The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on August 15, 1962 · Page 10
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 10

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 15, 1962
Page 10
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PAGE 10 Editorial—Adv—BE 3-3511—Classified—BE 3-2411 THE BRAJtOSPORT FACTS BKASOSPORT AND BRAZO3IA COUNTY, TEXAS, WED., AUfcUST IS, \<, k M 8RAZ AUGUST IS SECOND CHOICE TO JUNE AS THE MARRY-EST MONTH. ADVERTISE YOUR VACANCIES, CALL 3-2611 25. MALE FEMALE HELP STAR TAXI nRIVERK—Men or Women npprlpd fnr full or pnrt lime, driving Apply 2in Knst Park. 26. FEMALE HELP WANTED CARHOP Wanlcd. No snry. Salary, meal* at .MoPorinld's Jlrivr AN 5-?ST:. rxperionre ncrrs- and tips. Apply In. Hwy 2J!S or IOUSKHOI,M AND NURSING help nerd- cd. Stemty work. AN 5-2J13. AU-^LAIiY—pxperirnced. full time work. Apply to Mr. May nt Younglandin's riiildron Store. Luke Jackson. i SHENE'S BEAUTY QUEEN Opening toon In new Brnzosport Vlllanc. Application* for hcfliiticfnns flre being accepted now, CY 7-1310. 31. SERVICES OFFRREt) BRAZOSPORT FACTS WANT AD INFORMATION Ta Place Your Ad CALL BE 3-2611 — BE 3-3511 RATES On* er Twe Consecutive Days 2ie per agate line per dory Monday through Friday Threa to Five Consecutive Days —19e per agate line per day Six er More Consecutive Days —17e per agate line per day WANT AD HOURS: 8 AM to 5 P.M. Saturday 8 A.M. to 12 P.M. All charges era based an a 3 lln* minimum. Cancellation deadline Is 9 A.M. of Publishing day. NOTICE of typographical et other errors must be given before I he second Insertion or claims for refund or extension will not be recugniied. Therefore, we must be notified of error before 9 A.M. of •econd publishing day. After an ad Is ordered It cannot be cancelled er changed before publication. Insertion deadline for reader ads It 9 A.M. of publishing day. All display and box ads must be In by II A.M. of previous publishing day. The Brazosporr Facts reserves the right to edit er reject any ad that It deems obfectional and to! CY 7-4466. change the classification order te! „„-,, — conform to the policy of the paper.-" US - E - w ? ItK -< 1 'W""""' «*>n>d «iri« ACME PEST CONTROL Termites our speciality, roaches $2.00 peri room. Call BE 3-3104 day or night AIR CUNIlrnONINO AND REFRIGERATION Installation and repair! on commercial and central re'Meptla 1 units CAM CORPORATION. AN 5-:581 or niuhtt AN 5-5740. FOR THE PROTECTION Of Our Readers and Advertisers Clou Ctmorthip is •xtreiied over oil Cla!ilfi«d «dv«rii!«m«nti accepted for publication Th» 6r«zoiport F«eti n«ver knowingly publishes Clsiiified ajver- tilementt »liar are untruthful or fraudulent, that might be injurious to the health or morali of our readers, that «re indecent, vulgar, or suggestive: or, that tend to be intentionally misleading. Any advertisement which we know faili to comply with theie standards is restricted from our advertisinq column. Readers are urqed to check Business Opportunity advertising with the Better Buiineis Bureau in the town where the buiineii it operating before making inveitmenti The Brazosport Facts 55. SPORTING GOODS CARPENTER—welcome small Jobs about your homo. Will furnish local references. Remodel, rrpfttr. cablnrts. built- in!. W. f- ER1CKSON. CY 7-7271. BOATS AND SUPPLIER 199) 14' SWANNRAFT fiberclflss brmt Kmcfish boat trailer. 1S.-.7 35 hp JOHN'SON motor. Complete riff .. Jfi95 1960 14' Morphew Deluxe boat, 1H50 40 hp Johnson electric start with cencralor. Ace boat trailer. Complete rig only J7P5 90. BUSINESS RENTALS USD 5q. Ft., nlr conditioned .tore or office building. All hrick. Lake Jack, son. Joe Talbol Realty. CY 7-4111 102. HOUSES FOR SALE THRER BEPROOMS-J full baths. Lerge family room. Ample closet spare and cabinets. CentralUr «lr conditioned and healed. Beautifully landscaped lot on oyster Creek In Lake Jackson. AMK- RICAN REALTY AN S-2528. T\VO WOOnEP. ACRES— Ijirge ranch »lvle home. Owner leaving town. Must sell. ABC, BE 3-5334, nights CY 7-7028. WHY PAY RENT? Own your borne for «SI. a month. Ntco neighborhood — 1 bedrooms. BE 3-5229. Ask lor Mr. Taylor. AD LIBS by Larry Hurb i 107 PIN OAK--3 btdroomn. 