The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on September 8, 1959 · Page 1
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 1

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 8, 1959
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Tide Schedule Today: High! 9.37 p.m. Low 1:15 pm, •'-.-. Wednesday: High 8:32 a.m. and T:08 p.m. tow 1:32 a.m. and 2:21 p.m. READ ABOUI SWttNY^AREA RESIDfNTS IN MATTIS «f JORDAN'S COLUMN TODAY ON PAGE 5 > E PORT OL. 47 NO. 143 Word fifes Toddy Deadline Is Near For Clute Vote TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER s. 1959 Weather Cast Partly cloudy and wann \ •£ to" 1 * 1 "' an d Wednesda with widely scattered daytira thundershowers, m a d e r a t. southeasterly winds. Low to night 76, high Wednesday 90 •Only one person had filed Tuesday morning as candidate In the special election to fill a vacant Clute council position. Warren Ward filed about 10:45 a.m. Tuesday, Mrs. Nora Belle Shanks said. She is taking care ot some of the duties of vacationing City F. M. Sanders. Secretary Qualified persons have until t S p.m. Wednesday, to file" for the lection Saturday. 'A*Vf>* On Saturday Ward submitted " f Kf|. his letter of resignation as •" •' »' T " councilman. He was nlso mayor pro-teni. His purpose was to clear the way for the election this Saturday, he said, and he planned to be a candidate. Ward allegedly disniinllfied \hlmself as councilman about a year aso when he sold his only real nroperty within the city limits. . The matter was brought be- ana Mrs. C. E. watts as clerks The election is actually straw vote to sulde councllmo m their choice of an appoints for the open position. The coun cil has passed a motion provlc Ing that the person recelvin the most votes In the eleclio will be named to the counc post for the remainder'Of th unexpirnd term. fo— fMslrtct Jud«?e T, M. Gupton Frldflv for an '^Informal henrfntr. The jiidee Jnrtfcated that he wnuM need morp 'Imp to consider the case, so Ward submitted his resignation In vl»w of the corrilnir special election. 4 An election Judee and two election eTerVs have hern named by the Chile ntv Crotnrlt. The goeelM plnptlon will be "1 Saturday Sept. 1!!. Mrs. -Lois Sidwp". was named as Judge with r. R Wovard Stolen Car ' Recovered In Brazoria A car stolen In Freeport was recovered in Brazoria and the driver was arrested and committed 'to the Brazoria County Jail in Angleton Monday night. W.R. Minter of Union Cab 'Co., 223 South Avenue A, called Freeport police at 6 p. m. Monday -tovrapm hls-*i95* Plymouth stolen: He'had purchased the car Saturday, he said, and had parked it behind the Coffey Sign Co. He had just discovered that it was gone. <• A short time later Allen David Strater was arrested in Brazoria, driving the stolen car. The arrest was made by •• '• Deputy Sheriff F. B. Clark. Minter was notified that his car was found'at 7:18 p.m. and Freeport police advised the Sheriff's Office that they had a warran\on Strater from Jus- 1 tice of thfc Peace Court, Precinct 4, for felony theft At AiHeton A total of 2.758 student* en rolled In schools In the Angleton Independent School Dis trict Friday, for the first daj of classes, Superintendent C " r . McDaniel reported. This figure was slightly un der the total authorities had an tlclpated. The breakdown as to schools shows 356 at Centra Elementary, 890 at Northsidi Elementary, 333 at Southsldi Elementary, 321 at the Junto High School, 572 at the Senior High School, 379 at Marshal School, and 105 in-the Rosha ron School. McDanlel said the first day of school went off exceptionally well. Additional student* enrolled early Tuesday. The local