The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on September 1, 1897 · Page 1
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 1

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 1, 1897
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*«• 'WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 1, , TWO POWDER AbvelutttiyPiira Sov*t ajftusa w&tqieit DO,, ww ten*.. %fe*ttit Moft Vigorous Speeches , at the 8t* Louis Conference of Labor Leaders. Jt - 1. dims* A Mr, Anrt Would Go to .fait to Settle ttott a««rti«tl— Mttart o> the rtMfV J*Se»ft«!t He' Ifa» t Cftttft* »ttd *f«w n«-it«n<T« nn a Popular j t«i»c1» (if fefccH a will , . yfttt f«s stole 10, 1» w K^Wf» fhi» Sunshine stnt<-, IB the title of « BcuerouBly illustrated pain phtet of «x»een puR&j ID reference to South Oakota, tlic readmit matter- in which 'wto written by RB enthusiastic South. Dakota lady—Mrs. Stella Hoatnet Arnold—who has been a reMdeut of the Sunshine State for owr 10 scars, A 'copy will be mailed to thcndciross of »ny fjir'mor or far«3^r'n wife, If sent at once to Harry Mf>tcer> Michigan Passenjjer Agem, 'Cluoago, Mitwftukce & St. Paul railway, 7 Fort Btrwt, W., Detroit Mich. ___-_ H. A. Snyder hits put in a fine lot of "fruit of all kinds'and started n wagon Which will make trips over the city daily. As he will ncit be able to go over every street daily ht» will go east and west one day and north and south the next, Nothing but tlu< best tho ncuvrkeSf affords will be handled and prices will b« in keeping with the times. You can have him call regular!} by lcav*fn£-i>rdera at the store. Vacation Dayn. In the lake regions of Wiseonain, Northern, Minnesota, town and South Dakota, along tho line» of the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. 'Paul. Railway,. are hundred* of ' charming • localities preeminently fitted for summer hoinefl, nearly all of which are located on or near lakes which imva uot been tishtjd out. Thuao resorts range iu variety from the "full dre9«'.for dinner" to the llauucl shirt cow tu trio tV>r every meat; Aiuoug tho list are onfiicA iiunili^t to many of iour- readers us the jicrfcctiou of northern gumor reiwrU. J?i>Brly.nll of tho Wm^onifin poiutn of iu'erpBt arc within a 'short di'sy tance from Chicago or Milwaukee, and none of .them are so far away from the "busy inHrta of civilization" that they cannot bo reached ip a few hours of traveUby frequent tralna.ovor the finest roadintho nortliwent— tfii'Chicttgo, Milwaukee & St. Paul Hailway. Send a two cent utairip for a copy of "Vacation D'iy»'' tJtving a de^oription' of the s, and a Ibi of sutuiuer hotels %f ithh«ra— in FWll. 1,-When the ', , , "fe fta&Mtft'. tt pfeSierVf IHberty aM oiif f lehts Ira tftitt *xfent 1 will sb«a th? l««t cf blpad, ttwit eoimtfes throu J6uljbreak of cfieerlng.l carthot tyuy me. * * * havfe a r«put)He; .tfusfe Is i) * H I<f£t. ' The JladMar m*t ww country has platted a t>aaiooit o» I foffcidden me to \*a}k oti pwbjir St. ttons _, , ported the platform yesterd&y and It had Wen read- there w«s a deluge of jnottoasf, j |t, none of which was Acted upon, a fecefes being lafcen to 2 p. m. The delegates were eager'for work, and ttie afternoon session was set in motion promptly at 2 o'clock. After considerable talk In which; Williams, a St. Louis delegate, endeavored la have the coming convention held In St. jJUeuis, -tmd throtnof four to change thd date Of the conference, tl Was tteclded that the matter Should re- nialnaft introduced In the platform, and the labor congress will be held in