Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on January 20, 1935 · Page 5
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 5

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, January 20, 1935
Page 5
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StJNDAY MORNING, JANUARY 20, 1935. W THE PAMPA DAILY NEWS, Pampa, Texas PAGE FIV& VISITS TO AND FROM PA'^A REPORTED DURING WEEK SKELLYTOWN, Jan. 19. — Mrs. Mrbel Marti was hottcss to the Am'.go club Thursday afternoon in the home cf Mrs. Henry Paulsen. Pour games of bridge were played. Mrs. Ed Patchistt won high score, MIT. Joe Miller low, and Mrs. D. C. Pmilsen • the floating prize. Refreshments of chicken salad, wafers, and coffee were served. Mmes. Wnyne Button and I. Loo- inan were guests. Members present were Mmes. Joe Carroll, L. R. Jones, Henry Paulsen, D. C. Paulsen, Fred litnclrlcks, Ed Patchett, Joe Miller. W. A. Ward, J. C. Jarvis, W. Campbell, Bill Holt, and the hostess. The next meeting will be with Mrs. Miller. Pcrconalr. Mr. and Mrs. P. D. Harvey and family spent Sunday near Wheeler with Mrs. Harvey's mother. Mrs. Joe Miller and Mrs. Ed Patchett a'trnded the show at Pampa Sunday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. S. C. Dickey and son enjoyed a show in Pampa Sunday evening. Carl Williams was able to leave the hospital Sunday. He is convalescing from an appendicitis operation. Sunday school was attended by 162 Sunday, a decrease from previous attendance. Mrs. Job,n Dalton is to be hostess to La Nueva club next Wednesday. Mrs. L. R. Jones will entertain the P. H. Sewing club Friday. All members are urged to be present to help start the program of the new year. Mr. and Mrs. Lee of Skelly camp shopped in Pampa: Friday evening. Claim Operator To Purchase All Untendered 'Gas' DALLAS, Jan. 19. (fP)— The Dallas News says a large East Texas oil operator has started negotiations for purchase of all untendered gasoline in Easti Texas—between 300,000 and 350,000 barrels—to save "the refined market from the e.f- lect of dumping this material at once." , The News says the negotiations /vere stated. today after a district court at Austin granted temporary injunctions restraining the Texas railroad commission from requiring tenders for crude oil products in storage prior to Dec. 10, date of the issuance of the commission order. The operator, with offices in Dallas, was quoted by the newspaper as saying "If this untendered gasoline can be held off the market, the but otherwise his plan in- To Play for A. A. U. W.Friday IN WINTER HAS ITS PROBLEMS School Children Are Due Particular Consideration •price will be saved chaos is due." The operator said eluded buying up all material available, representing 1,500 or mora cars, with the privilege of taking it over within six months. By spreading it over this period, the untendered fuel will not ruin the teti'f weak gasoline market, the operator told The News. Negotiations with some of the larest owners of such gasoline were under way tonight with prospects that most, if- not all, will be taken off the market, the operator said. Scout TroopWill Present Picture Here Monday Boy Scout troop 19 of LeFors wil present a moving picture, Georg Bancroft and Betty Compton ii "Pony Express," in the high schoo auditorium at 7:30 o'clock tomor row night. Proceeds, from the show will go toward buying uniforms foi the troop. Admission to the picture, one o the outstanding pictures in recen years, will bt 10 cents for childrei and 25 cents for adults. Beside the feature picture, a three-ree Charlie Chaplin comedy will bi presented. Troop 10 is re-registering unde: Scoutmaster J. H. Duncan. Bei Williams is chairman of the troop committee. TMrty boys have re celved blanks to re-register and tin troop is anticipating its most ac Uve year. It is the aim of the troop to have every Scout in uniform. m 1— CI^ASS PLAN DEBATED CANYON, Jan. 19.