Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on February 13, 1946 · Page 5
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 5

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 13, 1946
Page 5
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Shamrock Reports Series of Theiis C, Feb. 13. (Special)— Thieves ate at work in Shamrock ag&tn, having burglarized two Shamrock business firms and stole an automobile within the past week. First the robberies took place at the Lee Way Motor Freight Line warehouse on Friday night of last week, When a thief or thieves entered the building through a south door arid rnade good their get-away with a srnall Iron safe containing a small afnount of money. Saturday night, some time after 10 o'clock, the 1940 model Buick sedan belonging to Bay Tatum, was stolen from, the driveway of his home at 430 East First street. The car, a blue, four-door Century fee- dart, Was parked within a few feet of the Tatum 's bedroom. There were, visible tracks where the car had been pushed out of the driveway and either towed or driven away. ** Some wolf hunters discovered the stolen automobile in a shinnery patch east of China Flat Wednesday afternoon. Milt Williams rc- S E R V I C E Any Make Washer, Electric. Iron or Motor—Any Honrr Bradshaw Washing Machine Co. 438 N. Carr Phone 2072 JEFF D. BEARDEN Representing •» THE FRANKLIN LIFI INSURANCE CO. Phone 47 Pampa, Tezaa Dr. George Snell Dentist Office over 1st National Bank Phone 1482 for appointment ported the discovery to Deputy Sheriff C. O. Cantrell, Sr., who with Tatum, went out and returned the car. Little damage had been done to the vehiclr, Tahim stated. Tuesday night, two adding machines and a typewriter were taken from the Shamrock Wholesale Gasoline Service Station on South Main street. The culprits entered through an east window, and Deputy Sheriff C. G. Cantrell, Sr., who is working on the case,'says that no fingerprints were left, indicating the work of a professional thief. A Ford coupe belonging to Waiter Pendleton. Sr., was stolen from in front of his office on West Second street on Sunday afternoon of last week. The next day. two boys. 15 and 1C yetirr, old. were arrested in Boi-Rer after they had broken into a residence. Pendleton's car was in their possession and returned to him umlamtiged. Shamrock Irish Band Plans Concert Tour SHAMROCK. Feb. 13 (Special) — The shamrock Irish band will play good will concerts in five neighboring towns between now and May 1, Major Eel Chcnettc, director, announced this week. The Iccal band will make appearances in Whneler, McLean, Kelh-- ville, Wellington and Sayrc, Oh'a. The bands from Kellorville n id Wellington will come to Shamrock and play concerts, Chcnctte said. The Irish band will present the first of a scries of concert-; on Washington's birthday, February 22. Tiie program will be at Clnrk auditorium at 1 p.m. and will be about an hour of entertainment. Other concert dates will be announced later and will be about four weeks apart. There will be no admission charge and the public is invited to attend. Erection of new churches and refurbishing the battle scarred ones of Europe would cost an estimated one and one-half billion dollars. Fashionable WatcJtei. from Za/e's $33.75 tl.SS Weakly Smartly styfcd lapel $29.75 watches designed to go with everything you , weekly wear . choose from several attractive models,, oil accurate, dependable I timekeepers. Priced to include federal tax. Upper watch in adorabto Ice-cube design, on _oold^_ tilled pin ..79 '$29.75 Lower wttcti. beautiful rot* gold-filled case. 17-iewel movement ,..»y $33 75 107 N. Cuylei HORIZON TVJ, 1,8 Pictured f7ew York mayor 14 Utter 15 Spanish measure ' 16 Soon * 17 Labels 19 Dry 20 Inland water 21 Groove 22 Wait 23 Trinity term (ab.) 24 Oleum (ab.) 35 Wading bird 29 Harden 32 Female sheep 33 Offer 34 Landscape 30 Political groups 39 Exclamation 40 Diminutive suffix 41 Solid 44 Kind 48 Sport 50 At. a distance -51 Sr.iell 52 On the sheltered side t>3 He was elected by a plurality 55 Far country 57 Experts 58 Maddens 2 Native •• 3 f-.