schools have « full faculty with the exception of i high school counselor. Harold UcGill, who filled that position ast year, resigned shortly be- lore school began. McDanlel said there is very little hope of finding a counselor for this year now. *'' . ' . -li NO ROMANCE SUVA, F||l (UPII—Th* Jet age is taking the sparkle out -5fflw"» ; «iW-<eBSB. dreams of tilling away to ib*.r.qn>(j*. lie and primitive Fiji Inandi. Th* city council haa ordered • lurvey oi the potsibUi- rr of instilling 250 parking meiert in downtown Bur*, PRICE 6 OENTB —^g^ ^*» A M ~~ """~ - ~*y*. u UJUW1B BP City Meeting Schedule Heavy ™S 1 *J )I i b l c h . ea ' iri * °. n t&e proposed new home rule^h»r. •,.,* „„ „„,.. _ ' • of Lake Jackson budget for ,1959-80 -will be held tonight at .7 p,m. ih the city haliV, - Due to the. timjiiinvolved m golng.'over- the 'budget, City Manager A. A,, MtacLean '.announced today that a preWus- ly scheduled discussion of a Proposed bicycle ordinance will not be held tonight.- '.- " ; Following adoption of tha budget, a n e w ' set of • tititfty rates, on which-the budget 'is based, will be up for council actfon. These proposed new rates will mean an Increase ot $1.50 on a minimum bill. ; V FP CHARTER " ^Citizens of Freeport Sre'W. Vited'to. participate with the city's. Charted "comm'ls "t i o a proposed new home rule charter for the city. - The meeting will be. held in the council chamber of-the'Clty Hall at 7:30 p.m... Thursday, and will last about two hours: Members of the audience Way raise questions a's to, provisions of the proposed new charter, and may make suggestions ;cgardlng the content. The Charter e . Commission, «r u is Dwlgnt Wetherell,-was elected last April after an earlier Charter Review Commission found there were too many Indicated changes to correct them 'by amendment. The recommendation wail that a new charter be drafted. .' • , -i FREEPORT BUDGET 7:30 p.m. Monday, Sept. H, in <h "-" chamber of the City budget will show iin~T~£"" tax increa se that reflects the recent sale of the city_s general improvement bond issue. Adoption of the new budget would call for an estimated Increase of 25 cents n the city tax rate. ANGLETON The Angleton Cltv Coimrii l n -£ W J ta .^ ta (™»^ . Other meetings scheduled tn- e .J* zoning hearing at 8 P-m. Wednesday at the city hall and a charter commission re- ——- •*•" fvjujjjjoajujj iB~ port meeting at 8 p.m. Sept. A hearing on Freeport's ten- dinance setting up the title ano duties of W. A; Whitley. Whit ley was employed by the council several weeks ago to heal the street and water depart, ments. At that time the council l . er ™ ma ted the employment of A. N. Andrews, Police Chief Harvey Cotton, and W. V. -Tarns and accepted the resignation of City Director of Public Works Joe Howard.. Andrews headed up the cityY water department and Farri's was in charge of street work The council is also due to appoint a city civil defense director, to discuss new equipment and equipment to be traded in, as well as routine business. The Angleton School Board is also scheduled to hold • NEW U DIRECTORY OUT Lake Jaekion Mayor Kara Cooptr, Tight' g*U Ihf first cppr of th* iuw e«r dlrte- lorr now fating diitribuitd by ih* Lak« Jaekion Junior Chambtr of Commerce of which Nal Shapiro, c«nt»r, it prwidtnL Jarcw Milton Wing holdi «»T«ral ef lh» beckUt which ii I8 ,.*« ch •>»"»• wllhln thi .dillon of ih*_dfa,.«o ? r £ eh " ild « n<: »' by alphabeMeal in lha oam* oi lh* head of phon * numb "'' ind Husband Was Not Much Help Th* women had a problem and her huaband was laughing tea hard to help her with it. * Jone* Creek reiideai r*. ported la Freeport police al 8:51 p.m. Monday. ' *" The ptottemt' for August B Permits Down In Clute, FP Construction in both. Free- ifront T«d.