1H bum, family room, dishwasher, electric kitchen, 3 window units, fenced. Equity 1600 E. L. SAUER, REALTOR, CY 7-3418. 1J5 OLEANDER—3 t*droom». brick. 1H bath. 2 car cnrnce, equity bargain 5135(1. m\ S'l-r. loan. E, L. 6AUER REALTOR. CY 7-241S. 303 SOUTHERN OAKS PR1VE—Spacious 2 bedroom home on Oyster Creek, well Improved grounds. MRS. \V. U WALTER REAL ESTATE. BE 3-2S41. 608 CENTER WAT < bedloom. fenced, air conditioned, equity. E. U BAUER. REALTOR. CY 7-341S. 1342 Kyle Road—3 acre« on creek. J bedroom. 117.900 E. L. SAUER, REALTOR CY 7-2418. 101. BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES housewife. Call CY 7-4124. CBIP-N-DALE CHILD CARE CP.NTk,«t 6H 'lays, any hour. Licensed 106 iv. Pecan Lane, Clute Call Mra. Cora Prauier MA.OR SERVICE STATION in Bra ISoi lo' Helton Runabout. 1957 33 hpi Port area doing over 20000 cnllons Johrson electric start. Klngfish boat M US| sell because of III heailh trailer. A good fishing rig . Only 5653! between 5 and 7 p.m. BE 3-"lI9' All new equipment. 1952 16' Kmllwel!' ,1^,,^, '_ fiberglass boat Including vented wind- call shield, back lo back seat, converts to'102. HOUSES FOR SALE bunks, 2 big well!;. 1962 40 hp Johnson ; •^• B>MBB * BKXB >*«"MssBlSfaBaitstt«a«itttsfitti galvanized lilting trailer. Regular lira! ANOLETON—3 bedroom " h.lh t Now Only ness, 1300 down. SSS month Paint a< r . ™. I -> 1 ™'* •'"UlTlxn GOODS | ot down payment ABC. BE Vail' Hi \\. IJ Road AX adlS ' 1510 WEST Bth—2 bedroom home, large den. A-l condition. MRS. W. L. WALTER REAL ESTATE, BE 3-2541 128. USED CABS FOR SALE 1T>1 Century 4 divir hnnlltip, tindtllon, pnwfr hiflkf*. power nK, ni'lotnnnr ttnnsnimlnn. Evtra SB Elm ('unit, IJ. ClIKVllOIsT-rr Ili'O Kt-fnmlPO. « v\ rr, Kin»ilnt<( •.l.lfl. fnrtniy nlr. cmiirr rnr. <'rtll CV 7-21SS. rn<lir Attend Meeting Nino Rrnzosprirt fonrhprs a tendril n Ilirrc-ilny mwHnR Ihn TP.VIS Assndntlon for Ihp j,. I provniwnt of RondlnR, wllh 1 in l "ir. l c'" l |or!''' ls ntlrnrllriK one of the CH1.:VHOI.KT--1!>.™ Hfi.M nlr cnnitiiion. Fur SAIO < equity in Inline. T.'ll I'niwlt. chili-. j AllomlinR nil Session* Ur-' KN.1I.',SII |.'ni!l>"lWI Annlla \»,\«r. T/"v i Sllirlpy PocM, Opfl! ItoWrll, \«h A.-lunl nillrniio. Ow mvnrr KMil.K Clnlfp Curry, lirt'lnn Prlnc KOI',1) Cnnvntllilp, nulnmnlli: trnn mission. &ARI.F: PEAIISON oi.nsMi nil.K I1B 3-r..17l. HIM.MAN Husky slnllrm vvncnn. K\r lent romlllton. Chrnp srhont trnnspi lalion. \\ill *r[| rhonp. Cioiuh Ko Mniket. 729 Wr«l IliMil. Krrepntt. NASH PTATKS.MAN' runs Rood. j;'Mi. I' 1"M. nlr i ill AN 5T 01,1>SMO1MI.K 1527 WEST 5tn SI. 1 bedroom double naraee. fenced back yard. Good condition. BE .1.2365. 300. DOWN—Moves you Into a 3 bedroom, fenced yard, near school. ABC. BE 3-5334. nlRht! CY 7-7IE6. S1500 BUYS equity, WO. payments, 3 "I'll bet Harry will notice the carpenter ads now." 102. HOUSES FOR SALE FI.OETEB & ASSOC 1. SPECIAL NOTICES would like house transportation find i 5-207'J after 3 P.M. Have own &- MUSICAL iNSTP.OMENTS CSED NEEDED Good used cmlhlSB for tne Community Service coiter-Salmion Armj Unit. Anyone havinR thlnps to donate take <hem by 308 Avenue 4, south, between 9 a.m. and 11 a.m. ind 1 p.m. End 3 p.m. on Thursdays BE 3-3101, LATIN AMERICAN LADY wants housework and baby Billing, 5 days week. AN 5-3726. CLARINET—Jean Carter Clarinet. S45. Call AN 5-r,H2. BEAUTIFUL 3 bedroom nrtrk homes haths In Rlchey s/P. Angleton at Lakewnod Park s/p. lj,ke Barbara RRAZOSPORT LUMBER CO i»100. MOVES you Into this nice Frazer i hrick 2 bedroom house at fill \V. Kyle, and; single carage. huje tlvlni-dlnlns room. Clule I _ 30' family room. Call AMERICAN REALTY, AN 5-25M. for •ppointment —.r—~-- BRAZOP.IA-N. NO HOME IS COMPLETE without chnln mates. Call Ca West Columbia. . - -------|CORNET-Pan American. 