Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on March 4, 1969 · Page 3
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 3

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 4, 1969
Page 3
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Ski resorts now operating More roods return fo use as latest rain fizzles out Redlandt Ooily Focis Tuesday, March 4. \969 Page 3 Uses medallion to distract Today's fair skies are expect- od to continue Ummsb lomoT' row accompanied by slishUjr co<dcr temperatures tonisbt and warmer readings Wednesday, according to ihe Weallier Bureau. Yesterday's prcdicled Hsht sfom fizzled out as far as moisture was concerned. However, it did bring cloudy sides, cool temperatures and gusty winds to tbe area. A few sprinkles and drops of hail were reported in Redlands bdt at the weather station on Brookside avenue there was not enough moisture to even be called a trace. Temperatures dq)ped to 34 de- Ne\-ada. Winds should diminish bct«-ccn the Redlands oil)- lim- in Ihe Valley tonisbl. they pre- its and San Timoica canyon road dieted. is noH- open but "wc prefer no Tile storm ftwit brought only heavy traffic." a few snow (lurries in the moun- The vest approach (o the, fains and UtUe prccviution elsewhere. As a result Southern California road conditions continue to improve after the mass 5/se reporfs answer What coused avalanche of mud in Wildwood? Short-change artist makes off with $150 bridge over San Timoteo creek was badly eroded during thel flood and county crews have! been busy since Friday filling] _ ttZ .'±^r ^.'**''"'^Sl ^/"inrse ';!tU*' '^^ "^la^I -chrof muTin" Wildu^'rln ^iT What caused the devastating cd the site on the old Davics ^•^to KvSSi of Ifigh- R ^s1i ;;:^s«perin.enden. t!^- «'«^«*'^ '^''J^'^J'^ I^^^^L ways this morning reported sSv -l Jack Shefchik reported today;""?^ „ ^ ri«,irf^ If h ^T^v^J^S^ eral new opening. TTie River-lthat Syl«n boulei -aid. betu-cen! K**^,^?-,."f f'"!.,^"?!^ hi^^ « side F ^wwaTtorough Santa AnaJLincoIn and Dearborn streets, is-^^^ hrf''™ ^5 feet! A short-change artist, using a Isige silver medallion to distract the attention of bis intended victims, bilked a Redlands bank teller out of $150 yesterday but failed in a later attempt to short-change an astute jewelry store clerk. Police said tbe East-talking man. 30 to 40 years of age, ! walked into Provident Federal Savings, 125 E. Citnis, at about; 11:15 a.m. and asked a woman police said, the man apparently of the transaction by Roy Lefe- distracted the teller by fondling bcr. a large silver medallion mm] Lefeber, nlio recalled a warn- around his neck. i ing from Police Capt Warrea After he left the savings and i Elliott some time ago in regard loan office, the teller realized the man had in his possession his original $150 plus $150 of the firm's money. Police said the same man attempted to short change a clerk al ^Vilson's jeHclers, 118 E. State, about 90 minutes later. Canyon is now open to motor- jisis heading for the beaches. Highway 3D from Boulder avenue (North Orange street just outside Redlands) to Snow Val- grees last night — seven de-l ley is now passable. Highway 38 grccs cooler than on Monday, from Bryant street to Camp An-;have an "abundance of snow The wtine of a few wind ma-igelus has been opened foremcr-land are now accessible. passable. But. he added "It's sUU in bad teller to change $150 in one and: but was thwarted in the midst five doUar bills into $10 bills. \Vhen she counted the money, the teller said, it totaled S157. She told tbe man he bad given unmistakable at the very head -jof soil is now exposed. It is bc- waters of the creek on the hind dikes that ground water shape and should bi used only!***!?