Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on February 14, 1946 · Page 6
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 6

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 14, 1946
Page 6
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tftr!*tfi8 AD i« WORDS) 40D About BUHIAL IpORANCE Duenkel-Carmichael r -, ED FORAN Cemetery Memorials iasY'Duncan Phone 1152-w :&'" Eagle Radiator Shop 816 W. Fo*ter Ph. 547 Cornelius Motor Company 318 W. Foster Phone 346 Chrysler nhd Plymouth DeAter " SBV«; tires. Being unratloned does not m»l<e tires more plentiful. Protect those Mlrtr' yoo, have by having your wheel Alignment checked on our Bear Equipment. ,Clay Bullick, Body 1 Shop We "do upholstering In cars, (tinea In door*, R)RSB runners, sent coven,. head "hlhfc, Hdlo* made. : • * " W, Foster Ph. 143 Try. our expert washing and lubricating. We also special- lie in steam cleaning'motors and chassis. Come in today. "*" sy Motor Co. Public address system. For rf call 235J. Skinner's Generator Shop. Motor tune and brake work at new location where he is •till in business. 518 W. Fos- BRING jroiir , next job here anil you'll '.We- know our business on motors. Garage. 308 W. Klngsmlll. I'll. 48. Hall & Smart Garage 703 W. Foster Phone 484 .gSflt-ral! motor -repair'' or check 'up (With complete »[ili»f action aec us. New ' ''motor .for (Jiilc. ' " Just received at Lake Mc- jClellan new 1946 Johnson |£utboard motors ; propellers [for 1 all motors,' Johnson -Ev- [inrude and Champion parts. [ Let'iis tune up your outboard ! motor. Lake McClellan. *iWi be DWftnnlea at ftny fctttty «mp, bat Mr. YRfW knowledge ,f giving ringlet end permanent rnn not. rintmjr »nd Menchfng done (>y it pro- g«. . IT'S NOT too Wirly to think of your jSasfpr permanent, Let OB frlvf yfitt n cold ,vnve you'll really h« tleauly Shop. I'hon* 768. of. Elite CHRILMNf!. different, nodthmely comfor- ;able, exceedingly h>imflful. hiui nlttays jeen your wish but now it can be If tie. Selene Curtln Cold Wave Call Dochosii Beauty Shop. , JEWRUAS Neighborhood Shop afford* convenience, modern methods of beanty work and satisfaction Call 898. 802 E, 'rancfa MOORE'S Floor*. b»« thoM floor* n- flnithed br your loe&l floor isndfn* n«n» Portable _MotPment. Phnn* ** 21—Turklih Bothi, Swedlth Massage R SALEr Washhurn piano. See I. T •oodnlght, one' mile south of Old Mo- leetie. Lucille's Bath Clinic 70S W. Foster Phone 97 Rend and know what massage will do for you. Improves the function of skin, soothes the nerves, •stimulates digestion, circulation ard elimination, increases in- teftlh'al BCliotl. RedueeiTWrweight. If the joints .are stiff with inflamed mii.iclM, rheUtnatlem And such nilmentn, vapor bath* and, maasnge Will be very beneficial. 22—Radio Service g<^ . . -LU Dixie Radio Shop, 112 East Francis. Phone 966 for prompt service 24—Building Materiel BUILDING stoner for salef Phone 1120W nt 93F, S. Barnes. FOR SALIC: Used 1x0 center match nnd several windows nnd frames. Inquire 401 E. 'Brown'St. 25*-Upholttery t Furn. R«po>i I/H3T US put your living room suite In Rood condition with new springs and upholstering. Gustln's a"t 408 S. Cuyler. "Phone 1425. iLOVELY line of materials'for upholstery and repair work. Let J. E. Bland make old furniture like new. 329 S. Cuyler. Phone 1G83. ' Slip covers and upholstering. Phone 2060. 