130. Call CY 7 - 4892 ' ip'Hol Fen?," CO fSfs^U. F '^°«t~n"^.^^,^1^ on ,. For sale 'a AN 5.4-' CT ' r »vn rv 3 - ' Y I, E. o. apartment 15. for any debts ^ECRKTKP.IAL and General Office Work, CORDER. of 21"t Nnrlh 1?th, i Wanted. 7 years experience. CY 7-tITR. : •ill not be responsible. plete 7118. action suara llOS SOUTH YAUPON—rtent Pun-haje »droom hompj-ij cYPRESS-3-1 fenced, central hea vn or.?™' 3!2 REDWOOP-J bedrooms 1M BOIS n'ARC—3-2 Famllv, 2 car 1336 CALAIMU.M—3-1 Den, 2 car I ?C9 MAGNOLIA—Small down pavment Roger Drake CY 7-4379 i M. C. Ralph CY 7-2509 contracted by anyone' TREE CARE other than myself after this day. Auc- Trim. Top and Remove. Spraying and usl 8, 19(i2. without my written con- Free Estimates. Insured nnd Bonded. '""• 157. BUILDING MATERIALS jCILTE—918 Old Ansleton Bond 3 bed- ;rr room equity. SOUTH TEXAS REALTY ' < BE 3-3110. JOE TALBOT REALTY rv\O 4 be.lronm homes In Parktvnod Terrace, both close to Bcutrl School. Central air. electric kilchen, 2 h«lhs. EXCELLENT CONDITION. EXCELLENT BUY. 103. LOTS FOR SALE 1(W KYI.K ROAD—Oyster tli ivff wny, Ritrnco. tonl /a' trees. MORltlSON RKALTOR, CV 7-211S. MomLK. UK 'J.MT'I.' 'OSTIAC—WS1 Tempril mrnls, or will mmlcl Nnilh (llilf Phil. ACP VVF, Tflkft r pay alt. fal r Rhop, AKK IlllYlNf} tJSKIl CAll.'S! Ca,li f"r J'our enulty. see us first CI.UTK AUTO SALES AN S-X.I Schultz Leaving Dione For Alaska Mmirliii! Johnson of A. P. Bnii. Elrmr-nlnry School in Lnkp j n ,.\_ son; VirRlc Kriccln nnrl GWIM,| JGrossninn of Jnno Ixing Elpnin; ''jlnry in Frrcporl; ami Vivinn M. itlFi'rrnn nnd Mildred Shipper it |0. A. Fleming Elrmcnlary 0 ' Frrrporl. Tlw teachers hoard n numhr o[ oulslnttflinR nulhoritlrs In llv /lold of lilcralnrc, Including m., iDlonnor M. Johnson, Dr. np.v^\| KI-PSS, Dr. Wnllcr Ix)bnn and Di Willinm I. Martin Jr. | Tlic nifolInK Inrludwl wihJprH' nf vnlun lo Iraclitrs in roadini: inslnicllon, nlonc with tonrliin^ aids nnd new Ideas for rnnkini: rradinR morn Interesting and in (ormative for slmionls. 104. BUSINESS PROPERTY 11J CYPRES.a-REPUCEI) K.OPO. Ijlrte ..,, rten. fenced corner lot. , IO "-* 111 123 LAUREI<--$90 per month, attractive 3 bedroom and den. MIA. SAN BE'INARD RIVER — PIranuntly lame- resnrt homp shaded by beautiful pecan unit onx UTes. Recently redecorated. Orflb this before owner come* lo senses. lUMIIKNTI.U. LOTS U\KE FOREST— Benutlful lots In tills desirable urea, new or old sections .SLEEPY HOLLOW—t?n,;sn' Inl. ijnlv CY 7-?l35l M300. ( OMMKRCIAT. rilOPF.IlTY KM —1 Rolwrt E;. Pchnltz Irft Ilic Kreeport Coast Guarrl Stntlon ~j recently for prm:cssinK nl tlio Gnl hiitjveslon Coast Guard Imsc, "•'""jtransfer to the 17th Coast Cjimrd _"_"_1"1!!' _|Dislrid in Alaska where IIP will duty LEGALS iffir for 1 for P.m. ^ ass.Riipd 3-11, a nfton . , N . to NOT1CK TO 'nl Prcpocals addressed lo tin* ' L Mnyor and City CmincU. City „• Mwrt. Texas, will bfl received In tl-- •« of ihP city MnnnRpr until 7:30 p m uiKint .10. 1W2. flnd Ihen publicly open, nnd rend fur the construction nf • Trmh Screpns for Ihe Plna street Plorm Pump stntlon" In acconlnnce with Plans Tnslnirtlons lo llldders. Plans and flpr- clflcatlons nre avallnhlp nnd may b" ob- tninrd nt thp nfflrp of the Cily Enalnper. Hall, Krepport, Texas. all JONKR CRKKK-2 ncrei with 230' front- ln« on Hwy 36, with hiislncsH btilldlnt!. 1, Woodrow W. Boudreau\. of 1740 \Vest 6th Et. will not be responsible for any i debts contracted by anyone oUier than! myself after Uils day, Aususl 15. 1962. i without my written consent. SAVINGS STAMPS > P,c,,,c ™™ .!!^± T. L. HANCOCK TI S-8109 or CY 7-1559 S' Picnic Tables ]8' Picnic Tables TREE SERIVCE—Top. trim, remove. Handsome redwood with benches Insurance. Free estimates HENRY'S TREE SERVICE CY 7-C69 WESTERN LUMBER 600 So. A COMPANY BE 3-3481 CLtm;-:3S Hargetl. 