The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on August 16, 1893 · Page 1
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 1

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 16, 1893
Page 1
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' ' "- r " ^' » X1T-NO 302 'MARSHALL, MICH., WEDNESDAY, ABGUS!' 18.1893 PRICE TWO CENTS I SOME PBETTY > FE'AMES, • to winter, With Icy suggestions in cold \" •• '. • ... . - " ° colors; along the frame, is also very They Can Be : Made at Homee i artistic; and another very desirable Without Much Trouble. 4"',,' ^.r- A creani of tartar baking powder Higbestof all in leav^niog strenijth Latest U. S* Government Food Re* port. ' ; / ROYAL BAKING PONDER UO " < i ' 106 ; Waii / &reet J< K, Y &. Few 1'ractlcal Ideas JVMch, forked Oui, MAT Result In » Pleaslne Surprise to Women of Some Ingenuity. Many things are "cheap" now In the sense of being inferior, the low price x being possible from a sacrifice of gobd workmanship, or from poor materials being employed. Art -is erne of the last departments Into which low prices may come and fine work bo preserved. How- over there is one article intimately connected wit* the art of pictwre-mak- Dr. Humphreys' Specifics are scientifically and mreiutly prepared Kemedles, "sod for year* In Ivate practtee and for over thirty years by tho , • i with entire success. Every.single Speclno. i ipeclal cure for tho disease nnmod. 'Theycurewithout drngBlntr,purging'„ . .... __., —._ .—. -uddccd the Sovereign / cure without drtigglnH the system and are In fact qua Remedies of the World. un or rUNCiFA.1. HOB. CURIO, rsicrn. 1—Fevers,, Congestions, Inflammations., .25 <l—WormH Worm fever. Worm Cello. ^,. .25 8—'Teething i Colic, Crying, Wakefulnesa .25 4—Diarrhea, pf Children or Adults...... .25 7—Coattn*. Colds, Bronchitis. .25 8—Nenrnlgla, Toothache, Faceache....^ .25 9—HeaaaTSbe»? Sick Headache, Vertigo.. &5 10—Dyspepsia, Biliousness, Constipation. .25 11—Suppressed or Painful Periods... .25 A'4—WhlteiV'Too Profuse Periods.. .... .25 t3-Oro«p,.LarynBHU, Hoarseness...... .25 14-Salt Uheam, Erysipelas. Eruptions 15-HheamaUam, Rheumatic Pains...... .25 16-MalarIa, Chills, Fever and Aguo...... .25 lf»r-C«tnrrh, Influenza, Cold In the Head. .25 ttO-Whooptnir Cough •• •««» 37—Kidney Ptaeiuiea •• •"<* 08-Nerroua l.cbillty.... 1.OO 30-Erlnary Weakness, Wetting Bed. .25 HUMPHREYS' WITCH HAZEX._OII., Pile Olntment."-Trlnl glz FIG- !•— ARTISTIC HOMB-MAPE KCTUBK FRAME. Sold by DrnKgliti, or eout |Ki»tp»ld on receipt of prlco. Pi. HOIPUBIIB' MiHOAL (144 paces,) MAILED »£C. HPHF]IRgT8'*EP.CO.. lll*ll«ff\lll»iuSl., SEWTOng. SPECIFICS. BARTERS llTtLE_\ reUev«aC too troubles met unt'o a bilious state ot tho «y»tam.->uoh ar Dixzinena,- Ntuats, DrawBiue^J Distress..a^tei eating, Pain In tbo BWa, to. oTiila their most remarkable success lias been shown In curing Heaflaohe, yet Oorter'a Uttla Liver KHa ir» equally val«»bW in eonatiptttlon. curing and pwr" venting thlstonpying complaint. •Mhilo they ft?m.. torrectaUdisteloraotthoJotom&ch.sUmulitothfc nve*an.diogulk^eUxebow<A«.. Even If they only, 1 i.aJ; tUosollittoplllavalu <-1 ^'^ ^ will 4iot be ing, which deserves attention in this connection. I refer to making 1 picture frames. Frames usually sold at very low prices are usually worth even less than the price asked, and are so inartistic and clumsy that one prefers to go without. It IB my-desire to icall attention to a few simple, practical 4deas which, worked out, may result in a pleasing surprise to anyone wli/o is possessed of some natural mechanical aptitude arid wishes to make his own pjctnre frames at slight cost. \ . ...