Corsicana Semi-Weekly Light from Corsicana, Texas on December 30, 1938 · Page 9
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Corsicana Semi-Weekly Light from Corsicana, Texas · Page 9

Corsicana, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 30, 1938
Page 9
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/ i . THE CORSICANA SBMI-WTSttKLY LIGHT, FRIDAY, DECEMBER 30, 1938. NINE Interesting News From Navarro County Towns *• Richland RICHLAND, Deo. 29.—(Spl.)— All the boys and girls who are off at school, havo returned home for the holidays. , Mr. and' Mrs. Pete Craven and ' children of Dlokson, spent a few _ "-tours with their father, Pat Hll|» buVn, one day last week. ' Mr. nnd Mrs. .Alva Hood are (pending tho holidays with their Inothar, Mood. J Robo Gregory and Jack Mo'.Clendon came In from th« oil field last week, Good crowds attended the pro- I grams at the school building last * week. The children all enjoyed the Christmas tree in each class room. " Rev. Leon Brown and family and Mr. and Mrs. Leon Jamerson, all of South Texas, came In Friday night to spend Christmas With their mother, Mrs. W. D. Brown, and Mr. and Mrs. Willie A. Brown. , Mrs. Bertha Lansford and John Mao Longorlo, Mrs. Earl . MoDanlal and children, Walter and Joegent Garland, and Man- rlne Kofiman were In Corslcana | one day lost week. Mr. nnd Mrs. A. J. Clare of Columbus, Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Clare • of San Marcus, Mr. and Mrs. William H. Lawhon and little daughter, Kay, and Mrs. Mackel A of Lexington have been visiting "' their parents, Rev. and Mrs. Clare, where all ate Christmas dinner. They were Joined by another sister, Mrs. John Griffin, and family, whom they also s visited while hero, and also another sister, Miss Ethel. 0. R. Smith and family of Waco, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Shuster and Miss Electra Brown of Dallas had Christmas dinner with their parents, Dr. nnd Mrs. A. N. Brown, and sister, Miss Beryle. Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Garland and Joegene, and Mr. and Mrs. Walter Garland, Jr., attended a . Christmas dinner In Allen with Mr. Garland's brother, Jim Garland, and family. Those pesent were Dr. R. T. Dunn and fam- '•" lly of Tyler, Clarence Garland and family of Eagle Pass, Davis 'Garland and family of Waco, Gilbert Garland family of MoKin- ney. J. W. Garland and family """•id Mr. and Mrs. Walter Garland ^PvRichland, Mr. and Mrs, Green Petryman of San Antonio, Keith Garland of McKlnney and the host and hostess. Mr. and Mrs. Jim Garland and two daughters, Misses Mae Bell and Helen Frances, one son and wife, did not >et home for Christmas dinner, itnd' J. W. Garland had a son and family that were not present, which was all that kept It from being a' perfect day as It was the first time one of the sons and family had been home on Christmas in ten years. Dr. J. H. Edgar and family had all their children home for tho holidays. James Edgar added to the list by bringing home his We' understand Miss Alma Brown was married Christmas " Mr? and Mrs. Tucker Smith spent Christmas In Sast Texas with'her parents. . Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Elklns and son spent Christmas day In Dallas with relatives. Mr. and Mrs. Mark Anderson and children aro spending a week of the Christmas holidays at Wellington with two of Mrs. Andersons sisters, whom she had not seen In fourteen years. Tunelo TUPELO, Dec. 29.—(Spl.)— Regardless of the bad weather Sunday the attendance at Sun- J-- day. School and the Christmas program was good. \Boyd MoMullan and family of CoVmpU, La,, visited relatives here SuSday. . , Wr»; .Lillle Smith and children of Big -Spring returned home last 1 FrWay after a few days' visit t with Mr. and Mrs. F. M. Humr «YtiI., an( j w. H. Mitchell's fam- HAPPY MOTHER GETS BABY BACK Mrs. James Brady of San Francisco knows now one of tho greatest joys that can come to a mother—that of getting back her baby after she was missing nearly two days. The baby, 2-ycar-old Patricia, was returned by a couple who said they "got lost" after taking the child on Christmas to buy her a present. Mrs. Brady Is shown with the baby. STORY OF ONE MAN WHO SIHWD THRCUGH COSTER SUPPOSED 'KEY-WITNESS' IN TANGLED AFFAIRS IS NOW DEAD i J. B,JB° 1 «"J on and wife of Qon- 1 zales ep«nt Christmas with his 1 '.rents, Mr. and Mrs. John Bow- lt, and Mrs. Roy Jones of mpa ! ' spent Friday night with klvln Jones and wife. ) A. Bi Hervey and family of - tattle ' Rock, Ark., and Auvln Hervey and family of Longvlew spent Christmas with their par, ants; Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Hervey. ^ Dewey Williams and family of Electra spent the week-end In the homes of A. D. McMullan and T, C. McMullan. ' Miss lone Mitchell of Houston and S. S. Mitchell and wife of Tyler spent Christmas with to thelr mother, Mrs. Street Mlt- Ichell. F J. V. Williams, wife and sons, J. V. Robert and Odell of Austin, visited Mrs. W. C. Burdlne and other relatives Sunday and Monday. Mlssos Martha Lockhart of N. T. S. T. C., Denton; Louise Blackwell of Baylor, Belton, and iBortye Luc .Williams, a teacher , In Paradise school, are spending the holidays with - their respective parents. : Mr. and Mrs. Allyn Douglas v' and son of Dallas spent Men- 41 day With Mr. and Mrs. M. C, • Btirdlne. ^ j {Tokyo'* Promue to <& Return University : Will Not Be Kept .SHANGHAI, Deo. 29.—W>-D«- oplte Tokyo's promise to the United States, a Japanese naval spokesman declared today that ' the , American-owned Shanghai University would not be returned •to Its owners while hostilities continued In China, The ^spokesman said the Japanese were converting the ad- •(Oinlng area Into a fortified mill- iltty z° na which would make It Brnpossibln to permit foreigners "•e vlplnlty. Property Evacuated. WASHINGTON, Deo. 29.— (IP)— vSumner Welles, acting secretary of state, aald today Japanese , troops had evacuated American- £(iwned Shanghai University but ihat'the Japanese government thus far had neither consented nor refused . to. restore the property. Ambassador Joseph C. Grew has Smado numerous representations In VTokyo about Japanese occupation Old use of the property during hiatllities in China. ' NEW YORK, Dec. 29.—W)—A supposed "key-witness" In tho Investigation of tho tangled trickery of the late F. Donald Coster-Musl- ca was Identified today as a man now dead, two two years ago claimed ho was swindled out of $20,000 by Coster-Muslca, suicide head of McKesson and Robbins, drug: firm. The man was A. J. Vitale, Brooklyn insurance broker. The story came from Walter H. Cra'gK.' a disbarred attorney and one of three persons accused of systematically plackmaillng Costor-Mu- slca by threatening to expose his criminal past. Cragg told Michael F. Longho, his lawyer, that in 1928 Philip Muslca, professed to be in great ICKES INCIDENT IS DECLARED CLOSED BY SENATOR PITTMAN'S STATEMENT, HOWEVER, BRINGS AN ANGRY REPLY BERLIN, Dec. 24.— (IP)— A propaganda ministry spokesman today declared the "Ickes incident" was closed diplomatically after it culimnated in the United States' rejection of a German protest against a speech by the secretary of the interior. Though regretting that Acting Secretary of State Sumners Welles' rejection "loft a sting behind," the spokesman snld the protest was couched in such terms that diplomatic action ended with the strong American retort. Not even diplomatic quarrels must Interfere with the Christmas CHATFIELD, Dec. 29.—(SpO— The Chatfleld Christmas tree was omitted due to bad weather and muddy roads. Dan Andrews and son-in-law, Russell Williams of Lawton, Oklahoma spont Monday night with Mr. and Mrs. Andrews' sister, Mrs, O. J. McCants hero J B. Harper and family of Gil- mcr spent the holidays with Mr. Harper's mother, Mrs. R. L. Hodge. J. C MoMullan was m the sick list Monday. John ROBO and family and B. B. Husghlns and family had Christmas dinner with Mr. and Mrs. C. T. Tnrrer of the Round Prnlrlo community. John A. Coins and wife of Dallas spent Chlrstmns with home folks here, and Qulncy Golns carried them home Monday. Wayne Burkhaltor of Buy City wns homo for holidays with his father and mother, Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Burkhaltcr. J. C. Ensterling and wif* spent Friday night and Saturday in Ennls J. N. Llttlo and family spent Christmas Day with Mrs. Little's father and mother at Ennls. R. H. Wthcrspoon was slok all last week but is betelr this week. G. L. Thompklns and family spent the Christmas holidays with relatives in Brownshoro Mrs. R. L. Reel and daughter spent the holidays with Mrs. Reel's parents, Mr. and Mrs. O. F. Crockett. J E Mlzcllc and wife spent Christmas with their son, Jack Bates and family In Dallas Blllic Buck Sands of Austin, Walter Sands and wife of Slxton City, Morris Shoppard Sands and wife of Kllgoro and Loyd Bowmer Sands of Austin, spent the Christmasr holidays with thei parents, Mr. and Mrs. Will Sands. J. P. Hodge spent Christmas with his wife and baby In Athens. Roy Jones and family of Aspermont, Batson Bass and family of Mesrrultc, spent the Christmas holidays with Mr. and ::rs. S. R. Fausett. Pope Hodge and wife of Wichita Falls and L. P. 