The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on December 20, 1892 · Page 4
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 4

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 20, 1892
Page 4
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fL, ' > ft f >r •••U M ^ ima.i »?»M>ii«pMiM»pM»«n»»»i mi • •^•T*p*^py*^fj>y^'"^-""™ "Sufferers frorrt tries should know that tha Pyramid $ile Cure wijl promptly and 6f> fectoalJy-rdtnoTe every trace of them. Atly drugglBt will get it for you. The Pyramid Pile £ure is a new discovfety fur the prompt, permanent Cure of Piles in every form. Every druggist has li Reader, perhaps you are looking for furniture; If so, allovfr us to call \~your attention to the; store of J. S. Bowers. Here you will. find all the late styles ttttd (tesiRnS; >ia 'buirboth sets, .£am>r setSivandj^ Jaiet, every th.ipg usual|; •kept In a flrflt*61^°futBhare etdfe, ;',-.• > , •:. ". "Royal tlnby^ Port Wine. ' ' No good thing should be outlawed because here 'and there a graceless persdd. treats it basely. Itisjjist as necessary to administer invigorants to the aged and feeble as it is to strengthen a dwelling that is beginning to decay. Not <Snly may life .be greatly prolonged by artificial support, but the declining- years of those near and dear to us be rendered more comfortable, and age relieved of many of .Its usual pains and penal ties bs a judicious use of "Royal Ruby" Port Wine; each bottle, is guaranteed by the un dersigned t'o be' absolutely pure and over five years old at bottling or money pnic for it mil be refunded. Quart bottles $1 pints, 60- cents; never sold in bulk. See tha you<get "RoyarUuby." Tor Bale, by M. Powell.. £ottle4 by Royal Wine Co., Chica • ''-' "' "'• • - '' • ''•' • •'• MARSHALL IMPROVED (Sunday patent. doDtftlaa na Atrip!n) ' • " '•'• '"'".' "* ne' Cocaine, andTobacco Habit, ••-•• For treatment and explanation of the Gold Cure consult Dr. L. E. Gallup at his office iii the Cook block. Patients treated privately if so desired. Thetlnest line .of lathes' pu'rjges- and card cases in tb> city at ' ' • ' -:."'•' ; M. .B.POWELL'S' . . ' , • / t • . • n i , • ' _ . ' ; ' ' A • posjtivo-'eure for coughs and colds a);' '. M.-B. POWELLS'. "Look at the elegant line of holiday goods at M. B. Powell's before purchasing elsewhere. R. Uutler keeps the largest stocfe crockery and latiips in the city. Save money by buying and shoes at Grace Bros. djl vour boots Use Hazel Cream for chapped bands and lips or auy routjhuf.&s of tho skin. M. B: POWELL. Children Cry for Pitcher's Castorla. Fresb oysterejit Cunningham's. Buckwheat, and all kinds of custom grinding done at C. A. Chesher's mill. • All kinds of fresh meat At R. Butler's.. djl cut to, order he Nidgafa TIME TA 'LIE, Route." 1892. TRAINS «*8T\ a. m. a. m. 12 oo tt ao 5 20 5 59 U) 16 u.iu. i * - i r offer for sale one of the 'largest and fc>est selected .stocks of • ' - •: ' "' ; ^ .- tf ~ s HOLIDAY GOOSS and TOYS ever sold 1 . . * ** -> in Marshall at ptkres so low thatyotT * ' • *•'•.-.." ,-;' •can afford to buy them. Coine early and get yout choice of the » . . .•'..•» ' ' ,: • > bargains. * t>. . . _• ,..„, . : ' - '•',. G. ,i 'i Select and standard ninghatn's. oysters at Gun- Unffalo. : aftn. Detroit, Lv 8 80 Juckeon ..11 35 Albion ....1-J 18 Battle ur'lt 1 1 (CaUmazoo i-0 r 735 p.m. sunplej ^whtm it is not simple it is j i not/gbod.. $t#i#if, JBeautiful, G^^rfi-theSe ' ch, but to see " The Rochester ":\ truth more forcibly. All metal, a^ghand seamless, and made in three pieces onl '•Absolutely w/<rand unbreakable. Like Aladdin's ^ 'old, it is indeed a "wooderful lamp," for its marvelous light is purer and brightef than gas light, softer than electric light and more cheerful than either, • k Tx«t for thiastampl-THB ROCHESTER. If the'lampdealet hasn't the Renalin* Rochester, and the style you want, send to us for our new illustrated catalogue, land we wilt send you a* lamp safely by express— your choice of over 2.00O | varieties from the Largest Lamp Star tin Ike World. . BOCHBSTEB L AOIP CO., 4* Park Place, N«|V ^ork CUf. 1 aoj'4 40 8 IT 7 15 245 7 52 . 