The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on September 9, 1959 · Page 1
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 1

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 9, 1959
Page 1
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tlcU SchecMa '^'V '-^fvU vWf • *t M J E BRAZOSPORT FACTS -—.ff-tnna-^^^^^ •' ' • • • • " .^^' ,^^^^^ ^^ ^^^^^^- Weather Cast ! dbudtaeei «Hh:-' thundershowef* »n< 6ftsh«4 In temperature to- ' City Bucket Is Approved i • re » iden . had ;n» Question ' --"j-^u the proposed 1959-8 budget of $448,883. AM ordinahce was also »o proved setting new water an •ewer rates in the clty.The lo * ld * on the'high lift wat« »tat!6n equipMent * " .-, - - punbar 6f Duhb'a A^Dickson, city engineers. •t, n "f» yo f. Kara Cooper men •'remtrll? a £ aence ol seveta ««fft.™ u.^° ha V e attendee past *lty budget 'meetings. Councllmen had few ques tions. as City Manager A. A T 6 "* over the b " d *» *, te ?™ ed mainly as no departure from las noted that taxes »f lnclud «l in department budget "! equipment for and that the po of another offi- • Tha , t wl » bring the •aid that the-sanl- department figures have to be Increased, year's budget asi needed by then; that h was Include , tw ° °P«nlrt«8 unde H ghway 332, and $1,20 his BIDS 1:*& T . Dunb «r made sir-—; * motion thnt the en glneer's recommendations be on the bids lor the owest bid. On Dunbar's mmendation the $2,387 fw Central chlbrinator was deduc d from specification two Dunbar Said his firm had ««und storage tanks tJrittl'lh "" ' i - • - • «WJX«:M w licit UUUuCr H I3*'.'jjiit nex . **** bud S?t asi Foundry did not cover the to.addittonal crew would baldl^l ^ r ..,gd u £| Allis-Chalmers was low bid- er on specification one with 6,470; and- BIF, specifications wo and three with $i,018 and M15. In answer to Mayor coper's question about the leaning of the firm name, BIF, the representative >ald It was dopted when Builder'u iron did not coyer the ad- . moderate. Low tonlgnt Thursday 86. F -- • • • . . .:,:•:. — • -"" ' j....;,.— , , .-•""•"*« v uc.jyyfl reepdrt Court LJ Man Dead Son Is Sought THIS B NOT fRKPORT? an, '' If FrMport It two otUtt. warn now. CeoigeT That U th» kind < ^^^^^^"^ " mult »«» • moment, ."">« starMed at Iher thought jlhtr were In Fr.tport. * hid Is tfie^ate suljmitted by the ^° W ^gletor! ciT houlf ^opt a hoine juie Charter Group Asks Nov. 21 On Home Rule by the.Anfflethn 1 adioinlna th* eilv. in «rfAiti._ ' _^_.... . . - '^^ city not. firdered the «fecH«n> yrt. "We will 'fo or" «, J tt*«lurti* with the com- Wissi<n», andf tte, council wfll probably wa : I form the city council.' They just y Wra and fire the city manager." I Farrar said councilmen have .,; aoU yet received copies of the 4 charter, .and that It is Us opin- . i^^J^.^."^ Ranges ey have had <o The mayor said he had not l d u an opportunity to discuss with Acting City Attorney W. Dave Evas the rights of the charter commission in setting the election date out 'of the city morning. Evans was Wednesday A IS-member charter eom- j wisalen headed by Angleton . » Attorney A. R: Mason has , drawn up the proposed charter i which would change the city's operation to a councn-manager type government, At present Angleton operates unaer the general laws of the «t«te, J with a -mayor-council government.. A meeting be- adjoining the citys in .addition to the method of anne3E8,tJon aJ ready provided by the genera law. '•'••• -' • ..•;..'...-a.:' AnotKer change '•••tit-- 'to' : -b fouhd ; in the fraHcnai,VatK public uHlltiei «ectioh;;bfyth —~r~ Kfl for , for the purpose' of discuss sets Htfiprofosed - charter with .!" ,«ie . —-—•*"«^i' Masoi said. • . . ';'' . If the charter i» adopted, ad m nistratlpn of the. city's a f talrg would depend upon a city manager, with -supervision by the city council. Under the present setup, the council itself takes care of administration. Mason said that would be the biggest change in operation of the city's business, if the harter I* adopted. • _ Another change will be in the power of the city to close nd abandon streets and alleys without an election. Under the present setup,, an election of local citizens must favor such closing before the council ac, tion Is valid, The charter also provides a method of annexing territory -SALLY ROSS. SYDNEY GREENE, and MARTHA BAL- JuARD, attending the LJ coun- Sewer Charges For Angleton Up 75 Cents A sewer rate hike of 75 cents