The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on December 11, 1960 · Page 9
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 9

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, December 11, 1960
Page 9
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Brazosport anu ja CLASSIFIED |02. HOUSES FOR SALE — — - r\KF, .fACHSON— 207 CArnollnn. H bod- rnoms, 1(4 bull* lloulilr Kni-mre, ncnr 10?.. HOUSES FOR PALE ... J.-U • <1U_U, J.^™^^^ UJLJttfa« I Kir,<M UAK3 o Hi-iliotittiS. liirtfrr Irtmlty ^ nci-ps with "(kl foot well, aepnrnte worh Bhop In rear. Will CfmnMer vour oldor I^iho JnrkHon home In trnrte- JOF, TAI.BOT nEAIJTT. CV 7 4<li n' CT 7.2MB. A buffet flint recent monlhly Jankwm Ciib F •iwnrds were r Will flnnneo equity. (IT 7-3W7. ISHAntnv OI.KN-3 brdroom^jirlcli. [cnrctl ill SOlTlH YADTON, S hAlrnomji, with kitchen-family-din] njr ftrcn, ft-nrnl ynnl. nirwlorn IB tomorrow with old time 4*.?* Ol terms. JAlrfKR M. KUWRT-RKAWOR ITT. 7.2-103 NlRhl CY 7-21C5 329 REDWOOD—3 tearooms, den. o)i rolNSKrrnK- CcnVrai hcnl fft. monthly. "0} rAIjADlUM—Buy or ront. Itli WRKT Wlh—Hcnl or Ifrnso purchase. 3Hi nAnnRNIA-»(if!. monthly. fTtt MAGNOLIA—Cflrpiil nnrt Icncrd, 211' UYFUESS—BeatiUful yetA, 13IW sij. " it. ilvlrut nren. FlJOtSTRR * ASSOC. CV V-2177 OY 7-7708 CY 7-7286 CY 7-M73 Ztl? PIN OAK BT.—t. bcrtrwimn, Inmlly room, l^i bnthB, mnulntefl. Reddl-Wlr cd, electric kitchen, 1 cur narajje, only li:),S75. FIIA >101 monthly. E. I. SAUER. REALTOR. TKXAH nETTElt HOMES. CV J.-VCl. '•inn rnri yard, wired for 520, $2.0(10. tqull »1.HIIO. r-T 7^133". HKBB W01JLI" tBN'I FOR $25 man Ihnn HIP fircspnt 'Tioitthlv pnymcnls? Buy now flnd bun!' Ihr rcM Rff7 and 815 w«t 'In Htrccl. Hrnnil nrw FIIA . Iwdrnom tiomc* with ex!.*, laa-p (am L)<n L, Wltn lly rooms. Monlhly r-nympnts only *7K': n o r |/i n mother wllh .TIT low .low,, rnymrnl. SOUTH . ™ «Pll^moini. ; TKXAS REALTY BF, 3-M10. ] 831 mW 2B8-Cllltp—1 bedroom, fom- mpricni Arm. E. I* SAUKn, RRAI.TOTI, CY 7-77G1. 377. Several Keutel School. The pru' began with inspec lion iiy Cimmnster 3. B. Dempseyjnrrl Woods, James Peveto, I »^ _ „ ^1 •_£ T^ n ..1.1 Onti^n OnAM_ IWil^/l CHrntllPI 1 . Wrlshl i'is don mother. Awards were pro? cnled to Randy Crosloy, Danny Man, Grey Welll. Tom Thomas. Danny Marrs, Len Eckennorger, Steve Moo re, Dale Derhpscy, Rodrify Balderree, Danny Eckenbcrper. Rich• "—*- and '•> «.':„«•'/•,"?'** % Gene Good, find her nr.s!? Mrs. L. Hanley, of Den 7, were welcomed. and Den Chief navld Payne. Open OTionieS were presented hy Drn 3. with Mrs. Dnlsy Peveto Mike Strotlier. Also, Mike Evans, Alex Morgan, Mrs. Bonnie Dempsey Hal SeroRgins, Joey Dobbs, Alee Morgan, Donnld Olson, Jerry Wolford and Terry Huhbard. tlcn mother, led the Rrotip Tile pennant for having the There are move health insuring Minor WreclS 3CK i litai iivv(i-i'.iga'.