The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on December 11, 1960 · Page 6
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 6

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, December 11, 1960
Page 6
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TBS BBAZOSPORf FACTS Btuoiport art Brawrla County, 11 .—___ — —— Lanier Wins Over Chester In Rain, Mud, 16 To 12 GEORGE FERGUSON Facts Spoils Editor vear tha WiMcaU were aefeat-;in Use game in f'c «sniIir.aJj bj- Living- j Lanier took the opening-game --<- . . ....^ .... MPM , JSBS 3£-rMTJg SS-'flir'—" Chester Bulldogs m tne mad at riopper * le ' u * . ^ £ the Chester Bulldogs in the mud at Hopper day right; «,d .fterthe* rninu^ »«, J^ ** d 'life Ke^^Cl^Nego^ •sures the Wildcats of! state champs, West, and College Tibs state champion-! Station. The site, data and time ship that will be di game that possibly will be play tier! third piny of the game on nc that pos^iblvwiUbepiar-i will" be decided after the West- jured on the first play of thc next Friday night. The op-[College Station game Saturday; e . anci . even though he saw . »__.._ ...:n •.,, ^.-..'T-.IO'-- I „„,.•.. a.-:inn durin2 the game, FriQa^" »' ITO.S.K<U et^ " a^i..*^. .*-..— i .- -- - - ~ - t-K-i lo« thU or-, bus br ex-' fumble. At one time during the c»>ns d«V-«.ive -vcrfc and o!-jfirst quarter, Chester drove to -" " ; • runs bv Robert Shep- the Lanier 2!, where they lost Biiiv Ear Pierce and the ball on downs. Lanier mov- *h'e Lanier bovs ed out of its territory once dur- were able to win " ing the first quarter, that being Th= offensive whiz. Quarter-! to the Chester 30 yard line on back "Robert Royston, was in- the third play of the game - - - •• W here they lost the ball on a ... for Lanier will ba de-ini 1 in a game in West Satyr- ( day night between last years, la lgt- _, muc acton u , Lanfcr pased their record of he was un . 3 b!e to show any ou - ^t ?«r Friday n.ght. as last stMdlng pjays as Is usually hts -- ^^_ „__ — . DRUGS • COSMETICS SUM)RrE3 - VETERDJAEI SUPPLIES Phone SWift 8-2333 MGUIS DIAL SWiTt 8-H33 BEAZOEIA ^ =i j usually his cu7:cm.°A ligament was pulled :n his leg. Nothing serious but i painful enough to slow down |i his playing ability. Several hundred fans braved the cold, gusty winds and rain | to watch the Wildcats win the ! semifinals game while the | i bands irom the two schools j played continuously. i As can be expected on a 1 rainy night and a wet-soggy the g 3me was littered with fumbles that were instrumental in setting up some of fumble. After the two teams had each punted once in thc second quarter, Lanier started n drive from the Chester 22 yard line. Eleven plays, four first downs and 78 yards later, with one minute and 33 seconds remaining In the quarter, Royslon passed to Isaac Steamer for n touchdown with a 24 yard play. Charles Kill racod over for two points after touchdown to put Lanier cut front on the scornboard, 8 to 0. The half ended with the score like this. One minute deep in the second half, Chester's right end Elbert Freeman intercepted a Royston pass on the Lalner 40 Freeport Little League Awarded Trophies Thursd * »». _ <*4tt1iat Ws&ftosliTltt**' Ralph David, president of the Freeport Little League presented trophies to the winning teams of the 19fiO senson Thufsday niter- noon at The Facts offices. Championship trophies were presented to the Yankees, minor league champions, and the Yankees manager, Cecil Collins. Also receiving trophies were each of the ' Cardinals, major league cham- dons and Cardinal managers l j. Monte and F. A, Ralney, Sportsmanship trophies were presented to Ronnie Volkening of the minor leagues and Roger Moody oC the majors^ •. • i Cardinals receiving; were: Earl Llndsey, Dav llns, Mike Jones, Larry Tobey Davenport, David r David Mikulenka, Tray G Carl Hayhes, Jimmy fttrni ry D. Teas, T. C. Selma Flncher, Rusty Schml James Jones. Trophies were presented Yankees: Rodney Bokln, Hester, Bobby Patterson, j Pounders, Gregory Perkln lip Reeves, Ronald fume ward Shipley, Andy Anden bert Brown, Robert Hrnci lip Jones, Sldppy GUlilam Greer and "Possum" Frar fot Isffib 3IJ1WC- 4mtt IttSftfr wen rrirfitfi Boca. P5rS»K*»i rihw%. 