Chicago on Monday, Bopt, 27- The third plank of the platform was amended by the us« of the word "proper" before "use Of and Let thJs conference fupply this rdnferenPe set the pttCfe Anounwi to the- wotld tn^t It wilt temporarily adjourn forthre&weekatorentJW prppatatlons, Aek every «man td pledge himself to be th«t>. Come If you havf to walk; fto man has a right to plead poverty." AB f>««Bft finished the delega4pfr-j»eee to their fffct, jumped Jn the air, threw their hats in the air and crowded forward, to 8*set tli,e speaker, for fully five minutes. One or two substitutes for the last plank In the platform were Introduced, but not adapted, and'the chair recognized Patj-iek Dolnn, of Pittsburg, •who said the injunction business" was a glgahtlc bluff. He said he had been "going against them" for two months the ballot." and the resolution now reads an< j ' nere he was expressing aa follows^ "That we consider the proper us? of the ballot as the best and paWst means for the amelioration- of the hardships under 1 which the' laboring . class Suffer*." r utut tli*- Court*. itnu boardiuff hou«.tv, and rates for board, — t«UQ«o. U. notttrofd, Goueral .Passenger Ageat. Chicago, III. ?iEW A°t J. C. Douel & Go's. Call on thern before you buy a rocker, thevk have all binds, and prices to suit the time at the no* HHtctrbroefc. --Uoaie inr John CuiZins h;iB received through U. ' £. -Itey & Sou n cur of the "Uereuloo" brand of German 1'urtlutid cement, and is prepared to put down the beet walks and nfuuranteo it toaUwd with any cement oij the market. is Promised, But if you, wftnt the bfwt Hour, graham* satire 'wheat flour, l-raek com, bolted awn ami a sp«cinlt} = , or mil* feed \... ^. For The gwndo n hatet, twoetorea, ahoauB »nd lot with b»rn »ud orchard, Ttertae Clemens,'of Kansas, moved that the last two resolutions In tht platform toe jConsld'ered simultaneously. ' He favored their adoption. Webster, of St; Lo'ula, wanted to know If , th^se "milk and water" resolutions disposod of th,j Important tnntter, of government hyinjunc j tlon. "If this la so," "Webster continued, "any judge could say through an Injunction 'get -oft- the earth: you have no ritfhts here.'. I then reply to the court? 'y~ou_.lle.' ". Webster went on at great length and pave his views on thf in- JuncUoK rnaTter. He wanted congress to investigate this matter. . . SoviwPlKii Not AfrttUl of Onnic, "Why,"- aald .Sovereign, "this., convention has 'rejected r a' proposltloi to this very end. - Even If cohgresy giv.e us the rights we .wunt the courts of. the country, would-still have the power' of Injunction' and they could then throttle us. The eotwontion should inform the world that If this.matter is'to be tested the miners should break all lnjunctlr,n.a.". Sovereign said he was willing to go to Jo 11 In support of hfs Idea. "It is Ume," said Soveralgn, no-bring, the miner? and courts face to face ,i» T this* matter ; and force an is«sue. Fill up the Jail with violators of Injunctions, and when the men who :'«itar.ted- thl* movement arc Incarcerated thousands of others wilt b<- found to take their places. (Cheers.] 'The laboring'people can vote fur years but nothing can be accomplished. Let u& reorganize this government,"' shouted Sovereign. ."Let u£ stand up and assert ourselves Behind these injunctions stand Catling guns and AVInt'hosterB. but we fear them tioi. Let us hold up the flag and. tear down the courts. We rtand on «ror dignity and will have-our .liberty, frunx this tlmfiLmu" ,, IH-UK Culled ..on U>. M|»>ak. 