Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on June 3, 1947 · Page 5
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 5

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 3, 1947
Page 5
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. WALL STREET 1 . frtrfcr. foftK—c^-lt &&1&3* 4^"j elft ?ftl*h -~.r .i»^n. jiii^r**V tooay with leaders inclined to operate on the tJpWnnlde. ^f^SSfiilfi"^"?*. .oreVftlU-a from r"mv "ft i'iS* holiday plane ds- •s.^ The tlekdf tnfia frequently was y—i." Points were shaded in the majority of .cases near the close. Trans- lerfl of around 600,000 shares were ampnfe the Btnaiiest for a full session of. ih«'feast year. _Jn the retreating: division were Douglas Aircraft. United -Air Lines, Eastern Airlines, Sperry,, United Aircraft, u. S. Steel. Chrysler. General Motors, doodrich, U. S. Rubber. Oood- y*ar, J. I. Cas£, Oliver Corp.. Mortt- Boirtery Ward, American Telephone. North American, Phelps Cortse. Of-n; eral Electric. Du Pont, Union Cari, bide. Philip Morris. Santa IV, South. i erri Pacific. Southern Railway and .Stanaiird,,O.U (NJ). Secdhdary rail bonds were In supply. NEW YORK STOCKS (fey The. Associated Press) Art Airlines .. Am Til & Tel Ahi Woolen . . Anaconda Coo Avia'tton Corn Beth Steel .. Brahlff Airw . . Chrysler Corp Coftt Motors t. Cont Oil Del .. TVrleht S 36 U 17 FF4ebort"Sulph 2 Curtiss. Wright 12 32 9 , 16 163% 163 21 29% 28% 29 3G'A 34% ,.7 6 19 79 W 78',i 8% 2 8% 98U 97R!. 8ft 73'A BTT's .1914 . Del Elet* ____ Hen Motors . . Goodrich (BF) Greyh Corp . . ULP Oil .<. Houston Oil Int Harv. . Kan City _____ Lockheed Alrc 87 49 22 10 ..3 . 81%' Sou 1 Nat. Oypsutii 13 11% 17 11% PAMPA MONUMENT CO. Cemetery Memorials ED FORAN, Owner Ml K. Harvester Phone 1152 Your doctor prefers our clean, up to date pharmacy with its prompt, efficient services. WILSON DRUG 0 Registered Pharmacists on Duty 30« 8. Cuyler Phone 600 dtJft BOAft&lNC HOUSE /.. witft. >. MAJOR fSOOttJ , OLt> 6ABV teOt\ ^fe T(M CAN COLLECTION Y4rrH A UTTL6 WORK? SVST6M r SREr\t ,YOU OOM*t HAVE TO POT IN GOLD INIAVS UK.e A MOTOtZ. PLYT tT IM coi<>CEKr ' PITCH is A COMPRE- EV£M Ll(<& OLD IT WON'T COST SOU A Packard Motor 22 Mont Ward .. 14 Pan Am Airw 20 Panhande P<tn fi Penney (JC) . . « Ato-Kan-Tex ... 5 Phillips Pet .. 15 Plymouth Oil 3XD Pure Oil ____ 15 Radio Corp Am 27 Hepuhlic Steel 29 Sears Hoebuck 25 Sinclair Oil .. 21 Sconuy Vac . 75 South Pacific . » Stand Oil Cal 1R Stand Oil Cal 18 Stand Oil NJ 31 Sun Oil ...... 1 Texas Co .... 1!) Tex Gulf Prod 1 Tex Gulf Sulph 4 Tex Pnif C&O 7 Tide Wat A Oil 32 U. S. Rubber .. 12 TT. R. Steel .. 35 West Un Tel A 4 Woolworth FW 10 C% SH 52% 52% Ifl'.i, m^ 39%. 4H4 64'.i 21T'« 23% S'.i 24H 337i 14«i 14T4 37V. !>f>V. 40V, • 70U 52 f.0% 8»U -t'A 5m 2m 22" H 1% 24 3.T4 14% 11% '37 56!% 39% f.9% 51 W 4% 24« 14" 14? :t7 1 551. 39T (io '.4 fin'. 48% 48 1 "! oq qo ^/ 19% 19V! 42T/ S 42 f>5"^ 84 «$ ISvi J 4t ! K 44'-i 44<!: FT. WORTH QRAtN F-OHT WORTH, June 1.