Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on June 3, 1947 · Page 3
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 3

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 3, 1947
Page 3
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dfrd Indecision M jNftfeoldfitet re- npaerfi patents o'f L ftftd Vacillating."' S!h6 , ln - to hls ?^F t6 might make °* ^security nte' minds. eft that Pun- him feel re- Th * y Bt> wKfch keeps mbdehi par«. ft eftftsWttt ttrfmoil. But I, Wjttttffie for the cdnflieit? so tie r Y came out all the harm lugf Jjaft? £;r~Ji";r ctfm Ptexes and should tiiitti ? • as cauti °usly as dyna- . I? Patents now find themselves sofnewhere between the old and' the f^ s '°* 1 ' ^ ow *° Wing up chii- And until they are, they're to be torn by doubt and "- m? lu !fv ieilc "^lecieamsmeni Ai-iake McCifcllan V ' ' *' . vice president; Miss| C ook Te*^teTto~ Mae . the sub' Deb club en aft; "oVernight" at Lake Me fast , Friday niitht. The -> t - K> MiHer;, sponsors, s, Skeet Roberts drove the girl he lake in her car. Duilng the e ^ en i n S they enjoyed and games and roasted returned home Sat. were" Misses' borothy deUa Roberts, Phyllis ;,Patsy Miller, Lela Ward. e Sue Hart, Barbara Coon- na Ruth Be^e. Margaret Margery Dixon, Betty Barrett, Cah)l.'pferkins and Joan Thompson. Bolconrib Hostess ress Glub '—Mrs. c. A. Hoi The SoGiaT .... ,.,. , TUESDAY •°° '^'l Knt Kluh will ...^ •* Ivtineen Campbell, 1330 with Chris" meetinB recently hi th c liyjll ""' at its Idst meeting Mrs. O. Cof.--- r !;Mesdames.W. r> '"V5* ~?t'tf^' ^ nd Roy Davis, a nc "-^•Mgldjrte. Dfevis, all of Miami.,Mathers'had charge of ,th6, program., .which; was on "Music MK songs.- Mrs. Ma'thers presented Mrs. Roy Davis who sang several delightful numbers and displayed the.: formal dress and (he medal • u -'"i .won in voice while in K. Poglesong conducted -T-^-quiz. and Miss Maudihe >,g&Ve. a musical reading; .° ".o^fess served refreshments' fertile: meeting. _._ r .. v Executive Board M|i|is.;lr6night at 7:30 ^Ttfe^Executiye Board of the Busi JJJffiandi-ProfiDssiohal Women's Club *?ft;*old- their, regular monthly meeting at 7:30 this evening at the home of Mrs. E. E. McNutt. a.™ rn WEDNESDAY i'.iJU v^ll'CIC 2, r*l'6sllvt(>rJn 11 f~*1nii>n1i 2t l N le sS| ln . ll0mo °' ^ J'" 1 White,' 1. follcnvod by ix-kular meeting. 6rV " BuBlnosH meeUne- of Women's . .»v Christian Churcli Group 3' to "Alr« OV r1 re A A{ ^ luncheon In liome Jlrw. ft. A. Alack, mi K.--Barnes ."lectliiK tn follow at 2:80. "«"" «', , BCS r. UI , rcle ,V 1 ? vl " meet -with IN West Itutl 'erford Apia., !:30 T 'AVSCH'Circle 3 .will meet with Sfln-, J ' E> Miu '? ltls - l eud or Mr B . Ptir- v'? 1 !.'-!" .as previously announced. Circle t, Presbyterian Church , . ,. c ,, nton ——. — • -«»*• *T-Oil>OUlI t 1 ?I3""J" B - S6cfe tery; Miss Ida Jofies, treasurer,; and Mrs ' Pulps; parliamentarian. »Jk r : ^ e 7 to * d tne '"embers that the trend in medicine tbday is toward education, of the public and greventative medicine P tte dfs- i subject under the fblipics: posture, working cbrtditions, use of leisure "' diet, undue exposure, ;,—. routine examinations -„, family physician. Dr. 