«nd THt. m we* Uughlag " ii tier -_„ would not 1*11 her who to Call about U. Th* Freeport poundma»ler, D. J. HousibnVwa* notified. . ,., downward during the month of August, building permit records . •. show. Marine News S/s Del Campo Due Sept 10 Brazos Harbor 2 Minor Accidents Occur On FM 523, Anchor Road accidenU werelceived about $30 damages and omanertie smash at 4:50 p.m. Mon-1 dam «« es day involved cars driven by Arils Raymond Fuller, 35, of 4219 Banner, Houston, and Judge Samford Roberson, 26, whose address is 3511-Drew Avenue, Houston. Kiel said the,Fuller car re- Brazoria Boy May Have Meningitis. Brazoria's second polio case [ Research and Rehabilitation of the year may not be polio'center in Houston. Tommy has had slight para- Tommy Ray -yUc symptoms in one leg and • -- in his throat Doctors have told after all. Five-year-old Goolsby, son of Mr. and Mrs. — J. M. Goolsby of Brazoria, is the family that being checked "for possible spi- ^ r _. WIM nal meningitis at the Texas muscular trouble is expected. Tommy has one sister, Mar Freeport had a permit total of $148,650 for July ,as compared to $89,UOO in August. Chile's July total was $44,330 at 1737 Wtst llth valued at wilh August at $18,145. FREEPORT .« frame resident* of 1U6 *quare feet On Aveun* T, af»<6foo. Pennittvfor addition*- went to Bfll Mancuso, 1327 - Wegl Eighth, for B-18 by 60 addition to a building at 105-lf East Panhellenic Meeting T' Brazob .n. Panheilenlc Association will meet at Jasmine Hall in Lake Jackson at 8 tonight Final plan, for the Christmas Carrousel to be held Sept. 4J will be discussed and Mre. ~ Miles will display cards to the mejnbers. New ) csldents «f BiV«e« fauerestetr in becoming member* of the as- Bociatioa are ijwited to attend Both were traveling north on FM 523 when Roberson attempted to turn left onto the Oyster Creek Road..Fuller was attempting to pass at the same time, and the collision occurred in the middle of the roadway. No charges were filed. Another two car collision occurred at 10:15 p.m. Monday on the Anchor Road, causing about $50 in damages to one of the can. e>VA»v*» * «v» Drivers were Gilbert Wayne *TAK T *> LA IE Griffith, 19,,of Shanks Road, Angleton, and James Leroy Gill BEN H. GODDAHD of U. recovering satisfactorily, although still sore, from an appemicc- tcniy, GODUARD was rushed to l)ow Hospital late Friday evening and was operated on riglu away ... Among the many peuplu taking a swim or just enjoying the beaches ever the weekend were the Sll) WACNEHS, (he H. W. HAYGOOUS, ad MHS. • J. B. POPE and rlaught-r, UA1I- BARA ... .iappy Birthday! wuaes to- dt. to NOHMA JiAN TLE Jr., Jl, a Negro from 1910 Napoleon, Houston. Kiel said both can were traveling north when | Gill's car ran into the back ot the Griffith car with a slight , - tha, 18, and one brother, Jim-!impact, my, 17. Both have had Salk! Th* Griffith car ran o« th« vaccine, although Tommy had; road Into a ditch on the left not taken them because of deli- side, causing about $50. dam* cate health. j age. The Gill vehicle was not' Last week, Tommy had been damaged, diasnosed by two physician* ai| Kiel said a charge of follow HEW YORK (UP!) — Th* Hey. John C. Murrett of Buffalo. N. YM a Marrknoll mil- sionatr. taid today he juil completed month* of Inlenie (*»*atch for a book on th* influence of th* Bible on Shikeipeere'i writing when he got a letter from a man in Craniton, H. I Sixth, JlSOOp P. J. HStrston, 1015 West Ninth. »tora« room A $89,900 total was the value ^ d ^ M ^l ^^ 40 'ee^'»IOOtff of the seven building permits issued in