The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on August 15, 1893 · Page 4
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 4

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 15, 1893
Page 4
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4V* "%£-"* '' ' ' ; f \ "•" " ">V _f , »•» '£ » ^'•^ *pv-fa^v-t' T-", • it** - » ( For the accommodation Of people Uv ing ifc the Wftt end A. Watson will sell " " ^Wspre&A and cakes* fresh, at 10 ciyer/toormng. of wall p per • at .Geo. ouKuton's s, ex-5taie-Auditor of used • Chattiborlaln's An especially tine line of ladies' nni children's hosiery at the ' Hon. W. V. J;iowa, -Bays:' !' ... Cough Remedy'in- toy family and have no hesitation in saying it is an excellent remedy."! I belie** all tBSJtjs •claimed for it. 'Persons j afflicted!; bj| a*'iCotigh or cold wU,l| find it a friend.", /fiilre is no danger from whooping cough'wWii 'this remedy is freely given. 2 | and 60 cent bottles for sale at Greene's drug store. . ^ ______ A sure cure,, for diarrhoea, dyatsntery, chole'r^i morbus, pain iu stomach or bowels, etc., at M. B. Powell'*.' Trial bottle free. • Flo$r5fl.50 per 100 pounds at C. A. Che«net> inill. Grain a-nd feed of all kinds at bottom price. Fine stationery at the bazar store. .A complete assortment always on band. friendt of Repre*entatlve Breckin* rtdge So tooclnro Themselves. LEXINGTON, Ky., Aug,^, ~ Breckinridge'ai many frianu,,»«,.,,- in flaying that the breach of promise suit filed against him ih Washington Saturday by Miss Madeleine Pollard is the result of ipite Work,, -Ht« friends-all believe Bim itirio&tit of the charges. One close friend, of Colonel Breckin- be an' adventuress. Miss-Pollard to She had three sets .of visiting-cards, inscribed respectively,'Madeleine Vin- Breickinriage lard,'" he said, "She would «se the Vinton cards when visiting the friends and relatives of the Vihtons, the Blackburn cards when at the Blackburns and, the Breckinridge cards, wjben among the admirers of tlie BreCKintidgesV £he impressed herself' on Charles Dudley Warner so much that he introduced her into gopd New York society." It now turns out that she promised to marry the bid gardener, James Rhodes, -who spent $1,000 toward educating her. After getting her education she refused to have anything to do with the old fellow, and he died with a broken heart. CnrMOon Tkroat. ~ For* Lame (ion, Conghi, Croup, 8o*e aUDromist* oh • Ouwantee. »<ckorCn«it Shiloh'B Porous great iatUfactioo.—aj eenti. Mn 'l*itcc wUl _ _ SHILOH'S VITALIZER. r "ftliwklns, Cbatten6og a .Tenn., B ay81 • VitaUztr * SAVED 3uY LIFE. I thtbestrtmedyforadebiHtatedtvnem Imer toed." For Dyspepftlo. Liver or Kidney trouble It exoela. Price 75 eta. CATARRlf REMEDY. ' Iowa Stat9 Convention. MOINES, Aug. 15l— The hotels are rapidly fillinp: with delegates to the Republican' state convention, which •will be held at 11 o'clock in the Cavalry Mission auditorium. :The nominating convention will be the largest held for years and the coriteats i&ver .the officers are already becoming decidedly warm. v,_ ^, Several candidates lor governor liave CEli and opened headquarters' at the, Savery hotel, and two or three others have the endorsement of their home ob'untiea. Tourist tickets t6 all principal points iu the United States and Canada are now on sale at Michigan Central ticket office. t Heiselver'* Sale. . Unless previously disposed of at -pri vatesale, I will on Thursday, the 8ist day of of August, 1893; sell ,at'public sale at the front door bf the court house in Marshall, Mich., all remaining ,4s sots of the National City hank, consist_ bf- a 7-12 interest in the ^operty known as the Eagle block, also the Bui- laid Manufaclufing works, both pieces of property being located in tae city of of Marshall. Also one lafge bank safe (double dbor, steel box and'time lock,) office furniture, also all notes belonging to buak remaining-unpaid at that time, and whatever remaining assets of said bank may be remaining in my hands at that date. Sale to begin at 10 a. m. Terms of sale cash. -, For .further particulars enquire of THERON F. GIDDINGS, Receiver, Knlamazoo, Mich, or John Houston, Esq., Marshall. V *? ou can always fln<? the best Cigars at Greene's Drug store. Call and Trv Them. "EEelargesfc 'Stock t&e lowest HYPE'S Drug Store Notice to CyolUtg. The practice of riding bicycles on. the sida walks must be stopped at once. Any persons violating the law In this respect do so at their own peril. Keep pff the.walks aad save troub!* •. PETER HOWE, Marshal. The best Perfumes always in stock at G. H. Greene's Drug store- Ladies are invited to pon't get excited over croup or insj when Lavender Ointment will relieve you within ten minutes if used as directed. 25 and 50 cents. The following item* ctfcped froni the 7t Madison (Iowa) Democrat, contains infor-. mation %elt worth remembering: "Mr. | Lout. ._ • ..• •.•-. — - — -— —• -•---. .