Del Rio News Herald from Del Rio, Texas on June 30, 1961 · Page 2
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Del Rio News Herald from Del Rio, Texas · Page 2

Del Rio, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 30, 1961
Page 2
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4-DEt RIO (Texas)_ 'NEW5-HCRAID, Friday, June 30, 1961 . \ als Hit Coll Gran Gets NEW YORK term to Dec. 2: 1 Ally. Frank H--C basketball \voui-. 1 Hogan'? o:": u on the ;i.nrscu:v.. grand jury's to IT/, merit of Ne\\ Y^r-. ; .Tucker a? a nrtrh ;,.' the • thrc-o-n',nt;7f: rness. Ki?[X;n?. {i..!-,- .•.-:. cir.culatinc thfit : or ha? — come i;:- ;• r since, the arrest ; ball fixer Aars-n W .•.._ York a? a i..v-k •:••:: ...; back on M?. rcl: Lr Wagman. ?;n« ;:. courils of bribery •: bribery in tht ;>a.-r. • was free on ba:! •< : . . moved. Tn<- ?,* ;. e;rr er wa? preparing ;:::' his con vie; ion .Fla., on chars'-.s •..;-.a Florida fwtbs'l ;game with Fkirii.i? >• tcmber. JUrV r©rm Major League leaders xtension By THF ASSOCIATED PRESS AXEMANSH1P nox \v»:iss Pr^>-; Spurts Writer Kxcrv.Mon oi The ^rand uuy --.: .-y-o <:•.'. la tk>5i today " tliiit Dust. :•/.'---•• ;,;~::on o; fixo.- in college : :- I.- .•clh^e football." ':. :::>':•:•' n;> comment or expand -. ' '.:'.-'• ihn'ii extension -o! ! the ;•. ..:y.-- ;;-. the %>,:u-kr-' of the inciict- <•;--,;•- <.<i IV;r.'>ii; ji'.ii J.nncs S;.,i.>i! n..-.. -..- \i •-:•• '..<;.! ~;. nt Now-York. ;i sub- izo 2:'. K.*•.'.-,.-;•. K.v ; ''• :•'!' i *:>:-!.:,.iv ir, i!'.">it arui . I'lLJun, ' '-.--• ^. ~' s . • -.-.?", '-3;.i !.,-.i!. i::ir>huk. Mu-h- '''" 1( -" ! ' ^Vrr;.. , v •-; .- --.f! iinci ntuiiu—sSi oi Ihr '' ""'•'. _ '!,;n ~ •.'::>: :•;.' " '• .-r nsi-rt- Ck-M laru! Vvrk. .1 ''i. \ t -A Y: ' r k basketball Brooklyn Critki;- was arrested in University 'cif Or-ported a tVribr ril Oregon's % .»>< h:, ' i University (if M charges againsi were dismi^.ser r vk-icd an a cr:ar under a false na Thursday's ba urct>, which bro-. scandal to a «!u from 22 mlie-sc games, named counts of bniv-ry spiracy irv-oh :np Connectitsii. L>-. " and Xew Vur!< 1 " men of Tix-kt.-r a alleged aui-rn!>i •• at the l'n;vrr-mv ' Named \vtn- Cf John Morgan. ;;;. T;:S.'~r fiii'1. ri!;! " 'hr-ne "ii"! no c\ i- fla ij • -., "•:>:.! :•.:';. ••<.•!:,>!,:.• .\orih and M;,-. - Sar; ' Kr-r'i";:--. o" Vi*" "" i'.--:r!r-,-r ihi.- nmn'.h. .. Cincinnati. !>. Z!:r:r.iT O.ira^o T;:rk,':- .- fk'aiir.'.:-'. lf..c:in :ir;f! -\Kiv<. <^n ;>.",: :>-:'f.. !T. '. ho •;':„.;.• .^ifrr.- M !\-to Kelly Tnnio-—S".::,r:. F":"^';r::h. 7- tr--';-!:-:. '.•-ho has f>ot-n an-t-si'- cinn^ti, '.'