The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on December 21, 1892 · Page 1
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 1

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 21, 1892
Page 1
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— VOL XIVHTO 109r MARSHALL, IftCH;, WEDNESDAI DE€MBER 21.1892. .MICE TWO CENTS, ABLAIATAN Hearty B Reception to the "president-Elect; , GBEETED WARMLY BY A Entertained at a " Banquet ' and the Ladies of the Party Given a High Tea- democrats Gain n Point. In the Wyoming Muddle—Two Sets of Legislative Cer tin eaten Issued—Other Fights for State Solom—Dickinson Claims tho Ben- ate—A City HJrpundswoll. . . . .AKNISTOX, Ala, Dec.' 21.—The visit ofi Adlal E. Stevenson to Alaljairia.has, on the fight for the Kansas TOPEKA, Kan., Dec. 21.—Proceedings will be instituted before the supreme court by ... |he Populist central committee enjoining '^ e Jyten. Republicans! wbxV have been given cer- tificates.of election from taking their seats £h the. lower hrjtjse of the legislature. The attorneys who were given charge of the ];c'6iit£Bted cases have decided to make two ; : ' r Tr,alfceinp|s to secure t}je house, one before ' '!•' the supreme court and the second before the legislative body Itself. If the scheme is successful it will give the Populists enough votes to organize the lower, house. ...•„, Tammany .Wants Kqthing. . NEW; YORK, Dec. 21.—Since the election much has beeh said about demands for patronage which Tammany hall would make upon PresidentCleveJatid. "Tammany hall," 1A Tkf«K n «r1 r^«n1i*fkM TWr*rw1«*7 ''.uVlll na1> TW*. { _,_ _ , „, „ -Jftqe- line of pocket cutlery at Jobu Wholeii's hardware store,- »East Main street.' We, the '• undersigned, • - o close oar .markets Sundays from Dec, 1st, 1893 tp'May l$t, 1&J». Also close at eight o'clock during the week, except- Saturday's. ' ; . B. C. Absolutely Pure. A cream of tartar baking powder Highestof all in leavening strength * Latest, I/. S> Government Food Re- qorf. ~, •' ROYAL BAKING POWDER CO . . ' 106 Wall Street, N,Y. S500KEWARDJ 'We will pay (lie above reward for afly easo o. LlvertJomplalni. Dyspepsia, Sick Headache,.! n digestion, Constipation or Costl venemt we can not cure with Waal's Vegetable Liver Pill* when the dtreotwns are strictly comp.ltod.wiib They »r« purely Vegetable and never fail to give •atitfaotlou. Sugar coated, Large b(>xea containing 30 pllla. 25 cents. Beware of counter- felt* and tmitatlODS. The genuine manufactured • brTHK JOHN C. WEST COMPANY, Chicago, 111. For sale by A. O. Hyde, Marshall, Mich. part of tlie : people, developed. Unbounded enthusiasm, but no significant speectfmak- ing on the part of thrhonOred guest. The vice president-elect and party arrived at 'Anniston at noon yesterday.on a special trgSn,. and remained in the city until * o'clock this morning, when they left'for Atlanta. The city was gaily decorated. When the train entered the city limits cannon, bells, and steam "whistles sounded ft noisy welcome, which continued until the Union station was reached. The reception committee appointed to greet the visitors, and the Anniston rifles, under command of Colonel Ed G. CaldwelJ; formed an escort to the vice president's'" party, who were Jtaken in carriages over the .principal "part of the city before going to the Inn. Ileceptlon nt the Opera House. Enthusiastic cheering greeted the visitors from the time they left the car until they entered the ho ( tel and it broke out afresh every time Stevenson was seen. Attisr^ hinchgQU, aa. iptermal receptign '_ was Ijeld at theTopera hcjuse, which was crowded toils full 1 cnpaci'ty, hundreds b6ing turned away. Colonel McElroy introduced Central Stevenson, who made a brief address, thanking-the people of Anniston and of Alabama for their/cordial welcome. He , J..S. Cox, JR: ..* .; , '' JOHN HERTKORN. "•-. , GEO. COLLINS, JR Marshall, Nov. 'SOU). 