—<ff)— Wfiea No. 1 hard, new cron 2.39V--41 ! ,i. T3arley No. 2. 1.55-00. Oats No. 2 white l.]2VJ-18 l ,4; No. _ red 95-97. Corn No. 2 white 2.tU4-12>/.. Sorghums No. 2 yellow mllo, per 100 Ihs. 3.17-20. CHICAGO GRAIN CHICAGO, June 2—OT—Wheat nnd •orn moved in opposite directions on ..he board of trade today, wheat drop*pins sharply at times on hed^e sellim? while corn displayed strensth on un favorable weather for planting. Oatf ahead most of tho session, fol Cadillac Ambulance Service Phone 400 Duenkel-Carmichael Let Wards W^jthwoodpowdergently sifted thrctigh the fur, then blown put with air guns. This re. moves the dirt and grime, leaves natural oUs tssentiaHo the beauty of the furs. M»npr repairs are made.., lining sponged. and Store In Wards fireproof vaults, wh»re temper* ature and humidity are rigidly controlled tQ protect natural oils and to prevent nuoth dainage. Relieves youi' mind from worry ovf r fire, tlipft or loss. V low as lowing tlm action of corn. Much of thfi wheat snlllnp cam from tlin Southwest, where cash price utiderpoiiiR a sharp adjustment prlo (o movement of the new crop. Wheat closed SM-S'/l lower, July %Z.2fi'i\-\<!, corn was iy to 3 cent higher, July $1.78%-$!. 79. and oat wcve ?.!•!% hlsrher. July 90?4-7'n. CHICAGO WHEAT CHICAGO, June 2— (J?)— Wheat: Open Hteli Jly 2.31 W-% 2.:i2 Sep 2.23TI-21 2.24',' Dec 2.21>/>- 2.22V May 2.Wi- 2.19'/i KANSAS CITY Low Clon 2.25U 2.25%-Va 2.]»¥, 2.10% 2.16% 2.17U 2.14 2.1414 LIVESTOCK KANSAS CITY. June 2— Lf>)— (US PA)— CaUln 8400; calves 1100; slnuRb ter steers, heifers, COWH and bulls Ken erally firm to 25 higher than close o last weeks; active on all grain fei cattle; vealers and calves fully steadN to no higher; beef steer surnily chiefly Rood and choice grade selline 24,00 26.00; ton medium and barley KOOC steers 22.76-23.00; odd lots common nnd medium 1C. 00-20.00; sood and choice heifers and mled yearlings 23.00-25.00; (op medium and good cows in. 00-17. 00; common and mod him 13.00.50-10.75; canners and cut ters l(l.r,0-13.00; medium nnd good nau sage bulls 1100 ]b and heavier IB. BO IK. 50: good and choice vealers 21.00 25.00.. medium and eoo dstocker am light feeder steers 18.00-22.00; severe shipments good and choice 22.50 23.00. Hogs 2500; fairly active to all Inter ests; uneven 25.50 higher than Thurs days average; top 26.00; good am choice 170-250 Ib 24.75-25.00; 280-380 Ib 24.00-75; 290-35'0 Ib 22.50-75- sows IS. 7.1-19. 25. FORT WORTH LIVESTOCK PORT WORTH. .Tuno 2—W)—Cattle 7,000; calves 2,000; better kinds about steady; medium to Rood slaughter sicprs<. yearllnES and heifers 17.5023.00: plainer kinds 12.r>0-17.00; fat cows 12.00-17.00: few higher; Rood and choice slaughter <xilves 18.60-22.75 common to medium calves 13.50-18,00 most stacker calves, yearllncs and steers 14.00-20.00, few calves to 21.00 stocker cows 10.00-13.60. HOBS l.OOO; butchers steady to 26c above last Friday; sows and pltrs un chanced: ton 24.75 pnld by smal killers: good nnd choice 180-300 Ib butchers 24.50-75: heavier butchers sc.vce; #ood and choice 150-17B Ib hoffs 22.50-24.25; sows 1S.OO-19.0» slacker PJKS 16.00-21.00. CHICAGO PRODUCE CHICAGO. Juiifi 2—W)— tUSDA)— Potatoes: steady Alabama bliss triumphs, 4.20-4.30; Arizona bliss triumphs 5.45: California !on.s whites. 