4 04! 8 !» 10 48' 4 30 8 47 M 30 5 06 0 45 3 B5, 9 00 "The Rochester." \>.tn (p.m. p.m t Saturday» uxcepted i • Daily tHundayi) eict-pttd O. W. HUQGLKS, Gen. Pass. & Ticket Agt. Wuo.A JOBMSON. Freight Agent; C. (I. OSBORN. Ticket Aeect. MarxhaP MOTHERS; »A ' I Will you part k with your dar ____ I ».•-•• »iJOK babies in sickness, or call pn your druggist for Dr. Sharpsteen's Lavender Oin invent and -Astbroatio Balsam, medicin < that nave lives when doctors fail In AJem- branoua ."Croup. Inflammation tf tbe l^ungs, LunK Fever and Ty phoi Pneu mpnia, also quickly relieves a, d cures Crbiip, Scarlet Fever, W of>ping (Jougb, Sore Throat, Burns, S ^alds aad simiTar afflictionfa. 25 and 5U cents, or i>y mail?- UK iL t>HA.Bip3TEPii, Prppri- etor Marshal), Michigan. •< y^e 'laws of health arc taught' ID the schools; but not in a "way to be of raucb practical beneBt and ara living examples, which in uiapy .case easily be done. If some scholar who has Just contracted a cold was brought -before the school BO that all could hear the dry, loud cough and know its significance; B«C the thin, white coating on the tpnaue aud later, as the cptd deve!|oped, see Jbe profuse watery expectoration iand tfaiu watery . di»charge from tbe noee, not one of thcui, would ever forget what, the nrst symptpws of a cold were. »The scholar should then b& giyea-Qhamberlain'B Cough Eepedy ireeiy, -that .ali might aew that ^vena" severe cold coiild bgcciyrefi in one ^w;two days, or at .least ^rea*ly-. j»iri treated *a soon as the first ,^ear- This. rewe4y is famous of coughs, colds ap^crdup.. It for these iind mit reUablft ,bptties.forealfl,at " HAVE you CHILDREN ' ** TO EDUCATE FOR - USEFULNESS? —!— If. eo, eend them to the THE BED FLAG v \ fit i V •*>•• i-ii . •* 2 Stores ? Stores. A thorough, reliable and progre8slve.instituUon. Uuodre<l* of- young . men aud women' received their start In Ute itihaJBL^t^STo farmers boyd ? and gi'rla this tiori cannot l)fi over-estimated. ?•, We shall ba pleased to. have you caj) al tlys CoVgo'.aud talk over the matter, or aii'iiresg- for cataloeue. ' KHUG'S BUSINESS COLLEGE, Creek, Mich You can always best Qig&rs, at **" Greenes Drug ^tore, Call and Try Tham. is made es- most A full assortineiit T o i sizes. Tbe best Mn<Js * * j. i and at reasonable rates Truies ' fltled , without at -- CONSUM1TES OF\GAS Company anpunc^theHfollpwing pricey of Gas for LI^ETING wherever Gas isj^sed ALSO for QOOKINQ o^HjEJATI^G on SHPTESMBBB IPfc ? ' \ iu$ 4he ' wore af» to toe ^ able : to wwic or-go to.eohupL JBjs soon ca«e£ walked w^ aad'a liajlf WfP *p and bjie-l fVeryaehftol'48f For pain in the gtoinaqhj eolic and cholera : , niorbiw there is notpb^n|f better thap C 1 " ' - bojltiin'e Colic, i!iaolera and Diarraoea" y. J"or &&!$ at Grepne; B'dru^ atoze. Chlld/enCryfor Pitcher's Castorla. 293 West State M ARSH ALL, W 1C H. . or mail WOJC 50q* Sen* tor Ciiaular P4SBTQY% For all Gas coneumed where a GAS RANG$ limited. Fgr aU gaa eonaHiRed where CSPOKING or HEAiTIN^lSTQVES W® conannmtion (a not leus than 1000 cubiu feet * . 0. , ^ • _ •B ats for Gau used for LIOttTING ONI.Y remain uucUaugod aud^rp as fpUoira: ^ Less ^hafi 1,000 cubic ft.i in one month, §2 OU per -IQOOjeaMo ft. 5ttOO cubic ft. an4 leas than 10,000 cubic ft 1 JttQo^o $1 ^per ,,'^ .10,000 or over^Ij^onth $} ^Ojier JOOO cubiu ft f ; \cubi&f<i. All tb»above rates are subject to a diaooaat of 10 ots per4000 cu'Wo ft"wheu thj bill is paid in or before the 10th of the-month^ext fo^ftSKiag, '. .' T -.-^" " Tlia aboTtf special ratau are made to iuduoe'ceadiimerfl t«'"uao gaa for pooling ftridh^fcting" . - &SJ(4UjU HtrMtTiir ' " »* ' .-•_•, \ . \ The iii€lieapei'Sto\«3 ; -f - '- SPF.CIAt r A diaopoj't of ift per ^eut' will ba.^ad^ froai^reguiar prious on alj tr41a fqr Gw Fi¥(ur«e '' "' ' '" or Sept 1st 1892, to Ipl The MARSHALL LlGHf Co. -«o. , 'i C- BITTNEH 4- CO.,To«DO,O GtW — t sPS.' jKS'J ?5^W'^*W ; ^^^ < ^^ V*^f^ s * JUSTICE OF THE PEACE. Offlioe OYM «UW KoUr'%Millw WT Bt«e, j—^ -;• ^^ - ^ * rRptee tocoio al| r.<jryt>u» 4ise»«a» #f "

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