—Students o the West Texas State Teachers col lege are objecting to the presen schedule which calls for six days a Chiistian Thaulow, pictured above, one of the auts'anding musicians of the. southwest, will play a group of violin solos to feature the A. A, U. W. chapters annual founders clay program next Friday evening 1 . He has been secured in- stead of the usual speaker for the guest day banquet. Many music lovers here are expected to join members cf the chapter to haar Mr. Thaulow, whom a number have plready heard In concevfs at Amarillo. hild Labor Day To Be Observed By National P-TA (Continued from Page 4) events. Tc recreational period was M"Mii-< nml Rreinou Pmwrpil liy Trxnt Slntc- CoMoiro for Wi-mrn (CIAl. Uc- pnrlmcnt nf Homo Economics. DENTON, Jan. 19.—There arc i many things to con;,lc!?r in making ' nny 'menu, but In planning n me'al for a cold day, one nnift be very careful. If thero arc school children in the family, see to 1", that they have plenty of wrirm enersy- g'ving food. Milk Is necessary any time, but it is particularly important In the winter. Hot cerenls are desired nt this i time of the year and only a few minutes nre necessary to give the Inmlly a ho', breakfast. Do not let 1 the members of the family rush oft J tn work or to school with only a piece of toast to protect them from the cold and to give them energy for the morning's work. January Menus. Brcakfaf-.t: Orange juice, oatmeal, cam, bnccn, toast, cocoa. Dinner: Broiled steak, boiled rice, creamed peas, prune salad, biscuit, butter, apple pie, coffee. Supper: Cheese souffle, creamed potatoes, graham bread, pineapple talad, cookies. "Brtakfatt: Cream of wheat with date-, prndvid tgg, toast, apricot conserve, cocoa. Dinner: Cream of tomato soup, salmcn croquettes, lima beans, trend, butter, apple and celery salad, gingerbread, whipped cream. Supper: Macaroni, ham and cheese, muffins, butter, fruit jello, salad, sponge cake. Recipes. Cheese . Souffle—Melt two tablespoons of butter, add four tablespoons of flour; when well-mixed, gradually add one cup scalded milk; then add one-half teaspoon salt, a few grains of cayenne pepper, and one-fourth cup grated cheese. Remove from fire and add the yolks of three eggs beaten. Cool the mixture and cut and fold in the whites of the eggs beaten until stiff and dry. Pour into a buttered baking "Hammer week of classes. Possible adoption of the Five By MRS. JOHN M. FOX, Texas Congress of Parents and Teachers Slate Publicity Chairman Wichita Falls For thirty years, the national clu'ld labor committee has named ,he last of January, (namely January 26th to 28th) as child labor day. This year special emphasis will be aid upon the ratification of the federal child labor amendment which will be discussed at the present session of th; Texas legislature. Universal approval has been voiced in the matter of emergency codes For the temporary abolition of child labor in the ma.ior industries of the country. At the expiration of these codes child welfare exponents are faced with legislation which will make; permanent this abolition of child exploitation nil over the nation. Material may be secured from National Child Labor Committee, 419 4th St., New York. Conference en Child Health This conference is scheduled for February 21, 22, and 23, and will take place at Austin. Four phases will be represented, namely, education, medicine, social service and public health. Able state and national speakers alive hsen selected to give special interpretation to selected problems. A program has been arranged which can be taken back to each county and adequately presented to the citizens of that community. It can also b« used effectively and profitably by local doctors, public health officials, educators and social service workers in their individual work. All new agencies that have been organized this year are invited to send representatives. This conference affords the only opportunity during' the year for all gf these workers to come together to pool their experiences and to. unite their efforts in behalf of a mere serviceable program for the health and protection of the children of Texas and the world. National Parent-Teacher Texas has not as yet reached its quota of subscriptions for this national and official organ of the national congress. The classification of Texas has undergone a change this year because of the notable increase in membership for 1932-33. State officials