The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on August 15, 1962 · Page 11
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 11

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 15, 1962
Page 11
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BRAZOSPORT AND BRAZORIA COUNTV, TEXAS, Vto., AUGUST 15, 1942 THE BRAZOSPORT FA' Editorial—Ael»—BE 3-3511—Closslf led—BE 3-2411 PAGE U >•• 115 W. 2nd FREEPORT GCWlS /] FINE SHOES AND SO BEGUILINOI SEBAGO-MOCS Soft «uedt in »m»rt new colon makct yotit old-rimt favorite* — moccasins — iht ntvittl fnshion newj in town. Madc-in-Maine by »kill'd craftsmen to flatter your fcei to « <«re-thee-v*ell< Com* jn — try » pair — and Mt for younelfl 85 HIM as listed below. Sizes 6 to 11 In AAAA—Sizes 5 to 11 In AAA— Slzei 4 to 11 In AA—Sixes 4 to 11 In A'S— Sizes 4 to 11 In B'S—Sizes 4 to 11 In C'S. Choose from brawn, block or qrey suede. SPORT SHOTS By HAROLD V. RATLIFF Associated Preii SperH WrlUf Morlnfed Prr*» flportu Writer| Tliug, the NCAA, which has Tim NCAA and National AAU| brought colleges and high schools are mixed In a power fight. The | NCAA wnnts to take over the di- jrrction of amateur athletics and ithe AAU, which has been handling it for 75 years, doesn't want somebody usurping its place national and world sports. The main thing involved stronger representation for in Colts Down Cards 4-3, In 10 Innings HOUSTON fAPI - Julian Javier's error enabled Roman Mejias lo score from Colt 38's Down Rosenberg 10-0 Frcpport's Colt .38 soflball (cam One error was chalked up No Hit Game romped over a Rosenberg team against the .38s. Monday night in the latter city'. , . , n __ with a 10-0 shutout as Joe Vidrine M3tll L63DS PGA UOlI hurled a no-hit game for the .38s. Vidrine walked one man but no Rosenberg under H* banner (except the NA- wilh lhp winni n , n „_, __ A of 4BO small colleges) wont; rt , ?H st . rx) , lis „ ,„ ,„ jnni have anywhere to send the ath- !T , lpw1ay n(( , ht Javier committed the error on the second half of a doubleplay CORPUS CHRISTI (AP)-EI- roy Marti of Houston fired a 7- Junder-par 63 Tuesday to pace Starring sluggers for the .38s golfers warming up for the 42nd leles. There's still another point that the NCAA now has to consider. , ., . ,, . ... , , .attempt, throwing wild to first on iln the past the AAU has done; thp rdf)y Bf ,, r )akj „ , h , B |nothing about t h e athletic; from Knn ^ „„ Ha , Smi ' lhr>! scholarship business and the! £,„,,,„,!„,. ! made up of Freeport police, firemen and city employees, were Ijjrry Gilliam who tripled and singled in the seventh inning, and C. G. Bankston who connected with a triple with the bases load- NCAA hut it can't get it, so Ihe NCAA Is organizing federations in track and field, basketball and gymnastics. . collegians, who were getting their | grounder. Col(s ha(J „ , n u P , an . education In dehln on Ri , h M(> .. a exchange for their part,ripanon: Nonn Tj , rkl?r R * annual Texas PGA Tournament. Ten others also bettered par at the Oso Municipal Course. Tom Burke Jr. of Corpus Christl carded a 64 and Byron Nelson of Roanoke a 65. Defending charrt- pion Iverson Martin of El Paso shot a 69. tions have met in an attempt toj? lyri JS!» straighten out their differences. ° ' in athletics, were allowed to par- [,„ ^ Four times the two o*anl M - ^; ^^ "uiigateaj on a walk to Javjcr an(] ch ar ]j e PB no ; James 1 double. All have failed. longer will he considered ama-j Houston's victory moved the At first Mu* most DPonlp <:PU 7 ? ? "2 y L Colls h * rk into e i*th place thought'the NCAA 'would !ak C :!