'Kef" concluded by stating that gbod health is of the utmost importlnce to working people and if lost may be impossible to regain. V - - PAyne presented the committee on a and Mrs. Madeline member" WaS welcomcd as a new attending were Mesdames _ Laffety, Lillian Jordan -, Payne, Johnston, McNutt ^=i^ mmie Btone; Misses Florence Merriman, Murriel Kitchens, Leona ffi ,L and Ursula J ones; Sample Food Must Watch Her Weight Ladies' Auxiliary of OWIU Meets Tonight Business Wonted I Plan to Attend 3-Day I State BPW Convention At least nine members of the lo cal Business and Professional Women s Club are planning to attend t.n D cf«t» convention of the Texas -.. scheduled for June 6-8 Antonio with headquarters Plaza Hotel. The sessions f- e ^' P/J^ided ov er by Mrs. Edna Gaston Hoffman, Houston, prsident. ip will leave Thurs- hine o'clock they will jo tbiy^ri'"'!" 1 ''"'; from tnis seLwun. ?rf « ng »JS, attend from p ampa anrt'^i 8 ' M ? ldred Lafferty, president, and Mesdames Roy Chisum, Prank % T *'K* , M ;... Cbn . e - aid Emmctt HORIZONTAL 1,$ Pictured ambassador to U. S.j Dr. Guiilermo 14 Locks of hair 15 Delineated 16 Hops' kiln IV Repudiate idWeaj'jr 20'Onager 21 Sloth 22 Biblical land 23 Even (contr.) 25 Fourth 5 Lone Scout (ab.) 6 Conducted 7 On the^ ocean 8 Pigpen 9 Area measure 10 Feline 11 Sourly 12 Caravansary 13 Arabian gulf 18 Symbol for nickel 24 Asiatic kingdom 25 Caper 27 Breach 34 Skeleton organization 36 He is chairman of the governing of the Pan American union Arabian caliph 2? Deed «nto n Limb Scandinavian 37 Wild hog 33 Country 38 Either ~" Merriman, Clara" Th PV "toiVf Crt » and Ma Sgie Hu llls . They Will attend all sessions during the three day convention and will return Sunday night. Group 3 of Christian Church to Meet With Mrs. Mack Tomorrow ^roup 3 of the First r-% t , _. , tne «*u*nc ui B. A. Mack, lie S. Barnes, the luncheon and meet- .. wi l ii, 30 *?. re8 r. yt y >l "5 cir(;lc 3 will meet with Mrs. K. C. . Casey. .Those plan- T -- at 515 West Brown. rTTj; V . Allen . secretary o'f the Ladlea' x Auxiliary, OWIU, CIO, of Cushing> Okla., has been invited to BpBaK, All members of Local No. 235 have been urged, by those in ' -"™-vw. v »». \<ja, < fl w- J5^ IHELENA BLISS: Excellent cook.i By ALICIA HART NBA Staff Writer ^•u <. apoor co °k, the women isnt tempted to sample her own Pies, cookies or juicy roasts B™ tp£r,f C °M ™ h ° succumbs to the temptation has more trouble sler^vhoZsn't^e^toeSl typical weakness of the -— _ Students Present Musical Program SHAMROCK— ( Special) — Th P Imrmv^ High School Senior A --.., i.noir and Junior Mixnrf .Chorus 125 singers, trained and directed by Miss Patricia L Rankin hS ted , a , COl ,° rful Program of re- "gious, classical and foil- sonirc HP f ° re U a ,^ a . nd . e »«^asti g c Sbe at C 26 Limb 28 An 29 Parent 30Co~urt (ab.) 31 short-sleep 32 Metal 34 Mountain pass 35Ta*i 37 Prohibit 38 H6. is an envoy —— Nicaragua 40 Child 42 Chances »"> Verbal 46 Prevaricator 47 Ascended 49 Bewail 51 Retrograde 52 Shores VERTICAL 1 Portico 2 Expunge 3 Ship Devotee JM S,^ C Jl?l >c " Btf< pholr. which gave its-first conuei-b time, after weeks of Holy Souls Barbecue 'And Spring Festival Sunday Afternoon m 39 Crazes 4l Very (Fr.) 4 3 Compass poin 44 Individual 45 Permit 46 Lady 1 in Art (ab.) 48 Diminutive of Edgar 50 Pair (ab.) I OT» • <$ 4w. M5 m IZ flfa Reporis Heard by 4 ' ' Legion Auxiliary al ^ Meeting Last High! : At the regular meeting bt the American Le.gion Auxiliarv Mofrtfii evening in the City Cliib Room! Mesdames E. E. McNutt, L. : IC. 