4.15-4.20 PonUfic 5.-10 (all U. S. No. 1 uqal- lty>. NEW O'RLEANS FUTURES NKW OR^KANS, June 2—(fl 5 )—Cotton futures" were quiet and'Irregular here today. Closlns- prices were steady. 65 cents a bain higher to 50 cents lower. Open High Low Jly .... S3.90 34.K. 33.90 Close 34.13-14 29.92-94 29.0728.68- 28.12 B dot. .. 29.91 29.98 29.78 Dec .. 29.05 29.13 28.90 Mch . . 28.50 28.58 28.40 May .. 28.02 28.04 28.02 B'-Blcl. NEW ORLEANS.COTTON NRW ORLEANS. June 2—W—Spot cotton closed steady, unchanged. Sales 650. Low middling 31.20; middling 35.70; good middling 36.39: re ceipts none- stock 308,933. KPDN 1340 on Your Dial TUESDAY 5:00—Hop Harrison—MBS. 5:15—Vlrffll Mott Soups. 5:30—Captain Mldnlfirht—MBS. 5:45—Tom Mix—MBS. 6.00—Fulton Lewis, Jr., News—MBS. 6:15—Five-Minute Mysteries. 6:20—Vandercook Ne\fc;. 6:25—Sporta and News. 6:30—Adventures of the. Falcon— MBS. 7:00—Gabriel Heatter—MBS. 7:15—Real Life Stories—MBS. 7:30—American Forum of the Air— MBS. 8:15—Vic Domone—MBS. 8:30—International Quiz—MBS. 9:00—Decision Now. 9:15—Special Investigator—MBS, 9:30—Dance Orchestra—MBS. 9:55—News—MBS. 10:00—Dance Orchestra—MBS. 10:30—Dance Orchestra—MBS. 10:55—News—MBS. 11:00—Record Show. 11:30—Record Show. 12;00—SiBii Off. WEDNESDAY 6:30—News. ' 6:30—News. 6.35—Gene Ilorton Sonets. 6:50—1340 Ranch. 7:00—Editor's Diary—MBS. 7:15—The Open Bible. 7:-f5—Breakfast Rhythms. 7:56—News. 8:00—Arthur Gaethe—MBS. 8:15—Faith in Our Time—MBS. 8:30 Sny It With Music—MB9. 9:00—Pampa Party Line. 9:15—Tell Tour Neighbor—MBS. 9:30—Heart's Desire—MBS. 10:00—Fashion Latter. 10.-05—Musical Interlude. lOtlO—His Majesty the Baby. 10:15—Coffee Time. 10:30—Marine Band—MBS. 11 -.00—Cedrlo Foster News—MBS, 11:15—Smile Time—MBS. 11:30—J. L. Swindle News. 11:45—Checkerboard Jamboree—MBS, 12:00—Musla Ala Carte. 12 :lfi—Local News. 12:30—Dlnnerhfill Jamboree. 13:45—People Know Everything, 1:00—Queen for a Day—MBS. 1:30—Music for Wednesday. 1:45—Jackie Hill Show—MBS. 2.00—Krsklne Johnson—MBS. 2:15—The (Johnson Fajnllv—MB9. 2:30—Two Ton Baker—MBS. 2:45— Little Concert. . 3:00—A" Request Show. 4:00—All Request Show. 4:45-7Adventure Pnraae—MBS. TONIGHT ON NETWORKS NBC—0:30 Date with Judy; 7;30 FJb' her and Molly: S Bob Hope. CBS—8 Biisr Town Drama; 6:30 Mel 31anc program; 7:30 Studio One "Hay i'ever;" 8:30 Opej\ Hoarlns, "JmjnU Kration Quotas." ABC—7:30 Boston Pops Concert; 8:30 Rex Maunin Music; 9 Museum of Modern Music: 9:30 Hoosier Hop. WEDNESDAY ON NETWORKS NBC—7:45 a.m. Nelson Olmsted: 1:45 A. M. Bob Ripley proeram: 4:15 