The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on August 14, 1962 · Page 3
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 3

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 14, 1962
Page 3
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14* MAZOSPORT AND BRA20RIA COUNTY, TEXAS. TUI5DAY, AUGUST 14, 19*2 THE BRAZOSPORT PACTS •Mr, IU*J Mrs. Charles Flnlcy Kyle Of CSut* havt* added Sr. to tfl«tr IMnW since the arrival of Churl* Ftnley Jr. on July 9 at BrAXOBporl Memorial Hospital, weighing seven pounds ind seven ounces. * » • Rhoyn Phylle* I* the newest "ember of the William Davis family in Rra/orla. She weighed six pounds and l\vo ounces on ar< rival at Brn/osport Mpmorinl Hospital on July 10. i * * * Michnel Armor, son of Mr. and Mrs. Sheldon Louis Heldomann Jr., Is a new Junior citizen of' Lake Jackson. He made his first Ifipearance on July 11 at Brazos- port Memorial Hospital, tipping the scalei at six pounds and 14 ounces. Sandra Dee mndo. her debut on July IT at Brazonporl Memorial i Hospital. She is the daughter of| Mr. and Mrs. Ru/us Benjamin' Smith of Freeport nnd she weigh-1 ed six pounds, seven ounces at frth. I Edlreriol—Adv.—BE 3 3511- Cla-.-,!fisd BE 3 2611 PAGE 3 JONES CREEK BAPTIST YOUTH LED REVIVAL OPENS AUG. 19 Jones Creek Baptist Church Is,Lee High School In Bsytown. He having Its Annual Youth-led Re- participated in hasketball, track, vlvfll during the week of Aug. 19- J2B. I The evangelist will he the Rev. Jim Whltt, pastor of the Proctor Baptist Church In Duhlin. Jack |Walton of Baytown will be the I song leader. ! The Rev. Whltt graduated from Clebtirne High School where he! National Honor Society, All-State Choir and served as vice president of Student Council. He will he a major music edu- AttractiveYou<W BY ALBERTA CULVER p * Although they're h i d d en from public view most ol the time, are your feet ready for display In ration major at Howard Payne \ transparent plastic evening shoes, College next term and wH be pre- ! ' -..«, , . . , sident of his class. Also, he Is ai° r *" Opcn foe * and sandals member of the A Cappela Choir j wanT1 wea < ner styles? and mixed chorus, Mr. nnd Mrs. Clmrles Ray Dunaway of Freeport are telling their friends and relatives alxiut the arrival of Christ! Ellen on July 19, at Brazosport Memorial Hospital, weighing 10 pounds and four ounces. • * * It's n girl! for Mr. and Mrs. Donald Gene Morgan of Lake •hckson. Her name is Donna Jean and she was horn at Brazosport Memorial Hospital on July 20, tipping the scales at seven pounds and two ounces. • • • Lee Herman'* parents are Mr. nnd Mrs. John Leroy Morgan of Freeport snd he arrived at Bra- zosport Memorial Hospital o n July 27, weighing in at seven C inds, eight and a half ounces. Charles Ray chose July 28 K.MII.Y I'EHKV, left, and Kittle Sue Slnnger are. members nf rl- vnl trllmn at Cnmp Arrowhead, « private camp for girls near Hunt. Kmlly, daughter of Mr. nnd Mr». Stephen S. Perry .Jr. of Prarh Point, Is M wond-.venr camper nnd a member of the. Pawnee tribe. Kittle Rue 1* the daughter nf Dr. and Mrs. R. 8. Stnnger Jr. of Rrainrln and a flr«<-yenr camper. 