'Stout and Roy Sewell were appoin'tedTA nominating committee for fie* 1 efi fifers. The meeting was pr over by Mrs. Mike Roche in t sencc of Mrs. W. L. Heskew, de?it. . •>, Mrs. Roy Hall reported oh tH6 recent Spring Dance Revue p're-. sented by .McMurtry's Studio bt Dance in the Pampa High 'Sctiool Auditorium which was sponsofed by the Legion Auxiliary. A report on the sale of poppies conducted locally by members of the auxiliary oh Saturday, May 24, was given • by Mrs. Roche, Poppy Day chaJrmflfl. it was announced that the:next meeting of the auxiliary would be leld at 8 o'clock, Monday evening", ' July 7. in the home of .Mrs. E ; E McNutt. . " •-• rJ 30 r VI ¥ rn ° ' - Jl .Club will meet with 839 S. Jlobart. ^>L-Hiiiai iiiueiuiK o.f Iiocal Clmn- er Order of.Baatorn Star, at Han In White Deer SUNDAY . .110 . and' sprint'- ,feB.llval ochool. Games for young , t Ml nirt 3: WeddlnR.of Miss Norma Jean , all possible. The Auxiliary was organized at a,recent meeting held in the OWIU Hall.with 11 charter members. Mrs. f' J?;» Carglle was elected president a "£ Mrs. A. W. Griggs named recording secretary. ^.^ U "iSL^ ed ch ? r "s appear- to Special Occasion Gingerbread Spread hot' gingtefpreacT. peach preserves. Top with whippec cream and ; decorate with walnut ' '' Ask me •• - '•* '' p about my business 388 or 47 j;yu vveaams.or Miss Norma Jean touthwick, U».URhte» ov Mr. and Mrs ?• , Ji Sputhwlclr, to William A. Wnuk. KiiM, Okla.. In Zion Lutheran 3hurch with Rev. R. L. Youne official- Local Boy Receives Honors at Kern per Cadet E. M. Keller, Jr., son of Mr and Mrs. E. M, Keller, 1905 Rlpley, was honored,, at the Bl l,Q3rd annual commencement, at Kernpe'r MilitaW School, • : B6bnevllle, Mo.; May 30. Keller was named a member of the Athletic .Honor-Spclety." Only 15 percent of the -Student body are eligible for this award Fried Chicken, Apple Pie Are Here to Slay LUBBOCK-Pried chicken and apple pie .are here to stay. Vitamin pills/mineral extracts and otner forms of concentrated food capsules will probably never replace the present more conventional numan diet, according, to Dr B q Good\in, Arts and Sciences dean , cences ean and chemistry department head at -Texas T show Admit- - - — —-• wj^vunuiit cook Rif 0 "; ;~i ? es say so he i'self, Miss Bliss also confesses that she eats like t"» proverbial truck driver »-«u" f *5 e P art y-;est calces ever cah be made by simply spreading glistening jariv .from the grocery ; on,the' tob ot- the cake anW the'Sides with either whipped crgam_or powdered sugar icing. Richi Is Your FlfH dttAT (Jufdaied? Lei J, L ZAjg^E R^sfyle if N01l|,... at a saving of 25% %i Your fiir coal may loioJt out-rfatcd . . . but in the eyes of an experienced Zable Fur CpmpaJny designer there may be the makings of a smart 1918 silhouette. You arc -| free to consult us without obliga^ t'fori. EsMwaies are giveji wltfeui charge. Our prices are extremely J low , . .because we remodel more furs thaii any btlVer furrier in West Te'xas. "•' ''' ''" ' ' ' . ' V. - . . ..ww* J M^IJOi. 1/HlCHt III ,,.Technological College. -.