Corsicana Semi-Weekly Light from Corsicana, Texas on December 30, 1938 · Page 10
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Corsicana Semi-Weekly Light from Corsicana, Texas · Page 10

Corsicana, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 30, 1938
Page 10
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THE CORSICANA SEMI-WEEKLY LIGHT, FRIDAY, DECEMBER 80, 1988. ©UT- VOU UNDERSTAND- Health, Beauty And Poise How to Improve Your Personality By VERONICA DENGEL Here is the Personality Balmice Sheet I told you about yesterday. Put in the Credits or Debita (!) next to each division. It may be that you will deserve partial credit on some things, or part debit. Then the figure may be divided as you see fit, part bo- Ing used on the credit side and the rest on the debit side. For Instance, your diet may not be perfectly balanced, but atill you watch it. to somo extent. Then credit yourself with 3, and debit 2. YOUR PERSONALITY SIIBKT Now add the total of each column. If the "Credit" figure is greater than the "Debit" total, you are on the right side of the ledger; but if your debits exceed the credits, you must make the necessary changes and adjustments of your habits to save the "business." I should so much like to hear whether or not you have enjoyed making this analysis of yourself, and hope it will aid you In know- how to build a new You. Health—Credits (B) Balanced diet (3) Normal weight (4) Good elimination (2) Lots of energy (3) Plenty of exercise (2) Sleep well (3) Sunshine and air (3) No illnesses (2) No fatty spots (3) Pleasant breath Beauty—Hnlr—Credits (2) Shampooed weekly (2) Brushed nightly (2) Full of life, lustre (1) Scalp massage SUIn—Credits (2) Nightly cleansing (2) Normal texture (2) No blemishes ... (2) Good make-up Eyes—Credits (1) Exercised (2) Bathed in eye-cup (2) Lashes, brows good Teeth—Credits (2) Brushed thrice daily ... (2) Regular dental care Arms, Hnnds—Credits (2) Elbows smooth (2) Hands soft, white (2) Regular manicure (1) Proper nail length LORS, Feet—Credit (2) No hair growth (2) Feet care for I>O|SR—Voice—Credit (2) Good placement (1) Clear diction (2) Good vocabulary Manners—Credit (3) Knowledge of rules ... (2) Courtpni's. nuiet Finance—Credit (5) Something saved Grooming—Credits (3) No body odors ... (2) Fresh underwear (1) Clean gloves always (2) Straight heels (1) Straight stockings (2) Presed clothes (2) Harmonious colors (21 Suitable costumes (5^ ^nilv hath PERSONALITY BALANCE SIIEKT Health—Debits Unbalanced diet Abnormal weight .. Poor elimination -... Easily fatigued No exercise .. Restless sleep Little sun and air Recurring colds, etc. ,, Fat on shoulder, hips .. Unpleasant breath Beauty—Hair—Debits Shampooed irreguarly ., No brushing ., Dull, stringy, sparse .. Dandruff ,.. SUIn—Debita Indifferent care Dry or oily skin Pimples, blackheads Poor make-up .-. Eyes—Debits No exercise ., Granulated lids .. Lashes, brows poor Teeth—Debits Brushed once daily No regular care Arms, Hands—Debits Elbows rough Hands red, rough Poor manicure .-. Nail biting Legs, Feet—Debit Unshaven legs Callouses, bunions Poise—Voice—Debit Unpleasant tone Mumbling, slurring Slang, poor grammar ., Milliners—Debit Ignorance of rules Impolite noisy Finance—Debit Nothing saved, debt Grooming—Debits Careless attention No daily change Soiled gloves Run-over heels Uneven seams Wrinkled dress, suit Bad combinations Overdressing Irrecular bathing (JI FATHKK- WELL-I'VE GOT TO TELL MAGGIE I ANA GICH AGAIN -AMD IT'S GOT TO BE DOME KJOW-EVEKi _, IF SHE FAISJTS- _ SHE'LL MOTtCE HOW I'M DRESSED UP AWTHAT WILL AROUSE HEC CUGIOSITY -THEM I'LL GIVE HER THE NEWS MAGGIE-THEGE 15 SOMETHING I WANT TO TELL VOU -AMD I GOT ALL DRESSED UP FOR THE OCCASION - OH-IS THAT SO? WELL- VOU CAK1 JUST TAKE THAT SUIT OPP --YOU'RE WOT GOING- OUT TONIGHT- .. 