* ^^pc of Hit. Pisgah. |often accumulates and he be-,_ _ „^ „ „ by residents in the area." | The underground wator. he .licves this is such an mstance.|ber $7 too much and rrtiSned Accoixling to operators today. W"lt "P temfic prcsaire! Howc\er. the blowout did not $7. aU local mountain ski resorts'™ oraplcd ihrough the overiy -joccur aU at one place, but here, In the ensuing transaction, the '"L*^ . r. u J ""^ conjectures that money was recounted by the, on baiurday aficmoon he and each new eruption poured count-! teller at the man 's insistence.' to possible approaches by shortchange artists, stopped in the midst of the money-changing transaction and said he would conduct only one exchange at a Ume. The man picked up his own money at that point and walked out of the store. Heavy volume of citrus moving in packing houses Water separation and center-1 requiring that aU scgmoits b« chines in citrus growing areas' gencV and r«idmt'lraific 'oni>-.! In the Big Boar area, which «-arr>- Young of ihe Stale Divi-JCS^'IDIB Jf ^ud into the Vead- 1 Afte^ the feUer counted out $150 eariy this morning proved it TOS! Both lanes of north bound sUU must be reached by Uking sion of Forestry. Yucaipa. visit- waters of ihc creek, creating the in $10 bUU. he asked for the f!, ZIOM fm,„n f^.ii m^t^^ evidence of drjing or colder in outlying areas of the traffic on the Barstow freeway the Lucerne VaUc>' - Cushcnbup' cily. through Blue Cut in the Cajon "back road". Snow Summit. Gusty winds were prevalent Pass area arc now open. High- Snow Forest and Rebel Ridge throughout Southern Californiaiway 71 bvm Glen Ivv to Albcr-|resorts arc operating daDy. . „ ., _ , _^ Monday. Desert areas were the hfll in the Corona area has also Snow Valley and Green Val- igjf,? SSSi!"^"* ^ ITMB^ hardest hit with gusts reaching been opened up. ley. wtich can be reached by t» edjtini an* canMnutien. ¥IM to 45 miles per hour in the Palm; The Count>- road department the Cily Creek road (Highway' J 'lSbt Smii."*"* Springs area. {announced a major re-openingi30). are open; Snow Valley dai- u., u e u. i Redlands' most ricdcnt gusUj today. Anderson street is nowjly and Green Valley on Satur- Schosi surges of great waves that were money to be changed into $20 If^flf ,5 ,o '"^on^L^"il!^'i'l: crj -^taUization. People's Column '""^ '° "'"^''troughou. .he transaction."-" '"^^ At one lime the little valley were recorded around 3 p.m.lopen from Redlands boulevard yesterday when peaks of 26lto Bartoa road in the Loma Lin- m.pji. were noted downtown. Chitario had velocities reaching 23 mOes per hour. The Weather Bureau explamed fhat file winds were caused by a cold unstable air mass and a low pressure area in Southen da area. Anderson's extension to the north — Tippecanoe — has been open into Norton Air Force Base for some time. George Farmeoler of the county «nd dqiarlment said this morning that AUessandro road days and Sundays. i ••"^ Uniforms In the Wrightwxwd-Big Phicsi Editor Facts: area, roads are open with Blue Ridge and Holiday Ifills resorts open daily and Table Mountain j ^^v On March 6 and 7 the teach- in which the eruption occurred .was an apple orchard and recently has been covered with grass and some low-growiog shrubs. The tremendous flow of mud. be says, carried away the remains of the abandoned on weekends. ML Baldy, above Claremont is now open and operatuig dai- b- ef^VJtoireJwiior 'Hr *«hi;;i !aPP>= ]]f ""^'^ presenting a Ukmt show.