The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on August 21, 1893 · Page 1
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 1

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Monday, August 21, 1893
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XIV-No 305 MARSH ALW MONDAY.-AIJGUSi' 21. 1893. PRICE TWO CEN1> The Washington Post Says-It Is Practically impossible. LETTEE TO BE BEABtS THE SENATE Pure A cream 1 of tartar baking ..powder Highestof all in leavening strength Latest- U. S* Government Food Re port. ROYAL BAKING POWDER CO '106 Wall Street, N.Y HUMPHREYS . ecWcs are»eicMtfflo*Jiy and «-Worm« Worm Fever, Worpj Colic..... .«5 Colic, Crying, Wakefnlncss .88 arre, of Children or Adult* ...... .»5 7-CoOBhs, CoUW, Ilronobltte ...... . ....... 25 Toothwho. Faccactic. ...... 25 , SleJcHeadacUe Vertigo.. .35 Biliousness. Constipation. .25 or Painful Periods... .25 Profuse 1'erioda ......... - -.25 l»-CrotlP, Larynnltls, Hoarecuess...... .25 14-SaltBbenm, Erystpelas. E™P« OM - 'S« 15-&hennmtl»ni, Rheumatic Poiiis . M .- •** 16-MftIarla, Chills. Fever awl Ague...... .*3 iSTcatirrh, Inflncuzn, Cold to tho Head. .25 90— Whooping Cough .................... - «*2 - ....... 98-NervoUB debility .......... • —••••• OK 80-Urlnnry Weaknesn, Wetting Bed. .25 HCMPHBEY8' WITCH «AZE^ Oil* '"The Pile Olnlment."-T'-«i>' Bl?.e. g5 Ct». Hold by DnwgHM. or sent poitpald on receipt of prlco. »**• - _ . _- — .• D I? "ft I PICS r fc V • • • v *"• CARTERS Irrrw. CUR relieve ri! too trouWaa lp<* bious stoieol the system •«ob ^ SMflushe. yet Carter's Uttlo LlTor PtUa »w. cmred -'- ' — — ""^ £ iJ o^ J . ( , ic.u vtiU fir-4 thceoIftto villa Vtt'u vjj'tfeitttvey will not ba wu- The Statement I« Made Tlmt It Will Cpst tlic Countrj Jinny Mllilbrt Dollars to Carry Out the Provisions of Senator Vest's Mill. WASHINGTON, Aug. 21.—In an article headed "Tho Present Situation," which, tho Washington Post makes tho moat prominent feature in Sunday's issue, it says: . • ' u • • "The free coinage of silver at a ratio of 2.0 to 1, or at any increased ratio, is practically impossible. _ "This is the trump card which Senator • Voorlicea is to play in the senate on Tuesday. • It is behind tnls barrier that- he is to intrench himself.- This is to be his explanation for abandoning the convictions of a lifetinie. This is to be hia answer to those who will quote against him his memorable speechesin the past. "This trump card has been played m Senator Voorhees' hand by the admin-, istration. Secretary Carlisle, who, despite all assertions to the contrary, is loyal to the president to the last degree, first gave to Senator Voorhees verbally the data to make good this assertion that free coinage is impracticable. Ho has gone further than this, andrtias prepared an elaborate letter which the senator will read in the senate on Tues I day. In this letter the statement is made that it will cost the country between §112,000,000 and §113,000,000 to carry out the "provisions of Senator Vest's free coinage bill. "It is true that there is nothing in Senator Vest's bill about recoinage. But it dues not need a prophet's vision to know that dollars below par. which onlv tbe government is compelled to take, will drift with alarming rapidity into the treasury in payment of customs dues and taxes, and there they will remain, adding-to the congestion of thtj y.' [T ul*8s they can be recoim d they will be useless as money, and if ;here is to be free coinage at an increased ratio soino of the silver financiers in the senate must provide the secretary of the treasury with $100,000,JOO to execute the law. "Altogether it would seem as if the silver men were 'involved in a situation from which'it will be difficult for them to extricate themselves." ,...