1938, King Fcaturti Syndicate. Inc.. World rlehu rtaervtd. •CA1" STUBBS ANT) TII'HIE- ALWAYS COMPLAININ'! NAW—I WON'T TAKE. YOUR PICTURE.-' IT'D BREAK TH' CAMERA? ^UNFLOWER STREET By TOM LITTLE and TOM SIMS WES RUNNIN' DOWN POAD, NOW WES A CURVED MOW we's PASSIN- TOWN, NOW WE'S OUT IN OPSN AGIN MAKIN' MIUS A MINNIT» BACK i w/wrs To RIDE HIM, EENY; 1 AND MlMV C-n 11>». (-if^.^i TODAY'S CROSS-WORD PUZZLli 48. ACROSS Fart of th« mouth . Grow unln- teresllnB . Hurried . American Indian . State bordering on Lake Erie . AJr: comb, form . Triangular Insert* . Omen . Exhamted Sn fl a " D ' eC * ° f Condenaed atmospherlo moisture Symbol for sodium Exclamation £•* p™sent Sent again by publlo carr). Genus of the Honeybee South • American river . Certain . Plerca / . Pootllke part . TyM measure . Negative . Bend In Umber . BUhop'a henddrea* Shield or pro'cctlon Selects Strlko and rebound Solution of Frlday'i Puzzle. EDE BE IB 8MEN RON S BAH AG CAN ER ISOF URA ID LY CLA PEN TEET ^I^R AW LA AN NEiCORA UD EPS M D EST 65. Hollow tS. Proofreader'* direction C8. Number 59. Large marine .„ _ eastropodg CO, Spreads (or drying 61. Very >raaU DOWN 1. Narrow-necked earthenware vessels i. On the highest colnt «. Existed 4. Placard 6. Exclamation 5. Edges 7. Stitch used In knitting or crocheting t. Provincial governors In ancient Persia 9. Look slyly 10. Sea eagle 11* Small round mark 18. Point beyond which no E rogress can o made 18. Hindu princes! 22. Have on 2). Present 25. Poems 2G. Back of th« neck 27. Accessible 28. Gain the victory 30. Health resort 31. Articles of millinery S3. JToung doe 81. fourth year college students 33. Little children 89. Legislates 44. Affirmative 45. Protective ditch 46. Repose 47. Ancestral house of the ruling British dynasty 49. Increase in size 60. Character In "The Last Days of Pompeii" EL Pintail duck 61. Shout 53. Garden Implement 67. Regular ending; of the past tense 53 45 42 22. 3o Ait Sb 43 IS I'LL TELL YOUR. GRAN'MOTHER.. OH , WELL— STAND HACK THAT'S R.IGHT — HOLD IT • _L MISSUS-BAILEY. : sr WELL, WE TOOK IT A WHAT'fXE. YOU V^ELLIN' ABOUT?> iHHilliiU TTLL1E TUB TOrLKK- ANDY STAGES A SHOW ANDY WENT TO HELP MAC DRESS THE WINDOW, BUT HE COULDN'T RESIST DANCING WITH THE MANIKIN "1..1, P, ^!«««B»?^gI!r L _I^MKrtilura Synfatt. Inc.. World ridiU rntrvcd | 'tlST RIDS- LENA'S ONE WOMAN WHO CAN KEEP A SECRET! GOOD GRIEF! ANDY HAS GONE CRA'Z.Y, ^Y-' THIS IS A SHOW- WINDOW ALL RIGHT THE BOSS WILL BE WILDl IF HE HEARS OF THISMAC. THERE'S A BIS CROWD OUTSIDE HEY, WHAT'S ~GOIN'ON HERE? THAT'S THE TROUBLED- HE HAS AN AUDIENCE AN' X CAN'T [// STOP HIM t*/// AND THAT MANIKIN WITH HIM,. WELL,HE WON'TSET FAR THROUGH THE WINDOW B; Ad Cartel MARJ'RY -I WANT TO HAVE A COUPLE OF\ WORDS WITH YOU ABOUT YOUR FRIEND - J LOOSE LESS HOSAN , Ccpr. 1918. King Pc*Uim Syndkne. Ine._,_yeri(l rin^U rtitfvtd I INVITED HIM UP TO LOOK AT MY TWO SUPPES-AN' I HAD TO SO INTO THE ,— KITCHEN-AN' WHEN r-~_ —— •—. "T ' : I SOT BACK ONE A >• -"-"—--N. SUPPY WAS MISSIN'! J ( LOOSELESS? N •"'--,;„' %TS I DON'T S£/ LOOSELESS K MY SUPPY- BUT ^\ DIDN'T EVAPORATEj? DID ANYBODY SEE THE ONLY WITNESS WAS MY PET CLAM LENA—AN' SHE'S VERY CLOSE" MOUTHED MICKEY MOUSE—HANK ON TO THAT RABBIT'S FOOT! Bi Wall OUnw -^WELL, AT LEAST WE'RE ON DRV LAND1 WONDER WHAT KINDA PLACE IT IS? DEAR ME! I—I HOPE THERE AREN'T . BUEVE ANVBODY LIVES HERE AT ALL! V CAN'T HEAR A SOUND! PROBABLV ALONE,UH-r PRO3ABLV! HARK! I HEAR FOOTSTEPS! / tHEMBLE THEATBE Starrlnfi POPEYE—NOW SHOWIKQ-"- - - AND LISTENING, TOO!"TOMORROW-"POPEYE ISN'T THAT THIRSTY!" DRINKING FROM THE SPRIMG *V- .at^vr> •V" -'« MORTTMER MUM IHS CIHEF PLEASURE Bj SAKBEN S », K. d -4, H /^ o o

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