-- S The simplest way to make a frame intended for mat and glass cover ia as follows: Select a piece of clear, soft wood (soft that it may be easily worked) of any thickness and of the size desired, according 1 to the subject attd proportions Xi bit the picture, rits'elfi fljad in the center put out a square piece fpr the picture space, This obviates the necessity of joining four sides of a square' frame, for the .removal of (the one piece from the center leaves, of course, a solid square of rectangular frame which is^ immediately ready for covering". To accomplish the covering, take a piece ofplush, velvet, china silk (the latter should be padded to secure a good effect), a little larger than the frame to allow' for turning, over to fasten on the back of the frame, and front this piece cut a neat square corresponding to that cut in the wood,but smaller, so that margin may be left to turn .over the inner edges. A small slit may be made at each corner to facilitate the turning over and to avo: a clumsy effect, especially in the of plubh. .One who paints may duce I perfect little gems by propriate coverings and hand-painting these with pretty designs. The/orchard scene, shown fn. Fig 1 . I, with/the apple trees in full bloom and the branches of flowers continued along one si&e of th$ frame, is^very effective. Niagara falla design represents an old mill, in whit-h Che stream, after it came from under the water-wheel, seemed to purl-on down the surface of the picture frame. The head of a butter-keg furnishes the foundation for some good effects. It should be entirely covered with" some pretty material) or painted, thus forming a background on which a photograph may be fastened by brass or silver-headed tacks, at an artistic slant. ' : Utilizing this very same circle, cut frpm it a circular piece leaving an opening which will fit the face of a small clock; then cover it with white satin, after which fit Into the opening a round • timepiece. The cheap alarni clocks sold-for one dollar each will answer nicely. Fasten the clock securely Into 'place, remembering .tjtiat ty must be accessiblo fpr winding every day. .Paint orL! decorate the. satin space surrounding the clock face.with somo 'striking design! if .possible appropriate to the subject of "Time" as seen in Fig. 2. From the lower edge hang cords or fanby chains, on the ends of which fasten the regulation eight-day clock-weights so common in tho old-fashioned timepieces; suspend from the wall and you have an.^rna- ment which will be both pretty\and useful,—American Agriculturist. . ' Apple Tart. Mash the apples smoothly with the liquor; add two ounces of fresh butter, a gill of cream, the grated rind of a lemon, and some white sugar; DUX all well together, squeeze over it the juice of the lemon; put a very light paste round the dish and a few ornamental bars across. Half an hour in a brisk ov«ra will do chia tart. A Modern Apollo. He Is not handsome, bravo, or young, With speaking eyes and ready tongue To favor gain, the maids among; He's old and stout and gray. Bo is not witty, learned, or bright. His very name he scarce can write, Nor can he merry Jests recite To pass the time away. GH6AP RATES. O. A. l«, Kncnjiipmeiit) nt Imllnriapoll*. t of G. A. R. etidatoptnent held at Indliibapolifl, Ind., in 8eptetnber L ,'.1893 t{ie C J. & M. fty. will offer special low rate excursion tickets from all point* at rale of one cent por- uQi'Je- in each direction. Tickets on sale S[ept> 3, 4, and 5. Good returning up to and iu- liuline Sept. 10, 1893. For iuformatroo^\ regarding time of I ruins, routes, etc.* ^apply to m tirest C. J. & M. ngent or ad the general passenger agent. " T. C. M, SCHINIXUSR, Gen'l'Pasficnger Agent. (In to Botightou'a for wall New stock and new styles. p»per. Robert Schelly is prif'ai< d to <to, of tin .-wi.irK, H.t j» <i.v< •*H*E. -L Murphy's. ;"'•:-.- • .''•';/ * .',' '• ^'.:- -•'•_''>."-v, : Sufferers from Piles ahould-know that th Pyramid. Pile Cure y-ill promptly and effectually remove every trace of them* Aiiy ruggiet w'll get it for you. -. vj ' r . $100 for a cage of Catarrh, DjBpcpeia, Net vousnesa and Sleeplessness that Vegetable Cure will not cure.'' . • Vegetable Cure 'will break 'up Colds, and • and Coughs, LaGrippe arid its after effects Tremulous Weakness of the Nerves, Erysipelas and Conttipatibn. 