Corsicana Semi-Weekly Light from Corsicana, Texas on January 3, 1939 · Page 7
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Corsicana Semi-Weekly Light from Corsicana, Texas · Page 7

Corsicana, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 3, 1939
Page 7
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27 Reasons Why Business Should Be Better Throughout the Nation for 1939 as predicted by the Gannett Newspapers, Inc., consisting of over twenty big city daily newspapers. 1. Inventories are low in warehouse and retail store. 2. Crops are abundant, no droughts or dust storms this year while mild Fall weather has permitted a complete harvest. 3. Automotive industry prepares for a minimum • production of Three Million units on 1939 models. Striking innovations, lower prices (5 per cent average) and numerous features heretofore available only at extra cost have encouraged heavy initial buying. 4. Industrial securities generally reflect swing to independence in November elections. S.'Passage of N. Y. State Constitutional Amendment granting railroads generous support in the elimination of grade crossings means more work, more materials. 6. Steel industry responds to automotive and rail- tyad buying and the enlarged shipbuilding program. 7. Building trades, through standardization of construction materials and supplies, resulting in lower cost, due for a sharp rise. 8. Commodity exports, as the result of a general upswing in farm production, indicate increases in ship tonnage, broaden America's foreign business, open new market places. America is at peace. JO. American inventive genius is providing at low ' _ prices many former luxuries, now well within the reach of the average family; ; 11. Increase in "recreational hours" and a growing '- public interest in outdoor activities the year round. 12. Newspaper circulation at an all time peak re " • resulting in a better informed public and a greater opportunity for industry to bid for business. ,13. Improvements in quick freezing processes for various food products help stabilize farm prices, i., offer new values to the housewife..; * V 14. British and Canadian trade agreements completed. Both beneficial to American agriculture and industry. 18. Taxation will not get a general overhauling, like* ly to stay at present levels, thus encourages a safer feeling within industry. 16. Various analysts, Washington and other sources, measuring production and sales volume, predict 15 per cent and perhaps a 20 per cent upswing above 1938 with production at 1926 levels or over. H 17. Imroved business sentiment displacing fear and caution. 18. Greater emphasis placed on advertising ^'copy," or "copy theme," resulting in more effective usa of advertising media, especially newspaper space. 19. Furniture manufacturers exhibits show better attendance this Fall than last year with increased buying. 20. Electrification of rural districts and huge development of hydro-electric power resources. 21. Increased use of "Instituonal Advertising" in the press by industry encourages a more sympathetic understanding between business and the public it serves, develops co-operation leading to greater opportunity for all. 1 22. Our compulsory education laws and free schools provide a constantly growing army of trained minds, the very foundation of all progress. 23. Greater share of the American "Travel Dollar"' will be spent at home this year because of unsettled conditions abroad and the opening of the New York Worlds Fair. 24. FHA and HOLC, rather vague Government Bureaus to the majority, now more widely understood, stimulate building activities' among mod- arate income groups. 25. 'Government of the People, by the people, for the People' still the American philosophy of Life. 26. Tremendous advancement in Medicine and Sur. gery lessen lost-work hours, provide higher physical standards among all classes, a healthier people. 27. The indomitable spirit of the American People and the constantly growing realization that America offers the greatest opportunities for. free enterprise, success, and happiness. Corsicana Service Clubs View The Outlook For 1939 While the primary purpose of Service Clubs is not to deal with business problems, yet our membership is composed of business and professional men in the community who are vitally con* cerned with economic problems. » S With a new spirit of cooperation on the part of the great industrial leaders of the nation and the national administration there should be a steady trend toward the improvement of business confidence and a renewed effort all along the line to increase business profits and increase employment in 1939. We believe that the purchasing power of Navarro and adjacent territoy will be higher in ] 939 than in 1938. For this reason we think our citizenship can confidently look forward to the New Year with justifiable enthusiasm. CORSICANA ROTARY CLUB CORSICANA CIVITAN CLUB C. S. Dickens, President 0. F. Allen, President CORSICANA LIONS CLUB Boyce Martin 2 President The Chamber Of Commerce Takes A Look At 1939 It is never our intention to indulge in over-optimistic predictions, but with a great array of statistical information at our command, we are "bullish" on 1939. With a national economic background that is unquestionably favorable we believe Texas will continue to stay in the foreground of business and civic progress. A reference to statistics will show that the income of Navarro county and Corsicana is as stable as any other section in the state. 