The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on August 31, 1897 · Page 4
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 4

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 31, 1897
Page 4
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4 Mangled am) torn ^^Ifiliili -*•>!• Jr . •> Six Men th* VJeflffis ef * Toterattert df Various Kihtte of Outlawry. White «t* «* I will be at toy office {ft thfe &njrt hottfcs from 8;30 to 10 a, m. OB Momtoya aftd And at dtfeer ftotits of such Pros.Atiy. 1 have n flnft iwwtftnwnl of eftflftfy BJngfefsforBatfe. ffal\ And &'«* them, 34 &, Monroe i 10 GORE IttfWS HYSPEPSIi Whht j ' '' »* i curtains wctold Siefcen tbe iftrt« too«fe?k*feiW>< iatf&teof AffaiirsiB! ff^iTri"""'- • h««rt tit] littte K«*ek, ptrp probably mm any Istoft 'cUrtnift, fifr matter" |to# >, animated too&f cft«*and4o return if 'as Whole «nd soutul as whim brought to us. Anybody can launder a «K>k or a handkerchief -it takfls art to »do up" a law curtain in tho way they are done (it tho Htentn t.ftiindry, Hatch Block. l^t »*«,•« I- — -TGJ* —>— I maasaerpiS tn <•? Pope ' «x «.* *« It* KANKLIN e CHOOSE r5y*».'L»*»ao »aa#. Cor. l$ates and Lamed Sts., D1TROIT, RSICH. 0nTr*» tilnrk from Woixtwftfil A .l«ir<ir<>on Avpjj. V«*y OuWal. Near All Car Lltie*. a np&aWCt For tho most valuable Ml* feW I N .contribution to the lit- flMbll 119 erntori! of the world •*•• UWCi «imtiMhe production of WAli 1 fell tx- ui>»o '"><• Grfat WVNIV • •»•» \vork or the Great Tbln»*>is, Famous Orators -Renowned SvhoUix. Wlso \Vrlifr6 »nrt IliVJUSTI- «)JATOH» of UK? li'th Century. In rill the raw »' literature there Is not another horth likfl THE PEOPLE'S BIBLE HISTORY \ Hi tuts booh alone e;m V>e founW the Intor- \ mtiilun sntteht by ctory Bible r«ader, \ 9 uhelUor old or younj?, scholarly or un» -,.,. JsA tottwn-ct. It K Indeed, tt jrrpafwork. H»o-tit i|i«rmeri<win nrrlis-oIcwTh«»*brought '' ' lo«l«y tarn fo fact *Hb th* men who , " iitid 'ttrau durint! to* i ty Biblirol HUWfianl, 1 rwultoil In llm tr)uniph«nt tla- IT«I volume from (" ?k H"ivtit i|i«r J\hn worM ..f lo T IMII.I. ami dci .he tlion i . will l, v jtiiiik. iw th» innlier citnt nimul In It u of rl <-nnnot be <f«ml In anj" other biiuii ou mnll. * Writi- for dcM-rlptlvf l!lu«tr.iwtl pariiphlct ci ami bfautifully THE HENRY O.SHEPARD CO. 212-214 Monroe St. v**— CHICAGO. right, "Iwoi ^ere fiiaiiy Wf* il*>fti1 HJ'il t\ v »> JjiVv* disappeared iMfd" are etth* 1 In* held t-aptft^-'by tlif bandits who committed the <r#Mt'crime, The killed are: Captain B. & Taylor 1 , of So&rry county, jp,ij, deputy United States mafshal; Joe Co'dgrttJ, ol Stone ewtfirity, a deputy marshal. The fatally Vi'nundcd are ^Jv0 brothers namwi R&oir frew, '0* Searey county, Th* narrteS of the mlwahig rnen are *rot kaown, but thty are 1 supposed; 'to be deputy sheriffs from ftn adjoHnir-g county. tTie victim* were n,lt officers, fleputy -United Stateaf marshals and dteputy ahefHTs. and the iVieh who dltl Che awful work-of Carhaee arv moonBhlners of th« boldest and rhoBt dt'spevatfr class. The scene of the bloody crime was a gulch or ravine in the roniintains of Pop^-. county, at an tpot tjjirty-fl'vt'mllw iVoni Itua- the nearest* telegraph office, and te« miles from Will SprirtRS. Anrt Wht-r* V?M tine "tlrent Mlntp?" The region has fur ypara own tho Jfa" voritf* rendezvous for counterfeiter^ and mofmshiners-and a district in which no nliitiiiiK citizen tiould live. Veteran .