The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on August 14, 1893 · Page 2
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 2

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Monday, August 14, 1893
Page 2
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T ;j^rf ?7F ^ v, Y' *n,<," : •r," *~' t' - • ' * - ^ ^ " : "' * ;"" - J r < V • -y j \*" - ! " • : TfiE BAIL* CHRONICLE, AOatJST l4893 > THE CHlRONICLE *. 1O cent* per «r«eb recelved'at the office «t t>nb atiea 151 HUM etrtet. J.M. MOSBSijPnbllBDSf, ' \ ot I DECAttm, Aug. 14. -^A large gathering -was present' at the annual meeting of the spiritualists and libetalists of teoiiClwestern Michigan at Ep» Cora Sunday. The principal addresses were delivered by Hon. O. P. Kellogg, speaker of the Wyoming house of represeiita* Mves, and Mrs. E. C. Woodruff of Sottth. Haven. . ' .•. ,: > ADDITIONAL LOCAL. And still no rain. ,* Chicago is fall 61 actors, engaged and disengaged* the latter being sight, •eers. Among them are Francis Wil •on, SolSmiih Russell, E. S. Willard- Nat Goodwin, Louis Massen, Wilton Lackaye/ Kpyce Carleton, Frank Car lyle, Frank Mordannt, W, H. Thomp son and William Morris, " ,=»* HOUSEBREAKERS. A Notuber of HAfi**» Entered Sunday ) Might. Sunday night was a field night for housebreakers in this city. They visit «d s number of places but failed to so cure a great amount of booty. John Wbalen was aroused about midnight by seeing a man in hiasleeping room. He immediately got up and aroused the neighborhood, but the fellow got away •-. unmolested nud took a silrer natch and a coat. Herbert Manu was visited and relieved of a silver walch, six dollars in jnqnty, a pair of aew shoes and a pair x oi pant*. At Henry Woodmanaee's a gold pen and a box of cigars were taken. x Eev. Mr. Wright reports that a bole wag cut in a screen door at his house, and then he got up and the par-' ties left. Sunday a watch was missed fromWm. JM^frili's, out it was found thJH morning. A great many stories '•re afloat regarding places visited by the midnight marauders, but we have been unable to discover anything to found the stories on. • The officers think it is the work of tramps It might be a good idea to load the shot gun alxd let the dog loose for a few nights. by Fire at Romulus. ROMULUS, Aug, 14.— Hie fafiflhouse. bam and -contents, with tvfp ftdjojaing haystacks, of L. E. Price, trbo live* t$o miles west of here, burned. The cause is unknown.. Loss is estimated at $1,000; insurance, $860. . • '"""'.« MARSHALL IMPROVED Some of the Grand Army boys , be in tete^ted In the following from Alex. B. Pope, A. t>. C,, Commander Dept, Term. and 0a. r He Bays: . "Wehavo had an p o»* demio of whooping cough here (Stew rt, Tenn.,) and Chamberl'aia's Cough Ben .-dy has "Taeen th^/ftnly medicine that has done any good." There is no danger from whoop- iog cough when this remedy is freely given It completely controls the disease:. *0 cenl ottl es for Sale al Greene's drug street. DrnnkenntiM and the Llqnor Habit, Positively Cared by Adttalnlsterldg Dr. .' ' HWltteiT 11 <*rtW*n Ppcclfld. . It Is manufactured as a powder, which can Mt' given In aglMii of beer, aonp of coffee or tea, or In food, without the knowledge ef the patient, It is absolutely, harmless, and wllljeff ci a permanent and dpeedy onre, whether the ' atlent U moderate drinker or an alooholio ^reok. It aaa been given in thousands of case's, and In every Instance a perfect oure has followed. Jt never rails. The feratem once -mpreKDated with the Srieclfio. It becomes an titter Imposni- bllity tat the liquor appetl'e to exist. Cares guaranteed. 