'lodge and wife of Goose Creek were at home with their mother, Mrs. R. L> Hodge. Fagan Pratt and family of Lindale spent the holidays with Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Anderson. J R. Callaway and family were Dallas visitors during Christmas and attended a family Christmas tree at the home of Mrs. Calloway's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Peacock. Frost need of money and called on| s P' r 't, so there will be no offl Vltale. Muslca, he said, gave I c 'al "reaction," paid tho spokes- 1fl4- n 1*. V. t- « n i n *„.. ffnn nAA _.V. I A U mn n n/1Htnrr fhnf "ur/i "NT a via a r-o FROST, Dec. 29.—(Spl.—Mr, and Mrs. Beene, son and daughter of Las Graces, N M., Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Smith, son and wife of Colorado, Tex., Mr. and Mrs. Knox Mlmms of Houston spent Christmas with their parents and grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Mlmms. Mr. and Mrs. Ellis Burns of Shreveport, La., came In Saturday night for a visit with Frost relatives. Mr. and Mrs. Dudley George and children of Tyler, spent Chrlst- ma« with her father, J. B. Shaw of Frost and his parents Mr. and Mrs. Dlhk George, Blooming drove. Mrs. Wade Smith spent Christmas with her Bister, Mrs. Whit Williams and family In Ennls. Dr. and Mr*. Ed L. Evans anad little daughter Lounn spent Christmas day in Waxahahle guests of his parents. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Wllbanks and daughter, Mrs* Opal Thomas. Barbara Lee Thomas, and Mr. Ozzle Arnett of Fort Worth spent Christmas day with Mrs. Wllbanks' mother, Mn. M. G. Blankenshlp and* family. Mr and Mrs. Willie Youngblood spent Christmas wlh his parents In Waxahachle Mr. and Mrs. E. O. McCord of Houston, Mr. and Mrs. A. S. Handley of Corslcana spent Christmas holidays with Mr. MoCord's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Walter McCord. Mr. and Mrs. W. V. Harrison, daughter and son are visiting relatives In Boyd and Crawford dur-, Ing the holidays. | Mr and Mrs. E. J. Hightower'u 1 guests for Christmas day were, Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Johnson and : sons, Groeshook, Mr. and Mrs. I Sr'.! T Hi r M^rc^,^ 1 /, ss Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Hlghtower. I Mr. and Mrs. Will Jenkins' spent Christmas day *"lth relative* In Dallas. Miss Lenncr Fay Brown, Corsicana, and Nolan Brown of N.T. S.T.C., Denton, spent Christmas with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. O. Brown. MAN'S WIVES LIVE TOGETHER Three wives are too many for any man, San Jose, Calif., police decided in filing a bigamy charge against 25-year-old Boyd Burns, a milkman. Shown hero are two women hold at material witnesses, who told police they both had married Burke and still wanted him—but not together. Tho two, Evelyn Hopping (right) and Lillian Ollvera, have been living together, police said, trying to settle the marital scramble, In which it Is charged still a third wife Is Involved. Vltale his note for $20,000 which Vltale discounted in a Brooklyn Bank, giving Costcr-Muslca the proceeds. Longho quoted Cragg as saying Coster-MuBlca then disappeared man, adding that "we Nazis are regarded by ninny as heathen, yet I think we are better Chlstlans than some other people." At the same time Senator Key Plttmnn's four-point statement and Vltale had to make good the [expressing disapproval of the Ber- face value of the notes, plus in-[Hn and Tokyo governments cllclt- od an angry reply from the offl- tcrest. Longho said Cragg was engaged by Vltale to trace the man. Ciagg reported, after an Investigation, that Muslca was F. Donald Coster. Meanwhile Vltale had lost practically all he owned through bis endorsement of the notes. Longho related that a summons and complaint was served on Coster who settled with Vitale for less than the full amount. Longho said Cragg acted solely as a tracer and process server and used no threats. Held with Cragg were Joseph Brandino and his sister Mary. The woman's ball was $B,Ci'>, Cragg's and Brandlno's $7,buO each. Tho three were arraigned yesterday on charges of violating a section of the 1934 Lindbergh law which makes extortion In interstate commerce by means of threats to person or reputation pun'ahable by a maximum of 20 years Imprisonment and a $5,000 fine. Accounting Changes Flnnncd. NEW YORK, Dec. 29.