The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on September 2, 1897 · Page 1
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 1

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 2, 1897
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Chronicle 1 ' jjjgteljh* & 0. & at tit State Election. *, MAHT DELEGATES IN ATTENDAROE . ftfe TWIE. D6ATH Of HbVM MICffM IrowOttKJO., «*W YOftK. \ Sunshine Sjtfttc, Is tbe tllh* of a generously illustrated phtet Of eix'oen PORPS in reference,to Smith Dakota, tho reading matter in Which was written by au enthusiastic South Dakota laJ>—Mrs. Stella Hoauier Arnold—who fans been n resident of the Sunshine State for ovfcr 10 years. * copy will bo wailed^ to theaddress of any farmer or fanner's Wife, if seat at once to Tlarry Mercer, Mhshigftn Passenger Ageni,. Chicago, & St. Pau' railway, 7 Fors street, W., Detroit Mich, H. A. Snyiler has put in' a flno lot oj fruit of all kinds and started* a wagon which will niakff trips oYei-the city daily. AB ho will not bo able togo over every street daily he will go^ast and! west one day and north ami south the itext. JJothing but the Ix^flt the market affords wih bo handl(,vd ivnd prices will be in keeping with tho times. You can have him call regularly byjeaving orders at the store. . • ' • '• —|-X'. r .,.,.—'•-. , ._,. J _;.- i ,_...__,'_ ^ -Vacation Ony». In the, lake regions of Wisconsin, Northera Mtbhigaft, Minnenotn, lowu and South Dakota, along flic line* of tho Chicago, Milwaukee A, St. Piiul Railway, are hundreds of charming localities preeminently fitted -for.suuimer houitm,'iiearly'-nil of which are located on or near lakes, which huvo not been iishod out. '1'heso resorts range 'in' variety fr.piu the "full dress for dinner" to the HAunel Blurt cosuiine h,r. every inoul. Amoug the List aro names familiar to , in Buy of our rwiUurs »s tile perfection of northern Burner resortn. Nearly all of, the Wisconsin point* of i tile reft are "within a short" tance from Chicago or Milwaukee, and none of them are BO far away from the "busy marts of civilization" that they cannot be reached in a few hour* of travel,by frequent traiufl.ovor the finest roadtn tho northwest— th» Chicago, Milwaukee^- St.Paal Kail way. Senda tvroceut^lninp for a copy of "Ya- cation D ys'' giving a -description of tho principal resorts, and a lint of sutunier hotels and boarding houses, nud'-rates for board? -to Geo. H. Healford, Geiieral Passenger Agent, Chicago, 111. ,- , • ' At J. aDenel & C«>'s. Gallon them fora you buy a nx'kor, they have all kinds, and prices to suit tho tini$f at the ne.w Hatch, block. Uoine in v , Attention. John'Cuzzins h;is .received through H. • I* Oay & So'n c a wvr of thq "Hercules" brand of German Portland cotu&at, and is prepared to put down the best wttlks . acd guaranty's ft, to stand with any other ee-toeut on the market. ' In Bat i/ yau wiral fneWt flour, entire wheai Hour, crack corn, halted; oorni mfaSff, stpeciaifcy, ojwiill feed go to C. A, CheshWe mill. "She »n4 lot Witt) bam and otehpni, Terms throughout the hall. Chairman F,' 9>. I*oomla mj»ie a ahow, urging, the party forces,'to, tqgtjth^r sad Jato bend* in with, th.e otb^r tyo parties iii tb* con- WITCH HAZEL OIL TO* or Fissures Bwyaw & Wounds fbtf,9 * BoJls & Tumor*. Eezemii Rheum Blisters. & pit^e of Insects. 1s great . a.9 they trf the^cause.'