The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on August 14, 1962 · Page 2
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 2

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 14, 1962
Page 2
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? i is, the editorial: STATE AMENDMENT MAY BE DANGEROUS Brn7orla County's municipal ^finals are taking a closer look at It proposal amendment to HIP Texas Constitution, It Is rcfPiTpd to ns the "Irinl dp novo" nmemlment. The amendment would "nulhorize HIP LeKlslnture to provide for trit.1 de novo on all nnpenK to HIP courts from unions, rullnRS or decisions of ml- rnlntnUive a^m-ies mul ^ni.ivo department, «f 'he Slate of Tex- BI or nnv of its political subdivisions. LcM official, have been wnrnort by the Texas Municipal League that if this is approved hy voter* Nov. 6 it would allow "ate Viators to virtually strip the authority from or state onirlnlx - municipal, school and others will, executi The dmiRer "PS i" ""' us »-'' volrr nlfs "T !° n h " , "' went proposal 1ms merit unless he knows different, lhat voter will rubber .-tamp any proposal unless he s given Rood reasons why he should vole otherwise. Experience in (ho past has shown that this is usually true. , . , This is particularly likely In view of the unusual number of amendments the voter will have to decide on. There nre 14 on the ball and ,l,o. amendment In ouoslion is No. H It is ronsidered doubtful that voters will have the occasion to study many of them Cl ° R \Vhat Is feared In Hie potential of this amendment Is the upsetting of the present balance of power between the branches of K ov- ernment, diminishinR one and making another more powerful. There are three branches of government. The legislative makes the laws. The executive carries them out. The. judiciary resolves conflicts ns to the meaning of the law. Under the laws of the slate, HIP executive branch must make many decisions In which there Is an element of conflict. A property owner may disagree on his tax evaluation, a business man may fall to see why he cannot build a supermarket in a residential zone, a department bead may question his dismissal by the city manager. In each of these three cases, a person who feels he is wronged may take his rase to court. But he faces this important condition: 'The court presumes that the governmental executive action Is valid and proper until the individual is able to prove otherwise. The burden is on the individual to prove that the executive action was untnlr or illegal. H executive decisions are made subject to trial de novo (new trial) proceedings, then lawsuits arising from them would not be an appeal- they would be original trials. The decision could be made subject to court review and the burden of proof could be Imposed upon the local or slate government. The Texas Municipal League cites an example. A city health inspector finds unsanitary conditions in an eating place. He orders a cleanup. If the owner fails to comply, the owner can be fined for violation of the city sanitary code. The owner can appeal this fine, but he would have the responsibility for proving that his place did comply with the code. The Municipal League fears that under the trial de novo procedures this burden of proof would be transferred. That Is, the city would have to prove the authority for making the decision, and then prove that the conditions were in violation ot the code. The end result would be hiij-e legal costs and long delays in making many executive decisions stick. Also, says George E. Murphy, president of the Municipal League, "as worded, this amendment could mean the end of local self-government in Texas. It would place Hie effective control not only of our cities but of our school districts, water districts, flood control districts, and our counties entirely in the hands of the Legislature and could' make tlie courts the administrators of local government in Texas." Murphy continued: "If this amendment were to be adopted in Us present form, H would have the incredible effect of making Texas the first and only political body in this country to abandon and destroy the system ot checks nnd balances between me -branches of government which is so indispensable to our freedom." It would be well if the Irx-nl governments of Brazorla County reached a conclusion on this matter and make their viewpoints known to the public. In Hie meanUme, it might be well if voters viewed this amendment with distrust until proponents come up with better reasons than we have now for feeling that this would be in the public-interest. THE BRAZOSPORT FACTS EDITORIAL PAGE PAGE 2 BRAZOSPORT AND BRAZORIA COUNTY. TEXAS, TUESDAY. AUGUST 14. 