1893. ' - said Rfchard Croker Monday, "will ask Mr. Cleveland for nothing in the way of patronage or places. It will not embarrass him in the matter of appointments. Any he may make will be satisfactory to the organization, no matter who the. lucky v pnea are. We have no requests to make." Decided for the Populists. LINCQUT, Neb., Dec, 21."—The supreme court yesterday handed down a decision in a case involving the validity of the ballots, count of which shows 'that the two Independents representatives and one Independent senator from Clay county were elected.- The court decided for, the Populists. If the Republicans had won it would have given- the'm a majority or) joint ballot in the" legislature. __ The Montana ElcotWh Contest. HELENA, Mont^Bec. 21.—By a ruling handed down -yesterday in the|Bo$-Elder case the.--Supreme court has announced tha>it''wni go into all of the, details of the election at that place, , . KIRKS / nn CITY/ UlloAT A Guaranteed Cure tor Piles of degree—External, Inteinil, liliud ur ItchiitB, Chronic. Booeui or Hereditary. This remedy hat positively never beeu known to fail, S 1.00 ft box, 6 boxes tor $5.00; aent by mail pre- don receipt of price. A written li«<irimto« poaltlreiy given to eacn purchaser of (i boxen, when purchased at one time, to relund the $5.00 paid if not cured. Guarantee issued by A. O, Ayde, Marnhttll, Mlc)a. Cull for sample. Health is Wealth, Breidenthal for Senator. ,/ TOPEKA, Kim.,-Dec. 21.—'At a nieetjng of of the Populist editors of the state held here yesterday a *esoluti.oaf declaring that only a straight Populisfr be elected senator was voted jlown. It was claimed that John C. Breidenthal, chairman ofj the .was-followed by tfovernor Jones and Con- I Populist central committee, is at work or- grossman-elea William H. Denman and I ganging the,Populist legislators to take a Gaston A. Hrfbbiys. All the talks were I stand for the election of one of their own short and pithy and were received'with nupaber instead of a fusion-Democrat. A boonf has been started for ;Breidenthal for benator and he admitted in an interview Healthful, Agreeable, Cleansing. DB.K. C, , KBNT, a (fUttranteed BUeciflc Jot ae»8, Coniralsioaa, -fiis, Servnuw , Heftdche, Nerroun yfoawatton caum-d liy tlie uue •loobol or tobaoco,,.AVttUefttluto», Mental Dti- preaslon, Hoftenlw?'of thu Bnilu resultlui; iu fa- •tuity;andleadjiiK to.Misery, dutay, au<l dea,tli, Premature Old A fie. Barrenvjus, Ifptw ofpoyiVria . either BBI, luvoluutary LoSaes and bpurmitor- "' rhcea caused by uver-exerlioa of the brain, unit abiiBU over-indulgence. Each-box cootaiu"« ou» month 1 * treatment. 91.00 a bos, or »U Itpxce far $iSM sent by S»*U urepuld oo riseelyt pf price deafening applause. Following/this was the handshaking, o Mr; Steverison standing in an easily accessible place. . Drive, nigh,Tea and Banquet. % The party were driven oviarthe city ami shown the principal places'bf interest. The ladies of the city tendered the ladies Of the party a high tea at<$ o'clock, which was followed by ajHiblic reception in-the parlors of the luh Iron)'? to 9. The banquet began at-'O o'clock in the ; elegant dining room^and it was an 'affair' of grea.t bril T Uaficy. Mr. J. H. King was toastihaster, 'Thaioats. were responded to as follows:*'The lucomiwg Adrnuilsbration," • Adlar Stev^usuu; "Th«.President; the American can People; Wiestern Democrac>," W^.yT, Ewiag; "The Solid South," John B/Kjiox; '•Tiiri^E %form," J. S."Ewing; "Illinois/J, T. Lilliard, "Alabama," TJaomas G. Jones; "The Old Guard," J, J. Willet; "Young Democracy," Gastou A- Rohbius; Y "The Prejs," Joseph Hodgson; "The Office Seeker," Rufns N. Hliodes; "The Ladies." T W. . WE GUARANTEE SIX BOXES To CUT* ftijV ; caee. With eapji order rwweived by jjgfor six-boxes, aceountud with $5.W), we"wil •end iae purchi#er our writteu guarautee tq re t nfld the money if tlie treatinw«, do«« »o^ etttjc ' a cure. Guarantees issued osly Dy A. O. Byriu ' 'i wit) Ageut Ma.rchall. Mich. •Eccomnaendodtor Crita- fort, buppurt- und- l"i no Forw. *iad combl $*>*tp i *u*<XL}>t last night that he would accept the place, Dickinson Claims the Senate. WASHINGTON, Dee. 21.