The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on August 31, 1897 · Page 2
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 2

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 31, 1897
Page 2
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at ihc t»r ttatii*|wn«tlnn rntf r>. , Stfeh., the mall* at »Wott ft p. o., il.t i p*f weak. frt the 4«>c6 df .Jblic-ftiion, 161 JBwrt Btwto atireet. , ,t. M. MOSES, PuKHsWr. A limited atnowNfe ot eobbte stone oe- Kvprfid ne»f Eteetrie I*lKh4 plant. - P*»e6 45 cent* pci yard. Unqaifeo?" C, NOSBMAS, Chnf fjfina Street CK>fi«a1,H»«f, * 4a » Marshall, Mtob. „ ' To-tony flour, araharti* bolted twal,<asiref meal, ground feed, bft&err', ffiidftttigfe is at 0. A» tSbe&ner'*j ctistow .. chicken . All fetods of, done, \tots 6 "•••' hfe rlort, mHl is ourftjrflrliaat. He handle* Ifae YorhvlUe i tor, oife of the best brands made. Carpet layirtgi, stofes blacked and set m>, furniture patifeing etc, Irt»ve orders '-, '« W, B. Btwley A Son's and r, B. Sny- K. ep? ^ Always fr«sfa" atid ttew;' strMij •<, high f tfoulft nt -lowest prices; |jf0mpf delivery. Are now ftttflScthij? tftft ftfenftorj of • whole world, and tfefe feawlte erf and qtrtif ta mining dice f ally equftl to tb& ^Dtt* in the «uly Cftlifirnia ftftd ^trftordfttnry ifidntttjtnetlts a& <Sffer«d to pfr«p«ctom practical rfiinersnivd investors. By MX* spring the gold fewer wilt have token possession of thousands of pcoplfi, rtnd the w^torft rondsi will hAVe All th«r can dn to tranfiport this fbrt«ne hUntol*. t Tit (3hl«sigo» smwamter^ St/PA«i railway, and its connecting lines, offor tho bofit fflfiilitiet? for reaching the Alnnka " . For t urther inforttiatibn, address tlarry Jfet^et, Mi^iUjkMLBMA Agl,,, D^ftoifc, Mieft. , , , ..... > „ '. • . ftdd tables to rent for pnfile*. IftlHtwg School* = - ,Btate twhfircftl flchool. ^' BlectrVfeay^fem. j_0a% tner cotufitw. Gives diaerees 6f H, S,,, E. M. Hndt'h.-D. I^nbotfttotiefl, shops.mill, etcf, W6H eqftippfd. For chtftl««ttfee ad dress M, E. W«deworth, f h.»., Michigan, - Qfive its a will and Ije -convtoceil at thfl Perrmville stortv A. WoimiY PA&WKR, Prop, Pay Y»nr faxes. " , ic office of the Hetndort botel duriug.buaiDese hours until farther tfotka, ter the purpose df 'receiving cjty taxes wnieh «re v fiow 4tie. : Save ttte &c- if a folletition fc&by rjftying no\*v - - " ' ' it 8. DtiLAVBttoNH^ *** ' Ciffi treasurer. Boaley will take pttpite in during the witniTior GitTord's .. . ^ 'cure ia a scientific Specific for the tobacco habit. It guaranteed to cure in ton days. JSfQtin no pay.- A, 0v HYBS. \« If the Bftby Is Cntting Terth Bo sure and uso that old and well tried * remody, Mm Winalow'.B^Swthing Syrup for children teething. It soothes the child, softens tfye guina, ajlays »11 p«in. euros wind colic and is the best remedy - for diarrhoea. Twenty-five eefata "a -bottle:'. At WataoB'B you can get the Albion and Hon»pr'flour by the 100 lb., in your own bags, no lightweight of 96 or'»81bB.; Also Album patents tic best flour made try it. 0 Talk about stylo, talk about it! But mvcf you seen the stylish wedding mvi- ations, party cards, individual cards we are putting out? They're pure style Don't, you need a trifle of printing in the above lines just about now. Wo have the newest and