1962 '"EPOLLENiziNG THE FLOWERS' Week In Business HIGHER INTEREST RATES LIKELY By SAM DAWSON AP Business News Analyst NEW YORK (AP) — Higher interest rates could come despite a slow moving economy. home mortgages, and Increasing This Is the view ot a number funds in various savings instim-|of observers In the financial dis lions which offer lots of lending | trict. potential. And they could come de- [ They acknowledge all of the | spite the opposition of many ofi argumon t s f or continuing low in They could come despite light j President Kennedy's economic ad-|( crcs t ra t es listed above. But they ...u- i „! _ ! think other factors could pressure moves for tightening the money supply and raising interest rates Chief amcng these upward pres demand at the moment for busi- visers who want cheap money as ness loans, uncertain demand for a spur to business growth. THE BRAZOSPORT FACTS fVTAKISHED 19U Publluied dally and Sunday enctpr Saturday by Review Publlilwn, I.e., 307 E. Park Avt., Fr»«port, Te«ai. Jamei $, Naben, r-mldent. JAMES L NABORS GLENN HEATH GEORGE L. 1EACOM IRNII «. IIESCHANG Advertlilng Manager MORRIS FREEMAN Mechanical Superintendent E. E. HENDRIX Circulation Manager PEARL GLOVER Classified Manager PUBLISHER EDITOR ADV. DIRECTOR Washington Scene By GEORGE OIXON Fourth Martini To Be Deducted Paul Harvey News •y PAUL HARVEY Give Reds Their Style Greetings Khrushchev Is hended for New r ork for the opening of the UN General Assembly in September. Adlni Stevenson says, "Here comes another three-ring circus." Khrushchev, one shoe on and ne shoe off, will hurl epithets, lake threats. Conducting himself n his customarily vulgar manor he will likely manage again o convey a distorted image of imself to the partially enlighten- ri of the world. Nations in semi- arkness will see him as "a lone man standing against the world In defense of human rights. , ." Khrushchev's importance will DC exaggerated beyond comprc- cnsion in the international press. We may see him for what he Is •a rude, crude professional trou- lemaker. But the world's hintorlrtnds will Icture him a« the "last, great ope of hungry, oppressed mankind." I suggest a warm reception for Hirushchev. Very warm. I suggest, In fact, that we prepare a lot reception for this retread Bol- hcvik. Retired Army Col. Roy F. Lynd hinks we're missing a bet in fail- ng consistently and persistently o ridicule the Reds. The unenlightened, now awed >y Khrushchev, could be made to augh at him if the truth were paraded properly. Colonel Lynd says, "Words are the weapons vith which we wage war for the minds of men; let's use those veapons more effectively." Khruschev will mount some leavy artillery in the word war n New York this fall. Let's match his calibre, his quantity and his xstency. son of austere Red East Germany and prosperity in the Free West. And don't let anybody forget for one day — the wall! Fat Nick goes around telling everybody else that the Red flag will one day fly over the USA. If we leave that chant unchallenged, he'll have them believing it. Let's remind the world how silly that sounds from a nation which needs barbed wire and walls of Let us officially and unofficial- stone and armed guards to keep y, in press, pulpit and where- its people in! Hal Boyle's People Of HAL BOYLE KOBERTA DANSBY Managing Editor LEROY BYRD Wonee't Editor OEOR&E FERGUSON Sportt Editor NANELLE H. MALLORY OHica Manager WASHINGTON — One of our | most whimsical Senators has an interesting theory about tax deductions of lobbyists, which he is NOT offering for publication under his own name. He argues privately that influence-peddlers should not be allowed to deduct small and common- World wide newt coverage by The Associated Cms. Mstnbor fexai Dally Newspaper Auoelatlon, Texas Preu Auaclatiaa. SUBSCRIPTION RATES ly carrier, dally and Sunday, SI.SO per month. Mtll rate* upe* request. All mall subscriptions payable In advance. Te«as, Pott Office, under th* Act af Congress of March I, 1170. sures is the administration's con cern over the balance of pay- have insomnia, why not instead ments deficit—which