48 page book of pirtlcnlarg free. Address, . •, 185 Kaee8>., TIME TA&LE, JUNE 18,1893. patent, dontains Sure and safe cufe.for STATIONS. §*Jj S,m. Chicago; LT..... » 00 Kalamaeoo...... 90S Bat tie Creek.... 24! Marshall, Dp... 813 Ailildb ... -s 5 88 TackBOD... ....... 4 80 Detroit.;.;. ... 645 ' ••. D,m. Buffalo.. ',....« 55 'A '•••.' Kal Kit a. m. .*••.» TOO 748 817 888 940 1201 p.m. 745 At'c Bt.» ?.m. 780 1188 1310 1882 UK SS! 590 ft.m. • 00 p.m. l ir*" Ex. p to! 8 ia 706 740 800 815 847 10.45 fctn. 8*S a.m. H*il a.m. 705 1385 ISO 145 907 810 600 p. SB • •>*¥ .. .1 * P.JD. 950 807 S4? 810 881 410 7.15 TRAINS ma. SPECIFIC GO., tl', O ' Drunkeiiess, Morphine, -*, v Opium, Cocaine, and Tobacco Habit. For treatment and* explanation of the Gold Cure .consult Dr. IA E. Gallup at hi office in the Cook block. Patients treated privately if so desired. Have *New Dress thU Fall by having jronr old oM'dyed and made over. We eolorarioh green, maroon, or navy bine,, when material, and pte* aent color permita, and a reliable dark brown or black on any faded dr«u of any ahade. Satia. faction guaranteed. Atkyotirbankerfor refer* ence.*Write for price lt»t Co., 84 Randolph Street, Detroit, Mich. Tin roofing and ail kinds of tin work done promptly by Robert Schelly. Notice Itelatlve to Cow*. The ordinance relative to pasturing cowa ia tie street will be strictly en forced. No cattle Will be allowed 10 be pastured in any street, whether they are tied or not, and all cattle .found at large in the street, whether tied or oth erwise, will be takon care of. No ex ception will be made to this rule for anyone. PETER HoWK, City Marshal. Brick For Sale. 20,QCO first quality, second band brick IE.J.PENDELLI Physician and Surgeon. I ' Miss M. L,Bromberg,M,D. Diseases of women and children a specialty. Office over John Cutler's corner State and Jefferson btreeta. Residence, at Mrs. O. B, Rowley's on Green Street near Eagle. • \ Children Cry foi Pitcher'** Castorla. ANDREW ADCTIONEIR. Marshall, • Mich. Office above Messers. Perretts Dry Goods Store. AGENTS WANTED on Salary and Commission for the only authorized Biomajliy ofJaKGJlaiie, By GAIL HAMILTON, his literary executor, with the co-operation of his family, and for Mr: Elaine's Complete Works, "TWENTY YEARS OF CONGRESS," and his later book, "POLITICAL DISCUSSIONS." One prospectus: for those 3 BEST SELLING books in the market. A. K. P. Jordan, of Me., took 112 orders from first 110 calls; agent's profit $196.60. Mrs. Ballard, of 0., took 15 orders, 13 Seal Russia, in one day, profit $26.25. E. N. Rice, el Mass., took 27 orders in two days, profit $47.25. J.iPar- triage, of Me., took 43 orders from 36 calls, profit $75.25. E- A- Parma, of N. Dakota, took 53 orders, in three days, profit $98.25. EXCLUSIVE TERRITORY given. If you wish to make LARGE MONEY write immediately for terms to THE HENRY BILL PUB. Co., Norwich, Conn. «* «A*10KB. MaU „ -a.m. Wetrolt,Lv 8 18 Jackson.. .11 «« Albion.. ..18 20 Marshall.. 