The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on August 15, 1962 · Page 4
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 4

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 15, 1962
Page 4
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THE BRAZOSPORT FACTS FtTABLISHED 1912 Publlsned <j»lly anil Sunday except Saturday by Review Publishers, Inc., 307 E. Park Avo., Frecporr, Texas. Jamei S. Nabon, (-resident. JAMIS S. NABOBS _ _ PUBUSHE OLINN HEATH _ __ EDITO GEORGE L. BEACOM ._ ADV. OIRECTO THE BRAZOSPORT FACTS EDITORIAL PAGE ERNIE E. ZIESCHANG Advertising Manager MORRIS FREEMAN Mechanical Superintendent E. E. HENORIX Circulation Manager PEARL GLOVER Classified Manacjer ROBERTA DANSBY Manaqlna Editor LEROY BYRD Women's Editor 3EORGS FERGUSON Sports Editor NANEILE K. MALLORY Ofice Manaqer World The Associated Press. Me>nbar e total Daily Newspaper Association, Texas P.e« Association. SUBSCRIPTION RATES ly carrier, daily and Sunday, SI. SO per month. Mail rctti upon re Quest. All mail subscriptions payable in advance. Entered as second class matter March 21, 1952, at ;h« Froepo.t T«»as, Pest Office, under the Act of Conqrcsi of Mareb 8, 1870, Business Mirror Status Of Tax Cutting Arguments Unchanged By SAM DA\VSO\ AP Business News Tlie President went out of his way to soothe business critics by asserting that his program was NEW YORK (AP) —Business nimed at an economy "where confidence today is just about, businessmen can invest with hope where it was before President; for the future" and at maintaining Kennedy marie bis tax-cut speech!a "dollar good as gold." —as mucli wariness as confidence. | It is this very slowdown in busi- The talk is unlikely to haveiness investment planning—partly changed many opinions or to influ-j because of present productive ca- ence corporate or individual spend-'pacify in excess of consumer de- ing plans. imand, partly because of uncertain- The debate will go on. The ques-1 ty over the future—that has fret- tion is bow best to stimulate the;ted the administration this year, economy. j One of the big arguments for a All that has been made clear is;cut in tax rates on corporate in- tliat the administration won't ask j comes is that business would have, for a quickie tax cut this year—,more cash in hand to finance ex-' and that came as no surprise toipansion. A chief result hoped for business or stock market circles. I from the recent slash in time The President's view is that a;schedules for depreciation allow- thorough overhaul of the tax'ances was that corporations would structure in 1963, lowering rates use any savings to replace obso- but lopping off some deductions lete equipment, and exemptions, would stimulate. It is still a question whether spending and thus business, and j business will step up its spending would offset any ill effects from a • plans. To date there is little evi- larger federal deficit. Idcnce of it and some signs of still The view of most businessmen more waiting to see what Congress PAGE 4 BRAZOSPORT AND BRAZORIA COUNTY, TEXASrWED.. AUGUST DRY HOLE Jim Bishop, Reporter By JIM BISHOP ^^>v^^|^^g| k The World Today is that any tax cut is a good thing, but— And here even businessmen split into the two schools of thinking will do about taxes and whether another recession is in the making. MIXED OPTIMISM, POLITICS, PROD Cruises Seldom Stay With Plan WcoKcnd llinry: Flew to Pitts- >urgh to address Fraternal Order f Eaqlps in convention. Cnrdinal WEDNESDAY ON TV 2 PltANfn?r, n OWANNlCti <•* KUUT-TV 0 KHOU.TV II Spellmnn pnoke to the Irew the Indies. Thrro men; were 7, convulsed thorn )ne WHS about an lioiisand of them in a grand bnll- oom. Harry Hershfield, who is with jekes. old woman elcbratinK her 50th wedding nn- versary. Someone asked her how it felt. It seems like