The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on December 12, 1960 · Page 4
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 4

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 12, 1960
Page 4
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DBLES~BASGLES^ BRIGHT IDEAS FOR GIFTS AT SAVINGS FOR YOU UUkk*// I*!-* •*'*••••"«.»'/ . ^. Angleton TI 9-5246 FOR THE PROTECTION Of Our Readers and Advertisers Close Censorship Is exercised orer »n Ctosrtfle.1 advertisements accepted for publication BE 3-2611 Freepprt St. ARTICLES WAITED AZOSPORT FACTS WANT? AD vwwfeb *o BDT-iW oar tan. 7-2S«5. GOOD THINGS TO EAT FORMATION 10 Waco TOHt Ad CALL S3. MISCELLANEOUS S100., S like electric blanket.* J10. each, child s merry CO round W. cr 7*152. (Sort**) days (codW). ' nWtt te AlJ HOtJ&S: FrUajr » A.J*. lo 5 P.M. TBS BRAZOSPORT FACTS Brazosport and ErassorSa Counts', Texas, MOM., December 12.19fin BUDDT KIEIO! EtECTBIO Complete stoc* 01 Filters. Competent teaW system service and Inslolla Bon. 203 Wcs» Brood. JE S-2629. BIKE-olrl's 24- lor a reasonable price. Call CY ?•&»!. BUTANE TANK — 150 Rnllon, ground. Call «TS, Olil Ocean. ally misleading. Any adverMsement which we know falls to comply with these standards Is restricted from our advertising column. Riders are urged to check Bnsiness opportunity advertising withthe Better Business Bureau in ttra town whert the business la operating before making Investments. THE BRAZOSPORT FACTS BUNK BEPS-2 sets (•! beds' maple finish complete In [rood condition. TI 9- 6SS3, Anslcton. ta rfeadlrne te 9 A.B. at pnbSjhlns day ImetUoa deadline Mr render ad* Is t AJB. ot publlslilnc day AU display and cox ads mnst be « Irjr, 11 flJB. of Drevhos ,- ,- pnbnshlne day. AIM to ad M ordered It cannot be cancelled tar changed before ttbbncnfloli. The Braiospjrt Facts reserves the rllrtit <• edH or reject an; ad ttat tt tttem* objectionable and te (jbtdce the dasriflcntlon order ta contoret to tte policy AHtiJtaxtea wre based on a 3 NOTM», ol typographical or othei! 1 , errors Must be given be- Io.rft.Jije ftsoond timfirtion or claims or tatcnslou vHO not DOOR MIRRORS for lull length groom- Int. Plate class tor (lawless reflection. If, i 51 tor Heavy chrystsl Bias. 12 X 43 tor fS.95. IR3Y-S HOME FURNISHINGS. Hv.y. JS& AN 5-2555. DEAR FKIENDS AND HAPPY PEOPLE: This Is the Country Store halfway I* 1 *"*" Brazoria and West Columbia. Halt price on all toys, 'lolls, wagons, tricycles, games, etc. ^^ FREE YARD STICKS-Buy tot {••> tar cash. Prices reduced on all building materials and pain.. Improvement loans arranged. WESTERN LUMBEH & SUPPLIES. BE 3-itSL 9 AJ& at «eoood , ttoUfiai of error before day. ,,SPECIAL NOTICES fttairmr gHO^ open for business. Ovrn- iS «M operafcd oy Veva Nell Finley. «t CotarSol* Drive, West Columbia, Call, W 54391. HUNTERS AMD FISHERMEN 3enK>mattc double cook tan was 121,93 now only $19 50, nzomatlc single bunier eooh stove was IU.95 now onr »9i ji-nzomatlc Lantern «al RI S3 now only 11 93 nzomatlo gas cylinders 2 tor K.3*. eplng M« J6 X 74 