The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on August 19, 1893 · Page 2
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 2

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 19, 1893
Page 2
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THE BAILY 1948S3 Z.J - 4 ti!E Kkafly, ou«, a»atl* ( <i«-iivcfcct* ID 8uB*erlptl<>n«r"' received" -at i It on 15k State street, "''.;,. '-if.-v «f. M. MOSES, P*O..,*4 ?S per weeh ibe office of flnb to respond to ft chaiiengfctoCnght on account of troubles at honm Walton Hanged a Mob, HE dtTT'A LrfTtiE BOYS THROAT, Infuriated Cttlr.enn of Morganfleld and Unlontowtt, 'Ky., l)o the Work—The Wouldbo 'Murderer Identified by the Boy—The Negro Made No Denial. • EVANSVIM.E, Ind,, Aug. 19.—Charles Walton, the negro who cut the throat .of little-Sam Keith, the 11-year-old boy, was lynched by a mob of about 1,500 citizens of MorganfieW and tJnJohtbwn v Ky. The hanging occurred in Taylor's •wooda, about a mile from Morganfield, Ky. Young Keith was at the Uniontown fair Thursday • selling watermelons. Towards evening Walton succeeded in coaxing Keith into a field near the fair grounds. • s When out of the sight of the people Walton cut the boy's throat in a fearful manner, fatally wounding him, and then robbed him of $4. Walton, Was captured and identified by the boy. The mob formed quietly and came up with the officers and prisoners about a mile from Morganfield and taking Walton out, placed a rope around his neck and strung him' to a tree. The,negro did not deny his crime. TWO ' PRIZEFIGHTS. ' The First tailed Four Rounds and the " Second Only Three. NKW YORK. Aug. 19.—John Cat- tenach and Steve O'Donuell of Aus. tralia fought for a purso of §2,500 before the Coney Island Athletic club Friday night. At the end of the fourth round Catteuach was carried to his comer and his second, Jimmy Carroll, threw up the sponge. He had been severely punished by O'Donnell and the ringing of the gong alone saved hin> from being knocked out. The preliminary bout was between Pat Cahill of New Jersey and Tim Sullivan of New York and was for a purse of $1,000. In the third round, which lasted only 57 seconds, Sullivan planted his left fiat pn Cahill's stomach and bis right full on the point of the jaw, making one of the cleanest knockouts ever seen before the club. It was fully five minutes before Cahill was revived. For I^oitolnltu SAJ* FRANCISCO*, Au"g. 19.— The steamer Monawai. whipH sailed for Sidney via. Honolulu Friday, darried among her passengers a party of seven young lady missionaries from Ohio, wh» go to Honolulu to work among the natives. Latest Michigan reunion*. WASHINGTON^ AUK. '19.r- Increase^George W. Downss Cuarleswofth, Eaton county; Solomon. M. Heath, Dundee, Monroe county; Elijah Cleveland, Lawton, Van Bvimi county;. Hirain Tubbs, •, Breckenridge, Qratiot county. Needed Money. > ST. LOUIS, Aug. 10.— William J. Corrigan, a mail collector, was arrested charged with stealing letters from the mjnlboxes on his route. He has a wife and family. He. confessed, and said he Was in need of nione'y. ,. -,Three Trainmen Killed. «GftEENFifcLD, O.. Ang, 19.