317 S. Cuyler. Brummett's Furniture Store. 27—Cleaning arid Preiting __ LET US clean and press your wearing np- pnrel. We do dyeing In our own plant. M. A. Jones, 321 W. Foster, across from Pampa News. 28—Loundering. DE WITT'S LAUNDRY, 901 E. Campbell, under Tlew management. Wet washy rough dry 'and finished work, also carbon black. Soft water. Pampa Radiator Shop --f and Garage . Foster Phone 662 |Shock absorbers for Buick, >lds, Pontiac, Chevrolet and 'Siysler - Products. Pampa Lane. Ph. 101. ...Foster St. Radiator Shop Repaired • an< iwond .-Tuc .-srold alKtiet rlnsr -with .-"''^-''.'.' ^entihiontnl • value; ". .Phone ) -. .v'.-r.. • :, . ^ .-..!• BOYt> 1; --Tri> BaBK»ge or t Moving. -Call 124 for:'i)ufck and-'eiircfnl - , . ID. A. A,dams, General Haul- E ing and Moving. 305 S. Guyler. Phones 2090-1209J. fouse moving and Vinch . .jck« for service. Call 2162 ilprti. P. Harrison, 914 East TRANSFER, 626.S.,Cuyler, Local •*nd, long distance hauling. Storage space. '" ' Hauling and moving, local Service. Call Brown-Silvey. LO 588. I OS N. Hobart. 7-^Mqle Help Wanted i*pply; j ' 'Imperial cd barber, steady work. 'Barker Shop: • 320 "S. jted: Experienced shoe aliio experienced cloth- man. Levihe's' Store.- • ' Female Help Wanted /oman ted: Unincuriibered for housework 'for 1 asiness couple, no laundry, children. Excellent salary, ply at Behrmah's Shoppe. "• '*? •*•!•« wmfiL A / arol Service. 1U11B. to get those drains, vcntsvand JHfhiJiristalled and repaired. Call 102, I-Moore Tin Shop. ; ..Tractor-work, one way tan'-fl, plow, anything considered. f or iC«ll g060, Pampii, ' ! P»nip»i W, L, Ayers, 520 S. Cuyler; f J,. W« use anly genuine ' mechanics in *ervic i|r equipment reconditioned for sale. I Repairing. .'i"fciiyf.|p|l«' exchange' and "cea of motor** . and Repairing. Ph. 2307 M«rtln 405H. BaJUrd nnt Tonr nyor to »»»»tf" Ptiter Co., Ph. 1434 ? ~Y M»chine Repair* _ »>\Y Tu VET-WASH, rough dry and curtain work done in my home. 211 N. Purviance. Phone '428J. Allen & Allen Laundry 832 W. Foster Phone 784 Rough dry, finish, wet ; wa«h or help your self. Open 7 to 7. Pickup nnd de- iyery. 29—Dressmaking WILL Dp dress malting and make shirts, also alterations ' 939 . Gordon Ave., south side. : •••:. . ..--'.. Florence Husband's .Fur and Sew Shop. J7i0 N. Sumner. G. Runyo^V Singer agent, 214 N. Cjtty^r. We'^i-chl^'iiml, jepajf niflcfiiAesi" .'cover, belt8,..;bifcltlei, -biittgns''•; nrio"i mSlfe. buttdn Rm 6-|)uncan ftlid^Plh '1897 ^.u'll .be ' plealeiT- wjth".our. ; J3ilofed iSrli fancy- blouses, ''suitable "foT, ajl occasions for any', type 'suit. /Iso drensmakjne and alterations. . ,.. ' .; ,. . ';.'..-— n FOR SALEf Good electric Wishinit ma- chlfte and two D'I«D living room finite, Wand new nlso O'Keefe ClrcnlatinR tras h«ter. 437 S. Bnrika. Phone 1S95R Pampa Home Appliance 119 N. Frost Phone 364 R*«ent frnninjr bhnrrts, leather 'ipholiitei 1 *d bar «ei«. Elertric rantrpn, new hn»e rockers, ne*»j?ns heaters, cafe style double wnffle irons, Rrood uiied fl-ft. Frfeidnrc. Steel fookmg ware. 32-voIt new electric irons. Stephenson - McLaughlin Furn. Store. 406 S. Cuyler Phone 1688. Shlfforobe, clothes clonef, bnffery mdio. 