1939 should witness a larger agricultural income. With better highway connections our trade territory is potentially larger. Our total spendable income should be greater in 1939. For those who are willing to face 1939 with confidence, aggressiveness and the application of intelligent business practices, we have no hesitancy in predicting prosperity. Your chamber of commerce stands ready to do its part in the cause of prosperity and civic progress. J. M. Dyer, President W. E. McKinney, 2nd Vice-Pres. C. S. Dickens, 1 st Vice-Pres. J. N. Edens, Treasurer. R. W. Knight, Manager > ; 27 Reasons Why Business Should Be Better in Corsicana and Central Texas as predicted by The Corsicana Daily Sun and Corsicana Semi-Weekly Light 1. The New Year will be prosperous because the general public has made up its mind to make it so, knowing that there is every encouragement for a good year. 2. The public has realized that waiting for business will not work out, that to stimulate business they must take the initiative. 3. That 1938 was a good year, with a good fall business, which means a good spring business will follow. 4. That there is more money in the banks now than for many years, with the banks ready and willing to co-operate with business. 5. That money from 1938 crops, incuding Government co-operation, was more than we have had for years, with agricultural prospects for the New Year being optimistic. 6 That we have just been blessed with a three inch rain that is worth millions of dollars to agriculture, livestock and business in general. 7. That building activity in 1938 was the best for many years, with prospects for the New Year to be better as there are a number of building projects 'now in the making. 8. That more new homes were built in Corsicana in 1938 than for several years which means the population is growing. *• 9. That there are no good vacant houses for rent now which means more must be built to accommodate the substantial growth. 10. That real estate of all kinds is picking up, with many sales having been made within the past several months. This Is an excellent barometer of growth. 11. That there is more repair work going on than for many years, which with the bulding activities means labor is kept busy. 12. That there are now only six vacant business houses in the entire business section which is a normal condition. Several years ago there were sixty- eight vacant business houses. This comparison is most interesting. 13. That there is a substantial growth in the Post Office receipts, there being over 50 per cent increase as compared to several years past. 14. That Corsicana is recognized as a strategic business and district division center, with a number of new lines of business making their district division headquarters here", It is an important financial, oil, manufacturing, wholesale and retail center. 15. That Corsicana is the hub of seventeen concrete highways that lead into the city from a prosperous and growing trading area, being on one Federal and four State Highways. Is on three trunk " line and one branch line railroad and electric inter*, 'urban and three trunk bus lines, with bus terminal. . 16. That the increased accommodations of our public schools has forced them to expand. -*"', 17. That we have a live Chamber of Commreee which is backed by the entire citizenship. 18. That we have three live Luncheon Clubs that are working for all progressive activities. 19. That we have a co-operative City and County ,' Administration that are ever alert to work and cooperate with all constructive programs. 20. That our people are working for and en»? couraging all agricultural pursuits, and especially ;'• interested in diversification. ';,, 21. That Corsicana has rapidly developed into & one of the most important livestock centers, with a number of registered Hereford herds located her* that will compare with the best. 22. That Corsicana is a show place for thoroughbred and show horses and recognized as an important sporting center. . 23. That the community has established one of the best Livestock and Agricultural Fair plants in Texas. 24. That the Four-H Clubs are growing which means much for the future growth of livestock. . 25. That Corsicana is recognized as a cultural, educational and religious center, and all kinds of sports play an important part. 26. That Corsicana is an important Clinic and Hospital center serving a wide area. 27. That Corsicana has two well established newspapers that are working at all times for the advancement of the community, with tousands of P»ld subscribers in the Corsicana trading area looking to and depending upon them for the news of the happenings of the day. Last but not least—Corsicana is a fine place to live in, friendly and cordial people, where every modern convenience is available, with abundance of fresh water, natural gas, and the hub of electrical energy, all at moderate prices. Climatic and health* ful conditions far above the average. An amusement center of many activities. -

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