4 bedroom bnck home. 2 raths. large lot, long termi. 121 i Coleman Hardware and Lumber AN 5-24:3 Wrlwi. HI T-7 cnrnso nnd i 731, ThibtH . 332-Buslnesci bulldlnit on 50' 2. LOST FOUND LOST CAT—Siamese female. Tiny nick In j on* ear. Vicinity of Caladitim Court. CY 7-7M8 before Friday noon or after Monday evening. j TEKINGESE—Black and white. lost on Broad nnd Cherry St. Short hair, no tags. Answers to "Mr. Chan". Reward. BE 3-3742. 5. LODGE NOTICES WANT TO BUY ~" to s" lilting arbor snw. Call after 7 p.m. to BE 3-3673 53. MISCELLANEOUS FOR SALE AIR CONDITIONERS—usfiJ-S:>Q. ami up. 220 volt. New automatic washer $55 131 Holly, Lake .Tackson. SPECIAL RKUL'CEII I'll Rubbei base pnlnt uutside paml 9x12 Linoleum rust Shlplap <ypl BHAZosponr LUMBER AH 5-5322 Out* jCLUTE-303 Harsetl. 3 bedroom bnck ! home, built-in*, central heal. 1'i bath ; COLEMAX HARDWARE AND LUM- i BEP. 00.. dale. AN 5.21:3. ' frontano Freeport. in the heart Good Invest- J5.99 COJ IE UP: To the mod Inieresllnft Inca. lOc I 10 " The I-onmis Home. 40 Uke Rd. i 5 acres, 2 bedroim. fireplace E l^ SAUER. REALTOR, cr 7.2418 ' CO CliHP £14 OAK DRIVE Creek lol. Nice trees. Larse 3 bedroom, 2 bath home. Fireplace. Mahonany paneled family room. | FREEPORT-90' Livini: and dlninn room. Centrally atr ( of downtown conditioned. Electric kitchen. j ment. 103 MOSS corner lot. Nice 3 bedroom. KWY 36-South of Braiorta. 3 acres on 2 halh home. Uirse family room: elec- highway, J2BOO. trie kitchen: centrally air conditioned. Ill MOSS 3 bedroom. I bath home on corner lol. Excellent condition Early i American. Numerous nice features. '210 POINSETT1A 2 bedroom. 2 bath. Nice neighborhood. Fenced yard. Buy on low KHA terms. SALEA. Large 2 bedroom home. 105. ACREAGE FOR SALE .^ , . _ rnitvl riiHnV " lhl """ 1 '' ^ ninll ^ rlrnrlv ntxvmt the Coast Guaitl Cutter mflrkfd .- K( , B , Cll Bl(li , lo Kot Opfn ., t ^ Clovor. cs- MA.NV OTIJK.H PltOPKRTIKS FI.OKTER * ASSOC 7-3477 CV 7-7708 C? 7-SOS4 CV 7-Si:.2 was stationed in Freeport for nhout four years. lie 1 nnd his wife nnd three children lived nt !>2G West Fifth Street. Since there is no available lions__.. . acre ortrafH on Hwv '" B Bt I" Tiiont ilt lhp Alaskan '4 "nines" west of Ancicion. 5-io-17 i base, Sirs. Scliult/'s plans were lEKICVV Vlr'"'LTY N °\N V''* 1 '? 1 ' 10 "'! 110 ' ( ' C '' n '' ( '' ''"' S ' 10 ma y "10VC — —'J '—'-.'__1IT!"_! I to Hie Stale of Washington ac- ac-rej Rpstricipd, mi brick cordinK to a local Coast Guard hnmrs. Trees. Cleared loamy soil. Own-, er muvl sell 1200. BE 3-5124. . spokesman. reserves thn to tn Cltv- of Frppport W. R. Tllacliitell City Manager Aun. THERE is NEWS TODAY IN OUR 'WANT ADS' 61. LIVESTOCK-SUPPLIES UURAC BOAR— RcRlstprcd. S Price j;;:>. Cnll CY 7-;5i'li. COL'XTRY ATMOSPHERE. CITY CON• VENIENCE - 502 Brockman. Clute. ! Lar»e house 4.29 acres, you ran keep ' , a ,., n ° r j c - E - *- SAVER. REALTOR. Good condition. 15 x 31 family room. Many closets. 4 window units. Can be purchased on low KHA. lIOBERTS nilAl.TV CO.. HKALTOR 125 Persimmon St. CY 7-7701 103. LOTS FOR SALE BEAUTIFULLY WOODED HOMESITf;5— Large well drained lots. 10^ down. 3 years tn pay. H. J. DAVIS REALTY. BE 3-32:9 T\VO 5 and 10 ncre tracts Just off the highway ncros* from El IJIRO Country Club 4 miles south of Angleton. High- *sy frontage also avatlalilc. Terms can b? ftrrnnaed. AMERICAN REALTY, AN OLD FASHIONED LOUISIANA SHRIMP BOIL Sponsored By Brazosport ELKS LODGE NO. 2200 Serving From 6: to 8:00 PM Friday. August 17th $1.25 Adult and 50e Children Donations WELFARE BENEFIT FUND PUBLIC CORDIALLY INVITED Air Conditioned Lodge 16 S. Ave A N. Freeport (Old IGA Store) All'. CO.NDITIONER-4000 CFM Catalina evaporative with 2 speed blower and pump S5Q. CY T-lStti. liORSK ATTIC Fur.XACE—Used. Will room hojsc. See at 601 S. Angleton, Texas. AUTO AIR CONDITIONING Install 5230.00—Terms BE 3-1532 days. CY 7-:r,9 nlchts sale. Genlle. four-yenr-oldi buckskin. 