The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on August 18, 1893 · Page 2
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 2

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Friday, August 18, 1893
Page 2
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^^^VT^'^F *™^^ ' \ l ' ^'- ' -- f, *-:^^T'>W^F*i''?*"-'" - * "'"',>„' **/<' *r'-< l ^"^ ^' /" "' " >b/l " -H;- T ' f i p l • > • *' * f r \ >< ' r>" " * »< " • - ' !f ii , ?< , '*" ^•* ' ,' , - B ,M ' > ^ * '>**'«'* ' . •- * i v * " ~'' r * THE DAILY GHRQNtCLB, AUaUSl'? 184893 , ' ; '* THE MILT CHIROfllCLE «m« y«ar throtifflk P. o. ..»4 1ft delivered* 1O cent* per-woek SabMrlptinni recelre'd at the office «f pnb atl«a 151 8Ut« itraet, ,I.H. M08E8, Publlenar, He Departed This kiife at Har- pier Hospital. tHEEND OAiffiAT7 A. M. THURSDAY Wednesday Afternoon He Began to Grow Worse and, the "Decline Was Steady to tb« End—One of the Most Notable Fig- ores In Detroit's History. DETROIT, Aug. 18. — Congressman John Logan Chipman died at Harper hospital at 7 o'clock Thursday morning. The evidences of Judge Chipman's approaching death were first seen at 4 p. m. "Wednesday in the increased pulse rate and faster respiration. From tl time until his last moment the congressman had one'of the hardest struggles for life ever -witnessed in Harper hospital. . Dr. Bullock, who had been Judge Chipman'a constant attendant since July 80, and John Logan Chipman, Jr., •pent the entire night in the sick room and in an adjoining room'were Mrs, $. Logan Chipman and Judge Chipman'a daughter, Mrs. Lizzie Buhl. The death was by suffocation. Judge Chipman passed through the acute stage . of pneumonia in a satisfactory manner • andi&h^had possessed morephysica . vitality he would have survived* He reached the point where a younger anc •tronger man would have commenced to convalesce. Then lie went nd further His system could not absorb the pneu iconic exudate that consolidated por tionaof his longs, and it gradually wore him out. ' . The patient had constantly refused to take any alcoholic stimulant, but three times during Wednesday night hypodermic injections of heart stimulants were made. These, however, finally lost their power to aid him-. Judge J. Logan Chipman received his early education in the public, schools of Detroit and subsequently attended the University of Michigan, leaving that institution when scarcely over 10 yean of age to join an exploring expe dition to the upper peninsula. After three years in the upper country he returned to Detroit and began the study of law. In his 21st year he was elected school inspector in this city, but did not qualify as he had decided to practice law at Sault Ste. Marie. He remained «t the Sault until 1833 and then returned once more to Detroit: In 1853 , he served as assistant clerk of the legislature and the year following was appointed paymaster to the Indians on Madeline island, and also served as one of the secretaries of the United States commission which made a treaty with' the Indians in this city. Upon settling down in Detroit he practiced his profession until 1856, when he was elected city attorney. He was, re-elected in 1858, and in 1863 was elected to the legislature. In 1866 he was nominated for congress by the Democrats, but was defeated, notwithstanding the fact that he carried Detroit and Wayne county. In 1879 he was elected judge of the superior court of this city. He held the v position until the court was abolished by an act of the legislature. In 188B he received the Democratic nomination for congress in this district and defeated • Henry A.