August for Freeport A M3.000 business buildinj and a $33,000 home led the list Trs. R. E. L. Stringfellow got a permit for a building at 903 West Second Street, value- ed at f43,000. The masonry walled building ot 5600 square feet will house a 7-11 Store and a washateria. New home permit* went to G. A. Willis, 1531 West Sixth, for a 3000 square foot home Eighth, 30 by j« foot eWditton, J500. , . -•* tlu Y'- 0 ; C**oun. ISf) West 10th, got a permit for t-eo-ret* kidney shaped swimmf- -oo! and 6 by if foot both ••«* and patio, about S4500. , . The *eveh; building ">ttmits issued In August in Clute totaled $18,I4S. This facluder two ne- homes valued at a total of *I6.000. ••••,'•••• Coleman'' lumber Co. fot a T^rmit Jar a>H88 square foot home,atl«,We«t Orchard to be b»»m,fac*VJ«rn Crabtree It is valued. at_«75M. A pepnit t« ;,* brick veneer horn* ou McKay Loop Drive was issued toBrazosport Lum- ''" !o - The Home is valued at *wn unrt ha|l«0 square feet •*•• floor space. . Permits for-additions to resi- ""npM went to P. E. MlHor. 420 *""lni»tpn, earage an* room. 410 square feet, $1000- C. W • . f VSO square feet. J750: O. E. -j — <t ..»« t**»j d*v.*utM IMP | CMvi aaiu » vlinrge OX lOUOW*; haying polio and was taken by ing too closely was filed against I Hermann Hos-.Gill in Judge Robert F. Potts'! (hip intention* regarding^ Wevtas 'm r» 5 rf 1Si^[ a i" flhaktspMT*/' th. lett.r said, oi ...f^iirr.S?* Bern "d, ambulance nital. to 'Justice Court in Angleton. "Am forwarding 300 biblical which I .. SR suuare feet, $J20. Car Flies Through Air, But LJ Man Not Seriously Hurt .J. M. Florrpw, Lonir Street, "(got a permit for a m sauare •'jfoqt boat shed vajued at $50. or to coataet»*jK«n.. Warn Sears, CT 7-TSM.' % Pancake Supper The Freeport Kiwanls Club wfll hold it*- annual pancake supper at the^JTreeport Com munity House from 5^0 unta 8 pjn. tonight Tickets will be available a the door for those who do not already have them. TV wi'l feature brefled h- cakes, milk, and coffee League Meets , A report of Welfare, wealth. and Sanitation departments of Bratoria County will be heart •t a Lake Jackson League oj Women Voters meeting tonight at 7:30 p.m. The group wtt meet with Mr*, B. Q. Smith it 61 Mimosa Court. on Lake Jackson Road Garcia was reportedly a cigarette flipped by t Jackson num. WSCS To Meet The Woman's Society of Christian Service of St. Thomas Methodist Church will meet at 7:30 tonight at the home of Mrs. T. W. McGuire at 730 West Eight Street in Freeport. Mrs. B. R. White will have charge of the program. Sun Data Sets today 6:35 p.m. Rises Wednesday: 8:03 a.m. Sets Wednesday 6:34 pjn. Record Player Theft Added To Vandalism .Two record players were taken in the burglary of Terrell W. Ogg Elementary School between 2 .and 9 ajn. Sunda Glut* Police Chief O. C. Mer ryman reported Tuesday morn ing. School officials had discov ered two Audio Master, Mode 81, record player* missing. The are in green leather cases irambers. U '•ndelible ink LAOS INVESTIGATION VOTE CARRIES, KM By BRUCE W. MUNN United Prui International «nd J»5 . on the . outside . the cases Chief Merryman said. Previously," oniy acts of van daiism had been reported con ceming tb* school entry.' He also reported a screen cut at-the. M.. B.