—"On and after March 4,1893, the TJnited.States senate will, be Democratic," said Hon. Dom M. Dickinson, of Michigan, last evening to a reporter while standing in the lobby, of the^Arliflg^ ; ton. "Please do not ask me, t« state in tail'the reasons lor thajt statenjeijit; suffice to say that I am cor fldent that the result will bear out my prediction,"• Cures Chapped Hands, Wounds, Burns, Etc. Removes and Prevents Xtandruft AMERICAN FAMILY SOAP. Best for General Household Use, The best Perfumes always. In stock at G. H. Greene's Drug store.* Ladies are invited to call and test them THOS. S. SPRAGUE & SON. Attorneyi and Solicltonof Pit- JACKSON FAVORITE JACK.SOW, Michigan, J>enonuel of the JPiirty." The party ia composed of -A. E. Stevenson, wife and three daughters; J. S. Ewing and wife; Mr» M. T. Scott aud t%v& daughters; J. C. tfJCevenson, J. T. Lilliar.d and wife, George H. BUraec and' \V. f. Ewin^. DEMOCRATIC POINT RAINED. Su}»remu Court DycUne* to 2i$LUM? " tbo Cuoyoropp.' E, \>!yo>,' v De<;. A.—Another pro- jiouiiced .vk-tory y^s gained byth^.-Denio- upon the coortf in t^e attaeuce ,a s . H^ would '- Kepublican N,. Conn., Dec. St—The cans rather .overturned .things in the city election held^yesterday. They elected their candicate for mayor; DrTG. Herrjck' Wilson, by a • large plurality ove? the present incumbent, Mayor Tracy. They also elected their city ticket with the exception e-f clerk. The present council stands 21 J)emQcratis to 13 Republicans. Wyoming wud Utah IliUlway.' / CHICAGO, Dec. 21.—The incorporation of the Wyoming and Utah Railway company may prove to be one of the moatT important items of railway news-^tbe year. The capital' stock"lk |ie 4 Q£0 t (JOO and the line will extend from .Caspar, Wy., to Ogden, Utah, This will extend the .Jforthwest- ern's Fremopt,-ElkhQrn and Missouri Valley road to Qgdepi a»d give the Vander- -,bilts a continuous line hearty, across the continent. The iiew\ line' will be perfectly iiidepeiiduat of, all cotiuejptitnis except with i»eOin£'ihe mibiS44^v*"conipetitor,"" ', of the Union Pacllftc. Dec. ^L-s naattur ot the Ha,pn'a eottnity. . l"" in, >f .Jtheprima focie legality of " " " "" " _ issued eertifl- coles of wlecUou io all theJfcgjijl^tgra elected at the recent eleetiow .ejfieept'tfiu^e io Car- b^jn. coup,ty, ( wlibht! cases axe now bl-fore the supreme court. .Acting Governor' liaxber" has also issuud ctjrtificAt^s to \ti$_ legislators, VbS Action feaSecasta adual at' his Wisconsin den- jo this hae . to y«a«i, . iW^qed scores of Qbleagp^irlj fcp |BftA?^ tiitsir tojcnes end diat i» tlie last that i%gvf» -•*-• HUMPHREYS? This 'PRECIOUS iOwTMENt i* the triumph of Scientific Medicine. i "NotbJng has ever been produced tp equal or compare with it as a CURATIVE an,d HEALING AWLICATION. It has been used 40 years and always affords rejief ,. and always -gives satisfaction. Cures PILES or HEMORRHOIDS— I&ternal ' or Internal* Blind or Bleeding— Itching and '-..Burning; Cracks or Fissures; Fistula in Anoj ; "Worms of the Rectum. The relief is MWUB- diate— the cure certain. WITCH HAZEL OIL Cures BURKS, Scalds and Ulceratfon and Contraction from Burns. The relief is instant . ' - Cures Borw, Jlot Tumors, Ulcer?, Fistulas, Old Sores,' Itching 'Eruptions, or Scald Head.-/ It is infallible, -' , ERoc Q&CEO B Itis,j;jUvaluabHe.- 50 Cents,. . Trial size, 25 Ceafe «a reoeii* ol yrica. WWsttlpOk .oitf ao-lJtr; ,S5. , ' .• . * «««« •fteej'daUy aiifpatpTarJl^peT^i two ia.w,,njaking it compulsory pw mil to provide BejMUute cwa-for »egro, One Btate i er twp pieaaaot roopi t<ju board $.t jir«. O. i i

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