8he In n member nf the Klrlmpoo tribe. All camper* are members of one of the«w tribes nwl during the entire five-week term they engage In friend- He then attended Texas Tech three year* and graduated as a Bible major from Howard Payne College with a BS degree. For two years he was in the ! United Stales Army Signal Corps 'and now he Is a third year stu- :dent at Southwestern Seminary. j Walton graduated from R. E. Luncheon Honors Miss Westerman '•, Two recent pre-nupHal events j In Temple have honored Miss! Barbara Westerman erf Lake' Jackson, bride-elect of Glenn 1 Richards of Temple. Mrs. Kldo Johnson and Mr*. '• Alan Johnston honored Miss Westerman with a buffet luncheon. A kitchen gadget theme was carried out in table decorations. The luncheon table held an arrangement of miniature kitchen gadgets attached to a branch sur rounded by apricot marigolds. ly competition for the raveled tribe plaque, awarded to the win- I A m ^ e r hurricane lamps were] nine tribe at the rln,4ng rnrnpllre. along with honors given to In- if , ?' lntprval « *w» the cen-| dividual*. Activities Include horwback riding, swimming, diving, A °\ t ™ ^' p _' cnnoclng, lennln, rl/lery, archery, camperaft. and handcraft. SUCCESSFUL HOMEMAKIMG BT OKRALII1N* UEE oovr*y Horn* Dtmrnttrallon i AcmL Bat IM I Start Your Day Right his advent in Brazosport Memorial How do you feel about 10 every cereal or just peaches with whlp-! a P ricot Colored gladioli and car- Hospital. His parents are Mr. ; morning? Do you have the energy- p^ non-fat dry milk — good. | nj ' tions - Apricot and amber colors were repeated in place mats and place cards. Guests presented the honoree with favorite recipes and the hostesses gave her a gift. Special guests were Mrs. J. Maurice Smith and Miss Jan Smith of San Antonio. The following day, Mrs. Smith «nd her daughter were hostesses at a brunch in the Blue Room of the Kyle Hotel. The tahle was centered with an arrangement ot LOW - CALORIE WHIPPED TOPPING 'a cup nonfat dry milk '» cup ice water 2 tablespoons lemon juice 1'j teaspoons Sucaryl solution Mix dry milk and ice water in and Mrs. Egbert Fcrrel Cart - j to get you through the morning' u-right of Freeport, and he weigh-j without feeling irritable? If you! ed seven pounds and two ounces'do feel tired and irritable, try at birth. 'starting the day right by eating • • • i breakfast. Rhonda Jean is the new little! A good breakfast makes even miss at the home o/ Mr. and Mrs. i the hottest morning more com James Alfred Clifton of Freeport.Ifortable. *he was born on July 30 at Bra- 1 And agood breakfast ran be H.hawl: beat until soft peaks form.. zosport Memorial Hospital and'light meal, H you do not want a Add lemon juice and Sucaryl; weighed six pounds. 13',j ounces heavy breakfast. It may include beat until stiff. Serve on that day. : fruit, cereal, milk, and buttered puddings and other deserts. • • * [toast. Makes 4 cups. Each !i cup serv Ramero Is making his home In' Cereal and milk make a perfect ing contains 14 Calories: 1.5 Chile with his parents, Mr. and i background lor the fresh peaches grams protein; no <at; 2 grams . The honoree was presented with an apricot colored glamellia corsage. Places were set for 20 guestx. Choir practice will be at 7 p.m. nnd worship service at 7:30 p.m. They can be, if you include dule. Lme your nands, they'll r»- spond to frequent creaming!, thorough washings and the us« of a nail brush. Most prominent on your foot Is the big toe. M you can keep it clean and make sure the nail Is well-shaped and polished, your entire foot will a.