1843 Battle Cr'k 1 90 falamazoo 9 08 Chlc»jro,Ar 7 85 p.m. 2 >y x Bz.t I m. IK 00 7 15 9 28 too: 1083 ltt-45 11 28 410 p. » Ohio B*,* a.m. 080 p.m. 1 15 310 838 855 4 16 447 9 10 p.m Kai. Ex.t : >•••' p.m. 600 131 8 15 .888 803 950 p'.in Ohio 8p'l» < a.m. 8 15 5 10 6'47 606 6» 700 11 IB *.m. i>« Bit.* p.m. 1260 Ho 1900 ! lie 86 loe 1 45 996 766 ».m *** Ix.t "» ' *' ..... p.m 74i 1041 1191 11 4t 181* 1 10 660 *.m. t8aturJaj«w»»pted •Ually tSundays tat&sm ted O. W. KCdGLBS, Qen. Paat. * Ticket igt. ««o. A JeHXaOM, Freight A«ent, 0. ft. O«»ORW. Tlrkst Agent. Marshall Cincnali, Jato & Macto Time table taking effect June 28 1898. , Train* pus Marshall aa follows: ' TIUUIB mna •ACT.' . do. 88. Toledo Kxpress T0ba» • 8, Cincinnati Bipreia.....1..........8 « am M .fl.MallanaKxpresi. DOtpia. " S7, Local Freight ....i SO pm TEAMS aOIMtt W»W. • Xo. JR,Mall and fixpres*,............ ,./.10 88 a• " 8, ClnolnnaU & B. C. Kzpreai.......681 p m " 84, KxpreM .....\........1388 a» ." 88, localFrelglit.... ..»!»»•. All trains dally eicept Sunday. Direct oonneetlona are made at Toledo and Cinolnatl with all roadadiverging. Trains 81 ana iU make go od oonneetlon at lion lelth with the G K. <fc 1., and at Alleganwlth Ui« C, A W. M for Grand Aapida, Mnskegon and «il points north. F. B. 0HAKK. Oeu, M'g'r. T. U. M. £UiilM>LKK. Qen. Paea. Ant. C.B. M1ZE, Agt., Marshall. WANTS, FOUND, ETC. Twenty cents » week for each notice not ex ceedlng nve lines. No charge less than twenty cents. tpOB SALE— A good family horse, young tnl I? gentle, 7 yeara old. tor particulars apply to C. (!. Dlehl, BteePatote, atate atreet. £ > OR SALE-A high grade combination bicycle for lady or gent. The finest wheel made Oiood as new. Knquite of K. H. banderson. for sale. GEOEGE INGEBSOLL. CHEAP RATES. O. A. K. lEneamppiePt at Indianapolis, Account of (i. A. B. encampment held at Indianapolis, Ind., in September. 1803, The C. J. & M. By. will offe^ special low rate excursion tickets from -all points at rate of one cent per mile in each direction. Tickets on sale Sept. 3, 4, and 5. Good returning; up to and including Sept. 16, 1893. For information regarding time of trains, routes, .etc., apply to nearest C. J. & M. agent or ad dress the general passenger agent. T. Q. M. SCHINPLEK, Gen'l Passenger Agent. * GOOD SUMMER WOOD, $1.75 MIXED H. J.COLEMAN. ..I haw reumwid ni^ to Eag'e •bloek in thg,ro^nu forjmerly br r> ' ' Chamberlain's Eye and Skin Ointment. A certain pure for Chronic Sore Eye> Tetter, Salt lihevim, Sea 1 4-Head, Ol Chronic .Sores, Fever Sores, Eczema,, Itch, Prairie Scratches, Sore Nipples and Files. It ia cooling and soothing. Hundreds of cases havo beem c'ure«i by it after all other treatment *5 centn per boy you wall paper Wbau Baby wa» sick, we gave her Caatot7«. When ahewai a Child, s.*-- cried for Castoria. When she became Mias, a») clung to Castoru*. ilie gave them Oejtorit SALE—A fcqoare piano, in good eoodl- JP tion. For particulars enquire i.t A. Ukln- tier's shoo on Hamilton street or residence on Madison street. TV] UTICK—Mrs. W. L. Buck Is a^ent for the i.1 Christy knives and will furnish all who irish mem. Conier Mansion and Mulberry. 