Del Rio News Herald from Del Rio, Texas on June 30, 1961 · Page 4
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Del Rio News Herald from Del Rio, Texas · Page 4

Del Rio, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 30, 1961
Page 4
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8-DEL RtO (TexaO NEWS-HERALD, Friday, June 30, 1961 Joint Chiefs Expect No Clash With Taylor U'ASIUNtiTON t 'Ap) _ -|-h e chairman of t-he Josra Chit-fs of Staff e\ye_ft* no cla>h of authority uitJi Cffn. M^vvvflt O. Tavlor, J'r.->s!rient Kennedy'?; now military S'tiipcr . <!"•>«• t« the chairman, Ihundsv hr uelrome,- the Tsy- i Kennedy To Rest Over Long Weekend WASHINGTON' '^a>(i'/i i .;:ofi at ". !':^i:! ,'i> -,(\ trsn> ir. s:;hurhan Mirv- i' <'»!;> Air Forte If', ar.n^ Port at =<-!.iv'.;,ry Pir-rrc ar*i t\\- iarnjly : ari-'i from Oti.- ilS Mill k*\C p rn frirfay lor appointment. Taylor is clearly on record as •opposed to [he joint chiefs system. On several occasions lie has i al!c-ii for dtssolvinp the joint chiefs set I up and replacins n v. uh n «.inc!e defence chief of ^lafi and r,n ad vi-=ory board he ha? called !.!H- >u preme military rouncd. l^'Timilzer. who .verv-t-d unurr Ta> !rir a little mure ihan tut- years apo. <lrvc> nu! roi:.-tri! K. ;i . ned.» "<i nc« assicnircni for Pavinr as imposms a ri'/u lavcr In-Jween thr presiden! and the si-r^iee chiefs, these sources >."iiii I n.jcr the law. Ihr t hicfs are the pr«>i- dent's, chief nnli^ry n<\\ iscr-- "Tavlor will no! t><- a -fii'h tr;--j!v hf-r Cif thi- .I.,;r:! t-):!i'S ,i( >!;i!I »rsr autfu.ritx -;/: ( i ni.ririt; ih,-if T.i.'. I'-r viill h.ivr r-ii !;u r m ihe .mint chief*-, wrurh i:; .\ir Kc-ri e ~-.n<\ .\riir. Legion Commander Says US Should Prepare for War I I.ONT, RF...U % H. Caitf <AP» — I National Onrinaiukr Williim 15. ; Ilurkc of th>- Amr-ri<;-an !.rj;t»n • says ihat unlcsv Sm iet Premier Khrushchev is "bliilftna on iUrlm or \vo surrender «e v-;'l he ;it war : by iho end nf th?s >i'-ar." .lie tolij a!x>ni ".>?'*'! •!f'!>--.;:t'<.*» ;<i ihe iipenini: of (he i-'.T'i ..nnisal / < on< r-ntinn «f i!--- { 'a!;i.-irr<.a dc, partisient of (he l..e»;:i>n T!n:r»<i.-» : FBI Probe of Pentagon Leak [ir.-'i rri l -v. ,-rr rj»;jry lit (V»!r K! n;<.h<-!;r-v ,-,;-,<{ M h< n rorn m f f;< i'ri j. :• f-t--n '" '.i • '•'• !•• A'.';r- - - K:. Buy Shopping Center !•;( >r.STO\ ; Ai WASIil.\GTO\ (A I 1 ) — The TPl is invoslifjatiritt the- leaking t'f i sorrot5, ;it Iho I'cntapon, the \Vl\ito House says'. >.CHS -Sc-CTi'tnrv Pierre Salitiifor annonnriHl (he inveslifialion on 'rir,tfs<l;iy ntjlhl Inil declined to i!;sc'i!-s its rialiiro or wlial sol it of! !!•• said otily. "TiiiTc Ls an HM tuvosti.u.iiti()n today of leak- lit.- fit' ••,<•<• n-i.s at the 1'enlayon." f'i'i (lie ("fiicayi) Sim-Times in .'i ili^i.-iti-h fruiii Wasliinylo'i sai<1 Crr^idi-'iii Kcnnod\' dnlcrt'-.i Iho I'!" .-irui military inlclli'^Mjr c au'rtii'ir-, in diui out how n na- ii'-i!;!! ..1'iO.licnliori Ufil sorrrt in- f"i rii'din'r! on military plans ior K-j-iir, (i..- S'i!) TtUic-; :-!