-Robinson by 1,56.6. He was Nnominated in 1888 against Hibbard Baker, whom he defeated.''In 1890 he •gain had Baker for, an opponent and again defeated him. Last fall the Re publicans Dominated Colonel Frank J. Hecker to oppose him, but Judge Chip man baa his usual luck and was reelected for the fourth term. ' - Mr. Chipman was married twice, His flif t wife died before. he became judge «.-f the superior court. The children are t'*nry F., John Logan, and Edward i and Mrs. BuM.\ NEAR 8TURQIS. Collars and the trading of gold pieces has aroused the people, "who" *e making another effort to recover he lost treasure. FIREBUGS -A% SPRtNTQ "AR&6R. 'he'Residence, Barns and Contents of Dnn • Si rtolcomb Destroyed by fire. JACKSON, Aug. 18.—The residence, torses and grain barns and sheds and all the f^rm tools "of Dan S. Holcomb, six miles south of this city, in Sprjng Arbor, were destroyed by fire. The mriia contained 600 bushels of wheat 80 tons of hay, all of which were destrdyed. . • "";• Sheriff Peek and Benjamin .Trum- )U11 of the Farmers'" Mutual Insurance company visited the place and are both of -the-opinibn that the fire 'was incendiary. The house had been locked for three weeks. There was ; ?8';000 insurance, $3,000 on the house and contents and $5,noO On*; the barns.' The fire In all the buildings started on the inside. Officers will investigate the matter. • •. • Reuben Uussell Skips Out." ' CEDAft SP*:INUS, Aug. 18.—Reuben Russell, who works for Liveryiman Me* Donald, took one of his rigs and left', it is alleged, With $25 of McDonald's money. A warrant was issued for his arrest for the non-support ,6f his wife, whom he married about" a month ago. Learning of this, he drove to Sparta and, it is supposed, took the train for Chicago, where he-.has relatives. A warrant charging, him with theft has also beeu;J6sucd. ' Seats Collapse In a Tent. , Aug. 18.---A patent medicine troupe gave an entertainmeni In a big tent. llie stats, collapsed anc a number of perBojis wore injured. J W. .Trains, a prominent lumberman broke his leg. Thft other persons hurt were Mrs. Ann MrDoimftl, John Dunn, Mr.. A. 1C. Wilson. Miss E. Raymond and Hairv \\Talker. Their injuries are sliifht. . " Children Cry for Pitcher's Castoria. 'tor Over irirty Years. M RS. Wttwtow's SoofrBiNQ STftCP has bce» Bed for children teething;. It toothe* the cbiM, Hays all pain, cures wind colic, and Is the best emedy for dlnrrhcea. Twenty-live cdntaabot- '' 'SJoW bj all (IrngglatBlli.ronehdnt the. wbtltJ- Notice KeltttlVO to The ordinance relative to pnsturing ows in t'ie istrept will b% [slriofcly en orced. No cattle will be allowed 10 be pastured |n any street, whet ber fhey are tied or not, and all caitle found at arge in the street, whether tied or oth erwise, will' be takun care of.- No ex, ceptioti o will be ttiade'to Ihls'i'Ule for anyone. 'PBTKR I'ldltfje, - \ .City Mnrshal. • Tin roofing and all kinds of tin work promptly by Robert Schelly. Before you engage an aoctionecr for 'all «(ale8 come and see me. ' H M.'MERIULL. ANDREW GHRYSTAL, JITIONEER.' "TtombaratoUgSoute.'' AUQ.J3, 1883. . . EAST; ' ' ' . ' . • Atlantic Ejfejfii'. ;•.-. ...*>, ..... 3:27 a. m. Gjrd. Rap/& Kal*-Exp........ 8:12 a. m. Mail....;.-.......... , v 1:45 )p. m. Detroit Day Exp..;.,« 3:03 p. m. N. Y. & Eastern Exp 8:00 p. m. Nia, Falls '& Buff. Spl...... .10:18 p v m. Piic. Exp 4 . .,.,...... '1:05 3. m. Chgo, Spl. ;;. y ... ; ....... 