yesterday," she nirmured, "and you know how jusy yesterday was." On the •rious side, the Eagles donated 75,000 to the Muscular Dystropliy "und; $25,000 to St. Clare's Hostal in New York; $10,000 to the ity ri Hope in Los Aneclcs: $10,00 to the Damon Runyan Cancer 'und; $20,000 to C.A.R.E. and 7.500 to Die Audubon Society to reserve Ihe symbol of the order —the bald eagle. Jerry Lewis accepted the check o r Muscular Dystrophy Re- earch. In the eyes of children, he a funny man. He is loud and to newspaper photo the men who help to rrogant raphcrs, lake him look better than be is. 'e asked one lady Eagle if she ept a tape recorder in her bras- icre, a question in excellent taste. Took a United Caravelle back nd (be French jet made it to ew York in 51 minutes. Spoke Cardinal Spellman and be was phrmo, I could hear other skip-! pcrs talking alwut lhf> blurs they] -7-—were ralching"., nlso school Fish never romp, near our Ixwl. | Had lunch e/ peanut butler sandwiches*, while my three com- [ patriots slept. Sat on flying bridge! trying to get the sandwich out of my bridgework. Saw Manasquan Inlet, turned in and tied up in late afternoon at Rrielle Yacht Club. Other boats docked; little lioys were hosing down hugh fish. HuRh, Don't like little boys who fish like pros. Met Lorraine \Virs- Ing, who owns the yacht club. She loaned us her car. A good snmnri- tan. Drovp to Jack Sullivan's in a sleepy haze, had dinner, to bed by 8:30 p.m. in an upstairs room. Slept around the clock. Rugged he-man hasn't been to bed that early since Civil War. Out of sack at 9:30 to bathe, shave, dress and to Sullivan's home for breakfast. Kelly, who cats no breakfast at home, knocked off bacon, eggs, seeded rolls, coffee. Sullivan came in, drought his own snack: A coffee ring, a dozen, crumb buns, an assortment of jel-j ly doughnuts. Emil Herman, who! is careful about foods, helped] Sullivan dispose of the second breakfast. Ix'ft with thanks, returned Lorraine's car, nnd took tfRANNKL ULTRO-TV JFlio 0 riiptal" Itn'i Show {g I-MKS o( Nlsbt (0 Who Po-Yott Tril<IT__ T:W O 1>lrJc Trnry; «'OI.OIl Q} Jhlinlin .Tnrkson SiiufJ Q) American I!nn<Wmnl T:05"O MUM Thralrn — "HI" K\c*llrnry," Krle Tnrl limn, rerll rnrkrr, ITHr-n c:liorrjr, Siunn Stcplirn fD Jlnrly Show,— '|Yc», Jly Darling DauB'nlor," .Teffcry. I,ynn,' 1'rlscllU T,nne, Fay Balnlor 0) Hocky anil )ll« Friend* 9:30 fl'Th» I,|»ht" ei ~~ 5:30 O "Operation 1,1ft fl| Whlrlyhlrds 'fflCnspor the. Friendly. Ghost; COLOR '«:40 O Almannfl Jfcwurml • — 10: 111 Danllne, William Donna Mat-tell • , a uncovers illegal mtnVonl emtlon* ; • • ^ 10:30.F) T o n lhY_ ]j,YA . Down*; Bob and lUv, fina O What's 'New? OJ News, Weather . O News, Sport!, Woalhe 6:15 O NBWH, WfwlhfT ID Waller Cronklle, New, BQ ABC Kwning Report 8:3() O \Vnjnn Train — "Tim Mrulcrmnt Burton Story," Hi<nn Jnnci; a cnlvary of- Tlmn, flrer'i drl.iohmcnt nni- bullies and wound* Chrl* Hnla during A nparrh for R runaway noldlrr: repent O Th» Written Word (D Alvin OD Rlpcord JBJFUverbo»t^_ 1) ''MDjN^torjiirJT U:00 O Otm«uif~iir~h r 01 Newl Final TIII1R8DAV MORNING ief-stricken because his long-1 Away We Go out to sea. We were me literary agent, Gertrude Al-'lKi miles southeast of Montauk ase, died while he was in Pitts-j under fair summery skies, a slow irgh. Knew her when I worked igroundswcll, and a fresh hrce/e. Collier's — a hard worker. j Fished for blues for awhile. Big \rrived home in time to meet i joke, Fish saw our boat mul riled 7;00 O Arti Around Ui—"The Beholder" Q) Best of Oroucho Cp Keyhoto — "Tin Al- pim Village," ( tour oJ an isolated Alpuii vlllagg t'lmiinrl, I'roRrnm U (i:iin (0 Operation Lift «:3" (0 Cadet Don " " ",M O.Tmlny OTiNr-ws, Farm Hrport 7:1,1 01 iMrjCHhonse,'~Knj:inrer 7:30 (0 Morning Edition News', Sporl.i «:W> 0) f"Pt Knnc.'iroo CB Cndot IVin V:30 