* the St. t.auls ^Jafffenii *n$ift ttnejr' d^vtkteir to ferse jsl}- "i'ffr- an% tfr^acn^'ftfld f'eftafejt.fe attribute the improved lines to the ta*fft% teftoH Party Ma* to Mwst In a $*par*e Wall for Want bf On* tar«<j «>>nu)th roi- Tti^m All— hftriocrats t>«[naiii¥ the vur the twwt f >. Sept. &.-<•Early yester» mwifnlng the streets of Lincoln .began filling wjth people eagerly anticipating the excitement of a triology of conventions." This'was the%rst time the three silver parties ever met together !n convention In the state, ( and the first time the Silver IlepubHcan held a delegate convention In the United Star'pB, This convention of the Silver Republican's*was the perfected organization of the party formulated j?l*'a masa- ; meeting he'ld in Lincoln last March. A .brass band paraded the streets and the country contingent wor£ badges and swarmed the sidewalks. Everybody taikfd tusloa and harmony. Duringthe morning tbe Demoeroifcstate 'Central committee met and agreed to recommend C. A. Sfcal!enl5erg«?r, of Alma, for temporary chairman; "the'Sil- ver Republicans met and agreed to recommend F. F. I^oomis, of Omaha, for the same position, 'and the Populist state central committee decided to leave the selection of a temporary^-chairman to their convention: Opening «f the Tliruo Convention*. The three conventions were called to order at 2 .o'clock yesterday afternoon, the- Pqpullats .meeting in the Lah'slng- th'eater. the Democrata In a.public halt, and the Silver KcpuMTcanrin the T. Mi C. A. auditorium. Had there been a hall in the city large enough to accommodate the cfbwd the three conventions would have been merged Into one. The Democrats and Silver Republicans apptVinUHj temporary chairman as select«1 • ar<d-th4» P()pUll9ts selected J. H. Powers, tit Lincoln, to preside ovtr, their meeting. The Democratic convention waa probably the most enthusiastic of the three. 'The hall was .filled, to Its utmost capacity. The feature of the opening was the declaration of State Chairman Dahlifnan relative to the terms of fuslah. Drfni»«T«tlc TVrm* of FiiNlnn. • . He said: "W« want the Populists to .understand that the Democrats demand their share of the fruits of fusion. We have conceded the bulk: of ofllees-torthe Populists, but we think we have a right to the,supreme juagesnip, and when this convention appoints its conference committee and adjourns for the afternoon I insi«t on *very delegate working with the Populist brethren and urging upon them the necessity of granting us this offlcg.v By these remarks it was u apparent that Daljlman anticlpatod some difll.cuJty In effecting,a fusion that would be satisfactory to his party," "but his fear*—did*- not appear to'be g^neraly shared. Temporary Chairman ShallCri- berger made a lengthy speech. , tv *&rcfl$ -Jt WttUBl, the «ttve# Hep«bH<?att ifitfttfofhi Is a ^tlfe free ^il- vtr charfees ,t , , iiepu Wlf ah*, jvtth fttoa;naoHlng the party ' Chicago platforpif. The conferee* com- wg went into .session «t .nilEfit and Into a^ deadlock i»t ortee over ;tfie , Irig that ofllce. At '2 a. ,*m today l «faj called In. to advfa? and tlie edn tlon» w*r«T all asseinbled ft^tfattlng the report of the conference committee. VENEZUELAN TALKS The Populist convention was terized- by much eonfuelonV Tlie dele- gatVa Jnatsted v>n cheering for their party, and thi?. proceedlri'gg were frwiufntly' Interrupted by a "delegate starting • a Cheer tha^t was alway*- finished to the *ohoi Temporary Chalrniau Powers made a short speech. In which he »aid: "When' you make the decision *w to the candidate for supreme Judge ee« to it that it l.