'ikn new. Bedroom suites. Home of Morn- njr Glory Mattresses. We buy good used 'urniture. ..... . '..'... icol Instrument* KtMBALL piano for sale. M. & S. Grocery, on Phillips Woods lease, nine mile* southrant. of Pampn. fnnuire Phillips ot 'ice.. PIANOS: Twenty-five factory rebuilt p|. mwrjntt- recelvei. -The finest leleetlou In he Panhandle. Priced from I12G.OC, :. Me^ert UnsK'.JCo.. Borger. Te*a«. 39—BJcycles FOR SALE: Delivery bicycle, lnrgr> electric jox without motor. Can be USM! ns Ice bojt.. Phone 107C;' • : : Equipmonf Scptt Imp. Co. John Deere Sales & Service, Mack Truck MODEL U Alia Chalmers tractor. On4 !2k3fl International. One;.-. S-bottoTn mold ward plow, alt In good condition. Osborn Machine Co., 810 W. Foster, Ph. 491. ' • ' . Hobbs Trailers Oil Field—Cattle—Vans—Floats Sales—Service Tull-Weist Equip. Co. WANTED: Men to room and board. Ph. FOR RENT—R£AL ESTATE 60—Sleeping foofrtt FOR RENT 435 N. Bnl Be"drBpr»Tfoi%lrl.i or couples. nrd. Phone 1202W. LARfiK sleeping trtrtm for rent, ndjoining bath, private entrance, two centlemcn preferred. 437 S. Banks. Ph. IMfiR. Business stationery and forms 6f all kinds. The Pampa 63—.Wonted T* Rent JBO BONUS for information leading to rentaV;<rf ,To«r,-fivc-or »bt room modern house, furnished or unfurnished. Inquire 207 N. Ward. Nortji of, tracks. WANTED: Four or fivo room unfurnished house or apartment. C. T. Hightower. Phone 1684.-,.. „ , , WANTED: Two or three room furniahed apartment for business couple. No < chil- dr«n, no pets, Call 77S. W ANTED:- Thtef or four room furnished apartment, veteran nnd fife, both jwork- Sng.' no pet8. t C8ll.,12S6. .T. ft. Rogers. WANTED TO KENT or Tease, location for beauty, shop. Prefer .north of tracks. ReleKwfc. tutnlahei. Call 427, ', > Prpptrty C. rt Muridy, Realtor. Ph. 2372. For sale, one of Pampa's leading hotels, 19 rooms and ' four apartments, all completely furnished Including linens and nice living quarters,'has liquor store TOLL-WEISS EQUIPMENT International Salei-Service Trucks.' Tractor. Power Unita 45—'•Wearing Apparel MEN'S clothing, size 40 trousers, waist 35, .length S3. for Bale at 721 W. Francis. Phone J!1C9J. 46-^Mrscellaneous FOR SAt/B! Hadlo, bed room suite, baby bed, 42G Wnrren., JX)R SALE.! 40.00 npoi-Une rlflo, ami' German L'uger pistol with ammunition' for both. 208 N. Purvlance. SALE: Lincoln Electric 200 O.'M.P. arc welder wfth nil attachments. Inquire at Pining Motor Co; — IN STOCK: Tarpnulins available for Im- knediatd .shipment. Special and standard size'12 07.. Waterproof and mildew 1 proof. Samples on ; display. Phone 211 B.-F. Goodrich Store; 108 S. "Cuytcr. ' Radcliff Supply, 112 East Brown. Phone 1220. Buy your garden hose now while we have a good supply. in connection, quick sale. Priced for FOR QUICK sa'tej-lhre'e houses and bu'si- ness,'50x140. close in. Phone 107fi. 311 N. Billiard. CALL 946W. Day or.night. Real estate, homes locations. Investments, .Pcrrylon, Wheeler," Pamph and elsewhere. Mrs. O. K. Rending. FOR SALE: Four room stucco house, furnitupre optional. Priced to sell, possession immediately. Inquire 413 E. Ma- Ipne/ •'- ' • ; - - • - • "FtiR SALB by owner: Six room modern duplex, ''two. baths.- double . garoge, 905 Twiford/'Call 1424J day or inquire 1027 B. Francis afur 4 p.m.. 72—Ctt? fttpwtf THREE roiim tiifiS&h Jlotise, two lots, nil fenced, otte-hnW bloclt off Aiflftrfllo highway. Prfee $2100. 