The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on August 16, 1893 · Page 2
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 2

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 16, 1893
Page 2
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THE BAIL ¥ , AUGUST THE DAILY CHIRONICIE TiCBMSOFStrBSORlPttON. on* year throngJi s»«O...t4 75 illy, doltvered. id C«nM per w«e|t '. Snbtorlptlnnfi received at the oKte M pnb alien 151 State street. . ' „ . . .1. M. S108EK, Pob1Jsp>r, y, . , , of Month Breathing. Many^hildren get into the habit of breathing' through the mouth instead of through the nose. From the condition of a "mouth-breather" it is 'but a short step to one or two results— more often both — deafness and that peculiarly stupid, sleepy, inane, foolish expression of countenance so characteristic of the ."mouth-breather" in general. 'To parents who hare the welfare of their children at heart such a vrarning as this should be of sacred importance, As soon as the child gives evidence of a tendency- to breathe constantly through its mouth, just so soon should intelligent medical investigation be made of its nostrils, preferably by . a competent and skillful specialist Such proper attention at the right time would save much suffering in its future life. SENSAtlN At ' JACKSOM. Boa An Excellent Citron Cake. This recipe is given by a correspondent in Good Housekeeping.and vouched for as excellent. One-half cup of butter, one and a half cups of sugar, three eggs, one half cup of: milk, two scant cups of flour, six ounces of citron,, one and a half teaspoonfuls of baking* powder. Cream the butter, and add the sugar one-half at a time, then the eggs well beaten; reserve the white of one for frosting. Add the milk gradually, then the flour with tjhe baking powder. Stir and add citron cut in. very fine pieces. • Bake in moderate oven about one-half hour. This cake can also be made very nice by using English walnuts Instead of citron. Lay the halves in regular rows on* the frosting while soft, and cut in square plecesT" ~*"" '.' \ .,.<. ' What Fabrics to Buy,. Only the woman who • has plenty of money can afford to buy cheap materials; for when one has to wear a gown often the cotton will show through the wool, the linen-back velvet will grow cottony and the cheap silk flimsy and shiny. Personally, I would rather buy only one gown every two years, and have that of good material, than buy four cheap ones every year, and the reason for this is that as long : as the good material holds together just so long can it be. utilized, while that which is cheap and nasty soon announces its right to these adjectives, to which, If it sounds contradictory, can truthfully be added another one, expensive,—Ladies' Journal. Little Things. There la some little thing each day-. For God's own ones to do or say; Some trifling work, although it be Unnoticed in its ministry. Vet still some fine, discerning soul, Needs but this touch to make it whole. ' It Is not always we are stirred By loving voice or helping word; Bat something deeper In itt power ' Has gently thrilled the passing hour, . And won some recreant heart, may be, , To life and God and liberty. / —M. O. Page, in Union Signal. Net Truly Brave. O, fiercely fought he In the wars! His courage oft was noted, A4d three times he for gallantry Was honored and promoted. Where bullets flew as thick as fleas, And^fft^» annoying, Well to the front he bore the brunt When death with me^was toying. The shriek of shells .no Wror brought, Though comrade* fast were falling, Ho stood.alone in trenches strewn With carnage most appalling. A Small Boy Finds * Man's Leg In of Little. JACKSON; Aug. 15.