installed now, and the wonderful new appliances you will want for years to come, For better living in your new home, devote 4% to Adequate Wiring. •_'.-• SOUTHWESTERN PUBLIC SERVICE .V >*• ii viAii or OOOP COMPANY CITIZENfHIP AWO |>UBUC «iRVlJP6 IT*" W» r«i

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