927 8. D»feht. ________ Lee R. Banks, Heal Estate First National Bank Bldg. Phones S2 and 368 Four hie room modern Itounc with , t'«o jots, lortxun h. Six room house with two three - room apartment* In back, renting for $M per month. Price $6600. 14000 eash, balance $80 month, oh pavement, close In. Oood res. Kpod lot on N. Snmner. $22B. Oood r*s- Inurnnt dolnu excellent bnnmess, well located. List with me. pa. Coking for a ranch? See ibis 2760 acres on paved road. Two sets food improvements. Two 3-bedroom houa- es, one modern, six water- wells, located between Alanreed and Ltfors. See John laggard, Duncan Bldg. Ph. >09, Pampa> Texas. Beautifully furnished six room home, double garage for sale at $6500. Half cash. Call 1264. M. P» Downs. J. E. Hice, Realtor. Lovely six room home, two floor furnaces, front room carpeted. Venetian blinds, large lot. Price $11,500. Five room b.rick, , east part of town. Eight room duplex furnished: Six room duplex, partly furnished and three room apartment in rear. East part of town, $9500. 16 room apartment house. 12 rooms furnished, to be moved, $4,000. Nice five room''home in east part of town, $6,500. Call 1831. jertie Arnold, Room 3, Duncan Building. Phone 758 .i«t ronr property, with mt for o»iclt olr 1398 Booth Weston 1978 Five room house on N. West street, newly tk'corated. Six room brick, nlso lovely five room house on N. Chnrlen, near new high nchool. Four room modern house, double gnrajre, laundry room, chicken house, cow barn nnd fruit trees. Lot 50x300 ft. on Clarendon highway. Posnesaion with sale. Four duplexes, furnished or unfurnished, all north of tracks. Three bedroom brick nn N. Russell. Four room pfficir-ncy with large garage, only $2100. List with us for resulbt. 1?OB SALE) Seven room house, four rooms upstairs, three down, two private baths. On business street/Phone'4D4R. Cnll after g;p. ,... :; •; '•• FOR SALE: Four room modern house, 410 Magnolia. Possession with sale. $4125. Open tor inspection. Hughes-Pitts, Inc. Phone 200. Reliable rt^Gaiiraiitli Lunib6r Co. •V- .Custom Maid Shop Hillspn Hotel UbJby. Ph. 646 For' n preisprlnir turtle? 1 , to four Hr^d winter wardrobe 'see.-our gay blouses and dickies. ..•-.: . •.. '->-'-' -;/. . •••'•: 214 E. Tyng 10—MottresMt WE RENOVATE any type mattress of any »ize. Call 633. Ay era-Mattr«i» "Factory, 817 \y. Foster. • . '-, '•;,'"•:',".i/;•-• '•/• ••••• •',',. 35—Dirt Hauling WANTED: Yard gradfiie, garden plowing, dirt moving.'. Have, Ford traetf>r -with- dirt loading devlio. Job'work or eonirki't." Call 292. ' Griffith & William* Sand, 'Gravel; and /Fill Dirt Driveway material.. no, M too l»r«« or too imall. Day »nd night service,'' • Phone, 36 at Lefors 37—^Houtehold Good! ; : FCiK'SALB: Four'pfece'bodfoom suite, of- ffce, des^,,oi>8 rpll^-wny !Ved;. Innuire at Brace Transfer Co.-Phone'934." Brummett's Furniture Store, 317 S. Cuyler. Phone >«060. We buy good used furniture. FOR SALE: 1 Two' two-piece living room suites, jNewly; upholstered. 828 S Cuyler. Phope 1683. Bland Upholstery Shop. Irwin's Furniture, 509 W. Fpste.r. Three slightly used bedroom suites. Three slightly used living room suites. One slightly used dining room suite. Three slightly used, five - pi^ce dinot^e suites. All reasonably^priced, We pay ton' pric* for good used, furniture. 