The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on September 1, 1897 · Page 3
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 3

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 1, 1897
Page 3
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' pjyrrj*-.^^^«^^^~^^-^^^i^^^^ L ~' r ^ """?&* fii »Air,v tf^^r > v ™?w*-r";~ WV ^*V '*r ^ W^*^^!?****^ ,» ' » j S£J»?EMBEft?£l 4 1891 -7 -1 OYSTERS jr.a-oox,,ar. WASHINGTON M ARKET __ -.I- j, -^ ,,-->» i „ y<i _ ^i-av; MARSHAL'S, S«WJi*IF 147 State - , , Mm &.,!>. Browfi is visiting Irtertd* ft r York state. ' J * [ from Bat- '. A horee owned by M*8. Charles Efctid 1 was killed by Honing' this af te*no0». l*n i?»~ *• i«»»>w i*nv* 3Jj.*orp • j^»m«v ^TRHfcj -vl Paullina, Iowa, are gfrtfeets. &\ , .Watson's. ' Mrfe, HerbPrt Hiriett, was her sister Mm Mary M«*a in yesterday. > _ "Marriage Hdense issued: Prank E. Raymond and Amelia E. Tormief, both of Battle Creek, Misses Lydia and Mabel Gray left for Athens yesterda> where they will spend ' " ends. -~n«-~-~-. raw days with frie ,Miss Campbell, .who has been a guest of Miss Esther Watsons-returned to her home in Hillsdale this af tertKiou. Mrs. E. I*. Hall and sister Miss Maria Hnhn are visiting their brother, Dr, H. S. Hahn, OH Sduth Kiilantazo8Lavenuo. . The Turkish Bath Co. is strictly first class, and Sf you do not want to laugh. "don't go to the opera house, Tuesday. Sept. 7. Thirty four marriage license* wore issued in this county during the month of August and five divorce suits wero commenced. A- -reader -asks: Will our city dads please use these tire department exhibitions to reduce the dust on some of out'' / abominable streets? . ••/ Make sure of a good beat .at thojbtey- clo races Friday by buying ft, grand stand ticket at Greene's drug store. There'll be a big crowd. / The annual school meeting will be held next Monday evening. Two trusr tees nro to be elected \(\ place of J. E, iolcy and EJEJQickcy. Pickpockets did a good .biisiiioss in Jackson yesterday during the baud tournament. E. H. Parrish, who formerly run the fiirmere shoda in thin city \vaa.rf- lieved of his pocket book containing $$0. Supt. Lohr of the public- schools <*an b,^ found at .h'm office in tho Ct-ntrtil s1ihcx>I building (luring burthiPBs houre, and will be picas"" d tci eoi> any one who maysdesire iiiformation in regard to the There will *be a hot time in the old town at th'f opern house Sept. 1 when the Turkish Bath Co. will give a dip, sweat 3 with no fear of catching cohl.- Frank Murphy's trained dog will rid** the camel Klondike • ' . State I>airy tnspeetor ttotteft IrepoffB that ho Wn inspected most ofthe dairies tfie Lower PeorriBfllS Stfd tottnd thlm, as a ruK In a most unclean and unsanitary «tt«|ftton. TJ«!> proprietors plead poverty and ignorance as an excuse for the condition 6f their plants, bui'rendil^ promised tfr'lrnBttt #tt iffiprtrtrementjj suggested by, the inspector,. The state.fairjtvill open Sepl 6, at Grand Bapids and for the first time on rifl-lw cotupleted tra thtJ first day. Iraperativo orders have been issued to exhibitors thht everything muat fw to jplace by 8 tfctoek S^anday «kht before 'the opening. Tne fit^t will be <>n& ol th'e Big day? of the week.