^a"* "^a'^e corrals which Proceeds from the small admis sion fee will bdp provide uni-| forms for the school band. This! were used until last year. Teenage giris hurt in auto accident that enough time has Idled by weeks of wet wcath- elapsed to find dr>- sections by cr. packing houses have »cl- the simpler center cut, the fast- corned UiU week's sunshine with er method is the universal I rU crews picking and all bells sUndanl. ; moving. Inspectors are working: "This gives the growers a overtime to accommodate a' scmewhat better break," said catchup activity in the houses.' Raymond Schneider, county ag- "We started on the center cut!riciiltural commissioner, "and l.TSt Friday," said David W.; that's wtat we want to do. But Brock, county agricultural in- it is a very critical time for the specter, this means an easier! inspectors, and they are having inspection process, wiiich has to! to work hard to keep up with be auUiorized by Uie State De-the volume, partment of Agriculture, after ".Most of the best friiit was recommendation by Uie county! shipped before this tong wet Loan sought for Improvement District Flooding damages wafer service in Yucaipa area Damage to the water distribu-of Emergenc}- Planning follow-: Q>mpan.v was knocked out tion facilities of Improvement,ing storm damage in January.jlast week's hpa\->- flooding are , Two Redlands teenagers were Mr. Bisc says in the location'•"i"'"**' yesterday when the out_ where the eroption occurred a of-contit)l auto in which they endeaw rtjprcsents the CncjweU driUer, driUed laterallyPassengers slammed into spirit of cooperation which ex- about seven years ago and hit;" Pa'"" Texas street and| inspectors. | spell — speaking of navel or- ifts between pupils, teachers water. It was 15 degrees warm-jSan Bernardino avenue. Prior to Friday, fruit was cut angcs. Now ever>'body wants to laid admmistration! !er Uian water dscwhere in Uic PoU<* Jen"? Ortiz, 15, ofjparand to the segmerU and pick and ship as much of this Moore is our newest Junior! Oak Glen area and corroded 8" W. Brockton avenue, who'carefully opened, dividing the long overdue fruit as Uiey can. High school. During its three tools which were exposed to it sustained lacerations, and orange on its natural Imes to Its a hectic time for aD of us, jear existence, dedicated band' Rising water on the south sidelP^SW Castillo. 14. of 1131 SixUi search for frost damage. This but ever>body is agreeable and jsludents have performed withjof PLigah peak is harxily surpris-i*'•«> suffered head la-was a slow, meticulous process. cocperaUve." skill in concerts and parades, ing to anyone m Uie apple dis- "^rations, were taken by ambu- TUty have never had uniforms, u-ict. $ays Mr. BU* because ris- '^"^ '<» County Hospital foUow- Do spend an enjoyable eve- ing ground water is now a com- the accident at 3;15 p.m. I ning at Moore Junior High mon experience of Oak Glen! According to police, they were school. Thursday or Friday ranchers. On his own place. P»»«n8<« in a car driven by right Help provide uniforms for.the pjeioon he thinks he must A. Flores. of 217 W., the school band! jhave 50 inches of flowing water. Pnmsylvania avenue, by Mr. & Mrs. Paul Crawford -— . . "» pi ..u — Redlands cheerleading unifs all score high District A in the Yucaipa area has "far exceeded" $100,000 tiiis Additional damage last wedc. being serviced by Improvement however, has pushed the total District A at present through an of precipitation since July 1. 1968. All but 3.SS has faUen Thanks to All Who year as the result of fresh dam- • damage beyond"$I00.000. be said, imerconnecticw. with South Help Flood Victims age in last week's flooding, the and Uie disUict is appljing for Mesa Water Ckimpany placed on Editor Facts: San Bernardino Valley Munici-. additional funds, including an ad-!contractor's meter rates. To Mrs. Sanchez, and to hun- pal Water District board of di- vance allocation of up to $S0.- Beaver commended Improve- dreds of other Red Cross volun- • year's. rx!ctors was told yesterday. 