latest script type. I "<••'«'"•—*••'—"-> "-*i~» It 1^ always gratifying to receive tosti- mofifals for'Clmftiborlahl'H Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea remedy, and when the indorsement is from A physician it is es- atiiaUy so. "There is no satisfactory or effective remedy than Chamberlain's CAHc, Cholera and Diarrhoea remedy," ites Dr. E. K. Roboy, physician and Jharmaoist, of-Olney, Mo.; jind us he has iscd the remedy, in his own family and! sold it in his drug storp for-six years, he hould certainly know. For sale at ircuuc'e store. Cordette. 8. E. u and tables to reDV.'of pnrtii>- > ,J, W. Li Get your job work done at the .Chronicle office. • itgUtON iluriiitMit Cuttlnjr School. Would yo\> te|«h your daughter a triulo that will protect her/during life?, Call at the schciol located in the Watspn building State Btroet west. i shoe dressing for tan ana black Forsale by Mtq? K. E. Billings. Bole agent, Delia Burgess. . . • i. l.dwi'cn Seed Time 'and Harvest. • Jit* gpod u, t< i-tunity to enquire about famiiuu inuan a, South Dakota, only one dajfl ridu- rioua (.hicago. Bountiful crops of wheat, corn, bailey ami flai levuird the tiller :of\the tmil. AH a stock ami dairy country Dakota leai'a Mb the world. •-FiW—01*80 «Hfn ltn>a» with- nearUy aiarketa- cau npw b« botijiht tor from, f IU, $12, $1Q, and upward*, pfer acre, aud thi* w the tiBit> foinyetit. Kor further tiartioutara write to (jeoiKu H- Ueflffbkt^, General Agent, Cbti'Hjjo. Milwaukee &S 1 Coloc> HjjilditJg. Ch>*i««0, IU. of A Battie Creek CHI»n-Uow He Awong tines Mtehigftu. foundry 1 fwiud Air. lii UuMlf. Ui«M>rt-d Wm; sudj t* titu inuu whu ti ' t, be *' ol «*» be h« has 11 wd a, w all >Tf«j bcas'y Mfitikg. »ip« s^ry in my busiiu:**, iniide me wtws*.;. . I hjive bceacoiapt-lkiil to lie In tiit'd iu n kclp- liwa dtioditUtu fur as Icxig as uLuu days u f , n • % wWdi fcOinett.tiwii folt u* tljiiimli u bay*u«:t ~ • '«^.4S IMJIB^ run th*j;U;jh ui£ in, Ibu rvjfjou or-,my kHJJwyB; iiw:n f ciuzons of Huttir; ;or even tufa in Ixx), the pain I ww*! ' !J)l*uus i^« blwluk | *a%«»4 . karutid {Iwy pj»v<id"a3 % went: trou a« to byftli bura Co., . 8. nt 1 "! «.'*., sj. ti^«fW% *f ife*? r First class job work at low^riues done it this office* An elegant line of belts, latest styles md lowest prices, aj; Hulott & Son's. Notice. ^ Call at Barnes,'for Diana's Chase. IB your time worth 50c a day? Then ,liut disabling headache is expensive. Blue Streak" will elire it for a quarter. Notice, I atn prepared to do ladies' and •ehtl- dren'n ehampooing at their homes. Leave orders at Clark's barber shop, or tt 35 east Green street. &KS. W. W. CLARK. Wheelmen Take Warning. Riding on the sidewalks in the city is strictly foroiddon, and hereafter tho ordinance relating thereto will be enforced The penalty for violation is a fine no exceeding $$5. ~ ( , ' By order of the mayor. * E. BuTtKB, Manual- Chamlxtrlain's Colic, Cholera and Di- arrhoea remedy, alwayg . affords prompt relief, For sale at Greece's drug store. !•'** &&4f ™&* f. H. SHEPHERD Keeps none but "tt BEST MEATS •• To be hftd. Gooclfl delivered no pedng done. @ • \^ T*^*^^i TT^^T ^(W TV ?"