'V t . f i i*.* Thompson Hardware has new Serve! Eiectrolux Refrigerators r no'w on 'display. For Saler §if booth., White Se«l ,H4frigerator, 'cafe size, dish washing tubs, metal, double type. Court House Cafe- , . C-.^i •-.' i . .. SAM5: Extra large heavy thread beautifulsljedoprea^i,'Price |100.00, Inquire 588 W. Magnpjla: ._ -J" ,' r Texa* Furniture. Company Specials on Used Furniture J2fi.60. 8 0ve.,., I3.BB e»d 'tabU . . . , Furnitur* Co. 615 W. f pitor t ^ Phon* 635 -Juat- H&ived ' tihlpmcnt of now'Hvlnfe room uuitea and studig divans, your used furniture, repair, it tor you. Oairfet or lrw»n'» Specials rS-I Jfc*C Phone 209 NQW OPEN ' • . i ' • Radio Service Shop r - • :-^. •-, >-.'»•' f'i - '.. : v •*.- ' ' -J-. L'^* VVe are now equipped to F . ,'.. .-' landle repairs on all makes of •adios. Get your order in for a new 1946 Motorola car or house radio. Now on display at Pampa Home Appliances. PAMPA HOME APPLIANCES .-,-•-' r Call 364—Ask for Harold 'Beckham Nice five room house fenced in back yard. Possession within 30 days. 1300'block Oilt- Mary . Ellen. Priced for quick sale.' Ph. 1766. Stone- Thomasson. J. E. Rice Phone 1831 Down^'town filling station, good location. DISABLED veteran, buy good income property "with "small capital, lie independent and sure of monthly income, always rented, My..,nine^.unit .apartment 1 house, com- pleUsJy furnished, now for quick sale. 629 N,' -Russell; .. '-.'> - ... -,.- - -,,.; .-..ST. 'H. Barrett, Real Estate. ^•••-..tai.1- C. H^MUNDY> Realtor. •'-- ; double . enraec ianie;' : •-, •' -t^'.:. Owner will sell well located six room modern home, Ve netian blinds, floor furnace,, double garage • with -fonr room modern apartment above. Will •ell partly furnished, or' completely furnished with practically new mddern furniture including matching rugs, two Frigid- aires and two table top ranges, excellent condition. Phone 2386. John Haggard, Realtor Duncan Bldg. Ph. 909 Ono four room house on S. Barnes, thre< room house E. Kingamili. four 'room N Yeagcr, four room S. Wells, im'meflinti possession on all above. Threo and foil! room houses on N. Russell. Tonr tliree-and two-room on N. Ward. Five room house and four acres land on Miami .highway Other good listings. Stark & Ferrcll. Phone 341 Business lot with 100 foot front on BOOI street. Nice residence lots in Wynnelei Add,. -Two 'KOoU lots, on Burger- highway 17 "acre" tract inenr city limits.;, Have buy er for, good .glx • i-oom-. house ..well locattd Mrs. Clifford .Braly. Ph. 31? Foui'^ .-.roppi^ modern ." .house, three-^' room modern •.npUafe;'-/ possession" witfi sale. ! :,Fiv -'- -' - .'- modei-n,' $iBOO will handle.- Gertie 4*nold, Realtor. Rm 'shrubbery, near new high school. Posses sion,, with sale,' $9EOp. Lovely, five room "house,-, good location, . iimnediate possession. .- ' ' .. . • '• \ --.. •;' NlC^t>»r'ce'bedroom home, close in, J47ISO. iJice "five room house, J5250. Nice eight room .duplex, two baths, with garage, on pavement, $5750^', Fouy room modern on pavement. Possession with, .sale. J26QO.. Thr^e' bedroom ''brick home on • ea»t aide. For"'farju» and ranches Bee me for" qu|ck sale. .»r-' Ni<!