((! v by Tlion)- •'<* I' H<i , son! ".Mr. Kennedy '•-• ::~ :i|!{> i!ir:i ,ii reading .'iKn^it '.In' Oilfield Worker Killed DR. ANDRES PORTAIE5 DR. J. H. KEY OPtOMCTRiSTS Offit* Kour» — Mun. ?hrw ?ri. Confocl Loni F/ft«<4 S-4JS3 — 103 W»iJ G'»»n»ood •-* plan f'ir Iho Berlin en>is in :•• ri.\iitinal public-ation before il WATCH REPAIRS Mniler V/nrth faiSorie-i Watthm^lier K«ep( Ycuf WalcH In Superior focfofy 'Condition, ot TEXAS "RELIABLE JEWELERS 3 10I.V/. LOSOYA ri-arhcd him in the While House-. "!i«; immediately directed ihc Fill ;md the military inleltigence agencies to find out how the highly classified information had leaked to the .press." The Sun-Times added: "The published report on (he joint chiefs' contingency plan contained Clifton Drug Store Robbed of Narcotics CUFTO.V Tex. rA}>) - Things raided C o I v e r t's Prcscriplinn I'ii.-u-nsry in d a r k f; e .->>; here ''li'irsday m;/! >toh- S-l.fx'jO worth of raw narcosic.-: snil S2^S in cash. Hanse.r t'apr C'lci! J'eopks of W.-jso. ^fi risjlfs x.utheast of here c^ttmaied !h/- value of ihe dni'4-s asid >aid [hi- robbery was ihe v.ork of prnfe.-isii/rials. enough accuracy to persuade Mr. Kennedy Ihat il was wilfully disclosed liy u higli official ih the Pentagon." The Sun-Times dispatch did not j identify the national publication but it apparently was a reference to a Newsweek magazine edition i which went on sale Monday. Newsweek said the Joint Chiefs of Staff would present to Kennedy this week a plan for action in ilhe Berlin situation, editing for a | "show of strength" in an attempt j to convince the Soviet Union that ; the United Stales docs not intent^ to rclre.'it fro* Berlin. News week reported the United Stales is prepared to back its commitments to West liertin "even at the risk of nuclear war." Veteran Newsman Ed Spill Dies SAN ANTONIO (AD—Ed Spill, a newspaperman for 50 of his'EC years, died Thursday night. He had been ill since December. I He began working on the Hallinger Ledger in his home town while he still was in high school. Later he worked for the Galvcs- • ton Tribune. San Angclo Standard, { Brownwood Bulletin, Temple Tele- firarn and Houston -5'ost. He started work for the San Antonio Express in about Ifl9 and was city editor 21 years and i news editor 9 years. He retired >in 1W9 to run his farm near Corn\ * ort - Spitl hough! Hie San Juan Senti(nel in 195C, and operated the Jlio j Grande Valley newspaper until he • became ill, '• Surviving are his wjdow, Kara; [a son. Ed Spill Jr.; and a sister. \ Mrs. .Mary Sue Cot tele of Halim' so r, Val Verdt Vertm Spots Deep Test In Edwards CwMity Vol Verde A'cnture No. i J. H. Harding U a '.new location for a 12,500 foot Ellenburger Lime test in Edwards County. The wildcat j was spudded on June 23 oa a I 3,C23.6-am> lease, 35 miles south] west of Rocksprings in the south* iwest corner of the county. Latest {report indicates the drillers have i encountered a stuck drjll pipe at jliie depth of 431 feet, i The contract for drilling was let I to Hie Dual Drilling 'Company. This -wildcat is on a farm-out taken ; from