— A freight engine on the Baltimore and 'Ohio Southwestern railroad, ~blew up near Rokabil. instantly killing Engineer Basiin, Fireman Roberta and Brakemaft Quinn. * . _ • . Gold Hiilllon Shipped. LEAD, S. D., Aug. \Q. --About $300,000 worth of gold bullion, the result of thfe cleanup f qr the first two weeks of August from the Homestake and associate mines, has been shipped to New York. - , . ' - T — i ... -^ __---, — i - _i i i - * .'World's Fair Attendance. CHICAGO', Aug. 19, — The paid admisr Bions to the world's fair Friday were 122,745. . M»s. Wn»Bt6w'a SOOTHIKG Sfrnti* has been n«ed for children teething. It soothe* the cbl'd, allays all pain, cute* wind colic, and le the beat remedy for diarrtteft, 1 wenty-jlve centa a bot- tU. Sold bj all (Jragglsts throughout the tforld Notice KelBtlve to Cow*. The ordinance relative !o pasturing cows in the street will be strictly en forced? No cattle'will be allowed to be pastured in any street,'whether they are tied Or not, and alt'cattle found at large in the street, whether tied or oth ervfcise, will be takon- care bf. No ex; cepjrtoti will be made to this rule for anyone. ~~ PETER'Ho%% . City Marshal. Tin roofing and 1 all kinds of tin work donp promptly by Robert Schelly. Before you engage an auctioneer for fall sales come and see me. '• II M. MERRILL. _ " fM XR*&m"Fatti Rmto." TIME TA* LE, AUG.,l3 r 1893. EAST. ' ' -7 Atlantic Exp ---- . .......... 3:27 ft. m. Grd. Rap. & KaL Exp. ....... 8:13 a. m. Mail;....., ...... i...,.,..i... 1:46 p.m. Detroit Day Exp. .,.,,.!,..,. 8:08 p MO. N, Y. & Eastern Exp. > . , . .': . 8:00 p. id. Nia. Falls & Buff. Spliy. ,, .10-15 p. tn. ANDREW ADCTI Marsha 1 !, CHRYSTAL, Exp. . ; ...... >.,.,,.. .-,..'. 1:05 i ( . ttj; . Ghgo. Spli . . .. .......... ..... 6:10 a. to . Day Exp ....... , ...... . ...... 10:28.a. til. Mail. ............:;. fi ______ . .lSS$St:j>. m. Chgo. and Western Exp r ... . 3:44 p. m. Grd. Rap. & Kal. Evp, . . .. . 8:88 p. m. €hgo. Night-Exp, :.. .......... Jl!40.p, m. Freight HoUne NEBRASKA CITY, Neb., Aug. 19.— Burglars secured $1,000 from a safe in the Missouri Pacific'freight house and made their escape. | Weiither Indication*. For lower and jipner-Michignu—Variable winds, becoming southerly; • warmer; fair e.xct'pt.occnBionuHy local rains. Children Cry for Pitcher's Castorla. - Mich. Office .above , Messers: .Perretts Dry Goo4s Store. Farm 'Wanted. £ have a customer with cash for a small farm, 40 to CO acres, and worth from |1,600 to $2,000. If you have one for aale come and see me. Tours Truly, H. M.MERHILL. (Saturday tjjwpted * Dally t Sunday* excelled O. W. KlM-ULBS, (ten. Pa«. A Ticket Aft. Uvo.A JeamoM. Freight Agent, C. it. OMORN. Tic feat Atcent Marshall Cmcuati, Jacta t Mactm .Time table Uftlng etteot Jnicas lbv3. Trains part Mannall aa lollowa: , THAIHI OODI« BAST. • . Mo. as, Toledo flznreaa .., ...... ... ..... .70V a m ' At Watson's you can tind choice No.1 peaches in one .fifth buahel baskets every afternoon. , , A STRONG POINT. Witnesses In the Curtis Case (jay the Police Prepared Their Statements. SAJJ FRANCISCO, Aug. 19,-^-At the trial- of Actqr M. B. Curtis a' strong point was brougkj; out by the defense during the cross-examination of a teamster, Joseph L. Deo.ny. The witness said that a statement as to what had occurred on the night of^the shooting was prepared in the police station and that'b-6 had signed it. Danny, admitted that he jumped a doorway and saw little of 'what happened at the time of the shooting. Mrs. Jennie Holden, another witness for the prosecution, claimed that her statement had been prepared by two police officers.,. The attorneys for the defense sought to show that all the prosecution's witnesses had signed cM and dried statements without knowing their contents. COLDBLOODED MURDER. Cyrus iuid Killed Hla Wife Ind. •s Brown Shot »ar CQLOJUBUS, Aug. 19.