.-». n •:•- c-:ir;c;tirrt > j:: in\ es'i^aiir.n SSo'..-n h^ : ^v — Pin.-:- ?."irU'inna- IL;I -.1-0 <)>' XortSi Carolina aa ii. 1": A;ip.'-. >!;'-.. ii:kvt-. i: :'!!•'. • ard Sie-jc-l Aero ritorn- Pitching J-3<--c •:-.-. ~> or m^ro i'.- a! 'J.'j 1 .-' An^t-lff- City -iu;i;ur <it:cis!dP.> ; — EN: ir>--: I.;.-.- A::ae'^s. WON DESPITE WEATHER Sirikf-i.u;^ — K irt'FFALO. NY. <.? — Harness- ~ck.>. ;:'r.. \.Vi';^.- ?'--ri,- rsc-iniT ian> v.iio bolifve siov, :>S. 'ras.'Ks hc-:p !on2-#!i'T,< ;o' win won: ^ ^-sr-::r:j ;;p ;hc wrortc :rce here !."ii!:vk _'"-<;ri^r. -.'',- .-V;!><••.-.. I>ur;nu ihe i'^r'y part-with ;•.->-- !'orr--:t T •:: '.'•;•:• iiift-uns. alrno.-!. 4i( per cen: tii ;iit ; ;>;^ I-:-:/. ;;-..• '"•:' '.':';•:• '^•••'•riM'f, v.-nn dc=pUr ihe Lhrt-?- s--a?"n> an;; Detroit Cleans Prepares For Birds •i • &>* . • Raiders At "Lauiihlin's f'vc-tiny l"ur>-'"i-!t;iiii:i * n:i:---: ;.. Atart> ii'»ni'i!li! v.'itii a s'>ft!>al! <j:iii!i .-'.'ftriail :::.-•-.• hr-iv.'ceii ihe Luiiiilili!) 5la!(i«.T> iin<: !<•>! 1'errin AFB. - ' ..r .•-._„,,. The firs! u-.tmt.- r>! ihc i.lnul.i-.- ;!-.•:• i-:;rii;;. ^ header Mrirls jit 7 p.m. '.'.ilh 1.0-1 :in.- --••:!! ;f.^ Sadler (\\peclcd lit be ji<\\ \\\\- ir, ^:I of ;'>. mound for. ihe Kniders _/ r:;c- ;.o!";r.<.a(.' FieiK/r!- iniiu Hie rrTrir: !KI- nn.' . co'f con- e open :o . Do! Ri<»- By ED VVILKS Associated Press Spof ts - Writer The first place Do'troil Timers, wftcr cliilling Chicago's \Vliitp Sox. now run into tlu> Bjiltiinore Ori- uli's. who hnpjK'ii to \>c She holtyst ihe inonn^nl in Hie American Uvacjuc race. The Hircis are perched in fourth place. 7 1 .' sraiuos . behind the Ti- •jer> ;ind jiKt a haif satin* nun of llnrrl. Bin afior wmninS ei'-;lit of Ihoir last nine, the Cirioles "ill be buckinsj a .Memorial Staduiin jinx a> uell as the league leaders uhi-n lhey return home [or the opener of a ihree-yame set with' Detroit tonight. The Orioles eruieti a H> 1 roaii irip hv winning tiieir fifth in a rvivc 'Thursday jiijhl. hfatinj; Kansas (."sty and bonus bahy Lt,-\c r>-l! behind the two-hit pitching of Dirk Hall.. Detroit ha ruled the \\liite Sox a second ^traich; loss, fi-2. for a lv.o-ci.irne bulge over the idle New York Yankees. Third place Cleveland dropper! six names behind vviih ii 3-.1 loss ID Washington, ihe lndi*Mns' luth clofcctt in !'_' ^anu'.s Boston beat Minnesota i>-5. In the National League. Cincinnati retained a 2 ! j-2atne le«.d although the Reds lost their third m n nr.v to the Chicago Cubs, "i ('.. San Francisco look two -at * Philadelphia. S-7 in 10 inninss and 4-1, and moved past Los Angeles T into second place when the Dodgers loss I ••> at F'itishurgh. Milwaukee am) St. Ixmis were idlc. The ("irioles came from behind agjin.