—The East Side was greatly excited Monday morning in consequence of the finding of a inan'B leg in a box of. lima. : l^nnorrf ,of; an atrocity gained circulation 0 , ;'• oui they all "petered out" upon investigation. The excitement had its origin in a small boy Who demonstrated the possession of a penchant for gathering kindling wood. "The lad visited the tear of D. E! May & 'Brothers' dfn'g. store on East Main street and helped himself to a .number, of boxes; i These he carted homo. In breaking, "them,, to pieces a sight met his gazd Which lie Will not soon forget. £of in one of them he found a leg packed in lime. The limb was partially decomposed arid emitted a not altogether pleasant odor. The police Were notified. Dr. D. E, May chanced to miss the box containing the leg, which he amputated from a man several weeks since, and which he had packed in lime to aid decomposition. Making inquiries he regained possession of the limb. -r-^r: r: ; *~ *~ Sad Cade of Drowning. MANISTEB, Aug. 15.—Harry Wendt, aged 8, was playing around the pier at Onekama with a younger companion. He fell in, and was drowned in about five feet of water. His companion ran for assistance, and the body -was recovered within 10 tu 20 minutes after the boy fell in. No one seemed to know what to do toward reviving the child, and he was; rolled in a blanket and laid on the pier, while the doctor was sent for. It took about 25 minutes Jo get him there, arid then the child Was dead. .'.•'• Some of the Grand Army boys -., be in tereated in the following frofti Alex. B. Pope, A* D. C,, Commander Dept. Tcnh. and Ga. He says: "We have had an epidemic of whooping cough here (Ste* rt, Tenri,,)- arid Chamberlain's Cough Ren idy has been the only medicine that has done Bhy good." There is no danger from whooping cough when this remedy is freely given; It completely controls the disease. *>0 cent ottl 16 for FB!C al Greene's drug street. Notice lt«»ntl/e tt» OOWB; ; The ord|&ft)£ce relative Id pasturing cows in tbe street will: be strictly en forced* No caUle will be allowed to be pastured in any street, whether they are tied or riot, and all cattle found at large in the street, whether tied or otherwise, wilt be taken care of. No ex ception will be made to this role-for anyone. 4 PETER HOWE, 9 City Marshal. feOTBJfy AUG. 13, ,1693. ANDREW CHRYSTAL, AUCTIONEER. Marshall, - Mich. Office above Messers. Terretts Dry Goods Store. ' . .EAST. ' . ' 4 •'"'.". Atlantic- Exp,,.......... ,.;.'. 8-27 a. in. Grd. Rap.;& Kal. Esp.. M 8ii*a. m. Mail.,... 1:45 p.m. Detroit Day Exp». 8:08 p m. JS,l r .« Eastern Exp.. ,..,.. 8:00 p. m. Nia. Falls & Buff, Spl 10:15 p. m. WEST. .' . Prtc. Exp. .,*... Ii05 a. m. Chgo. Spl. ,, 0:10 a. m. Day Exp. 10:83 a. m. Mail........................ .12:48 p. m. Chgo. and Western Exp..... 8:44 p. m. Grd. Rap. * Kal. Exp....... 8:88 p. m. Chgo. Night Exp ^11:40 p; ttj. AGENTS WANTED on Salary and Commission for the only authorized t«Ht Michigan >A.uir., 15. — Original— David P. Ingles, St. Clair, St. Clair county; Leander Gokey, Owendale, Huron county: George Sharp, Eau Clair, Berrien county; George Hall, Rattle Run, St. Clair county; Richard Smith, Jefferson," Hillsdale county. Mexican war survivors: Increase- Hiram Dickinson, Applegate, Sanilac county. Arrctitecl For Kmbezzloment. BALCINOEU, Aug. 15.-*-W. T. Buchanan, president of the Coke county and Sutton county' banks that suspend( ed a few daysi ago, was arrested hereby I Sheriff J. T. Campitt, charged with em- I bezzlement. The prisoner was taken to r on death with a scornful smile, And fear and he were strangers. When Wood flowed free, he laughed la glee, Found food for mirth in dangers * Yet now his noble courage fails— . _ /His heart is near to, stopping- It shakes his nerves when his wife observes: "John, come with me a-stopjlng." — -ipeutyt Tribune. * •^ .. - A visitor tt9#t,jfe*T***a. ' > H»vf yon stepped out of Babyland, my, tssjmr * UtuOfiu'l* ' *~L'' lace all full of sunshine aad your '^^^ \VI1I Soon Kiiou- the Ueclxion. 