The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on September 2, 1897 · Page 3
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 3

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 2, 1897
Page 3
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f HE DAILY CBftOBTICLE: i, •OYSTEfiS-< Mrs. .iLowte •Kllmfttt «f r,, af this nlty, killed 22 black birds at one shot on thrir own premises, probably, bemtirtg the rer-ord of any wttmait in ttiirt count*? to j. a aox, ,,,„ Tli& ttaditor t^flftFal fiat deignfuted the Creek 3ta«n&l 'JIB thfe firtppr in in<!> stat§ tAx mtes \Vifl be |»iab- thIA ^eaf. In «dmo counties this , _ but; fitr lew-iftnds are eofd wo* tbfti U doefe ti6t tawrant to y nraeh here. • • Thot e was a qtjist weddiag femt evening lei, a» Maishftit Aye. , Tfae co«' of Jackaon, an J. tL "^Walton dQdAM|>'.f <«ttd Mrs. t tfil^ afternoon, tot Kftla The & osley, of i t -\ y > K. W. Butter-ift here from Chicago^ r 0, N. lathrop returned from " N. Y,, yesterday Ri?g«|ar rtio&Mng of jst," Albaus lodge tomorrow evening. Rev. Gto. F. fituntfeff and, wHo yesterday in Kaln , MissTpnaliUtz/who hue been ^visiting friends at Jacks^fo, Manned- home yes*» ( " Eugene Ho/kinB has purchased tho, agency of ttw/Chieago Jmirud.1 of Wade Green. MarriaR/licenso issued: bard, of Jackson, «vml Marshall. ,, _ J Bertha and Keatrice Manning who hftYe boeiPKBiting in Hiltadale have retnenod home.' Pension "Day G.'A. B. hall will b'e 6p~en&d at^iBW a. m. and alsoTnthtreven- ing nt 6:30 p. m. . . Miss M<nry HnsVonrk is seriously ill .with typhoid feverXjitthe .homo of hpr pare&tairrConvisr: " ' -_-— : ,- r . ! _ ,•The first of tfrtv eight.month* ..spelled with an "r" has- arrived to fairly inau r gurato the oyster season. ' Wade and Grove Gre«n returned yesterday from a week's visit with their brotnor,George, in Miles. \ The excursion to Toledo is Sunday Aug. r>, instead of Aug. 12, as .previously v. announced in these oqlumns. X A .party of campers from Jnckson •passed through thwcity today. They were going from Jacksoit-to Lake Michigan by boat; .-:.;•''•' . • Mr. and Mrs. William Atherton and , family, who hrta been the guests of- Mr. and Mrs. D. Shellenhorger, returned 'to their home in Winsor yesterday. Miss Bennitr••Lark-In' 1 , andsinter, Mre. D. McLariaii and son, who have"bean the guests of the MIBBWI Corrigan. returned to their home in Chicago yesterday. -.'••/ e - ' ' ' ^' ' • f Willie DeLaVergne rode 'on. tKo^tfidc; walk and frighteniid a how. Thj^-jjarty. owning the horse made a complaint \nd Justice Reiley made the tlni/und coste ..-82.85, :•'•• ',, - -•;•. .-..' - /'.--- ••• --;- -; ' Earl Holmes and .Ed, Gatheart write that they are .having /fine trip. . Thuy expect to go to tin 4 lake anil th#n row ujV to Benton Harljof'a • distance'. of four miles. •'/.». Mr. Dempsfy said last'evening that he ttxpeeted to put ths % froslmjj on the bicycle patb / to«lay. In other w«»rd« ho c«s- • -pecte4 to float it and put on tht- llnwhiuK , touehoa. ,.