- Itwi&tofe |«bpr dftjr and the laif will bts th* oftjtje- ^'itointfo^fhelaiboforganiaatiotts. ( The big sensational oriental eorigfess With a "^iarkist Bath' v company in "their oriental palace car Sultana. Watch for the etroet parade rain or ehine 11*30 a. m, Camels, Ugyptian torn toms, rolidk<- tog DeryiatKB, <• sword, flghtpdrum ntajor; a muster piece of com^fly etobodying novelties,.dancing girls, ffofo- batB, funny comedians, clowns, etc., etc. sgh.put the camel through 1 the needles eye,. Coming to tfife opera honse V Sept 1. attention bias been called to a' atatenient In Saturday's Chronicle to that wheat went to the dollar mark six ypars^ftgfH'und*? a democratic adiniatrattoni'V ' "Might I ask what school of music you prefer?" inquired the young man with the long hair. And the old «t>ntR'- " man replied. "The hor^popathicjichool. Tlwaraalier the do»e the 'bettor it suit* me/' -Washington pu^t. Siipt. Lohjr informd us that there will be an ejtaminati'Jn at th« C.-ntml build . iHg Friday commencing at 9 a. hi. for pupils who wish to enter departments below the highrschool. There will: be a teachers ettafwnoe Saturday afternoon , at 2:30 o'clock, The examination of Win, #K>wp, charged with'assault with intent to kill Mra. Sfpooner, waa in progress today before 4u^cj& $eHey, Tlie proswuititp was conducted by Prp'secufciog Attorney Loekton and J. E, Foley appeared foi i - the defendant The fcestimDnjr was tjak. • en by Maurice Ph.«lan, '•• To whom does the foUowiifg from the ' , AlblOD'Mirroyfefejr: Miwahall has a : pi aen whti comee about; ?i*\He«u- being standing io a community! He fire* Biiyed to be a sewing machine agent, then 9 qvnick luedipine fajtir, and ~nuw roprestaits an inanrancn couipany. By the wuy, to^it insuianct),company should niake r to twsatch ^oMr Uf# »WB> iu»t»ut t«)t«f iu ati f-kit'it Iri.t.i HIM. Ill II I I Pll.ll otiha '• Libbi* YMUOB". Poi*» - c*"^ 1 * 1 ***- s, i. At oJ4 , W. H. AB-muK. Secretary. M. will roo one g»t th^ escurwous to Toledo Suoday round tr train Monday. , or (ut auy ' • St. Mary's scbooi of music will on Mayday, Aug.- 30. Tiio boat a are uau4 i" this .depart went afctentjon gi «m to t£e tlwoj of ai^aic. For f wrtlwr particu tin? »Kkt^ «r 1 - that aix yenrs ago wo did not have n democratic administration. The nrticlo ould havfe read; "Wheat has crept up to the dolUir mark in 'the last ,two weeks? a fput \vhiett itsut?w«H}ed-in; acconi' plishing six years ago, And in September 1888 it went to two' dollars under fldemo-^ cratic admintsarati^n," etc. Tekonsha Np^/e: ' Mrs. Emma Wil.Htte. stiowed very tkK»r- taste and jwlKmont when she apifear^fl Virfore her first class of teachers for examination with these remarks: AAf tor this examination things aregoin^ to be different! Mr. Randall was altogether too slack." Laying atttde politics everybody acknowledges ' the efficiency of Mr. liandall, and she placed herself in a bad light before tho class by such an outbreak, 'We are informed that Mrs. Willitts did not nialge a 'remark that could *by mjy possible nieans be construed into' a criticism on Mr. Randal!, or the way - liianaged cxaminatjiona. A teacher who rnado a niiniber of false statements in regard- to-Mjs — Willitts during the campaign last spring was jweflent and wrote the examination although he, had a certificate frrtm MrNRundall, and it is supposed that he is rwtponHible for, the Above statement an he had considerable fault-to flnd-during the examination. It is thought that he WHS preHi'ht for the. ex press purpose of picking HawVif an opportunity yffor.e.d, Mr. -Kandall could. \iaii'6', : ascertained, from the > excutiin'ers who are republican friends .of htn-tiB to the truth of tho Bliitomnnt. IJ >u< itrt< corr«>ctly informed in regard to the matt ;r Mr. Kandall OWOB Mrs. Willitts an apology. It Suven the Croupy SEAVIEW, Va.^-We have a splendid sale on Chamberlaiii's Cough '.Kciuedy, and our eustomere coiuing fn>m fur unjl near, speak of tt in the' highest tunna. .Jtfajpy liave^^iald iliat"" ilteir~~-uniI«friTn •would httvfe died of croup if Chamber- Iain's Cough Remedy had not l>oeu given. KEUUAM & OCKKEN, Tie 25 and 50 ce»t Greene's Un^g Store. ."My boy came home from school ojie day with/his hand badly k?