—(/P)—The McKesson and Robbins drug corporation scandal has led the American Institute of Accountants to undertake a review of auditing procedure to determine should bo adopted by the profos- "what, If any, changes x x x slon." F. Donald Coster-Musica, president of the corporation, shot himself to death Dec, 10 after investigation disclosed an , apparent $18,000,000 overstatement of the firm's assots. Despite regular auditing of the corporation's record, Costar-MUslca managed for yearB to Mldo tho irregularities. Announcing the plan to study procedural changes, John L. Ca rev, secretary of •aid: the Institute "The auditor's problem always is to find means of affording adequate protection at a cost which Will not constitute an undue burden on the great majority of corporations which are honestly administered, "Out of the present discussion my evolve plans for closer co-operation between accountants and directors." Free Clinic Closed. FAIRFIELD, Conn., Deo. 29.— (/p)—The Falrfleld . Free Hnart oiinic, founded three years ago by the lato F, Donald Coster- Musica and Mrs. Coster, closed Its doors today duo to lack of funds. Dr. Marcus Backer said the clinic, sponsored by Coster-Musica, president of the McKesson and Robbins drug corporation until he ended his life Dec. 46 as he was about to bo unmasked as a swindler, would until tha annual Philip Muslon, remain closed ..... budget of $2,BOO on which the clinic functions is forthcoming. Sun Want Ad* Bring Results, cially inspired commentary service Deutscher Dienst. Under tho captain "rlsturbance of the Christmas Peace," the service said: "Senator Plttman's declaration constitutes a carefully timed brutal .disturbance of the Christmas peace. "Whyat cynical baseness and at the same time what Impudent smugness is apparent from those utterances by a man who, as committee chairman (of tho senate foreign relations committee), occupies a position of responsibility, yet who acts with complete Irresponsibility. Didn't Ask People "He didn't ask tho American people, yot he considers himself authorized to Insult a great European power In such an unbelievable manner. "After all he must know he insults the German people in Its In- tlrety and in all its strate when ho arrogates to himself such an expression of opinion." Tho propaganda ministry spokesman, in stating the "Ickes Incident" was closed diplomatically, declared: "We don't think uterances like Ickes' help promote tho Christmas spirit." "Wo believe in tho true Christmas spirit; hence we will not do anything further about the unfortunate incident. Of all times, this is not tho season for quarreling, Foreign Minister Joachim Von Rlbbentrop, meanwhile, decorated Japanese Ambassador Hlroshl Oshima with tho Grand Cross of the Order of tho Gorman Eaglb. The award to the Japanese of the highest Gorman decoration at this time was' regarded In some diplomatic quarters as an Indirect reply to Plttman In emphasizing the solidarity of tho Japanese and 'German governments. Recalls Elections. Deutscher Dienst, in its comment on thet Plttman statement, recalled the German elections— which were almost 100 per cent for tho government—and contrasted thorn with American elections. 'It is therefore understandable," It said, "that insolent effusions of this queer parllamcnarlan, who evidently acts as an exponent of certain sufficiency notorious democratic Jewish clique in America, call forth tho deepest ronenthient in the entire German people. "The form of tho state of the German roich is solely the business of tho Gorman people who owe no accounting for It to any other country, least of all to Mr. Plttman and 111* wire-pullers," It then developed Uio thesis that the" alleged clique, Deluding Ickos, Pittmon and formlor Ambassador Dodd. was doing everything to prevent better relations between Germany and tho United States. Mildred MILDRED, Doc. 29.