---,• Mr. MclCeraon, the cornet Virta'su is well known by'our music,loving people, - He has chu'rgo of the. mueiu with the Turkish Bath Co. and will bu ftladly welcomed to our city auain.' . • The examination of Wtu. licowu waa adjourned yenterd»> until Thursday, ~~Sep.U ~Tfie prosecution will ' ,*e«t th^ir case then and give the A chaneqio makd a showing. " * ' A business meeting of the Woorana' CbrbUan T««np e ra»ise Union is ealM for Wednesday nest at 3;30 at tho b*>me of Mrs. • CijM<*B ^- Cook. Members ' arc psrfciejriarty ijrj;ed to be present, ^ -^It ia not the tiriefe of wheat that* is so TW^«UB ttndectptierablo chyfogragy, lifts; jtislrTfttttlned frdm bis mission .to San Bndeavot ctmVcn£tBnv%d- te obliged to atory becatise ho basl>*li ttnabI<Hojind anybody who cafe r«atl His writthg 86 B6 can publishrhia report, Jph» -Wiseman baa rented the Gallup stows the first door east of his plaeo t>f bttsittesB, and will ^tiove-his stock of crockery and glassware to that Building'" He has a hufte and elegant lino of crockery, but for want of • nfbra has been unable to properly display it. " Tho crockery department will probably bfc J>ut in charge of a lady clerk, Kailrr»ad^Coimnissioner Wesselius is authority for the positive statement that GOT. Filigree will call a special session s of theloKislature-tobe held soon after the holidays. The gov'erior will submit his views on needed legislation ia a,,waji that his proposition fcsmnot be- mistaken, and the legislators will haw to go on r'ccord before the nest campaign' opetia. ae to bow they stand. '_^_:_':'_2-'There is quite a little interest being raaritfcsted in the jubilee meeting, large crowds every evening.- Tomorrow ev6n- ing'Rfl.v-. John Bevels who was a slave Fnst BHiM'Tt Word was weived tcxlfty by the race meet managers ftortfKd.vMarcns, of Chi cJ^b—b'fettfef KftO'Vldji'ftft Baby Blisn -fltftt- " " ^e faad^ not rectttred notice of i»oe1) in fiwfe. to, mike^ver^ cs- - ~__. reparation^,battfaalle woufd be otfliaud Friday with rts good a string o? ttdors as ne^btjld get in eoHdilitfn to eoiBO, on-suflh, a sbort, notice. This sfeoBhl .btftir'dnS'wiHfif cftrai tot tfaft raxs^, 1 as Mr iffiirca^ managed otily tn^ bnst ^olaes of riders - professional at that--' and aaiie iatetida to loltov? th& entiw 1 n^ wtM leome iJteiparetV to TaaveThTs KJ^J win. Mr. GiddingR Will ^ assisted, in W% tiding by Mi)§9 Nettie Habbatd, yoiftig girt f h«ts ai- won, ctmsiderftble wpowtrr One Of th* prettiest pftrta of ^B ^shibftiAfj W when_both«om*dowri4jiB trRcf on the flarncwbee* perfomaJttg'iSi^t wonderful &wn by every body, ' > * 't ' I>OB» your head! feel es though eomoono was hatnmeritij? it; as though a tnitlion flparkn were flying out of the By«»? H-Avfe vm horrible KioVntms of the s«o'mflch? - Bur- a&fik Blood Bitters will cure j ou. The mi8Fryt>f-Jtear8 has been eur«d in * (Ubgle dlftht. 6y ihoTMKL.of J>oft'h'a Oinlmen»( n positive, nc»cr-faiiitig'rfemedy for Itching Piles and all similar diBCftoes. YoOr doalef it,' or can gtt it For you. ^^-^^ , Cordetttj. S. E. Labor Day Celebration at Knlnmnzoo - an«l O^vosso Sept. MK. M. CrR. B. for above pjac'es and occasion will sell tickets for one faro for round-trip. Good to return Sept, 8. . .C.E, Call at Barnes' for Diana's Chase. Michigan mining School. A high grade, stole* technical school. Practical-work. Elective system.