The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on August 18, 1893 · Page 1
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 1

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Friday, August 18, 1893
Page 1
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• VOL Xiy-NO 303 '- ^v MICIU FRIDil, AUGJJST 18, PRICEWO' Very Little .Work Done at the ' V Capitol. ' 8ILVEK DEBATE IS THE HOTJSEl Pure A. cream of- tartar baking powder igheatof all in leavening strength Latest U. S l Government food Re- , ROYAL BAKING POWDER CO ^r 100 Wall Street, N. Y HUMPHREYS' --This PRECIOUS OiNTME^ is the triumph of Scientific Medicine. N Nothing has ever been .produced tc equal or compare with it as a CVRATIVK and BALING APfucATiON. It fyas been used 40 years and always affords relief • Jind always-gives satisfaction. . -• Cures PILKS or HEMORRHOIDS—External or Internal, Blind or Bleedinff~Itehuig and Burning; Cracks or Fissures; Fistula in Ano k Worms of the Rectum. The relief fa imnv». diate—the cure certain, WITCH HAZEL OIL Cures BURNS, Scalds and Ulceration and Contraction from Burns. The relief isinstant. Cures BOILS, Hot Tumors, Ulcers, Fis. tula?, Old Sores, Itching Eruptions, Scurfy or Scald Head. It is infallible. Cures INFLAMED or CAKED BREASTS arA Sore Nipples. It is invaluable. •Price, 50 Cents. Trial size, 25 Ceate ' Bold bj DruggliU, or Bent poll-paid on receipt of price. DCBjrailBYS'KSD.CO., 1114 111\TUIUmSt., THE PILE OINTMENT OAKTERS ITTLE VER 3ftk Eeadacbe sad relieve at! toe ticmblea Inofr •itnt to ft bilious steta 6| tha 9y»tem »uqh tf Htusea, DrowBiueaa, Distress -&rtac lnln^»U^eiae?&o. While their moat lo success kM bo«iahowuiiiour4ng ' • Beprcsctitatlves Diinlels and Ooldgeer Favor the Repeal of the Sherman taw. Both Houses Adjourn Out of lieripect to the Memory of Coiiffi-essman Chipman. WASHINOTON, Aug. 18.—-The eession of the house was an interesting one. No representative was more personally liked and politically respected thaji Judge Chipman of Michigan, and whenr the news of his decease was known in,- terest .in the silver question was in a measure' submerged in' sor^w for his taking pff., "• . -\ " After the opening prayer the suver debate was resumed. • , , Mr. t)aniels (Rep., N. Y.) spoke in, favor of the repeal of the purchasing clause of the Sherman act. Terror, he eaid, had taken hold of the public mind that disaster was bound to follow from the accumulation of'silver bullion in the treasury. The people had become confident that the law of 1890. which had succeeded the law of 1878, should be repealed. ' « • ' Mr. Cooper (Dem., Fla.) sMd that he •would vote for the Wilson bill and against each and every one' of the propositions presented by the silver men. . • He argued that the Sherman law^was the cause of the present depression. He could not resist saying one thing, and that was, when the Democratic party had governed the country for, four years, at the end of Mr. Cleveland's first, term, it had turned the country over to the Republican party, prosperous and healthy. The Republican party turned it back to the Democrats in a condition bf depression. Within the next few weeks, if the situation were not changed there would be lower prices for every pound of cotton in Florida; there would be adiminn- tion in the great stream of northern tourists. He did not mean that thirf latter remark should be taken in .its literal acceptation, because the people of Florida denied the statement that they lived on fish in summer and on Yankees, in winter. ' He. did not believe that the country could safely provide for the free coinage of silver at the ratio of 20 to 1. Mr. Goldseer (Dem,, Ills.) spoke in favor of the repeal of the Sherman bill r-end raised his, voice in support Qf the creditor class which did not, he said, consist of the bankers and brokers of Wall street, but of a great mass'of people. - v '•'•' . ' The at4 o'clock adjourned as a tribute of respect to the memory of T?