«Jt'' a miiiiji aulo acciclciit In the 000 Block of East Sycamore j Wednesday morning. They reported that a 1960 Nash Rambler driven by Anona organizations operating in Texas j Vera Eagleston of 814 East Syc- than any other state. These in-'. amore was backing from the elude 379 insurance companies, drive, and a J951 Chevrolet two Blue Cross-Blue Shield and Medical Society plans, and 14 other insuring plans. NKW HOMKS KAKBARA V1U.AOE—Ukc \VuO(l Drive fl bcJrMm brlek-WBlnficot. electric lilt clion, attic Ian. BI'.A7ORlA--3 bedroom or, N(n. York .d Wilson HI. Lnr«o HI Electric kitchen. Attic fan. sen a. U Mnr MCKW •> "an AN 5-532? nRA7(KPORT JMBEH CU. slnRin- A Alt on "Journey to the most parents present went to Doiijpeake Bay Center M the Earth" was prc- 4. Two new dnn mothers. Mrs.ltrndn route seiiird hy Don 1, with Mrs. Ruth' Helen Hnvlik of Den 6, and Mrs. 1600s. Peter Pan's Christmas Story driven by Charlie Dolly of 530 East Seventh was going south on Sycamore when the collision occurred. QKSHE By CATHERINE MUNSON FOSTER BUTTERMILK STATION ONE OF EARLY NAMES F Oft ROSHARON The use of the Potomac River from the river's mouth at Chesa- penke Bay to Alexandria as a dates back to (hejboomerang again and again until! lit has tile correct curve. By Walt Disney MAY8E HE'UU. ) s\ \ ev/cM.. ' y • • John Evans of Alvin called by i person living at Masterson's State see me at the Library the'tion, a colorful character called "By-Dods" Baker, the nick-name being derived from his favorite expletive. On days when the Bakers Australian aborigines trim „ other duyxvitha further anecdotes about Joe Bonney, the fabulous conductor of the Columbia 817 MAGN'OUA, 3 bedroom*, with extra 103. LOTS t OH SALE Inrjfe flosflfl, fowTd ynnl, nrw point, Ol equity or iifw lotin. .TAMF.K M. KTJlRKT-RKAIJrOR '. CY 7-2132 Niliht CY 7-2K.3 LAKK JACKSON-A 3 be oom newly pnlntcd humn "300, town, including cloning. 507 Kim SI. CY 7-e(M7 OtJH DBAUTIFUL M011KL 3 bodromn, 1H r>nt!i homo at 102 Birch, Lake .Tnctcson. Shown by appointment. C^n- irnlly healed nnd fllr comlliloned. \Ve will build on your lot Will Mil tlii^i mmlcl house. Your lot nrccptccl down pnynH'tit. K. 1- Hnucr. GULF LUMItt'.Il CO. CY 7-77GL WILD TKACII—2 br'lroum. 10 ncres. high groiinil, iifcnn Irrcs. JOP Tnlhot nnd Hotter nratto JCIR TA.UJOT REA1.TI CY 7-111 I'V 72i:H ) lirdriKini, I.Ti'jje kit' p l>('n rltnin^ nifitn, fnnilly i.ioin. I-IP"». T'uik tor liin-h ynnl. fc'MA only moulhly. B, I- SAUEJt, III:AI.TOR. CY ;-77Ct 57.MJ buys IIAI.1.M.M1K All-Ilrlck limne equity on youth Ynnit'.n, Balance JICTJ. monthly, tnxe^. InMirnnri- Included. RUWLANP llf.AI^TY CY 7-fui:. fiinnll 2 bedtoom IKIII^''. cm P-i ncre in'cnn trees. Unruiiiii. SW 8-7M«. Nt;sv nor;-;':; 60? WAY-.1 VJjnomJ nil ron<1iliimr(l. corner f>(n CKNTKIl WAY—1 Ix/ilrootus filO CKNTWl WAV-?, hcrtroonw 1019 SVOAMOHK—3 1»rilrrj«ms, 1 t-nr c""'. 1 !" lOTil SYC.\MOREir-3 bedprmib 1 bntli. Kf/l PYCAMOIU^S b«irooms. • b-ithi luia HVCAMO'KE—3 "-dr-Kinu JOiV SYCAMORK-3 bcdrftum 2 t-ar nai'u«e. AInnv other pifins u CIUAX-V troni- K. I. KAUKU. f'.HAl..TUK TKXA8 IJK'ITHR HOMKS 93 Forest Ouiu Urn- CY "-7TBI 210 nitOCKftlAN—Clutr. x 124' cou.ti lot. only SAUKIt. 