« three" room* modern, Finley Banks addition, ;t2)pO.V immediate -possession. FOR' SALE: "Three room modern house on pavement , sale. Phone 283W. Mra. 1 ^. school, vacated with 1 - 46-A—Wonred To Buy TO BITV: 'CcmJrit" mixer.' Josep)i D. Hedgal. Star Route 4. Pampa. WANT -TO, BVY a MO or '41 automobile. Nu-Way. Cleaners, 307 Vf. Foster. WANTED to joe Haykjqa, buy -electric' refrigerator*. fl^ Buckler. Phone M4. $1—'Fruits, Vegetable* Jones Quick Service Market Corner-Fredrick & Barnes haven't-been, in" to ttrad> 'Wjth U3 we're both losing money,. Ijlakd our store your habit. Complete stock of foods. • ''••' Reel's Market & Grocery 319 S. Cuyler Phone 1104 ' ''Open Sungn>-..,ploeed.ytte«dsy only Market ''• §18 S. Cuyler .'* Ph. 2J88 Open every day.r^fpy pvsr fjl»jp gr^de of meats. Complete stuck -ot grocer|e» and fresh fruits, ^. T " " " ««»a Servlss, 8t»H<>P- Make one stop for groceriei, meats • and tj-ueker'a gupplU», Lgne's jfc M.'P. Downs, Agency Real'Estate, Loans, Insurance Five" room modern home, garage, one acre tract of land/ $3750. Good place to keep cxi'wi;* hogs,^chickehsr iOI Combs-Worley Bldg. 1164 •'•-:? For Sale: Income property on Crest 'St. See Mirs. Ligon at Ideal ^Beauty Shop. Ph. 1818, ^••••;- ••^•.-•.- ": Tom Cook, Real Estate 900'N; G?ay "Phone 1037J Seven rooml npartment' lhqus.c, h, u r dw f>o.«i floors, close in, . . One four ropm house. li»t town, business or residence properties or farms with me. and fMUM Half section farm land well WWtfY ftlfftltS* —^ro^>erty Td Be Mote* OR SALE: Tour room hmiie to be moved. Call 11SO or 2B1W. 'OR SALE to be moved, prewar fralva- ilzed iron buildine, fixe 7ST.24 ft-. Call or Marvin Jf.hnslon :it 9<llflF2 after 7 .m. •"OR SAI,E: New four room modern louse to be moved. Jmiuire "00 W. Foster. r OR SALE: Form house and out house be moved. Three miles northeast of Vhite Deer on Cnrfrnry rond. Write or ihone Allen J. Bryan, Clarendon, Texas. 79—Real Estate Wonte* Will pay cash for good four room house, needed immediately. In Finley Banks or E. Fredrick St. Call 1264. List your properties with me for a quick sale. I buy Vendor's Lien notes. John Haggard. Phone 909. 80—Automobiles !-'Olt RALK: MB four iloor Chevrolet, inn- tor In (rood condition. Five (food tires, Lwo flnre lights, one spot light. r,4f> Hughes. Phone 2177.W. FOR QUICK SALE: 1030 Ford, five Rood tires, n btiivain at S27- r ..OO. Ill N. Wost St. Phone 142SW. Zash for used cars. Rider Motor Co. Phone 760. 81—Truckt FOR SALE: Two whnel trailer, box bed 4x8 feet. r,r,0>:10 Bond tirr-s. Price $!>0. Inquire Cabin No. G. Amr-riean Hotel. K. L. Nelson. FOR SALE OR TRADK: '33 Ford pickup. excellent condition. Clean throughout. 42f. N. Warren . 84—Accessories Pampa Garage and Salvage New rebuilt Ford, Mercury, Lincoln and Chevrolet motors. New and used parts for all cars. Guaranteed repair work. 808 W. Kingsmill. Ph. 1661 Wanted to Buy Used tires and tubes of all kinds also 16 inch wheels of all kinds and wtU buy any kind of car or truck parts. C. C. Matheny, Tires, Salvage 818 W. Foster. Phone 1051 87—Financial Automobile, Truck and Household Furniture •'•"... A Friendly Service ' To Help You H W . Y y . 