wan J7.95 now FOR „„ «-C?e OB labla TV with rnalchirfi base and one 2 ton air conditioner. Both In Rood condition . ana reasonrtlo. BE 3-2223. HAVE 3 repossessed TVs—one new anfl one used. Take over small payment. BOB'S TV, LJ Cutolt Road, AN 5-2352. _ — S-85 Receiver, JT3.: "also'wRL-VFO, S33.; or both for JUO. Both new models in excellent condition anil very little use. CT 7-6037. LIONEL TRAIN SET-with accessories, excellent condition only J1S. BE 3-3013. MOTOR SCOOTER—Allstate In A-l condition. Ideal for some boy's Christmas. TI 9-6SS5, Angleton. MOTOR BIKE-193.1 All-Slate Mo-Fed, good condition, S75. CY 74171. jrtroma. MtiqfndnoT i deaSJal taTOtt&floa. CT M462. , , FBIVAIE BEST HOME ' i havo i «cancics (or men. RiTOt* room*, BMjW «tyl« raeals. t x Small town. 1 I ' Star Intotmatloa write 4» East stocknridge TEXAS 17" ZENITH console, good condition. Give It to the children tor Christmas BE 3-2403. A BUTT Get added, test,out Cosmetics and en- Write .No. 14 W" 1 H» Texas City. Texas. : HEVER 3EFOREI I At These Prices Hurricane Fence, 40C4 oil: gilvanked clothes-lino poles, S12.50 pair; car ports 10x20, 1149.50; range hoods, $29.50 up window awnings, 20% ott; ornamental Iron posts. S5.95 up; 5" gutters, 26c pe toott garbage can racks, S6.ia each picket fence, 50' rolls, J12.50 AN WJ23. nuiuuc'AM: FENCE^CU Jiyr. 8±-f*ib NEW MATTRES^"fePECIAL3 810. ott regular price ot new innersprlngs HO. oil regular price ot new box springs 110. oil regular price ot new rubber toam. BRAZOSPORT MATTRESS AMD UPHOLSTERY : Lake Jackson. Rd. , Opca ; yoir buy 21 never have to bt. NEVER! Ko time limit—Free repl ttent Written guarantee. One bulb o one dozen • delivered. Call Phillips a CY 74172. REFRIGERATOR—Small Hot Point, cellent running condition. CY 7-7234. FtfRNACE I\ TROUBLE? fi FOlt FACTORY TRAINED v I. EXPERTS ^JO DO > SERVICING. CALLUS SIMPLEX AUTOMATIC—Phone AN 5-559 or see at 313 Southern Oaks Driv Lake Jackson. SPORTVILLE, INC. Down town Lake Jackson Tors, hobblu & crafts and iportlnz Hoods, store noun, Monday thru Saturday 9 to 7* Sundays 12 to C pm. RELIGIOUS SUPPLIES Ifcolu-IUbus—S3 Supplies Open Tnun., J'rt. and Sat SOS Ma!n SL Clute A« 5-2U3 T.v. - One 17" GE portable In goo condition for only HOD. BE 3-tSB. WB WANT TO BOY Odd* and Emu ot tued furniture. Extra nod places. KELLY'S FCBMTCBE 307 Hwy 38 dule AM M7O MISCELLANEOUS 181. BEDROOMS FOB RENT., Bherwtn •Vlluam* Marine Falnu lie oau Cat umiiram OaL , > J3.05 M.B5 JL20 oVu"SUPPLY CO 223 BraMS Blvd. BB 3-«6oO BOARD AND ROOM-For men ortr, »20. g'bag J8 « a was Coieman Lanterat and Coleman WHTTK AUTO ETORH 1UU Gull Bird. BB 1-333 ELEV1SION—Used 21" Philco console SO. CY 7-4170 alter 6 p.m. . SPORTING GOODS OAT—16' Baracuda, 35 hp Gale, Trailer, BE 3-1635. LEAPE— Deer. Turkey and hogj. HO. per day. ISO. per week. Call Yukon MS63. John Adam, SabenaL Texas. RIVATE BEDROOM with private OlS West 4th St. BB 3-3242. weekly, 6 days week. BE 3-9151. 731 West 7th. 84. UHMJHrJSHEU FOR RENT LAKE JACKSON—2 bedroom apartmeo near shopping and school. Stove and relrigerator furnished. CY 7-7279. 