The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on December 23, 1892 · Page 1
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 1

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Friday, December 23, 1892
Page 1
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voLxnr-Nom v. MARSHALL, MICJL, FRIDAY DECEMBER 23, PRICE TWQ..CPTS Absolutely Pure. * r r ' A Crqam of .tartar baking powder Hifjliesidf all in leavoning strength Latest U. S* Govdrnment Food, Re- gort. ROYAL BAKING POWDER CO 10G Wall Street, N. Y. $500 REWARD! r . 'W»« obtiva rtjward for uny oa^o -o Liver CpmplBint, Dyapoplilil, Sink ileaanoUo, I n algostloa, OoriBtlpfttioii or Coftiv(!iior«rt wo net cure with west's Vegetable hwer Plll« when-'tho dtr«etioii8 are 'elrtctly compiled wirti . They are purely Vegotahle nM never tail lo give satisractlon. Sugar coaled, Largo buses con- -t^niBiMtt-pmsv^S conta. Bcwaro o' oountor- reitaanrt Imttatlons. The genuine maniifac-.uroil by THJE JOHN C. WE.ST'CGMPANV, Ouicago, 111. Fpr sale by A. O.. Marshall, JUeli. A Guaranteed Cure for Pil^e of AvU^t hH,.t or aeeree— Ejtteruiil, luteifliil. Blind of Hluudint;, ItcQJHg, Uhniiiti 1 , Heceut or Uureditury. 'Ibis remedv has posiiiPKly uey-r Iwuu known (o fail.' SI. Qua U<>x, 0 boxes (ur'$5.iki; sent by mail pr>-paid on receipt of prieo. A written Uuuruutou positively given to eaeU purchaser t>[ 1i boxm, when purcbaHed at one lime, p<vruliiui! tho ^5-itO paid if ii«t cured, (iuuraii'luo issued hy ,A. O. Aydu, Mar8h»ll, Mich, cull for Health is Wealth. PE. E. C. WB9T'3 NKBVB ANO HHAIN JA KJBST, ftKUaratiteed spouilic loi Htetena. J)Uzt aesB, Convu.l»ion«. Viia, Nervous Jfearaigia, fleadche, proBiratlon caustiby'ihe uai alcohol or.JobSoco, Wakafuln^B, Mental JJo- presBlon, tipttaniuiy &( thgjjr«ifj reenltldL' i« In uapitv ftniJ,leadiuK to MUeftrys <lucay, ami UeaiU PreniawreOld **e, B»rr^iuM LoaV.of powor ft , «lthS(r*ex; Involnata>y Louse* ana '^permator- • raasfcjQWKWd by yVftr^fttertiop of ih* 1 brain, »elf abu8<rover.indi}!getica. Kach 1 box c&ataliiB one WDBtftVtrettt.Btwit. §l,tiO a boi, or «ii bosv? Kt£jo.jP0, Benj by aiall jirepaia ui» i ^Ipt of price- tfUA^ANTEE SIX BOXES T -?vy-7-j £?? ca * e - WItb each ot&vr f eec-ircd by • U4*0r sli bo2Ctis^a.-Gcoiii>ttid wif&*$5,00/ we wtl gend'toe putjelwser our written au<tru,'uiea to re fund the money It the treiutauuj, does -u<H GuBjraotceftfesUedtJBly Oy A. U. 'link it- A nA ..nn.1 — A 1 i A »» .IT -IT, M II. 1, Mich. .«. A' Remarkable Feat Performed • .at THE JAWS OP DEATH iXJm'onstmtlon of the IV'qfttlorfiiJ Power-of Mm Sciilpel In Skillful ItiimI*—A Hoy Brought to the Point of Death and tho Crlm'I error Driven from Ills I'rey—Ap- pcndiclte* lulls Ordinarily Fatal StnRo Art-cstctl—-Description of MIC Cn»^) amt ll"J Operation Performed 1 . . '' NEW'YoRK, Dec. S3.