Del Rio News Herald from Del Rio, Texas on June 29, 1961 · Page 1
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Del Rio News Herald from Del Rio, Texas · Page 1

Del Rio, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 29, 1961
Page 1
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2-DEl RIO (Texas) NEWS-HE»AID, Thunday, June 29, 1941 CD A Committee Chairmen And Officers Plan Work On the HoUSeJDear Abby . . ". Officers and committee • chair- >r\>-tt nl Court St. Joan of Are, •Catholic' Daughters of Anii'ri<-«a. (net ID (he lilue Flame »...->m Tuesday evening to plan the year's and welfare chairman; Mrs. Gil. ben .Murray continues as Girl Scout chairman. .Committee chairmen instiilU'd wcrrY i he following: Airs Dan Pedrotii, phoning torn• /iiiUK'.' succeeding Mrs. W. A. Kk-m: Mrs, Paul Kusenbt-rj.'.i-iv bi-iievulence, succeeding Mr.O hi IV -Rraner; Mrs. T. 15. I.askoivski fuceeeds Mrs. A. C, Kennedy as chairman of the sii-k cinu \ isit- mj; ciitnmUtee. .Mrs. I.. J. I-arrtlJ is >n viiar-.^? '.-I Die year book, succeeding .Mr;. .1. T. ni&kc; Mrs : Davie I»<,i!»r •funtinued as social chairman; Mrs. Gct.rt;<' N'ewi or?, scrap book. :•• ri('y, committee: Mrs. Maruari'i \:m ("Rave continuus as. .tnivsiri.-i Mrs. John Longbotham. UK- jjrand regent, thanked officers and chairmen for the year's work and expressed her confidence in. the 'leaders for the year ahead. Officers, and committee mem- V.'-rs were honored at ihe social following the meeting. Mrs. Long botham v, .is hostess. Mrs. George Xmvion served the cake and Miss Rose Mane Graf poured the punch. The table was laid in white damask and centered v.ith white daisies and lavender blossoms in a cut slass container. The cake was designed as a patch work qni!.» in colors 'of- the eouri. Xineuvn a: tended. G 1 Forum Auxiliary Adopts Constitution And By-Laws; Copies Going to Members <• Tin- Auxiliary to the Amerie.'tn i l-'orjin has adopie'd ;he <.-<>n'.i;'son and by-laws ;HK| eMpse-- • ;'.l be jm^erited each nicmb'.-r ! i'ie next ;neeiinG 'of ihe or-jnn- '„•* ion. .Mrs. K-ermin Calderon.. vu-c !i;iJr;nan of the _auxiliary, ptv- K'lfil ol UK- meeting f or liu . a ,-j 0 p { 'fi til the t-on-iiittitinn ami h> -!av. i ihe Forum Building. A report was given on the' ;<n -.j;il picnic, called highly sue- v; :<;?vil. In charge of the eake aik for the picnic- \vert- .\k-s- aincs .!<;sus Tn-vino, S. S. 1't-iiii- •i!. arul CrLs Aldrete. Mr.s. An I'nic- Mtilnrio and Airs. •Itsriumi Uernandt-z .were in eh arse of the ~. : . :i'i.-r:r.i-!'iv,-; f = ,|- \b. r pj t -nir. '•-<•«• im'i-n!»tr- '.veh.-ori'.ed by the ai.s-.'ii.iry v<.->re. .Mr<r. .U-sus Tre<•.<,';<>.• ;inr! Mrs. ,)<».• -E. F'rausto. Tji-y -.vere hostesses for Die meet- 1 '' .1 ' . -..' ,- • - i >;•.• <ioor pr«-ze. wa' awa.'ded Air-. Diivivf \'i!!arrea!. A'.iendJnc the meeting wei '• >!•"•<*).'inn^ . Aiiuinio Mo.lano. Fermin (/aldvrun. Kiehard Hernan de/'. S. S. Peimben. Manuel Ar- ran3L-;i Jr... Luis Arranaga'. Da•• ;>j'\ lilarreri!. --Ilsul Villarreal and •Jv^-us Trt-Mno. <')!her new mem- hers are Mrs. Robert ,K. Martinez ami Mrs. Rudoifo Urbv. Miss Joanna Love to be Honored at Miscellaneous Gift Shower July 8 'itiss Joanna Loye'Hill bo 'cc,n\- |ihjn<.-:iicd a! -a niiscellaiier.iis. i^tii sluiwi-r July 8 jjy .a J:f(>up of- "ilii- shower will be. held in Hie Ilonse of rriendship of .the First MrJIicHJiit-.t'hurcli' .between- the hmir.s f">f-5 'and 7" VclocK '.hily '•§., • .Miss I.fn-e-'Uill be married' 10 l-'rcd .Hose July 22 in the First .M-'.-!hfidisl. Church in Del Rio. Hi is! esses', for the .shower will Mrs.. Florence Low Of A&M Heads Home .Ec Association CI.f:\-i:i.AND f,\P>—The American Home Economics Association stud today .Mrs. Florence Low. hf-.