86. FURNISHED AP'TM'NT. FOR RENT FREBPORT—3 rooms ana bath furnished couple only 80S An. B. BB 3-3227. FREEPORT-PUus Apartmentv^ttrnlsh ed 16150 nofumlshed $59.50. BE 84110 11T West 5th. FURNISHED 2 bcaroom apartments wI garage near -chool and Frcrport bus Sess district. 179.50 per month. BE 3-5275. FREEPORT — 3 room apartment, 11 South Avo c. BE 3-2509 after 3:30. UN UlKfULl NOW The full gear shift 70 H.P. Mercury Outboard and the full shift and all new 6 H. S. Mercury. MARUfB SPORTS dC. 202 West 1st - Freeport_ B. MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS CHOICE 113. month OP PIANOS '• Guaranteed ciciircitz: co. 403 West Zn'l UCHWOOD VILLAGE—101 CotlonKOOL Drive, newly lurnlshed Interior, llvin room, bedroom, kitchenette, bath, uti •s paid. AH 5-2633. JUST A GOOD CREDIT RATTNO will nold your piano tor ChristroM delivery- Nothing down, 3b' uonths to pay. B & H MUSIC CO. 1008 florin Gulf Blvd. BB 3-3121 i7. MATERIALS •LAW fo KEMUUJSLY we will t . you plan your project Plans, specifications. Qaaacta*. Complete remodel- 1M serm-e. sfttCO SUPPLY Bfhww.JSS'aeKr.OSoja. AH ,M177. i- rroored_Mah^.parjiaod. JMff shaal, jew line SBHdeFhons! satet - n.»5 tea. IBAZOSPORT LUMBER CO. AN 5-5322 IOO.OOO Ft Used long leaf lumber. All sizes and all lengths. BUSHNELL LUMBER CO. NO 2-3391 or NO 2-5313, llosenberg. 58. FARK. EQUIPMENT GARDEN tractor and all ol the equip- wnt lor only »100. SW »-767a. 61. LIVESTOCK • SUPPLIES SHETLAND PONY — Coming 2 year old. Ideal Christmas present for child. AN 5-2S12, or see at 781 Arbor 5t. Clute TOY SHETLAND Pony ami hand tooled saddle from Mexico for sale. BE'3-2357 62. PETS - SOPPUES AKC CHIHUAHUA — Email bred—2i raontha old. Ideal Christmas pets. <33 Winding Way. CY 7-7854. lAYFAIR APARTMENTS-On Holly an Birch. Lake Jackson-2 bedrooms, S6-. monthly. BRAZOSFORTS FINEST Phone CT T-26S8 or Apply at 'Apart ments. )R THE finest In apartment living t this area see the GATHRIGHT APART MENTS 22 units, 2 locations. No vac ancles at present BE 3-1957. 7. UNFURNISHED HOUSES .AKE: JACKSON—3 bedroom home, month" KNOLLWOOD CY 74161 day or night ^______^_ AKB JACKSON — * bedroom, fencrt yard, wan heater. JOB TALBOT REALTY. CT 7-401. 8. FURNISHED HOUSES CWJTE-ai Brcckman Rood. An out- ftandlnf value for only KBO. down and nnanclnt annnjed at JS8.18 per month. Just K5CO, for thu comMrtabi<> 2bcd- nom cottmre with encloted porch and double mrafe. Ask for Mr. Cooper nt BB 3-2678. EACH COTTAGE on SuraWe comfcrt- ablv furnished at winter ratet. Apply to Burl Grocery or caU BB HADOW QLER m jlantatton. Part » bedrooms, bath «n* half, ttmlly room, all electric Wrchen. Complefely ana very well furnished. ?125. month to responsible party. JOB TALBOT, REALTY, CY 7-H11 or C* 7-1436. REBPORTVIIBO Weil 10th St.