<?ratoc} ajtjij Weeding' and eutfering great pain," says Mr. id. J. Schall, witti M'eyer Brof. Drug Co., St. .Louis, Mo. "I dressod the freely. Ail pain ceased. §nd iu «hort time it healed, without leavipg « acar. For wounds, sprains, swellings and rheumatiena I know of uo ipedicine or tion R^UH! toil. 'I consider it a oW neoeasity.." j Toe 85 wnt 8iz@s for ^aie at Greene's Drag Store. Do yoa want a^gpod i^UifeBtv walk? Gallon George Alcy, • I will guarantee a good wajfk, We invite »U 4o e»U <m 'm. at ^he Wat- -of Drees Tailoring. W« will cut any pat tore for any lady who will take thi Mina to call and e»aiiiioe our method- Our school will- be open to ib« pabli« Aug. 14 andW, will b*rec*iyed foi uul fraa tot saty ZUtdrwh^ ^vfU tocaUatuTJeiatui^e our method. fb boy ttaur, K^*baia, bolted meal, mettl, ground ifeed, bran or middlinKe ii at C. A. CBeaher's mill Jill kinds of eu«to« f rwadiug done. Z*ots of chicken txxl, / Aw elegant line of u belts, latest stvke and lwwu!*t pfjces, at Hulett 4« Sou's. J, OunDtogharn in alwwiag nice apples of thft "Maiden W«ah" variety, >y are froiu South. Water stored, Chicago. _ * If you are goiua to buy a new pair of cycling ekoes it w»ll pay you to look over John Butler's stock. Those- of 4k «kifi are GauAbthing entirely new, are ako e*sy oo the font, beside being L — J to look at, * tilleo. daily choice freestone honestly p»ckjsd, baak^ter wett Som<» Fast Although the professional lists contain more noted names, tho amateur races, next Friday^ will probably he equally «B exciting: (JliarliP Porter, of Detroit, who, «ihc«j Wilder wtts made ft profesi nftlj -hart IsM rtaim to the Amateur championship, of Mlehi^nn, will Ire here, but bfi will have to fight hard to retain hi* honotB^fth such mpn us Turner antr Bush, of Battle Creek, Denel, of.- Marall, torlty of Ionia, tho '< old U, of M. rnati, fenller, Swimm- and other fast ones from different parts of the state, to compete with him. A good oppottunitjr will also bo pre- eented, to See Deuel and Clayborne, of Mttrsfeall, go up Against Terrier and Bush, of IM^asc Should not Ninety -nins person^ out of every hundred can look back ancl realiao this, and ho* oiten«we h«ar the whfortunate deplore their carelSBfthess and neglect 6f certain liiatiors that, atone time seemed Ofljy trifle*, but afterwards japowd of vital itaportanae to them, and caused their .1 ^ho«(sftnd^ of woine^i paea ff the covntlesft symjptoms of t^ ptoaehing disease that should serve fts ft warning fccr-theta of fehe suffering and misery _ that is sure fo'fdHtmr if their health ta neglected. \ • < ^ftoWBof wbi-^ert fXporience every da^' the dull dragging pa. ins>" nervous h«ad : ' ache, backache, painful periods, depressed ftpirite and tired feeling, symptoms that are positive forerunners of womb diseas<>&, lcucofrh<ea, ovarian troubles, ulc'ctation, tttmoret, cancers and couilt- less other disease of the menstrual and generative organs that are so , prevalent among women of today. • should real n importance of curing these troubles be« fore they progress too far, and adopt a simple, common sense treatment that will cure thtJtn with the least trouble and expense. Magnolia Blossom, a simple inexpensive home treatment enables . every lady to treat herself in- the- privacy of her room, avoiding painful operations and embarrassing medical examinations and euros every form of female weakness and insures good health for women. Ask your druggist for Magnolia Bios eoni. If he dooo not keep it take no other but send direct to the company for it. Price, one dollar for a box cOn tainioC. one month's treatment. - Their book 'entitled "A Book for Women" with circulars