1U3ALTOIL CY ?.TT6l Itl.i ASH LANE-3 tieomom. Ininily rtjom, 2 car iratanc, electric (::teln-a. ir.sulnt- cd. patio door, votir present lot or equity may be accepted In Irade. SI. L. Bauer. Healtor TEXAB BEiTKIl OT 7-7761 10:1 Pir.'OAK—K.f]tnty— . bedrooms. bntlis. electric iitenen. fenced. ^ cur unrajc. comity. 51750. E. I- 8AUEK. KKAIAOK CY 7-77IU- _ LAKE DAJIBARA. li£ntnr.d Tart Subdivision. Just canpietiti: 3 bedroom home; 9 lull bnllu, laprao. EJeclrie kitchen. anel lamlly room. I'onlrnl heiitm/t. arse 2 ;ai carnae wild shop nrcn. Washer—dryer coi-rn-cnons. 90' x 140" lot. only S12.5CU. SIMMONS BCI1.IM.NI> * StFl'LY CO OK ::-3ji« Addition Angleton 3 ana * ncdrooms Brl"k and fr.iino 1 i and 2 baths i&.gc family mums -i m • -mlies In An^lrton call XI S-(i71? or TI P-5251 JOE ,ALBOT REALTY CY 7-4411 LAKE JACKSON Near A. r, Beutel School 3 nr.rl I bfiliion. 3 i.,lli«. ^ rnr SI1IUK1 t>> * Will TratlB KNOLLWOOD Bales office at I-»»I> Roa<1 ntul 1'lnc Ht. CV 7-4181 GI'S $50. DOWN Will Pay All Of Your Closing Costs and no payments due will Feb. 1 10.11 BUT THERE ARK ONI-V l'l HOMES LE1-T B Bricks find 6 Brick und Ceiliir ShttHes IMMKDJATE POSHES3ION HALLMAKK HOMES LEO ANUI-IKSON, Agent CY 7-7010 TRY FACTS 7 CLASSIFIED AMD WMEM 1 RMISM THIS JOS FOR CAPTAIN MOOK AMD SET BACK TO NEVER LAND, AWVSE WE'LL EVEN LET A\E LOOK THROUGH HIS SPYGLASS, KNomvoon Loop Itond 1'inp KNOU.WOOD CY 7-Hfil bay or NH!hl UMM... SMEE TO NOSTM POLE. PACKAQE SANTA... MWA' ...SAD NEWS ...MUST ACT CHJICKL.Y . VACANT 1.OT.1 for Kftlo-lV...llnf Morulow finh division. All Illtics lilnrktnn strni'U. rCKtrlcttd. B. D. OUFTON. I'.MAI.TOR, 1)1 IM631. P\'MM CltRKT SUB IHVISlON-2 ntrc OAKP rreek front lot x 21IP. only JJZiO. E. U 8AUKR. TOIl, >'1 7-7701. VNANTED TO SEND SOMEONE LIKE YOU FLYING SOUTH . IF YOU OWN A SWALLOW. /OUR LIFE \WONT BE HOLLOW BEAUTIFUL,! EVEN HOW DO VOU DC, SIM —I'M SELLING THESE LOVELY POPCS.LA1N WADE UPA POEM H r> c,,K''r, frontnije lot In OAKS. Beautlflit /fhndc tree BUSINESS PHOPEHTY TA ;l-.- np t" I-'' •«< Hwy :«l lor leanc. I0f deeu sliclled- idenl 'or i'^ed lol Wi! Iminove. D!''. 3-1159. YOU ore looklnK I'tr n riin;i!l su ID), ollin-, «i-lt to-nti-l, vvi' ha 111 A'MtKP ndjolnin); Hi|;ii!;in'l nirul. Bnrn rorrnl, ilwii v.-;ll Kuifti-'il iirc-m t-Cf;. lilfjil fur : sum. J17.yiO. C I: 'I I'.K.M.TOK. fiB 3-1111 SPONSORS WILL FWY ME L BUT, BEST OF ALL, I'LL BE \ I'LL PRODUCE AT.V. SERIES'! I'LL GIVE > CDJRSES IN YJW TO I MURDER.TOPTIXIRE, I AN'STEAL. I'M GOING TO TEACH :n<,v,E TO KIDS AGAIN- ^ BUT INTH'MOPERN V.'AV.V RESPECTABLErr TH'HBl WOr4'TPuTME,AT.V.PFO- I DUCER,ON NO 'TEN MOST 7 > DANGEROUS CRIMINALS" LIST, MUCH /OS I'LL C-CHUCKl£!?) DESERVE IT.'.' MILLIONS FORCORRUPTIN , AN' TV. STATIONS WILL GIVE ME PRIME TIME TO DO IT// 2 A'M'.F^S on ncrc. VVIM t!i; i, \n:K(i-\viiii I'c clraicil. KM iwr s:i:i-ll Pfi' ": M'UK.'