The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on December 22, 1892 · Page 1
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 1

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 22, 1892
Page 1
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.a lift MARSHALL, MICH., THURSDAY DECEMBER 22,1892,; -PRICE TWCHSE NTS. Absolutely Pure; A' ' ' ' i • f' ' ' A cream of tartar ba'king powder Hijrhestof all in leavoning 'strencth Latest U. S 1 Government Food Re- BAKING, POWDER CO 100 Wall Street, N s . Y, ^ $SQO REWARD! Bla?ttfc fe g Condition, in Mr. ONLY A BRIEF HALT ON THE SOAP, The En«l ! of Which IB th«5 Grave-Nothing liopefu! In What the Doctor Suys— Father Ducey'jji Town Again, but Il*ti- ceiit ton Uogrce—Capital City Gletuilngs -••r-'MSUeraiaii'i Nicaragua Canal Bill—The *VWteri> Scnatorshlpg — The Treasury Cfot,t Reserve—Murder nnd the Supreme Court. ' * ..' WASHfcCGTON, Dec. ^'--''BlainVi*; much bettor this evening," said ,Dr, Johnson in reply last night to the usual inquiryl tl called to see him between 5 and 6 o'clock tonight and found him exceedingly cbeer- i n . rf or any case o LiverComplalot. Dyspepsia, Siok Headaote, I u digextlon, ConBtlpaNoo or'• CostLvedojg wo can it* C ,!L rQ .,r ltl1 wes*» Vegeia&ie Liver PJlla- when tno directions ars, strictly compiled with They are purely VegetaKje and ».Y vL | "«/tiw \f* •( HV«. w*.,*i* *-\ i.i i. void 111. For sale by A. O. Hyde. MurahaU, Jrtich. A, Gnarauteed Cure for Pll«s of what kind or aajiree—External, Inteinil, Blind or Bleeding. Itching, chronic. Beoeui or Hereditary. This remedv hm positively nev«<r l>uen known lo fall 1.00 a box, 6 boxes for $5.00; seui by tu'atl pr« SI. aid . , . paid on receipt of price. A written Uuurau'oe posiUTeiy given to each purchaser of li IWJJUM, when purchased at one lime, to ruiuud the S5 6( paid If not cured. Uuarameo lawneil hy 4. O. (Aydu, MaruhaU. Mich. Call for eamplo Health is Wealth u*k Hi. u. wxgrra iNBKVB KENT, a guaranteed specific 5688, Convulsions, Fits, Heaache, $terv<>us Prostrati DB. B.C. WBST'S NBBVB AND BRAII* T«EAT- peyiflo Ipr Hysteria, IMzci- Fits, Nervous Neuralgia, T-r-r-' T—•-T-- r£petraUoa cau».i;d by tlie uau alcohol, or-tobacco, WakefohiuHivSIi'ntal r presdlou, Softenl.Q!; of Brain nstsuTting lu BWtty an« leaatag to MHury-, ducay.aad^ death Prcm»tlire(nd:AK«.'jBarrea/Sir, Losa.ofpower IB eltnarees. lflvolun.6jiryLo8aejj.aud Sporinatpr- rhffl»p«B8ed by uy^exeriion oT the bruin, nelf &bu8.e> Oiver.iQ.dulgencev Each liox co«tirUft vne moPtn'B tretttment. fJl.iUOTa tox, pf (.JJE boxufi Wr $5.00, aen.t by &ua( pteputu OH rsCeipt-frfirTbe GUARANTEE SIX i any case. 08 . W 1th each grder rueeirud by, accounted witb. JS.W, . we .wfl f purchaser our written guarantee to re fund .the money if the treatment docs not effec , acnra. Uwarauteos)»ii,ue JACKSON FAVORITE inhi» condition. He voice -was much 'firmer in tohe' nncj his eyes brighter. In fact he is-so' much' improved that I shall not repeat -my visit of,this t evening unless sununoned by'the /family, and that I do.not expect." "Does,Mr. Blaine sit up during any pori tiouof.thedayf" . v : "0h, yes. air. Blaine is much stronger than the outside world haa been led to believe. In fact his condition at no time lias Keen as critical as has been painted in the newspapers. It is true that Mr. Blaine was for a few minutes a very sick mnn at one time Sunday lust, but he was not as near to death as believed by some. Mr. Blaiue Js still very ill. but he is in no immediate danger of death." , . Decline* to I.ook Into the Future. "Do you think that Mr. Elaine's present Khowi of improvement