000. ment District A personnel for teers. to Mr. MuUcr. Mrs. Xehl- "gj 5 S^^^^ anj Jack Bea\«r. Muni general' Beaver said Improwment Dis-restoring all water service in sen. Mrs. Dc Roa and Mrs-TU^^.V f.eraia' '06S 'inches manager, said U« parent trict A facilities sustained''.TO 'lUieJ -ucaJpaarMfo^^ to say recording'*^ made nooduig. nut noied many re- except inauK lou . -.hi.k i.. tn^^ th>n' paii^ w«re on a "patebwtiric". For Uiese people along wiUi " JT' " ,L fl^ ' basis and must be i ^ed. many others, including UK- Ma-, "l"'"' " 'J^! ^P^^h : rines. Uicre are no words that""'" ^ eruption on Pisgah 1 can use which will express P''*- , Mr. Bise maintains a rain Flores told officers he was! Cheerleading and Pom Pon Makepeace, and Cindi Devlin. 405 Mareia sUret J .3U„P f„ ^^^y flood con- westbound on San Beraardmo units from Redlands high school Sophomore cheerleaders were ilrol department and gives this when the brakes ni his auto scored impressive performances cot to be dem'ed and also ranked summar>-: f^"**' attempting to Saturday at the .\naheim excellent wiUi blue ribbon Oak Glen has bad 61.30 indies 'V"" ""'o Texas, causing Cheerleading and Songfcading awards in Uieir division of jun- him to lose control of Uie wheel. Clinic, it was The Terrier ter district had apidied for SSL- serious damage" last week, par- 394 in supplementars' financial iticularly in the Oak Gten area, assistance from the US. Office f The Muni board \x>ted to un— jderwriie a $100,000 loan to Uie improxement district to finance repairs to damaged facilities. When federal funds are re- cdved. Bea\-er said, they will be credited against the loan.^ wlucfa will be refinanced through \ a commercial bank. j Hum ^»enl manager Boy, 6, hit by cor, gets DToiien leg A 6-year-o)d Bedlands boy sustained a broken left leg yesterday wiien be was struck by an auto on Judson street just north of Ssivan boulevard, police reported. The injured youth. Gregory DeForge of 519 Naomi street, was taken to a medical dime by Us faUier for treatment foUcwing the acddeot at 5:52 p.m. Poiiee said GregoiT was at-; tempting to cross Judson about 700 feet north of Sjdvan when he teas sfnidc by a aottfabound car driven fay Helen L Willani. of MS E. Ctdton avenue. Thieves take amplifiers from church •nie said Canyon ply from SouUi Mesa Water! the gratitude of the people cf San Bernardino County and the ; Red Cross. I Mrs. Sanchez sums up in one word "brotherhood" more Uian^ I can ever say m giving tribute 1*0 U«ft of two sound ampU- to tos pw^e Cr^^^^ oth-' :.r< vi >i .uv4 •> tiin 9fv( c«nr «.i «™> donc this Urc- residenU in Uie WiWwood fiers. vahicd at $410 and stored "X^^J^h on arw. wtose water sup-at tiie Universitr MeUiodist,"^*^ f- About People L. JaHcoM, Jr., 21, Army printe. son of Mr. and Mrs. Byron L. Jeficoat, 1415 E. Saa Bernardino avenue, completed a nine-week missile fire dis- tiibutioa systems dectrook course at Uie U.S. Army An- Defense School. FL BUss. Tex.. Feb. 10. church by a group of young musicians wiM practice there, was under investigation today by: Redlands poUcc. The amplifiers reportedly were taken from Uie cburch ati 910 E. Col too avenue during the' past week by someone who ap-| parently entered through an un-; kicked door. •The victim of Uie Uieftwas identified a« Warren Ransom, of 62S Lincoln, whose t«x> teenage sons and another youth left Avaianciie liazard over in Mill Creek reported today, lor varsity and junior high lead- varsily squad ers. Members included Carol ranked superior and brought Brown. Debbie Bundle. Denise h-.^mc a trophy and several blue Gibson. Diane Bullard and ribbons as one of three top Franci Lee. .