—9 bedrooms, H. J, DAVIS REALTY. BB 3- 52M. REKPORT-A «ry tpaclons 3 cedroom house, 1H batlu, central heat, electric Utcben. lanr* den. Iota ot storage space. J. (JOEL) BRYAN JB. « or.r^fNA BE 3-I929 DP, 3-UH MALU FORNBHBD efficiency cottage, hills paid. BB 3J088. FREEPORT—A t bedroom hon» on Are. O with a selling price Ing. W. *. (JOEL) BBYA.N JR. A QLE.NNA 101. BUS!. OPPORTUNITIES GROCERY STORB AHD SNACK BAR— BnlWtag under tease. Excellent Y location. Doing food bialness. Call BE 3807& FRKBPORT — Very clean 2 bedroom bORW on Avenue 0. Cnn offer very intemsting: financing plan It your credit and earnings equality. W. t. (JOHU BRYAN, JR. * QUWSA BE 3-SVSt nE 3-1219 102. HOUSES FOR SALE A VERY CHOICB corner m oa Stnet One ot the very ftw letl W, 1. MOF.U BHTAH JB. * HE 3-!B2» » B *•**• rivt-WlU trad* Or ALV1N—M Deto Crlv Braiosport property. CLUTE-SH McKee-S bedroom, yard. fenced 414 WEST 8th—2 bedroom, easy terms. BEACH HOUSE—Will exchange for Bra ' 0 '^ REALTY BB WO. A RARB OPPORTUNITf-Lovely home In the country teatnring :our bwl rooms. 3 baths, electric with lamlly room, large utility room nni double garage. This home has 2201 square loot ot living ar»« an* U an buy. Let us* consider year . JLOETER ft ASSOC, CY 7-SIT7, CT 7-7T08, CY 7-73S, BRAZORIA—S bedroom home, comer lot •parate dining room, cxoptlonaUr lam living room, service porch, wired to washer and dryer. Call SW 8-7348. -- smule bath, single faras«. Smalt dow payment on 15 year loan. COLEMA1. LUMBER CO. AN 5-2423. BRAZORIA—Garden Acres home — bedrooms, bath and halt, double garage :o year Man, jraaU down paymer COLEMAN LUMBER CO. AN 5-M33. BUT? TODS dOUS TODAT MAGNOLIA— it Mdrood), U)» equity S6 PERRTWINKLE—3 bedroom, tent* 23 x 25 Building In rear, tana lot. 12S OLEANDEIV—3 Dedroonx all bnclc. 106 CHERRY—J200. Down &15 MAGNOLIA.—3 bedroom, family Low equity. Joe Talbot and Koser OraU JOB TALBOT REALTX CTI T-4111 or CY 7-S438 FREEPORT-MM WEST Jllh—Full brtc all whit» S bedroom home. 514,400. SOUTH TEXAS REALTY. BB 3-3410.1 01 HOUSES FOR SALE LAKB JACKSON-207 Carnation, 3 bedrooms. Hi bath*. rttniM* gnr«no, n«r school, 4H% Interest, monthly payment »93. will financo cnully. CY 7-2047. BB BE J-1MJ ONE3 CRBKK-A beputltul lOOxJOff lite with, a 4 room house. I. i. (JOEU BHTAN JR. A OLEN.NA •E 8-29^ BG 3-139D FRKEPORT—A s ticaroom homa well- located to Elementary School. Can move you In lor a small equity. W. J. (JOFXJ BRIAN JR. A OLE.NN* BE 3-!»!9 OF, 3-13W 101. HOUSES FOR SALE REDWOOtv-» bedrooms, den. JU POINSETHA— central heat 185. monthly. 1 CALADIUM—Buy or tent 1411 WEST 10th—Rent or teas* pnrchua. Lid GARDKNIA-JW monthtr. B2 MAONOLU-carpct «nd fencH. 211 CYPREES-BMUtlral yrri. 1100 n. It living area. FI-OETER * ASSOC. CY T-J47T CY T-7708 CY 7-7288 OT M6T5 JOT PIN OAR ST.-8 bedroomf, room. 1H baths, insulated. Reddf-Wlr- ed, electric kitchen, 1 cat carafe, only «1S.S75> >TU «M mmBtiy. a u BAUER. RKALTOR, TEXAS BBTTER HOMES, CY T-7761. LARD JACKSON—A S bo^.