• HThe letter of Secretary Carlisle-referred to in the foregoing is as follows: TREASURY DEPAUTMRXT, OFFICE OF THE SECKETAY, \VAsikl8GTON, Aug. 19. Hon. Daniel Voorhees, United States Senate. . UKAU Sin—Referring to our conversation relative to the probable cost' incident to the change from the present coining ratio between gold and silver (1 to 10 for the standard silver dollars, and 1 to U.U5 for subsidiary silver) to a ratio of 1 to SO, you are resWtfully informed that tho number f silver dollars coined since 1878, aggre- ates 4l9,8aB.450. . Withuot any allowance for abrasion and oss incident to melting the same, the com alue of these dollars, at a ratio of 1 to 41, vouW U- «88,'iS,WM, qr «W,UO,«8 less than heir present face value. To reeoiu these dollars ; at a a ratio ol! 1_to 30 would require the addition of 81,8<.b,7UU ounces of nexv -bullbu, which, at the ayer- .«. ni-ii-e Daid for silver under the act or fuiy i£ iSS5(.!»i»), would cost*rs,t>S3,7oo. In addition to th»,.i estimate that there would be a Josr froni - aurasion and ui the atingbf these tioHars. of at least 3,000, vvO, iyhich amount .together with the difference in the face.yalne <>f the coins, &£,s would.have U> be reimbursed to the by an appropriation for tbat.pur- a ratio of 1 to 30, would require the tion of 18,797,635 fine ounces, 10 OSii p^r fine ounce, the average price tt'ttid for silver under the net of July 14, 1800, would cost '$17,528,785. There \youkl tie a loss of about ZU per Cent by "iniinBion from the face value, or J wouldr'tlierefore, estimate the cost of recointi«5'the subsidiary; silver in-the country, at rt ratio of 1 to 2(5, as follows:, K!W bullion -.,...».... ......*r«* -» I*>ss by abrasion.. • • Cost of coinage (labor, material, ,, etc). • ••• 3 - 5 92'2?° l Copper for alloy... 15,6*) Cost of transportation 1,155,000 CHEAP RATES. Total ^3,124,438 . RECAPITULATION. Estimated cost of recolning silver dollars • •» 89,741,900 Estimated cost of recoiiring subsidiary silver 23,124,438 Total.'... ....$113,866,838 Very respectfully, j. G. CARLISLE, Secretary. The TolbierU Convicted. MAGON, Miss.> Aug. 21.--The jury in the case of Tom and Walter Tolbert, !he Kelnper county outlaws, charged with the murder of Thomas H. (Mo, brought in a v verdict<as fertlbwa: -"Wei' the nury, find defendants, Tom Tolbett and-Walter Tqlbert, guilty aa charged in the bill of indictment, and fix the penalty at life imprisonment." Unanimous Call. BLOOMINGTON, Ills, Aug. 21.—Rev. Charles S. Winbigler of Riverside, Cal., has been called to the pastorate of the First Baptist church of this city. The vote was unanimous and the call will be accepted. ^ HUH lleHiimed Work. 'SPRINGFIELD, Ills., Aug. 21. —The rollingmills of the Springfield Iron company, which have been idle several weeks on account of the depression of the iron trade, resumed work today. LtitfRt Michigan Pensions. WASHINGTON. Aug. 21. — Original- Alexander McDonald, .Zendo, St. Clair county. Increase—Oliver O. Larokin. Oakville, Washtenaw county; John risher, Berrien Springs, Berrien county. ieiaaue—Truttan W. Hemenway, Pitts- )urg, tihiawawsee county. Original, widows, etc.--Anna R. McClair, Sauga- uck, Allegan county. New IMtclilgan Postmasters. WASUISUTON. Aug. 21.—Postmasters appointed: Manly Czleason, vice Mrs. Francis C. Hunt, removed, Burt; Sag- uaw county; Daniel McMullan, vice L. Thomas, removed, Hemlock City, Sagnaw county. ^^ Postmasters Commissioned. WASHINGTON, Aug. ,21.—Postmasters commissioned Saturday were: ^ Bennett, New Haven; Alonzo Wake, man, Denmark; F. F. Tinkoor, Forest Grove. O, ,1. K. Bocnnipmnnt at - Account of ti. A B. encftctt>tnent held at Indiauapolifjv Ind., in Septornber. 1898 The C. J..&'M. Ry. will offer special low., rate excursion tickets from all points at rate of one cent per tulle in ench direction. Tickets on sale Sept 3, 4, and 5. Good returning op to and iu eluding Sept. 16, 1893. For information regarding time of trains, routes, etc , •apply to nearest C J. & M. agent or ad drees the general -passenger agent. T. C. M. SCHINPLER, Qen'l Passenger Agent. • Go to -BonghtoB's for wall paper, New stock and. new styles. Robert Schelly is prepared to do kinds of tin work, Miop t/pibBite E. L "Murphj>r ' : , v. i-. • . :.., , •-.