'Th ( ' cnnventloii h/oke In^to wild cheer- Ing which developed in a niinute into a call for Delis. The famous leader and avowed .head of th« Sot-iaJ henvrt'tacy of thl» country, who had not uttered a word since the eon- vcnt^oji opened, but who had not rnisetd a minute uf its prtit'eed^gB^ loae from his aeat and cumc slowly tn the platform. Wh4n the cfeeertng ceased Eteba btt^ftn a spi!t->'h which was tnterjuptud at tfte wd of B«arly- -every »ent»;n«*> by «h«jerine and ha,r4-clapping. He said: "I teiitiv* tbe ttraVlty uf the »fi4ustilal gituntlua.iti this country IB well understood. It farqttlte evident tht» delegate to th« wfiventtoji #t#~*«>it4tetiu& ot the fact that clyU litssrty is dead taj America.' I have .CTJW and s«y a«%te **Nat for the la«t time f feave ftpp«»led to the (wurtx for Justice, 'and stv&ii Apis^aJ -to After a £0od deal more talk the plat- j forin was 'adopted without further ' ftmendnrent. It was th«n agreed that the basin of roprosentation at the Chicago convention.should ho one delegate to each local lalwr organiaatiori and two ' -fr/i^in' hn^h r»Hnf»rpiBK{nnfl:l dlat^lr i t-*-*»V<»rV from. each cbngressiona! man to be a wage worker.. Th« chair then .appointed. M&hon, Sovereign, Donnelly and O'Connell a committee to ar* range, for the Chicago convention arid informed the convention that any money Intended R» contributions for the striking miners should be sent to Secretary I'carce. of the United Mine Work- •ers, at Columbus, O. Mahon introduced a resolution calling upon the miner* how at work In Missouri, towa, Kansas, Kentucky and other- fields* to quit work and denouncing them as'enemk's of hu- •man liberty so long as they continued their present course. Notwithstanding that_ the convention early In the morning had declined to act on President Katchford'a of thetr " <t 'ant! purp<w " 1jtr U f the striking l>ijr k> general, ft| "thp ballot as «tid means for tile amelioration of the under .tfte iabormff ?* rtialt fbver«ment by injunction, frhicli' pJftfa.Hdvde with ieu<*h s*>Htfc«J liberty «a %ffi(*m«s y encroacli merit o"{ , .an.d be H finally That no natlori in which the fletSple/arF totally dtsferm^ff can lon« a ii*ec»ft tlon, -and 'therefore, we urgt> upon alt ttberty*lovlntc cltTi!!!hB to' remembep »«d ofreyartlelc i of the '•oon- siitwtlon of th« t/nlt«l States, KS»ds a«"foIIoV8s "'th* rtglit of peo^fe to Jteep and bear arms shall not be IHf/lngcS*" ___ ^_ .•' Striker* JMtwfc Stem flolnk fa» Wortc. WBSh1n«:tah,lnd.,S«'irt,l.- a "On6 hundred strikers met a c'rowd of miners accompanied by the mine superintendent, Frank etrasser. o" thjB way to start the mine y*9terday morning. A battle with atones, listfu and clubs took place b'e- tween the men Just outside., the city limits, and a number were painfully In- Juredt Superintendent S^rasaer*s scalp was cut from a blow with a club and he \va» bruised about the, body from the stonen thrown. Me, with his men, were followed to town by the. angry strikers. No atresta have been made. There IB mote oatarth in thin aertion, of •the country than ail other discuses put: together, and until the'iastfew years wa<* «up- poxed to be incurable. Fora great many yean doctors pronounced it a local disease, nod prescribed local reinodies r and by oon- ^tautly failing to cure with {oral treatment, pronounced it incurable. Science ban proven catarrh to be n constitutional dic- nee, arid therefore requires. cor.8titut.Vona) reatmont. Hall's Catarrh cure, mnnufac- urod by F. J. Cheney & Co., Toledo, Ohio, st he only constitutional euro on the mar- :ot. It is taken ioternally in-dores from 10 ropa to a teaopoooful. H nets directly on he' blooc) «nyi 'mucous snifncps of the syo- tem,. Tb v -ilTerono. hundred «lo)l»rB for nycaac:t 'it? ^tocu-e Send foroirc'i'a ftbd tentiui'inKlfi,' 1 ' • A^dr'-HP. .