The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on April 23, 1930 · Page 3
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 3

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 23, 1930
Page 3
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THB TIPipi* BAH.Y T^BTOlia- •Ji>rseJ by N u r^e I '\Just a few words of praise of Ijyour medicine. Nothing gave Ijine relief and health as Lydia 'E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound did. I am a practical nurse and was so rundown, "that I was unable to worki 1- vised to suffer agonies at times and would have to lie down the biggest part of the'day. After, two bottles of Vegetable Compound I felt better. Now I have used ten bottles and feel fine. I recommend it to many of my patients."— Mrs. Florence Johnson, R. R. #3, Chetopa, Kansas.' Lf- c Pram's SHARPSVULE. children, of Jonesboro^ Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Hoffman and daughter, near Rijssiaville, Mr, and Mrs. Aubrey Dunlavey and sons, and Mr.-and Mrs. Ralph Jarrett and daughter, Jesse Linton, of Marion, and Dilla Carroll and f;cns, of Kokomo. Paul! Lambertson, of South Bend, spent Wednesday to Sunday With his parents, Air. and Mrs. Charles Lambertson and daughter. . Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Norm and son and Mrs. Dessie Purvis spent Wednesday at South. Bend. O. H. Hughes, of~ Bloonungton. ; spent Saturday and Sundav with > relatives and friends. ] • Mr. and Mrs. Charles Lambert! son and daughter and Paul Lam• bertson, '; spent Thursday evening iwitli Clemon Lambertson and ' family at Elwood. ' Mr. and Mrs. Ed Hoffman at; tended the funeral of A. E. Star- i buck, of Portland Friday. . ! Elizabeth Roniack, of . Green| castle, spent Thursday to Sunday [with her "parents and-brother, Mr. ; and Mrs. Jesse Romack and son. i Mr. and Mrs. Charles Lambert- ison and daughter were Easter j Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and iMrs. Paul Lambertson, of _ South [Bend. I ' Mr. and Mrs. Basil Smyser and j son, Billy Bob, of near >Xempton, were the Thursday guests of Mrs. •Roy Lee and children. Mrs! Lyde Horton moved Thursday tocher property in the north end-of town, known as the Cox property. ' A program and reception was held at the M. E. church Thure• v " [ day evening in honor of the Rev. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Tyner aridjW., C. Montgomery and wife, son, Max, of Kokomo, were Sat-j About one hundred were present, urday evening supper guests of!The program was as follows: Ac- Mr. and Mrs. O. P. Tyner. jtivity March, orchestra; icohgrega- . Mr. and Mrs. Ross Broyles anditional sing "Love Divine;" invo- children were Friday guests of j cation, D. M. McCoy; violin duet, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Sanisel, of i Rosemary Dutchess and Elizabeth near Galveston. , jBatchelor; piano solo, "The Wat- Mr. and Mrs. Denna Hoffman jer Mily Thomas Leap; vocal duet were Easter Sunday diner guests ; "Mighty Lak a Rose," Mary Leap of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Skinner i :;nd Mary Snyder; welcome ad- and family, of Yorktown, and ev-;dress, |Ed Hoffman; response by ening guests of Mr. and Mrs. Paul I P.ey. Montgomery; benediction; Poling and daughter Pauline, of Muncie. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Soinmers, of Lima. O., has been visiting a few days with her .parents. Mr. and Mrs. James Herbert and son. ' • Mrs. Melissa Hoffman entertained at Easter Sunday dinner Mr. and Mrs. Everett Shuck and orchestra, "Indian Boy." Ice cream,' cake and coffee were served. Mr. and Mrs. Carl McCarty and family moved Friday to their new home in the southeast . part of- town, known as the Lyde Horton porperty. Mrs.'Dora Adams will enter­ tain the ladies' aid society, of-the Mt. Lebanon: church Thursday.- Mrs. Gus Paul* Mrs. Harry Tyner and Mrs.' Walter- Gross' will assist in entertaining. : Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Horton, of near Jackson, were the, Sunday Easter dinner guests _of Mr. and Mrs. Fred' McCarty. - Mr. and Mrs.