- Fitzgeralc home on-West Street .in Clute sometime over the weekend. I was reported Monday night, A charge of using abusiv language was filed by a Lake Jaekson man against Y. Garcia Moaday, Chief Merryman reported. It followed an Incident when by te Visitor 1$ Nea ictim An Adje, Okla., man who was visiting ia Angleton had a close call Labor Day while on an uting at Surfside Beach. Kenneth Terrell, 25, was vis- ting Johnrae James, 1120 North Arcola, Angleton. While on a swimming trip about a mil* ortheast of the Surfside Iridge, Terrell was a near- rowning victim around 2:50 m. When a Freeport Funeral lome ambulance arrived at the cene, Terrell was 'consciou le driver reported. Terrell was taken to Dow lospital. Hospital authoritie eported his condition as fairl, ood about noon Tuesday. The negative Soviet vote ordinarily would have killed the measure, but the council had ruled in a previous 10-1 vote that the creation''of the investigating committee was'a procedural -matter, not subject "The.foiirjiatlons making up the committee are Argentina, Italy, Japan and Tunisia, all members, ot. the. council. They The trouble in centers in the provinces of Sam Neu« •.:•.; Phong SaJy, bordering on both Red Viet Nam and Red China. , A week ago ,the loyal com- ttiander-y .. day> . .. appeared . :-—•'• -v" " appeared likely Investigators would be on (he way to Laos by the end of the week. Soviet Ambassador Arkady A. Sobolev protested the council decision bitterly, charging hat the majority was in effect rewriting the U.N. charter vhcn it overrode his veto. . "Tha delegation of the J.S.S.R. . . . regards this action is non-existent, illegal and not Jinding on anyone to who it is ddressed," Sobolev said. U.S. Ambassador Henry Cabot Lodge and other spokesmen or the Western Big Three re- ectcd the Soviet charge, point- ting out that the Charter spe- uically exempts procedural the big-power munist Columns were converg- ™=ia, au ^ °° Sam Neua ' ca P ital ot *• icif. They P rovto « ! °t ,'he same name, .-.'. noon ana said ha doubteu that the city ccUd ho!' out for more two weeks. .vevei-, uuormation jvun- isier bisouk Wacnmaitassak told '" •««••*» iviouuay toe uwaaers vm jMam uud pun>a oack across tue border, peVhaps because of the government's appeal to the U.N. , The United States is flying arms to Laos to bolster the govemn.^nt's etfort to repel the attackers. Two planeloads of grenades and ammunition r- iched Laos Monday, and a number of other flights are scheduled today. one car accident n „.,-_ on Plan- wa , gen- s to- .,, Llf-i :lnd Elm.In Lake Jackson. ) tion from th* way it was tra- , r __. — „.,_,,.„ inter- veling originally, Chief Brown ;ection on the Plantation Drive said. LE . . , i •«a«ww n.. JVJCMI, pa riama- • itr ? tc h of the highway, on a; The car also cut the tops off i>it. A. L. SHiH.iY ami DICK :i ? n Cou ". was traveling from •'»«" curve, hi* car left th*;of two saplings as it was [j.-iwiiiiM i—! .n 1.-J iverside Country rinh «n -oad on the right side. LUDEMAN, having all bad hick on their fishing trip Mori- day, boat trouble and no fish. . FAYE HIGGiN, on the sick list and missing from her job at LJ City Hall ... GUS VE1T, scheduled to go home today after spending seven weeks in the hospital . . , LJ Mayor KARA COOPEH and wife, ZILLA, seen doing '.• some cleanup work around their plage Monday. He was up in the air, on the roof that .is, while ZILLA stayed on ground level . . . The G. W. JOHKSOi-iS. .back from a vacation in Arkansas ,,. s as wa I bounduig through the woods. • VIA?n « _u«_j_-i -_._i : >ETVETOED NEW YORK (UPII-Shott. after police, volunteer* th* th* M»b ... „ tp Lake Jackson! Klein'a chemical engineer in Police Chief J.S. "Cap" Brown, Dow Chemical Company's Orthe car cleared a bar ditch, hit-' ganic Basic Research Depart- Ung the far bank. U then flewiment. was conscious when the jyer the top of bushes, about Lake Jackson emergency car eight, to 10 feet high, pen*- answered the call around 5:10 and ropr*«*nt«tivtf of American Society for Prevention of Cruelty to (mail captured Mrs. A__ Smith's