C0 I'TOpifTATrTFuliriv^ mil Herman and Kay, old iends, who were joining us for weekend cruise to Montauk oint, Long Island. Our 35-f o o t laughing. For nada. Late in day, headed north for home. We had | told Die family not to expect us' until Ihe following night. By JAMES MARLOW ing- investors and businessmen What business wants to know i Kenned y — in a broadcast too that have been debating the tax, 1 about a tax cut—and still doesn't!loaded with statistics to be one Associated Press News Analyst j with - jumpy nerves about risking their money and at another he was trying to make his administration look pretty good. WASHINGTON (AP)—President vay We Go was ready. We! Saw a boat named Folly Me. eren't. Got to bed at 3 a.m., uplDidn't. Owner is probably a pro- id growling at 5:30. Boat is atjfessor of English. ck in the baokyaitl, so helped | Big crowd at Coney Island and carry food aboard, big cooler full the Rockaways. Came back by of beer and soda, jars of peanut butter, bread, dressy clothes, cameras, Dramamine pills, cof - cut proposal this summer: i know—is what kind is planned. I 0 * his major literary efforts— | H e switched easily from consol-1 ising individuals and corporations 1. Government spending should!Business would like to see the cor-j man aged to combine optimism j' n S those who might have expect-1 they would get one next year. He be cut at the same time to try to'porate rate brought down from 52i witn economics, politics and a:^ 1 a ta * cut now to reminding his | said they'd even get it this year justify a tax cut now—and should do better allhough he admitted it isn't doing well enough. fee, etc. 2. He consoled those who ex- Slipped peeled a tax cut now by prom-!" 1 (]own . the Shrewsbury for the at G:10, head- restore balance to the federal;per cent, set as a temporary! nccd ' c - i listeners that the economic stum-: if conditions got bad enough in budget, and regulation of business-measure at the time of the Korean' In mis wav - without gloom but! b j in K which has been going on; 1962. He doesn't think they wi Romcr Shoals Light, turned Into Sandy Hook Bay. Short stop at Atlantic Highlands Yacht Club. Docked in backyard at 7 p.m. Our dog Rocky, head between closed drapes, watching us from sea. Asked Kelly for nautical (window. Lugged all the junk 7:30 Q Tb* R • b • I — "H«'« Only » Boy," Johnny Yumn face*, a H-yenr-olit In a (hoot out) repent O Discovery CD Checkmate —"A Very Rough Sketch," Dinn Merrill, Keir Dulles; at art student Is shattered emotionally when hli father li convicted of em- JO:ooOFrIci bezzlement; repeat COI.OII IB Top Cat Q verdict Is Yours 0:0<l O Sny When' QJ Calendar • CBjJackJjiLnnnc Show 8:30 B I'lny Your '. H V n~c h: COLOK 01 I I-ove Lucy E Morning Movie—"Career," Ann Shirley, Krrol, Janet'Jfui'hcr i'.-.'" charts which had been on the piano. "I guess," she said, "they ashore. Nobody home. Katarina had taken our little girls to her activities should be relaxed. I War. Most businessmen plug for a I also without glamor, he touched! didn't begin with him. are still on the piano." Turned I daughter's home. back, muttering words I seldom I Sat around in dining room plny- 2. A federal deficit from a tax!cut in the top personal income! 3 '"' °' bases in his nationwide cut is an outworn bugaboo—it I brackets as a means of stimulat- television and radio talk Monday won't hurt the country at this ling the flow of cash into risk capi- night, time, and it probably would help;tal. spur the economic growth that allj Labor prefers a cut in lower in- hands—business, labor and gov- come brackets as increasing pur- ernment—are urging. chasing power. At one moment he was sooth- These were his main points: j statistics he got in a big plug for 1. He reassured the people and j his Democratic-run Congress in business