50-ft. ' lots, vacant now, S. Somerville S2SQO. Two room house, vacant how, $9GO $4fiO cash will handle. Five room house E. Craven, ' nice locution, $3fl. r .O. Three room in' Tally Addition. $1.100, terms. Lovely five room home nenr new high school, possession with sale, $9500,. ten room brick home, large frontage, nice ahade trees, one of best- locations in Pampa. possesison within '30 days or sooner, SSO'.OOO. ;See';me for ranches or farmi. " INSURANCE AGENCY "Our Aim Is To Help You." New Location 208 N. Russell "The reports are coining in ttiore pccurately since we put that dummy at the entrance 1" Official Denies Political Battle In Old Mexico "BROWNSVILLE. Feb. 14—t/p)— Tristan Cauales, Heutenara-govei- nor of Tarnaulipas, told the Brownsville Herald yesterday that reports in the state's press had grossly exaggerated the political situation as lor as alleged "uprisings" -were concerned. The liteutenant-governor said there had been "a little trouble" at El Mante. huge sugar refining center, but that it had been amicably settled without violence. "The El Mante dispute," he tokl the Henld. "was settled by Oov. Hugo Pudro Gonzalez, allowing the 'opposition' two aldermen and a trustee in the city government, wlu';h is headed by pri mayor Casimiro Barron." Senor Canales said that both parties—the pri and the 'opposition'— had organized parades and that there had been some disturbances. However, upon learning that the governor was coming to El Mante, the demonstrations were called off and things quieted down. . Governor Gone-ales then called opposing leaders together and the agreement followed. The lieutenant-governor admitted that, as a result of the El Mante unrest, a strike had been called in the sugar plants and brought •work to n standstill for several days. Senor Canales also said: That Raul Cantu, CTM (workers party) representative in the Mexican congress, had asked a special committee to investigate. However, in view of the settlement, no action will now be taken , toward the investigation, he said.. That the supreme i:ourt did not I want to intervene, deciding that Uie I disturbance was of a local-political character and not a national matter. That there are no political problems in Matatnoros, Nuevo Laredo, or other Tarnaulipas county seats." "The news story about a protest parade at Ciudad Madero and political unrest there is not true. There has not been any Agragian demonstration in Victoria, the' news story is incorrect.' 1 That there have been no uprisings in Llera. a little town near Victoria and the mountain road to Tula and San Luis Potosi. That the Tamaulipas press has been publishing news stories taht are "incorrect." For Sale by o>yner: Lovely five room home, living room 13x24 ft., hardwood floors, Venetian • Hinds, cedarlined closets, garage, wash-house, fenced in back yard. Shrub- h^ry and lawn. Paved street. 314 N. Puryjjance; Ph. 599. 76—Forms-and Tracts ' FOR SALE: A well improved 160 acre farm:"good orchard and water on school bus route, 'three mllen South and one west of 'Whfeeler.' J;: Jfr Scott. ' Choice Farm Lands J. E. Rice Phone 1831 Half section; wheat farm. % five mile* ea»t of Paropa ; on pavement. 