-Russell Ayres and children, motored to Summltville Sunday and spent the afternoon with Mr. Russell's sister, Goldie Ayres. i Mr. and Mrs. Edmund Carter and Mr. and Mrs. Alex Carter^entertained at: Easter' Sunday dinner, Mr. and Mrs. Tad Shuppard, of Tipton. Mr. and Mrs. Dewey Watso'n, of Normanda,' and Mr: and Mrs. Jake Phifer'jihd daueh- ters t of near Goldsmith: Mr. and Mrs. Willard Horton and children entertained Friday at dinner, Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Caldwell, and son of Detroit. Saturday evening supper guests were Mr. and Mrs. A. G. Caldwell, of Murphysboro, 111., Mr. and Mrs. Ed Adams, of Terre Haute, and Mr. and Mrs. C.. E. Caldwell, of Detroit. This family had not been together for seven years. XEVADA-HOPEWEMi. - Mr. and Mrs. Frank Boeue, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest .Bogue arid son were Monday evening guests of Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Rogers [and family, of Rock Prairie. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Koeper, Mr. and Mrs. HaTleyiiPickett were Monday-afternoon gtiests of the former's sister, Mr.i;and Mrs. J. F. Houser, of Tipton.! Mrs.' Wayne Kenworthy son Herbert, of Center, were Tuesday' morning guests of her parents,, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Henderson. Mr. and Mrs. John Idlewine and Joseph Beatty, of Kokomo were the Tuesday evening supper guests of Mr. and Mrs. Tunis Henderson. Mrs. Cleva.Heath and children, of Indianapolis, were the ^weekend guests of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Andrew McNew. Harold Hawkins, of Lafayette, spent the week end with his parents, iMr", 'and Mrs. Harry. Hawkins and family. i Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Bogue were Tuesday evening guests of the former's brother, Mr. and Mrs! Fred Bogue and children, north fof Windfall. I . Mrs. Anna • Hendersons • -spent Tuesday with -her sister,, Mrs. -Mar rie . Blessing and' family, of Windfall. ; • I • MT. and - Mrs: James Boldon and children^ of Hammond, were Friday evening guests of y Miv and Mrs. Andrew McNew. Mrs. Rachel Scott, of Lafayette, came Tuesday tp visit indefinitely with her parents, Mr. and .Mrs. Jasper Henderson. : W. W. Shields, of Kokomo, was the Friday! night and Saturday guest of his mother, Mrs. James Shields. Mr. and Mrs. George Elson an* son, Mrs. Alice Garr, of C-Cokomo, Charles Eryin and Thomas Rogers v/ere Sunday afternoon Mr.-and Mrs: Frank Bogue. Mr.-and Mrs. j Lewis Rogers an n sons - were Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. Elmer,:Lee, of Sharps- yiHe, .j . : 'i Mr. and Mrs. Garth, Scott, of Lafayette, Mr.-and MTS. Jasper- Henderson, were Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Young arid son Philip, of Kokomo. Mr. and Mrsi Fred-. Bogue and children of Windfall,, were Wednesday dinner guests.of Mr. and lirs. Ernest Bogue. Mrs. 1 Sam Bogue and!Mrs 1 . Dallas Bogup, of Windfall, were j evening, guests. MTS.'Naomi Kenworthy ;and son of Center,' were! Wednesday morning guests of Mr. and Mrs. Tunis Henderson: \ • Don Warner,; of Windfall, was the, Sunday night guest of Lloyd Hawkins: j Mrs. Anna Shields, of Kokomo, came Friday to visit a few days with her mother and brother, Mrs. Susan Henderson and Mr. and ESS a common vnou^ supported by r>eal awn*f now ACTUAL AMOUNTS of carbon deposited by 4 different oils in 50 hour tests in die same, motor. Carbon from New Iso-Vis Motor Oil at extreme right. 'mm .PROOF, dm *JI Itpyiswillnpctl oatinyourcrankcaae can be seen at any' Standard Oil set*, ioe station. Ask to see this ioterasdac iSaJTandBonleTi' OTICB the comparison between the amount qicarbon formed bj three pr«m iuBa-priced mofox oils e|id New Iso^'jr|ght ; /. •'''If IN M^;«omprei»ioqmoto,^ d^erence pce^on q jpajticnlart*' ;imp©i ^tiV <iItr!»ot,oiiljr ii^ 'iMISyreiice ioirepau bills, bjit a'.notice? inthew4^ your car p^forths. i f^tkie; tests shc^r' this' neyr^iesif U' sjff J^putif in. This ibesns grets^li^rotection Mrs, Tunis Henderson. Mrs. Shields is improving slowly. Mr. and Mrs. Sam Bogue, of Windfall, were/ Friday .evening guests of ..Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Rogue and son. ' ^ Mr. and Mrsi. Tunis Henderson ertertained at dinner Sunday Mrs. Anna Shields, of ;Kokomo, Mrs. Lizzie Mayes, of Windfall, Frank and Frieda Cage, and Mrs.' Susan. Henderson,' Afternoon quests were Mr. and Mrs. Uhl Hntto and daughter^ of Sharpsville. Mr. and Mrs. Theodore pavis and daughter, j of Kokomo, were the week end jguests of Mrii^aliid Mrs. Howard Hannah and Mr. and Mrs: Walter Blessing. Coleen Philips,, of Sharpsville was: the Tuesday night guest of Mrs. Jane Barkley and daughter. Mrs. Blanche Henderson, and daughters, Mr! and Mrs. Jasper Henderson motored to Lafayette Saturday and were supper guests of Mr. and Mrs. Garth Scott. Mrs. Lula B'owlb.v, of Windfall; spent Sunday with her brother, Mr. and Mrs. Ulysses Henderson. Mr. and Mrs 1 . Charlie Spaulding and children, south of Sharpsville, spent Sunday afternoon with the former's sister] Mr. and Mrs. Harry Hawkins and family. Helen Hawkins returned with them '; Mr. ."and''Mrs. Fred Henderson and daughters entertained at dinner Sunday Mr and Mrs. 'Joe Hen- fleron, of Muncie, Mr. -and MTS. Wayne Kenworthy and. son^ of Center, 'Mr. arid Mrs. Ralph. Henderson and family of Windfall.' .'Misses Clara! Woods and Elva Woods, of Tipton, were .dinner guests Sunday, uot • Mrs. | Jane Barkley and daughter. ' : Mr. and Mrs. Paul Brookbank, of ' Sharpsville, Mr. and ^Mrs. Charles Bowlby were Sunday afternoon guests of Mr. and Mrs. Bills Barlow. Mr. and Mri. Hubert Henderson and son of Gaston, and'Mrs. Susan Henderson -were : Thursday tiight guests of Mr; and Mrs. Fred Henderson and - daughters. • . MT. and Mrs. James Pickett, of Center, Mr.,-and iMrs, J.H>^Pick­ ett were Sunday dinner guests of klr..'and Mrs^Wililam^lckett Savannah Berkley spent Friday n^b^ w^tb Mr. and Mrs^ ^ Phillips,,of Sharpsville. //' j- - Mr. and! Mral.jtfilpli .Henderspn and sons, i of Windfall;; were thi^ Thursday diner :guuts of MV. and Mrs. Fred Henderson. -\^-~h WDMSN, ARK WARtfKb. that Uw «H jpomrs frag 'ft'' '•!•' ' ' 1 : - into LONG BEFORE the choice leaves of golden Turkish and velvety brown ppmestit tobacco are selected JFpr Gamel Cigarettes, nature's own alchemy ' has worked a miracle in them that rip effort of man can hope to duplicate. -';Eveiy tiny leaf-cell is irradiated—stored full of goodness by the clean, pure vigor of the sun! ! . Our share in the making of Camels is to see that ail of the fragrance, mildness,-mellowness, aroma—in-"a word all of the natural goodness of these sun-ripened tobaccos is preserved and developed—then to combine them into the smooth, delightful harmony of the famous Camel blend, and manufacture them frito cigarettes by the most modern methods knowqt to the industry.'! I You can taste the natural goodness in every delicious puff of a Camelj Cigarette. '' Investmerits lii ^manytfiin' itances, ai ^;ot no value and their insurance pol)c:es or property of value: Well dr«B|sed :agents approach these-:-women .and !offer them wonderful I opportunity, to make' investments that will bring ibepi large' dividends., Many 'un-: juspecti.nk wome» are ,made to be^eWltt^ib^ -In ^-j i /e^ments^iiyj/aT^ ^!|^yF!l0 ^F^^ : stock Mr riffeld warna tbe to- M of IMtau >m«r'to rnaks M large dividends. are . assured.. or. unusual large incomes offered, look, upon them with- suspicion AROMA-OSIEGA. RpmMFindiingpbihned ;j -and; carrledVpiit a ^6asant;-sttrpri8e; 6n, his!wife .at tneir 1 home in Ihr ||ians^is !^6unday .!;Mr.\;arid ^HM<^rperite^^.'an.d; dalightir. ^irjbn r were 1 invited to lhe |hom4 torcdin'ner and went- in time tosatt| t'end.Csiinday school; with'- th< ^ of j^JmiM&^ urday. evening Mrs. Betty Gerie York; and Fred Floyd. • :.- • I Mr. apd Mrs. Harold, Foust entertained in honor of their daugh ter' Anneta's .fifth birthday Sun day, Mr.. and Mrs. .'Newell Merrill and' family and Mr.. and Mrs. Howard - Smith and family . and Mr. indij Mrs. Jack Foust. .. Rev.: Drake and .family took 'dinner * with' Mr. and Mrs; John Hartley .Sunday arid attended the Bacoaiaareate service's at Walnut Grove.: Rev. Schwefller of Cicero, gave t^ie sermon i to 'the graduating class., i ^jThe pageant-give by the young iP«oi>le of-the'Omega church SBS- tday.swaaj-largely^attended^ A free ;vjiu oSerinir , t was| t|tken-; for tke aissionArfes madltlUtr 1 HJTEBE8TINO FA0T1. Did you know' that diphtheria, can be carried and spread by' people who never develop tbe disease themselves? : Did you- know that more than ninety per cent of alt deaths from'this.disease eccnr in 1 children under nine yean af age? —TIPTON RED CROSS CHAPTER. Their Seventh Child. i Wednesday morning the stork paid a visit, to the home of Mr./ and Mrs. Frank Dane sontl of Tipton and left tkeaa s. baby daaghtar, welgkinc -M poinds. Thm »t» snvi »tt\!tf dim -wen dnusjhto

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