8:10 a; m. Day Expi. ..,.;., 10:23 a. m. Mail...............;...,....,. .12:43 p,.m. Chgo. and Western-Exp..... 8:44 p.'m'; Grtl. Rap. & Kal. ^vp 8:38 p. m. Chgo. Night Exp. .V.........11:40 p. m. tBaturdayt«jLj«p«id 'Ufclly t Sundays exco»te4 O. W. Kl/ifOLKS, Gon. Pass. A Xloket Agt. . A JeBHBon. Freight Agent, U. R. Oau«mn. Tlckst AKect Marshall Marshal, Office Mich. above 1 Messers. Porretts Dry Goods Store. . Jacteon -fc Maciinai • Farm I have a customer with ca&h for a small farm, 40 to 60 acres, and worth from $1,500 to 12,000. If you have one for sale come and*sue me. Yours Truly, H. At Watson's you can find clfoice No. 1 peaches in one fifth bushel baskets every afternoon. Hraltli m (1 Hn|>plii«-Bti. Honey of Figa is the queen of all cathartic?, syrups or pills. One anticipates it« taking' with pleasure. No other remedy sulla so \voll or gives such satisfaction. It acts gently on inactive bowels or liver, relieves the kidneys, cures constipation, colds fevers, nervous headaches, etc., and restores the beauty of health,. Ladies ard children prefer it. Doctors ,and druggists recommend it. The Fig Honey Co. of San Francisco make it. Try a bottle. Only one cent a dose. A. O. HYDE, Agt. for Marshall. Kecelver'a Sate. Unless previously disposed of. at pri vate gale,. I will on Thursday, the 31st day of of August, 1893, sell at public sale at the front door of the court house iu Marshall, Mich., all remaining as sets of the National City bank, consisting of a !H2 interest-in, the property known as the Eagle block, also the Hullard Manufacturing works, both pieces of property being located iu Ue city of of Marshall. Also one large bauk safe (double door, steel box and- time lock,) eflice furutture, also all notes belonging to bank rcnja,iuiug unpaid at that time, and whatever remaining assets of said bank aiay be remaining in my bands at that date. Sale to begin at 10 a. m. Terms of sale icaah. For further particulars enquire of TUERON =F. GIDDIN6S, Receiver, Kalamazoo, Mich, or John Houston, Esq.. * Marshall. WOOJ>»S Tho Great English-Remedy. & Promptly and permanently cures all forms of Kenovs Wtaknea,Emit*iora, Sperm- atorrhea, Impotency and all effect*.of Abtue or Jhocaut, Been prescribed over 35 tars In thousands of cases; Ktfnvf utitf jtftfy Istheott/y JZclfoWtfandiEron* druggist for Wood's Phosohodlne; If be ottors some worthlcsa medicine in place of this, leave bis' dishonest store. Inclose price la letter, and we will send by return moll. Price, one package, il;elx,*5. One toittftefue,ttawtU cure. Fampb- ot In plain sealed envelope, 3 cents postage. Address The Wood Chemical Co.. 131 Woodward avenue, Detroit, Uloh, Sold In Marshall and everywhere by all druggists- Time table taking effect June 36 1803. trains paeis Marshall as follows: , THJOHB Opine f AST. No. 83, Toledo Express .................70(la » .•' a, Cincinnati JBxpresaY.t ..B*Jaai " /l.Mall.audKxpress...* ..., 508 pat " 87, tooalFreight....... .....OStfpm •v TRAINS eomu ''w»BT. : Ho. !B,MalI and Express,........... ...lOS8 am " Si, Cincinnati* B.U. Express.....,.62tpto " 84, Kxpress,...,..;...;,..;.,;......;« 8S a»"* " 8S t! Local Freight.............. ..;.;..•}» a«u • All trains dally except Sunday, .- > , Direct connections ore mad a at Toledo and • Clnolnati with all roads diverging.:, ' * "•••> Trains 81 ana 22 make go od connection at Alou • telth with the OR. & 1., and at Allegah with u»« C, & W. M for Grand Haplds, Mnskegon and all points north. ... • • . V. B. DKAKK.Oea.M'g'r. T. (J. M. HOU1MULBR. Uen. Pa C. B. MiZK, Agt., MarshaiL • Agu WANTS; FOUND, ETC. Twenty cents a week for each notice not ex ceedlag live Hues. No charRS le«V than iweaty ceuta. • • • "'LOST.—Tuesday forenoon,,Aug. IS,on north side ol Slate street, between iny noune and post oflice, nn A, T. Uiooa atylugrapdiu pen. Flbder will bo Buitubly ruwardrj upon banuioglt to W. WfcUt In Battling Fl*fi*» of Kngltsu ; TTncA, A»£. 18,-rTh^ people living between thjLs place and M^unt Clemei.'