per'month has "been approved by the Angleton City Council The action came Tuesday night although the council had granted '*' "KereVft«r"to a 'ierrn rtot to i? !»ceed'2S-yeais. There is no limit under present laws Mason said.; He said :that; th most recent franchise grantee by the city was to O, O, Terrel and was for a period of 51 ^^?, r , considering herself Very lucky after an incident that sewer rate* Sjfl cents per month, , •.Mayor Arrington Farrar said his -u chiWren, ran into her car, dam- , her fender and all but . turnM her over. . . ') RON HUGHES of CIiHe, icheetuled to play for th.e Fiesta street dance Saturday night frojn 8:30 to midnight. Appear'- 'with PHIL him will 31, ERNEST „, fc^^iii- CHAMBERS. STAN «». fc822F-.5*?S» JONES an^jewl 1» •.".•»••» *ubCU »WJ lllff new sewage disposal plant and other sewerage Imprnvfments The council agreed Tuesday, however, that the rate showld bo incrcssed enough to DBV the entire service charge, which amounts to about $15.000 annually. The rate Increase cam* in the form of an ordinance which ik V" .IT."™". "*' Il; ' e - Provides that utility companies - wil make more detailed annual re. ports relative to their investment and income in the city. In the event the city needs to hire a rate expert, analyst, or accountant for studying these reports, the expense would be borne by the utility companies. The charter commission was :lected by local citizens about 8 months agp. In addition to uason, members Include C Davia Braswell. vice chairman- Mrs. Mary Louise Giesecke. eeretary; Mrs. Myrtle Munson. te. Mordello Munson, Roy 4artm, Pe-te Goodman, Comer Burton, William C. Walsh, Oils Coieman, William K. McDanlel W. Brown Slaughter, R. F! aickney. Jr., Jimmy Hol- ombe, and James Bradford The group's final meeting grams to explain to their membership Just what the proposed charter will provide, Mason men, just as present laws do explained. oflice ]s>anticipated «e.,, adoption 6f ,: the -charter ,*nd certainly not-inJuiy»«rec live bfficei.,Thf-sife. of £ mayor, council, ptani3n«J,com mission,, and others would re main the same, with those offi cials -posts to come up for re election at the sameHime they woul<. under present city op er ' *< eratiui. The charter would provleW __—*.%^ nwvuu plUYlw tor a mayor and five council- HOSE DOWN! PONTIAC. HI. (UPI) _ A out of File Chief Louis Kridner. Fii*iuin said their boss ad* mltltd his washing machine motor Ml th. machine on «r« neeaus* «• had'Mgleeted to OU it;,.-;i:. At Brazoria A Lake Jackson man has me death un'" ' . hysftefous-circum tances in Louisiana; The body fit A. N. Tabbott 115 : Cherry, >as fount about noon Tuesday in a river near .Simsport, La. He was.a tugboat captain for Farnsworth & Chambers, Houston. The Tabbotts have" lived in Lake Jackson about » year coming to that city after living' in GalveBtoT and in Freeport a short while. ' • His wife, Lucille, said his boat wag'found headed into a be k near- Marksville. La. sbo..» « asn. Sunday. The engines and radios were still run- mn? and '*•- h nat wag deserted. The Tabbotts* 22 year old son, Richard, who, had been aboard the tugboat, was missing and no ; trace' of; him-; has been! found, Mrs. Tafcbott said. She «aM shews" not certain whether or not f there wai a third man on the Darees being towed by the tug. r 'ce Jackson : Police Chjef J. S. "Cap" Brown said about 11:30 a.m. Wednesday that the Sh T» Department *t Marks- had not been able to locate any witnesses to what happened. '. . ; They have issued a warrant sides hie ;|fe' and son, h is survived by a step-daughter Margaret Dorsey, of.Lake Jack son; land a Brother K- H. of Brunswir't. ••• PTA Meeting .This will be particularly tor faculty members who have the special academic program, such as physical education, " music, «&- All parent* are into attend, especially fath- CITY COURT WILL B£ MOVED TO CITY HALL A sweeping change in Frefeport City Court The ordinance wiU take effect Oct 1 Sun Data •Sets today: 6:34 pan. Rises Thursday 8:08 ajn. Sets Thursday 8:33 pjn/ points a City Court clerk an places all records and financia affairs .under his supervision uid It authorize* the clerk t ssue all processes. The ordinance • was adoptei unanimously by the Board o -ommissioners. AU five mem era were present at the meet ng, .City Secretary Bill Penning m becomes the 'City Cour lerk,- through an ordinance provision which establishes the holder of that office as clerk. AH business of the City Court will be held at the.City.Hall according to the ordinance. II specifically prohibits the handling of any City Court affairs in a place of business or in home. , :: . . • At the present time, City Judge G. C.,Hardman Sr. con At Angleton - - •-..