—(SplT— Mildred schools dismissed last Wednesday afternoon for the Christmas holidays. Tho teachers went home to be with their parents during the holidays. The following students camo home for tho holidays: Eva Lee Johnson, Denton; Katherlne Strothor, Denton; Mae Fair Hagler, Tyler; Paul Strothcr, Baylor; Benny Lee Wells, Don Morris; Callctus Rogers, A. and M.; Atlas Elils, Tyler; Janice Granthan, Donton, and "Shortlc" Sirman, Lon Morris. The children of the grammar school gave a play, "Santa on a Strike" Tuesday night of last week. Miss Joanelle Mitchell left Wednesday to bo with her parents in Sherman during the holidays. The third year,, home maxing girls presented a play, "This Modern Generation," Tuesday night at tho Providence auditorium. Miss Eunice Turner Is visiting her sister in Dallas during the holidays. Mr. nnd Mrs. Loo Allen Mlt- chem of West Texas Is visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Gray. Mr. and Mrs. E. P. Ellis spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Brown of Byron. Miss Ida Mao Wright of Houston Is vlsitlner her parents, Mr. and Mrs. M. H. Wright. Dallas Grand Jury Will Be Asked to Probe Park Cases DALLAS, Deo. 2fl.-</P>—A recommendation that tho Dallas county grand jury be asked to InvcsJ- gnto charges of alleged misuse ot park and WPA materials was submitted to tho city council today by City Attorney H. P. Kucera. Kucora advised thn council to turn over to tho new grand jurors, who start work Tuesday, evidence collected ley, Oak Cliff by George Rip- member of the Park board, to support charges that former park employes sold $40 worth of WPA fire clay without authority nnd built a house partly with stone, shingles and cement taken from the parks. These allegations arc two or a dozen being developed Ly Rlpley, Both charges were denied by the former park employes Involved, State Has Received Huge Chain Store Tax AUSTIN, Deo. 29.— (IP}— The state has received (100,163 In one lump as a chain store tax from tho Safoway Stores, comptroller Gcorgo H. Shoppard said today. Tho sum was the first big remittance of $750,000 expected from the 1930 levy and payable currently, Shcppard' said. One fourth of the revenue will (o to tho available school fund and tho remain- dor to the deficit-plagued general fund. The comptroller said the Safeway company, operating 186 stores in the state, had paid the tax on a graduated scale for the first 50 stores and 780.50 on each of tho rest, averaging $603.40 per store. About 20,000 remittances havo been returned to date from 80,000 merchants In Texas subject to the tax, Shoppard said. the Gorman press stressed the possibility of tho severance of strained Gorman-American diplomatic relations. Something? Previously, heated editorials la' Sun Want Ad. Try « Dally NAMING HOPKINS TO CABINET PRESAGES SEARCHING INQUIRY INTO OPERATIONS WPA OFFICE WASHINGTON, Dec. 24.— W— A , . . J £. h S. oV a , nd , W '. E! - Btevcns ° n thorough senate airing of charges ents, Mr. and Mrs. Tom Steven- prospect today as a result of Harson. | ry L. Hopkins' selection to be Miss Mary Ruth Henderson of J secretary of commerce. Dallas, Is upending Christmas with her mother, Mrs. J. F. An- dershon. Mr. and Mrs. A.' H. Strain and Although somo anti-administration senators said they would not oppose confirmation of his nomination to the cabinet, a group of Mr. and Msr. A. A. Armstrong Democrats and Republicans bo and sons, spent Christmas day; ean discussing strategy whereby with their daughter and sister, they could secure a penetrating Mrs Carrie Anderson and son | inquiry into how Hopkins has Guthrle In Dallas. ] run WPA. Mr. and Mrs. Ted Malone and! Members of this informational son, Mr. and Mn. Horace Clove-1 coalition said privately they land and children of Dallas and ! would demand that the nomlna- Mr. and Mrs. Orval Mahaloy and tlun be referred to the senate daxighter of Corslcana spent i commerce committee for study. Christmas day with their parents' ! This committee, It was said, Mr. and Mrs. Lewis McCluro. | would use the report of the scn- Dr. and Mrs. R. W. MoKean I ate campaign Investigating com- of Fort Worth visited Mrs. Me- mlttee in a vigorous effort to as- Kean's parents, Mr. and Mrs. I certain whether there has been - — ' jany political use of relief funds. W. A. Hlghnote Thusrday. Mr. and Mrs. Archie Balrd and daughter of Oklahoma, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Balrd of Beaumont, and Elmer Balrd of New Mexico, spent the Christmas holidays with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Balrd. Navarro Mills NAVARRO MILLS, Dec. 29.— (Spl.)