— Cyrus Brown shot and killed his wife near this place. He was arrested and the jail is now being guarded by an £xtfa force of deputies „&> prevent lynching, which, is threatened. The murder was a ' cold- blooded j^pne. grown Had frequently beaten his wife tmd she had filed, divorce proceedings on' the ground o|^c>uelty. It was- mis 'that enr^ed Brown.' Hia wife fead*takei|, *relojg» at a neighbor's ' house. ' Brotai followed .her and when ahe saw him coming-^«h6 ran 'ont to meet hjbn and f ej^ dasra QR fcar., arid begged liim not, to kilf ^er. Health and llapp nem. Honey of Figs is the queen of all cathar- 1 tics, syrups or pills. Ono anticipates its tfiklny with pleasure. No other remedy sells BO well or gives euch satisfaction. It cts gently on inactive bowels or liver, reeves the kidneys, cures constipation, colds evers, nervous headaches, etc., and restores 10 beauty of health. Ladies ard children refer it. Doctors and druggists-• recommend it. The Fig Honey Co. of San Frau- isco make it. Try a bottle. Only one cent a dose. A.. O. HYDE, Agt. for Marshall. Itecelver's Sule. Unless previously disposed of at pri te eale, I will on Thursday, the 81st day of of August, 1803, sell at public >ate at the front door of the court house u Marshall, Mich., all remaining %s- etei of the Ntttioutil City hank, consist- iij£ of a 71^ interest in the property known as the Eagle block, also the Bui-, aid Manufacturing works, both pieces Of* property being located in tae city of of Marshall. Also onoJarge bauk safe double door, steel box and time lock,) office furniture, also all notes belonging to bank remaining unpaid at that time, and whatever remaining assets of said bank may be remaining in my hands at that date. Sale to begin at 10 a. m. Terms of sale cash. For further particulars enquire of THEKON F. GIDDINGS, Receiver^ Kalamazoo, Mich, or John Houston, Esq., Marshall. , ;' . ....<... 508> 11 •CT.Looal Freight...;. ........... ...... 00 lm TIUU1B QO1NU W«BTi. S^iiajl and Bxpreaa, ........... ,...10 88 a » 8, ClnolnnaU A B. OTKxpreai ....... BBtp Toledo '. and 1 «' 84, JUpreaa " .saj, U)o»i ft . All trains dally except Sunday. Direct connection* are mada at. Ctnolnatiwitb all roadadtvergla^ Itolns 8).'ana )U make goiid c6niie«tlo& ai aitm (eitb with tuft O K. <fc 1., and at AlMitaa wuu U»t 0, & W. M for Grand: BapldB, Mnsnegou and all polnta north. ' tf B. 0KAKB, ueu, M'g'f • T.'C. M, »i uiMJbKH. u«ii. rau. 0; B. M1ZK, Agt,, Jaarahall. The Great English Remedy. Promptly and permanently »cure* «U forma of Hervoua _| JFfoknw*, Emiutoni, Sperm\ atorrhea, Impotency and aU Effect* of Atmae or Eaetttet. Been prescribed orer 85 yean hi thousands of caaoat Twenty oente a week loi 1 each cuuUce uol ex CouUiug nve llncB. No oharxe leaatlum treaty druggist for Wood'* Pho*ohodlnej If he offers eome worthless tnedlclne la place of this, leavfe hi* dishonest store, inclose price la letter, and we will send by return malt Price, one package; tl;slx, •&. OiwtoiRpteaM, stoical ewe. Pamphlet In plain sealed envelope, 2 cents postage. Address The W-ood Chemical Co., 131 Woodward avenue, Detroit, Mich, Sold In Marshall and everywhere by aril druggists. iiday fnrinson, .Aug. IS, on uoria aide 01 uiatu ifereut, betweeu tuy uoaat; and poal utllue, un A. T. Oiona siylugrapblc pen. Kiiider will Uu suitably rewaruuU upou bnnaiug ll to W. b >OK'SALK— A good family