—f lie intidical profession ia much, stirred—so fuf as it is yet familiar with-tlie facts in the. awe---by. .the derails of a remarkable surgical pperatjpn performed within a fcw'flrtys by pr. Albert Shuuk, of 333 West Twenty-third street. Thtffact accomplished is no less than tlie bringing bat&'to lifoof aperson practically »dead—as the term is usually undcirstootl. ^jpon^ the many wonderful cases recorded indecent years! probably not onohasbeVn marked by features as unique as that of ••which Jimmy MeCunghey la- to-day t]io living example, iTh* patient, 13 years old, is the Son of a NeWYork merchant, Lately deceased, living at Nxx440 \V«ist Nineteenth' , street. • , . .. _ v ^ .Doomedto a Oulck Death. Tho physjeian was "called to the case late in the evehiug, and when he reached the house at 11 p." m. the patient had very marked Symptoms of ''appcrrd.icrtfc^or as it is otherwise willed inflammation of the vermiform appendix. Though the seat of tho trouble was not itppnre'nt the diagnosis mode plain the fact that the sufferer was doomed, as-far as could be determ'ned by precedent fit-similar cases. On the advice of the physician the members of the family were advised of the gravity of the rase, and when next morning a very sizeable lump was observable over the scut,of the iulhiin- mation the diagnosis was fully justified and the trouble exactly slated u> lie an abscess around tlie vurmiform uppendi.f. Cullcil in the Mi j.;»>«m. „ An.opera) ion was' at once recommended, but wus delayed uniil tbo arrival of rel.i lives who had been .sumpi/meii in ajiticip t tion of tlie near approach 1.1' de.Uli. It v\ a* 3 o'clock Ihu nc.xt uflvntiHJii when thf'su. geou was lluully cjtlie-i{ aiicl 'diKeetf i t > prpceed. When ho arrivc-'f it was dihi-i/vr. ed that the aliicew ha..l/!uvkea, thus cover-' ing the. inte>d»es uTlh the Jjluiiui-t matter. In this «.-.-, ele;ir to the scientific mind that U>e boy was dyitig. The doctor tojil the family thit dK-oltt-- would take phice witlnu an hour and thaf though it was po^h'r an operation might; rcbuliVueet^.fuUy, tito fihatlce-, weru many timeh ai;Ain^t r jti • I'tery KrlUemio of DeaHj, Perini^siini turpniceed was given..!! beint; jinder-stptil that in afcj e\eiit of iVuluie to •secure t'e)Ief UJH end^\^n^wot be haslviicil more than gfteuu, minutes. The" p.itu-ui was quickly p.L-iced oh a table, and whale under the influence of ahlight ttna&ithetic an opeinng abiAit eight iuche.s long wot- imide iti the WcWBof-tho aWomen 'From the mcihiou there was aton!$eg. plenteous ffow of pus. Xo sooner. had, j-iiis. token place than tb« pul?e cetUed to- be4i, the, heart ; stopped,"tbe jaw droppudj.»nttevt>ry evidencse of ihe m^./eompleie collap>o ba-* tokened Ufe-prenciH:«?of denth. The gKivsy ejes«ptunied, thajJoWae.^of the exttumji lies, ftiidtbo death perspirntiwn with which the.body was covered loft up doubt iu i^ie juinds oj those preaaat th»t the exuerimem ALMOST A TU? Vjttii>ut Wrought Back fro»M.tliB Very ' - ' '' 'lfiilte., T .. " e &urKeon > *-tiict-wa& dis- oj tbe fetidptoiiial §»Wg,' •fe tke flijtjtcriug ffenfi-^aljB^yj'e aclbo of tii hearti was. 43.