-nzK 4 The moon 5 Within 6 Deeds 7 Repast 8 Hops' kiln 9 Doctor (ab.) 10 Enclose 11 Times past 12 Mongolian town 13 Red ocher 18 Depart 26 Wild (Scot.) LORD jEwrrr DjELj _l&~!W"E"fe >'l |^£iR|Nipj^M£L4!iR 27 Possess 43 28 Born 44 29 Recede 45 30 Nothing 31 Asiatic plai.t 46 34 African de*crt47 35 Rubbed ' 48 37 Unite 49 38 Horses 54 42 Speed contest 56 Fall Turfs Hypothetical force Cross Real Windstoun Wolf hound Ri.iht (ab.) Thulium (nb 5 111 128 '$#.!. 10 II W ib ;'*V Ii W, 'ID ' Texas Today By JACK KtiTLEDCE AP Staff Writer A city official was asked if n resident who was not satisfied with a o.'iing designation would have to wait .six months before applying for a change. "Tlie rule \vas promulgated by the city plan commission to prevent a person, after his application has been denied, from coming back the next day with a new application on the same property, and if that is denied, coining back the next day, and so on," said Asst. City Attorney A. J. Thuss. "As I understand it, this was the thought of the city plan commission in having this ve- gulation included in the ordinance. Now, holding in mind this was the purpose behind the regulation, and viewing the present question in the light of the intent of the regulation, and with' the further consideration, that the property owner in th's case has not submitted an application but has, instead, submitted a protest before the zoning designation is actually made, in my opinion he could bring in an application for a change in zoning within the six-month 'period following the zoning." For a moment there was silence in the Dallas council chamber. Then Mayor Woodall Rodgers, himself an attorney, leaned over and said solemnly: "Ladies and gentlemen, ho said recently sent firemen dashing over there again—only to find tiiat the five was in the furnace \vche burning rags created an unusual amount of smoke. Library Covers 33 General Topics AUSTIN Feb. 13.—Thirty-three general topics, ;overing hundreds of subjects, make up tlie library packages which :my bo obtained from the University of Texas extension loan library. Material on any important current topic may be obtained from the extension loan library, which is a part of the division of extension. Subject matter ranges 'rom agriculture and rural life to the World War II, and the United Nations. In a new catalog- just issued by the package library service, all subject matter is listed, and rules and suggestions for borrowers are included. Association Is Answering Your UNO Questions L>J you have anv questions on the United Nations Charter? 'To help the people of this country better understand the Charter and their responsibilities to world organization, the American Association fnr the United Nations is answering questions' received reflecting the tremendous interest today and always for lasting peace. * .- * Q. What action \>--<- -,;-.l.r:i by thC S'TllriU- '"I 1 '' "i i.J Olf(:f!'? A._ T j'lvict Union withdrew ii' ;..-.r'nc ihat the presence ol Unii:-.!: troops in Greece was n threat !o th' 1 i.Tii.e of the world. Nine mr:-.';<;"•'• c.f the- security covur.-il afu-r h~av- itK;S, reject I'd the Soviet chnn;". The socuritv council is now c<>nsidcrii: f ' the i/rnblt'm of Indonesia put bcloi" it by the Ukraine.. Q. Who is chnirman of the <•'<•- nor.