^ fW greatly «*cij»4 over, %• discover y th»$ m»y pie*n a to^fcune to somej^y, s were in b^jshipg near not tajf, 3*jpt TIvree Harvest £xcBr¥foos. ie Chicago, Mywaukee & St. Pau] ;,.. ^ali of the beat farming sections of £he west and Qortbwest, wilt be run on August 22,' Sjpfember 12 and October 10 1B93. Return tickets goad for ^0 days/- Lo rates. Apply for further- information nearest' ticket agent, ,OT. add*eea tieo. Heafiord, General Pas»eiiger Agent, ,CJtuca go, 111., or Harry Mercer, Michigan 1 ger Agentjp Griswpld etr^t, Detroit, Micb. w to H |j>U.u— A good family borne, young and f gentle, 7 j earn ola. 1'i.r partK-uiaro apply 10 (J. ti. i»iehl,.bteel atuie, btate stiect.. 1/UUBAi.t.— A high conibinaiion bicy- JL 1 i.e lur ittuy or geut . u h« nuesi wheel made Wood no tew. ot h. JU. bandenon. Goods Itelow CoHt, Good leaf tea per Ib .• 20c Best gloss starch. 5c Beat Chrystal starch 4c Best mixed bird seed. ,. 5c, Best mops,. ...8.and lOc each. Clothes pins. ,,...>...,' leper dpz. B.est spjces, below cost. 3est blueing, lOc bottles tor........ 5c Best box blueing, 5c boxes for.'...... 3c Sal soda.....^; , , ..,,.,2c per Ib. _i G. E. BROOKS. When Baby was sick, \vu gather CoStoria. When eLe iyas a Cbild, slie cried for Castoria. 'When sibs became Mias, she clung to Castoria, Whea she had Children, she gave them Castoria, I/OU bALK—A iquare piano, in good conol- X? tluu. .^01 i/articuUra enquire 1.1 A. bkln- uer'u oUuvi on huiuihufi street or residence Oil TVJ OTlCK-Mr». W. L. Buck U »ecnt lor the J.1 chnai> kiiivca ana will turuitu all who wish itiem. t'orucr Mansion and Hulberry. ' 1-0 KJtNT-A very tine and flrat clau hall on JL btat« or JUain street for society or lodge purpoeea, vuetip. For ruicKuce please call at the touibwuit corner ol btate and JUadiaou ««. OHK. FKKD VOGKJL, (juneral Agent. W WOLESAtE ci'TLEBY—Wanted, two young iiiuu aa uavelinxaaleameaon oom- imetiiou. Apyly with references to Bandall, Uull it Co., iw Lake street, Chicago. . tALE-All niy real estate situated on the I? bo8t r part ol' fatato or Alain streets, 'and known aa very flue and valuable proparty, by chtia. Fred Vogol, aouihwest, corner btatu and Jjladiaou Bta., JSo. I'M- SALE UUBAP—Kew to I QbT— A while uaabuicie bhawl with pro- f •> cheteJ border. Finder will confer a favor leaving u at this office. Ijvuk SAtK CHEAP— All sizes of hogsheads, A gooa lot ciBieriiB aud water tanMs. inquire av JOB. tiramer'b h&^le BfBwery,,; L^OK tJALK-A conipl«te«et o£ "fildpath's his J? lory of the wcrlo. .inquire at tnijj Office. C Thia Jniport^int necessary of life bat never been »s o- in ' it A,, Wat AGENTS WANTED on Salary and Conimission for the only authorized Bpasiy of Jws 6. Elaine, By GAIL HAMILTON/ his Uterlary execu,, tor, witlj the co-operation of bi0 family, and for Mr. Blajne's Complete Works,. "TWENTY YEAES OF CONGRESS," »ud bie later book,«'i*OLITICAT J DISCDS8IpNS," One prosp^stuBl far theae* 3 ,BEST SELLING books in the market. A. iL Pr^<ffdsaf~ : of' Me,, took U2 orders from first HO calls; agent's profit $196.50. 'Mrs. Ballard, of O., took 15 orders, 13 Seal Kusaia, in. one, profit *36,S5, £>" $T. r Bice t ef or^prs fe l^o daye, profit $47.25. J. tndge, of Me., took 43 orders from §6 calls, pi»ftfct£|4& 'B.'*. Faroa, of JI, Dakota, took 53 prdjere i& three dj»y%pr,ott |98,25. W gentleman or lady toaa titt 'in ilLi.c. IceiUtn p«iniauti.t Railway tare advanced here il tcgageu. EncJos ivJeret.ce and tcH-KUUieteicl tiiaui<«a t-bVeiCB Ul«t tsA'llOMAl., i-3 A,<A Uker'e tuildu.K.Lfii ago' ill. . ' j BALK OH JSEM'-Jdy Jtouae «n" Weat . ilapuver tueet. For ttnna aud partlcultrs »pp lv White. ' • •• MliS, A. J. TAJ.UADOB. I Obi— A waich, opfrju-face, »Ua winding and JLJ setti'-g, BUvwlne caw. tlncer plea«e at'c'oiucs 1 aieai tuaiktiandnceiveiewaid ». H.CULL1M3, — One etKo. 8 cook atoy* IB good Or • ooaltioTe" wlU»'OT«ar5' ! ' ' ia ft into the eyatem, 4«e eliwio «fi^, by oxidajion, •t ^w4,-^- T?y4-«ad ttQuae «BygftyM. jt| 40^ ahotf^not "H. ^ m *** ChlldreiiOryfor

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