are exceedingly an- ious that this state go "Over the Top" as dramatically as it did last year in the number of increases in subscriptions. In this connection, "The Founding of the Congress," Mrs. Rugg's article in the January number of the National Pavent-Teacher magazine describes how Alice MCLellan Bimey was led to call the first congress of mothers and how she enlisted the aid of Phoebe Apperson Hurst and how the congress was received by the public and the press. Good founders day material nwy be secured through this article alone. PASTOR INJURED FORT WORTH, Jan. 19. (IP)— Rev. T. Edgar Neal, pastor of the vlethoditt church at Corsicana and ;wo other persons were injured this spent in singing the Song," and "Thanks." The constiutiona and by-laws were read by the secretary, Mrs. Charles V. Talley, and adopted by the club. Mrs. M. L. Roberts, program chairman, discussed the new year- bocks, pointing out new and special features. She called a meeting of the program committee for Monday afternoon. Delicious refreshments were served to a guest, Mrs. Ellington of Pampa, and the following members: Mmes. Clyde Gray, Roberts, Chess Terry, Mart Cuiuningtam, Paris, Nettie Attaway, Talley, and the hostsss. dish and b-jke 20 minutes in a slow oven. Macaroni, Ham and Cheese (casserole)—Mix cooked macaroni, chopped boiled Mam, diced cheese. Season with salt and pepper, put in greased casserole and cover with medium white sauce. Bake 30 minutes in a hot oven. Gingerbread—Mix and sift two and one-half cups wheat flour, 1 t iroda, 1 t ginger, \<. t cloves, "A tape Bell Club. selvage, if well made, has extra yarns so woven as to reinforce a sheet greatly," stated Mi?s Ruby M. Adams, home demonstration agent, to Bell club women at vlvs. O. P. Bradbury's home Wed- Day Plan was the main topic considered at the Student Council meeting held last Monday afternoon. The question is even being debated. Oh Tuesday morning, January 15, G. L. Stanley of Amarillo upheld the affirmative and Garland Martin of Pampa spoke for the negative on the debate: "Resolved that the Five Day Plan fhould and could be used at the West Texas State Teachers college." This debate was heard by the student body during the assembly period. afternoon in a automobiles on Mr. terdjiy. and, Mrs. J. H. Duncan of were Pampa visitors yes- collision of two the Weatheu-ford icsday. Selvage of .sheets receives hard vcar and is often the first part to ive way, so the purchaser should :e sure they are strong and wide incugh to hold tlie yarn securely, he continued. During a business meeting Mrs. 31yde King, president, appointed the ollowing committee chairmen: Ex- ilbit, Mrs. R. E. Dauer; member- p, Mrs. Emil Rapstine; finance, Mrs. Frank McKnight; wardrobe demonstrator, Mrs. O'Neal; home .ndustry, Mrs. George Kurtz. Refreshments were served to Miss Adams and eight members, Mmes. Tcm Skibinski, M. Doss, O'Neal, Dauer, Rapstine, King, Bradbury, .ind Miss Evangellne Skibinski. Miami News MIAMI, Jan. 19— Testing of herds for tuberculosis eradication in Roberts county will begin Monday, occcrdini? to Jett McMurtry, county The work will be under the cinnamon. salt, 1-4 t Cream VB c sugar and 'i c fat. Add egg yolk and mix thoroughly. Mix Vi c molasses and M: c sour milk. Add alternately with dry ingredients to butter, sugar, and egg yolk. Add beaten white of egg. Bake 40 minutes in a moderate oven. ^»Canadian News CANADIAN, Jan. 19.—Members of the C. C. club were entertained by their husbands with a banquet at the Methodist church Friday evening. Charles Kindel went to Wellington Friday. John Hilbun of Amarillo visited here Friday. Attorney Will Crow has returned from a business trip to Dallas. . direction of six Bureau of Animal Industry veterinary inspectors. When l he work is completed, the cattle in Roberts county will no longer be restricted as to movement. R. L. Simmons is busy taking the farm census of Roberts county this months and expects to complete the task by February 1st. Seven applicants for the position of postmaster in Miami tcok the examinations Saturday at Pampa and Canadian. Jack Crousen of Pampa was visiting friends and relatives in Miami Thursday and