« made in such a Conciliatory manner and with such good will with' go with u«. - Tou all know, awn* Bepubltcao^ teq t that if are forced to loHow a strgn«« it meaia future disaster and de- .Silver 'Jteiwbln convention hlblted very Uttte' opirlt <n exhausting lung p th01p (fomm^tets and look'* until '7:30*,' m. At i o clock the lit the xt*Ui bpu^e grounds. ai}4 |lBl*W0* to a;i»TO»)»er df ad- Wi J," Styan, ear-B POpultet* wjid stiver led til towitperai* !««<; y««ir because oolnion upon th* s«ti- % in the-rtoeltef that tbte naonfcy quest ion ipeople. If .linietiiniwiB was right, then . is rithl now. It it ,w^s t^ paramount issue then It is th£ ; paramount i##u« cow. it co-o»er»tion w^ wifte then n to wtae now. Th* «jre« p^rO«i ««n $ct together wbtbowt injury, . of priucipl©, ai^ without feajpm to other. f "Tbe money question wuat be before otter <tue8ttoo» e«a be seriously To a»b;t web ttthgr i» the pre«eoct of a united »ad unscrupulous enemy woold^not <M»ly postpyiw! tht »the ttuccees of re- t|M which co-opferatton , will *w*liaw i|p the other t*4; it fintply moayp that Out Applauxfe for trlirn—EI«>rU<»n of _ :. Paul, Sept. 2,—The delegates I* the Farmers' National Congress listened yesterday to two papers of unusual In- terr-3t. One, pre<tented by Dr. A. _M. ' t Stoledo, of Venezuela, touched upon th« deairabllity^ of_close*r relations between th^ United Stat,e(fcand the qther American republics. X vVVhen Dr. Stoledr, referred to what he Jermed the attempt ot Great Britain to abporb Venezuela he brought forth an enthusiastic burst of applause by saying, ihat the people of his country thoroughly appreciated and would always ^member the attitude" of the United States.In forbidding Interference oy foreign nations with the gov- emm&nts of this hemisphere. The epe>ke;r has a favorite ^project for the establishment ^f a colony of American farmers In Venezuela, and x sald he hoped soon,, to-gee. the^4ucj-tss V>f thl» plan. Then with closer communication between the two goverrmunts their jfrieridly relatlona would be cemented forever. The,oth-er paper submitted by 1 tVilliaai Lawrence,,of Ohio, the veteran pregld«rit^v f t>>c National Wool Growers' association, emphasized the necessity for a department of Instruction in textile industries in ajrrlcultu The election of otTteej^ resulttaJ In. ex- Governor W- 'E»». Hoar,d, of ..Wisconsin, being chosen president-b# a vote^ cf 176 to 60 for B.'F. Clayton, the present, incumbent, and 8514 far Secretary Siahi, John M. 'Stahl was re-elected secretary' and N, G. apaldlng ( of New York, was made treasurer by acclamation. Altafntpt nt a, filial Olrl to P«l; ', ' „' •*»»*» fcawily. - - k«trop<rtl», Hls<» Sept. l- fnerribef^ of the. family atttf people ttvttif on the far* «l%^n^f Miller; -Jtiear* t^hip •to^n, wore pofsofewl, 1 5tres3ay and ifm* ftife dfft4 fhP^swtfei'imrrot th« other yJetlrtiS is «H14 to M tetftble to Wflnesi. It to-thwugft<4hsf at te^tVight wlR die. A hired ,iflrt who is Jnisan*? threw & package' of rotifrMion-jrttts 1« the *Mt Her iJiHorte eeteltt not bft ieatned, but she has beeri T , Mich., Sept/a^The ber tftrlff lias gaJvaniaed Into activity ft HnB- r <J£ btistnesa which once 