that the economy isi° lis election year by claiming it doing pretty well — too well to ! has done more to strengthen the ±^ j economy than any Congress since .u«., * ,^, i. uiitm uicjf ttifi. i 3. Right in the middle of his hcar - G°t cjlarts - Our housekeep- Despile the President's persuasive speech, most businessmen And as of today no one knows just what exactly the administra- probably still hold to the first line I lion will ask—nor what the Conof thought. Igress will do. Try and Stop Me -By BENNETT CERF- Washington Scene By GEORGE DIXON Kennedy Crest Uses A Dolphin en by his administration to the economy — showing wmij _, (> j A TYPEWRITER concern received this unusual complaint i: Several bays ago I your portadle typewriters. As you can see, the "B 1 "D" are interchange!). I was very calm about this at first, dut the longer I trieb to type with it, the aabber I got If you borft bo something adout this iamnmadtins quick, I on goiflg to dring it to your Jbeabooarters, dash bown yon- Presibenfs booi% end bump it on his eonfounbeb besk." WASHINGTON in Jamaica I was When I was informed by World War II. er, Katarina Rook, who has never seen us arise so early, laughed on the dock until the tears came. Got out to sea, after telling everyone we were going to Montauk Point, and asked how they'd ing gin rummy and talking about; Ihree-day cruise to Montauk Point which turned out to be two-day cruise to Sullivan's Lodge. Phone call from Gayle. "What are you doing home?" Asked why she called if we weren't supposed 8:00 O Mystery ThCBtra — -10:30 O Concentration "Cry Buln," Keir Diilloa, OI^BrJRhtcr .Day I^irry Cafes, Richard An- io:S5"oi CBS^News derion; » youUi cnmmlls -•'—-_—-'murder but no evidence ;0 ° B lour Jl|r "' Jmpros- It found »'»n; COLOR O Kocus on Physici 2 Ix)ve cf ufe (D Hawaiian.Eye — "A E_Ienne_s<;ee Krnie Ford Likely Story," '• Dorolhy 11:30 O Truth or~Consri|ii<>iii>rs Provino; a wealthy dl- Q) Search for Toniorrow f yorce'e ii • terrorized by a CD Your* for a Sonc ' . . nightprowler; repeat 8:30 •). He recited a list of steps tak-|' ike to go down Jcrse y Coast in- to be home. "Well," she said, n Kv hie? ^H m ;r,;ot^^,i n » ,„ i—i-,stead. Herman said: "Go anv- "knowine- the kind of nut von are. help I s1 ' with wl stead. Herman said: "Go any - "knowing the kind of nut you are, here there's land. I don't feel soli figured that if you said three charts it is moving up—and saidi there is every reason for confidence in the American system. 5. He emphasized that he inherited the economic uncertainties of the past 19 months when he took over in January, 1961. He didn't blame the Eisenhower administration—or even mention Igood. His wife tried trolling for blues. She had patience, but the fish didn't. On the ship-to-shore days, it might turn out to be two, and if you said Montauk, that would be the last place to call. How am I doing?". . . Hal Boyle's People and th9 one of jits new Prime Minister that King. . s(on ^^ ^ more leisurely capita] than Washington. Sir Alexander Bustamante pro\ r ed to be a colossus of misinformation. On returning here I learned it had taken the Senate ten hours and eleven minutes just to call the roll twice. In less time than that, the supposedly easier-going Jamaicans arranged lor Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson and Princess Margaret to deliver them from the hand of British tyranny. Even in their drawling musical tones the Jamaicans would never take {our hours, five-and-a-half At that, the editor came out better than he deserved. If President Kennedy had carefully studied the article on the Kennedy i Senators. I'd back the drawlingest i Clan, as I have just done I doubt ( i n . iof them to say "Hickenlooper" in ! if he would have been keen on minutes to call the names of 100 have been