horse, young tnJ Keuile, 7 jturB old. ttr putivulara apply . lu O. (i. lllchl, 6t«*l gtoie, Bute street. l,> uR bALt— A high JC cle lur iadf or gout, tumblu'aiion blcy- 'i h* finenl wheel made uood us uuw . knquiie ol H. U. 6»udef»»n. oo. 10, Three tiarveit Kxcnr«loii«. e Chicago,. MUwaukfB < -> all ofeihe best fariuing of the west and northwest, will be run August 23, September 12 and October 1893. Return tickets good for 30 days. Low rates. Apply foe further informatioa to nearest ticket agent, ox sddrees Gcb. H. Heafford,.<iCDeralPa88eiiger Agent, go, Hi.", or Harry Mercer, Micbig^aa P ger Agent, 83 Oriawold atreet.'Dtfroit, Mich, Goods Helow Coat. * Good leaf tea per Ib 20c Best gloss atarch. 5c Best Chryatal starch r 4c Best mixed bird seed 5c Best mops,...............8 and lOc'each. Clothispins leper doz. Best spices, below cost. Best blueing, lOc bottles for..' *§c Best box blueing, 5o bo^e^ for....... 80 Sal soda ,..2c per Ib. 'C. E. BROOKS. SALE— A tquare piano, hi good conol- 1.' llun. tot particular* t-uqulits i A. bkin- uer's ibo.1 o'u jbauiiliou »iruei ur residence on Mtulisoju sireel. \TUTlCli— MM. W. L. Buck la agent lor lh» 11 c Urialj knivt-b aod w. ll (u rnlsh all who <naa lUeiu. Corner iloiislon aiid Mulberry. • I-O KB. NT- A very fiii»aud Sun claaa hall OB JL btat« or il»in sUeet lor society or loOg* oneB, obeup. For tuleieiice tu«a«e call at eouitiweit corner ol bUle and JUadiacin ata, OHJU. Jfttin-VyWJSL, Qtjueral Ag«ut. W HULESALK Ct'TLEltK— Wauled, two yuuuK luuu as tiuTeiiuxaaleame* un ou&v u. Apyly wub tclcrebocs u> Jiaudall. Co., 104 i« >U bALK All mj r«a( eaiaie »iiaai«d on tb« be»v part, ol bi»i«j ut Auiin eueele, and u a» vuiy Hiie ai.a >alu»lil»'property, by thm. trtd Vogel, SQUibwtiiii'ooriier biaitt ana SALK cHtAP-New'top b When Bftbr was sick, we gave her Castorlft. When ahe was a Child, she cried for Castaria. When ahe became Minn, ahe clung to CastorU. Whw aha bad QhOdren, ahe gave them Caatoria. AGENTS* WANTED an Salary and Commiseion for the only ' authorized uggy. b aU i OST—A vhite oaahmete auawl with oro- J-,1 chetui border, Kinder will confer a faver ienving u at thi* olttce. F OU bAL£ CUE^P—All KooaUor ci8teii4* r and ttuire at <lo«. (iruoier'a ' |7»OK BAi.B—A complete set of Iiidpatb'a hi* 4? l( wy ol tbe wuriu. Ui^uiru at tiua oJUce. ol hoeaheadi, «»tei tanxa. In- V\, TV of Jan &. Blaine, JBy GAIL HAMILTON, hif literary execu- fcor; with tlJe co-operation of bia family , and for Mr. Blame's Complete Works, "TW?K- TI YEARS OJ? CONGEESS," and his latex getUtniaii or Utdj to aa nut m iriit. lottutii pkiuiat>t.itt hmlw»y tare advanced here U-tngageo, -fciucio* reltrbL.ce uid btil fcunttnQ turuLto, ti.\t.ik ago' JLli. Jpr the6& 0 BEST ..SELLING books in the toarket A, K, P. Jordan, of Me*/ took US orders -from fiyst 1 110 callsj agewfa profit fl,96*g& Mrs. Batiard, of O., took 15 order*, IS^ettl Kuaaia, in one d»y, profit $36.25. Ei N. ttice t of M^., twk 137 orders in two'4«^B, profit $^7,^. J. fw- feidge, of Me., took 43 orderc from'Se calls, ~ A. ^pasi, olJf, DakoU, wOQyK [Qcfc-jOJE^|Hl|nt j "^1 yi. \)nr€HB clfty*j« SAUC OR REM-iy houas on Meat Hanover street. For terms and particular* apply :o6co. H. White. _ MKS. A. J. TAL»ADGa. .- fe OS'iVA watch, open lace, uiest. vlnding and ' M~4 WjiU'-g, kUvorine case. FUM.M pieake '" aA^E-One No. V cook atOT* in good or-, ?r awl &ntt ooai «t>ve 5—*W faoxiert, active t»

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