'Wit Cellizx, aoBWHWi- -*»f " ti. 'H»WM?'r I 'the. *{*rt!a»M»«Mp award in Jho minor ;,. J, Meate. co-manager of th« „«.». »M*r JMESTU* champion! Roger y, sptt ; J*»»ttslrip trophy winner In Jh» ,„„,.,. IMi^tiw MI* «is other manager of Ol* CsWHns'ls, F. A. Rainey. yard lios JO'S Trtnirnefl 'thfe : Ih- ttrccpisd jiisdtiTi "Hi' ihr ^I..Btik>v 31. Six. jili^« 3nwt, >Chfester Quarieriad; TDnroiUi plowed PVfr fe ~t a keejsr Jar * Gecrgs Mirsa* ~u» ''-lot -MJlrft points was sS»-cra«a short. "With six rains!.!* ifit in Ihf 'Uilrti quarter, l&iep TWBS Imttilng *6. W-hsit Chrfstma© * ANGELINA COUNTY LUMBER CO. Here's o gift the whole family can enjoy {or many, many Cbristmases to come ... Texas Yellow Pine paneling in the Family Room. Easily applied over existing walls ... easily financed. There's yet time to have it THIS Christmas if you see your Retail Lumber Dealer NOW/ 'V.'iO; 23 «as»o*rts rPiWtiniht i?-. |ht thifri Bun tier. 1 .pnsor jooml PS -<S(?t CTtssiff tb» to'jchdowns that were made r«nil>!«! mi the Clvwter 50 ym-fi! HM afto l-atlicr';: Johnny Smith! reeoviTMi (he hall. Five plays Inter Ptll,v Kay Pierce. l*ni«'s iij>ht linllhack. pHitiROcl over nom (Tie on'.- for psytlirl, Jimv i Brazosport Sophomores Win 2 Games Brazosport Bowling Ne BUSINESS Trim SUndlnil Team 8l«nillnn Camera Mart Simmons Building BOPPU Co. Carnation Comnny Mcmlcal * Powell Houston Natural °°*_ Oom , Missions Mlsslonn F. IA Turpln Wfllt Johnston Andy t ;, c first round games of the in iht cmi zone. His "e ht jB- aIospor t Senior High Scho ol i«cfe»r ^ mate ;. l ;f Rphpn ThomBs. icll on the l f n,ahp the six points ' ShcnhiiT-t! raced ovor tor mo-t iwints to put Lamer •;.-nr.t J6-G. , . 7hr Bulltincf st-nrpa 'if 3 '"- lityswn WES tiling. T.-ith basketball tournament spnior high gym; B-sophomore team | dot( ,,, tcd ^y city's-Black -Cat out | s? oliomores 45 to 35, Galena Park . I clowned Smiley of Houston 56 to '"-^! ^,3 Brazosport-A-sophomore v-hiif lityswn WES tng. T.-ith | (ram won over Lajnar Consoli- •i.'ip);ss minute."! and SO seconds j dntK , of Ros Pn berg 51 .to 46. rornfcinms in t.h« .csr;ic, when; For , he ]pca j g sophomores, Lj.r,\rc «-SF {nrfod to punt.! Jcrry \\-), ea t scored 12 points, Bill Ber.jKtr.iri J ones ; Warren ma a e u raid Art Allen I, 10 14 IS IS 18 19 24 35 1085 1MB 1MO 339 Ftnnlei Dn>» Shop Bpirrowt Hall Mirk Homei WOW P«ngulni I«y Uliut Pin Downs Woodpeckiri Paraketti INN MEN'S IBAOBE Turn jis Appinnce Co. MBddox Materials Co. Sellers-Ilnrlwur Inf. Agcy. Star Corpornlton Tapp't Sanitary Dairies Cobb Plnmblng Co. Freeport Business Men High Tfam Oam» Sellera-Harbour Ins. Agcy. Lake Appliance Co. Maddox Materials Co. lllih Individual Game WlnjalB M. Kennedy Team Slandlnn For Brazosport's A sopho- scare :s-i;. Jrnores. Ronald Pisklak flipped in csse. Loniet j i5 points and Kenneth Coppin tos- = iL=s:taW;aer spread .'s-a through 14. Scarbrough made i ;;H-T plajf, ?::kics upllo points lor Lamar Consolidated. -iiia 1*0 viros en eachj Tna ;c*iirament resumed play lie fesrnaliva 0:at had;Saturday morning with the seven t --i-^- ir;isn cidelice'.and eighth place winners being "--« T^-i'gT ecnsroUed^de'erniined in a 6:30 p.m. Satur- 1T2 baU =•'-! ci &e remainder;day game, fifth and sixth place jvdnncrs at 2:30 p.m. and the in lir=t downs 20'tournament championship game iat S p.m. Saturday. The entire j