-iit, antl social council's work? A. The economic and .social eoun- ci' ele-ted Sir Bainaswami Mudaliar of India a.s its president, and tin: president 3f the security council ;•-: ! Norman J. O. Makin of Australia. | Q. H;*s the world court stalled to meet yet? A. Tlu court v;ill meet at the Ha- (:iu> this summer for its first session, j The judges to the international | court, of justice were elected by { the tjer.eral assembly and thr s' 1 - ! curity louneil. An American wr-;] cho.'.en as one of the fifteen judge:; S —Orecn H. Hackworth. legal advisci of the state department. Q. With the United Nations coming to this country, what will happen to the league building in Geneva? Will the league continue to \ function with the United Nations' organization? A. Transfer of league of nations asset" iincl functions to the Unitrd Nations Is bcimc constantly discussed by the "oinmittces of the leauvu 1 and of the United Nations. The gen- Mother of Shamrock Wcman Dies at 86 SHAMROCK, Feb. 13 'Special) — Funrual services were held for Mrs. W. J. McMnrtry. mother of Mrs. O-lcnn White of this city. January ?1. from the First Christian church in Archer City, Texas. Mrs. McMurtry passed away V/ednesday mornhia. January 30. in the Wichita Falls hospital following an illness of six week-,. She was born'.. 26. 1859 in n-rir-n r'-:-t(\-. Mo., and was among* "••.•!• county's oldest pioneer resi- Mc«|-,. Of hT SG voars, 58 were spent in /MT;H ; :- ro'i:jly. She was a life- i,,;,., ;r..|;i'jer of l-he Christian i i I'. "• hiis'hand prer-rdcd her in \ cliath. pn.ssincv away March 22. 1940. 'ilvy rjelel'i'aicd their COI'i weddinr; iin.'iivrrsary in 19U7. Wednesday, February 13, 1946 PAMPA russion program for the traffic judges division of ihc convention. "POST-MAN" DISCHARGED SHAMROCK (Speciili — H. H. Dennis recently rrrc'ivr'd hi.s c!i;>- chrupre pi San Pedro. Calif., after ra'anTiinp; from Hawaii. Ho I" 1 ?-" '.'.or: overseas for l"j months of hi:; two years of miliv.ry service with the postal department. New Proposal Made For Traffic Counrs DALLAS. Feb. n.--i.T><— r ,t-\("-rid" ' piforni fines for traffic violations and a proposal ;hat traffic courts ':ccomc courts of record so that they may try cases of driving v/hile intoxicated have been advanced by Jnd'K- Joseoh M. Mill as tojjic.'; for FtucTv at the Texas Safety associa- ii:)n ronvenlion at Galveston. April 22 to 21 Jndse Hill is in ch:tr:;e nf the dis- ernl as.scmbly will !':ive to r,;;pio\(\ lor the United Nations, what, thes'- c;.innn!L r - r -s decide, run! the league of natioi!-; will 1-iavr to take similar •action. The United Nations will have to deride what use they will make of (lie league's buildings. Once complete transfer of league assets and obligations is accomplished, the league of nations, v.ill cease to exist. NOTICE TO CREDITORS THE STATE OP TEXAS, County of Gray. To thos" indebted to. or holding claims aeninst. (lie instate of W. .S. Wills. Deeeaseri: The imders!'-'.]i''d having l;e"n duly appointed indejwndent executrix of the EsW of W. 8. Wills. Der-e.'isec!. late of Oiay County. Texiis. by Sherman Whit.e, Judge ol the County Court, of paid County on the 14Ui day of Janunry, A. ; D. 1946, hereby notifies till persons indebted to KHIC! estate to come, for: wnri.l snirl m»kf> settlenirnl. and those havin:: e]nii7is iiuainsl .said estate to present tlu-m to her within : the time prescribed by law at. her . residence. Pampa. Grn.y County. Texas, she receives her mail, this 12th day of February, A. D. 194(5. I MARY B. WILLS, i Independent Executrix of the Esi t.ate of W. S. Wills. Deceased. ! Feb. 13. 20, 27, March G. NOTICE fO Notice is herebj given that .