12 oz. $1.06.. DE. SHARPSTEEN. \ uut jour tin warn mended at Schelly'b tin shop. Git your wail pup^r and paints ft' Gco Uiiugtuonls new store. Children Cry for ap- But maidens sweetly at him glance. And smile-on him at every chance— Forsaking youths and scholars— For banks will honor if he write: •' To self, or bearer, pay on, sight 1600,000." —H. U. Bennett, In Puck. Baby's Idea. I'd explained to him over and ott What a-good little boy shoulg toe; Sow temper .and tumult to sp ,. And naughty ways to I He-listened, mute and qjriet, With earnest eyes o: Then: "I don't fink Vti try it, I'd rawer be like/you I" —Dorothea Lummis,^ Kate Field's Washington. fount Ptogah. HS CABOU1U VA&fcSY. The moonlight lies on Pisgah's crown, Where oak and pine-tree rear their bead, The misypf night have settled down, ' And hy the whispering river spread; Buto'jBr the veil, against the sky, hty mountain towers high. moonlight sheds its silver stream, 'And bathes the distant mountain height; ithln the vale I watch and dream. Surrounded by a lesser light— A red star sinking In the west Seems on the inountaln-top to rest Chafes on babies, «ore nipples and in tltuumutiou of ibe breast instantly re hevvd with Lavcndar Ointment. J us! as sure as hot weather cornea thery will be uioie or le^s bowel complaint in this vicinity. Ever; person, and especially families, ought to have some reliaole. medicine at haud for instant use in case it ia neededi A 25 or 50 cent bottle of Chambetlain'i Colic, Cholera aYid Diarrhoaa Remedy-ia just what you ought to have and all that you would need, even for the most severe and dangerous cases. It ia the beat, the,, tnpat reliable and most successful treatment blown., and ispleasant to take, ?ot sale a.t Gfflene' drug"store» i The Pyramid Pile Cure is a new discovery or the prompt, permanent cure of Piles in very form. Every druggist, .' A uew remedy has created a sensation among physicians by its wonderful effects u speedily curing every form of Piles. t is called the Pyramid Pile Cure. It ia heap and simple to use, but nothing removes the disease so quickly, safely -and urely. Any druggist will get it for. you. •, •'.••-• Gasoline stoves cleaned uud repaired I R. Sheiey'd. • if you want u iirst class*luucU pall on j« uew resturaut, tirat >ioor vc^st, of the Tontine. I count the star a beacon fire, • That blazes forth to stir the heart, And, move the soul to high desire To play on earth a better part; And star ,fcad 'moon their spell have wrought,. For wakes the mind to higher thought —Harper's Bazar. Until the Evening. Tired with the'daUy toil for dally, bread, • ThoBplrtti slaving tor the body's need*, The brain andnerv* are dulled, and the heart Weeds • . And breaks with grief ol brooding thought oneaiQ: -"- - „ Were we on* bom to labor and be fbdf To 6»ead our *onla to lowly, tEiivlal deeds, Mere, sordid coin tho csrown ot what sue• "' **:#*! ^!>'-}^ * f i' .r\ J ~> '.u '«>"T x.x '..irV , *v»rfif ^ -^ M . ' ' -vr ^r .-1 W,» -*Z-f' , **'»5 W! "If f 1 -~~ifr7?-*.,?*- f *fm w- w*», ' "• .• ^ i" * '-' ,,a«- m D f ' IP n , 1 :• ' •** , . i» • H r.,if? • ji-< 3 ,.«-:, V- !? V \S ' ' • fcl'- 4 T-TI,-,' ,*-*-; V'-^^fll-'i ?.x- v rt K -/ '*jv'./r / "*? 1 W' -^ "':'": - S *yAi ^^A-'i^lj^ylr.'te f^ttijntOrHtrii* Jouin^L ' Uoileru JHouMI. Woi Shiuley will put you up a nlijd aru bouse on sburt notiee. l j lans fur niebed and estimates made. If you are mtendiog to build or repair your house it will be fo'r your interest to ca}l aqd see bim. Shop in the Ctar y buildiag oa Eagle streei. "* . t ' I have removed niy office l,o Eagle block io the rooms 'formerly by Dr. Houatoa. - v ' , &JA8 ' -tf u^ll'^JP^ fl^fts^^MMPi.: 1 *-* 5 "* '•' ^8$ you waxit it pure, *'I f«aiajafes»^«?pu^ i» "~

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