|»Bateoi" only to %f ,pjaetw*<l , 'but* ioou . and f a ^eep liavjBjjr tbatlia4 I'ie ae,t Bn 1 of the. et?Lt# by on of hypoder'u4e ' Kt)rnov»tl Quf tiause of tlie 1,- \Yitfe a 'ntiW lease of li£u •yfapaaafjQr tie s»«rg«oq to, look for th« of J%«taba<3essa, Ait^ several fruitless foi'ts to do ibis it wo# d«c|d^4 to remove a port^w of ttie i^tesMft^, yor l «ielr ' 5*pte«JtJon tbey wwe vyj«,ppQd IB » towel warmed, by dipuing it w tot watar W tfee table by t& B pfttiejat'» side. •Ihustvith room to work the xvalls of the cavity were explore*!, the bfr- ing .found and sotf- cc^-rfully removed. Then the seat of the ttoubl£ A\as reached and the .'foreign .subsl'ance, which had caused oil tho inflo-mnuuion of .the appendix, wag Retrieved. " ,"' 'f. :..*: TIrp Patient Now Convalescent. The aliffotninal cavity was uext thoroughly cleansed antisepllcally, and after the pus had been washed from the exposed portions-of the intestines they were returned to their place. Before this wast done, how•ever, ft dr.aiii»gc tiibe of about right inches in length was inserted pt> as to lead to tlia lower,bo wels. The woirt>d was then dosed and the sutterer left iu. charge of the surgeon's assistant. Wud a trained fourse. He- markable a* f he operation , is, it is still mqremarvelous that everyday since tho patient hiis Rained in jitn-hicth ami is today CMtiviUescent. . Fi-e(iu«:;jt ' e.Miiiiinaiions _have been pilule ufjilii^jji-o^n..^. ol'.-iiTairs in the patieuVs abjlouiert,'. dint ii.s lant -uii eX.- 1 * pedieut the draii>afe<' tube is \\ithdrawa, until ilow onlj "about three ineUs jemaiti iti service. "" A]i|icii.licit U Itobhoil of ItN Tjerror. Operations for tlje removal of the "vermi- fOrlu appendix" «ro by no means UDCOIU- mon, but the nurgeou's knife it, rarely fcauctioned by experieiKed practitioners in the ca^es . with physical condition^ its-extreme as those in the one here cited. Some idea of the interest nta.uifested' in .the case may be guinrd from the statement that for several days' efforts havtv been made to obtain the diet-nils \vithuut succt^s. From the points here si^'i'ii it is.i.laimuil.that iuedical men now believe H 'o have bet-u determined tfiat niieast* of.appeiKticiliii. need be neces- earily n-iiarded ON fntah \.. .... _,'„,. ScriuiiM llliu-h* of Ju^lii-e I.aniur. ATLANTA, liiu, Dec. ^J.-^.lu.stice Lamar is in the city quit*? ill. Ut; had a very bad. iiig^ht \\ cdiiei-jlay night, two dot-tors being wij,h him. lie lutil several hinking spells and at times was believed to be d>ing. lie was betWr l-i.4t uight, but is a vury sick man. DRANK A TbAST TO GROVER, Uml «f Ilitt MMitlicrn Vibil of Iliv Vice rr«-siiU-nt-liU'ft. ATT.AVI.V, Uee. £!.--There was an en- tliu>iii*-ln gathering at the bre;ikt'a.-:t of the Voun.i; Men's iK-inucralk- elub to Hon. A. K. t»ii-\eii«oii'ye-terday morning. The fli>t toast was to I.Jrover Cluveliiiul, and all >.ruuk It .M:ni<!iii;_- with appropriate entbusi- asiM. A., lill'li J«4,ei- I'l-esidciU Austin, of •I ho lenjjlle, iutrut.lui.vd Mr. titeveiii-oij, .who made »bhort tajk, followed by other brief ^iddn>sjeH. Visit.