^sumo dignity and character. Of course, this doesn't mean the rest of your toenails should be neglected. The best time to shape your toenails is immediately after your bath, or after soaking them in warm, soapy wafer. This softens the nails and enables you to out them more easily. When cutting your nails, shape them according to the base line of the nail. If it is rounded, gently round the end of the nail. If the base line Is square, the ends should be square. Avoid rounding the toenail too much, since most foot specialists recommend a blunt toenail. Don't cut cuticles, which art delicate and protect the nail base. Soften them by creaming, then push them back gently. When the foot has dried and the nails have resumed their normal hardness, use a file to finish shaping them and remove any rough edges left during cutting. You can improve the general appearance of your feet by massaging them with cream, kneading the an?as behind Die toes and under the arch. Pumice stone applied to the back of the heel smooths it and whitens it. If you wish, you may apply polish to the toes, setting a good base coat of colorless polish and finishing up with one or two coats of your favorite nail color. JACK WALTON Singer LJ Methodists Send r^-Qirl To Work Camp An "unforgettable experience" At Low's Chapel and Sexton Miss Hannaf ord Fiance Honored iWith Dinner j Miss Susan Hannaford and Thomas Holiis Meadows Jr., whose marriage will he an event of Spt. |1, svere honored recently with a j buffet, dinner and Bridge party at . the home of" MW and Mrs. T. C Mandrell of Houston. The buffet table was centered with an arrangement of five varies of white fern with pink tap- Mrs. Robert M. Garcia, since he: now on the market in plentiful carbohydrate. If made with sugar 1 way Nancy Israel describes Church they also painted, and at ers in gold candle holders. Indi•arrived at Brazosport Memorial supply. This breakfast pattern each sen-ing would contain 26 «« week at the Texas Conference J^*^ ^'J,^ *£ ^'^^T^^ ** \ Hospital on July 31. weighing «'provides the calories needed and Calories. Work Camp in the Red Hills Lake general inside Caning at the' Marcia and Rick Mandrell as [husky nine pounds. ! the protein allowance necessary Try this delicious refresh e r Recreational Center near Geneva, church at Milam .=i«ted their parents with sen-ing. most persons through with only 30 calories to the sen-- Texas, in the Sabm* National For- In addition ,„ L>)e wwk _ the ''^ ™£ ^ ^n^ ^? e Mr. and Mrs. Bobby Folsom of:the morning by providing quick ing. est. younR p^,,, and ^^ adul( en(ed wi(h a sUver Freeport have named their new;as well as lasting energy. PINEAPPLE-LIME COOLER Miss Israel was sent to the work counselors held daily Bible study vegetable dish. •born on Aug. 2 at {Memorial Hospital and „ pounds, 14V4 ounces. if 11 ?"'." 11 ! lxr - v Rnd loo '. thc >' L re . a . 1 ^._™ p Aj el !l? n ..?. u . i . c !., __,...,„ ^"."^ churches. a communion sen-ice was held at Bobby Cates, Mr. and Mrs. Ro- ve-eae s . She was' I hope you have been freeing 6Vi cups unsweetened pineapple camp by the Lake Jackson First,and each night conducted a wor- Guests included Jo Karen Ju- Bra/osport and preserving peaches for use juice Methodist Church to help with the sh i p services at one of the several re k Marsha Dingle Pat Perry, nd weighed!later in the year for they are 11/-cups tresh lime juice repair and clean up of five small churches. On the final evening. Douglas Selman Russel Jase'k, l |relatively low-calorie fruit. This 10 tablespoons Sucaryl solution: The largest membership of any:midnight by the lake. ii The population of West Coluni- is a B c>oti reason for us to use 5 pints Sucaryl - sweetened o f the churches was 35, Miss