- nra:-u:'lli-aw«cn). aid UAH. bnlanco monthly. KOWMM) UF.ALTY rr 7-cr>i3 LIL 1 ABFEB MAW 1 IN I SECONT DURM VORE HIDE, i wuz NOT \SNUFFy : ru GIT '^KI^^^ewiF^ L^S rC LIE DETECTER r, FOOT ^ bedroom Ifi'iH model Innbile I,, mr O.,«l C nr..|,l.on. .«ee nt 001 North Uta'c..: Ai^leliM. TI 9-Till. 127 TRUCKS - TBAILERS lOI!OK-15'.fl '-.-l»n Pir'«i"P- from exas. No nwt. -Mud flrip , 8. USE'.. CARS FOR SALE ^™1^^S^ r« ra «= S SNUFFY SMITH ,..TO GET YOU THOSE TWO DOZEN BANANAS/ ™SINCS TH TtME YOU SENT ME T TH* STORE LAST SUMMER WELL, I DO FEEL MIGHTY I 1 GOOP.AN'HAVEN'T BEENj I SICK. GRANDMA V MY.BIL.LY. j ,,~^_ I BUT YOU RE I 1 M A HEALTHY- TOXPE K'jtHTY in 1SS 01(13, all power ' r. for '"»' rW or " XJrl1 cnr 111' I LOOK-IN'r-r- It ^ I BOY.'.,™' 1 T.yMOlJTH-lU-'H pavoy '_> door In excel- • xrcllent mci'liann'nl Consider AN 5-^ - lii)w<l in cxecllem tonaitlon. CY : 'wl.LY3 WATION WAQON - e.ii'lition value WTO., lor I'ichun . Will I'uy itil'ercnce. UK GRANDMA THATS NOT, FAIR/ VEAH, BUT HE'S WOMTHS PRIZE THREE TIMES. I PONT THIMK H6 SHOOLP SET IT AGAIN THS MEN SEARCHBP FOSi WW AU. LOOKS AS IF BEETLE THE CAMOUFLAGE PPII36 A6AIN, SIR l.«.r I-'icnrli I'nnhurd Hint u lln' iiiilliin. Kxcfllcnl m «»l »'•'!>" Will lake 1*15. CV THAT WAS O MINUTES '. WE SPECKLED £&&'./ ENJOV .IT, iM 06ED TO IT NOW ' / CORAZOM ENjovwa iHe I eNJos n VMHV THIS 60PDEM AFFIRMATION OF AFFECTOM? JUST &ECAU5& i APMITTED THE rioosE / 6EEMEP EMPTV AMP / MWM! (SUIST 'WITMOOT THE / IN UTTLE -T6XAN J A child.., one of tens o)thousands who need your help. Please give generously to the MARCH FOR tfiUSOUlAR DYSTROPHY MUSCULAR DYSTROr'HV ASSOCIATIONS OF AMERICA, INC. 1790 Bioiiiwjy, New Voik 10. New Vmk :Tnp for whom the town of Bonney 1 churned, "By-Dods" would meet was named. ; the f rei ght train with a bucket o( Now, the railroad may not j buttermilk and a dipper, and have shown much profit but, ac- <reat (ne CTew to a drink. cording to John Evans' father, Joo Bounty did all right. He was Thus, it was the crew of the Columbia Tap that gave the com- ablp. in fact, to buy China Grove: mlmiry its next name. They call Plantation, which had once be- ^ ;t "Buttermilk Station", and, longed to famed Civil War Gen-.though it proDably never appear- eral Albert Sidney Johnston, with; ^ on any ma p a s such, that was his savings. :u, e \ oca ] name for it for some John Evans is an old timer and \ years, he is full of reminiscences. In thej' Alon^. short lime we had to visit, wc| a fabulous character to these barely scratched the surface ofl p . irts _ a character who would A long in 1908 or '09 there came!- ! n ^ r scn001 ' FHEEPORT 301 East Park Phone BE 8-SS2J Mon.-Tues.-Wed.-Thiiri. 3:80-8:30 Fri.—3:00-5:09 LAKE JACKSON Phone: CY 7-2821 .•:. •>L Mon.-Tues.-Wed.-Hiu«, 2:30-8:00 - -rri Friday W p.m.- r .' r ~i BOOKMOBILE 8CHEDTH.B: '-• •" Monday, Sweeny Element *Yy~' School. 9:30-10:50 a.m.; ll:8S : ar m.—3:55 p.m. ' Tuesday, West Columbia HSgh School Tennis Courts. 