-, • Kilburn's restaurant will be open day ^. .., tbiuBemedy. ItwUl ,, and Cure you. Price 50 eta. for Its successful treatment ia Ubcfrea. Kemember.Shiloh'sHeniedlea n sold on a guarantee to -give satisfaction, For Sale by F. G. Seam'an & Co. MoNTHEACAug. 15.—The Dominion line steamship Sarhia, with a general 'cargo and 5» passengers, which left her? July'80 for Liverpool,.was spoken Ang. 7 by the steamer Ripon City, hence for Glasgow, 500 miles east of Newfoundland, with machinery disabled. Sho refused assistance. Nothing has since been heard of the Sarnia, and her arrival at Liverpool is awaited with some anxiety. ... 05. Pimplw, Uv«r . Mol«t, Eljckheidi, *»nbum and T^n, re- ttorw ibe (kin 10 its original Jrwftncsf, iirodiicing a •Moar and bealihy c»m- iexlon. Superior to all face —-, , ,._.—, eripftnitXms and perfectly hMtoless. At a) drugglslii, or mailed (or SOots. Bend for Ciroulw VIOLA *KIN SOAP '« '-"PIT lnc«ip»r»M? »» » klo Ddtiltjuc itoap. unfxiualtd tat tho toHet,'and without '. 1,»1 Wvii our«crj. Alwilutrfr fun *od teBnMj J»rfl -•-A. AI IIVCKUU., p.Hc« ?5Centf. _ . . -.. C. R.ITTKE3 & CO-.Toi.50Ot* 1 * Ftfl-nier Detroit Man a Defaulter. SOUTH. BEfiu, Ind., Aug. 1Q.— Edward Massey of this city is a defaulter to the amount of §4,000, Hulman & Company, wholesale grocers of Terre Haute being the loser. Maasey was at one time a traveler for Daniel Scotten, the tobacco manufacture* of Detroit. He was universally liked and trusted. Gambling led to his downfall. Maasey is uow in and night. The best lunch served. of meals and Screen doors and windows all sizes a Bosley'a Children Cry for Pitcher's Castorla- John Both, of this'oity. whq met with to) cident a few days ago,'spralni^ ati'd bru s Ing his leg and arm auite seyerel^, was oured v, by one 60 cent bottle of Chamberlain's Pain'\ •"Balm." This remedy is without an equal for sprains and bruises and should hate a place in every houBohold. For eale at Greene's . drugstore. \ ' An Eitmcrdlnnry Batgnln—»8,tOO. A splendid two story .dwelling and one 1# story dwelling, with one acre of land, including excellent fruit garden centrally located. For terms apply to D. CUNNINGHAM. Both the method and results •when jSyrup of Figs is taken; it ia pleasant jnd refreshing to the taste, and acts gently yet promptly on the Kidneys, liver and Bowels, cleanses the system effectually, dispels colds, headaches and fevers and cures habitual constipation., 3yrup of Figs is the Chas. Kilburn has opened a reatattr ant the first door west of the Tontiue, the public is invited to call. . A New Certain Cure for PilM. *Ve dot intend to endorse any except arti- clss of genuine, merit; we therefore, take pleasure in recommending to sufferers from Piles in any form, a prompt and-perrnanent cure, The following letters speak for themselves: Mrs, Mary C. Tyler, of Heppner, Ore., write*, ,One pkg. of Pyrauud Pfle Cure entirely cured me of Piles from whiph I have suffered for yeara, and I hape never haJ the elighteat rejurn of them since. Mr. E. Ci'Brien, Rock Bluffa, Neb., says- The pkg. of Pyramid Pile Cure entirely removed every trace of itching piles. I cannot thank you enough for it. Th§ .Pyramid Pile Cure is a new, certain, painless cure for every form of Piles. It ia safe, cure and cheap. Any druggist viU get itfor you if you aak him. ' "Royal Kuby" Kv« Whtgkj is "a Bye as is a Rye," naturally ripened and free from all f preigu flavor 1 and adul teranta, guaranteed pure and over eleven years of age, recommended to the connoia seur as a meritorious article worthy of the confidence of invalids, convalescents and the aged. Sold only by F. 6. Seaman & Co, Druggiete. _ _ , _ W A L L P A P E E FBESH, UNIQ.UE, TASTY DESIGNS, A.T Lowest . Prices. Call and Be Convinced. M, B. POWELL. CHEAPER 1LJQR LIGHT. TO CONSITMER3 OF GAS FOB FUEL. The Gas Company anouncee ta^following re^uc tion in prices of Gas for LIGHTING wherever Gag is,used ALSO for 0OOE2NG or HEATING to take , effect on and aftw Istl898> *>^r»B?»»"l'^'*»^*"" < **\J * * O ^*f •***> oo}f4em«dy of its kind ever pro daoe4, pleasing to the- taBjta and ac- to the Btomach, its action and truly Mr> * * 4 * *] Having purchased the stock yf musi caj merchandise, formerly awned S.- Franklin. I respectfgjly of those deairing '*op«J or in stju mental music o| any ki»i, or any ' " -the GAS S^OVB RATE^, $l.^CTper lOOOJeubic Ft. For U10aBoon»am*a where »|GAS RANGE u»ed, For f9 gi> ow»««e4 wl^er? OOOKINa or Hf^TINQlSTQVES ju» uaed owuromntion toiaot lets tbw» 1000 pubio feet. ' ^ " Bite far (Wiiaftd for LiaffPING ONLY remain unchanged and are «£ Hollo wa: . Less t.han lOOQi owb|c ft. m one moa h, W OU per 1(^0 wb &000 cubic ft. sod less than 10,000 cubic ft 1 month $1 90 1P.GOO or over, I inontb $1 bO'per I£KK) eulrio ft, x All the »bov» r*,t« ,«r« subject t» » diBflonat of i!9 ot« per 1000 onblo ft wb*» v had by giving fhort'notic^""OWam niy to iftdnpf «oo%onnwt« prices before buying a, elaewherje, \ as , i youfi" ™^_~-M,, J-c -' ' - — "*|M-"« • t^ov^r 175 GAS STOVES BOW ^J. < ' fti^iniA.!^ fftEtiueviAii! Wtom-fr ^ ... - ^ , ^ - "fl^^PfflP»TpW^!^^r ?ff * "^PF ^^

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