has been re-j mentally make a list of things clured but which still persists— j you feel tlie world would be bet- and its thteat to tlie U.S. gold re-jter off without? serves and to world confidence inj Here's one man's sample check the dollar. Also cited Is the view strongly held in more conservative government financial circles that a | growing U.S. Treasury deficit should be financed, and thus Induce Sleep By Phobia Counting NEW YORK (AP)—Instead ofiget off at the proper floor, counting sheep tlie next time you people who tell you, "It's get- | list of things he'd be glad to do , One of the p 1 a I n t s most fre-: counteracted, by selling long-term without: Cathedral living rooms. Martinis made with vodka. ting a little thin on top, isn't it?" Any man over 40 who is lean, tanned and muscular — and who wants to let you in on the secret of how you can be that way too. Roller derbies, college panty raids, cocktail canapes, duck- tailed haircuts, and youths who Salads in which the garlic out- race around small quiet lakes in weighs the lettuce. noisy motor boats. All television commercials All race horses that come in quently heard in Die Halls of Con-; bonds to investors rather than showing symbolic diagrams of second. gross is that the job of being an short-term notes to commercial I how headache remedies and up- , only and preposterous ones. "A lobbyist who turns In a reasonable expense account." explained the lawmaker tongue-in- cheekily, "shouldn't be allowed to deduct it as a business expense] because he isn't doing any business. He isn't influencing any- elected Representative is beset • banks ' with frustrations. A lawmaker la-'i The sale to banks w ' ould •* at bors for weeks often months to''™ '"'T', ChargK ' ^^ T' d tnro, man monms, i°i re q ulre higher interest rates than accomplish something he believes:at present if they were to be sold ,>|in the necessary volume—as wit- flness the failure of the Treasury ito move many into private hands to be good for the country, to have it torn and twisted 01 its original shape. Few Congressmen, however, recently when it offered them to set-tummy cures work in the human body. Shaggy dog stories. Career women who try to acti Anybody who knocks the New York Mets baseball team — just because they are still a few games out of first place. Fellows who brag about how "just like one of the boys." jmuch they've dropped in the Wives who insist on telling their,stock market—and then wait for husband's faults. Husbands who insist on telling check. jyou to pick up the luncheon have suffered the same big frus- yield around 4.19 per cent, tration that hit Rep. Leo W.l sale you their wife's faults. Plastic tubes you with both have Waiters who seek a bigger tip to|by rushing up and putting an ex- get .t» cyour •ri. i •* th. w» n ««r* n r<h at was seized from the Ger-ithem out of circulation. The solon said the Idea sort ol ^ ^^ ^ n He Financinf , a Treasury deficit accumulated in him as a result of, ^^^^ * • , . Try and Stop Me •By BENNETT CERF- ,., u : to get the T.G. Farben plant I hearing so many of his colleagues 1 s v (harangue that what is needed is a, realistic approach to tax deduc-i 80 ^ j tions. 'Nothing could be more . "A lobbyist toss around money to isn't DAILY CROSSWORD ACROSS A FTER British humorist Ronald Searle returned home from his first comprehensive American tour, he reported, "I asked a mountaineer in West Virginia who was 103 years old how he passed bii time. He told me that in winter he mostly •leepa, in springtime he chases a likely female cousin around the rocks, in the summer he makes moonshine whiskey out of potato peelings and toffee grounds, and in the fall he drinks it." • • • Distinguished Publisher E*n Huebach entertained recently an authentic ab- •ent-mindevl professor. It was a hot evening and both gentlemen peeled off their jackets. About eleven the good pro- C°o*aar sought to show Mr. Huebsi-h a dotvimeiit. He extracted a handful of papers from tho inside jXKket of tha coat hung over tlie back of his chair, and hastily examined the lot. Unfortunately, he could not find the paper he wanted, and in aoma annoyance, threw tho others in the trash basket. Mr. Huebseh protested Ollldly, "Hey, that's my jacket." • • • When Will Rogers confessed that he never haJ met then- President Calvin Coolidge. a friend marched him right over to the White House, commenting. "I'll