35 acre tract, close in, $4000 11 ax:ree, close in on pavement: 11750. List with me for quick sale. ~e. E. Ward, R<eal Estate Phone 2040 Several lota Jor sale, pne business lot on Miami highway.' Y'll take you to McAl- len'to see land where everything grows. ' Vomen Lodge Strong Protest on 'Brides' KILGOHE, Feb. 14— (ff>)— T W o ngry women came into the Kll- pre< Nevys Herald office ready to aiinch a nationwide movement pro- esting what they called favoritism hown British war bri.des and babies. They waved a letter in the edi- or's face. It was signed "eXr-War Kilgor*'! and:read in part; "The American females have':fg sroposition to make to the 'citizen's f America. We think the Amerian women get little credit for what we sacrificed during the war. Vye have GI babies born here and ;ve' are trying to make homes for hem and give them an education. 'For free (government' trarispor- ation, we would gladly go^to Bng- and and do what the English brides .re doing here." Let's talk it over. SID* •Y QALBRAITH ^2—UvtttMfc FOR SALE: Four xest old,mace with fjlly colt, Harold Beck," three'rAilea south, ope-half mile west of Kingamili. ' SALE: er>. 888 S. Baer. fry FOR SALE: White Morifci-cho hens, also f«w White (.eghorjuj. S}o»ne Bijby Sachatt fefee. B.. A. •^^•« /' iT i .. '•^^''"S^ -j~->t ' | ')3P YOUR FRIENDLY STATION We make a specially of greasing your car with extreme care. McWilliams Service Station 424 S. Cuyler Phone 27 Your Car Must Last Awhile New cars may be on trie - way but your wartime car will have to do this winter. Let us keep it in good, working order. BOYLES NASH CO. 114*16 S. Frost's Phone 130 Typewriter Repairing Remington Typewriters & Adding Machines Sales and Service COMPLETE OFFICE SUPPLIES Pampa Prpnt Shop Printers and Office Suppliers 306 W. Foster Phone 1233 .*_? *,«!•'•'* «,«_» »*.•***• Does your car need. body or Does yoiif^ car need a paint job? •'•-•••; —See CALVIN FOLLIS The Body Man Pursley Motor Co. Phone 113 12 years experience —~ cpjor matching our specialty. USTOMS SET UP BROWNSVIIiLB,- Feb. 14—UP)— /essels loading at Port Isabel can tear through the customs there, iiminating the trip to Brownsville, Deputy Collector of Customs Chares Neidert has announced. The expense of sending a customs nan from Brownsville to Port Isato grant the necessary clearance will be borne by the. individual hip he said. NOTICE TO CREDITORS Notice is ; hereby given, orig- nal letters testamentary upon the estate of William B. Cecil, deceased, were granted to me, the undersigned, on the lUh day of |"ehru- aty,, 1946,-by the Qoupty Court of Gray county, Texas. AH persons having claims against said estate, 'we hereby required to jresent the same to me within the time prescribed by law. • tyy residence and/ ppst office,, address are 2640\4 ^>uth. Manhattan • Place, s Angejes, California. HOB&BT CECIL, Executor of th& Estate • of -William B. < Oecil, Decea§fi(}. Feb. 14, 21. 38,; March 7. ffiJfc'N i FA"|^ I N<3^ omplftte St«c|c of itory AwWtxoriwS <HT" «•?' ,-iSprvice M WASHED AND SCREENED SAND AND GRAVEL MAKES BETTER CONCRETE W', 1", 1'/a" Grovel—Sock Cement Transmix Concrete & Material Co. Ph. 42JJ. Deliveries Anywhere 620. S. Rutted • KEEP YOUR CAR IN CONDITION Check Brakes • Check Engine, Battery, Carburetor • Check Steering • Check Clutch, Rear Axle, Transmission A Complete Body Service and Wheel Alignment CQFFIY PONTIAC CO. 6 —Pontiac—8 220 N. Somerville Phone 3$$ REGULAR CHECKI ANP TUNING V/IU

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