—Christmas was observed very quietly here, as all the planned programs and Christmas tren was called off due to tho rainy weather and bad roads. Many family gatherings were held and despite tho Inclement weather It was a happy occasion for all. Mr. and Mrs. Luther Marlows and children spent the week end with George Marlowe and family. Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Ford and daughter left Thursday to spend tho holidays with relatives In Alabama. J. O, Garner was a business visitor to Dallas Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Berry and daughter, Jackie, spent the holidays with relatives in the Rio Grande Valley. Cecil Hall and Miss Inez Melton of Dresden were married Saturday, December 17, at Blooming Grove. Both are well known In this community and havo lots of friends who extend best wishes for their future days and are pleased to have them reside In the community. • Spanish Rebels Claim Downing of 20 Loyal Planes HENDAYE. France (At The Spanish Frontier), Dec. 29.-</P)— An Insurgent communique boasted today 20 government planes were downed In the greatest air battle of the massive offensive Into Catalonia. Despite the aviation success, however, tha Insurgent land drive slowed almost to deadlock. Gains reported were of minor consequence, although In six days insurgents have claimed conquest of 360 odd square miles of territory. The air battle was over land lines near the Albages-Borjos Biancas road, 70 miles to the West of Barcelona. Brief government accounts said both German and Italian planes made up the Insurgent air squadron. At the end of the. battle, Insurgent dispatches said, 20 of the government planes had crashed some Of them In flames. Government dispatches said two insurgent planes were brought down in combat and that three other ships, each containing a crew of three, were shot down hy anti-aircraft guns, Kntvr Albugo*. 55ARAGOZA, Spain, Dec. 29.— I/P) —Insurgent commanders reported today that their troops had entered the town of Alba- gcs, about eight miles southwest of Borjas Biancas, an important objective on the government's defense line In Catalonia. Insurgents previously had said they dominated Albagns and had passed beyond It on the highway to Borjas Biancas In a drlvu to flank the southern sector of the government line. The campaign committee's report has not boon drafted, but mem- vers have Indicated It will criticize somo activities of tho WPA during tho last campaign. Tho White House yesterday announced Hopkins' selection to succeed Daniel C. Roper, whose resignation as secretary of commerce was effective last midnight. Hopkins can take command of the commerce department o» a recess appointee pending senate ac tion on his nomination. When ho choso Hopkins for secretary of commerce, Mr. Roosevelt scratched off one office from his list of major posts to be filled. He is expected to announce soon a successor to Attorney General Homer Cummlngs and to the late Justice Benjamin N. Cardozo. There wore general expressions of approval In the senate at Mr. Roosevelt's selection of Colonel F. C. Harrington to succeed Hopkins as WPA administrator. The sen- nte will not act on Harrington's appointment, because he will remain on the army payroll and will bo designated "acting" administrator. Ho told reporters that he Intended no "radical" change In WPA's program, but might make some changes because "no two people run things alike." He said, too, that there would be no politics In distribution of WPA funds; that tho money would go to those for whom It wa sintcnded, irrespective of their political vlowa. Harrington said that because of his army career ho had never voted nor made any party affiliation. Blooming Grove BLOOMING GROVE, Dec. 29.— (Spl.)—Walton E. Huffstutller of Oklahoma, Mlsa Francis Huffstut- tlcr of Strawn and Joe D. Huff- stuttlcr law student at University of Texas, were here for Christmas holidays with thrlr parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Huffistuttler. Mr. nnd Mrs. Jack Gllcn and llttlo daughter, Judith, visited relatives In Lampasas Sunday and Monday. Mr. and Mrs. Kermlt Cumpston of Shroveport, Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Vlck of I3IB Lake and Mr. and Mrs. Jim Fllllams nnd little son of Tyler were at home for Christmas with tholr parents, the Fred Cumpslons. Roy Carroll, Spanish teacher In Huntnvllle High school, Is spending the ten days' vacation with his