•schools in their division. Clement and Cope junior high The varsity unit is composed units also participated, winning o! Pam Leathy. Liz Nidsen. ranks of Outstanding with indi- Jitdy Howard. Kris Haas. Kathy vidua! red ribbons being prc- Otterbeck. Maureen Thomas and sented. Members of the Cope ' Jim HaighL The blue and white cheerieading unit indude Jan The first meeting of the Youth P""" Pons of RIIS were ranked Bloomingberg, Heidi Geianger, ' r^^!«,,t„« r ^,n ^ii Pwrea c-'iceUe"' "> ""eir catcgoo' win- Karen Oliver. Nancy Baldieck, Coordinatmg Omncd ning blue ribbons. Members in- and Ami Haugen. tion wdl be heM at the ^MCAj^juded Faye Gordinicr. LesUe! clement units induded Karen Lounge tomorrow at 4 p.m.. ac-;Danid. L>TI Chedester. Val chacon. JuUe Brdhan. Connie ; cording to Recreation officials. VandeBerg, Lucy Jimenez. Con- Youth Council on recreation to meet Students representing tbe Redlands area schools are: Don Hyde and Bob Carter. The aralanche hazard in „^ University of Redlands: George Aranda and Jami Daniel. Red Jdm L. Dojie Chapter Chairman Southera Califoniia Chapter per Mill Creek can.ron Ls over, r*"""?.™" i'?''!''^""'' American .National Red Cross according to U.S. Forest Rang- i *™*^n^gh^«n ^i: SL™. f.? ers. Mark Petty. San Gorgonio di.< RHS art students score well in Riverside event Gold Keys were presented tol Ridiard Palmer. Dollie Maase. Craig Beres and Todd Undsey<Hden Roberts. Leslie Hubbs., of RedUnds high sdwoi as Uie i Ralph Gareia Jr.. Sandra Pratt highest award to be won in the ™—' - — - - ' recem Sdiolastic Art Awards -the amplifiers in the church af- |ler a practice sessxm. School Board in Yucaipa meets tonight Motorcyclists hurt when hit chain in h)t YeSy there are two forms for ?'x reduction and Gail Gautier. Oement iun ior high: Sally McCall and Ken Iricl ranger, ^d ^av^Floh; Cbpe^^^ made a careful inspection yes- -Jeff Capen. Moore terday. -Hiey found Uiat wtere j?a"^Jor5"^',3^y ttraton" «ain in Februao' are warned; tensions had buill up m 0;<'V^^^ ^^"^^ ^''P'"""' against assuming Uiey were dup-! •snow, avalanches did occur. In **™'^ „ . Urates. nie Salinas. Rhonda Sneva. and Rozzie Landeros. Moore junior high also sent observers, but did not participate. Mrs. Sue Disgrazzi, RHS advisor and Miss Diane Herbst of Moore juraor high accompam'ed the students on Uie aU-day Homeowners wiio received tax rdief forms in Januar>- and Heart and Redlands one "was for the 1968 refund.: Elderly man flips car on Avenue E diow hdd in Kiverade for arts and crafts competition. Twenty-one other RHS students recdxTd colilicates of merit for (heir works in competition of drawings, paintings, ceramics, sculptures, weaving, and copper enamd works. These students induded Robert Olenic Rudy Bios. Karen Kirsch. Sharman Owings. Harda Oialdeaf. Bm Renrie. Donna Rea, David KonI:, Greg Elgitt. Erik Indvik. Peter Cory. The exhibit, hdd at Harris' in Biverside. served as a pre- limiaaiy to the sdection of finalists for the National High SidXMl Art Exhibition Uter in the year in New York City. This contest for secondaiy art indents is conducted annuallj- and nationally by S<ji(ilaslk Magazmes. RHS art and crafts instnictors whose students participated imduded Ed Branson, Mrs. Carolyn Ftillerton, and Bernard Lowrey. bnisiees meet at ^^jj entrance to Uie north -^'^ possibLv two-avalanches when sdxMl 7:30 p .m. The board also is scheduled to other pUces. Uie snow U set- . ... „ ^ «>.<.