1—4 p.m. Thursday, Clute Junior H.igh his memories. As a very young man, he worked in the then brand- new West Columbia oil field. He remembers the main street through the boom town as being so muddy at times that a certain large Negro man would take off his boots and add to his income never be credited il he appeared in fiction. His name was George Colles. He was a highly-educated, exceptionally well-read man, and one of great eccentricity. He bought a tract of land just west of Buttermilk Station and called it Rose of Sharon Garden Ranch. by carrying passengers across it in | He ,,i anne( j to make it the show his arms. The far was 10 cents place o ( tne nnt j re Western hemi- a trip. ! sphere, it not of all the world. In that connection. I remarked j However, his passion to. perfec- that during my childhood the road t i oll j n every detail, plus the per- p.m. The German Tourist says West Germany is so prosperous that it must import foreign labor to meet manpower need*.' between Bailey's Prairie and tinacity of the Cherokee roses. Columbia was often well-nigh im- (j e f ea terl him in this project, passable. It runs, of course.| As tne community developed, through the Brazos River bottoms. | tne irreverent citizens shortened and the rich black earth would ! tne lovely Rose of Sharon, and become like so much ebony glue.; by ^ e tj m e the town rated a post when it rained, as, it seems to! 0 f lice j t was known by all and me now, it did more often than ;sum ij.y as Rosharon, and such is not. Us name today. John Evans' comment concern- A ll this interest in place-names ing this stretch of road was more gn^ ou t of Professor John Q. colorful and descriptive. 'Why a 1 Anderson's (A&M English depart:bird couldn't hardly fly over it!"! mcn t) query about certain spots he said. 'in this area. Mrs. J. P. Gill of Angleton County Engineer Will Lewis dropped by the Library that snmc; was gj^, by to see me. He had morning. She was raised in tbej R i vcn son Ed. who is a student Bonney-Rosharon area, and her' a t At.M, my first column on the] stales ol early Bra/oria C o u n ty i Euo ject and a couple of Brazoriaj •ould make a book. She told me,! County maps to deliver to Pro-i among other things, of the vari-jf essor Anderson, and he had a ous names by which the town oli,^ can} o [ thanks to show me. Rosharon has been known, and the, p r ojr ; ssor Anderson may be a bit stories behind the names. 'overwhelmed by the time we It seems that at first it wasl^,,^ v^th his subject, but he called Masterson's Station lot,can't say we are not interested. Billy Masterson who owned the & Snn.-Mon.