affair is being reeled off atBrazps- |port High School. Pnrnell's Scrv. Sta. u.MJ.'s L.U E.E. Lucky Spares Oh '.Well Sleepers sptkers " Lumberjacks spindle Tops Tall Pins Bowl-er-oes i, in 19 28 29 34 38 952 U28 817 535 224 217 Cranfta Humlniblrdi ' Cardinals Four Cblckl Blue Dlrdi HUh Tun Oam« Fannlu Draii Shop Fanniei nre«» Shop NlihteniiKi & FlemlnKO'i Illlh In.lltldiiml damn Btii Hiirenbcck Jean Rathtnkamp Lola Plernall j SUNDAV NIQItT MIXED D( Team Team a.m. Oh I Well splkere llljh Indlrtdual Onme Dana Pollock Charlenc Honlt • Pat WllWrn __ KAIUAT nmn LEAOPE 33 32 39 38 38 40 23 5SS 581 182 173 170 to 11. Sweeny Leads Angieton In Tournament The two remaining first round 'games of the Sweeny Invitational jboys Basketball Tournament ended Friday with Ganado defeating I Santa Fe 52 to 34 and Boling winning over Palacios 39-33. The tournament started Thurs day, continued Friday and wil end with the tournament chain- pionship game at 9 pjn. Saturday In second round games, Bay I City beat Tidehaven 39 to 30 i aivd Sweeny out flipped Angleton's ! Wildcats 43 to 39. In the losers bia won over Wharton 39 to 30 ind Kirwin lost to Van Vleck 40 o 53. second round games. West Colurn- At 3 p.m. Saturday Boling met Santa Fe and at 7:30 p.m. Saturday the winner of the Boling- Santa Fe game will meet the winner of the West Columbia-Van Vleck game played at 4:30 p.m. Saturday. Palacios and Ganado were scheduled for a noon game Saturday and the winner of the game will play the winner of the Sweeny- Bay City game (1:30 p.m.) in the 9 p.m. championship game. BP Girls Out Toss Santa Fe 74-51 At Angieton Tourney Lake Jackson, Clute In Final Play The Lake Jackson Junior High Basketball Tournament kicked off to a wild start at 3 p.m. Friday with two Brazosport teams hitting the Panther hardwood. Johnny Girouard's Lake quintet come alive at the start of the second quarter, when the score was tied 3-3, to out blast the Cliff Williams quints from Freeport, 32-20. This was the first game of the tournament played before a packed gallery of fans, made up of mostly Lake Jackson students that watched the game before going home from school. The first quarter ended with the score locked at 3-3. Lake Jackson's three points were made by Bobby Green on one free throw and a field goal with two minutes Mcolll ft Moora Wood Chopptra Lnjhlee A Ralhkamp Elliott ft Kurd Thoroai ft Itanium PaUanoB Johnston ft Jamison Msyia ft Ealley Kaya ft Dtvore D.M.P. HUh IndlTldtial Gams •— £M Roeple ( Tommy JohuUin ; B. Mays ft I* K. Sp«4 lllsh Individual uanu—Woi Rozella Jamison Cor«I orahara Marjorey frey TEN FIN LEAGUE Team Btanillnfa Screwballa Emerald Fortsl W. 1. Bryan Real Estate T.V. CUnlo Pin Heads Bowl Ritel OrblU HI Lowa Ulrt IndliUoal Gam* Wanda Beck Mai* T«atnerhoU ] LauriM Heather i .... UHU Team Came ; T.V. CUnlc 5 Ortlls > , Pin Heads ' OCIF COAST WOMEN'S HOI V : .: JLEAOEE .• ..; Team Party BoaU, Inc. Falctall Beer Kelley, Phillips ?er. Bta. Whit* Auto '»ior» Wella Cleanera Southern Material \Vholesala Beer DIstrUratora Unsponspr Humble Sorvlca Sla. ShellUsb Cate . IIKh Team Game Kelley Phillips White Auto Store Humble service Bta. Win IndlTldual Cam* Ruby Huston Ruby Huston ' • : A. Rlchter * ST. TUOMAS METHODIST I Team UUndlnii Sin Buatera Tha Four Uac'a The Four Siiuaret Pin Twlston Hlih Taara dam* sin Buitera Tha Four Mac'l Bin Buitara HUh inditldoal Ou» Brazosport Hlgji Sdwol Export- eretteg won the first game of the Angieton girls basketball tournament Friday from Santa Fe 74 to 51. Scoring for Brazosport were Ellen Nichols with 32 points, Vicky Perry with 25 and Linda Cruce with 15. Bobbie Shead was high scorer for Santa Fe with 24 points. In oilier first round games Ganado, West Columbia and Angieton advanced to the second game winning