1 PARIS, Aug. 10.—The Behrinj? sea tribunal of arbitration met at 0 o'clock this morning to make the final revision of ita report. Will lluiul Uit< City. • BELDINQ, Aug. 15.—Beldinp has voted to bond the city for 88,000 for a system of fire protection by a majority of 58. When Baby yas Kick, we gave her Castor)*. When she was a Child, she cried tor Castoria. When she/became lliaa, sha clung to OaMorla. Wbsn she had Children, she gave them Castaria, By GAIL HAMILTON, his literary execu- ior, with the co-operation of hia family, and for Mr. Elaine's Complete T?7orks, "TWENTY TEARS OF CONORESS," and his later book, "POLITICAL DISCUSSIONS." One prospectus^ for these 3 BEST SELLING >ooks in the market. A. K. P. Jordan, of Me., took 112 prders from first 110 calls; agent's profit $196.60. Mrs. Ballard, of O., took 15 orders, 13 Seal Russia, in one day, profit $26.25. E. N. Rice, of Mass., took 27 orders in two days, profit $47.25. J. Partridge, of Me., took 43 orders from 36 calls, profit $75.25. E. A. Parma, of N. Dakota, ;ook 53 orders in three clays, profit $98.25.. EXCLUSIVE TERRITORY given. If you wish to make LARGE MONEY write immediately for terms to THE HENRY BILL PUB. Go., Norwiqh, Conn. . World'* Fair Special The Michigan Central will special excursion train to Chicago Fri day, Aug. 18th, leaving: Marshall 9:50 a. m , arriving at Chicago 3:25 p. m. Ticket, $4.55 round trip,- limited four days. • For further particulars inquire at M. C. depot. C. N. DKESCHJEK, Agt. Goods Below Cost. Good leaf tea per Ib ....... : ......... g Best gloss starch. T ...... , .......... 5c Best Crystal starch ____ . ____ .. Best mixed bird seed. , . ...... , ..... 5p Best mops, — ...... ». .. .8 and lOe each. Clathi'B pins ..... . ....... ,-. Ic per doz Best spices, below cost, Best blueing, ito bottles for.. ....... 6c -Best-boxirhieingi 5c boxes for ....... 8c Sal soda.. .*.......;,., ......Sofar Ib - If y ; oij ajre lingerinif f roin foyers, iigrippe, catarrjiv consumption, cough or. broDiqiJiial 'troubles, a^ibiaa.v bear sick h.eadache, paraly^, «f j-sit^laa or ' piits oaJl ofJaiesfi.!!™, „ frr ----«,..-•<* * Bally tBundayse«e»te4 O. V?. Jtttf&UjfiS, Oen. Pass. & Ticket Agt. Uvo.A JettMsoK* Freight Agent, 0. H. Ots»RN. Tlrkn Agent Marshall Cincinnati, Jata & MacHnai Time table taking effect June 26 1893. Trains pass Marshall as follows: THAWS 000J8 BAM. No. S5, Toledo f^rpress ..7<Ma« • 8, Cincinnati Express It 42 an " -il,Mall andKjtpreBB .• BOSpm " ». Local Freight.. »90p» ' CRAinS OOIMtt WIST. : Xo. se,M»ll and Bzpress......,.."..... ...10 £3 a M " a, Cincinnati * B. 0. Express;...^.6Sib« " 84, Kipre«s.... ..,/......'.18SB»» ..••: S»< JUxjaiFreight......................30a«. All trains daily except Hunday. Direct connections ire madd at Telede .and Clnolnatl with all roads diverging. Trains 91 andiOJ make go od conneatlon at MOB . telth with the Q H. & I., and at AlUgan with the C, & W. M for Grand ftaplds, Mnskegon and aU points north. • V. B.0KAKE,«eu,MVr. T. U. U. bCaiNULKB. Gen. Pass. Agt. C. B. MIZK, Agt., Marshall. FOUND, ETC. Twenty cents a week for each notce not ex ceeding nve lines. No charge less than t«e*ty cents. "LpST.—Tuesday foren»on, |Ang. 15, on north side of Mtate streec, between my house and post office, an A. T, Cross stylographlc pen. Finder will be suitably rewarded npou handing it to W. The Great Enf llsh Remedy. in , Promptly and permanently genres all forms of Nervous tffealmeu.tmiuitmt, Sptrw atorrJtea,Jmpotenovandatt tffecttofAtnue or Eacettet. Been prescribed orer $5 years In thousands of case*; druggist for Wood'* Phosohodlnei if be offers some worthless medldne in place of this, leave hits dishonest store, Inclose price In letter, and we will send tuy return mail, Price, one package, |l;slz,$5. On«toillple<ue,ttxw{U<ntre. Pamphlet In plain sealed envelope, 2 cents postage. 