-oom newly painted hotna IQQO. iown. Including closing-, tin mm St. CT 7«B7. OUR BEAUTIFUL MODEL J bedroom, IV, bam home at 101 Birch, Late Jackson. Shown by appointment Cen> (rally heated and air conditioned. Wi nlll build on your lot Will sell tola model house. Your lot accepted as down, payment B. .U Bauer. TEXAS BETTER BOMBS B. L. BAUER, REALTOR MaAy- other plans tu choon tram. CY 7-778J. PREEPORT—Looking tor a complete S bedroom home well located, quick possession? We have It T. J. (JOEL) BRYAN JR. BE 3-2020 A OLEN.NA BE 3-UDQ LAKB JACKSON-One ot the lop homes in this area, 2 complete baths, paneled den, 2 car garage, central heat, electric kitchen. W. J. (JOEL, WIYAN JH. A QUOIMA WILD PEACH—1 bedroom, 10 acres, hlga ground, pecan trees. 2 car garago. 98 Forest Oaks tnno CT 7-7761 3UU? LUUBJ&R CO. Joe Talbot And Roger Drako JOB TALBOT REAIT* Ct 7-411 CT 7-HM BB 3-i92> 3-UW KB BKOCKMAN—3 bedroom, dctachxl 2 car garage. E. L. BAUER REALTOR. CY 7-7761. OYSTER CREEK COMMUNITY—3 bedroom brick, 96x150 corner lot. S. !• Saucr, Realtor. TEXAS BETTER HOMES CY 7-7761. .. 3 bedroom, large kitchen dining room tsmltr room, ireea. rark for back yard. FHA only (S4.30 monthly, n, L. SAUEH, REALTOR. CT T-7761 (750. buys HALLMARK AU-Brlck home equity on South YQiipcn. Balance II" zoOQthly, taxes, insurance Included. ROWLAND REALTY. CT T-CS43. Small 2 bedroom house, on 114 acres, pecan trees. Bargain. SW 8-7898. THIS HOME WOULD RENT POP. *2o. MORE THAW THE PRESENT MONTHLY PAYMENTS. Buy now and bank th« rest 807 West 7th Street Brand W»v FHA 3 bedroom home with extra large family room. Monthly payments only 578. with very low down payment. SOUTH TEXAS REALTY. BE 3-*)10. HAVENWOOD Just Imagine! All brick! 3 bedrooms, lia baths, central heat, built-in stove and own, separate untmty 1 car sarane. 100x300 votxKd lot S700. cash, 19&93 monthly. Ko closing costsl Call CY 7-4261. SOUTHLAND REALTY CO. 63. MISCELLANEOUS SPECIAL NOTICES 1. SPECIAL NOTICES PEKINGESE— Registered male puppy. All JJ333 or see at 31t sontnan Oaki Drive. Like Jackson. EIASrasa KITTENS tar Mle. healthy kittens. For Information call The Relocation of His Office To 1401 NORTH AVE G, FREEPORT Beginning Dec. 16th Office Hours Will Be As Follows ~ 10 to 12 AM — 2 to 5 PM Except Wednesday and Saturday P.M. Appointments 2 to 4 p.m. BE 3-3441 MONTEREY FIBER SEAT COVERS PLASTIC TREATED FOR DIRT RESISTANCE COACH ft SEDAN $1? 93 INSTALLED FREE WHJTE 191* N. Onlf Bl»d. Freeport PHONE BE 3-2252 iVATCB NEW HOU3E3 UNDER CONSTROUTtON 603 CBNTSR WAY-3 bedrooms, brick, air conditioned, comer 608 CEOTEK WAY—I bedrooms 910 CENTER WAY—3 bedrooms 1049 SYCAMORE-3 bedroom*, 1 bath. car garage 1091 SYCAMORE-J bedroom*, 1 bath, car garaco. 1053 SYCAMORE— 3 bedrooms, 'J tathl 2 car garage. 1033 SVCAMOOE—3 Dedroonu, 111 bathj 2 car garage. 1057 &YCAMORI9~3 DCdrooma. 2 bath) 210 BROCKiUN—Clute. 3 bedroom, 121 x 121* corner lot only 16500. J9. ] SAUEH. R&AUTQK. CY 7-7761. 103 ASH LANK—3 neoToaro. family room 8 car Karaite, electric! kitchen, Insula td, patio door, your present tot c equity may bo accepna la trade. E. L. Bauer. Realtor. TEXAS BBTFTEB HOME3 OT 7-7761 O. I ' S DOWN Will Pay All Of You: Closing Costs an<5 no payments duo until Fe I, 19M BUT THERE ABE ONL It HOMES LEFT- S Bricks and Briofe and Cedar Shakes IMMEDIATE POSSESSION HALLMARK HOMES LEO ANDERSON, CY 7-7010 a. BOUSES FOB SALS -nqulty— l bedroom*, atn*. electric UKhen, fenced. 