^\TiT»iic/jn ^a 4-1 ir^i ./7H\»T»vn OT» *irVtstc*<l /Ian fcn cession or congress, "about tnree' limea the amount of Ins salary. He thought'* himself enthled t6 mileage as any Wdrk- tijan wflia entitled to .receive his wages. He Was seeking^ to bring about a condition of" thinglji by which workmen could got employment and could get their wages promptly. WR Vest said he did not care to discuss the qnestion. He did not think it good taste—to use n« stronger expres- 'flion—at ft time of di tress, when the people of the'conn ly were^looking '-to congress for i mined, at i relief, if possible,' and when from circtnnstances which he did not care-to discnsdy it was almost impossible to cpnie to a cohclu- eion, for senators to attend lo their own financial condition. He had attended the session called by Mr. 'Hayes in' the spring of 1870-and lie\ knew that congress, did not then vote itself mileage: But how, when the country, was in unprecedented financial condition, when the people were literally deman.difig bread and Were looking to congress for relief, 'senator's were Unable to do anything -else than 'to give themselves mileage two or three months tt advance of the time fiSed by law. Mr. Vilns advocated the joint resolution on the grotuvd that the extraordi- 1 nary session would probably run into the regular session and that the payment of mileage now would be merely an anticipation by twtf or three months .of the time when it would be payable trade* existing law. After some further discussion the joint resolution was.?., adopted, and O. A. K. tincnnipolant nt Tn<)lnnapo1l)i. Account of G. A. R. encampment Held; atIridianapbliP,ind., i The C. J, & M. Ry. will ow rate excursion ticket? frnua* all Joints at rate of one cent per mile in each direction. Tickets on" 8al|'Se^t, 3,' 4; and 8. Good retnrninfc \)&\B aha in 'Sept. 16,1893. Forlaj^rmatioa ; regarding time of trains, roWteS, etc , apply to nearest C J. & M. agentor^d the general passenger agent. f T. C, M. SOIIINDLEK, , Geu'l Passepger ,AjgenL. . Go-to Booghlon's for wall Now stock aQyrf'new etjles. , ., , message froln the being received announcing the death oCJtepresentative Chipman of Michigan, the senate adjourned. _ , Possessed tlie Town ADRIAN, Aug. 18. — Twenty-fi vee.>r,K bands and several thousand peoph' h. possession of Hudson Thursday, the « casion being the eighth annual ren-mi of the Michigan oind Ohio band HSSIK ation. The next reunion will be Coldwater. CHtAP Robert kintls'of tin Schelly is pfepand todo wVrk.-Hiop ^^v^sHt.E, 1» .-.» ^.- , rs fro Sufferers from Filed'aHould ktoow thai th Pyraibid KleXQure vlll promptly'^ ef-' fectuallyremov^ every tracb-bf themJ 'Auy rugglst w'U get it 'for" you. ' J Q ^^ $100 for a cage .of Catarrh, pjefccpiia, Ner vousheB8 and Sleeplessness thp* Cure will not cure. v Vegetable! Guro will break up Colds and aud Coughs, LaQrippe end its after ttt'ects Tremulous Weakness of the Nerves, Erysipelas and Constipation. }2 oz. fl^X). ' . DR. , vaet your tin war« mended at ScheHy'b tin shop. ' ' ' ' . v •"•• Gftyour wall paper and, paints a Geo liough ion's new Moie. i ' Died Abroad. PORT HVBO.N, Aug. 18. ~A cablegram from (Jeruiany announces the death of Mrs. C. G, Meisel, wife of C. G. Meisel, a prominent- dry goods dealer of this place. She had been in Germany for a year for her health. H<*a»cbe. yet Corter'a Little LiTar "PiUfl ore equally valuablo in CflHStipntlon. curing amj pr* Tenting this anno in complaint, whtla they olaa Acb» they •wonH l>a S'JDOS t ja-ioejegato thosp wtiC Buffer faom this dW iviwiiig cc'iaplaiiit; butf orta jUjtoly their good.. -•--'. ct.Jui uutcndhiye,and.tJiosa whooncotry tlic U -.. \\\ and '.besaJjitJoplliaTftla- In BO iujjy wi-.-s tbut they, will not be wit ,,RLou th- u. Bat alter aUelckt>*«4 . Vein of Coiil Discovered. BENTUN HARBOR, Aug. 18.— People in Baroda and vicinity are very much elated over the discovery of a rich vein of coal that promises to be quite extensive. _ ; Old and X>ei>i>ondei)t. GRAND RAPIDS, Aug. .18.