«hlnprs whbwefe. years ago hunted and hounded 'out pt Oeorgia, North Carolina, Tennessee ania other states, have settled in that mountainous country and continued their illicit distilling of whisky. Counterfeiters have operated there and criminals of other classes have •-• taken refugevin the hills of Pope county. For years it has been considered the worst and moat dangerous section in the state. The officers for a long time have been trying to break up the lawlessness in that vlcinU ty and many .battles bet\veen them and the desp^fadoea have occurred. Mtmnt W«*ll. but Lout HI* Uffi.' Captain B. P. Taylor, the ritbeat man In Sfnrcy county and a man <>f mufih; prominence, determined to aid the officers in nuttlnR down crime in tHat section. He sefurt-d a eohitnlsiilon as a deputy United States marshal and led the posse Sn the raid that resulted \n his death. A few days BRTO a successful raid was made in the same locality in which a dozen moonshiners Were captured and brought to Little I(ock. One of 1 them--told the/ofllcers that at least fifty lai'Ke distillft-iw-were opcrat- .ing ip' the same neighborhood Tay)oi', with his posse, located. a'"iarse tivoon- shlne outfit Saturday nig-ht and decided to make the raid on Sunday In dayiijfht. OFFICIAl.Sk VliCKO OX FUO.H VMUI.SII. th« y of the Slme<w, ^ not m ttw «ttftMft«h tl» utamftsn tit'ilrt fttgftn to 6peptt«s» often'di not htt*e < te Btomtch, noe »e*h of rto» be to P«wp«)t lets. Dyapepeta, Tab- g; from netVoue heart born. Mr. A. W, Shfttper of polif.^lnd., writes *» of para these few line* le u.'edicine, S . Iha»e. been a suffering; yspepsia f • r tho Iwt four >cftr«; b«v« used Carious patent medicines and other rtme- edUw without npy fftvoraWe rwulfe. They wmetiHNto gave temporfttj' relief •ttnhl -the ftffcetfl of the mcdiotno wore off. -= 1 Hitwb- uted this to uiy «-dentnry hnbita* bemB a boodkecper with little physical eseroine. but I am rf«d 40 'state that the' tdblct^j have overcome a»l these obftWoles for I gained tu flesh, sleep bf-tter, and fcffi better itt'every way. The above IB written not for notoriety, but ia based pn actual fact.;* Co. SOLE PROPRIETOR will t* paid foifche fttrit jmdWtoHcwi of any' wfe det«sted>flnin B our bottles. y \V.T.l»«AJK,B . A.. W. SHARFEft, ReapoctfuUy vftu A.. W. SHA «)1 1'rospeot 8t,, IndiJtttap It is safe to say that Stuart'8 Dyapepma Tablets will cure amy stomach weakness or diseai-o except cancer of rtomnoh, They curesocr BtomSch, «M, loss of flesh "and appettte, (»leei>le8sne«8, palpitation, heartburn, constipation and headaches. / Send for valuable ItttU book on atwmaen di»eas«rt by addressing Stuart Qo., M»»»nft". All druggists sell full sized packages »t 50 Cordctte has come to,fitay. W. L. paakejx THE OLD RELIABLE P/UNTEI