-) to.promiuent eitizeii^ oc« cupied; the rest of the day. Tlie' UurvervwrV U«ct>pU.9n. During the day -the iladies, of - the parly were taken, care of" -by -th« ladies Of thocily, Mit,. Hemphill giving a reception attended by. the elite of wjciety. '-Probably HO reception at the exc-i-uthe luansioniu ^ears iqualed that giveit lu-»t mglH. The uuui-ion is in Peach tree, Atlanta's, fumous- .street. Here were gathered (.ii^oigliun proj.MiiH'nt in the soti.d anil busniiah Ufa of Atlanta, and mauj fiom other parts of thjs htdte. The visitors were uwtil about 11 o'clock. The ladies'~fhen went to the Aragyij, whfre they .spent a short timu a4 k ageriuau being given there^ TUte party lelt this morning for Blooni- ingtoii, 111., being desirous of hptiiding Chrit-tmas at borne. " * .Njoe fine ,of pocket cutlery »t John Wholen's hardware store* East Main street;' -, We, the undersigned, r . o closeI-par marfeeta Sundajs frqui Dee, l'st t 1893 to May 1st, 1898. Ateo clone-af eight o'clock during- the week, except Saturday's^ B. C; TALHADQK. •, ' -f E. P. JANDELL. .^ "- Jks: Cox, J» ' *- . . JOHN HEBTKORH. GrEO. ,C ^larshall, Nov. 80th. 1892. Morton Uas left tliv eitj fur t tie hoj^iduys and Mandwsou occupied the ehau- in the" seuatc^Jfje^vrday. Cockrell presuuttsi'jjetii tions asking the postitouement of tlie anti- optiou bill—remarkingf that they wnjieste- reotyiied and i&a,rfced witi fmuq. Chandler reported a l>iil to prohibit ijimiigr far yiar. HUl.'a member yf the, inUtee^Bald he, would; ' report. v>h!ll far the 'udmi&,4tuu ftftd Iiidiani Territory «b a, btute D4>a,to.o« ^fcfiott-^atamb,, »B#yi^f : .}at$tfi ^-ith^yBlHSite, iB'JJttj jjutrMUw"af;*ali^ii^' ^ Up .jjijvce. The, . $OK& , «t j%"^Jfp rt#n' gr^sftt, t,i|e Jit-ttVy ruua^upe door ' l lwii( r '«al, md tUe,vyiiitlo\v^ iu Vesltu, bu j4£4 wurit of a Uic UV^UCT of hurt, DUSKY flealthful, Agreeable, Cleanilng, Pure* Chapped Hands, Wounda, Borna, Bto. Bemoves and Prevents DaadrniE. AMERICAN FJiiLY JOIP. Best for General Household Use, HUMPHREYS' _This PRECIOUS OINTMEWT is tho triumph of Scientific Medicine. Npthing has ever been produced tt equal or compare with jtas a CUKATIVB and.HEAtiNG APPLICATION. Ithasbccn used 40 years and always affords relief and always gives satisfactipm Cures PILES or or Internal, Blind or Bleeding—ItclAig and Burning - t Crapks or Fjssuffi3;Tjstulain Ano: \Varins of the Rectum. The relief js imm* diate— the cpe certain. WITCH HAZEL OIL Cures BURNS, Scalds and Ulceratioa and " Contractioa from Burns. The relief ialnsiiuJt * , Cur %?g ILS ' Hot tutors, Ulcers. Fb, _|jjLas, Old Sores, Itching Eruptions, ScUrf> or Scald Head, Jt is infallible. Cures INFLATED or CAKBD BREASTS aed Sore Kipples. It 19 invaluable. , ~ Price, 50 Cents. TrijJ size, ag^ta. 6uMI>/ Bruww,, or »nt po.t-p.14 "on ttwipt at fc^H 1ICSFHBEI8«MI>.CO., ' THE PILE OINTMENT The b^st PiartumeB always, in stock «rt &. H. Gri*^en.6*s Drug jS^prej Ladies ar^ aiaVited ,to Tpuas -".A ' 252 West State MARSHALL. MICH, ... Ditcher's Pit $A# OJMI Uwe borow Bftdifl* etove, one jMswj«uo r e«s«»naUftp«vov«. - A Grand 4quare , tjf.a. a

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