*TmH^» •(» v M cau iuwaya get a elean^ut at SHEPHERDS': There art^lbonttaoaa ot po»ititww ftt-*e jt&diaf'f U. S. CIGAR XF«*»V' ifi&e tb«m a»4 abov your < I API KJI 1^1 UUt| Tlic <>loT>mtfd ,Hpfcinli^ts, ; wm f^ At * Marshall, Hotel Royal, .I>ity"fl«ly liirJEndri M<o«ifh. COMPOUND Co., «« uad lutiga pri- >rot»cMllf>i chronic cougb, gttttr* (blBniJck/toTef ores and ulcers, Brighi'i* dlcease, rheumatism, all tllsengc* of kldneja »n4 bladdttf, BMtt, vlomacb ftiKl nervous fll«o»s«*, chorea (8t. Vftft* tjcrat dMiltltT. tchfofulft, eklnttiBtsiBfeg. „ nl men and *onnsi», «nd *Ji etteeaew to bad Wood. ' • opitei)*y. orfltB, po«ltiT«ly cured by * new ana never ratline remedy. Or*, t!.. S. & Co. make ft mjeclftky of oil fdimt of recttii dlgeases, ptla* totoftol ahfl «xl««t»<, tchina and bleeding, wctat iilcom, 0»nre».fl»ttil8 which are Xilten laten Tor nervous nnd lung roubl*, all eur«(1. llwnember we care nil forms ol piles williont p*lu liiteuuptlon or detention from bUBtncss, aijd wlthoat ttd; 11*3 of knife, nttiisilo of llga ur*'. Oome ftfifl bs con*tneoa. TO YOUNG, MtoufcB XGKD AKD otft MKN Stiflcrlnt; from pper>n<,torrh<>B8, lmj)6toncy—lost manhood—or frofn wtakncsa brought on from errors or 1n<3isoF«llOD* ID youth or oror lodnl Kcno»' lii later yearn, are given. p#rm«nontiellef. Absolute Cores gaaranteed; atrictly coafldcntlitl, Tumors ana cancers curt-d without acid*, inife. pain or scare. Mew method*. Calftrrh. New home (reatmoot. Cn8nrpa»»cb and cheap. ~ laranf« to euro every ca»j of ilyspflpela, hcudactie, pilec, tape worm and Hlrloitife. __T We will give npisnlftl attention ta diracul' casts and to oases other |)hy»lciai]* have failed to eons. Pera.}»n. applying for troatmoiit will oaiM) being 3 or"8 ounces »>1 urine for aiialysiK. Thoi'o who are un»J>te to .call, can write lull , arlluilttni of ibnir cnso and bayA modlcloo»out ny exprcsc.wRb full inatrnot'onB how to be takeu Tho firm of i)n. H. H.TTUo., were incorporated Kevcrftl jt'ftw eiuco with a capital .of $tO,000, tenoc yoa take no-chanceo It you employ tli'om. ~" are renpomible and well known. Address, ORS. B., 8. * CO-, Mir It. ETC. Twenty c.tsnts a wiek fo-- i*ch notice hot oaediug five llnvi ^och.iaKe le«g thtm twenty coma. Gn- d hotl r nml l> rn wflh Urgn lot on Nintli MaiKlinll avuitiL-. Knqulie on prpuiift^ or at n<)U'ti«artt cornrrol »(n'i-t- till J M I •i<lt )<KS T 'Iho flat now occupied l<y Kfu vy over O'ikee Rio«. cic>"« will i* fir runt nru-r H-apimiii«r (lr»t; Hla^ ah into on !*\'iiih falritjf 1^? H*r0obt xiiitutiift? o( (urucd.'M^u^* r^ )' . ...... . . . , - - ., . .,- JJ .- m -, L . •__ ,_, L -_ T ' -.. ,-_,-, ..-.-_,_ I MHt). v\ Kuqu.r at 'vr gw -~t»-j W AN I ED-A good girl fur general «or* at J4UK S &. CKOMXV. ['OUR NT-T*o«or> bouiu on w«*t Ut« vlr ut. EiotilQof ' J. H OToE <if i<lx ioom« in diMtrable lu Hliac, tu runt Sept 1st- l''or particalw* 11 qutrb of ,»r». W U. buck, corner MwsuloD and Amltarr L ADIES. 1 HMike bits wjiftes ut hottw. nnd w»ut all to iiuvu the SBJUB opDonuuiijr, Tti< work U very uleui-ant and will easily pay (If weekly. Tbufnn Uefc^pclou, } w»ut no Inpujij 1 •nit will uladly «end particular* to alt «iflnd]na «iM»p. MlBS M. A. STEBWKH. Midi. |/Oft H.KST--M-V cu'Ugu i»t J.yon Inks P fuiuUti«J, will ti& to; reut on auil Aug. sil. For tanw. ^squire OT addr«a». W 4» TKtK.L*dy wiiU cbiltl it! levea yewa ' 'iibWreS ri6Bluott »i houuttktii'pur. Otit-ct • at tWa ofllcp. borne. AOY AQKNTS WANTIt) -F«r lt»r»U4H aufl vicioitjr. 