- Summer coil raos. {Jivos degress of £3. B., JE. '""'- .. etc., well equipped. For dialogues ad dress M,E. WadswcirtHi Ph. D.', director Houghton Michigan. V^ oruqnarr.o'-n,. ored ."Siw'nber of the G. A. R, '.' wilj/fciye a lecture oh the horrors of t*ive,r.y. After the lecture a'free supper will'be' served, Admission 10c. Doors opwi at 7 o'clock. .This for the putpos^-'pJTiquidating thu debt on 'the SocondBaptist church ef~ Battle Crack./''' '.• /'/'."' • ," ; •' ' TW Sevjxith bay Adveutists, of Bat tie CreS^have/fjurcbaBed an eighty acre farm for th(?'purpose of giving employment to tliftee students who wishto^woik their 'wjiy through their 'college in ^hat city. The land is lodate»i • only half a' ru the c<)l|ef?e. TBc faculty arc proparatiorw -for oponinji up va- lines of useful IndustricB and thay have determined to unic^hbnorable lalwr with the training if the mind. A great number of young men who are not, able to pliy their way through college, but who hope to do <w by porforining •,tnanu«l lalior'havo applied for lidiuiafiio'n, mvl the attendani.:«s proiniHefl "tu. . biv larger fban ever. Ctillege opens Soptetober 15. \ Battle Creek Jo'urnal: The bicycle path from Marshal flias" been built oiit- three miles this way. : E. K. Hmith who recently rode aver: the path infi,irniii. uj. that it IB an ihjccellqnt one. It was built by Tom Dempsey and is very - smooth and hard and six fwt in width. Wo hope tho path will be cotnpl^ted through to this city. The reason given by wome Marflhall bufeiiuisamen foitnotwmtribut- ing Uwards e;ime docfe not seem to Iw a very good one, as there, ia v«ry little of resident? of Marshall con)in« to Wife city on bicy«?l«»d to d<> their trad' ing. Enterprising residents of Battl*' Greek who contributed so libft'rally ' to wards the Gull lakt> path, du uojt tiud that pwple ride on their bicycles t8 Kalamazoo to. So tb,eir trading. "In regard t« the toling thai i«f claimed tt* exist between Marshall an^.Wttte Creek people we can assure <>ur MaraliaU friends, that th.e r^j"4en1»'cHl tfcw city »» a class have ^ very nei«W»riy "feeling tpw»rda those of our sister city, aad although we know that Marab^all baa been k»t»wu lor Mr.Qnlntns Hnmmel, of H8.MIchlgaD Ave M Betrolt, tells n War Story of his own Expcrlonc*, and tho Result • (.From Detroit JVewt.) ' Our representative called at il ^flii Av«ime,--f lw> residence of Mr: llurinnel. 3lr. Hunirapl is a vcwra»> o| ihe late war. and received, m the c.amp)i:ii;» in injury which has given him much, pair ^iiltering. since.-. He belongc-fl to r "' HBWWllWBWP«W«W«WL'aWiW»iW!iaPW»IWMrSPBBWW|«*K3"«»»-«»iW»5BW«iii««i-.ii "> . —— — • — • ^^tebN^A ^tf ^ ^jMNttb ^| ! Fall Goods. . •*' J>'ui , Us **» ' * " * ^* t Wash OaodS, irii^a» FVi \1 x V and BLANKETS AND ^ OUTING CLOTHS. i. • ^ Look in upon us before the Stock is broken. S. V. R. LEPPER. MJBuJgan-cavalry"rcgimotit arid his horn '.lecotniiig frightened one day reared up th.r6wiag>l»lm bockwanl. In fulling li. struck' his spine ort a ilmrp stone, iriilict lug a tleep. cut owr five iuclifcs long. Th injury affected thiHddueys. -About tw< years ago the left k'ldnPy started to bleed and has - been doing so>vcr »ince. 31r Humiud, in a few pointed sehtcncea, gav ( our rcprcscn'tntivo tho following^nctiouiit . "The accident of "my '.war daysr-'-xltf <-. ine in bad shiipe; paiu in"my back ami. spine rehdenkl • mo almost u^Uws, and i. wan compelled to