-id of the Department of Home Kconrjj7)ics al Texas Ai.M, ha? \id-n nanii'ti'president of ihe !>M;_- r; ! lerm. -Mrs. Low was elected in a mail halio! of the 20,500-member orfiiin- i/a!ioii. J\lrs. Low .serves is president-elect riurtng the Cfuninf. ye;ir. •••-- "'tM> Mej(!;<rn«'s C'. X. Par.iOfis. Vei- "rK-Ti C»l!, Ray Chambers. ' B. J. \';nt-,ar(i : .Drury Wood. Byron Nt'.vby, George E. Bowers. T. P. t'ook. ('. G. Din.srncwr, E. . R. Joe 1). Forester, Doug las A. Xe'Aton. Jtih.n W. "inpram siui ',!. A, Martin. 1 FROM VARIOUS SOURCES Icome these .bits of information of iinicrcst to the home owner: j About SO pv.r i-eni of all .'(he \ homes, built this year are i-xpect- ;cd to be development houses V. .The hardwood floor of thu New • York Stock Exchange was built in 1903 and, proudly'says the ..\a-' : (tonal Lumber Mahufaciurers'As-; ''.social ion, .has never had to be re- ; built. i White paint reflects 7 70' to f>0 • per cent of the light'that falls on' it, whereas dark green absorbs ] SO per cent of the light, whk-h \ is why you can »e.t by with bulb.-; '. of lesser wattage in a room with: light walls , . . Homos researchers ai. the- University' of Illinois say that the appearance . of a split-level house is best ou a sloping site. , A varnished finish inrneci white by the action of water or .hoi dishes can be brought back to its I original lustre, by nibbing lightly ; with a piece of flannel dampened m spirits of camphor or ess-m-i- of peppermint. ...•._ Since Venetian blinds «*un!!y havc to be taken <ioun svhc-n re 1 painting a room, why no! pm> iht-.Ti into a tub fur a thorough scrubbing'' . . , The vice president in charge of eonstrudton for the Realty Company of America, liar-: old ,\i. Palmer, says that musi builders are s!i!l ii'-iny horse and buggy techniques in a jet age simply because 'They prefer for sum •••' One else to pioneer new methods." A paint manufacturer claims to '" have disproved the old belivl' thut oil and tvnier do not mi.\ by developing an oil-base housepsinl' . . T-he Insulation Board Institute now has established insulating values for regular fiherboard sheathing so that „ rating stamped on the boards will u:!l instantly the heat resistance of the material. A housing development in the Chicago urea gives fro? lollipops, milk, cookies and soft drinks to children to keep them occupied while their parents are house- Inmlinj;. A survey of home improvement, dealers shows Thai 90 per eeri! of them expect business in the field of repair and modernization to be good or fair during the remainder of 19C3. " • - ' HIS TASTE IS JADED! By Abigail Van Buren Party Honors Joanna Love Fred Rose Saturday . DEAR ABBY: My husband of nine years doesn't believe in hissing. He says it is un- 'sanitary. He wasn't .bothered by this unsafi- itatirm before we were married."l don't knoSv whether you can believe this or not, but he is by nature's very affectionme person. He .!5 i-.hvr.ys hugging and squeezing me. and he .shows me a lot of devotion, but be just skips the kisiins pan; How cun I get him to kis^ rue? WANTS TO BE KISSED HEAR WANTS: Are you kissing sweet? Is he? Some men avoid kissing because they art- conscious of their own cigarette or beer breath. Don't sit around "wanting to be kissed." Kiss HIM: He might develop a taste for- it a>ain. DEAR ABBY: What is a wife supposed to think when, her husUand comes'home and ti'iis her ihiit hj< secretary hit her knee on ;i tile cabmei and she sat down :md cried while no ba.maseti it for her? We-have .been mr.rried for'25 years, had I'm quite sure if u.h.itl i;eer. _\!Y knee, yd have had to biin- r:;sX'.' '-- mysc!