bet you can't get a chuckle out of old Cal in twenty minutes." "You're on," said Rogers. "I'll ito it in twenty seconds." "Mr. President." began tha friend, "I wont to introduce our great Oklahoma wit, Mr. Will Kogera." Will held out his hand, fiuwmxi. and said, "Excuse Hie, please, but I didn't qtiile gel Uia mtuie." Coolid^e laughed out loud—and tfcs friend paid the bet! tits that don't require lures of their droning or press—that is. unless ing to borrow money, you object to looking as wrinkled People who send you funny in Mte'd^VrnTiweVa^bril,- 1 -"- • K""*^ sack. greeting cards because they are inhale of short-t.rm notes and bills, ^ omM( , clevalorg ^j haveitoo la^y to write you a letter. the!so many buttons to push only aj Payroll checks with deductions . At his insistent prodding, the ground for more inflation. jman with Jet pilot training can | that match yrar take-home pay real l s !courts finally allowed the Farbenj The Federal Resen'e System |d am ]iplant, called the General Analine.has said it would keep the banks to be sold to American in- j supplied with enough lendable rnfluence Iprcsts ' or '• W0 million . ant ' theifunds to finance the activities of mey put In escrow for whoever' business. But it has ways of doing • courts finally decide should'this while at the same time rais- ;noVbraUr7we7To~VlaTm" deduci B<-t it ing interest rates on long-term I,. Rep. O'Brien was all set to re- lending. - "Conversely a lavish spender•<*'« *« P^udits of the voters; Its discount late has been held I, K ^bvW* h Itomg «(u"of Rensselaer for setting a big j at 3 per cent for about two years ther somebody's business, and his i P'™' »' operation again --when ] now. Some in Wall Street wouldn t, ^ a „.. iexpease acc-ount should be deduc, Uensselaer was restricted out;be surprif.^ If this were to nse., 1B , utUe ^ 'tible as a business expense." °' his district. j perhaps to 3V, per cent, before! 18 , Paulo, i I asked the Senator what yard- IbJs year is mucn older. Brazil i stick he would appiv in the allow- wh ''" °" r newspaper headline The discount rate is the charge 17. Manila 11. Region 12. To run oft ; counts. "Well." of expense ac- writers contracted "compact" to ihe reserve banks make on money "pact" and "motlier" to "mom",lent to member banks. These in l w replied judicially, I winced, hut consoled myself with turn usually raise or lower their! the fii-st martini should not he 'he thought that it typified Ameri-'own charges to borrowers in linej deductible. It's almost impossible ^" brevity. with what It costs them to get to influence anyone with one mar- I' ve become hardened to seeing funds from ihe Federal Reserve. tini. Deductibility should start "Sol" for "Billie Sal Esles" in The prime rate charged by banks somewhere betwee'n the second IX "' publications but I practically to business customers with the: and third martini. A fourth mar- «ept when the decorous India highest credit has held at 4Vi per^ tini is palpably deduction-worthy. News, put out weekly by the In- cent for about two years. , Anyone who consumes four can formation Service of India, re - Interest rates in most of tlie j be intluenced to do almost any- sorieii to foreshortening in its world's other financial markets j lining." latest issue. are higher than in the United) The Senator said he thouijht An article on Prune Minister States, respite some lowering lhis ! prunnses ami suggestions should Nehru's rejection of Pakistan's year. These greater yields tend toj •be more deductible than reality, claim to Kashmir bore this soul- attract investment money fromj "[>> something for an official revolting heading: ithe United States. This builds up i and you don't influence him near- "Nehru Refutes Pak Claim" hhe supply of dollars held abroad. I Ily as much as when you just pn» And some of these are turned! •mise him something. Promises A fellow I know has people all,into the U.S. Treasury lor gold.j jare almost invariably more rfftv- over the country practically The lois has been held down tills: Uive than fillment." swooning over his generosity. He >ear by agreement with lentralj I told the Senator there seemed vuns ilus undying gratitude at a banks of oiher nations. But it has to be something faintly immoral cost ol atxxit $1 been a year since there was anyi alxxit his theory Every lime he is about to em- week in wtuVh the gold supply ln-i "1 guess so," he agreed moudily bark on a plane trip he takes out creased. And there have befn loo ."but 1 wish Congress wiAild do a fistful of 510.000 pulides at a .many weeks in which it has de- iless talking about u realistic ap- dollar t'<uh aini mails them to elii.cil for tiie moo •• !rina,:eis to i pitxieh to taxation and take more aequaintdiu'es. sending to a di!