The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on August 17, 1893 · Page 1
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 1

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 17, 1893
Page 1
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He Agreed With the Opponent! of the IJlll TImt UlmetalUnm and Monometal- lism Are at Issne. _• WAsiiiNaTON, Aug. 17.— The debate In the house was characterized by the ebb and flow of eloquence and by 'the presence and absence of Interest. It was parted by Mr. McCall (Rep., Mass.) in favbxof the repeal of the purchasing clause of\the Sherman bill and wa< closed by MX. Moses (Dem,, Ga.) in opposition theretK^. Sandwiched between these tvro speeches were remarks by Ctoomba (Dem., Nx/Y.), Bryan (Dem., Neb.) and Henderson\fRep., la.). • The firat named macje an ^address from a business standpoint in favor of the repeal of the Sherman law. Bicyan made the speech of -the day, and altntragh he occupied more than two hours KX its delivery, he commanded the earnest attention of his colleagues throughout* He was one of the apostles of bimital- lism and hjs sympathizers regarded hia arguments as unanswerable. But the eame thing was said of the speech oi Henderson by the opponents of free coinage, and taken altogether the day's debate must be put down in the category of a drawn battle. Mr. McCall (Rep., Mass.), speaking in favor of the repeal, said that he agreed with the opponents of the bill that the bimetallism and monometallism were at issue,- but the cause of bimetallism was represented by the friends of re peal. A continuance of the policy of buying silver would inevitably deprive the government of its stock of gold and place this country upon the silver standard, and this would practically demonetize gold. . Mr. Coombs (Dem., N. Y.) highly commended the president's message, which, in his opinion, he said, had never been surpassed by any etftte paper. But the president" might have said in conclusion that "it is a condition and not a theory that confronts us." r Mr. Bryan (Dem., Neb.) said that he would fully accomplish his purpose if- he were able to impress upon the members of this house the importance of the question which was now" under consideration and. then quicken their appreciation of the grave responsibility which pressed upon them. Upon the action of this, congress might depend not only t;he welfare of the south and west, not only the welfare of the United States, but the welfare of humanity itself for ages to come. He was opposed to a single standard of value, be it gold or silver, and was in favor of a double standard. The question now presented wus whether the United States \va,s going to say that it was an English colony or an independent nation. If .there be seme- persons Irving on the eajt^rn, shore who w6re better &yuAinte<r wifjh the beauty of the Alps than with the grandeur of the Rockies; better acquainted with the sunny skies of Italy- than with the invigorating breezes of the Mis&is&ippi valley, let them know "that there are people who are willing to cast their all on the fate of this republic, and rise or fall At the conclusion? of Mr. Bryan's Speech there was loud cries of "vote," i4 yoie?" and the Nebraska orator was Burrounded'by his colleagues congratulating him upon Ids greaj; effort. Mr. Henderson (Rep., la.) said that the most gratifying tning: that could reach the people* of the. United States- States. verelrhpBe crie^ of »-"«>te." "vote,!' '.'v^The people . act algalL .He wouja be come -to £T0teatonee. / -' "' --,-," ^ €fengrei3iw«irta, jipt apt wisely unless it <,»*<^ ,=J«, j,,^«™.-^4. , seopnd band brick. spent Only three hours* in session, but that time was well filled up. Mr. Vest's "bill appropriating $300,000 for a site ant building in Washington to be known as the 'Ball of Records," was passed. Then the bill to increase the circulation of national banfts was taken up and postponed until today for .the reason that several senators had informed Mr. Vobrhees that they desired more time to prepare to discuss it. But' before ;it was laid aside an important amendment was proposed by Mr. Qockrell (to authorize the redemption at parjmd accrued interest) of such 2 per cenl bonds (oyer $25,000,000) 'in all as may be offered and to authorize the issue oi new treasury legal tender notes in payment therefor. The amendment produced considerable discussion, Mr. Sherman condemning it as an un- businesslike proposition and Mr. Gock- rell expressing his amazement and mortification that the friend and patron of the national bank—the great gold mono- metallist from Ohior-snould object to an amendment that would increase the amount = of ^moriey in circnlatipn. Another amendment to the bill was offered later on . by, .Mr. Allen (Neb.)° for the cessation, of interest on the bonds on which the increased national bank circulation should be based. After that there were two speeches delivered, one by Mr. Berry in favor of bimetallism and one by Mr. Gallinger against tariff legislation before 1807. Among the petitions presented in the xmbrning hour was one ifrom Cass county, Ind. It. was directed (said Mr. Vobihees in presenting it) agaiuat the maniroM iniquities of the prencnt civil service—in which opinion I hoartily concur, x^ Mr. Manderson (Rep., Neb.) introduced two bills\ which, he said, had been prepared aittl sent to him by a gentleman of financia^abilicy and wlil.-h Were read by their titles and n -f^rn-t] to the finance committees. Tin- titles are: Directing the, purrhfK" >f vilv. bullion and the issuance of treasury notes therefor, and for the appointment of a mint-commission; a bill providing for the issue^of treasury notes, their riP aemption and for other purposes. Mr. Merrill (Rep., Vt.) gave notice that as he intended to leave the city soon he would address the senate on Monday next on the Vest bimetallic resolution Very briefly. Mr. Quay (Rep.. Pa.) offered a resolution, which' was agreed to, directing the architect of the Capitol to examine forthwith the government nroperty known as the' Maltby building and to report whether the structure is secure and can be occupied with safety to life and property. He said that facts developed before the committee on public buildings and grounds showed necessity for examination. A resolution offered by Mr. Butler (DenWS. C.) directed the sergeant-at- arms of the senate to distribute to public libraries in the • United States all public documents found on hand and not claimed by senators on the 15th of September next. No action was taken on the resolution, but Mr. Vest argued in favor of the passage of a bill appropriating §300,000 for a site and building to be known as the hall of records, which was passed. Mr. Voorhees (Dem., Ind.) chairman of the finance committee, said he had been appealed Jo by several senators who requested him not to call up today (as he had intended) the bill to enable national banks to increase their circulation to the amount of the par value of the bonds deposited by them, but he eaVe notice that he would do so Thurs- 3a~ Cockrell (Dem., Mo.) offered an amendment directing the secretary of the- treasury to ,pay to the holders of 3 per cent bonds who may present them for redemption, their face value with accrued mterest in United States legal tender notes. • ' Mr. Sherman (Rep.» O.) stated , jections which occurred to his against the amendment The "'very tnornent the treasury notes were paid —* on these bonds wfiich were not now w.-.- w»d tie interest on which was no burden; to the government. Tie $o$egi he isaioV would be presented CHEAP RATES. <*• A. H. Encampment fit IndlanapnU*. Account of (}. A R. encampment heijd at Indianapolis, Ind., in September, 18&. 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