™ d -™ J ° f ..'?-"^ r J!SP t1 " M ** '> rad «' the Chl™*> Cubs. Don over. But a closer look at the situation leaves one with the M™\(n"^"ftb'oi'te\ne"toe*amrtmT that the AAU will continue to be; sport , 1)ody , n , lle Uni|( , d S|alea the power of amateur athletics. L nlpR ,, it used onlv tne TO ]|eg1ans To understand the situation it! pa y lnK lh eir way'through school, needs to be pointed out that each! Ah |f „,,., m}e ,, enforcod ,„ ed in the same inning. Milton Kruger, Frank nd Bob Carroll racked up hits Today's pro-amateur event Is ir doubles, and J. C. Joy got a the final preliminary to the 72- Aspromonte after the i single for the Freeporten during) hole tournament, which »tart» the game. I Thursday. na BURLINGTON, Iowa (A.P) Charley Ling pitched a no-hit, trv nin game as Burlington dowiiH Duhuoue fi-0 in a Class D Midwest [League game Tuesday night, Ling retired 25 batters before a Burlington error allowed the first Dubuque base runner. He then gave up his only walk hut 1 retired the next two hitters. He fanned seven. Ling is from Waco, Tex. His best previous effort was a three- hitter in the Western Carolina League in 1961, his first year in organized baseball. . iMcMahon (3-31 got the victory »* Gibson ?14-9) rf^iralert tn 5 , dedicaled to Over who manapprt thp 7^ L:, usT Tnnant In i to lheir last P mnant '" There nre world federations for) each sport carried on the sche- 1 dulo of the Olympics. But the overall controlling body is the In- : ternntional Olympic Committee of, which Avery Brundage, (hat great! apostle of amateurism, is presl-l the National AAU for seven terms j before becoming head of the Olympic committee. i The International Amateur Ath-i Intir Federation controls track, 'and field. The other day this or-, , ganization said it would recognize jonly the AAU as the governing; body for amateur athlelics in the i United Slates. The president of; the International Gymnastics Federa t i o n has taken the sa m e i course. All other federations are expected by the AAU to follow' suit. ; hand. His right hand was lefti it can operate ( useless and his speech impaired' more efficiently than the AAU,i h y a stroke which threatened: can belter prepare athletes for j rjy C1 .' s jjfp pjjjht months ago It! ••ompetition and above all can <1o| waa tne first lime he had ap- . ,._.._- ,_L. o( cr p at i n g goodwill | ppgfpri jn public sjnce |he strokei countries by taking! Commissioner Ford Frick also! on tours have | e AAU in B ome ;lon 0n ' He is in Hous- tour of clubs. There was a new face in the! Colt clubhouse. It belonged to HONESTLY, I DON'T K~OVJ 'OO XW.V/AVS HAVE TO BS NOUUKB'XOUR B«SB THI9 MOPNINS, OAOVJOOP some action at second BLONDS instances. The collegians also say the AAU doesn't pay enough expense i Jonnnv Temple who reported money, provides poor transports- j Tu^ay night, tion for athletes and has a poor - n ^ (s going , 0 ^ my , as( method of sclcctir.K coaches for year> - Temple said. "I've just