- b«r liappy about U:e prti.ip^.;,;. action towai-d getting a fair, equ-. ferenl gruup each trip. This, and the prospects for a ; dble, and workable ISA program.. None of tiie btnciiciaries lias;^iowirig Trc-aiury deficit, put the Maybt; a bill to tax ordinary liv-. collected yet but they fetl indeix- j pressure on interest rates, rsen hemp 3. Cipher 4. Slat»- trimminff tool B. South Dakota: abbr. 6. WeaHl-lUu animal 7. tha Red 8. Island off 8. California 9. Small violin 10. Crafty 19. Moslem call 14. Initiates ins. and exempt profligacy, might \ ed to ths insured as stir up soci* action." live*. u he •.vi.eji burgeociog. to prayer SO. Lick ZS.Mon comfortable 26. Dtachtrg* a gun 37. Culture medium! 28. Chop 89. Cement parts 50. Oriental market place 51. Turkish cap 33. Hum like a bee S3. Harden 3i. Man's name 38. Work 40. Jewish festival tZ.dtnu fruit 44. Prince** of Ot U. Simple** 46. Never: poet. DOWN l.Toolhllk* projections 1. Op*rati« with normplay 18. Strip* 19. Publicize 21. Sacreu chut >1. Equal cow 24.3- ahaped mold- mg 25.1ml and off African coast 26. Effer- ve»- cent drink 28. Labyrinths M-Prickl/ envelope ot 37. Sandaraa a fruit treo 32. Towns: 38. A tennis colloq. stroke 34. Not any 38. Conjtell*- SS. Axlike "on dreaslnff ^^- An a(e tool 43. And: Latin 38. Dotted witb 41 TUESDAY ON TV (KUMNKIt KTRO-TV Kmrr-TV XHOtT-TV 11 WRK-TT ever, taunt the Soviets for their one-time worship of Stalin, when the rest of the world knew his true character. Let's Imply that their confidence In Khrushchev is now similarly misplaced. Let's remind the world that Soviet Russia periodically dumps Its leaders, reverses Its dogma. That Russia is consistently inconsistent, not to bo trusted. Let's not let Khrushchev bang his shoe on the table without reminding the world of the blood of Budapest on his hands, all the world can overhear when al the world can overhear when they rip and rewrite whole chapters from history, because they •an't survive the truth any more than darkness can survive IlRht. When he claims progress let's hurl hack in his teeth the facts about Soviet farm production; that agriculture In the USSR Is a hundred years behind ours. That Soviet store shelves are bare of meat and shoes, and a woolen suit would cost a Russian worker almost $3,000. Let's get off the defensive nndj decry aloud the Red lock on the church door. Let's shout short- wave, world-wide the compari- I:M O Cuptnln Boh Show Ja Who I>) You Trust 1 ? TiMtjnirk Tracy: t'Ol.olt Q) Mahnlln .Tnrkson Kinn« Oj) American Mnndsland '«tM~tl~MOSt The'atr*-"!*!'* Wve a Ullle," Robert Oumtnlnn», Hwly Ijimnrr (D Early Show ."f'nllfor- nl«," Ray Millnnd, Nnr- bara Stanwyck, Barry Fitzgerald 4:88 ffl Rocky and Ills Friends 4:45 Q) Kltirtk's Clubhouse "ilW O Air Force Story Q) Whlrlyb!rd» Q) Quick Draw McGraw 8:44 IB Almiuiso NewnrftPl TitTlE) Hnntiey-Srinkiejr Q Americans^ Work TUESDAY UVENINfl_ _ «:09 O New), Rpnrt* 0 What's New? QI News, Weather' QJ News, Sports, Weathe£ t:tS O News, Weather • 01 Walter Cronklte/News Q) ABC Evening Report_ ace, KMhryn Urayion Q) "Shelley Bermnni "A Personal Appenrani.e"—An hour-long, one man show »:SO O iniertel — "Friendship Sovm" 10:00 0 T«n O'CtoeU Rnundup —News, Weather, Sports ID News, Weather ID Late Show—"Larceny, Inc." Edward G. Robinson, Jane Wymnn, Brodei Ick Crawford, Jack Carson; * former convict buys a luggage store next to a bank with the Intention of digging In next door (B ABC Evening Report O Tonights-Hugh Downs, Dirk Gregory, Mlml Ben- A iftll, Beth RIM" I COLOR 1 QD Wire.Service—"Forbid- den Ground," an accident at an Army base takes iht life of eight men 10:10 . !