-.If,- J. CHEKRY & CO,. Toledo, O. Sold t,i' druifuiHtfl. 75v". • II vll'rt Family pill^i are the bent. . WiTitM HAZEL (HL & Fistulas. & Scalds. \Vounds &. Bruiaee. Cuts & Sores. . Boils &. Tumor* Eczema & Eruptioiwu Salt Rheum GoeB# & Bunions. Stings A Bites of Inaacuu pende4 Wfr.OOO tfl have th^ <jji^tlon -of bivil rigatf t#)Hfei|.in ths iu^reme ooi»'rt» of thfe Uol,t«4 State* only to $«' {old i hat Wf haVtt no righta that capital. IB bowid to reapec't, Shall we -.appeal to th* *uprame witrta .ag^in? N<* Wa iippt'iU' to tW* oanveiition and- to th*? country tor ato uprising at all mm veo&te to eytry taraMt Itf*. s fc>' bfe^t ibac tha atuf re-enthrone the " riphis . of tb« American ytt thy of labor rattling It* $t the earth, an« y<st there w:e Mw«r wovk| hav* it ft* • ft io^er price. SO 44* NOW. Further Ott In his speech Beb» said-. •'Kever in nay tile fe»ve 'I l**n ua t&ui o&w. I «« not gifted with of »nd the J* no* far wiU go a*ii*4 with a r *re ready~*nd' the tbe eouru aa;d ihe righu of A*»«rt- c fre*eui«M applause.; re^ueijtlng President McKinley td i on\ 7 etu*.cangres» for the purpose of de- flnlng tReSAuthority of Judgea.ln :the matter of UnjUwcJions, r a resolution to hat effect, but requ>»t|ng^the chairman jf the convention to asl?T*t§siaent. Mc- Clnley to act In that dlreclRTn^Jntro- duced by W. Q. Ryan, the Hanoi" ganizer, went', through with a .whoop, arid" shortly before 7 p, m. the coaven-" Idn adjourned sine die. ; I'LATrOllSI OF THE. CONFEIIK.VCH >««tor«» That ••Our No-Called" LltW-rty Is Not Frei-doin." /' St. Louis, Sept. 1.—The conference Of ubor Icadora . promulgated a platform iy and agW^d tbat if the coal strike wag not siettlfed >y Sept. .20, that day week ft) convention should by held. at Chicago to take ^further action. The eBolutlor.s are preceded" liy w long pre- nent ajfaln»t''"gciv«H'ninent by injunc- ion" and a de«iiruji(j)i that'the courts. under the! itijuijctioiir-iue "running tb« country, regardlttiSNOf th^>iKht!i of vita cltizetia The courts are Called' deapotj»; charged with re»irt\n&> to ''most ahunrielesa defiance of i decency." vn the rt-HolUtluna follow: ,/ \Va tiavts met tu counsel tog^Oter and come to thy following, conclusion* tftal. '' "Wheroasi The present strike t»f co»l mlner.b-h.i« again dt'mongtrateil the fact ;hat our so-fialled liberty ia not freedorn, t>ut i* a stupendous 'sham, under which intltlvns arp dfgtpr'trftttng, 'White Js (if men, wojnc cbUdr^n &r* at^ving in hoyola urd uc the public highways; i condition has a large a,nd '«^v«r- Ing; number of aim pojpul^itioe 'as hji.g V* pwnnlt a, t eomj>i»*i&tv iQgallCAd exploiters to tnxxnoput!^^ tb« ot production and tlSt^ribudoi) f«r «nn» in tbfe t-ase of tfift mint Apt»eal» to empress and U tb* courts for relief >re frultljuss. pine* as wtli mis th« the cafiltaUetk; cl^**, *-y that ti Uai, COOHB pass in this 'frt-y c<>uf.tjy', th»t, cattit »cd «wlnt. bav*.- a riuiu tu i,b# putlio hi*(inyi»y, AmerMiai»s. *i;v4ll (n^men, hav* not; » but in ,-^*«rfiiwfe»f fay lawful ai«MJ«» -tfae, tlleht IQ .Ut« wWle on t£e-=otfa«r haad. ij& of tlie c^aetry *r« uuarwt-a and sfeJesp, *onw§ry to tb« it of tb« c.onatituUoo of &£9&fifl. 7b$F£^O|%! r t^.