Serenade to America; 6:30 Glider. sleeve: 7:30 District Attorney—CBS —10 A. M. Kate Smith speaking: 12:10 P. M, Perry Mason Detects; 3 House Party: 5:80 Romance "Seven- een-" 7 Sinatra Sine— ABC—9:25 A. W. B.etty Crocker and Paul Whiteman; l:8P P. M. Bride and Groom; 3:30 CDff Edwards; 8 Paul WWt- Music; 9:30 Henry Morgan. HVKMNG ONE'S were usfd tor Jn «$ the m **w, Installation Warning Signal Is Approved SHAMROCK— (Special) — The Installation of an .electric warning signal at the railroad crossing of U. S. Highway 83 and the Rock gram for earls' construction. This information was divulged last week by J. B. Nabers of Childress, district engineer of the Texas Highway Department, to Woodrow Sims, president of the Shamrock Chamber of Commerce. For the past few years it has been Railway in Shfflfirock haspogsibte to buy trie signal gqtdp- i>laced on the approved pro- merit needed for spch .installations. It is probable that the electric signal will be installed within a few months, Nabers stated. Confirmation of the approved project followed a number of letters written by the Jaycee president. The Jaycees are attempting to get signals placed at the railroad cross- Pampa Newi, Tuesday, June 3, 1947 ings on Mftdden and Wall Streets as well as on Main. It has been generally agreed by both railway and highway officials that the crossings are dangerous. PAGE 5 "W H«ad The Patnpa News Want Ads LONGESt WA»,K The walking record for the tri}» from New York to San Frtncigco vas made by Abraham I* Monte* verde, of Mays LancUng, N. J., in 1929. The record was 79 days, 10 }iours and 10 minutes for the 3415 miles covered. S w#?new Wards Serves All America Every dot on this map is a Montgomery Ward Store, Mail Order House, or Catalog Ufflce. More than 800 ... too many to count, on a map as small as this. Cities and towns of every size, in every state . .. from the mountains of Maine, to Washington's Puget Sound ... from Florida's palm trees, to California's redwoods . . . from northern Minnesota's iron mines, to the Rio Grande Valley of Texas. And in all the surrounding -countryside, too, Wards and "the folks" are old friends, through the millions of catalogs Wards sends them every year, All this has been going on, remember, for 75 years! For 4 generations, men and women in every part of America have learned to know Montgomery Ward as a name they can trust. They Have learned that Wards means good, reliable quality , , . at a price that saves them money. Written by A. Montgomery Ward and still th« guiding principle of our Company in this 75th Anniversary y«ar. 1 ^ XC,^ ct>*^ '\\^ ^ *&* WATCH POI THI5I SPICIAL ANNIVIRSARY SAVINGS ,i ' . • They're out very special way of celebrating this "Diamond Annivewry!J,j They're a group of timely offerings of fine new merchandise at SHARP CUT FRIGES! So watch for tho «da with th(s "75th Anniversary" circlet

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