«'.» »"» , _ __ 0 Coiunlt Dr Broth*™ 01 Newt Final ' Jne I* ml'takflr for a murderer; repeat! COLOR O Science and Scientists QI Window on Mnln Street P • K R V asks Cameron to help her find her diamond rlngi repeat ID Bugs Bunny 1:00 fjfMeet tlie Organ ID Pasiword-D 1 n a Merrill, Darren McGavin WEDNESDAY MORNINO Time, Channel, Program «:00 Oj) Operation Lift TOO O Today" ID News, Farm Report 7:15 |D Mr Cabooje,_Englneer ~t:M ffi) Morning Edition News Sports ~$iii<f OJTcapt KanRaroo 0) Cadet Don T:30 ID People Are Funny f 'C,'" Kelly's boyfriend wants to earn a letter In fencing; repeat 9:50 10:00 io:55 u Too ll!45 H:55 llSO O Alfred Hitchcock 1're- sent*—"Th* Test," Brian Keith, Eduardo Clanelll; a lawyer defends a teen flger who I* charged with mur der| repeat O The Way (D DobI* Q 1111 s- Zelda stows away on a ship that 10:80 Doble and Maynnrd are working on; repeat (D New B r e e d—"Thou- snnds and Thousands ot Miles," Patty McCormack, Peter Fonda, Joanne Lln- vllle, Lin McCarthy; a young couple elope with stolen Jewelry; repeat 8:00 O Dick Powell — "No String* Attached," Mamie Van Doren, Angle Dlcken- •on, Barbara Nichols, Robert Strauss, Dick Fnwell; a corporation lawyer defends a stripper) repeat O Crisis ID Comedy Spot—"I Love My Doctor," Phyllis Avery, Don Porter; the story of a young doctor's struggle to begin practice in a suburban community 1:50 O Compass—"Art Heritage" Q) Ichsbod and Me—Ben- jle sends a love letter and • flowers to his teacher and , signs his father's name; repeat Op Yours for a Song 9:00 B Cain's 100-"Dead Load," Cain Uvenllgates waterfront extortionists; repeat Q Ideas In Focus Q| Talent Scouts — Earl Wilson, Joan Bennett, Jack E. Leonard, Llber- (D O Flay Your Ilunoh) COLOR ID I Love Lucy ID Morning Movie—"Tht Saint's Vacation/' Hugh Sinclaire, Sally Grey "QTfTio*. i» B«gnt) COLOR fljJVerdlot Is Yours ' 0 Concentration ID BrigliterJDay Q) CBS News Olf^irlr • t Im „.,„„. COLOR ffl ^^ of utt g, Tennesse , Ern | 9 ~ g Truth or Consequenrr, Search for Tomorro.. Yours for m Song QI Guiding- Light i 10rNBO~New« Report ;DXESDAY~AKTERNOON I O Susie Q) Newi at Noon ffl Jane Wyman Prescr.'.! JJ:SO Q Jllghway Patrol OJ As the World Turns fQ Camouflage ~ 1:00 |DABCMdday Report *^ - ---- - — -- •• B Jan Murrey) COI.on Q] Password ID Home Edition New» 1:28 Q NBC News Report TiM~l B I.orettH Young 0) House Party (B Dragnet 2:00 O Young Dr Malon* OJ The Millionaire • ID Day In Court B Our Five Daughter. S To Tell the Truth Seven Keys 3:00 B Mak« Room for Dadd} ID Secret Storm Q) Queen lor a Day :ONTRACT BRIDGE By B. Jay Becker (Tea Retard-Holder In Masters' Individual Championship May) T1ST YOUR FLAY 1, You are declarer with the West hand at Three Notrump. North leada the fix of clutn on which South playa the jack. How would you play the hand? + K94 V J108 «. AJ1082 *83 i I. You are declarer with the ' W«t hand at Six Gluts. North leads the que«i of apadeo. liow would you play the hand? »9843 *KJ75 4. K g 10 2 • A 32 + A J 9 8 7 6 1. Thl.i U the ktiid of hand where you shoul.l (6*1 sun. of Then lead a diamond towar . .... ' . L. .. <_~t. tt K*x.»tk. 4..llnli/d u have a club to return If the milt WH.I divided 9-3 or 6-2, in which case you make four notrump; or he will have a club to return because the suit wu divided 4-4. tn which case you make three notrump. H would be wrong to take the diamond flneaM at trick two. You would lose the contract if South hu the king of diamonds and North the ace of hearU plua a long club wilt. 2. You can't be sure of this hand, but there la a beet way to play 1U Win tho upacle, draw two (or three) rounde of truinpa, and cuih the king »"'! ace of diamond* in that urd<T. ; the r«BUit. A.-jinmnj; that North * ha* four or moro cluba, the contract cannot be defeated with ! proper I'Say. the jack. If North follow* » it '" r ' he I"" 1 "' h " »'re»dy fallen), the slam U tn the bog. If North itoos not follow Win the club with the qut.n (»"d tho queen has not fallen i. and lead a heart (preferably i > ou «'" have to fall back on u , the ninei. If the nine holds, at-! heart Unease. lack diamonds by taking one The diamonds are UckloJ l-«or more flitches. Win or lu.,e. ;'"''« th« hearts in the hope- ti you are sure of at least nine ! a heart nncase will not pr » tricks. ! necessary. Thus, if the i l If the nine lost* to the ace j monds are divided 3-3. r«g» and a cluu la returned, stay off j les « ot where the queen i once and then win the continu- ' tated, the slum 1s sure to n: with the ate N'w,- try the ! It U not wise to diamond nr.v«e. If North, ha*, the kl/'.g, 'A'eil ur.U g;j<;d, L^t even If South has U, Ilia cun- bact *UU mikcj. He will not ' king of hearts. teusa. of diamonds. That c;/;i.l l.,j* the contract if v tha vj-x and North h»

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