1130. Call BE 3-1S85 'after 5 VETERANS IMMEDIATE OCCUPANY HORSE—S year old sorrel blaze face I DELUXE LUXURY HOME IN SLEEPY Kenllp for all lo ride, saddle, blanket] HOLLOW All brick 3 bedroom 2 bath and bridle }^. AN 5.2107. Old stone fire place, Terrazzo tile family and kitchen area, double nar- aw on large .creek Int. Omver leavlna. •-" *""" ROWLAND REALTY. If You lik» tttet and a wonderful neighborhood for children, then .move Into one of then beautiful JONE3 CREEK-Lha Oak Ilrivf, 100 I 1 K«4, n ,™ 3m p buiidirg sue. 3 badroom Foresf. town. 522,500. CY 7-E543. A.\ BEAUTIFUL 2 acres wooded homcsil off old Annleton Road In Clute. CY j 5'- ACRES near Lake -Tackson. acre. CY 7-S3S6 niter 5 PM. 1106. REAL ESTATE WANTED BRAZOR1A COUNTY'S only mobile hcme j . e . rv . ,,-vv Tn ci-T I vrvti subdivision in the be.ullful Jones Creek I \4,t vour home on a Con.raclivc ,.,e. Title not chanced until full equity paid. See ROWLAND rtKALTY for 'detail*. CY 7.6o43 or AN 5-2552. r*ETSoUPPLIES EXCEPTIONAL BUTS Two AWNIXG SALE 20 to 3m oft on all awmnc. covers, and car ports. This month onl HURRICANE FENCE i AWNING CO AN 5-5122 GERMAN SHEPHERD- iwo j-montn ^FPFFPnnT old males for sale. Handsome black n -, HTST BROAn ?i , and Ian color BE 3-3051 KfcST BROAD—2-1. largt den. with , _ znra-;? apartment rentals. ; SHETLAND PONY- horse, saddle ami jivi WE !I ^~^ "' CU1C KKI >">Palio' ™™ '£*>*• «""«• "SO- Call SW jjjj «.f£ $*lg£ L . homes In nrra. '.i to '4 acre homesitci for ial«t that art .restricted to (railec. dwellings only. Massive oalt trees—convenient to shopping «nd srhoois—and finanrlnff— ?'ou have nil r( Ihis nt TRAII^ER OAKS , PARK on Hwy 2S. BK 2-1160 or BE 3.. ..! ^R91 or nights BE 3-M36. Emerald _^____ WE HAVE BUYKHS for 3 bedroom homes !n Lake Jackson. Bee Joe Tal- liol Kealtv. CY 7-1111. BABY BED—A new white baby bed mattress for sale. Tall AN 5-5502. 15. BEAUTY SHOPS B i?5, TP SCHOOL «I'ECUL3 J7.50 Permanents for J."> do $10.00 Permnnenls for $750 J12.50 Ptrmanents for $1000 BROWN BKAUTY BOX, A?" £^ nth BAR-B-QUE-10 55 Ballon B-B-Que pits made up and ready [or a good time In your back yard. SMITH WELDING SHOP on Ave A. BE 3-2101. 81. BEDROOMS FOR RENT CLLTE—Nice private coUase witli bath , 0:1 715 s. Shanks. Gentlemen only. Call AN 5-54'Jt. carpetmj . il heat. hurricane fence, double sarage. ALSO Commerctal Invesimenu. MR.-:. \V. L. WALTER P.KAL ESTATE 131S IV. Broad BE J-^Sll BEAUTY SHOP EQUIPMENT—«3ulval- ent—2 operator fihop. priced reasonable. Call 2398. Sweeny. CLEAN bedrooms, private or, semi-private. Weekly or monthly rates, j Men only. BE 3-9178 or 731 West 7th St. | KOR HALE _Ofl TRADE—ore *! room : tiou-;f. one 5 room house and a 7 room huuse. Will consider trailer houses, lots ' atvreaze or anything ot vaiue for down payment. D;al B. D. C A ELTON. SW 5-2575 or nights S'A' 8-7750. CLEARANCE Ocod used TV sets LAKE TV CENTER 3C-B Circle Way U CY 7-29U NICE BEDROOM with private entrance, bath with shower and refrigerator, close In. Gentlemen. 110 Smi:h St., Clute or AN 5-542j. |85. UNFURNISHED i FREEPORT- Older 3 bedroom home, h'sn ground, never riooded, double lot. double detached carage. deep well, fool river brepzes. shade trees, San Augustine glass, garden spot, needs some ourself i^pa,rs and dPccratme. --137 or K\V 6-7(53. Only S50 down to move in. As low os $84. monthly. You must see these before you move, "YOU'LL LIKE 'EM 11 EMERALD FOREST On North Shanki In Clute AN 5-2446 j DOWN TOWN FREEPORT— Excellent SO 1 •""•^^""^"•"••™» frontage business site In 300 block oil 107. EXCHANGE st ' II J ' DAV1S PROPERTY BK JXPARTMEN7S FOR RENT jFREEPOP.T-ITS? COMPLETE HOUSE FULL of furniture Including refrigerator, gas range, 7 i OXE BEDROOM duplex, stove and re- piece living room group. 