Friday. Judge N. F. Locke was recently honored at a bcuntiful dinner by his children and grandchildren on his 82nd birthday. Mrs. Ed Lard was the charming hos'.ess to the Home Progress club Thursday afternoon. Mmes. M. F. Stephens and J. G. Ramsay were in charge of the interesting program. Mrs. W. F. Holland was elected to serve as president of the club for the next two years. Mrs. J. W. Edwards honored her husband with a lovely turkey dinner last Sunday, it being his fifty-fifth birthday. road about 10 miles west of Fort Worth. Rev. Mr. Neal was driving one of the cars containing h'is wife and their- daughter Kathleen, 19. Neither woman was hurt. The other machine was driven by F. M. Cone, Vaughn, N. M., and was occupied by Mrs. Cone and three children. AUTOMOBILE AND TRACTOU BEPAWING By Experienced Mechanic All Work Guaranteed W. J. TUJRNEB Cor. Field & Schneider Sta. 2 Blocks Bast S & S Grocery DRESSMAKING Miss Davis of Arizona has opened a Dressmaking Slioppc In the Singer Sewing Machine Co. Let her design and make your dresses. All work guaranteed. Wftetie. do you (we) • If you live where space is limited—in a small home or apartment — here is a new modern Singer Electric, in a beautiful new cabinet, made especially for you. It's quiet, swift, smooth- running, and the cost is amazingly low. You can SINGER SEWING MASHINE CO, 814 No, Cuyler -* Phone 689 A compact Singer Electric for the small home or apartment, have it now on terms you can afford—a small down payment with monthly terms. Best of all, it's included in the Singer "Make-it- Yourself" Plan, which includes a free course^n home sewing and all the help you'll ever need to make your own smart clothes. Come in today, or let our Bonded Representative furnish the details when he calls. SINGER DEWING MACHINE CO. 214 No. Cuylcr — Phone 689 ANNOUNCEMENT FATHEREE DRUG STORES SAVE YOU MONEY EVERY DAY $1.25 ABSORBINE JR. Announcing a new money saving plan for our ' customers and friends in Pampa and LeFors. Using our Cut Rate Plan, we will save you money on your Drug Purchases every day. Our stocks are complete. We buy in large quantities and We are passing these savings on to you. You have the assurance that the merchandise we sell is nationally known and advertUed, and is of the highest quality. Our ads will appear regularly each Sunday morning. Read them carefully and note the savings. Remember "More for your money at the Rexall Drug Stores." 50c PHILLIPS MILK OF MAGNESIA S4c 50c IPANA TOOTH PASTE 50c Prophylactic Tooth Brush 75c Dextri- Maltose Every Day Needs At Reduced Prices 25c - Anacin Tablets 21c 60c - Bromo Seltzer 49c 50c - Chamberlain's Cough Syrup 45c 35c - Energine 29c 25c - Ex Lax , 21c lOc - Woodbury's Soap 3 for 25c 60c - Murine 49c 05c - Palmolive Soap 6 for 25c 50c - Penetro Salve or Drops 42c 15c • Putnam Dyes ,_ lOc 75c - Purete&t Aspirin Tablets 49c NEW AND LARGER TUBE Pepsodent Tooth Paste 75c OUR REGULAR PRICES 50c - Aqua Velva 39c 35c - Ingrains Shaving Cream , 29c 25c - Listerine Shaving Cream 19c 75c - Schick Razor Blades 69c 50c - Gem Razor Blades 43c lOc - Star Razor Blades 3 for 25c 7Sc • Vaseline Hair Tonic 69c 25c - Castilian Hair Oil 19c 25c - Ilasol Lotion 17c 25c - Talcum Powder lOc Full Pint Mi 31 Solution I.._49c $1.00 HINDS OR $1.00 JERGENS LOTION 79 c 75c LISTERINE $1.25 Creomulsion CAN YOU IMAGINE! Can you imagine: In the Harlem pistrict of New York City, certain Doctors have been known to get as much as $1000 per bottle for magic potions that will make wishes come true. The population of Honolulu uses more soap per person than any city in the United States. There are 25 practitioners who "heal" by drugless methods, to every 100 physicians and surgeons in the U. S. Cod Liver Oil in liquid form in dosage of 3 teaspoonfulls a day prevented rickets in 97% of 100 cases rtudied. 35c GEM RAZOR BLADES Singledge 27- $1.50 AGRROL 35c Bromo Quinine 21 C 30c Meritholalnan Jar or Tube 21 c $1.20 SNA $1.20 Syrup Pepsin BAYER ASPIRIN 15c 25c 75c — Size — Size — Size lie THE REXALL DRUG STORES FATHEREE'S CUT RATE DRUGS STORE NO. 2 CORNER DRUG STORE NO. 3 LeFORS, STORE NO, 4

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