'KO RUNT— A v«rjr fine and nrat clasa hall on JL btate or Main street for society or lodge purposes, cheap. For reference please call at the eoutliwest corner oi btate and Madison sta. CHK/FHtD VOGKt, General Agent. W HOLESALE CUTLERY— Wanted, two young men as traveling salesmen on com- references Apyly with references to Randall, Hall & Co., 1W Lake »ireet, Chicago, will sell and ha.ig it for you. . Peaches. . At Watson's you can find choice No. 1 peaches in 1 one fifth bushel baskets every afternoon^ i Pay Your Taxes, Commencing Aug. 1st. I shall be at the store of S. E. Cronin, grocery de paxtment, from 9:00 to 12-.00 a. m., qed from 1-50 to 8:30 p. m. for the purpose of receiving cit> taxes, which must be paid prior to Sept. 1st. JOHN KELLEY, City Treasurer. |4>UR SALE- All my real estate sltoatcd on the F best part of btatu or Main aueeu, and known as very nne ai>d -valuabl* property, by Chris. Fred Vogel, southweoi corner btate and Madison Ats.,/10.1UU- OB SALE CHEAP—New to I O8T—A white caahmete shawl with cro- ]Lt chetei border. Finder will confer a favor leaving it at this office. The Great BnglUb Remedy. promptly and , > cures all tonni of Ifervovu Tne Muslnigftn Central, will rii« x a sptc ia) exoursiou train to Chic'sgf* Tuesda. v , l IS:^ p. trip |4,5&, goi^l for raturu uutil Aug. 18th atonrhea, Infoiencv and OH Begp. jprescrlbed over SB eai^in thonsands of cosef; \£bt> only Reliable wtO-aon* tt wsfyfyfaQ inunom JU0f- druggist for Wood's rhof»ho41iu>i U he. oOprs soroewcirthleasinedlcinelnplaoaof thte, leave bla dishonest store, Inclose price'Jn letter, and •we wia send by return matt. prjMi, on» paokaga, &t * at^ >R OtL& ***fll TltoflJf i tfaff tfpflf 'ttMlTt* 'PftTBtPft" .. -<*•* Now is yaur Plcjtlea. time to order your cu cumbers for pickles and Aew Mason quart cans; Erjoes will be as fallows; 400 medium or large «ize, $1; 500 email sizo, fl; quarj, cans per doeen, 10.75. Goods de,li?ered promptly, dst " » "CU.MP BHOS I Hopr. " ' .*. T&is Important necessary of life has never been as low m^riee as A. Wat son new stlis it. Enquire at his store before you purchase A. WATSON. KM>» SALE CHK4.P—All sizes ol hogsheads, JD gooo. for cietexu* and «»ter tanfts. Inquire at <ios. Oramer's taglo Brewery. Ij>OK (SALE—4 complete set of fiidpath's his f tory of the world. Inquire at t&U cttice. VTl, AMtI>— ialthibl gentleman or lady to as YY eifit in tflice. t-OKiUuu pein^anent bailway fare advanced here U engaged. Kncloa rvtereucA and beU-»Qoreebcd tuouped envelop 'iilJb, &AT1OKAL, aa MoVicker's building.Chi ago* lit. ' " TT'OK SALE OR RKM'-My house on WeM JC Hanover street, for terms and particulars apply Co Oeo. H. White. ; . 1 . MHS. A. J. TALMAOGE. L OST—A watch, open lace? mem winding ano; setting, siivtiiine ctuje. >'tucer pleat* s 1 a.«at itarkei eno riceive teVvaiid r w. H. OOLLUSS. I* OK bALE-One Ko. if cook stove in good or- 4- o>r and one oosJetove with -oven. JU. F. WJb-WJH, 4E., Main gueet. TIT f v —Aii JUooB»t, aqtlv« jentlenfan to with tfltpeweti paid, rei^ceaefttlag , houber. bttliuy, St&.UU monthly vuft inerekae «ad position puimkuent,- lT*uit«a, - Kn- oJoae rawejuce. ^.'be Dtwinion Cwap*Byt'-?lT., OmahftBids.,^ - ' . .- - - traliw a»d traia ibfc.S,, For fur tber garticulays icQ.uire at ticktrt *«r Over I Wty Year*. Soonme Co.. m Woc4WMd«Tenw, Detroit, Web in Marshall iy *OHT wv*****!***^* ^ •r*Mi*»i^-'«*f-»*e T -w^"-^»» TW w,»^r goW h} all druggUtu ihroagliout the' world jnll ripen«4 «ad matured b etov e« years stora|te ipt«n4lpg ^^6 ao inojrf than inferior brand* Try it and yw 'mil aaerot be iatie4e4to wee ' op ""' re^onable t .

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