0 " Address The wWd Chemical Co.. 181 Wood ward a venue, petrolt, Mich. Sold In Marshall and everywhere by, all druggists. teaches. At Watson's you can find choice No. 1 peaches in one fifth bushel baskets every afternoon. * Pay 'Your Xnx'es. Commencing AUK. 1st, 1 shall be at the store of S. E. Cronin, grocery de part men t, from 9:00 to 12:00 a. m., and from 1:SO to 3:30 p.m. for the purpose of receiving cit> taxes, which must be paid prior to Sept. 1st. JOHN KELLBY, City Treasurer,. F OR BALK—A good family horse, ypnpg and gentle, 7 years old. Fur particulars apply U> C. (i. Uiehl, tJteel store, btate street. f F OB SALE-A high grade combination bicycle for lady or gent. 'the finest wheel matte Upod as new. Enquire of B. B. banderson. BALK—A square piano, in good coodi- X; tiuu. *oi particulars enquire .t A. bkln- •ter's kbuj on bauitlion street or residence 011 street. XT oTICK-WrB. W. L. Buck la suenl lor th« i,l cbriaty kuivvuuua w.lllurnishall wno wUh tnelu. Curler Mansion aid Aiuiberry. • pu KhNT—A very iiu« and firm class ball m JL State or Alain street lor society or lodge purpono*, ctiuap. Jtdr luletence please call at the touikweai coiner oi btate and Madison at** OUit. FHKD VOQKL, Ue&eral Agent. W HOLESALE CCTLEBY—Wanted, two yuuug niuu as tiavvungaalesmem on com- niidgidu. Apyly w»tU inferences to itandall, Mali & -Co., 1W Liuk.o »treet, Chioago. • IjAyK SALE- All my real estate »ituated on the a? best part of btate or Main streets, and known aa v( ~ . -. -• yhris. Fred iladison sis., ko. 120' very fine aiid valuable property, by :d Vogel, southweBt corner btate auij ^Qtt. SALB CjUEA^-New t*p bug P KtiAb | OST— A white caahnieie .shawl with cro- J^ cheteJ border. Finder will confer a favor leaving it at this office. Now is your time to order your cucumbers for. pickles aacj oew Maeon quart cans. Prices will be as follows ; 400 medium or large size, fl; 500 small size, fl; quart cans per doeen, fO.75 Goods delivered promptly 4s7 - has CHEAP- All sizes of hogsheads, X 1 good for ctnterus and water taiics. Inquire at Jos. Gramer's fagie Urswery. |7>OK dALE-A complete act of Ridpath'a his 4? lory of the woria. Inquire at tnis office. TV A2tTIiD-£aUblnl gentleman or lady to as TT sist in cmce. twiUon ptituaucnt fa ail way fare advanced hece it uigageo, Knclos reltr«uc*i and *eU-»aore»»t;d ktauued «uveio» abi. HA-llOAAL, »»Jiclrteker's £uildi»g,Chi «go' 111, ». H SALB Oft REhT-My house on Wept Hanwrer sueet. for urmsaud particulars apply U) Qeo. B. H bite. A. J. TALUADOS. L OST—A watch, open facel stem winding Jwd 8tlt.ii.g, tUresine case, i'lncur plea»» •' meat market and rtce'ive toward -V. fl. COM4NS. 4e«v« 1 f taur. , • This important necessary of life never bee.B as low ii» price w sou B0W8fcjJf it . Eoquirsa at; hia .store before you purchase 4.. WATSOIT, ' ' * ------ "" "*?~~ ~r^t" "^ vj*7"n"*'"* •"" "•••-"•••'• ™ ^-.wr^uBsjr*! **fMS W*"^«w uj^ toQhtbteanteethtog. It aoothw t -"' *W»T»»Ji P»»» cwwd, wJta^t oftltc, sad 1» MOasdJt fcwr,d%rh(»a. fweoty-fl»e cen s^SS*** ^"^fe^iP? ni? ^^"sS^H '^^^ISSSSfi TT'^R''!' 1 ^5 ^SBT^ft • 1^^ ^^P^ '^^^"IsHBH^^ ^^By ^H^R? ! Ir^H^^r -&^^&? % wood, it ii,* "ftye ae ia o Eye," aai coats — t ^-t 9»--S*~\,. •* -IV r-Lf-f - -l—^ - • !^yV£^S2^y^ s % i ' A- ', you will HCTer be .-A- PBW <?ld Wtidl i _..,., .. ,id»t^^ imJMtf--P charge for fitting at ' 1! r^/»I - =7> .^* BF~ 3 ~SI j^ 0» aALS-fiij* MO. V cook store in good or- 4? der and one ooai stove with o»en. ' 8, F. WJHUJH, SUE'S.!** ff"48» J K ?A u « n " t * l|«5ttw*? , *e|ereace. The UwBilnion Company, *-*•

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