rounds to be played Saturday. Ganado defeated Bay City, West Columbia downed El Campo and Angieton won over the Sweeny five. The tournament championship game will be played at 8:30 p.m. Saturday. The tournament is being played in Angleton's new high school gym. SOUTHWEST FOREST INDUSTRIES, INC. Edens-Birch Division SOUTHERN PINE LUMBER CO. KIRBY LUMBER CORPORATION Our 2nd Generation of Lowest Prices! OJshon Buys Mora So Olsfion Can Sell for Lossl 3 A«r«s of Material — Compare! #1 ASBESTOS SIDING: With nails-White, Green, Gray i Brown. Sq W.95 ALUMINUM* WINDOWS: 2/8x5/0 with Screen Only >H-»* Closeout ot 3 Carloads from $3.95 PLYWOOD: V»" 4 x 8 Mahogany for cabinets $9.95 5" x y Regulation Siza Ping font Tables $9.95 Vt" Fir-Good One Sid», 4x8 Sheet $6.49 V*" V-Grooved Mahogany Paneling 4x8 $4.48 Flooring, #2 Oak 100 sq. ft....$7.60 Good Quality oak, 1,000 sq. (t pkg $35.00 ROOFING: Felt, Full Roll $1.35 215-lb. Composition Shingles, Sq $4.50 Come In «r will FREE ESTIMATES! Wi will dillur ti your Artt. 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The Freeport five led by Sldppy ratt, Ruddy Ramcriz, Mike orak and Leo Burnett just could ot hit the basket with the ball nough to come close to winning, he combination could work Ihe jail to the goal but simply could ot get past the solid wall set p by Lake Jackson. At the end ol ic tbird quarter Lake Jackson •as leading 21-14. This wag the second .win for Lake Jackson over Freeport this season, Scoring for Lake Jackson were: Bobby Tod, 4; Bobby Ireen, 12; Willie Hagler, 11; Tommy Gray, 3 and Eric Wcstcrman, For Freeport: Sldppy Pratt, 2; Ruddy Rameriz, 5; Mike Horak, and Leo Burnett, 9. In oilier games Friday, Alvin icat West Columbia 49 to 36. High ;corer lor Alvin was Howard with 6 points and high for West Colum bin was Henry, with 9. Wan scored 8 points and Anderson 7 Clute defeated Angieton 38 to 28 vitli Ruy Baldrcc leading foi ?lute with 17 points. Irby made .1. For Angieton, Agulrre a nc Ladewio tied with 11 points each In Saturday games in the Lake Jackson tournament, Freeport unc Angleton played at 9:15 a.m. The winner of tills game will mee A'cst Columbia at 5:30 p.m. Sutur day in the consolation game. West Columbia drew a bye since Boy City dropped out ol tournamen play Friday. Luke Juck&on and Clute met a 10:30 a.m. Saturday und Alvin and Palacios played at 2 p.m. Th winners of these two games wl meet in the tournament finals a 8:30 p.m. Saturday. 'Hie losers o these two games will play for tb touni'iim'iit third place leant iu 1 y.iu. Sulucuuy Lucky (trims reimport flawtr Hop Sart Built BOOH t* nidan •our Fraalet Jth stnatin tour B'a oocahlnar* Polk OnvroUt Clula Dairy Dream Hlfh Te«M OUM Van Fraolai * Luckr BtrUn i four Fnnlaa Bait Built llorata Itlih Iofflild«al Garoa I knnle Scott ' . i leu Hi«lh i •an Rathka I spomrssiAK BOWUNO uu Team tnandlitfa arwood Furniture rauuporl Machine Works clley'a Phillip 60 ft Balrd'i TV arntu. ft Morfu'a Pharmacy o. 5 onrya TV ai Parti Inc. ormaa'a Drive Inn llljii Taain Oarae Killey'i PblllW M ft Balnl'l Tl Irawiporl MachlM Worki I larwood Fumltur* i IlUb ladlrldual Clama am Ullla Wall Joluiiton l Waller Lybariar i LAU1EJ1 HUN DAY N10UT SCt LEAUDE ! Taarn tuudtnii Quit Blvd. Waahartaila j city Bar • Tha Oak! J Btnnlt ft Ray'a service 1 lUik Turn aiffla Th» Oaki city Bar < City Bar UKk laffltUaari Gunw Robert* Whnleu Jyrtla inrd Myrtle Bflrd T«un HtudUKI Tornadoea Utky I1v« Old No. Ill Colin Ilouadi Bcrewbalta upliu Tea Pina stars 1 llcl Bhot* No Hlti Lucky Bparw Wuodpeckcn Beel Hltk Tram Oama Lucky fiparea Stan Tail pins HUk IndltMul Don tiiemcrs Qant Btraclm Rusaall Cruian, JUnmlo tMdlocfc Qarald ICvatui Hlsb ludltMwl Oama—Wua (Ivneva Trabaa klorlo Durlliul

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