1 arage, cqnltjr, 91?!)0. n. U BALTOR, CT W7«. KB BARBARA, :nghtan« Park Bnb. rriaknt. Just computing I Mnota lomi; a fall btlhs. npfaa Clectrle ItcMn, .:inel fnrartr room, central UK* * at »«rat» *M> atnp ana. Wulur—dmr conntcttona. On * 1W lot. ant/ HJ,5m Bmuic(o » mmt co. 1OO3 OAKS-S bearoomm, targa frotty toon), doabM nrafe en acres vtih »ORr>—19M V-» Rancft Wagon, heater. PhOM CT 7-6B08. foot mil. mparate work tnop tn renr. win consider your ider Lake Jackson ham* tn tndav OB TALBOT REALTY. CY 7-1411 or OT M4M. &YMOUTH-1959 govfly J door In ««c|. 4 HWT 28S—CIute»-3 bedroom. Com- mertml Area. B. L. BADBR, REALTOR, CY 7-7761. TamrD»!Wmr>-19W reit and while, air conditioned In execllent condition. CY T-48M. NEW UOMES ARBARA VILLAO»-Lak« Wool Dirt*, 1 twAfOOitt btlC ch«n. attlo ran. RAZORIA-3 btdroom on Kn Twk an* Wilson St. Large I* Dectrlc klfcben. Attto ran. O, L. Mao llelo « can AH MSB aRAZOSPORT tUMBEH CO. raaF>-4944 wnns nep ready to go for only. BB Masai 03. LOTS FOB SALE PICK w PATMBNTB on im v-s Ford Country Sedan 9 passenger. fse.U per month. CT 7-3584. B9 4-doOT PrMOl Finbard that gets 45 mllea to th> galtan. Excellent shape. coat I&0. W1U tak« *813. CY CHOICB urn m ENOU.WOOD. gain offlc» at Loop 110*4 and Pine st KNOLLWOOD CT 7-CS1 Day or Night ACANT Una lor n Sub drmion. AJI streets, restricted. I'UllUea. REALTOR, Dl 9-HU. btaektaD OUPTOH KAClt CREST BUB DmEOOrl-4 hom«ilt« on Btm BonMtt, Ewelltnt location, some trees. Mra. W >» VUttr BB M541, OUTHERH OAKS crHk (nnt totl 100 X Ma Only S3m B. L. BAUER, REALTOR, CT 7-T7W. 00' CHEF.K tnntan lot la SOUTHERN OAKS. Beautiful shade trees and stone Iteps to creek. KIM. OB RQWLAHP, REALTOR. CY 74543. 04. BUSINESS PROPERTY JQHWAX JTRONTAUB—up to IS d Hwy tS» tor lease, IDtr deen-tnelM. Ideal for used car lot Will Unnnr*. BE 3-3159. IF YOU an looking tor * traall suit at top offices well located, we h*v them. IV. 3. (JOEL) BRYAN, JR. ft CtFJW BE M8J9 BE 3-1MO IDS. ACREAGE FOB SALE ACREAGE—LOU 2H «Pr*s In, Ootde Acres. Has. Natural Qas. MOOD. FLOKT- ER & ASSOC, CY T-Htt, CS T-T708. CY 7-7286, C? T-»873. 0 ACRES adjoining Highland Develop ment Barn, corral, deep, well, «avert graticd pecan trees. Ideal for ink dlv slon. a7,80Q..C, R, (CHARU81 REALTOR, BB 34441. 160 ACRES—All cleared. except for fe 'trees In choice location, 1250. per acre. Terras, available. 0 ACRES ON BLACK-TOP ROAD 1,15,000, lota). 14450, down, Balaneo on ACRES on Brlganca. Road. J500. .pel acre. WIU finance, a ACRS.s--.Wlld. peach. Community, 3 cleared, J554 pec - acre. J750., down, 559.41 per monln. ACRES—Brazoria—Sweeny area, $2oOI S250. down, balance monthly. ROWLAND RE CY 7-6543 US, MOBILE HOMES MOBILE HOME—IMS Hensley 2 . rooms. 33 foot. »1300. W. D. Qlavc BuretiwW Trailer park, 6U> trailer 135-1 RICHARDSON HIGHLANDER — bedroom So', good condition, J15W, ' 9-SOS7. 45 FOOT S tedrwra V69 rapdel mob home. Oood con.dWon. Bee at 604 Nortl Velasco, Angleton, TI ft.7341. 