Ihe teams making the tours. The; had cn , jueh . I can't play as well latter sounds off key in view of a , j U5ed to _ and irs mi much the fact that most of the teams ,,„„_ ,,., a ^^ rve go , , nings that go on tour are handled by| wnll enougn „, hand at home that college coaches. >j won't starve, so I'm going to The AAU. pointing out that ItiqyK" is an amateur organization and Ternp i e w . ns go acres of Ialld not very afnucnt. has to hold ex- n( , ar Tut . !!onf Ari7 _ and Ica , cs penses down. However, it must 6000 to „,„ more „,.,„ m ,..,,„,, have thought there was some, He also has a construction busi- nierit in the criticism about ex- ness p,>nse money because it now has A( '33 Temp | e h as spent one- announced a raise from Sla.OO !hird of hjs life jn , hp ma j or ppr day to $20.00. leagues. Houston is his fourth The colleges pmhahly would do , ( , am ; n ,, vcars _ ;j c ; s £xpf . v .tcd a more e/ficient job of running , 0 off the meets but they wouldn't ^ nsree with the Olympic Committee nn what constitutes an ama- tniir. Witliout taking sides .in the situation — and granting that the •olleses could do an acceptable job o[ handling the meets — it appears here the NCAA has two strikes against it in its desire to take over the operation on ama- NAII. AT HOI STOX tcur athletics in the United States. ST - '-° l Is .„ r „ „ HOfsros ^^^ Javier 2b 412 OLJ!!!J is 5000 Find cf 5000 SjancUr ][ 5 1 C 0 j M.:-.a! if .T 0 0 0 Per.drton cf 4 0 0 0 ! B G ?miUl 1' 0 0 0 0 Mtl'M r? 4 C 2 1 j «'r.;*:>;d lh ^ 0 1 O Larker Ib 31-0 i rl 1011 AWsl* 3b 301 ! i W> '.f rf-'.h I '1 1 0 H.Sm::n c 5000 ! BQ:-<T "b .110 (lAnv: rno -b 1 ^ '. n ' O: vrr r ^. t*I '1 0 Jirr.rsc.T p o 0 0 0 S.T.tffpr r 100 OaO.».^, 1 0 0 0 Mav. ,'I M A o 0 1 McMahor. p 0000 r.:h./i^ P (111 Titll- J.5 3 « 3 To'lli 31 < -, t : a - :\>;t;-^^ out [or Johmnn m ?ti: i/xiu oat oia flin (v—3 L..t™, , ooo r«> mo i—i ^;-,. Oliver. Jtv-ifr. WO-A~?t. Ho;:>:r?--, .10-10 DP-sm:!h a-d Asptntr'ort^: Box Score I UNDERSTAND, FATHER. I MUST L MOTLEAVtHIM I LWTILHEWRrSS O/ERTHEaiQOOO. NOW,VOULL UNCHAIN ME-HUH, FAT MASTERSOM? ) Tttf .l«*<H-!at*'i NATIONAL M3UR WRIST FEELS STRONG TOPAV-.VOU LOOK LKE VOU\'E HAP PLENT/ OF (J£ST LET'S SEE — OUT ON A PATE TCNiGMT, 4 ' Coacn'nff Change SAN ANTONIO (AP I.oriii.i. who coached the Rio iir:.!,-.^ t. si Loan 3. n!«i-.:. 10 inr,:n|s c,rnn<U> Cit>' High School football .• .K rrr '»-8 and MaMii^> icnm lo a season record o/ 7-«-l •••an Kiaix-.kTi S- ehT«so : i'M».i-!ph.B 3 s>« YIJII l. is !nc,.-.«. SAN ANTONIO (AP) — E. C. I mr>..r£n :.', I^» Ar-iiPif* 1. n.^nt v.iw:,utff 5 C nr.nnali i-u »"•! last fall, has taken the hiv.d job at San Antonio's KdK«'\vniid Hiqh. [ n j ne l osse s and O11P '' 111 tie I-'i-it season. I OONT PLAY NO FAVORITES- IT'LL BE A FAIR AN 1 SQUARE TRIAL--VE KNOW THAT WHEREAS AN 1 TO A FINE OL' HOOTIN'HOLLER, BOV FROM PIONEER STOCK .SMITH VORE MOVE SNUFFY \WHOS VORE CLIENT, GARNER O'SHEA? r- JUDGE POTTER MV CLIENT IS SUIWQ d.K.EUUM FOR WRITING AN UNCASHABLE CHECK SNUFFY SMITH i«t-.»mn *v.> .. s: rs us-, v ., ^ 65 - iU- M \V.t;lh -M "1 I It I M>A^ 'N Ul v l 1 1> ija. l-.ul \\pc'.t) •.'-'.' U)-tiv.i:!i- 6-1 . T'FIX THAT LEAKY KAUCtT WEU..VA CEE, IM A Bll TILL NEXT WEEK.' 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