n Calsom From 910, to JSVO^r year saved each family whrt will'send a pupil to the Dross Tailoring school in the Watson building* * Watson still wlls tho ft»i»,-i«8 Ozanla oottw or Mountain Java, it is tho finest llavorod coffee known. •' ' /' For Sale or Kent rhpa'p. ' The Montgomery homestead on Marshall avenue: ul«o somo choice lots on Marwhallj avonuo and Liberty street, Montgomery 's addition. Inquire of GEO. ISOKBSOLL. Varmshes, Hard Black Boa^d Slating, Paint Removing, etc. /• LOW MACKINA: PETOSKE 1 * CHICAGO,. Toledo Detroit /Mackhiac , THE "S<)O." tttuittly Klll<><l anil l'tM>f«e N«Wrly wttkc at l.atil.' sliglitly in advance-of hit; "men Tuylor v,&a within 7 thirty feet of the dlstlllciy when he was suddenly flrtd upon firom ambu&h arid instantly killed. As Do4«ffl ran up to Taylor he was also shot di i ad in his tracks. Rifles l>< gan to ci'uck'ln ull directions arid a, terrible vol» Idy was flj^d into the olticcrs. The iii'n- tt'K\\ brotheis fi-ll mortally wound* rt and lay by the TuUd»l.(le^Ttfil later iri thy day a traveler narrMtTl'm-k chanced' by'. All truces of^the biindits had. di»app«ai'«d, as wjilfas two of the deputy flln-iiffh. ^The lnlt«:r-huve not siijce bet-n h»rar4 from and are bfllevt'd eltht-r to huv«- beui klllfd or w</und*d and taken rapttve.3 by the hurrh d and the fuioi-.-r. log they Ei/EHV CVENIHO BETWCIN Detroit and Clevelane Ciuuectina frkh' Rarltei-t Trains *- CUvrtawt. lur all jKunV- 1R**« *»»'' ,<h!i I ,d«-£(J t» thv -fort df)r>aut-d. n'ilurs nill. Up the party i*,i«-hts them. It known by whoiu the eriiue was ted, tint the, <» 'Uejleve tht pai4{ is fit dt^siit- iu(lOf» htailttl by ilui • Uimc and Jfhn-Chuivh, i \\-t.nt tht a ehttraettj-ti tp that |w- i-aUty.' . ' - - ' -, A Kcmnrkaltlc Cnrc of Clironle Di- nrrlioca. ' 1» 1802, when I served my country as a private in Cotn()any A. 107th Petineylva- ni.v Volunteore, I contracted, chronic di- urrhoea. It has Ktwri me a-grpat.dcal of trouble over sineo. I have tr.lf-xl a dozen diiToreut tuwlieinw* and several i>roi»i- nent doctora without any prominent relief. Nat Ipai? ago a friend twnt two " Hatupto bottle Of Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and l3uirrho«a reni<xly, and after that I bought axtd took a M cont bottle; and now t can say I am entirely ijurvd, I eutnnot-Ue thankful co'uugb,ta| \\jth a y Q ^ | t>r | h - 1B g rea t rumfxly, nad recuju~| ffl> wend it to al| suffering veterans. If '"' doubt write TOP. Yours gratefully, We abst&>6 from using inferior qualities mixed paints, befcig able to mix our own colors from pure lead and other substances SHOP KAST STATE _ CAVEATS, TRAD5 DESION COPYRIGHTS* '•t.lvst Kvi-iT tfw jAi -O. -£l tlp<*»oWAV. HttW \Mra-. n w-r nvurinfl |<.tt«7il* In Auifrtf* i".ti-tt*t"rS'rtitt r uaji iKMislit tMf.irfl ic t*y n ootico glvtii t ivo wt cnufgo lu th« paper Jit th* No Inti lllcnl ., »» Ml .N * FOK TThtw remedy U«tnB !»