-„ inal letters testamentary upon tfae- Fstate of Mary Walter Henry, 16* ceased, were granted to me, the tift* cJri-Kianed, on" the 4th day of Peb* ruary, 1946. by the County Court of Grav County. Texas. All peisons iiavi;)g claims against said estate are hereby reo,uired to presrnt the same to me within the time prescribed by law. My residence and post office address are 521 East Francis, Pampa, Gray County, .Texas. ' CLINTON HENRY, Independent Executor of the Estate of Mary Walter Henry, deceased. Feb. G, 13. 20, 27. Beware Coughs from common colds That Hang On Creomulsion relieves promptly because it goes right to the seat of tho I trouble to help loosen and expel perm laden phlegm, and aid nature to .soothe, and heal raw, tender, in" flamed bronchial mucous membranes. Tell your druggist to sell you E bottle of Creomulsion with the understanding you must like the way 16 j quickly allays the cough or you are to have your money back. t CREOMULSIOK for Coughs, Chest Colds, Bronchitis NOTE: your uurstions to Question I5ov, American Assc-via- tiun for the United Nations, 43 East OSth Strert. New York 21, New York. The catalog may be obtained with- [ out charge from tlie extension loan ' library. "The catalog will be particularly valuable to teachers, program committees of wjmen's clubs and stu- tfpnts seeking information on current topics," Miss LeNoir Dimmitt, library dire:tor, said. Texas has only 74 tax-supported municipal Hbrariss, 30 tax-supported county libraries, and 35 small club and community libararies which give, free service. The University of Texas extension loan library and the State library in the capitol are tho only agencies through which a large portion of the population can obtain free reading material. Do Your "Gums" Spoil Your Looks? One look at some "GUMS" is enough to upset anyone.—Druggists refund money if the first bottle of "LETO'S" fails to satisfy. adv. Cretney's. Straight To Her Heart With Flowers For ihc gift that speaks better than words give her flowers. For flow- ers of distinction ar- ranged to perfection, call or come in and place your order fcr St. Valentine's Day now! 406 N. Cuyler PARKER'S Blossom Shop Rhone 21 In abilene a theif really worked for peanuts. Police said that a man entered the J. A. Jennings service station, took a peanut machine and $1.50 in cash. Firemen are getting jittery about a certain four-story building in Donison. Several fires have occured there. Smoke pouring from the building OVERNIGHT PULLMAN SERVICE DALLAS - FORT WORTH - AMARiLLO 9* Back + Effective Friday, February 15, 1946 Standard, Air-Conditioned Berths, Sections, Drawing Rooms SCHEDULE ' ' Gulf Coast Special Texas Zephyr NORTHWARD ' SOUTHWARD * 9:30 p. m. lv.. Dallas Ar. 8:35 a. m. . 10:45 -.m, Lv Fort'Worth .Ar.7:20 ^.m. l ' 9;50 a. m, Ar.. Amarillo Lv. (*} (2:25 «. m. (*) Berths may be occupied as early as 9:30 p. m. if desired. * ) ' . AH Steel, Air-Conditioned Pullman, Coach and Chair Car Ac- commodatipns Aga'- Are Available for Your Travel Convenience .nd Colorado and Intermediate Points., * • Ask Y9W\Bfli(w«y Ticket Agent fojr Complete«lnformation Burlindton _.IJ1RT nORTH 3I1Q DEN VtR CITY RY,, ^Bl**!^ ^'* " j'*^"* 1 *, . " ', ' - ip r l. x •,' i'V '' t ' , ,' ^ \ " i' ^, * t* ,/ "- »j'-"' -^jMS'^felHA^ f lTv^;' i^A^ ^.4^1-V?^-^ All Wool Tailored Values to $39.98 Only 4 Fur Trim COATS One Size 16- Was $150,00 $35 One Size 16-Was $120.00 Now One Size 14-Was $120.00 Now One Size 12-Was SI. 25.00 Now JACKETS All Wool $19.98 Values SUITS Values lo $55.8 BAGS Entire Stock Values lo $7.98 BELTS GLOVES ANKLETS Vol. to $2.98 Vol. to $3.00 i f* It Vol. to 89c SWEATERS BLOUSES SKIRTS $7.98 Vol. Choice $7.98 Vol. . $150 $1 $1 ENTIRE STOCK HATS 50* & $1 DRESSES GIVE-AWAY PRICES ONE RACK COTTONS AND RAYONS, VALUES TO. 14.98 Choice $2 VALUES TO $22.50 VALUES TO $29.98 COSTUME JEWELRY OFF NYLON

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