bemused, however by I' 1 by name — but Sot across that the disclosure that the Kennedys' is P redecessor had handed him are now numbered as one of the I an unsolved problem which began Scottish dans. !i " 10V7 This revelation, which I hope will be kept from my cousin, Dougal MacDougal, because he is inclined to apoplexy, was contained in the Weekly Scotsman, which is running a series on Scottish clans. The editor flouted the Un- Scottish Activities Commltte* by sending President Kennedy a free copy, only to have acknowledgement returned to "Edinburgh, England. A Broadway producer who has a genius lor feuding: with six critics, eight stars, and eleven authors and directors at the same time, slated that one number in a new musical trying out in Boston be lcss 'nan ten minutes. = ... n eliminated forthwith. "It's awful," he cried. The author and com- The two roll calls might have! For one°th?ng,~the"'article"was poser disagreed. "We think," they daiecl say, "it's the funniest been conducted more expeditious-! illustrated with a picture of Cul number in the show." Finally, the producer allowed them to ly if it hadn't been so difficult tolzean Castle — where former Pro" leave the number in when the show moved on to Philadelphia, j corral a quorum, or 51 senators, Isident Eisenhower has an anart "It's just to shut you up." he explained. "The audience won't |each time. . ;ment permanently assigned to" laugh once." But the audience DID laugh. In fact, it all but fell in the aisles. But the solons showed no ala-;him. in 1937. 6. And—this was the needle to Congress which wants to get home for election campaigns—he listed a number of economic measures he wants Congress to approve be/ore it quits for 1962. Former President Harry S. Truman, who has avoided any criticism of Kennedy, may be astonkhed by the statement that this Congress has done more to strengthen the economy than any Congress since World War II. By this phrasing Kennedy was saying no Congress since President Roosevelt's day did as much as this one for the economy. But the Congresses of Truman's time acknowledging the thing at'aii ""ihad to cope with enormous eco" ' nomic problems. To begin, in 1945-46 and even afterward Congress under Truman's leadership had to tear away the wartime economic controls and get the country back on BT DAL BOYLE Probably There If These Apply NEW YORK (AP) - Are you middle-aged? Middle age Is like heaven In one respect-many people respect It, but few are in any hurry to get there. It is a condition that is meas- Following the example of his children, he calls his wife "Mother" Instead ot by the pet nickname ho once used. He enjoys taking rnedldne more than ha does eating a piece of candy. He wakes up before Uie alarm ured more by your actions and j clock goes of/-and lies there re- bow you feel than the mere num- membcring old times, ber of your years. A man of 33 may be middle-aged while one of ltj£5_OI_Guiding Light O VIsiti wilh a Sculptor ll¥5~G~>"l!cTNp« : s li'r -"Sculptor in Stone" ~TiitiKsn.\v~\KrFli\ Q} Dick Van Dyke — Rob ^ : -'-— hires the man who gave 1J:00 ° r "''l" >r him hii lint job; Jay C. 01 News at Noon Flippen; repeat _ CD Jane \Vynian Prrsrnls 8:00 O rernpectlvo In Great- -^i-Ol^ee Shepherd Shnw_ ness — "Th» Eluenhower I'iSO'O Highway 1'nlrol Story," an hour-long. doc- 'ffl As the World Turns umentary on Former B Camouflage y Pre.ldentKlscnliower'13:35 [0VABC•lliddny Report l .ihrinv^lc^lCi^^^t^"!"^^'"^ = ffl Password ^GD Home Edition News 1:25 O MJO Xewn Report'"" 1:30 O Lorelta Voung urope _ the* conclusion of his ,»ec- end terra in office; narrated by Ed Bfgloy.