'CiiUatfroiiwr 'lyoa 'i I? Fa far partteulai» «u<iuir6 of Juku L»aafa£. W ANTKt»-A bri K lit, cnergetiB WM t« i^ a» «l^cM «w>»^ i» JHuwbail »na viutoity Ito Sid. «ttruiMt*!Ml t'iwl Ji«w» dife Uniu l«4)» «fM» roJMWitt. A w« will «mU a »up»iwtttudttttt tt> «i»» «on>( »«W » bromrfat «mcei'»i« to cwc W, l>. Ailtl**, U iX «ultett« n«. Ad4rtiW *btru ut tk- ?iswsoo. i|{<pfei, ., y, pupt. thebjtii W - F 4 «»h*o, ..._« euat>- ^Ift* «x- *ppJM»««fi<^ \ \ \ Reliable ,- 'S ' •>'/'" DR. LANE' V niir JOB PRINTING I UUl at Chronicle office. ( ^roit THE • , ; \ Stomach, ^. Liver and Kidneys, <ola Compound Cures Dyspepsia and all derangements of the Stomach. Kola Compound Cures Sick Headache, Tor, pid Liver and BiKousnc&s. Kola Compound Cures Constipation. Is a Brain and Serve Tonic and Blood Purifier. Kola , Compound is the peer of all other medicines. Kola Compound Cures Backache and Kidney Troubles. Kola Compound Is natures remedy—potent yot harmless. It tones and vitalizes the brain, nerves, muscles, heart and stomach, in brief rejuvenating and building np the. entire system, enriching the blood and imparting to the whole body the freshness and vigor of youth. < • Kola Compound Is composed of life giving, tissue building, Herbnl and Vegetable Extracts, and contains nothing injurious to the most delicate constitution. Kola Compound d la indorsed by many eminent Physicians and Scientists, Other Remedies lay Relieve , KOLA If yoiiT arc suffering frqm .any derangement of tjh^ Stomach, l3ver o* Kidneys* Blood a* Mervoua TRY A I.- It will not Kola Compound office in ojie wiiln Han been active for 15 Tiie last 25 aii4 care o| cbroiar dipcrarvro oj e tion and advise at FREE , 4 Kwilp ol c&Qji} ift tpwfl pOid will receive pj?oi»t m& ihjeS tomachs andJBowla cf OStTHE WRAPPER OF BOTTLB. Aperfect Remedy forConstipd- tton, S6ur Storrach.Diarrhoca, \V6rms .Convulsions Jewrish- ness and Loss OF fac Sirnite &+ NEW TTOBK, BID YOU HAVE AIIATHI. Three Opinions: CHICAGO RECORD is a model newspaper in every sense of the word."— , Harrisburg (Pa.) Call. " "There Is no paper published in America that so nearly approaches the true journalistic hlcat as The CHICAQO RECORD.' From "Ncwspapcrdom" (New York). "I have come to the firm conc/usio/7/after a long test and after a wide cor^parison with the journals of many, citlesjewd countries, thnt The CHICAGO RECORD comes as ncnr being th&Jdeal daily/journal as we arc for some tfai ? likely tp find on these mdrttit shores."-Prof. ,/. T. fiatfield it The L:\-anston ^Ul Sold by noissfleqlef t cyirywbere and subscriptions 'received h~t~ all pos:Master's: $d&Fi5$ TtfE~€Hf- ' ^ Cure 'sumption In stock, and would sooner think * grocerynian could along without sugar In his store th^n we could without w«. It is a , Michigan, *^ - - i> We have all the lat*»t thiugs ia way of job ty^e. - ' , I'Wfc For tbe )^rp»0 Q£ it i^iited »Mmbe^ of b*>ttles of pit t &y4* f f 4r«sc S*ow» t» ' 4««ue for tobacco in wteh to s«*i iUouc UouaefeoMf ^>«1» at privatewN. Tl«»ewiaiuagtoteyypi«atit. call early as poeaiWe balore ttwt elate. ' • p, T. . Will «Civa jut """V"i to peoer*! pruc ftjipiiiiat- warranted bwiiiJiDg s»wwit ws^^ w*** Mf. Beut*--lil»r old

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