The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on September 1, 1897 · Page 2
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 2

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 1, 1897
Page 2
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*• * i , ( [ ' _ _ f { '„ trr-*^ » i i ! . " J " ^ * S " ^,' * iW F ^ •" t' r~ ' "J - ! ? y ~~* May cHftoirtciifc seitfeinw t, -^ A THK DAllY CIIRUNlCLB. fb-ifistcifod at th« dtSiivc., pOB* tot trattHportAtloti ttir6ngtv the mall* at second i'lfl""" rnt<"/«. MM or revived at the office o* B«wt Sme ?tMf f i. Mi MG&BS* Pu Hammond Taln- Artiong tho general laws which became n.vth uniform text book law, which waa •passed ftftpr stick a fcard etrttggie last tniitef./Supertete&deat of • ihtbiJe Instruction Hammond has given ottt sonic ». valuable information concerning thelaw* 'which is ft voluminous document. 'It provides for « commission to ,<3OiJBi«JlL«^ the state tioard of 'educatioh and three school eomtnissioners to be appointed by the governor. This corn-mission will ee< 1<?et or pf otfart tbo edtnplHatidm oft a BB< tj«* of text books for use in all tho pri- ttuiryor common schools of the • . 1. Distrlcm that are now ftupplj'iiig free text books to all pupils for use in k the School or school* of the distrtet, 2. Di'strictB may a,t the snfiual school ' THe^tings or a»; anj'^gpecinl or genornt election °iti the yeftrs 189? or 1898, by a rnS- -^otity' of the qualified olectorti, deter- niinu to furnish free text books for use Jn the schools of th<? district. 3.. Any district which, Bt any arrnual, special or general election in 1897 or 1898, shall determine not to place itself under the operation of Jtho uniform tost book law. The iaw inakea it mandatory for school boards iu districts where free text books da not already prevail to submit the question of adoptihg free books to the electors of the district at any annual •school meeting or special or general elec- .tion daring the" years 1897 or 1898. Tho commission provided for "will not flit until Jan.'l, 1899, and the uniform series of text books provided for will not be selected until after that date. A Cure for Bilious Colic. CE, Screven Co., Ga.- I have been subject to attacks of bilious colic .for several years. Chamberlain's Colic, Chofcrti and Diarrhoea Remedy is the only sure relief. It acts like a charm. One dose of it gives relief when all Other remedies fail. G. D, SHARP. For sale at Greene's Drug, Wanted at t\ limited amount of cobble Btone oe- livered near Electric Light plant. 'Price 45 cents p^r ynrd. Enquire of ' C. JSojJEMftN; . Oliftiaijftn_Stjrt>fit Comniittoe, MarHhall, Mich. I'etcr Loekw,cK)d, at the Hurd mill is prepared to MX change flour for wheat. He haiullt'H thu Yorkvilte milling company's fluur, <mo of tho beat brands made. Carpel laying, *»tove» blacked and «et TlpTrnrnltqrp puching^itt*. Leave ora>re at W, K, Uoaky A, Son's aadF. B. Suyder's. R. I Oroccries, Always frcBlj nnd p«w; strictly high grade at kiwi-st prices; prompt dfliyery. Givo t|» a cjvll'aud be convinced at the Porrittviile store. ' ' ' A . WOKTH Y P-VI-MBIS, Prop. - Clifford's Toliaoco cure ia a scientific spi<ciiic for the toltitccp habit. It is guarautued to cure in ten days. No cure, oo pay. A. O. Hvias. jlf the Baby is t'nttlug Teeth Be sure and use that old and well tried remedy, Mrs. Winalow's Soothing Syrup for children toothing.' It soothes the child, softens the gums, allays All pain, cures wind colic aud ia the beat remedy for diarrhoea. Twenty-five cents * bet- tie. Plaar. "4ri4 jtioiijier floor by too