> t» — . — _ -2-New Sterf Passenger Stea-aeft •• -j — « . •-!.. - i.rt v ."j-*_ j_; * «IA. -*»i«k. UttOt Jbf- p Hn«fia.s \ Wilt I Will I ther acfl t« jrfcu.ii r.4 fur i«tatt uffuft thwii. It \a very Allentown.Pa,' Bold at Greene's drag store. "BECOME IREILWOMIl" THE BEST THAT TOBACCO CAN PRODUCE. BEN-HUR" CIGARS A cool sweet satisfying smoke that leases a gratefiil rememberance. ''•,,-«« Sold by all dealers lOc straight and 3 for 25c. Mauufj^hmM bjr ?Ki CEO. MOEBS &|CO., Detroit- — ..--. . i y^j»w . / A, iet sl.wa only by O. HYDE. __' — ^™r— —,i^«*i.^ — ~v- trn* i?»ipi«ib Tayfor was an «it-fapt«l« n tn«s Fe4>.,ral army. Me had infervc-y tw<? tf r»»a tu th* tstnte ^tci^atar^ and feat, uoted for W» bravely. Marshal v?wt>»>r ha» rwcfcived the &yawkt$; teltr «r«m j*n» tfce aititrney "K«^ral at S///P/ 1 View to executive apprQvairwt i« eieeea i (KJO Q.uthortZBcI. Flvtr bundFftd *«VTI authortattcl tor eatJture andi delivery rrumhal of All pereo»s i«y>llcat«d in to Via R. & I. ia now in effect, t Np* 7 l»ave« Kala p. m., and (jbraud m., amvisg fiaiHSS** f *ft » TO,, IMo^toy 7:55 p, w. '3|i.i»^BJ . ta. * t dhicaga, Aug. 3tr—i» Bjpitte ol cxilviums of• frte ailvertibiog Ue, h»H FS-- <-ei^,tci in Ihy t>|fptrs,i thu tnttr) ttt^iji&jttg to be fc"E4«U» tii-hlattter, sih^» r*Jr|s*S®-, Mwkc liUl," alla» ' Diftmond &ttl, u f»il«d' to draw » crowd yt-stertfiw at Ms\,nfcatta» B*fAC|l hoiSl, JfatjTfe tJUWCU.^ 1 ** t*0 SfiT^ tfek-e Denver m*o 6*y IK* ii tfMl MUCH ALIVE. The STATE FAIR. L A O IE S M V DR. FELIX LE DRUM'S Steel | PennyroyalTreMiaent tetbo -riwlnrt jnd only FRENCH. wife »WMt relbW« cffre «i» th« nmr- kft. i'rlco s fl.IV, tout ^ » Qanuintr Bold onto I*' 1 A.O.HYDE. Michigan State A^icol«imd-flpci^-fei*» bef» alive to the Live of State R»i»id«, Tiltte OooKi RexTablets are sold under a positive guarantee to cure or refund tbe money, and we stand byour. guarantee. Cu K ES all Nervous Dlwftses, Impotence; Varicocete, Lost VlUUIty in old or young. Nightly Eml?«toiw and* Wasting Ois^ww, *fi& all effects ot self- abusc or excci«'5. Stops dangerous drains. A genuine osrve tonic. SShows fm'niedi. ate iiniwoveflttent. The grandest remedy of inoderrj tjm6»- D^xi't buy tinitaltons. Get «exiTAHU^S. i»ri« 50 ssnt^ or : packages ^t full tttS&oeWJ ftw *2^«, by wail, in ^am pa<*age, «P wsc^pt 0 *' ipe, £ieeular free, 9 iihf^* V%F9>Atf9A%f /*J\ 29 W-iHiOtfplI W^# |fj(| REMEDY CU., uuaflo,iu- Btirgess is to do the ht- IK» It i» stated. 8Utt -forthter, b* not *1- be to b* Inap tsr W tp «**» UJA jcajrjUsr* wwl i» Fr»wui»co «TPB» Sept- « to 11. U^\ wryuHU iog 35 conto, top be let »t Miaa K. 'Siw! f ,fAtl&~-- 8tm i terdfrj' «« t^e r«*ult of 4 *o»t*re««* by wire withttwchief wiftwlnirtaf th* b^dyU WAHTEO-Ali-lOCI^ IL -itf tt> Wi t^L ? )OU.- L ltt-f Si*« C . tt,r«jrt: *c«a$ 4, msw*» ***»• ^^UPHP^P^ ^w»p s P t GM» iensoa. . ^ Heoau«o«. Help jr Up* M»«i Oust W»*W«* »«*»' *W«M. ill NMtoajU Sewtog AUcfcto* Co., ite«mr< J|JH5W"WWw^i ^l^B* t:w# wiawn, l» W o.w,; . *>«*. # Ttai»t *4ti- . «»;«>••.»*»<* - Nervous 'itfinrca NMft »* »t»»«e« ~^r a/ *'or f^S J T*1ffi*T?7 HDD B«»linft!»rHEHT iniffi ^ffS fuifeU * tor*. (.»!«. »,VoUtti- .^JWm. «Mhy>^ fWuM-r, - B ** u BP»W Bt^, Ctfcs^., W. MICH Arfu At»UWBor1 Lor^i, Ffw WW»fti ! '" : JTI— V*1 Jfflfi

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