-t Krausse (1-2). the $125.000 rmlit-hantk-r vho eavo up eialu hils an<! five carneil runs in 5 1-3 innincs. A sinele b\ Jim <>enti!e and an error tied it 2-all in the fifth !i!runi;. ami IkiHinioro then broke it up v. ith ;< four-run sixth r.y won his iUh -for out-dueling Oa! .Mein W-dccree heat at rutt triple-. '•'rank l.L the Timers l"!i>h i >-7- Dotpiii. A two-run triple by rookie Oi'.-k MoAvijiff-:-. off relii-vt.-'r Turk l-ij\\n. broke 'a -•'- rfio when De troh .<ii-orod Ilirr-t 1 in ihe seventh. Billy Bryton, v.'hu hi: u iwo-run ho;ner m the third, brought in the final run \vith a sacriiici; fly. Kloyil Koltiiison lutinci'cd for the So\. \\ashincton clipped Cleveland (ill home runs by Uilly Kl:uts nriil Martv. Keoiiah behind Ihe six-nil pitching of wirrnci" .Johnny' (-iabler i3-2> ;unl reliever l>ati» Sisler. \\'ynn Hawkins i.i-7) the ln«er • for the Indians, who scored in tiie st'vf-nth innin^ on swo errors. }-"rank".\!ai/orii' hit a <>i ' iiosne runs lor the lied .Sox. one a three-run shot th^il clinciicd il as they came from behind \ciih six runs in Ihc- tttsh inninj; off J>ert CcfUi in >i. Arnii' Karly. recalled the day belnrc frosn Se;u- t!f. was thv. 1 winner' in rclif-f. The v. orliJ-faiuous I''-Ticf Bridiie. which cijniu'ci.s Buffalo. N. Y.. and Ft. Kriv. Unt.. v. us crossed by -i.TSo.tU'J autai,j!<jbil'.'-s in 19M. • ".-.(iition? in Western iererH .;i);;nn^r.r- •— >',:i:;^ historv. hrot d;f' Hani-y. hflvt been rapid!}' uriprovih^ d'ir '•"" '•'.:!• • iny tin' fi.' \<:\\ v. r,4;.> ,'iii:i ;i;.- .,•..:."._' T'i[ivrri".'.v at Lrii>si;!in ri-, pi/r- ;!;>• ;•....-• I'surnasnent. ;i h'siti*- r-i.T'i tiitni;^ I'. :V. ; .fi•::..- Uien nifetcli .n- T o. Thi.^ pLthiit.' for - had r, I hi-. The-, tiiau A.Lt NEW McCULLOCH MC 20 j GO-K ART t SHOP \ MiRODON • SAIES & SERVICE 901 Griner — PR 5-4355 HIGHLAND BOWLING LAMES PRESENTS MEN'S AND WOMEN'S SCRATCH MATCH GAME - CHAMPIONSHIP MEN'S ELIMINATION ROUND BEGINS AT 8 P.M. -Saturday, July 1 st — 8 Gomes Across.16 Lanes -WOMEN'S ELIMINATION ROUND BEGINS AT 7:OO P. M. Sunday, July 2nd — 4 Games Across S Lanes Ail Entries Welcome 4' BLOCKS-NORTH OF MEMORIAL HOSPITAL 1201 BEDELL ST. " PR 5-2403 LIKE CHICKEN? FRIED ROASTED BROILED BAKED - ANYV;AY YOJ - LIKE IT - EAT '(- '-r.-.E With Ho: Rbih c-id -;r^y or Ores'- it -: C--3 CASBEER'S CHICKEN HOUSE Las Vacas Rccd • DEL RIO NEWS-HERALD'S leslauranf GUIDE fs Fun to Eat Out in Dei Rio! ! The Reslauranteurs of Del Rio Offer the Finesr Food, Service, Dancing and Entertainment. Everything From Italian Food or Cabrito to Ham and Eggs, Premium Aged Steaks ard Pastries .prepared to Perfec- ^ $% ^\4'* T •rSW- '-^ \.