5 piece dinette; frigerator furnished. J-IC montn. May let, complete bedroom ffroup with mat' *» E«n at 125 Winding Way or CV tress and box sprinyj. AJJ for J699.95, only J63.95 down. J30 per month- DLNGLB FURNITURE CO. 515 W. 2nd. Frteport and 221 Parkiny Way. LJ. West Uth, New all : brick. 3 bedroom. 2 bath, central neat- FREEPORT—Two choice lot* J2200 for 5 WILL TAKE b*»ach property in trflde on both. BK 3-52"JO asic Tor Mr. Ta>lor. ! olhor pio,.ert>* off the beach. BK 3-5233. IIOMI>ITF.S South An^lcton .......... f900 to >nr>tl.. North Ancleton ................ JlfioO Kavenwaod ................ $12M to $1900 Haver wood Water Frontage ----- IT.30 Rayou HornesitM .......... 11-100 to 13000 Bayou Homeiiics— Water Frontay^ S300G to K500 UOL'LP I.IKK TO THAPK ncreage tract K n rr - . i lie. Tr\as. rcsidrntinl subdl vlxl for i :v\prnsi'. o Purftnle house. P. Hov i^i, Pn^ndrna, Tcxns. 125. MOBILE HOMES Southern Oaki. Luke Jackion S1375 to 11533 | FOK SALK O[ AMERICAN RF^LTY AN 5-2J26 NOT NECESSARY to pay for thli re- itrlcted 'i acre wooded lot In full before building. ABC. BE 3-5.VH. TRADE YOUR EQUITY for Isrjre shady homesite all clearrd. 90x176*. Near Brazoria. SheJl road, electnctty, telephone, school bus service. ROWLAND NK\V MOOS'—H'*i2 2-bedroom 41 1— several Rfxid trailers with one or two bedroom;. Will rent with option to buy. Also house-* fur rent here or at Bra- iur;n. t;irnishp(l nr unfurnished, sorne «ir conditioned. We have new mobile | fiumes for sale. Also, mobile home tn-1 mirnm-f. .McIJONALD TflAIl.KH HALKS ANIi PAKK. 5.'l and Hwy Ujou. ^ fuel Cfouf6 j URTON 1 H. PEEK, M.D I -By BUBTOK H. FEEK, M.D. Dear Doctor... DEAR LO^i'OR: Can strenuous exercise or travel over rough roads cause an early miscarriage? Mrs. A. R. (Ohio) Dear Mrs. R.: It's possible; but not probable. Defective fertilized egg cells are the more likely cause of a miscarriage. Early, many mothers don't realize they're expecting. They twist, swim, bowl and polf X with no trouble. Avoid strain is when the womb's irritable Br. Fern on the days of missed men- iu C 33ri"" FM 1:J '! strual Periods. Otherwise, enjoy j travel, games and srorts until REALTY. AN or r;r 7-6513. CROCHET TABLECLOTH—«lv74. Can be leen at 413 West 1st or call BE 3-3723. EXCELLE.VT. efficient «nd economical, that'i Blue Lustre carpet and upholjtery cleaner. Barwood Furniture. GE PARTS For Genuine GE renewal parts lor naih- 66. FURNISHED APARTMENTS FOR RENT FREEPORT-918 West 5th. Apartment for couplet. Water and ffaf paid. No pets. FREEPORT—Clean 3 room apartment Couple or imalt child. Water and gas paid. Apply BE 3-3973. West "US' - CARS FOR SALE 128. USED CARS FOR SALE HAVESWOOD— KtO. equity. Sell or trade this huge 4 bedroom ail brick house for a smaller 3 bedroom house. Call AMERICAN REALTY, AN 5-2526. EOUSTON-IU.7M, S100, down. JS3. per month, 3 bedroomi. deslrabl* nelEhbor. hood. ABC REALTY, BE 3-5334. LAKE JACKSON-108 Holly. Hi 1 bedroom home, ialo or trade bedroom home. CY 7-2714. MOLDING PI.ASTEP. 11.00 /or l(n pound jack HOBBi- HOUSE, 101 W. Broad PIANO, Wurhtzer spinet and reterence oks l"r sale, fail Brazona, MO 3-4900. jFKKKPORT - r'uniisr.rd aarage anart- . i men!, ulilitn's paift. Apply 4'.'3 West j Broad Si., Kreeport. I FURNISHED MOBILE HOXFE Tor rent. Private bath. Swimming pool. BAREFOOT TRAILER PARK. Hwy 288. JACKSON-RS7 Magnolia. 3 bedroom home. Kxcellent condition. room and hnll carpeted. 1 ACL' Fenced yard. JAMES M. ELBERT. HEAL- TOP., CY -,-'l\'j2. For Appointment MKE JACK.SO.V-1 bcdronm. air t 7.50 Permanents automatic timer clodc and lights.' Ktorace drawer. Like ni-w. MOO. value lor $1JO. ra-ih. CY V-TIWo MOBILE HOMF; for rent--21 foot modern! MORH.E HOME for rent. A<iuMi~ori"iy". \ Apply 509 Weit Mulberrj'. Anglelwn. 22. MALE HELP WANTED E T P ? RI 5'' :CED TP ' EB TOPPER. Call T. L. Hancock, TI 9-8103. t ROPER RANGE ar,d 2 ; livms r'xim suite, ('an 1 | West 1st. or Call BE 3- l>— 3 room apart- No billi paid. AN .... ... rordi- -0x15' panelled den. excellent condition, near srfiool and churches, indoor tftutleM. fenced vard. extra larfje itroa^e and rlospts. 