give up work entirely 1 I could not turn, over fa.Ixrd without'uusiM iincc. I have spent hundreds of dyllnrs 5 .various ways trying to Hud relief. P^liy^i ^iiitw have told me my spine \vu» HOaej ?omb«Kl: for 13 inches. I "had given U|>Hi -lespalr, never hoping for relief,- when i t'ricntl.toM mo alx^ut Doan's fCidncy PilK vt»4 they ^«vv'r-donu mo a world of good The pains 1«£vi>'dlsHppf,irod from my bad ind tlio hlw4hu\of ray kidney has ahno •ntirely stopped. T know 1 o:in ne\fr >• •iitirt'ly curwl. as IjfrjouHJ!i llV( ' w ^ LL \ew nmn/ but Dosin's "Kulney TMlKTiiv' lone more to maku UK- ff-l )i^« 'a nfift nnti * than utt tfie other Uiings i( have trit-t, luring past, yuiirs. I pive not had am rewjiTeuw of tlie pain or bfcwHug fiinoi caking tlicm." • ' DoanVKidney Pills for sale by »H deal- iia."- .Price 50 cefits. by Hiall. froxq Fo^-' ter-MUliurn -Co., Bnffalo, N. Y.,' «»le toe, United Stato " \ '^ ^^- o , :,'"v~ *i •% i ,•' \ • \ " -*. *} •••:.v<i . -\ : v^m \-,-jX09 AUTUMN LEAVES nothing that is desirable lacking in our exquisite stock of now and handsome suitings, that are waiting for your order to put the shears into. Autiynn leaves will bo falling before you realize that Bummer is over, so be ready for a change in ^.ho. weather. Anyhow look in and BOO the handsome fancy suitings, t\yi'te» cheviots, serges and worsteds. tliftt are awaiting your inspection, J. J.DE SHANK MEROBANT TAILQB name, Doa»,'». and take no other. OPERAHOUSEl \ •* *"'— x \ 5® AND School of Shorthand and Typewrtiug, : ''BATTI>E.tJ.WEBK, MICH.,. ' \Vli»rf huuilwHltt of young men anil women bav >1 t&a^\>e»t wottlpued buuluens c6IIe»?e* in L •utmcry. C41I on or *rll« for i>»rticuliirtt/snd atttovue. _ ' / E»t*bli«h»d 1882. Incorporated^SOe. GEORGE INGERSOLL, GENERA! crop & w&9 boun|UMl. The price is » little higher jnafc WV> *»<« !*• «^a »» S*p|eml|er 1896,, feu^ifl • ^V^** the pn&a nut up tO'4 eeoits.'- .'. ] "*- - -' -; of th«? ari«toer«ey of Golhoua'ciounty, yet when their r«s«ide»te condescend to ov*r heWaad mingie with us we are u\ to trive them tfre rigiit band «d Complete the path 'good it 4J*rfe» th» Cro»»y Clittar«», Vst, --We l«iv«rl TUESDAY, SEPT. 7 fcfee Okas tailors to tfce trftdd. started for several First order manufocturers *" £» **&: * suoeess because of the ; »ep#«i{y of correct measurement, tmscrupulous men, got i»tc> it ana sought to do ^wsinesfl by giving big Inducements uj make it a apeciai business so ^tweeu tbt •eater?, .or. Uy troutotatl srttfa d>' - of hav^'-jeaid tu»t thtjir tshildrne hav«died «fcro«p if Obainbef- m given x^ «puaty fair to let. W, H. iug Sunday or on any r of wuacw f-dr ealo. . Call and a*e them. lit.* at- Jt S. Moproe Btrent. f Uay Nazareth Academy 4 Boarding ik-hto) lor Yc%ig l-aduxg. ™" " ' made during -- - ^ any kind done "^ For pftrticuiars apply to OF ST. train l«aving at lot on* fa*e plus 00 ctjuts for """ ^ *' " A 7:3J> a y uj- *»U seil tickets to any regular traujs , MICH. 40 ¥* ,J» m PH>>»t« CtourU. Pwtle* bftvi«i lMMi»a*» I «A«T# to tha^'ftww*? tocottiolt Him. Drawn* eal. Estate E**unineil, „ . ,. see iwr Hues; satiifactory, aa of UteDb- AoU It i*'«ft- siva uotlco 4wWp^By flJ^W^J ^flHH^^'^ a bi£ proAt Wa special sales- Al.

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