- *« .u. . Uing satisfactorily. Christian schools and Uic Bed- ^ ^^ond is for the 1969 I La!it Satorday Uiey had lands Jumor AcaAsmy are aUo ^„j,j„„ Countj-.Assessor j One >tiuUi was knocked uncon-! warned of hazard. Uiree cabms expected to send represento- john H BCVIS today, scious and another sufiercd po$- having been damascd — all in tives. j^^e ta.vpayers have al- tsible chest injuries last nigbt the Falls tract. Assisted by the Recreation de- ready'tossed away the second when Uie motorcycle on which Mr. Flohr saki that the ava- partmem. the Youth Cwncil forms, thinking the county made An elderly Yucaipa motorist (hey wiere riding struck a chain lanches Uut dkl occur "are will develop, plan, recommend, a mistake. But this also mean-s was injured .vestcrday in the across the entrance to a down- something to see — quite mas- inform and coordinate leisure no tax benefit for 1969. sakl Be- Dunbp area when his auto went town Redlands parlcmg lot. sive." The first one was in time actiritws for junior high. vis. unless quick steps are taken out of control on a cur\e. over- .According to poUce. Norman Camp Creek, and came all of senior high and I'nivcrsily of to get duplicate forms. turned twice, struck a parked E. Brown. 16. of 1525 S. Center the way down. Redbnds students. Both of the application forms car and came to rest on top of street, said he was riding the In the canj-on which some call have been mailed to homcown- a second parked vehicle, the ^Ui^£ -X^^l^ in compliance with Propcsi. California Highway Patrol re- IniOT STeOIS tion IA. adopted at the Califor- porinl. • • • nia general dection .Nov. 5. Officers said Sidney CTarfc CnUrCn OOX laes. Both are due back in the Beamon. 82. of 321M Avenuft assessor's office by April 15. E. .sustained scalp lacerations. A chureh collection box con- jg©, if the $70 payments are to bruises and abrasions of the (aining $22.57 reportedly was be allowed. arm and chest and shock in the moiorc>-de north on the parking "Snow" and others "RatUe- WiUiam Olson, and Steve Gab- Alternate proposals regarding of the Bank of America. 20 snake", near Big Falls lodge. ^ ^"•S?' State stiwt. wiien he was one sUdc damaged Uie water ^.^'^^ »>>• » "rs hcadUghts tanks in (he local domestic .<.v.^ gram wfll be discussed tonight,, ^f^^^ stretched r'"*"" ^™ portion of the lot followed. • ,0. « -J- Brown's passenger, Robert P"««n"v has a stolen Sunday morning from a "People in Uie Bedlamls di.s-.nccklcnt which occurred at 11:25 re\iew ttie flooding sihiation oc- jg ^f 628 Sunnyside. was "^"""^h to walk on. teacher's room at Uie Christian trkt may call at our office in a.m. as he was westbound on cumng (artwcck at Dunlap «e-,j,„^.„ the motorcycle and -Mr. fohr said. . Reformed church. 1135 Church the Cmmty building if they need Avenue E near Dunlap boule- menUry school. i,n,i„.i i,;, i,„,^ r.^!,.-;.,,. street, police said. extra forms." said George Wen- vard. He was taken by ambu- Tnistces will recdve a report landed on his head, rendering him temporarily unconscious. Aft ClbiUf on Uie outeome of a merit sj* tern or d»il senicc election heU apparenU>- otherwise unm- The theft was reported by zcl. deputy county assessor in lance to Redlands (Community Clarence Lappinga. the church's Redlands. Hospital. _. . jur^ An exhibit by members of the building superintendent, who "They should have no doubts Seaman's auto rolled over today among cla^ied or non- complained Highland Ait GuiW wiU be on;saa Uie small wooden collection at all about returning Ihe second twice alter running off the road of chest pains. Tlie acckknt oc- t^e fourth floor rotunda gallery box contoinmg the money was form as well as the first. Un- and tiicn hit Uic two parked vehi- cuned at 9 pm °^ I'A. dty hall through Apr. removed sometime between 10 filed applications will not be cics, coming to rest on top of 2. a.m. and noon. > paid." be said. the second one. officers said. trict personnd in the Schoch falls out of tree j Kari Scliocb, 68. of Yucaipa.' sustained a possible broken leg yestenlay when be idummeted! from a tree he was trimming' ;on California street near Moun- Februar>'s wetness has ley locations was over 12 inches,'tarded growth of established "The total effects of past tain \^ew in Yucaipa, the