-Tnw. "HODSE OF USHER";. Vincent Price ." SAT. and SCT). ALFRED HITCHCOCK'S PSYCHO Noose For A Qunmari plantation where Kamsey State Farm is now. There was only one BBAZOSPOBT LIBRARY HOUHS Movie Producers Scared By Talk About Boycott By BOB THOMAS .be asked to take the pledge. AP Movie-TV Writer ) The Motion Picture Association HOLLYWOOD (AP)—After two;has largely ianored public reac- vears of tinkering with movie Ition to its change of moral atti- "morals, Holly-wood is getting j hides for the screen. But it scared [couldn't ignore the bishops. The film industry is once again j The producers agreed that films confronted with the hobgoblin of j have been undersoin? an evolu- boycott If there's anything that|tion to "adult-oriented prodnc- can create a scare with the movie |tion," but denied any change of makers, that's it. I moral standards. ' Holly\vood faced the boycott 1 One wonders if they see their ! threat in the '20s. when scandals [own movies. In "Strangers When and racy films prompted the pro-1 We Meet, Kim Novak and Ku-k 'ducers to hire Will Hays as puri-i Douglas have a blaang adulter- 'fk-r. Again in the '30s, a loosening! ous affair and ™ne out of ,t un- of moral attitudes in films brought! scared^scarred and ""repent- public censure. This ended in a!ant Prosbtubon B rreatedI m teasa-aaissss-"^ ^measure of drift from i "Spartacus" and "a.ddenly. Ust SHOW STARTS 6:30 FM TOURS. Thru MON.... PSYCHO ANTHONT JANET PEBKTNS LEIGH THE GENE KEUPA STORY SAL MINED SUSAN KOHNER ALWAYS .; TWO CARTOONS . imen o bishops of the United States. a state-; raiuuniis uu S m well argue that Catholic!they are dealing in nothing new. Adultery was a theme of the Iliad national crisis" was what fn an d the Aeneid. Tliere is eroticism iform ot the "presently ineffective" production code. The Legion of Decency pledge to boycott indecent, immoral and unwholesome films will have added force next Sunday. On mat day, faith-; ful in every Catholic church will WC Twirlers i Gem Honors At Regional Majorettes for the West Columbia High School emerged from two Interscholnstic League regional meets recently with top honors in twirling. The quintet of twirlers entered the twirling camp held in iBellvillc in conjunction with thv i marching contest of Region 5 '' Pamela Barak and Sh«von Brunt were awarded first place medals in solo performances, •vvitli Judy Kay and Pamela •ay winning second, and Sherry Gilbert, third. The quintet placed second in the ensemble. The senior high band, uiu'.er the direction of A. L. Kubena, placed first in inspection and third in marching. The twirlers entered the Region 2 contest in Pasadena this week, with Pamela Barak and Sharon Brunt again placing first in solo performances. Slier-, ry Pamela Gray and Judy placed second. The quintet! placed second in the ensemble. ; Sharon and Sherry placed first in a duet, and Pamela Gray and Judy placed second! as a duet. ' doesn't always treat these themes classically. The result is too often j shoddy and sensational. i I' NOTICE TO ALL OUR CUSTOMERS ANDJJE PUBLIC OUR STORES WILL NOT BE OPEN SUNDAYS The Sabbath Day We Will Be Happy To Serve You And Take Care of Your Shoe Needs During Our Store Hours 8:30 am to 8:00 pm, Monday Through Saturday. Lets Rest On Sundays — And Worship •».• FREEPORT SHOES WEST COLUMBIA

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