'efirmiojhpd hundFeds $¥ rh?n Trials' vlcfnlty, but ^tttfrft hait b^en dormant for several Jnoatfc. ,Tfee e<3Mr4<!tora have already wfecufed wtirfc and arc tft|tfae men, into ttie -woods tfr *ut cedar telcgrttph , ties, r*««lng for the mines and simitar products 'trf the soft ivoorfs which a*e found ttbundahtly" In tire swampy stretch o< territory betwetea Escan^aba and Menomlneo. Biislness Is alre'adv feeling the impetua of this movement. t and th<? outlook ia fitter here than at any time fur the paat six or '«even years. . - « Metropolis, Ills., Sept. 2.—A wbpl/.aalc poisoning occurred Ire the' family of Henry Miller. The poison Is said to have been administered by Nora Miller, a daughter, In scrambled eggs. A baby girt, aged aKout 18 months; f» dead. The others, w,ho are In a very serious condition; are Henry Miller, his wife and rtx children, and Sophia Schafer, a servant. Nora iMHer, who aJmtn- Istered the poiaon, la said to be demented. '-•••-- " •• •'•••• ••' .-.;-.. ,- : '•.:- ,;•-- </oo<l Job for a W-idooimlu Atun.' „ Milwaukse, Sept. 2.—A special 1*> Th^? Journal from Wa»hing.ton says that Professor James C. Hanson, of the trni- versity of Wisconsin, has.been appointed by Librarian Young to be chief of the .catalogue department .of . the cbn- gresslonal library over -three hlshiy recommended -applicants^- ^he^ will b«j f I3.MO per year. D^truyeU, by fire. SpriiMfOeld, Mo., Sept. 2.~The roundhouse of thp TKartaati City, Fort Scott .and Memphis railway waa oompletcly destroyed by fire ypaterday morning and loeouiotlvea were xnbre or lew s«rl- at «5,- • ABBREVIATED TELEGRAMS: " ' Mlnfste-r Woodford has )tft Paris fur •Spain. The, pri<* of bread is still advancing in London and Paris. , euikeruUendent L*ne expect* at» enrollment 'of X35,008 pupils in the Chicago *fhpol» this term. ' , J'ttafi Jiwt aljt 4aj^i ov*r 17,000,000 baa »btpp#ij ftmtn New York to th«, move the croc*. -. Hungarian voillalet, was robhed of 14.000, of silverware, Jewelry lottolnn New York. __ by, police, the sequel of ft franchise flgiit In th« school board. Comp trailer ; of. ,tb$ Ourrepev James H. arrived at Helrfja. Hunt., w" a hapting trip Mit«, |$t of Colora*?, i * ^ «ta,tta«lt« (or tbe la,st Chicago period rfiow th« issuAo< e of ttJw iieftnaes, 'w^tfe r«!e*pt» ojf $l,0«4,^o« This Is A dwceajse of %kt saloons, i. (taught** 1 of Wfll- " of Iljinola )a^t -week show a incteaee 4vfur ttot (jpWTrespoia^ln* week, a yiear'a«o. The not iacr^M» at Ch.toa.go was %,801.8)3 buj^lf. ered ls,/Uwt *JU of i»i» t>y ftws. A steam Utreaher kajl encaged to 40 ^ tJnesiilng, 404 Juat begyjj ^hen Sre wa* discov- tfee daughter o( a poor Cu' her i» enti4-*ly false, r." who has been conducting a -"-~« -us^» at Mashattan, , »erv«d ijfitb a charge of p,tacticin|f witbowt a Reward glOO. ,Tho readers of this paper will be pleased to learn that there is at least one dreaded disease that science has been able to euro ID all itsstaffos and thai is catarrh, Hall's Catarrh euro is the only positive cure now known to the medical fraternity. Catarrh being a constitutional disease requires n constitutional treatment. Ball's Catarrh cure ia taken ittornaHy, acting diroollj; upon the blood and tnacou* saTfHcn« of the' ,theroby dehtroyiug tho foundation of the disease, and giving the ptieot strength by building up the constitution and assisting nature in doina its work. The proprietors have so much faith in itr curntive powers that thdy offer one huudr (1 dollars for any cnap that it fails to cure. Scni for list of f^stiinoiiialti. Address, F. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, O., Sold by d>UKgist», 75c. ,'..'• Hfttl'rFamily Pdls are the best. New and Worthji ^The institution known as the Michigan Sartorial'.:ut. School'with the parent school nt ja.xon, all the vory Intest toddea of dtesa Uiiloring are taught, has arranged to open n brunch in nnch cfiujti- TEj' * thd state. Mr. P. P. Hunt, thoiu- perintondcnt of schools is hero for tho purpose of opening a pchr*l for Calhqun ooiinty. Mrs. Belle expert .twicher, has the iftftuag^ment.. of, the county and will rem jin here'to 'coijiluct the bufiiiw «. 'Cind|< 9 nr« tmnght to cut -anti itiiikf any gnrnsent f'ir .-^V. fntpibor of llie fiuui.lyr indies'MU! pii.l(»' boys' and rafetja* gurracntH, •Tt-n -hia ami thoBo desiring-to take the CDurso,ure entitled toxbring an,y «uit or dread and make it under, infltructions of tho rxjst lady tailors. A\call will con- vic«*"stll of the &euuiuenoi*3 of tho merits of the institution. Mothers and fathers send your dough- ter^s; wivtw Bavtfyour huabanda fram 810 to$M) per year by learning to care for y«iur own wftrtlrobc. Solicitors" will call on oach fniuily in' the eityi Our torins aro so low that any one may avail themselves of this opportunity, Mr. Hunt will remain in the city week and would liko to meet. those who would like, to act as munapr of <jOunty schools. The schools ho ( uifl will b» fr«w 8^10 to 10,00 a. UK aed from $ to 4:30 p. m, beginninij Tuewlay a, 01., wg, 17, No lady.Jia eo.riyh tU should neglect this all important 'duty. We will give private leasona to those who do not oare to attend the regular ' <'^,'B . V^u - e.% $&***Mt*4&r4/%*^ _ ^ ti-' "'^rk :• •'•••-i ;s - 1 -" livery family ahaftid take {he Ve?y l*^t in cottiM'fetlon witlr Bvetf i V Is ATI , \ x Now is tbe accepted time, N^i >» JC ^ us yotir eubpcriptiott. .*s. twag. t The ° KeWs—10 cents rt.week. .If yott t further information, it of otir agent in^yoar own' town. /• <&>**^*****<*<?+**<t^^ !~"r What if Not The! great FowC Rtrmcdy is doing wotk where ver iimuilgcettTtgticaviy miraculom ° as it ever falls to the lot of any human agency to do ( I will «&» ;ern tt a ' favor for any one interested to -write the persons whose names appear below or anyone whose name may appear ' among these testimonials.) BENEFACTORS Or THE RACK. Oflleo of "KmoPHBBR TIMM," > Kingflober, Okie., Deo. JiJ.'flJL f :—} b«>U«v« it my duty to write y,m» with » severe attack of la grippe and 'in a short lime became so honrwj I could not speak above a »hisp«r. The night previous I bad couebed aearly the entire nieht; )u«t before retiring I took i teaopoonfu I,und slept Hie entire nl(tbt»B sweetly »a ever I did in my life, not couRblng ODO«, I wag ihtirely relieved before tufting one bottle. Pjielpn' ^oUEb, Cold and Croup Cure should be In every iaugnhold in tbe land. I send you this wholly in.ioliclte-d by anyone, for you aro bonefactbrft of the race in givinK it the antidote for lome of tbe worst nffllotions to which it is heir. Very Truly Your», C.J NssBiir, Editor. A MIRACLE. Kansas City, Kansas, Deo. 24, fti taut Friday, Dee. 10, my attending 1 physician tUted onlesH I was better by morning he could U>. nothing for my relief, That night I com jiencwd lakinc