-., eaye.numerous reasons to stantiate his theory. In .the first place, science has not y^ ea . 1 '5? d ' t? manufacture all. of mans complex food needs syrithet- •cally, and probably never will. Even if,.this were possible,,the synthetics would probably be too expensive to be. practical. .Also, a;.man's stomach could not. function efficiently on ,a, diet of thirnblersized pills — it needs to be literally full before ougestive junices will f^ow. ..,J<row..if successive generations of man should choose to HVe exclusively on these concentrated capsules—if they were available—and finish filling their stomachs with hay' to start.the digestive process, the possibility exists that: in a' thousand years a man might 'evolve with a very small .stomach capable of handling the food pellets' alone ' .But meanwhile, little girls' had Jest go right on learning to cook It isn't very likely that men will pass up beefsteaks and French fries in favor, of fodder. . So, professor, please pass the strawberries . Ql'icfc SALAD IDEA ,.)H ,"" e Sa ' PHt chilled pear halves or pineapple dices on : C risp lettuce and -• spread with apricot preserves. Qumint jelly, peach jam or orange niarma- [ lade are equally good and they are all available at your grocery store, , , ' - ™SS^£ W S3S*»« get rid of the pounds gained. Her carefull * ration her faocl '"take quet of Bliss cooking 8 & " a a "" or obliged to sainple^haTyoTcook eveiy day, i s to cut down judicious? on the amount of food eaten when you sit down to your meal, or If »ke Helena Bliss,-your reward for cooking is in the eating you CM cancel out the bad effecte by taklna S ° ff f ° r a 10ng W£il k after to| Discussed Club i £ lvl « < ~"-:«-, (special)—The Pa-i Home Demonstration Club met the home of MI-R wiin.iv,, ^ ' In honor of the Senior mpmnprQ who will -not appear agate with thl chorus, Miss Rankin closed The pro- "iv/ri^wrii T? , concert rendition of bSd^KI'uS'bS'ttaea SSSS^tSSf.^ " S — _ Dinner-Bridge Club Entertained Mv HA ^ OCKl -'Special).—Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Fox entertained the Wednesday Dinner-Bridge Club at their home Wednesday evening High score prize for the ladies o, a H ^ Vard f d to Mrs -' Socti McCall, Benson men Went to Lyman Mrs. Yyle Stoner of Biloxi Miss gue d sts W witf e PieIdS w ^ re s ^ial Pm?n ei ?i t: 0Me f. srs - an< 3 Mmes^BaJrter Purcell, Scott.McCall, Lyman Benson, Bob^Purcell, and Harry Clay. ~~ T—r—•- -: «_^j •_ • 'Laws Concerning Children' Topic WSCS Meeting MIAMI, Special—The W s C S icenthf fM ° fV° dl ? Cnurch m ct 're-' icently in the home of Mrs Hill Nelson with Mrs. w, D. Allen host- Mrs. C. C. Shield: cave the Dm gram which was on "Laws Concerning Children." Mrs W H CraL Rave a short devotional on "Whcrl Children May Flourish." has just bean