^tr^ r ^ "Ji^mplvftd, ^Tiiu^t w& it^r^l&y kiit &&0uri Friday, tfee. thtad day. «rf Stpt«mbw, &> f 'Goo4 • Friday' tftt- t%» cause of suffering Igbor In Anjtflea ajad the wrtilnge of tha.t d$y t-j oar sUnjggllog broti>i;i-s, tbf friend til do /H the strike of the raioewi ia sot «rttl6«J by tke 26th day bar, ISjW, and aapouBcfcoiejit made to tiwit *ff^-l by the Wt*W«^t of tbt?Unit- ed **toe W-orkf-eg, a e«ttft»sjl t-oavr-sUou be beid at Cbitaso UA Monday, Sept. 27 &y t^^ r^&r^b^&t%tiv^i6 v£ H-U and and Worthy EntcrJ»nsc, Tho institution known as the Sartorini, art school with the jfarent school at Jaxon, where all-the very latest modos of dre.^8 tailoring are taught, 1ms vrrangcd too'jK'n a Uvant-h i pleach eo.uri- y in th*!_atiUc. Mr, t'\ P. \jinnt, the BU- perlntondent of kchoolH in hi>ro for tht nirfjosc of opening a Bch,ool for Calhcuiri niity. Mrs. Belle Sannd.3r^an expert tnq raauiigement of the county and^willi-euiain hero to conduct ;hc business. Laditgare taught to cui and iiinko any tfarmentfoiCftny iniimber of the family, ladies* and joys' and mens' garmetita, shirtH, fon lessons conntitute the cutting course anil thoqe desiring to take the eewing course are entitled to bring auy.suit or JrcB^nnd tuako it Under instructions ol ;ho iM'-st lady tailors. A call will'con' vjce ftllof the genuraeueas of the merita the institution. Mothers and fathers send your daughters; wives eavn ypur huabands from 810 to *5<) per year by Ibarning to 1 care for your own wardroba Solicitors will call on each family in thr-citju 'Our terms are BO low that any one may avail themselves of this opportunity. Mr. Hunt will remain in the city a week and would -like to -m^ej; those who would like to act as taaqsiger of county uchoola. The schools hours w4Ul>«froai8:aatdlO^Oa.m.and from to 4:30 p. ra. baBgineing Taeiwlay a. m., Aug 1 . 17. No lady ia' no rich that ehe should neglect taw all important ;4ut>:. «Wf) wil) give private leasona to those Vho do not ««f0 t» attend the regular Tft^ IBventng: News, ,- _ our Home you AGENTS tff National attd - Porelgn New«. IN MICHIGAN. Eyefthig-Ifews, Detroit. *r -What if .Not Miracles? The grtatf Four-C Remedy is doing work wherever intfoductfclas nearly miraCuloui afrit ever falls ta the lot of any fcuman agency to-do (I will es> ;em it a favor for any one interested to write the persons whose ii?iincs • ~ -. appear below • or anyone whose name may appear among these testimonials.) My aim Islo confines the public of «> siBearity and of the true merits cf this remedy. ou BENEFACTORS OF THE RACE, Office of "KiworisHSR Tw*?/' I ___ __ __KJwtflshet. Oklft., Deo, lSSi'88. f wrajBHBS'— 1 b«Hflv*,»t jny dutjrto write yo* \ line in rcpard to the beneficial effect of Phelpi^ "Four C Remedy," so far as I am personally conjoined. A week ago last Thursday, I was takdn with a severe attack of IB grippe and In a abort .Iffie became «n bonree I could not apeak above a ffhiamr. - The night previous 1 bad coughed aearfy the entire night; just before retirlog I took iteiwpoonfiil.BndsippttbecntirBniKbtftsawoatly is ever I did in my 'life, notcau^biligonc*. i was mtlroly relieved before taking one bottle. Phfelps' 3ouiih, ; Cold nod Croup Cure should be ID every lousebold th the land. I s6&d you this wholly jnsolictted by anyone, for you aro bensfaotore of the race to Blvins,- it the antidote fox eonke of the worst afflictions 'to which H is heir. . VeryTtuh Vours, • C.J NBBBItT, EdltM. A MIRACLE. Kansas City, Kansas, Deo. M, '61 Lairt Friday, Dec. 19, my attending phyaiciati itated unless I was better by mdVnlnc he could to notbine for my relief. That eight I cora- nencad taking Phelp's " f our C" remcdy f stopped 111 other mcdloinos The Brat dosoatoiipflU my •x>ugh: slept and 'rented well; a few moro Jones •erooved all aoreiteos from' my IUORS; the second lay 1 was ap; tbn third day I was out on tbo iorohaod to-day was up lovm purchosinc holiday . \VaabiogtonAve. and Summit St. "/'• CROUP CURED. One do* o r f Phelps' Couph, Cold and Croup !!ure, (rave my ebllil iDstant relief when attacked :»ith the croup. : . . \V. E. MOOBB, of Moore Bros.. Grocers. Arkansas City, Kannas. 