/ WOLF'S WIFE OKAS WIFE: What better proof could you want that your husband is NOT a wolf? if HP were, he could huff and puff and she'd never have let liim near her knee. 4 -~ -*• ff i DEAR ABBY: My teen-aged daughter is sin;pi..- tirivir.g me cr;i/.y. She has one of '.-:e rs-sosi oea-jiiful he«ul= >f hair you coukl r_-\t-r .!-••;,..' to «<•,—but the w»y she wears it is ju-ri UMiiik-. It -s K |j ratted and' mrated stiff \v5th spray. It iooks like a wig; ',- fc. 1 ; !ooks !ike an otd Iptf - v - She is only ,ii. Abby. and this is sonietrung she and 1 have been going around about for almost a yejir. Do you think I sshouhJ let her - do what she, wants Yith her. hair? She would Ue s-.riknjgly bt;,iuiful if only she would laKe.rny word on how to fix- her hair. „„-• „ TEEX-AGER.'S MOM HEAR MOM: A leen-ager's mom has so -nuieh to "so around" about ivhen U comes to turning- out her dauKhler, you would be Wise not to split hairs. Let her fix he r hair Uie u-ay she wants to. She has lo please nerseli. not you. Use your energy to make her "beautiful", on the insirt';, * '^ t> is ••* •• DEAR ABBY: When I was 19 years old 1 sturt.a going _\vith a married- man. I loved ' ni-p. ;md h^ loved me. I 'stuck'-,to .this man uetrr.u.^e he ke-:r. i«?!!ing !n e he would divorce ms -.vifc- and m-.iry,me. He hasn't yet, and ntw I do.--,-i believe he. c-vor will lertyt his .amily for use. ! it>r. now 34, and all '! have, lo; the 15 year= ! p!:iy e< i abound with him' Js a or:c! n;inii-. ;i few presents and a broken . neart. i !e.:rne,; ihe h.-ini wav. PJea.e, Abby, -print ibis, h .-pay help other young girls Who -think there ;>, :i future in loving a Miss Joanna Love and Frotl. Rose were honored at aa;al fres-1 co party Saturday evening at the j home of Mr. and Mrs. James! Party Saturday to Honor Joanna Love And Fred Rose IMis's Joanna Lov- and t'n.-»i Rose,: who will be married July 22< will be honored guests .v :: party Saturday evening in _rtu home of Mr. and Mrs. C, G. Dirt- moor on Summit Lane. : ! The party, to .begin a.t 7 p.m. i Saturday, is being given by mem- ! bers of the Saturday Nijjht I Bridge Club. j Hosts Mr. ami Mrs. C. G. • Dinsmoor and Messrs, and Mes- Ditismoor. 205 West Nicholson .Street.- Hosts for the party were Mr and Mrs. Dinsinoor and Mr. ami .Mrs. Charles Wallace. Mis; Love and Mr. Hose will be married July 22 in -the 1 First Methodist Church. . . " .' Attending the party V.-CT.I: the guests of honor and Air. and Mrs Wayne I.ove, Mr. and Mrs. Ther rell Hose, Mrs Martha Karri son, Mr. arid Mrs. Thomas Roger II. Thurmond Jr., Miss Sandra "Molynenx, -Bob' Quali;, Miss Martha Kowlanri, Jarku Jones. Mis? Judy Ixn-e, Bob D; . venport, Mr. and Mrs. Don R Howard; Mr.- and 'Mrs. Charles Wallace and Mr." anti-Mrs. J antes Dniirnoor. " 'CUTIE P!E' OKLAHOMA' CITY Uft—A recent claim'of"§330 for a "culie pi," dames'sparks Rust." R. M. Cros-' was rejected by Oklahoma County by, O D Fine«an. W. -P. -Wai- commissioners until they learned :i is an instrument for measur- in;i suprioiis radiation from x-rav , . . . lace Jr.Mr. and Mrs. Therreli Ho<e,. parents of the bruit- groom-elect, are also members of the club. BROKEN-HEARTED For Abbv-- .kiei. -How To Have A ,,-°,''- eiy Uedt '-"§ " send 50e tc. Abbv Box 33GD. B-vor!y li;;:s. Crtiir. j_D:stribuU-<-; by MuXau-h; Syndicate, Inc.