compieted°ai a id dS an- olher study will begin next Wednesday at the church on" Race Re pay the expense of Lw eg i r ° T a ? rainin ^ scho °l to bo ov d ff A , manlI ° in June : also a ^V 0 g^t in cash will be sent to tSS H^ th , An derson, a missionary ii-om this church, in Brazil There were twelve members arrt one guest present and theT served a lovely -refreshment Friendly Hour Sewing Club Holds Meeting The Friendly Hour Sewing Club met in the home of Mrs. Graham Reeves, 529 Pitts, last Wednesday for an afternoon of sewing and games. Prizes wore won by Mrs. W. r Gibson. Mrs. John Phillips, Mrs. D VI. Covey, and 'a guest. Mrs. J. W Hopkins. Secret Pal gifts were ex changed by memoers and Mrs D L. Sanders was presented with th lostoss prize. Refreshments of cheese and frui salad on lettuce, cookies and puncl vere served to Mesdames O G Powell, Fred C. Fischer, Covey, Gib on, Phillips, Clifton Taylor, Cleo luff, V. S. Adams, Sanders, E. A 3ryant. Joe D. Essary, Robert Fu trell and the guest, Mrs. Hopkins The next regular meeting of the club will be held with Mrs. Bryan on Wednesday, June • 11 -iberty Club Meets With Mrs. Randall" PANHANDLE. (Special) — The Liberty Community Club met fe- enlty in the home of Mrs J W .andall with the president, , MtS. w. H. Lusk, in charge of the meet- ins which was opened with,, Hie' singing of America and readme .of the club collect. .' The program of the afternoon was an essay by Mrs. Paul Obrecht Ott Freedom of Youth on Metcalf, L. C/Robinson, Leo'bettdtJ and Miss Doris Metcalf. ; .:,' The next meeting will be in 'the home of Mrs. R^. Robinson, .^ ( ™ PIN WORMS NOW CAN BE BEATEN ?ih"i°i ?OUElt •" way *° tleal with »t that lives inside. the human body. - y> nnks toa s " cci! >l. medie Walr ^rsideh^'on^iSyr:! ious things were brought out A covered-dish luncheon was serv- orf ^ Mrs. Myrtle Austin and son -, Mrs. George Reneau, Miss Macina, and Kathleen Annette. '•' guests; and the following 5. W. -B. npvt-.r'am! , .on The r.r,;.-,!I. .y WET WASH Cc per IJj.. AMERICAN «... LAUNDRY 515 S. cnyler noM ^ ,'DAO'Si SURELY.-, CHEERFUL! THESE HE /; SHAVING p ! >- - '- Bertramt Paul Maclfe'a, W. A. Allen, dcie Par- a-ish. and .Dusan Pakan. Buiion Front Eftr HAKE YOUR FOOD DOLiAR PURTHE rpducts • '*&. N Too much rett ii rust. JUNE i ..troops' L.tKt v your |«r «oit cm be restyjed into a new }Q48 fasWon. fW? pvfce inciu^s res^yjinf, re- $ ; —{tenjamin Frcmklin dis- ciypred electricity; with kit« experiment, 17?2; t 8—Allied invas'ionol Euipipa staffed, 1944 '•;••' 7-^Dissolution of union b*' tween Norway and 5w*-' - den, 1905. •''i&M'&Sffii-***** ... '• by oongfTess, J9 X >>»« IK. How'qrd Pa •' I head ihe lisl of economical fopcis-in addition you get added vitamins and minerals. Fw Endurance For Health For life 8039 J2-4J : Daily by Adults and children Alike JO-VNRRA, ci lift, 1943. 'By SUg,, BURNETT ,, »w«g-yoMr day start right, "rt's'V-shgiwn here with cool trimmed with ric-rac tp cheery checked cottons,' »te ov flower sprinkled fab^, BUY c«rdi ,< f \ i PAMPA Ih^j ^ ' ic^i |*i* />''*' '^V'w^jws'jjuuiiVmwv*^ ?ffl^S+r$^:'' "• • ••

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