= '^\ tion. Rosweli's Sunday Dinner Menu To Feature Roast Leg of Lamb OUR STEAKS ARE BROILED FROM HAPPY STEERS TJeoiiy Authentic Mexican Food ' 5TEAK HOUSE End of S. Main—PR 5-2103 Having a Bail! That's V/hc: Fr.-'••:-<. Si-y When Thc-y Mo-..? •,:; *-; Party for F-:-. :;• Breakfast Served Anytime! ^ Come Out for Breakfast, lunch or Dinneri . SANUVi/ICHES A SPEGIALTY -/> HIGHLAND HILLS BOWLING LANES 1201 BEDELL ST. PR 5-2403 EATING OUT IS FUN! fimncr rricn pri.ifiiii.-iri 5 ihr- from The r;</sweli |IH.» rostse to he ;>• ilu.' knoy.'n f<.ir "L'ood foixi rmi mi|\ !»?!>. ztr.'tnz \'i-.i'<jr-: froni .i:iit ;itv)u!.' .,-, I-, ihc- rriany Del Rioans \vh<i are rc- .••rii - -'-dar and freq;:en! patrons. in fin,* ;n r ,. VVhtn you dull p.'i.-try <ioti-h '-•vcrnii'ht. aiir 1 '.'. it to jtanil a' rwrn tt'infjcraturt: to .soften <<j(no- •^.hst bcfort rorfm" oiit SUNDAY 15 AN EXCELLENT DAY ^ : 4®&\ ] HEAR THE FOOD AT GREEN'S IS TERRIFIC! YES, IT'S HOME- COOKED BY . MRS. GREEN HERSELF GREEN'S CAFE Hv/y 90 WesJ-PR 5-4623 TO DINE AT -THE 'ROSWELL! So Ii , . . Monday, Tuoidoy, Wednesday, Thuriday, Friday or Saturday! PIAN TO HAVE SUNDAY DINNER o( the ROSV/ELL • Trc Pc.'c I-; Vc' : <;c;! • T^eFco f : HOTEL ROSWELL GAKFIELD or GRINE2 PR 5-2445 THE BEST FOOD IS FOUND AT THE MANHATTAN CAFE featuring CHACCOA.L BROILED STEAKS . Also ... • Bar-B-Q £ Mexican Food DROP IN ... E2WG THE FAMILY! ^^6 S. MAJN-PR 5-8179 DINE WITH US! We Serve a Complete - f Line of Foods • Dinner! • Steoti RANCH HOUSE CAFE ft 5-ilOO — Ave f a( E. 12th BROCK'S CAFE BREAKFAST - LUNCH DINNER Charcoal S'eoks Bar-B-Q Mexican Foods Pastries WE V/ILL DELIVER CATERING SERVICE" 643 S. MAIN-PR 5-5535 RESTAURANT MEXICAN FOOD PLATE LUNCH or DINNERS BESS SOFT DRINKS" CURB SERVICE or PRIVATE DINING ROOM FOR PASTIES ~ BANQUETS Open 7 a.m. to 12 p.m. 809 AVE. F - fR 5-8110 Beer AND Food :2£^ ALWAYS GO TOGETHER FOR THE FINEST Home -^ Cooked """ Meals FOR BREAKFAST, PLATE LUNCH or DINNER Come !o the ROYAL CAFE. . V/c have curb service for your convenience. ROYAL CAFE 205 Ave. F - PR 5-3652 OUR SERVICE -IS JUST LIKE A *\:>.> OUR- .«^ FOOD... &*&& 7>v . ... SUPERB! '•: • '' • DESERT HILLS 1912 Ave. F — PR 5-3548 Pierce's "A Good Place fo Slop While You .Shop" ABSOLUTELY THE V^Y BEST HOME MADE PIES . . STEAKS, CHOPS FRIED CHICKEN - SERVED IN A BRIGHT, CLEAN ATMOSPHERE 751 S. MAIN. —.PR 5-8191 -__

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