- . O Songs Out of th« South ffl Circle Theatre — "The Man Who Refused to Die," Alexander Scourby, i:00 .Lydia Bruce; the story of a Polish Jew and his »ii- '01 House Party ID Dragnet CD The Millionaire CD Day in Court I To Tell the Truth- I Seven Keys • >iuj "T. iiuuuii:-a£^u >>iuic UIIC Ui ' t . . , 50 is still a mere overripe adoles-i?T , '' " "' lhcir work | cen t 4 I had when he first started—,- .1 ., crity about snowin S "P. which i For another, the article statps! a peacetime footing. was^rather ungallant because the; une n uivo,:a,,y '.hat the'tef ^ Truman and Ihe Congress The producer came up with the stopper of the month. He grumbled, "They don't mcin it." O 1983, by Bennett Cerf. Distributed by King Feature* Syndlc»t« of YOU'RE TELLING ME! quorums were requested by a! the Kennedy Clan is a swimming i 1950 " 51 " 52 nad to s!ap on 8ome lady. i dolphin. ; controls for the Korean War in Spnator Maurine .N'eubergcr ofi The crest bears the words i a <™ip''cated way that had lo Oregon wanted them there to hear j"Avise la Kin,' probably Fish- i enal)le tnfc naUon '° 'ifiht with her filibuster against handling a|La!in for "Give U5 the fin." You: one hand while making economic satellite communications mono -ought lo see the reproduction of^P roKrpss w '"' lne o ' ner . poly to A.T.& T., but it was Satur- 1 that dolphin! Reminds me haunt- Korea was sometllin B much day, and they seemed to hanker jingly of somebody. "'than all-out war. There is no doubt, however, when a woman reaches middle age. It is the day when she publicly admits tor the first time that she is 60 at last. This is usually! the day before her 62nd birthday, when she applies to Uncle Sam for Social Security. The younger men in the office, he feels sure, don't have the same he and i i which he still has. He whimpers like a small child man Cathollu farm family; repeat ' — 09 Naked City — "Th« * isi O CBS New» King of V«nu • Will' 3:00 B M»k« Boom (or Daddy' Take Car, of You," Jack 'ro'Secre't Storm Warden, Barbara Baxley; CP Quctn. lot a Day DAILY CROSSWORD if his wife throws away any of his old clothes while cleaning out the' closet. He can't hum any tune that ho- j cmne ixipular in the last five! years. Men are the' borderline cases i, At a ' wklail pi " [y lie Ullks on 'y I "• But a man is probably middle-1 l ° Apcop ' e he alrcart y knows ' ACROSS I.Hebrew letter Q. Gentlemen of Brazil: title ».Crazo 10. Fencers' folia 12. In an Inclined position aged if— Any dinner gui'ht in his conomic ,„„ wlfc> lnslead of ^ h j home who slays after 11 p.m. • « ncc ihe slept tne night before, inquires, i comM , U '"° rlal C " Pmy ' ich lcss!..,, ow did resl ,., Ho knows e.xiiclly how m own he- -By WILLIAM UTT- Oentral Press Writer (after other pastimes. . It also brings back disquieting One of the ironles °* Kennedy's CAR FINISHES, paint ape-1 Milt, the sterling clallsts have just revealed, some- this sounds like times suffer from summer "sunburn." One thing to be thankful for—they don't freckle! The Senate convened at 10 a.m. j memories of something that hap-i 13 " 1 mav turn out to ^ tnis: ;anci didn't recess until 8:11 p.m. jpent-d in Jamaica at a reception' 1 ' the assurances he gave that Statistics show one out of every five Americana traiutlera to a, new residence each year. f roves again ue're a imthn on the move. i t t Utilization of tha lea'i fution- obl« deutorium would furnish great power—science item. Bui firtl we'd b«»l Uarn how to pronounce ill ! ! ! The Transportation and Travel pavilion of the 196-1-1965 New York World's Fair will have its floors suspended by cables from 120-foot nylons, news item. Margaret Snowdon. thould do letter actually help im- version of a castle in the air. i* passed, and the Senators are! Her Royal Highness got gabbing P Iwe i' through renewed public blubbering that Ihey want to get -with my wife, during which myii-'onlidence, Hien this will become home and hack inio politics, all j kinswoman remarked that she a logical queslion: . , . . u-as'that happened all day was that,had seen photos of Marzaret wa- wt 'y di(in ' t ne niake il sooner? found to be equipped with, an each had his name read twice, ] ter skiing Hoto'd the including Bottum, who is alpha-! "Oh, yes," teamed the Prin- to smell helically ninth from the top. jcess. "I hope to get in some wa- , , , i » Ibmgs like tins are going loiter sports here. Do you like to • ' • i happen in Washington Die minute 1 water ski and snorkel?' Zadolc Dumkopf sayi he know* I lurn my back, 1 guess I can't "I love it!" is you He dreams more about his than he does about romance. He spends more time discussing the unpredictability of Uie weather i.,, ,, , .,, ,, , ,, than the unpredictability of worn-' " e " tly a " ks "* himsc " '"" St °" e " nn , IS many monllis, wcuks and days it until hi 1 gi-ts his jit'iision. | As he goes through his daily routine of living, the question lie in Florida a raided still electric deodoriser, revenaocrs manage that one out / iti Dancer me a fellow who is trying to invent leave town any a humane mouse trap. To a mouse the only humane trap would be one that doesn't work, i ; i The Sun, according to aatron- orners, ia one of the smallest and faintest of the stars. Oh, well, guesa we'll have to put up rhapsodized m y When he opens iiis morning paper, he turns first to the obituary columns, second to the business news section, and third to the! sports pages. His son quits borrowing his! neckties because Ihey look old-! fashioned. ; He votes against a community' "When does Ihe fun begin?" That's middle age! For a cleaner beach: with it since lt'« wa havtl «ttly cne burgh, Kngland." 1-O.N'G BEACH, Calif (AP) iss Tahiti set the pace wilh ijt'iuvea. tummy-twitching hula Sunday as ]mar school. \\aler ski and snorkel — Hah! 'pretty girls from 52 countries met| He is convinced anyone who skis Shes never even been in wading'Long Beach residents in the Inter-1 or goes camping is nuts. y national Beauty Congress parade.! He clearly remembers Babo Yes, I guess it's a gfxxl thing The girls were dressed in typical!Ruth's lifetime tola! <4 I I got out of Jamai<'a wlien I did.; native that included . i , ... . . . ! .-™.i..u...^ .'/.iiuMura uiai iiiiiuuuu Anybody with a drop of rich, i The Jamaicans can get along; Mi b s Canada's short-skirted Moun- red whisky in him should know, | without me, but Uie Kennedys of i tic costume and Miss Tahiti's low- Uiat tdinburgh is in a country Edinburgh, Kngland. and UieirlsluiiK, moving grass skirt, called Scotland. The present oc. swimmins dolphin •pparenUyl Hie T,-,hitian entiv was Tiuuia cuuunts of tiie White Huuse may can't. home mns, but thinks Mickey Mantle is a new-style cloak lor ladies originated by a Dublin designer. j On paydays lie brings his [lay- Clear Your Litter and a Little More check home, and cun't recall off{hand when lie cashed one himself. Volcano 14. Plexus 35. Wax taper 16. Llberlan trlbts IT. Disfigure 18. Yea: 8p. 10. Baseball cry (2 wds.) U. Up to the time of 26. Light sarcasm 37. A Kern- brandt, for one 20. Neuter pronoun JO. Tattered cloth Sl.AlasI 32. Concealed Sa.fJet outl 87. Oenua cf ground beetle 88. In Scotland, a child 89. Herring- llku dill 40. Uucrcd pictures 41, Fastens with stitches 43. Foreman DOWN 1. Olrl's nsjne 2. Actress Stewart 3. Heap t. Head covering B. Leaving fl.Sign: " for business" 7. Declare for «cor«: cards 8. Close, as a 18. A Siamese, for ona 17. Abuses ID. Storage place 20. Unit of work 21. International language 22. Mythical honwllka animals ABIWW 32. Owns 33. Little devils hawk's eyes S3. Large 34. Venture B. Adds snakes 35. Haul overhead 25. Music not* 33, Columbian and profit 28. Scotch name weight (2 wds.) 31. Buckeye 38. Upper port state: pou. of an npron 4o 4Z

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