•-. Sufferers from Piles should know that th Pyrattiid Pile; Cure will protbp'tly andt-f. fectuftlly .remove evoryvtrace of tbfitay j. Ai*/' ruggist w"U getifrfpr' you. ; ; $100 for a case of Catarrh, Dj8pep8ia,Ner vouenesa and Sleeplessness the* Vegetable Cure will hot cure. Vegetable Cure will break up Colds and and Coughs, LaQrippe and its after e fleets Tremulous Weakness of the Nerves, Erysipelas and Cont tipation. 12 oz. $1.00. DR. SHARPSTEEN. uet your tin warn mended atSchelly'h tin shop. Gi i your wall paper and paint* a Geo Buugluun's m-w utoie. from the fact that the silver dollars are distributed - throughout the country it would be necessary, as they are?edpemed Wttbe «yerffl8ubtr«a«iries to transport the mints, *ad' the expense or atioii for I8W,000,0% tie amount taeof the stock on hand at thesub- t«aluriesgnj3. mints »t Philadelphia, ban 3SpSfci»» and Jfew Orleans, would average at least I " Fnrnituro Plant to Me .Sold. TON HABBOR, Aug. 21.—The Werkmau furniture factory and nine lots connected therewith are to be sold at sheriff's sale Sept. 22, by the Ghdden & Joy Varnish company of New York to secure payments of bills for goods. This is the second blow that factories have received here within a few weeks. This one came here through the efforts of the Improvement association about two years ago. and, not being too well backed financially, has played in hard luck ever since establishmg-h.ere. Sixty men are thrown out of employment. Young Burglar*. v ' BAV CITY, Aug. 21.- Lee V. Hopkins, Herbert Miller and William Gordon, three boys, were arrested^hargtfd wito breaking into W. H. -"Whittemorej house and stealing a lo,fe*> and silverware valued at nearly §200. The boys admitted their guilt and a portion pf the goods have been recovered.-" Chafes on babies, sore nipples and in ihuuinaltou of tho breast instantly relieved with Lavcmlar Ofntmuut Just assure as hot weather cornea thery will be uioie or le.-ta bowel complaint in this vicinity, Everj person, and especially families, ought to have some reliaole medicine at hand for instant use in case it U needed. A. 25 or 50 cent bottle of Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoaa Remedy is juet what you ought) to have and all' that you would need, even for the most, fig.yere and dangerous cases. It is the beat, the moat reliable and most successful treatment (inown and itspleaaant to take. For sale at Gceeoe' drug store. The'Pyramid Pile Curie is a new discovery for the prompt, permanent cure qf Piles in every form. Every druggist has it. ' A new remedy has created a sensation among physicians by its wonderful 'effects • in. speedily curing every form of Piles. It is called the Pyramid Pile Cure. It is cheap and simple to use, but nothing ie- movee the disease so quickly, safely and surely. Any druggist will get it for you. Gasoline stoves cleaned and repaired ^t R. Sheley'd. / •* _ If you wont a iirst class lunzh call on iht! new rusiuraul, first <ipor w«st of the Toutiue. Bloderu HOUR«I>. Wm Shiuley will put you up a mod aru house oil th^rl notice, flana fur abd estimatea made^ If you are intending to build or repair jour house It will b^ for your interest to call and see him. Shop in the Clary puildiuk on street. A Knife GRAND RAPier Bickey, who made a m^tons assault Stth a knife upon Miss-Delia t i» Chicago las| week, WAS wid.i» b|9 f*ff tfie Cbictgo offence. a relatiw te** * them when. t(emov«d, I have removed my office to Eagle block in the rooms formerly occupied by Dr. Houston. i - EWLAS, HEWITT. For $»!». ^0,000 first quality, second hand brick for .When you Vast A whisky foe

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