escaped monkey, her husband, Edgar, announced luil the animal was for sal*. Smith itid he h a d learned ail wif* borrowed 135 to buy th* monkey. (rating the woods about 10 or IS feet. The door on the driver's side I of the car flew open and Klein 'Was thrown out at this (tag* of the accident He landed in thick weeds and vegetation which apparently broke the impact-of his fall The car then struck a tree trunk about seven feet from th* grouwj, byuaeing bmek to- p.m., Chief Brown reports. According to Chief Brown's check with Klein's doctor, Klein suffered no broken bones. After emergency room treatment he was admitted to Dow Hospital overnight for observation. His car was heavily damaged. What caused the accident was not knew* XuMdiy matters from eto. The council -debate focused n the resolution creating the investigating commiltee. w either Laos' request for U.N. troops o expel Communist invaders from its territory nor the US harge that Russia is cooperat- ng with attackers was men- oned. The situation in Laos itself ras obscure. A government pokesman in the nation's capi- M said Monday the Red invad- rs from North Viet Nam have withdrawn from northern Laos leaving only native Communist ifuerrillas to face loyal troops in *Iv«k" _»__ *^ in the area. In Bangkok, howe T.aos 1 Foreign Minister Khampan Panya toy officials of the Southeast:Asia Treaty Organ- •zation that ."conditions are deteriorating" in his redravaeed country, ' C on of the UN. General Assembly that opens a week from today. Sobolev used every means at his_copnmand to block council achon, mcluding the "double veto." with'which Russia has nrevented procedual actions in tti« oast. b.ut the maloH.rv overruled all O f his maneuvers. have lust witnessed the n* of the rerision of snapned angrily after his VIENTIANE, Laos tUPI) — The government today reported widespread Communist troop movements across -northern Laos and speculated th* rebels may be readying for a concerted assault on Samneua, capital of the province with the same name. The United States, meanwhile, was airlifting munitions to the royal laotian army to Jtelp its defense. Two planeloads of grenades were flown in Monday. Several additional loads were due today. Observers thought some of these 1st- ter might include small arms ammunition. Acting Foreign Minister Si- souric Nachmakassak told hi* news confernce that Samneu* village southeast of Samneua city was surrounded by a three- nronged enemy attack with r, « converging on the village. ' . • "Samneus probably will be attacked in the hear future" *« said. • Government troops, he said have already evacuated Sam"«•<• and arc positioned in the to conduct guerilla war- ^ould the enemy attack mrrner. Sisouk said a buildup of rebel 'orces nenr Muoneh»* ° _ ko • '-'cated they «•"> be usri as -'aging areas for the attack on the pro---clal capital. Sisouk said fighting also was the villages of ieua and Xieng. S O f against if. Rs - adooted because the'tbig five) permanent council voted . ."*>>* resolution does not have i- I^Tbls resolution — inot' re P or ted from Phongsaiy prov^ inee. He said fighting there has been in progress since Sept. 2. The acting foreign minister said three battalions of North Vietnamese troops attacked Pakban on Sept. 1, Nuongkhou* on Sept 2, and Gannganasan OP ~5pt. 3. He said since then two of th* battalions have .been with- dra.<n, leaving on* to continue Alighting. '" f or anyone ..." he said. The resolution instructed " investigators to report IPI^ fj-Ji^. ^^ t\, f COU ncil "as oon as possiW*-" i=avine th» •«* : -n e f effective action -*<<•-* the aMittteW

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