127. TRUCKS - TRAILERS DODOB—1M8 U-ton pickup. Came fro gan A^-SW.'J" "W- *** 28. USED CARS FOR SALE BTTO Bsaltr- li"« model. Lnycoc* hetrtc-hrtroiw oterdrlvt, tlrts nenrij aw. has tonnneu «v«r, iwrf top. AN HRYSLER NBW YORKER—1058 4 door sedan, 8393. CY T-7733. 'LEAN 1352 Chevrolet for sale. Eee It at n» JBwrHi, take Jicksmt. HEVROLET SPORT COUP1T - U33, radio, heater, power dnre. new tires. Fkon* CT 7-44S4. lent condition. 7-«7l Air OC WILLYS STATION WAGON — Good condition, value »350., tor Pickup truck. Will pay dUterance. BH 3-2074. U WITH : CHRISTMAS SEALS =1 •i « HELP FIGHT MUSCULAR DYSTROPHY MUSCUIU gimOPW OF HMEHIQH, INC. vffZ US Anfleton Cheap. Bee at 13» JSaal Item, Uliue. WORLD BOOK ENCYCLOPEDIA — US edIUon, excellent condition. CT 7-64U. PUPPIES to good homes. Cute health? null bred, ill Cuter War, Lain Jackson, Repair Beauty Shops Kottiyour OE. dealer. LUTON'S BB 3-1221 Aditioning HEATING Home Repairs your CUMBT UUFTLtR end! Factory suaraniet a& I ,. u» car run*. IOMET MUFFLER - CLWIO, JU Plaotatlon Drive. CY 7' ' «ra< r? SELLEB'S SHELL STATION AN 8-2201 North Bwy 2S3 & Kylo Road aoaa service'and Free Pick up and Delivery BlresWM Ures and Dclco Batteries. We do'not live STAMPS but wu do w SERVlPIl <H»t is second to none. CARS fU 7-41S7 •jjJ/ALB'PAY CABB CENTER ™** any flour, uceriseu. Mrs EOilQlA HALL'S BEAUTY Shop ha* the latest in ah condl*Jonad dryers at Bill Magnolia. CY 1-2819. Closed Mondays and Saturdays Typewriters TYPKWRnSRJT ADDING UACHlMEtT aalaa or rent can SAM OANT, Bra- aosport Underwood Axeoey. 1BI QUU BIM. »one B8 143SL , NOW ev i-im >o it youraclt forced air central heating. f> outlets, 80,000 BTU Furnace (Namu Brand). Everythlna t-omplcle. Approximately 70 pieces. $^53.10. Terms with approved credit. L 4 F HEATING CO. CAP.PENTEK .Velcome small lob* about your honie. Will tumlsu tonal relerences. iceinodcl. ,-epalr. cablntto. bullt-mi. Oi 7-727L OMPLETE HOME REMODEUNO, Mb- t.'U, huLuti leveling, cowiete porc and drives. Asphult roofinif a sr-ec-iality. Free tsum.i;i:b. Worlt jjuaranleed. 2 ycurt. In Lake Jackson. 2i ytant experience. MAUSEN BKO8. CY 7-1737. Upholstarera cuaroM UADB SEAT cov£R3-Door panels, liners, expert workroaEuuiiD. CURBY-8 ^PHOLSTERT SHOP. 514 West 2nd SL AUTOMOTIVE TRIM BEKViCE- Tailored seat covsrs, tead liners, etc. An low as 13. down and 15. monUUy Pick up and delivery. ABO UPHOLCTEKX AND i'RJU SHOP 930 West Ith 8' CD 9-47U FREE CcwpUmentary passe* to tin Velasco Theatre check the Christmas Guide 1 lot your name Pick tip the pass at the Classified Dept. ot The Brazojport Fact* MIRRORS metal (Old KaL 8CWWDT FURNITURE COMPANY 401 Welt 2nd BB B-3751 PHILCO TRANSISTOR RADIOS n a H MUSIC co 1003 OUU Blvd. D-iVEHPOBT UPHOLSTER*?- Call BB tor tree estimates eladly gtvso. on UUuihter Koad. BI'ECULI I On All UpholsUrlni, N«w line of IxfiuUtuI fabrics. fteiU'Ung, BKAZOiiPOUT UAlTKKgU AND UPHOLBTBKY 133 Lake J»ckaon Hd. AN i-5411 Welding Photography PHUl'OUKAPHY- MpcllUUina ,UI weild- uiifb. club*, cruup itiots. acnai i.