}' SOCIAL CALENDAR SATURDAY. Miis Joanna Love and her fiance, Fred Rose, will be honored at a parry in the borne of Mr. and .Mrs. C. G. Dtnsmoor, on Summit .Lane, beginning at 7 p.m. TKe Saturday Night Bridge Ctub members are the hosts. Dr. C. L. Basket! OPTOMETRIST 104 W. Losoya ?R 5-3762 ^RESENTING ... \V&her Ciay Daveriport, eight- pn-nui. 12-ounc ; e son of Mr. and -.Mrs.. Walter ...Davenport. born '-.Kino '!7 in the Dei Rio Hospital, lie ' is UK- brother of Debbie and \ancy Davf.-nport; he's the grand- ion of Mr. and .Mrs..>-Ear} : -Da- venixiri and -.-\!r. and Mrs. O. D. Ki/K-^aii. \VaJier Clay •($. the sreai L'ran<!sori of Mr*. E. L. of Austin.. » ^ = T Donovan Duane Johnson, • seven- pound, nine and three-fourths- ounee son of 1AC and Mrs. Ddr.p- van -lohnson. born Tuesday in \'al \'<:rde Memorial Hospital. He is ihe grandson of Mr : and Mrs. Doyal Sitmmitt of Del Rio. READ THE CLASSIFIED ADS 5-3443 HIS NAME AND ' FAME RAGE OVER THE SEAS OF THE WORLD! Thurs.-Fri.-Sot. ORGAN lfll ^MIMi Pt 5-4541 TONIGHT IS BUCK NIGHT-A CARLOAD FOR $1.00 SS_8K^2!Z^Er___ MASTERSON THEY ROD! WEST FLAMINGO - Thursday and Friday FRIDAY & SATURDAY RETAIL MARKET SPECIALS U. S. GOOD ROUND STEAK _____ FRESH LEAN GROUND BEEF CHUCK ROAST (U.S. Good) _____ ALL MEAT BOLOGNA ____,^ FROZEN FOODS STRAWBERRIES _. . __ SPINACH __.__~1 _•;___• PLAIN SHRIMP ____._... GRAPE JUICE __ Ib. 89c .... Ib. 49c ._ Ib. 49c Lb. 45c pkg. 22c pkg, 16c pkg. 49c can 19c ""* .''•''''. FRIDAY & SATURDAY ONLY: 5-Ib. Boxes Frozen Steaks. Hotel Cuts at sale Prices. No Bone, No Waste. Try_These Today! Hamburger Patties (40'"servings) 2.45 Breaded Veal Steaks (20. servings) .__.'.;. 3.40 Chuck Wagon Steaks (20 servings) 3.40 Veal Cutlets (27 servings) 1__ 3.95 7-07. Strip Steak (12 servings) • _ 5.75 10-oz. Strip Steak (8 servings) _.._: 5.85 Mignon of Beef Steak (10 servings) " 5.85 Fresh Frozen Meats are Government Inspected, each serving exactly the same size, very economical and all.completely guaranteed. — ALSO BEEF BY THE QUARTER AND HALF! LOCKERS FOR RENT SPECIAL! NEW 13 CU. FT. UPRIGHT AMANA FREEZER . _ ___. $299.95 With or Without Exclusive"Amana Food Plan! NEW jTiFtttCi'itGJ • DELUXE FREEZERS sized for every need, priced for every budget. Superb freezers that offer yott famous Amana direct contact freezing that is up to 2Vt times faster than ordinary methods. Each shetf is freezing surface. Atl food is stored on or directly below a fast freezing plate and is maintained at constant even zero degree temperatures. Choose from three sizes and models, ASK US FOR DETAILS DEL RIO LOCKER PLANT ^ Your "AMANA^ Dealer 515 ftcan M, on . PR 5-3924 DONT NEED IT? - TRY OUR CLASSIFIED Say It With ADAMS' FLOWERS WANTED 1000 RADIATORS TO it CLEANED AND REPAIRED DEL RIG RADIATOR SERVICE 110 W. Ogden Dial PR $-44]] DEL RIO, TEXAS SEE A PREVIEW-OF WONDERFUL .NEW-FASHION COATS FOR '.''••FALL and, WINTER 1961! Advance .Layaway. Cashmere Blends-Alpacas Tweeds-Strawrrai Fabrics Wool Fleece-Broadcloffis Clutch Styles-luxedos Two and Thre's^Bufejn Sryles All Your Favorjie New Collars !<i\'.' pritrP for ns niLi -,-• eoihirs . . . S;,un-b.:i-v Fnshion'.s ::•-,'. f~-_ • s ; Chinchilla Fabrics, Diagnoi Md^iefece Fatmcf A ' SMALL DEPOSIT WILL HOLD YOUR NEW- FASHION COAT IN OUR LAYAWAY Five magnificent new coat «.fringe 'scarf collars, crux- ch, N'ew sleeve trentments. Pnji New -colors are rus- ; reel nnd binck. .Siat- "v ings. grey ,, -,-" s """ mih V IT1 hn : '- r 'P ri( -'t>i- nude, Lustrosas, Luxury Blends with Famous Labels 49 Fabulous new fabrics by Hockumim. Einiaer Forstman's and Worumbo. Fabulous UL-.V cr.llnr styles . . . perfection tailored. Some with exciting !U -T.V fur Trimmed collars. Clutch, tuxedo, two nsul tlsree button styles. Wonderful fashion colors. Size 8 to 13. 1 1

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