JOS" lb. f in your own bags, no lightweight of 96 or ^ Ib*; aleo Albknj piitaiit; the best flour, made try it. ' ; Chairs *nd t*We» to rest for partiee Get yo-ur job work done at the Otmmi Gart.iewt tga^b jgour protect bar duriOg l»fc C*U »t thescbwl Iocate4 in the UuUding State Street weat. Afineehoe drttsaing fpr ^an aud show, Fer sale by.Mii K, B. gole agent, D*lia Burg east, ot wheat, cort. barle j u»d tie jw,' 4# * .Ag«ut, y.OWColoBy Klonflffco now attracting; tho attention of this Whole World, j^nd the results of and quarts mining are f ally equal to the flndfl Of nrtggette in the earJy California days and oxtraordiHftry being offwed to p^ospectore, practical minors and jfiveslort. rfy nwtt spring the gold fever ^illhaVe taked' possession of thotiBands of people, aid tho wptern foa'ds^witf feffv? ftH tJ^rif do tq. transport the fwt-tows The Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul rartVray, snd ite eotmwjting Hb«», offer the best f actlitieifor reaching the Alaska For further inftwmatbtt, a<Mre$s Harry Mercer, Michigan I*ase. Agt," Jas. -Van Znhi. ^pressman, has obnfrs and tables to rent for Mlnlnp School. A high grade, atftte technical fichooh Practical work. Elective «yste«r< S tn«r «ourws8, ,,OJy«« doges' df 84 B.» M.and Phro, JL-aboratoTiBBifffiopfijT .i w«)l equipped^ f For ^italogues ad < ss At. ^. WttdBW0fth,Ph 1 »„ Houghton Michigan. Cordett.6. 8, PAjr Vfl-nr I will be at th« ofcce of the JJHerndon hotel duriitg business hours untjl f«rth« notice, for the pniposfe bt receiving .city taxes which »re now due.^8ftvo tfio extra collssction fee by paying no^« ,: • M. S. DKl»AVl£H{SNR, -City treasurer* Miss Bojalfiy_wimtakfl^|?upils in voice culture during the summer months. 'First class job work ftt at this office. Talk about style, talk about it! But have you seen the stylish wedding invi t&tions, party cards, individual cards we are putting out? They're pure style Don't you need a trifle of printing in tho above lines just about now. We have the newest and latest script type. ' Notice. Call at Barnes' for Diana's Chase. Is yoflr time worth 50c a day? Then that disabling headache is expensive. "Blue Streak" will cure it for a quarter. Notice. I ato prepared to do ladies' and children's shampooing at their homes. Leave orders at Clark's barber shop, or at 35 east Green street. Miw.W.W. CLARK. Wheelmen Take Warning. Riding on, the sidewalks in the city is. strictly fornidden, and hereafter the ordinance relating thereto will be enforced The penalty for violation is a fine no exceeding $25. By-&irder of th6 niayor. ft. Bt'TkKK, Marshal. $100 Upward 8100. The readers of this paper will be pleased to loarra that there is at least one. dreaded disease that science baa been able to curejin ill Uattago a,od-that ia catarrh. Hall's tarrh cure is the dbly positive cure now own to the.' juudioal froternitj-. Catarrh being a constitutional disease requires a •onatitutional treatment. Hall'* Catarrh •uro ia taken internally, acting directly apoiji the bjood and mucous aurfaoea of the '•yotftin, thereby destroying the foundation of the disease, and diving the pitient strength by building up the constitution tad muting udture in doing its work. Che proprietors have ao mueh faith in it* curative powers that ibex offer one hundred lollarafor any case that it fnila to cure. ^ nl for list of testimonials. Addres*,F. J, CHENEY 4 CO., Tolodo.iL»_ Sold by drujfgiatu, 7Sq-, " '.. , Hall's Family Pilfe are tbe beet. Hi. r.R. SHEPHERD Keeps ooae but tit« BEST MEATS , T<x be hwi (o all ports of the city but thing a^jat and clean. ,., cap always getaciettB^tut at SHEPHERDS'. *|«v. , Pa; .; MM Hvrk, Jf f ; 1*. of U. S. CIGAR , « * Will Be A* , ^ Marshall, Hotel Royal, v ^ rf Friday, SOT. 3d Otafc I>ny Only tn Each Month, •[•**"". 