—T-™^ 4n noo> «U-j UUkb Ull B U1U. thaVmost of the cities Brown said, have become home rale for the arrest of Richard Tab; bott on a murder charge. Chief Pities, have adapted manrcas 1 jSs&»,' nfi"« He>dde4 that this leads him to presum<nhari* the most successful form of government. I dont believe more of the it, and . ~———*~~«.v^ a,fuflius rule city,,««" charter would-direct i charter .review committion to 3e appointed in ea'ejtgdd num. here* year to makeY** lahote for any needi Funeral Jervicet for ».oott «r« ijfr for day » Brunswick; wife said. ThVt is his iown. Marine News S/s Dei Qanpo In Dock Braioi Harboi S/s Jalaauhita ' Due Sept. 125" Brazos Harftoi A. M. aome- The Angleton City Council has changed the minutes of i Aug. 34 meeting to read th' resignations pi two city em ployees were accepted and th of two, others w CouacUinaiJ/'lJLD. _„„., had .questioned the wording the minutes'«f that meetin. The mlnut*- w read Tuesda night, indicated that one em ployeev Jw ^o%ard, had re signed and that •three were dis th. Chi charter. will •-—« *««*i*»HP«»i tiMyropotM, eat. '% Brazos Harbor S/«r Baliimor* Trader , Due S*pt32-li PhilUprJDocto S/« Marine/Chemist Due Sratf Mr iue groups iinai meeting! The-Brazoria City. Council a waslield Sept. 2 to-set a'date! Tueida y night's meeting con for the pnarta*» n1u*4,... _•_ . 11 i tiniioH it« Affn*.** v_ • Street Lighting Discussed •T», i.ciu oeyu« 10 set a date^ u ° >ua '• <u * nv * meeting con for the charter election, as well! "nued its efforts to procun as making other small changes ) me rcury vapor lights for Brook in »k e proposed charter. Since istr « et » the city's thoroughfare time, Mason said it has J.'-I^.Donaghay, Community lllSl a tviflfia*>^A« —-tiJ^-' PllhU^' ^toi-wtriA ¥««•••.«•__ _ _ j in the that - -- '•—T» . nMtcMwi.* e«uu j.i naa . .*-w»*i»8 iiBi j> ^•utituiuiuij been just a matter"of getting Public Service manager, and the clerical work done. H - A. Breedlove, utility firm Copies of the charter wUl be engineer ' met ^ ith the council °| s tributed among members of I ?re«dlove presented a blue ---».., v .vu umuiig memoers ol the charter commission and the dty council in preparation for their meeting' and discussion on Sept. 17, Mason said. A copy of the charter will be mailed to each voter at least - ._ _,-___ , „ ^rmv^B^u^^vt d UJUC* print prepared of the main street, depicting present lights He discussed at length the probable location of the new type lights. At present the city has a to•..»..«..• . w cavil vuier ai least *«»««v»n uie Miiy uas a IO- 3<) days before th« election;- - M °* M U«hU on Brooks Street U is expected that various!??,, j 1 '^ on several occasions Council Meets The Lake Jackson Council Tuesday night passed a motion etting Sept. 28 as the next regular meeting of the —-—'•-• the height of the light poles and in their distance from the curb. Breedlove outlined the company policy on installation ol mercury vapor lights. The Com- niclpalities meeting" in Dallas Mayor Cooper asked councilmen to study bicycle and, am tag ordinance* and be prepared to give "them full consideration at the first regular meeting in said. Install the poles and ballast, replace broken brackets and install the bulbs. This orig taal Installationi was estimated to. ,te5*t the company abou $117,76 for each light. The city woulffi under the present policy, bji liable for bulb replacement which costs $17 each. Breedlove estimated the normal Ufe of a mercury vapur mUb/jt- 6,000 hours, or about .wo years. Councilman Furness GotcKer and Richard Parker protested the liability of the city to make bulb replacements. «ayor J. O. Fossel Jr. said he elt that a more suitable ar- angement could ba made since he. city would be using 20 per ent more electricity than is needed for the existing lights. Prices on union metal standards, which would be a direct expense to the city, were $147;2 for steel poles, and about 1W lor aluminum. Base installation would b* an added expense item for the city, it was generally agreed that the council could in >io way afford to have this type pole installed. The council agreed to meet later with the