lia grows with the birth of Stcph-""'"' 'or in-betwt>on meal snacks non-caloric ginger ale Israel reports, with the others mie Ann daughter of Mr. and 'hat won't add extra pounds. Combine all ingredients except having from 15 to 20 members. Qhpll Pnllprtmn ,lrs Ralph Hagemeier She ar - U>1 J™ r ••>'* 'x 1 - vour K uil)e in « in « er ale: chil1 - Just Mme sen '" The R«'. Bill Holt, minister of the OIIC " uUIIGUUUII iv-ed at Brazosport Memorial selecting quality peaches. Make ing add ginger ale. Pour over ;nlral circui , r is descri bed by ^ e colle<-tion of shells to he ospltalon Aug 7 and her weight 'surf the peaches are plump, it-rushed ice or ice cubes m tall Mjsi . Israpl as .. about the mmi "« collet lion ot >tiells_to be recorded a,eightpounds and «"•«»* - "kinncd and well filled glasses. Garnish with lime slices. lalcnled man , have evcr met . .*own as part of the Brazona *?%£. <*"• « !« »" «<»"* gold under-' Makes 30 semns. _ Each sen- a sinRer , ,„,„, artjs , „ „,„ Raintaj, GirL,^ Hobby Mjo.Jhur.- . . . color which tellg the maturity of ing nxitams .10 calories; trace of , K a verv RIMd Dtn n-hf r " rta > l)f ' lo "K s to -> lrs - Miltliert late r,u j ^- u • .1 the wach pmtein- no fat; S.5 grams car- m,. •"•I ,„,.!.„,„ ~ r , ,,< n "* hurfside, rather than to Mrs. Tlw Rev. Jolin H. B.Mrd of Lake EM ~M^ ' h Sv"^ m ol v™- ™ «™ fiesh ,,ac,K,, Lydrate. If made w,U, sugar; ^ ^ ^Pe of tlf .± Joh " "j ~' as »™ ^ca,«i Jai - k . n Firs, Bapt.M rnnrch wiU Angleton hwe ^holen for the "W-i «'»" l« «™ni. deep dish each sen-ing would contain 159 rhlm . h « V ery ret-eptivf. Thev '" Sunda> ' Ia ^l '.***»* Uwi «' 11 « ! he _ Gu ? da ^> '- "-- * - - ^'" "'"" •'"" "" ' - S1-STS. TSf. Mom Rebels— 'SK iSSSitSSS melon party at her home. The wi » ™ m ' prn ^^^ a " d rest of the time the group camp- «— ™«...i™ •>.— >-,. «.,n., means of the Brotherhood reach- bert Bryant, Mr. and Mrs. T. H. Meadows Sr.. and Mrs. Dorothy ll«nr..iford. all of Brazosport. and Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy White of Beaumont. Victoria Speaker Ibiit on Aug. fi at Onnniunily ll»s- Ipitnl where her birth wpighl is I recorded a* six pouiHls nnd seven unces. Christian Adventure Week Underway At Lake Jackson First Methodist Christian Adventure Week is In held in the sanctuary. Tamara Jo is the new arrival | at the home of Mr. and Mr*. K. j p ,,, ss „, „,,. Kirel M P , lllld i s , | D i si . ussj on lead.-.-s lor the spe- was [; ^ "i tt. S,ot-k,on_« rreerx..;.. ^ 1^;^,.,,, ,„ } ^ f M ^ fnr M ^ ^ ^^ ^ ^ ^ *»* made her first nppearance at ed in ttnts by a lake, "cooking it-belled^ag'a'insVwaTking Vron- '" e |H !' lo °' hers through thi * their own meals. The lake pro- crete all day and now demands _^1 J '':_: vided their bathing and swim- wood floors which are easier on p= spot as well as a place to her feet, a large western home •contractor reports. Ttie <irst projects tackled by 1 Community Hospital on Aug. 7, :' K 7 adr J"ni'i S 7pe 1 cia'r week o/'dis- 1 " 101 - B" 1 ' Wal/<?1 ' Um - v f^ 1 ' 1 ™- ll>p K TOU P uier< ' the Geneva and A soft toothbrush Is a good tipping the wales at six pounds. :, nlsslon Erralps ' KO| underway Sun- Bob Bryant, Don Pennington. and J^ b<>rt J., S f^" Ks . Churches, wherr tool to use in cleaning silver- one and one fourth ounces. rf ', " r?ob Coyner. lhp - v m " both lnsl(i ' antl outside ware that has a grooved or in* ' ' -n,e sessions tonight will !