6 ' Con*Hl titlqtt iwtdfttaminaUoti free and strictly * DM B. a, & Co.,'devote their attention to dlmftsm of tbe eiyc, oar, throat and lungs antbma and ccnmiropUon atod all ohrouio, prt<- vnto and nervous dlmatea, defnrmitiea, grsmuat- «id lids, oroM eye,deftfne«n, dl«tiOan;e of tbe emWj bronchtHc, chronic cotigb, jtoil re (big ueck) fever norcs ami ulcorn, BflKhva dlseasn, rheximfttiera, all dl«ea8(>.K or kidney* and bladder, 'b»an, •lotnach and nertons-dleea***, chorea (St. Vlttw dance) tfcner*! ileblHt.y, Bchrotul(i ( eklthdisoftBe*. .tlHiKWui) of men- ami women, and aU diseases dutt to' bad blood. - Kpili>psy. or fits, positively cured by a new iuid n«y«r, tailing remetly. *~m«7 B.. S. A ';<>• main K Bpccialty of alt forme rif~rectal dfstiageg, piles Internal and crtornal, ftcbinfi'aiid bloddin^,-rectai Dloer^,.R0iiroB,fi6t'iila which are often taken foe nertona and lunc; trouble, all cured. Remember we cure all forms t)l nlloa witbmit [tain Ititutrnptlon or detention from, busttwfje, and withonl the use of knife, nanstlo or lig» ace. Come and be convipcert. TO YOUNO, «IDDUK AOK1)' AitO OLD MSN Shflorlnff from cpcriucWrrhooa, Impotcncyr-Ioet manbood—or from weak nesp. brought on from errors or IndiccretionB In youth or over Indal Kence In later year«, are given permanent relief. Absolute cures gnarsnlecd; nirlctly eonOdentlal, Tumora ana caucera cured without acids, knife, pain or ecar«. New methods. Catarrh, New borne treatment. Unsarpaaaeb aprt cheap. , QuaranU'o to euro every case of dyspepsia, sick headache, pile*, tape worm, and stricture. '£gr We will K.lve«p«cla1 attention to dlfflcul' cases and to caebs other pbyniclana have failed to euro.- Fergjna appiylttg for twatnu-at will please bring a or,&ounccs oi urine for analyst?, TKpse who are^nnahleto call, oan write full partlc nlara of their caac, and hava medicine vent ny express,witli full inatruottaba how to be taken The firm of Or». B, 8. ft Co., wero incorporated peveral year* since with a, capital of. $!0,000, hence you take no chances u you euiploy them. They are tvrfpon'lble and well known. Address, DRS- 8., 8. * CO-i look .Hoi I'l" Munkngon, Jl'ch, The Kite! !<m COMPOUND sirmlaimg ttefo ting the Stomachs nnri Bowels of f Hfi GREAT and rtest.confatos ndfhfej- FOH THE Liver and rKidneys. Aperfect Remedy forCoiwUpa- Hon. Sour Stoiriach.Diarrhoea, Worms ponvutsions Jevcrish- aess and LOSS OF SLEEK facsimile Signature of %£& YORK. EXACT copy or WRAPPER. \\AWib FUiND KTC. Twenty cent* a week fur oacb notice not ex coeJIng rive lUica. do cbnago leps than twenty ountit. "", \T' r ^>."l KD— An- oppriiiitlca to learn d.reaa. «v in king. 'Apyiy to Hi-na' Ha'»u iclt, Ka»t Uati t u «ir«n{. ^ 'u^ RKNT-QouiJ hou-e and birn with lartfn lot on ISortb; Mttmh:i]| »»eune. Hwiuiie >n premtee* or »i 'aouttieact (onuTOf Mauvlou mi.i Jliiratml. uveuuu. 