Comnvanity Public Service officials after making a draft of the exact location and the number of street lights desired. Donaghay asked that he b permitted to make a partia: installation of the new "Ugh with completion slated for th text year's budget. Mayor Fos soli suggested that perhaps work began in December, Ih project could be completed i 'anuary which would put th 'ost to the company on tw eparate year's budget. Dona ghay indicated he felt th ompany would require a long r "breather", so start and fin sh time plans were tabled un il a later meeting. '/ y w WUUM J **^ P* ^called lha T*~ **T ABClPGim* p^VbO Was cil water wiperintendKit at tha *"«.. had tendered an oral res ignition through Councilma I* O. Harrfer, ' ;* ' , Harris laid, %toW Andrew I did not Bibjk setter was necessary." Other coujwjlmen agreed tha Andrew* had mticned and th nwaites wet* changed to read that Howard* and Andrews remgmttena ware accepted am that the employment of H. L Cotton as police chief and W V. Fanis *x street superjnten- dent wa« teminated at the AU£» 34 S^Hft^tlg^ The minutes were among those from 10 meetings dating back to May IS which City Secretary .Mrs.;,Naduie Scruggs read f»r council approval Tuesday. Andrews was present at the meeting and his appointment as the city's director of civil de- tense was re-affirmed by the council after Andrews indlcat-1 ed he would still be available; subordinate employees, with the consent of the council. Whitley will also act as purchasing agent with council approval necessary for all pur X*ases jiver $500,- with council approval, he .will" set salaries for erttployeer ofitfte water sewer, ad street departments Mayor Arrington : Farrar heading up the city's police de partment. He mentioned a nun her of applications for the jo of police' thief and two fo patrolman. The council employed Jac. Woods as a patrolman to re place J. D. wehrly. who i leaving to enter school on Sept 15. Woods is to'receive $30 per month salary for the firs three months, with a raise to $325 at that time, to bring him to the same level as'other citj patrolmen. Woods, 35, is a former dep uty sheriff and is presently serving as a sheriff's office dis- wtcher. He was a sergeant in he Freeport department at one time. ducts the minor affairs, of City Court at his Insurance office ?W?SL"*.**«**U The dty judge will' asses* fines ..and fees after, the ordta! ar-* takes effect, but th« mMeywillbe Pa idtpthe.court fn7"S, Cl * r V 4 " ' £"« recei Pt* f° rn ,these fines and fees in npucate One copy stays in the City court. One goes to th« person paying the money. Th* third goes to the Police Depart! ment,.-to Be correlated wtth LEARNS FAST COALVILLE, England (UPI) -— Coal .miner Cyril Jar- T!I, 54. had a short driving career. H* apt a b«9inn»r-i learner 1 ! lictnse, started out on his first drive, and hit another car before h» tna had a chane* to shift gears. Fined $8.40 h* told th. court 111 n«T«r drive again." An account of all City Court l a ?f eSt * ^ e kept> » that * court funds can be audited. . ^rJ'IF 1 ? u PPHes wfll be landled by requisition. ' The clerk of the court will :eep minutes of the City Court roceedings,He will issue war- ar'-. and other processes.- For all of the business that . handled by him, the clerk ^n deputize other city em- loyee-s to do the work In general, the city clerk will erve_m the same capacity ni Ity Court as the county clerk erve« In County Court. ' members agreed in a " discussion that an prdtr-- eratiqns of to Dave ls question . Wayne it be H^Jrable for the *. •Mttetaty-tj-easrurer to handle all of the City Court'* records and financial transic- Oons and the city Judge handle functtoA «' Holder replied that this WO-.M be a more desirable pro. icuurc. • Commissioner c. - c still, a Dow accountant, wai ni«,*:i rly interest «5 In the rinancial aspects of the City court. He said that he felt it would «e desirable for the Citv Court ecords and bookkeeotn? to be or-'-*. n t with the >«» O f the «n«1^ial practtc»«. • ' to bring the City Hal1 ' ' better Court '«»/i «, .« nenoperations: and to have the ty secretury. who handles all e .. —*• o***. wt avdllBUJtl, to serve in that capacity. lIMPGBTflM An ordinance eivine W. A. "»»a"VKItIJ! Sqme Brazosporters making «rly. resery/Hons for the Gran Btllei Friday night include the MORROWS, ALLEN .^.