«• held In addition to committees of: Painting. dented pattern. Mr .and Mrs. W. T. Tliompson :(,-,„„ fi : ;)n | 0 9 p.m. in Weslc> junior highs who have been busy | Jr. of Kieepoit are the proud |j a || O| , \v«)nesday the young with plitivs tor the week, these __ of William Thomas HI pooplc will mcei ai the i-hurch adults are acting ns advisors for I who arrivitt at Community llos- ant | K() , 0 u, ( . 1^,^,, [01- a cmcml various activities: jpilal on Aug. 5, wcighinR a husky : d j s |, supp,.!-. ..\11 of the evening's Mr. and Mrs. Percy Guess, [eight pounds, six and one fourth :m . t j v iij PS w ill lx> at the Uike and evening MYF counselors; Bill jounces. I the group will iviurn in the church r.ary, junior high superintendent: * * • !„( 9 p.,,,. W. D. Kverctt, project supei-vis- Mr. and Mrs. Iwirry N. Gur - (>,, -nun-sdiiy, discussions will or: Mrs. Hob Hr>'»nt. fi«xt chair- Igamis of Freerxirt are annotinc- |,,, [,-„,„ i;;l.i to !) p.m. in Wesley man; Mrs. Carlos Davis, fellow- ling the birth of Iwirry Neil (in'||;i||. On Krldny, the pxrninK'n ac- ship singinR; Mis. C. M. Raney, (Aug. 5 at Community Hospital, tivities will begin at fi:M p.m. in plani«l- Wayne Fulmer. recrea- S weighing In at eight |X»ind», lour | Wesley Hull. 'Hie closinu wurship linn; •«! Miss Frano-s Way. Lund three fourths ounces. |n, M ) roinimmiini services will tw worship. For Competent Reliable SHOE REPAIR SEE GREGORY'S 204 W. Iroad IE 3-4223 Cheri Gayle has arrived t o I grace the home of Mr. and Mrs. Melton C. Brurnbclow of Angle She arrived at Community JJospital on Aug. 5 whrrr her freight Is recorded as six pounds, ne and one fourth minces. CARRY BORDEN'S IROUARD'S SUPER MARKET CHILDRENS EYES NEED PROTECTION Ha»« your child fitttd ~itK qlltm thtt <r« MADE TO TAKE ABUSE. Our ha«t touQhcned l»nl«* will b* REPLACED WITHOUT CHARGE If Woktn within ONE YEAR OF PURCHASE. For Profaltion«i Ey*c«ri vitil «n Eyt Spacialiit of your choice for your ntvt tx«mination. Alt«rw«rd bring your prtieription ta L M. JOHNS DISPENSING OPTICIAN 326 W. BROAD FREEPORT BE 3-1722 "BRAZOSPORT'S OLDEST OPTICAL ESTABLISHMENT 11 QldairwhiU't Dynamic SS o/fm you n lot mart Mr than tHt d* lux* motiflu oj "hw-priffd" m<iAv« , , . for wry littl« adual price di/ffftiff, And Ohitwbilt'a fanwu* Rotkti \'-!t Kn\jin4 w standard quiptnt-nt! \'-X# or« n firstly option on rn<iHy "low-prited" rubles,' GliUtnttbtU is twitd /or htijA rfnale, tc*i! You y*'t more nuinfy batk you tradfJ MORE AND MORE PEOPLE ARE BUYING OLDSMOBILE...and now's the best time to buy! VISIT YOU* IOCAI AUTHORIZID OlOSMOBIli QUAUTY DEAliR EARLE PEARSON OLDSMOBILE 315 EAST PARK ALL ELECTRIC HEAT PUMP TM* anting tools, beat! and eontofe humidity... automatically ... the year atmA, at a cost * tow as a* other Mob*baling and cooling system. NEW ELECTRIC LIVING RATE You'll enjoy total electric living at the lowest cost in history, because the special low 1 cent winter rate, in effect November through April, now applies after use ot only 500 kilowatt flours per month. REDDY'S GIFT CHECK OFFER! fhe Light Company h&s a free Gift Check worth up to $125 to help you install a central Heat Pump in your home. Checks are available at dealers' everywhere. See ••'our dealer soon! SPECIAL LOW UNIT PRICES In addition to the $125 gift .check offer, deafen m Ms area are now featuring special tower-thaimer-before prices on the aH-etectoe Heat Pump. ADD DP TO YEAR ARODND COMFORT AT LOWER COST THAN EVER BEFORE! HOUSTON LIGHTING POWER COMPANY i?

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