father, E. L. Carroll. Mr. and Mrs. Houston Duncan of Mart spent Saturday, Sunday and Monday wth his mother, Mrs. S. Duncan. Lloyd Tipton of Talco was the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Jim Tlplon Sunday and Monday. C. L. Tlllmnn, Jr., and wlfo visited her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Bryant In Corslcana Christmas Day, Mr. and Mr«. Pat Clurk of Dallas wore vflltlnpr relatives and friends here for several days this week. Missel Leila nnd Cora George, teachers lu Dallas schools, are spending the holidays at home with their family, the J. D. Georges. Mr. and Mrs. Mike Cumpston of Mexla, Mr. nnd Mrs. J. E. Walker, Jr., of Gladowatcr and Mr. and Mrs. Dick Mooro and little daughter, Marilyn, of Dallas were Christmas Day guests of Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Walker. Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Wlese and son, Walter, are visiting her parents, Dr. and Mrs. C. C. Kelscy. Mr. and Mrs. Walter McDan- lei of Rlchlnnd aro guests of Rev. Van P. Morrison and family Miss Adelald Robinson of Cor- slcana, Miss Tucker Robinson of Dallas, and Mr .and Mrs. Beverly Caldwell of San Antonio spent tho holidays with Mrs. E. B. Robinson. Mr. and Mrs. Earl Meadow and Robert Meadow of Fort Worth were guests Saturday and Sunday of the E. L. Meaodwi. Mrs. G. E. Ramsey Is In Waxa- hachlo, gusst of her parents and other relatives for tho week. Miss Merle Magee, R. N., of Baylor Hospital, Dallas, Is a guest of her family the George Magees. Clotus Rogers of Mildred was a guot of Jack Grffln Monday. They went to Clcburne Tuesday to visit a friend. Mlaa Letha Ingram, teacher in Gladewater schools ,ls spending the holidays with rer parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Ingram. Mrs. J. W. Brown had her children all at homo for Christmas Dny: Mrs. J, Spencpr of Mpxla; Mrs. Rice and daughter of Dnnl- son, Mrs. Fred Griffin of Dallas, and Mrs. Jim I>urnpkln and son, Jlmmlo, of Austin. MI.1S Mildred Sims, student at Wcathcford Junior College, Is with her grandmother, Mrs. Bcrta Moore, this week. CONGRESSIONAL OPPOSITION IS DEVELOPING OVER PRESIDENT'S RAIL COMMITTEE PROPOSITIONS WASHINGTON, Doc. 2-1.—(/!>Congressional opposition developed today to somo recommendations of President Roosevelt's special committee on railroad legislation. Chairman Wheeler (D-Mont) of the senate Interstate Commerce committee and Senator Norrls (Ind-Neb) said they would fight any effort to repeal the long- and-short haul rate clause of tho Interstate Commerce act. » This clause prohibits railroads from charging less for a long haul than for a short haul over the same route In tho same direction. Its repeal was one of the recommendations made by tho committee. Tho committee told the President yesterday that government "fnvorltolsm" for competing forms of traffic had contributed to tho railroads' financial difficulty. Tho President appointed the committee, representing railroad management and labor, to prepare a legislative program for rehabilitating the debt-burdened carriers. Mr. Roosevelt may not, how- over, endorse all the committee's recommendations. It is up to him to decide which of them shall be submitted to congress. Most of the committee's recommendations parallel closely long time legislative objectives of the Association of American Railroads and proposals which have been made by tho ICC. The group proposed a modlifcatlon fo existing restrictions on RFC loans to railroads; that reduced government freight rates be eliminated; that the government bear tho cost of grade crossing eliminations and help pay for the work mndo necessary by Federal projects; that "unjust" state and local taxes be repealed, and that the government pet out of the Inland waterway business In addition to establishing a toll system for commercial use of certain waterways. The committee also proponed that the government leave to the Initiative of the railroads tho matter of consolidations, subject to approval of tho proposed new transportation board. TWO REPORTERS AND RADIO ANNOUNCER CAPTURED COUPLE ESCAPED PRISONERS IN CHASE OMAHA, Neb., Doc. 27.