will warrant his removal to a more congenial climate in the near future?" After hesitating a few seconds the doctor said: "J cannot sjiy as to that; it is useless to.look that far iiito tfye future." While'Mr. Blame's physicians are as discreet in their a utterances as men can well be, their "tone and manner of expression Impress those who converse with them daily that Mr. Bluiiie's case is hopeless; that'while "he is in no immediate danger his malady must i>rove fatal, and that his span of life is measured-by the progress of the disease with which he is afflicted., Another Visit from I'utlnjr l>ucey. Father- Ducey, who, it was reported last week, had called Upon,Mr. Blaiue, came to Washington again yesterday. -It was rumored upon the occasion of his former visit that he was here to take Mr. Blaine- into the. Honuin Catholip c&iircb, and another L'Sjplauiition of his' presence in the city -was Ttojihe effect that he was' trying ta bring ab6utoa;,::rec^ncl.liation between James'G. Blaine, J., and'-his 'divorced wife, Marie Ki-vins. I'he latter st.or-y "was denied by the Blaimia as well as by the-diyorced wife, but Father Dueey refu.sed to talk. " . .. "^et Til em lU-mul-iu 11 alyrtery." He aJsQ muintaiueil silence regarding the Story of -hw visit 'to, Blaine, though this stpoy ^sis» denied at thje Bl»ine residence. Father JJucey, upon his .arrival last night, was asked it h« to call upon Mr. lihiine, but declined to,, vtuture any explanation of ujs pi'(jht!ii<a;, • " s . ^Ypur-fretiueut visits tu'Washington of latasecm to beinvqlvted'ia tuore or .less >ysfct'ry," was suggested. ''Well let them remain a my&terv plied Father Ij ' * ' tlnited States after 1901 trnel* Sam's RI K lit of Foreclo»ui-e. The section requiring the company to execute a mortgage to the United States as security, for the guarantee is amended by the addition of k clause recjuirlrig the tttdr«> gage to contain a provision for Asitiking fund for the payment of the bonds at maturity. An additional' clauso to section' six of the old bill provides thatif the company defaults in, the payment of jaterpst or Jn any other respect, before the canalis- ' pjiUnto operation, the right of foreclosure shall at once attach in favor of the United States. The action authorizing the secretary otth.e treasury to delivcr^to the company bohds equal to tlie expenditure prior to,January\ 1893, is amended by r^Qulring the comjwny b> flrst satisfy all liabilities and to accept the provisions of the act by resolution of stockholders. • ' An Important ^Provision. One of the most important provisions is one giving to the United! States ten of the fifteen directors, to bo appointed by the president of the United States) not more than five from any one political party The amount of stock is limited to «100,000 The president of the United , States or his proxy Is given cower to vote the stock held ip this_country's name. '"' ITS A "TIRESOME PRACTICE. ThU of Saviiij; a Plscreaut 1 * tifo to the Limit of Patience. " V Nice liaa of pockfit cutter?-at Jobn Wholen's hardware store, East Mnin street. Dec. 82. —The Post says: The United Stales supremecourt h'as.grow'n Very tired of the practice which has sprung HP to a considerable extent in the last few years of, resorting to -it as to an ordinary court of resort in murder eases and of usint- it'for the purpose oj delaying the execu tion of. the law ,on crfinlliuls by the making and repetition of making, of motions to thi court framed with the sole object of delay. Should this sharp practice on th^ part of criminal lawyers be carried much further it is not unlikely that the court