— Guy Gloway committed suicide by taking morphine, He was 61 years pld and despondent, ' Chafes on babies, sore nip pith flamniation of the breast instantly relieved with Lavcudar Ointment • Just as sure aa hot weather comes thery will be more or IMS bowel complaint in this vicinity. Every person, and espatiaUy. families, ought to have some reliuole medicine at hand far instant use in case it to needed. A 25 or 60 cent bottle of Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy Sa Suet what you ought to have and all that you would need, even for the mpst severe and dangerous cases. It is the best, the; jn«nt reliable and most successful treatment known and ispleasant to take. For sale at Greene' drug store. • STATE JJEMS. Norton at Muskegon Representative Ghipman, whose death was announced by his colleague Mr. Weadoek. SENATE* PROCEEDINGS, Discussion Hud ou the- Hu.wso Joint Resolution For tlie l^j-uieut of Mileage. 0 ^ASHINGTON, Aug, 18.-^Contrary to general expectation neither^ the bill to allow' uatiqnal banks to issue uptes to the; par value of their bonds. deposited to secure eircuteion., nor any other financial measure, came up in the sea- ate. ] -v"-', Among numerous petitions presented in the morning hour waa one rrojtu-the board flif managers if the National Temperance society against the proposed BXX naqaths extension .of the whisky tax. Thft Montana, senatorial case was tak'ehup. Mr. Pasco (Fla.) opposed Mr. MauUe'e rigbt to, a seat under the ^oveijior's ap- pypltujent. Mr, 0»bois (Jda.) argued In favpr thereof. This, waa followed by-a colloquy between' Senators Mitchell XOr.) favoring " Mr. Chandler (N. SL) opposing Mr. diseassion i»as. interrupted by«a J - - - - - - $fa t *• • 1 is to be ' is on being •The burner} Hotel will not be rebuilt,. A new and attrnctiye cemetery located south of Ben ton Harbor. The Dorr swmnp near Wayland fire and much valuable laud is ruined. The Shaw Electric Crane company of Mu.skegou will hereafter manufacture th? dynamos for its cranes? George Beedy, the burglar who tried to bang himself at Buchanan, has beeu sent to Jacksou pcisyii for flve years. Owing to the failure of the apple crop in Kent county this year the Oay-M^son evaporator at (irattan will got be operated. Paw I?aw has sold fl5,CKX) of electric light uontis to the Adriaa,S«iving bank and wil} at once .electric light plant, Thesch«.»olceijsuH just couipleted shows the totiU nutnljK-i of children of school age ill Big I'.upil.-, in bk $1,481, a slight gmn Over last yt j ar. _ , J Forest flreb iu the northern pari of Bay 'county have all been *xtingu^ied. Many acrt»H Of vatbabk timber was, destroyed, but no Jh ei wen) lost^ u. Jot U«tl«QO J '«f A^ca. fe^l off at >yu,«*t eteclcoytu a, plU'hforkj which wanjt^eleaj tbroutii/'his Ij-Jily. uiing through/'" and ooa^'ii^ The Pyramid Pile Cure is a^nfew fojc the prompt, permanent cureofPilep in every form. Every druggist has ; it. A new remedy has created a senaatiou among physicians by its wonderful effects in speedily curing every form of Piles- It is called the Pyramid Pile Cure. It is cheap and simple to use, but nothmg re- . moves the disease so quickly, safely and surely, Any druggist will Ret it for you,, 1 Gasoline stoves cleaned, and repaired At E, If you want a tirst class lucih call on the new reaturaut, first <!oor th& Tontine. Wm. Shipley will pot you up a m<i>d 9rn house on short notice. Wans fur nished and estimates made. If yon are intending to build or repair your |b wise it will be for your, interest tq see him. Shop in the Clary street-.., • I have PV&iQR^aataBi J Si^mS l ^^S^a»v^S^** : w« I %«iW" t m^w&'-^r TJC ?sg^Bg?f» r^-y^^rjT^AiaaM lj f -^"ji'jy^V- - '^" ^ flf: ?•, H*l "^^*I\^ff^ ^j^^"^zjr* "--?H^' "* -" ^ ^^;*^-' i% -t"? ' A ^- -3 -.^fli: ? *-' ~^- Mptily*. v * ^%*fj»" , '- -,] 1^, ^*JJlVj „ , V=fi^

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