—(/P)— George Sedlacek and Ernie Jones Omaha World Herald reporters who stayed on a farm house after officers left and Foster May, Omaha Radio Station (WOW) announcer who wanted to get warm, captured two escaped prisoners last night. Tho reporters captured Marlon Brown, 34, who escaped from the Missouri state prison whllo serving n term for bank robbery and was captured and sentenced for robbery here, and May captured Fred J. Roberts, 34, former Nebraska prison inmate who was bding hold in conoctlon with an Omaha robbery. Tho two, with Phil Erwln, escaped Missouri and Omaha prisoner, and Paul Romano, being held on a federal narcotic charge, broke out of tho Douglas county jail Christmas night. May was at tho scene of a man-hunt being staged by more than 100 officers and farmers when ho stepped up to n scalo house on tho Goorgo Cock i ell farm. A fire burned brightly In a stove and a man lay on a couch. May asked If ho might enter and get warm. He looked questionably at the man and the latter said "I'm Roberts." Roberts was shot in tho log, the wound apparently having boon Inflicted during a chase of a stol- on car that preceded the gathering of tbo posse. Sedlacek and Jones were at the Coekrcll homo when officers loft to return to the scale house. The reporters heard a knock at a window, then a bloody face poor- Ing In and a voice saying "Please let me In. I want to got warm." They ran outside and seized the man. It was Brown. Romano surrendered to officers two miles east of Ralph Hlckey farm whero his two companions woro apprehended. Erwln was found a short time later In a hay mow on tho Hlckey farm. Officers said both men suffered from tho subzero cold. Erwln had a gunshot wound In his side. Radiator Repair Lot us repair, clean nnd flush your radiator, It PON! hut little and saves lots of trouble. HERODS RAD1ATOB AND ELECTRIC 4th and Main — Phone 868 Angus ANGUS, Dec; 29.— (Spl.)— Mr. and Mrs. A. F. Soape and children speni Christmas Day with Mr. and Mrs. Loss Jones, near Corslcana. - .• * Mr. and Mrs. L. P. Tllton and daughter, Annie Maud, spent the wook-end In Dalian. Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Stewart had us their guests Sunday, Mr. and Mrs. Jake Emert and family and Mr, and Mrs. Eugene Hnrrlj nnd family of Rice. . Mr. and Mrs. R. D. McClald of Bronham spent Christmas day with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Fowler. Mr. and Mrs. Ross Soape of Bryson and Mrs. R. H. Soape and children of Overton visited A. F. Soape and family Sunday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Tom Ware had as their guest Christmas Day, Mr. and Mrs. Herman White and family of McKcnney, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Ware and family of Corslcana and Mr. and Mra. D. W. Honeycutt and family of Gladowater. Mr. nnd Mrs. J. F. Denbow and son of Mlnden, La.; Mr. and Mrs. Jack Poulter and family of Frost, Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Oder of Corslcnna spent Christmas day with their mother,. Mrs. M. E. Shelton. Mr. and Mrs. Johnnie Edwards and daughter of San Antonio spent the week-end with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Fowler. Mrs. Alvln Mnrtln /ot Corpus Chrlstl spent tho week-end with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Caffy. Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Marshall nnd daughter attended the wedding of her sister In Dallas Christmas Dny. Mr. and Mrs. R. P. Soape of Glndownter, spent Christmas night with his brother, A, F. Soapo nnd family. Mr. and Mrs. J. I* Caffy had as their cucsts Christmas day, Mr. and Mrt. J. D. Youngblood of Ofvyugn, Mrs. Alvln Mnrtln of Corpus Chrlstl, and Mr. and Mm, S. L. Thomas nnd son. Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Lockwood and daughter of Fort Worth visited her father, J. -L. Stewart, Sunday. James David Caffy of Emmett Is vlnltlnpr his aunt, Mrs. Elmer Stewart, nml family. « Will R»~eive Oath on S-»*' AUSTIN, Dec. 20.— WV- Gerald C. Mann of Dallas will take tho oath of office as attorney general at 1 p. m. Saturday, he announced today. The brief, informal ceremony will be held In the attorney gen- oral's office and many friends throughout Texas aro expected to attend. Mann laid he had not decided who would administer tho oath. ^ nenton Youth Killed. DENTON. Dec. 29.— W>— Earl Hudnon, 16, was killed today when n rising elevator crushed his head against a floor In an offlco building. Hudson and other newspaper carriers wore In the building preparing to start tholr deliveries when 'the elevator was started and oaught him as it ascended. He was the son of Mr. and Mr*. R. A. Hudson.

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