'OH ){KN'l' -iloilicoii North M"d)Hoo ctraut. ' « of. M1W. W M. C.UN NOR. \\' \NTKD~Ouod girl lor VV Boqairu *t • fcne at »ioui«wwork. T} JJICKKUBU'S. W AN ED—A B'H'd girl 'or gBntrral home- wont at llttii. K E. OKON IX'S. F OH REST—Two »tory boole on w«*t, -t»te atnvt. KuuJloof J. S UUaK of »ljc rooiun In desirable lorutioc, to r*pt t*»fft i»t. ,Koc p»riipui»w Inuulrtj of . W. L. buck, torner Mikunlou *ud Jhuluerty i(feeu. • . ADIEU, I make big wag«» At borne, and want. alj to faavo tbo same opporiunuy. Tbe y pleasant and wul e Thu i« a ' work in very pleasant and wul east If pay , I want no mou*y arij to all nenillng . A. hTEBBlNS. U»wrei)ce, Mich. F 'OK BBtJl'-M» «M»t|««<iat lake r<-«dy - hiinUI»»<J, ««ta h«^ «>ut W«»«J trf»«r Aug. St. For wrom, euqaJre ?r widrow. ^ A. A?HOLMES, Mftr«l»iU. * T&Dr-it&f wiib obllil at aeren yawa horna. *»^ulre at *h& office. / r At>Y *OSNT« WANTW-Fur Manball and L • yietoUy. VatJ at corner jif Qraen §ireet «9d . L. M. «1M>WN, ftpeciat amiut Om 014. .rtwnK aud tfi ome for wait w^t ftw OB*U county officer, w J»f«U t^aelber prpferttd ^ fxn«teus« «e«j(l <*«. ^Mi «D«d » attmrfljiteuasnt U. gjie > »*ry ftflbe . e corruut method of •tallcltatfuK, wbicli -A situation aa maerai houac Pleasant, Safe, ^ i , Reliable ii OR. LANE'S Kola Compound Cures Dyspepsia and all tie rangements of the'Stomacb Kola Compound] Cures Sick Headache, Torpid Liver and Biliousness. Kola Compound Cures Constipation. I« a Brain and Nerve Tonic and Blood Purifier. Kola . Compound is the peer of all other medicines. • Kola Compound Cures Backache and Kidney Troubles. Kola Compound Is natures remedy — potent yet .harmless. It tones and , vitalizes the brain, nerves, muscles, heart and stomach, in brief rejuvenating and building up the en,tire system, enriching the blood and imparting to the whole body the freshness and vigor of youth. Kola Compound Is composed of life giving, tissue building, Herbal and Vegetable Extracts, and contains nothing injurious to the most delicate cousti- , tution. Kola Compound , Is indorsed by many emj- nent Physicians and Scientists. der If yotf are suffering %ny den*»gement of Stomach, Liver o? Kidneys, Blood or Nervous System, Koto Cow* pound. It wUl not djwp^ point ypu- Price 50 cents and fl per bottle, Kola Compound ; May be. obtomed of Lane at ^^ ^ pleased^to ^rnish isrith literature, eta, jra^ardlng this ' vo&d«ifQl remedy. Dr. Lane ewfave *n the ic diorttf^B. wwl jfj|jfifjing^ij| of tbejueivomii »y#tem—in both aadl^auile. Cqnsaita- aad " ""' FEE JE, , A limited uumbei- of .uaUa ia town wa oowaty Rot Ynur JOB PRINTING UUl I UIII at Chronicle office. WRAPPER OF BOTTLE. THE KIND, YOD HAYE ALWAYS BOUGHT. I»W YORK CITY. Three Opinions: "The CHICAGO RECORD Is a model newspaper in every sense of the word."— ' ffarrisburg (Pa.) Call. . "There /s~7io paper published in America that £o nearly approaches the true journal" istic ideal as Ths CHICAGO RECORD."— From "Newspaperdom 1 *- (New York). "1 have corns to the firm conclusion, after* a long test and after a wide COP parison with the journals of many cities and countries, that The CHICAGO RECORD comes as near being the ideal daily journal as we are for some time likely to find on these "mortal shores."—Prof. J. T. Hatfield //, The Evanston {///.) Index. . V V » ' Sold by -newsdealers everywhere and subscriptions received by all postmasters. Address THE .CAGO RECQU$. lSLMadi$o»-st '- , For the Last IT , . r _ f ^ v ,,,_, _„„ sumption in stock, and would sooner tiiink ? groceryman could .^5 %|?_ feri we^ oottW without te jet a piano, limited I' ttt tbe juwAee ialjMKtuctioix a botttee of GiffiordB's wUl Me (fiv«i away diug atore, to re^*bl^ wfa to.rid tliem- W)iv«B of the dfi»r«jE0r bo*»cca in form. CaUat<>nc«aod l S*J»."' V '"" to .going w«*t Sept. 1, I ail our tmusehold gwds at private wJ^r u»U early ^s jtowible before that dat " Firat d«M wssiol Ffesi>y twiaa cbutelx. LOUIS a. JOY Ooe, *«wJ e*r (Special of <m eye, wr, BOW Polyclwalc.) . WAI.KH ,! to thebtietintliewofld. Mr. in Work for tb reei years.

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