Ohio Oil Company. It is spot; ted 200- feet from the' west line land 1,730 feei from i he south line 'of the T.C.R.R. Company Survey I No. 27, A-1307. Block JO A; . KKAIJ THE CLASSIFIED ADS OFFICE SUPPLIES Mo<hin»> SAUS and SESVICC Moflmofll Ccrdl • Ar) Supptici Del Rio Typewriter Co. 612 S. Mom Diol ?8 DR. OSCAR VALDES DENTIST He. t fa Motn S>r%»» CJODAB ACUKA, MEXICO Appoinfm*nt Call PR ENGLISH SPOKEN Luke Goodman & Son Grocery & Market 300 Avt. F — PS 5-7044 • Pit fiar-S-O Dail/ * CKoic* Meoti * Top OuaKiy Gio. ^ Prociuce • Prompt Free Delivery •THE IT'S COOL AT Laundromat Save Time & Money HALF HOUR LAUNDRY Hwy 90 W. ol Hw, 90 E. P.] Blockt EoU of Ovcrpoxt Alia' ol )4OO Brodbent fo rf!i;rn tr. . \VfJn'.-;f/.a> kdied in s.n KENS-TV 6 CBS 6:00 P. M. Fridtry Might WOAI-TV KONO-TV CKa«n*l 4 NIC Chann»l 2 ART 9:00 P. M, 2— l~f:sr J>---'-.. r;-, 30 2—Thp I^y ,-,r.d Mr Jo:;*-; e— LX>U ;J 10.00 P. M. 2—12 Ster Fin a] 7:00 P. M. 4-Or.^ K.'i,-pv 1 2—H?.rr:?nr; L';t: 8:00 P. M. . 3&:i5 2— Wf-feih^r < — V.'tatfitr- E— Evi:r.* !0 :i5 4— .=;;<,: rv ^r;:30 4 — Kreriv.-fc-.- 4_-f- r >" B*-"'. of (Cj D«no4»x Color Pr&grom WATCH YOUR FAVORITE SPORTS ON TELEVISION DEL RIO TELEVISION CABLE CORP. 212 PECAN 5-3563 Soturdsy 7;0'J A. .M. P. M. — X:OO A M. .-.rod p. '+— s^.-ry e~Vs^^i I^r,-i iC,T:0 4- -tAT.* Rir,vtr *,~'r>j'Sri~. -..-,- , - 11:00 A- M. '-j ->-.*-.-. — <>:00 P. >1. < -x;.;- A-.-.•>: 4 "&.:.,-.-/^ r ^'f•".::-/ V.-f--^ — 1 •-(><) f. M. — f r-r';s.:f:.;-s- ? -S':.': -'.*... M,;. — J?:00 P. >L — < 7r.r : ^-;/.-v "-;-.','. '/. :.-' 2- A-^r-irr.^r-sr V,-;- rv-'.';.-:. 12:00 N'wn JO.fK) P. > 1:00 H. -M. 2:00 P. >fc 3:00 P. M. j.5S!> 2 — 2 — ?^ 5:1.5 6 — rii'i>->iojrica:l «— TEA 12 J! . "ESXTiWtJ-ft: Jli fi iy 7"r/f*t.'«- See America's SOUTHWEST First The stark, looming- mesa and the wild grandeur of the desert... the. fascinating relics of yesterday'* frontier ... the age-old customs of other cultures ... the~o things we in the Southwest take for granted. Yei each year thousands of flock 10 our own corner of the V, e-r. to marvel. Why not use the family car to discover the beautie*, the wonder.?, of ;:onie of these nearby sights you may have missed? Chevron road rnapn will show i tha: many of them are just a short drive away... And wherever you go, Chevron Dealers can make your tirip safer and more comfortable with helpful service and quality products. NUMBERS SHOW LOCATIONS OF PICTURED ATTRACTIONS IN NORTHWEST •TEXAS for 12 nj;^ frsis C*«7sa. — ar urter aorsh, jJuehlo ruin* and Bor«' GI.i.N'T GRAl'.V ELEVATORS leaping from the !*r'T jU:r;5 h;^h the wide Teza_s sky,- are ju-it or/t of *:--» zurt'ir,^ tighte that m^e a D- ; ->»>cir trip^h .Northwest Texaj a anfque travel IJOG TGW3T -Lseccoi. ptss«r7«3 ane rf tiie WasC 1 * I2V£STOCE: is en ercitin^, »erer-t&-be- itxncc w.-*ne. At yoc foliow the Chevron »< ^a« Texas Fanhandlo youll s«« iric state's finest. b«rf cattle ar,d grazing lend. IT'S FUN TO GO PLACES WIT CHEVRON DEALERS TANDARD STATIONS STAKDASD OIL COMPANY OF TEXAS

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