and tesmoniajs sent free by mail to any address. Write to HOIJTH BENO RKMKUY Co., South Bend, Ind. All-letters are opened, rend and answered by women. Letters requesting medical advice ate referred to their lady physician and all correspondence treated with strictest-confidence. Tho Teachers Works Garment Cutting school has been removed from the Wat son building to'the residence of Mrs, W. J. Clay born, 34 North Eagle street. Account the Htato fair nt Grand Rapids 6th to llth the D. T. Jk M. will sell round trip tickets Marshall to Grand Eiupida at 82,'JO. Fxcellent time is made to and from this point viu this line now, the time between Marshall and Grand Liapida being 3 hoijrs and 5,0 minutes. l<\>r timp of -'trains, etc. enquire; of A, H. ANHOS, Ag't. OPERA HOUSE! ONE NIGHTONLY. TUESDAY, $[pT. 7 Ami Prize' Blind an4 Orchestra, A. strictly moral bijjh clue* uOtetmUunent. A nUuldKra oompunf of tiruniiilic artials, prtMninungttw Ihrueutt comettj, A TURKISH BATH fc*"^JF",tl % lt»4,tty UMB. ouly jt. TO, P«JCES, " - 35 4 50 CENTS Ki)i<er?««i Seat* '"> Halo at Un<ett«V prug lilpr*. . S» 4t 9 o;€io<;t Jw41 1«, ' Nazareth Academy A, t T0rm>, t IOO per Year. ( MICH. HUMPHREYS' No*. '8 »** . Worrns, Ho 3 " HO, 4 " Ho. Q * f Neuralgia, Ho. 9 Cures Headache. No. 1Q ** Dyspepsia. Ho. H. * 4 Delayed Ho. JS " . l-euchorrea. t, 14 M Skin i, 10 Cures No. 16 " Ho. SO , " Whooping Cotigh Hd 27 '» l KUJ»«y No, $O " Urfcary jaf3ftf»g No. 77 " Coldfe and Grip. Sold by Droggista, or soat reoeipt-of price, !J5c., or 5 fat fl. 1W. Co., iU WUlwn K.,'1. Y New Fall Goods. Choice Patterns, V_ Trimming Silks to Match, •* > * IT ^ - -• ' ' Wash Dress Goods, tn Fail Colors, and BLANKETS AND OUTING CLOTHS. Look in upon us before the Stock is •> » |. broken. S._V. R. LEPPER. AUTUMN LEAVES nothing tliat is desirable lacking in onr exquisite stock of new and lumdsonie suitings, that are waiting for'your- order to put tht* shears into.- Autumn leaves will .be falling before you .j-ealizo thnt Sunmicr is over, so be ready for a change in the weather. Anyhow look in and 8ee-tbe handsome fancy suitings, twills. ch«vi<>is, serges and worsteds that-are awaiting your inspection. J. J. DE^SHANE, MERCHANT TAHiOB b^ve awswtred tlie agency tor several Fii^t Class tailorsjto the trade. The special order die* partment wai started t>y clothing manufacturers ftff^h success because of the necessity ot correct measurement Unscrupulous men got into ft -and sought to do business by giving big inducements to make it a special business, so between tne man* man the omtpmer gata poor value. Old and reti able houses will do this. U you wish to get a good fit in this line at a little advance oil ready made clothjing prices see our lines; lie measured Start right and remember any businee* of anyIkind done withus must be satiifactory, as we guarantee tetisf action or no sale. T i Why Not Educate AT- AND School of Shorthand and Typewrtiug, IIATTI^E CKEKK, Jttlt'H. V^ VVhcr- hniuUnli> of joung innii anil wqnifn IIAVK n*cur«d ft UHuful and i)rol!lt»)ilu tdiieti! KITI. Onv '' ••ouniry. Cal| on or write tar i»*rit<:lilarp Will ut»lni<ae. Established 1882. . Incorporated 1896. \ GEORGE INCERSOLL, GENERAL fllgthteen year* »« < (tft.«lv«»i>«; «teCi<>o»W, , Pwrtnw b*viu« Wi«ine»» in itrobfba ooort* maj aad IHo their lBU»»*»t la <H)u»olt Wiu. , WILLS, •~r - -^ ^Ti 1 T and .Papers qarefUlly Drawn. Titlen to «ea» Kstate KxanittJt«<t. utteud )o tbtt purcliaaaj «Md w>^ Ait, r«*J ' flurwaat o( Uie», wic. juiaiia ouj of Lit* OFFlCK»t Ootuer . At* , conoty o( <^ib«u» of tM, probate coup, lor AM, wart, tbu «iy of if ftojf U»ww fto, wby Uie ptttjftr of thu no U :i f,

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