shcr- spoiled another large portion of with almost double (his figure crops and has increased rot weather conditions on (he sum- ifTs office reported. San Bernardino county's cibvs occurring in foothill areas. Rain conditions of malurcd navels, mcr Valencia orange crop will Deputies sakl Schoch. of 35054 "^rt*- according to the monUily was recorded on 14 days of the Due lo (he December freeze not be known un(il the fruit Kimberly lane, was taken by!''cp<>rt of Ra>-mond M. Schneid- monUi. AU farming operations,period and the record amounts reaches maturity. Evidence to ambulance to Redlands Commu-|Cr- adricuUural commissioner. , were thus affected to some de-of rainfall in Januai7 and Feb-date, however, reveals frost nity Hospital following tbe ae-^ ^'avd oranges, grown largely gree due to the rain and wet!ruar}-, practically all crops m damage, split sand rot present Crop report shows damage fo most crops, including citrus Farming adversely affected by rain RHS ART WINNERS — Craig Beres, left, and Todd Lindsay re<xived Gold KeyairaidsindieraoentScboilastieAit Awards Ottm in Rhierdde. Twentx* one other BBS students reodved merit certificates. ddent. which oeeuned chorUyi") Redlands-Highland dis- before 9 a.m. M^*- •><»* ^ J^eld only 155 School loses tqpe recorder Police are bivestigating Uie better. wiUi 2SS field boxes per Uieft of a $99 tape recoirier in acre on S.8J7 acres, he said, a weekend burglary at the Or- Grapefruit may average 345 high Add boxes an acre, on 1,625 lacrei. Schneider also repoited: "WeaUier cxuidititms during Uw nuMtli of Fcbroary marited by lecocd anmrats of| rainfoll tbroagbont the county, [itolal prcdpiiatisa in most vid-| grounds. :the county have been adversely in all districts. Badly damaged Flooding and soil erosion dam-!affected in one way or another.]fruit has dropped to the ground field boxes per acre, Schndder aged orchards and vineyards.! "Harvest of the season's na- from the heavy rains. Present estimated. There are 10,114^ Low lying farm lands were cov-|vel orange crop has been estimates are 20 boxes less than bearing acres of Uiis variety —ered with water for several slowed to a mhiimmum due to last months forecast Fruit almost equaUing the combined.days aking the Santa Ana river, the adverse weaUier. Tempo growth is considered normal in acreage of other eitors. iConsMcraUe acreage of alfalfa, should increase under improved most districts. Valencia oranges will do much'hay grain and pasture land has conditions. Due to the Decem- "Growih of the summer angewood school in Bedlands. OiBcm siU tlie tbief forced open a door to (ain cnlfy to a clastroom in flu aduol boiUing at • W. Ddaware avemie aonw- tine MmMFHday aaenoon and early yeitetday. been lost Replanting will be her freeze and (he heavy rams, grapefruit crop has been retard- necessary in many instances. condiserable damage has been cd somewhat due to the cod "Several acres of dtrus trees inflicted (o (his once promising rainy periods accompam'ed by in the Redlands area have been crop. Some lots of fruit are the lack of sunshine. Frost lost through eroskm of river] banks. All fidd work and plant-j inc hu been condderaUy re-| doced. Odaycd plantings wffl jgrading out at only SO percent damage occurred to this crop, of marketable fruit due to wa-,but tbe extent mil be deter- ter rot and freeze damage. Se-, mined later as fniit nears ma- affect farm nperations Uiroogh- out the year. Tlie lack of son- sfaiae md cool veaUier bat le- verdy damaged fruit has dropped to the ground causing a further reduction in field bos estimates of bwt on Uie trees. turity. Previous estimates have been furthar reduced to a present figure of 345 fidd boxes per acre for the comity."

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