'Co., t . 24, W UNBROKEN .REST AT NIGHT. 3. H. HULINO, Manaefr, OfBce Commercial Printing C 196 South Clark St Chtoa£o, Nov. ft «. Pheips, E«q., city, DsARSm;—I wish to bear testimony Rreat cfflcnqy of your "Pour C" remedy in thronf and lung: nUments. As a rule I have own sk*>;r tioql of the merits of 'proprietary nicdraineo. bui have lo'c&affcMthal s.test ef yonr "K<5iirC" H convincing that at least one roady marie rcmcdj is Vforthy of u*e. My obtldreti all take it with out the feast objection, frotti oldest l<jyounK"«' and it is particularly noticeable Hint benefit U nlmost immediate. -A sIiiK'i.' dose will ehcct mostConizhs In their beginning; iteiven an utf broken re>t at night. In tnv Tamily "Pout. C" h simply Indispensable and I recommend it uii qufcUfledly, Yours, J. II. TJouHcj. ACUTE UARYNQITIS. ». Chlcngo,, Sept. 25, '95 For.years back each winttr I have puffcwo : wlOMwat<i-Laryngitis. Last winter was BO ted I could not leave my room for two weeks of apt-nk above a whisper. I. trleji' every known cuuf'i prepafafion'ftom cotflrtrntniw uji'dwr u<iwti'wrRi' no relief, then in dgspM»Ho»' f WHB induced l.> to wy Phelp'* "FourC." THeflrnt dose relieved my cough, giving mo the flr-^t nintitV reM In. weckn. Half the bottle «ute<3 inn. 1 I have ucvi'i been without this wonderful r^nr-dy i=iijc«. H in as different from other like renwtllas as molaseeo from vinegar .or sugar from nnnci.. Sins, JoHKrn E. Gimivn. 8313 .Miwlisoa Ave, IT IS A MIRACLE. . Conductor Eckard,- the Railroad Correspon. dent of the Neodasha r nsas R.ep.lster, hanthl.'i to 8»y of "Pour C." ""l'u--tp» it having a wen- dcrful Bale of his Cou(?h ttud'Cold Remedy. Wo iwrsonally know it U Just what It is reprosent- ed ^o t>e. Toomoch can t, bt» tald in It is a miracle. ' .., NOTICE TO DRUGGISTS AND THETPt JC. CONTRACT.--Druggists are authorized in'ALL CASES TO REFUND THE PURCHASE PRICE, i! the Four-C Remedy (Phelps'Cough, Cold and Croup Cure) fails to give satisfaction in Croup, Ifroncnui3,Asthina 1 LaGrippe > Coughs and Colds,, no matter how long Standing, or Seep seated, in fact I guarantiee in all manneroi Bronchial or Lung trouble, not as a Cure-Ail,but to give unbounded satisfaction.' Give it a trial on life above conditions.* I take all chances. ft, R, PHELPS, 118 53d Street, CHICAGO, III, Prpo. For sale by W. T. DRAKE. D. t & M. E R. GAS STOVES!; ILtarge Reduction In Prices on All , Cooking Apparatus. Gas R^xgee $10.00^13.00 ? .$16.0Oaa<i $16.oo Boiling Stoves $1. to $5. according to size THE WESLSBAGH '~ ~ ' ,"'"'' ' u INCANt>ESCENt - GAS - LIGHT Reduced in Prior **** From $2.25 to S2.OO each . 1 35 cents extra fair ibaae awd pr«taefci»g sUad (Bee cute.), Ab.olutelj Steady, V*ry Co^ts less tb(ui le per power Of twice the light of a 6ft open gaa burner with | if * v tore« i« MarstoH nae tlieae J* Welshach Ught& Always Give SauafaeOc botij «* to ligUt and cousuuiption of ga». Nearly 300 aoW ia THE MARSHALL LIGHT ^f ^PHMf -^|^MBiW|F^^|f^^^^^^BHiJ!^ ^?w^ r ^*^T* ~

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