will make an exampk^of swine very flugrant offe'n«lei that will have a wholesome effect on other attorneys. Lawyer 1'eithiill Itetter Look Out. A dispatch from New York announces that Lawyer Peshail left Monday night for Washington to make a new motion before the supreme court in behalf of Ualliuger, the negro wife murderer who is under sentence to be hanged in Hudson county, N. J.,. on Thursday of this week By various devices of this sort Peshail has staved off Hallinger's death for some time. The alleged ground of his latest action is that the court had failed to ask Hallinger for the' fourth time' what he had to say why sentence of death should not be^ pronounced, the date of deatU haying been changed^ or the third time. Peshfcll's reception is likely to be fngi/it > . . >j • '• NICARAGUA. PANA! i|a the Scuat^— Polutu , . . jeanalbill \vWcbtiasfi4d the, attntioji of jft rrfatit^. cammittfe since the of ^cj'sBa&lonj. h"^ jap^last tjeeu cp»lpl«tfcd,-..,4«Ki . .was' ''yesterday ,f ~ would prompt 1 action itpon it; ' is dcawa " bfll HBfc tee to "the last REPUBLICAN STEERING COMMlfTEE. '$$_ • WUI. Give Moral Support to North* ' western Friencla. : ' . WASHJKGTOK, Dec. 22,— The BepubUcan senate. caucus met yesterday in the room of the committee, on claims' aiid discussed the situatiqn in, the northwestern states., w,here the- election of United States senators will soon be, held. The full committee, composed of Hoar, McMillan, Chandler. Teller, and Mitchell^ were present. A free and' full dissuasion .qf the situation- was had, and it was decidedfta give the Republicans 6f the states in question all the moral support possibly and to urge the Republicans to watch over every move made by tlje Democrats with a view to secui-ftig Demo- 6 A C ain»t Uickinsou. "I do ..j>pt coosidpr; the ,c«aaces of the Democrats i»-^ating fouy-Joprjenatorsto be one in a hundred," said Cnandler talk- ipg ,abput the BjLtflWtJon. "Th^ Bepublicarw npw hare a, majority pf 8 ana it will take four Democratic senators to oyerturu it T^& pnlj sure -^additional ifAtea they will h£ve will be thfi,^iejaators &oml New York' and" \Vjscoasift. ,"# Mr, Kyle fa uof ^ b'e te4 w|j;% ^w Dewdcrats they will have' '. if he i^ w ifo them, In aza •cans fedv^ '. aja ^absojltte majority;' O.thersit apj>earr-that $»' &,oqo,ooi» ' weU ag'the sie- ' , real and perficuaa wop- end trujjchises of iiw^oajpfaiy JW la- i» tlte MttjUiJiites. "jto the .thisd aec- " . . aec- 4oa it is provided, tbAt"alJ of the stock h^e-- tofonj sati»cribe,d iw''or fopued-siisjl be Jn aad cwxceUed^ that ed shall l(B redeemed »ad «ftuee4ed that all outsta,udiag obUgaUous We, -Uic unaersigtreti,., : .0 cloaq our iBrti-kets fenndays from Dep. "'.' 1st, 1893 to May l"st, 169$. Also; close at oldopk. :Uun(ng the wook, except 'rial's." v ' ; """' ' '•''•- ./ 'i .." ' •' : ''.••"• B. P. JANUEIJU. J. &-Cox, JK. JOHN HEUTKOKN.' JWlarsTiall, Nov. SOlh, 1892. Healthful, Agreeable, Cleansing, Cures —_l Chapped Hands, Wounds, Bains, Etc. Bemoves and Prevents Dandruff, AMERICAN FAMILY SOAP. Best for General Household Use, The best Perfumes always in: stock at G. H. Greene's Drug store. Ladies are invited to call and test them THOS. A SPRAGUK 4 SON, Attornsvstnd Solid ton of P«. enti;United State* »ndforeign. Cone-pandence solicie. In ' * k Ecadacha Wjd reileVo sOI the troubles taffa ' •* to A billoiu atota of the syBtem tijolx u lsen,']tfeuMa. Drowslneei. Di^twaB aTtair , ;. fain in the Side, &c. Walla UialrmosS ' tibl^ ffQCC?68ft frftft pQflO fihcKtn 1& <]ttirftH» *•' ^^ • ,^R&. •§ Of (r $ SICK .

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