407 Center Way or CY 7-124;! by QV, rer. LAKE JACKSON—2 bedroom, pint panel'"' J ~ ' " fence. led den. excellent air conditl. drainage. CY carpet. 7-^73. o I M""'''"" ! " cl " :c ' 1 "'"' referenc-cs. I3U "' " |lpl >' at Phillips nation Plantation Dr. IJ. .SEWING MACHINE A beautiful singer swing needle zlg zag In modern cabinet lor 573.19 balance owed, or will accept JS.jO per month. Call collect Anylnlon T] 9-6.",0-l. WEST BP.O.M)-(;arage apartment, j LAKE JACKSON-Illl Jjlac at Onler and private, lieal nice. Water Way. 3 bedroom, 1! bath, family loom, month. BK 3-1022. central air. pointment i-arpetmg, drapes. B; ap- 1 CY 7-2HS. TEXAS LARGEST home Guilder Leeds - TARI)lJsT " l!at covers (<ir I'-«" Chevrolet mature e\jier;cnced sak'-nan to ic- ~ ' ! "" r ' llt<vl * r installed mi car 510 present us i,, tinuo^nrl area. Wr.t*' l^" 1 -..^ d l>o « er lawn ^*" |R . f»7. UNFURNISHED HOUSES ,—> " J POR RFN1 JACKHON-:,!-: cmie w .v. <do yourself. ton 110. Texas. Morrow. and tell will be about ranttfa "I'W -I -10 ^mit rni-.hP.'l hou.'ve ( ''' On-hard S:. '.' bedroom mi- icm. Apply at 118 flute. TIRED OF RETIREMENT? ?DO YOU WANT? Modest Inveshnenr For Maximum Gain Write Box 1055 A. Freeport WATCHMAKKK . WHITK ALTO . BK :i-_'j.vj. M)lv |n CI.LTE-VtC Bernard. 2 bertn :E, 101J ( ' ail AN * J>--*> : '9- KUN—Bat nut when >ou ar* ) find a comfortable portion jn Jiair. feep LS (or a chair that's l for >ou. JRBY'B HOMK FUR- Kr:KKPORT-2 bcdj. t',7 JO |>er month. BK S-?,W8. nrn. New ptint URBAN All hnck. 3 Ix-d- J batn. d'jjlile nutate. TJiii hou« :nled tin tint, ot the be it 1<.K in Jaclt»on. fight aero** tl.e hireet Jr. Hijrn School, Hitudf'd tm a lul landsi aped water-front lot. a , rhoire Invmitm fur c-onven.e rt urid [ iritii-iuuH living. C'all AMKRK'AN ! J'.KALTY, AN 5-iSM. jMKi: JACKHON-114 Cyp«H. 3 ! KXiir.i with Binyle bath. Take up fJI t-fjuity or refinance. Call CY 7-6710 1 after 4 :liO PM. ADDING MACHINES? nt bedroums, : glitwrhood. Call BE • Hollow, i- haths. double: NEW 'i bedroom houms in Danbur; lot. 3-20T8 Quiet! 103 s-'ak-:.- item -serv Brazo.poit Urdcrwood .S. fjujf Blvd. — BE 3--19S1 '-'a" larvo Sdlarj plu.i t:.\i'.I.K PEAK aaiary plus i-f.mnit^.,,,! FVi'lV SONS OtJ^M(Jliil.E. F, tfi)p,J, i. 25. MALE FEMALE HELP ; 18' M-Sj.lPui Texan. 2 bcarwjni hoi sc I Jrailer. W:ll laltf; small boat i:^-, ;ow | priced i.iii i,r oiivr art!t I,M iirt.-iidei l ' r '- 1 ^ i WiUi alt BI duwn luHiiem. Sn al 17» W. Tin. I ; 55. SPORTING GOODS BOAT MOTOK- 16 HP Ktiyll-Aluatfr! j elec-Iric slaiter, fonlrols am] liajl-a- ! i nulic. Like new J16.J. BK 3-r;t'j be-1 " "' * cl ' k - Iwcon S AM-10 AM. a '"-' f ben. iln. 88. FURNISHED HOUSES FOR RENT OV.-TKIi CREEK 3 room fuini.l move imp on large lot. M.4S.J. oily 1JJ.74 per- month, no down [jaiment BRA/.OSPORT LUMBER CO i AN 5-i322 <; iu .'.O DOWN PAYMENT II ;ou own M own lol. Bnck houses In your iho, or (nice rannes from JS.OOO. to ABC. BB 3.',:ill, NEW CAR TRADE INS 1960 CHEVROLET fordor BaUir, radio htattr, «ir conditionad, 23,000 mill* 10Aft POKITIAif* <°'<1°': radio, haiter, iTou run i IAU s ».nd.,d ihii>. ci.. n 1544 10 Aft I7OU Nn , JOWJ( p AYMH:N . T _,3 (1() ^o,,^ — bedroom, larat- t ynier IcA. ABC, BK yiliKT FURNUIIEIl COTTAfJB lor imall WAT4. nljlits CT 7-7IC«. or bachelor. Utilities paid Call i — BK 3-1-136 ' ; PA V CIXJSINQ COST and move into this SUM nite 3 bedroom, double garage ho: bearh houses for rent by °" "anley Bil. 75 t iw lot. Also small "mill!; rate, ai ' all UK 3-1371. COOK U'A.VTKIi -ir,,t in sfa ffxx], ,\p; ( |i- j., , WiniJs. tiurf.ide Btarh. son at Trade! BOAT 14' fiberglass. 15 hp Evin | snull wheel trailer. 303 Wv»i Kretpf ' uile. i VKI - Ayf -'O--l bedroom house. Quiet neijjh- water paid BK 0n .. n lories. .' jearj, 1:D , lcg flu" 1' ex '' er!c "«- Lavlno A Co., yrteport. Teiai. BOAT-IS- plywood. g ia.