Phelp's "FourO" remedy, stopped ill other medicines. The first doau stopped my tough', slept and reitcd .well; a few morn doses •enioved all soreness from my Iuni;s; the xeoond l»y I wtm up; ttu; (bird day .1 was out on tho ;orcb and UKlay was up town purchasing holiday joods, • Mian JEMKIB UASBHT, Washington Ave. and SudJttirt St. CROUfCURED. One dose of PhelpiT Congh, CoM and Croon .Jure, cave my chikNnataut relluf when atUokea »lth the croup. N -VI. K. MOOES, of Moore Bros,, Orooera. Arkansas City, KADSM. UNBROKEN REST AT NIGHT. J.1. Hcttso -... • DjIARSlB;-.! wish, to bear testimony to tht C»e4tetBtt«cy of your "Four C" remedy in tbroal nnd tang ailments. As a rule I have been skew tioal of the merits of proprietary medicines, bu) have to confess that a test of your "Pour O" h convincing that at least one ready made rctnedi H worthy of use. My children all take It with aut the least objection, from oldest to yoqnKW nnd It is particularly notiBeaWe that benefit 1» almost Immediate, A single dose will check moat coughs in their beginning; it «ivei« an un broken rest at night. In my family "Kour C" la simply Indispensable and 1 recommend it uo luallucdly, , Yours, 3. B. ACUTE LARYNGITI^.' - i . . 'Chicano, Sept. 25, '85, For years back each wintt-r 1 have suffered with ftouts Laryngitis, LAst winter was So bud I could not leavo ray room for two weoka or speak uboTC a whisper. 1 tri«-il everj known oouttli preparation from oouph dH>p< up am) down uith no relief, then In desperation I WH? mducvd to to try Phelp'« "FourO." The flrnt doso rcliovml my cough, Bivlng >ne «hp Hrst night's rest To? weeto Ittlf th«- bottle cured, mo I hwra nt'vri own without this wonderful renwdy sinew. It Is an altlerent from other like remedies as moUu&cA from vioegar .or sugar from mind. < MM. Josgrii R. Outrun. IT IS A MIRACLE. Conductor Eokard, tho Itallroad Correspondent of tho Neodutba K«u«m Re^stcr, has thin to *»y of "Pour C." "Pholps \i hovlnnaTwor- ilorful Bale of bis Cough and Cold Remndv, Wo personally know it Id Just what it In ri-[invent- ed to o«. Too much can t b« said in its nratoo It Is a miracle. *,' NOTICE TO DRUGGISTS AND THE PL JC. f CGOTRACT.-~Druggisfs are authorized in ALL*CASES TO REFUND THE PTJR- CHASE PRICE, if the Four-C Remedy (Phelps'Cough, Cold and Croup Cure) fails tojpye satisfaction in Croup, Bronchitis^Vsthma,LaGrippe,Coughs and Colds, no matter how long standing, or deep seated, in fact I guarantee in all manner of Bronchial or Lung trouble, not as a Cure^AH.but to give unbounded satisfaction. Give it v << trial on the above conditions.* I take all chances. •-• R, R, PHELPS, 118 53d Street, CHtGAGO, ILL, Prop, sale by W. T. DKAKE. The K»le or Kent Cheap. hpniaatead tin Mar- alflo apme choioe lota oo av«oae olid Liberty addition. Inquire of InfiwU -FopSB^flj Kotitte. G AS STOVES! Reduction tut Prices on All * \ Cooking Apparatus. Gas Ranges $10.00, $13.00. $15.00 and $16.oo Boiling Stoves $1, to $5. according INCANDESCENT - GAS - t £TjjjpS^ '-'J Reduced fivPFioe , SSUOC* each. (S^e cote) - Very BrlttU • i. . / •Coisfaf leas thftT> 4^ &sx. opi ° CHvQa 60 *&*$» ~' tbe Pf opea ga# bar»eir witli \. the gtus. . -^ . in Marsha)] ua Lights Always Oive Savisfaction. * . • M, pearly 300 sold m id THSMARSHAUL USHT CO, \\ t i" • • ,ijj ."tt' '*%-> i £^-" • - Bj^r!. » J J'vi^

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