%c,ij. progress repon lolios. OULV PUUTU ENUKAVUKS. BB 5-0511. Secretarial Service ATTENTION BUSINESS MEN—IJon'l let your office work pile up. Prompt service means more' satisfied cuulonwrs. For part time or lull time secretarial assistance wo are at your service- Qualified to rate Insurance policies, prepare real estalo papers, ana lor legal form typing, and any other form ol secretarial dulle* lust call DUNCAN SECRETARIAL SERVICE, CY 7-S506 URNAWK.-ilAL IKUN and Trailer HHcnoi MOTH ffELOINU AND RADIATOR WORM <u wuin A BB i-nin Give her Glamour Give Her Comfort Give Her FACTS CLASSIFIEDS.' ROSS SHOES INC. Tarpon Inn Village WIND CAMERA T ,_— to ,. Photo your Christmas In VI Becondi. CAMERA MABT K3 K. Dull Blvd. BedrooM CCocJci W&0FF Coroolet* linv ol ChnitmuToys SEIDLER'S VARIETY 1M Booth A BO tWI Christmastime-and the giving U laay when you select nationally > idvertlsed Lenox China—Fostorla | Crystal, Wallace, Qohrara, Towle, i International, Helrloora In their f favorite patterns. USE'S JEWELRY 107 West Broad Frccport : j Lovely, lasting, Usurious Westmoreland Milk Qlass, Llbby Ware—Frantoma 1'oltery LANDRY IIARDWARB UJ Wet Broad «teeport tOHNKIJA OAMKLNS 411 Welt eih 1 " MOODY'B TROPICAL FISH 111 E. 2nd Freeport UK 3-1812 $««»««****• •*«**««••««! A CHRISTMAS GIFT EVLMtDPC OUTHOA1ID UOVOIIS Life Jacket, Uarlno Paints, Fire Extent-ulsters, Running Lights, Boat Mala, Also complete line o( CUSHSIAN BCOOTEIia and parts. Locoi Financing JOUSAN'S MARLVE U3 t>. quit Blvd. BE! 3-1111 Viking and Fentoo Uand mode glu»» Accessories BRAZOSrORT FI.OWKW SHOP 109 Went Broad We Deliver COBWWOWAW3 The MW wa«U)l «aok wr* «ron tt« IWHI W »• <mn- BteUon Bmt»— nonhetm Shoes Van Heawn Shirt* BROWN'S DBY GOODS KIT Cut Park BB H523-: MOBILE MAID DISH WASHER Will) the Power Bhowur and a Coronet gel ol Handsome DlihM lor (119.ISB. (First payment docs not come due (111 March 1st) CHITON'S ArrLIANC^ 206 W. Broad BJ2 3-1221 ; The pick of Santa's pack ... A complete tabulator model Undei-wood Olivetti $88.50 Braaosport Underwood Agy. 103 80. Gull Blvd. BB 3-4981 Nothing stunfa your thougbtfulneis like • iMrtir Kt ol ROYAL \VUEAT DIMES GRIMM STORE 48T* Freeport Varillf (lure. llW- •-• uroaj Street JTresport M 'Mi siP I TV rOR CHHISTMA8 Mew Munavp In IU models •terio-Ifl rWJhiHrea'i Portables tVa ftTVlee All Maka SOKNV'S TV •07 iW«l HA W I-J3H H. F. M4HTW dull t'r>lrl* RUBBER FLOOR MATS SEAT COVERS RADIOS SPOT tIGBTS FENDER SKIKTS HEATER8 OUTSIDE MJEBORB Well be here next year To List Your Service Call BE 3-2611 These Brazosport Ftrms Are Reputable rirms With Establlibed Buitaess Prac- tices-Alw»y» Gu»ranteelo 8 To Each Customer Quality Work And Fair PrU'esi From Angleton Phone TI 9-5246 CURRY MOTOR CO. 514 W. &KKM' BE g-2661 Give A Lifetime of Musical Pleasure CHORD ORGANS I BMBNE8 ELEQTRIO CHORD ORGAN with legi »nd t mu«lq book —. 199.95 A real ohrlstmM Special WHITI AUTO STORE GULF BLVD. BE J-M53 1 "souoii; dint grow mer* predow nttk time and so j •Sir wtM fVollCDMlI — irtll IDS butlaql" WOLLENSAK TAPE RECORDER Morgan's ]i N, dull -4

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