^^.w,, FRED MENCZS, JACK TURNERS, BXTODY PARWOODS, B. c. STOKE' I-YS. BILL SAVES, CARLTON OBEERS, DAVID HARS- DQ^FFS, BILL COLE- GROVES, DeORVlLLE EVANS, BBE °Y. celebratini on Thursday. .. 78 cents. classification Councilmen said this hike makes the rate for average residences, $f.7S jpej, mpnth. whjch they sajf 1» not out of line with S&V H? ,* h ? r *?*; ta other citle». narttcularly In view of recent Angleton discui- vith an tent| l»t. improvement! service*. h « In Vtr if It w>t elded on Gir IN STORY • MIDLANP, Calit (UP« _ A Mtndly fit* dlipttchu phona* H»,m.n on duty Midland's ' • - - * mlsund.i. hid They MUSTACHE, COSTUME JUDG/NGS FOR FIESTA SCfffDULfP TODAY Brazosport men will probably ba, inspecting mustaches today to sea are in the best possible shape to - Miistache* and costumes in the part ot Fiesta Week, are scfc judged at 5 pjn. today in tha «BU Park Avenue in front of The Fact* _ George Crowder, owner of the Inn in Houston, reported to be an on mustaches, will judge " motif. Persons planning to ttteud «ither the luncheon or dinner arc asked to call for reservations if possible. However, reservations an not necessary to attend.' Price of the luncheon is $2.50, and $3 for iven to La Escuelita. enitttalner ..Artemio Cantu —w-^- ,. P . f .. «f+4" ^•VinifttCU^tD V^aulU ^^S**^*^ *>* «««er from Fiesta activities for Thursday n!}??'"? S d 8 £ l * *«MJ « nner and style show ,t 7 BJn ., «t tfa,Dov5 Tla hottl will to dteor»t«4 — ordinance giving W A Whitley the title of superintendent of city utilities was approved. The ordinance set up \yhitley's duties which will include appointing and removing all heads of water, sewer and street departments and .their' ATLANTA (UPI) — A f« vie* Italian htn'has * sign outside advertising: "C»r* washed. Impoittd foreign cart washed with imparted water.'' Stolen Cars, One Wreck Reported By FP Police Two stolen care .were on the Freeport police report Wed nesday morning. At 6:58 a.m Wednesday a 1956 Pontiac was reported taken during the night irom Paul Moore Motor Company at 116 Hickory. The two-tone gray two-door car had white sidewali tires and he headlight rings are' missing as they ha<} been taken off the car in .the • shop. The car is owned bjrra. O. Grimes of Ang- eton, the report read. ' The second car was recovered qufckly after* 16-year-old-boy, on, probation to a Freeport uniiter from County Judge Jton Arnold's Juvenile Court, jflgteton, took the car early belonged r , of Freeport. was first missed by —r>^r>™!»— *+t kuv«» LUC Wednfiidgy niorning. TK«* 10KA .rw. ^i_. he minister 8 t 3 a .m. Wed e«d»y. M 4-^0 BJH. Deputy heriff 8.90 Elder reported he and the ett in cus- took the yo«ti. tpj Angleton after the incident. One auto accident was reported by Freeport police. It occurred at 8:54 pjn. Tuesday east of the West Second-Cherry Streets intersection on Second. Involved were Anita Hernandez Koole, 500 East Broad, driving a 1951 Chevrolet owned by Esther Calvillo of the same address, and Kenneth P. Willenberg, 306 East Broad, driving a 1947 Oldsmobile. Damage to the Chevrolet was about $20 and to the Oldsmobile about $150. No tickets were issued in the accident. A theft and two charges of disturbing the peace were on he Wednesday report of Police Department. Chief O. c; Merryman reported that two persons were charged in Judge R. C. Thomas' Justice of the Peace Court Tuesday night, with disturbing 'he peace. One theft of two. spinner hub , be held 'fa some hty. 5Uch as th e dty n "-"mlssioner D. V ' 'aid fhat <hf s was an 'he Board should have t*t»« long ago. He satd thal'havlng l b £T 5 handled * thf . ^all ^a, "just a'good ' ""ss arrangement:" The finn-J awe^i .^nerally 'hit the orovisions of the or'"" 7-onM add to thepre. of the City Court. »nd re- ^ult m better handline -• <"sty "»rt affairs. , -There was no Immediate decision as to the quarters Se Court wou i,j 0 the ordinance took effect Mayor Jim Hussell said that the area m the C^ty Hall be- the Police Depart- before its move to the City staff members will con- r with the architect for the env—-ng of the City Hall te •- -ing out suitable quarters. At an earlier meeting of the ..-- 7 following a seri« of w . idents involving the C^ had approved *» C " Mayor Jim R U1 =- •] sa id that he had received no official re- sign. Their request was intended to hey noted, allow the Board to start from the begin" Tfcwia setting up proper City ourt_ procedures, and in bringl coooeration between «* .1

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