«d boitom. sup-; 90. BUSINESS RENTALS er Jo hp Wudid electric uail and tl- ~*~^~*^*m^^mm^tm,~i ternator. trailer. S.2 ; i5. BE 3-lS:i9 fhemlitry or _ _ Aj>|ily E. J.IKOL'KTEKN FOOT Kpeedliner wlih big I ^Jieel trailer. |150. cy 7-2131. | CKKH.'K BPACK (or u-a»e. I'rHau trances, janitor service, uulllles. condition. Lake Jackjon Profession Bldg., cr 7-7111. HUHAL— I'Jggs Oaks. 3 bedroom ululated, iiurluding the floois lot. J^flJ. faj,ij pius dicing co s UAUEK. HEALTOR. CV 7-241 SWEENY 7 rtyom home for s.ale by owner. Untk fireplace In living room, new cajpel. inree bedrooms Mr.d (li .Patio and cliildjen's play house spft'-lous Lacsyard. 1202 Mac Drni tiweeny or Ph. 2815. trailer fur Sltxrn! KB 3-3K/7 9 house-* later. (-'or.tnct J, H. .m. u 5-.3D p.m. i Aching: Eyes <s p M-snt™ Texan. 2 brdroomi. Will Dear Doctor: Fatn-kiiic/3 can't take *raa!l boat riu or other «rtlclei unntho mv achlnir nvoo dnnolnl In uac!« a. down payment. tt« it 1743 8oo[ne m y acfllng OyeS. bpCCial- i3tfl are puzzled. Is this arthritis ot the eyea? lira. O. S. (Iowa) QUALITY-COMFORT APPEARANCE 8' x 35' "AIR-FLOAT" 1 World's Finest) Beautiful - Llqhr MODERN-AIR CONDITIONED. ANOOIZED With or Without CUSTOM AWNINGS Very Mice Inside and our SHADY RICHWOOD TRAILER PARK Glut*. T««o» AN 5-5545 1?V. TRUCKS-TRAIUERS CIIKVIIOLET-ISO* •, Ion pickup In M. rellpnt condition. Dear Mrs. S.: Arthritis, no; sinusitis, may bo—t ho main cause of pain Inside the eyes. Even specialists might not detect tiny errors In eyes or glasses that mako you strain all day, or migraine shooting down your face around the eye. You can sco there's more to pain than meets the eye! Hair's Falling Out Dear Doctor: A European hair darkener cured my husband's dandruff, but his hair's «U1I falling out. Help! ...... Mr3. E. G. (N. J.) CI.UTB AUTO ! Dear Mrs. G.: rarely open tor latter* from readert. While ha cannot undertake to answer individual lettert, ka uUl uae readert' question* in tilt column whenever passible and when they are of general inter' eat. Aiidreia your lettert to Dr. Fern in core of thlt navupoyer. stems from dandruff. Each hair Inherits Its own timetable and O 1862. Klnu 1'caturcs SynrtUaU. Inc. 'ordor, Falrlan. 6 eylindar .t.ndard. radio, haatar Ineyll Do It Every Time "•"'••• By Jimmy Hado 1959 FORD fordor Fatrlant, radio, htatir, *t*ndird OXYGEN// BRING OXYGEN/THE MAN'S BREATHIN& HIS LAST/ BRAVE RRE LADDIE IS FELLED 1960 FORD 1957 FORD '/i ton, ridio, h«at«r Fordor Fairlana SCO. Radio, haatar, $777 air conditional Extra claan III 1957 FORD So HE COMES TO AS THEV START TO GIVE HIM OXYGEN... AND WHAT DOES HE ASK FOR p LISTEN-.. COUGH COUGH-WHERE 1955 CHEVROLET '°tnd v .,'d ME A SMOKE/ ANGLETON MOTOR CO. 3-4567 605 NORTH VELASCO ANGLETON falls out on schedule — even when replanted elsewhere * the scalp. Acute Nervousness Dear Doctor: I've been net, v.,,3 ever since change of life. I constantly shako and palpitate. Is there any hope? Mrs. E. F. (Calif.) Dear Mrs. F.: Growing older, we often find ourselves far short of our goal. Slowing down loaves more time for frightening', disturbing and often m*^ interpreted memories. Tranquillzer prescription! may help temporarily. During this truce, talk out your problems with a doctor, minister, counselor or group of friends pledged lo secrecy. Tingling Fingertips Dear Doctor: My left flngert.; 3 tingle and my left foot aches when I walk, I'm 71. Can anything help 7 w Mr. W. P. (Ind.) Dear Mr. P.: Narrowed arterioa are probably slowing circulation. Prescriptions for artery- ( §» relaxing medicines may charujt' a tricklo Into a gush. Catting, spasm-making nerves may also>, help. A heating pad—not whcrt circulation la poor, that'* dan- fTorous—on abdomen and chest for 45 minuto warms your f • aides and relaxes you and all your blood vessels. Dr. fern'* maUbo* it

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