The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on August 30, 1897 · Page 3
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 3

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Monday, August 30, 1897
Page 3
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>QYSTERS< J. S. COX, Sr. INCTON MARKET retnrtned to home in Adriaft SatofdAy, after spending a month with Mr, and Mra Hsftftotn. Mh attd'MfJI. a, J3. B^cd, of oj wem Uaestt.ifll theft pntebtS Mr< Bttd Hti)> Amp$ l^ilBon Saturday th*t Btrtf|g*f]rCi*» f, E. their ., The Teachore Works GaftttTOt On tMnp school haft been removed f"rom: tho Wat styiww k*tf* wfc/uewws **»*.«: wMttW^v , Hyde we«t to tfetrott this W. H. ArtB«t>(*penfc 'Suwdtty at lake. . ;• Will Powsetj; apetit Sunday ift Battle onday Si* Baglft st»«t. will run, f fit filcyrte em-utt HWt in this city Sept. 3» is now almojtf, assured. The tiklty Heia in. Wh classes a're filling tip rapidly ftttd evorything points to an exciting ihae. In tht* pfof«*Bional lists stteh »pn'a» = Hsfry B. , Marsh, Johit SVitdeiV Jtttsft Bspcrdni P. L, Keefe^nl otheraof equal Feptttearealready entered, aottce iias been redoived from /^feftfrl, at JS»tfrt«««>n, ttusTj. A., offi^l tn oRarge of 'tte elwuit, thai a ItHffe tt umber of rMetfl from oot of the stefe hft«e «mt«fed with him for the en> ti«r dMJUt ' Ittiii will eteseof Goods Fall It fs . , llfat ibe Cfr^id '£*&fit» orthern at»d Choice Hress Patterns, to Match, Frank Pajwwr Creok. Hiftoage scheme. f 6iere aie 8^ iroade wh/efa wiff accept ft. tieokley 4led ut tifje'h<)rae of We daughter, tf«K ^dwflf d Wfaitelftfn, la^t agefl 81 y^ftrsi Th6 funeral p, W. Clapp, 6l« Batkte Cteek,, was in thia city today. Miases F. and & (Smith spent Sunday in Battle CreefcL ' The colofed cataptneeting was well attended yesterday, Mrs. H. M. Merriil returned, from P«- toskey Saturday nigM. - S, H. Gorhatn and.F, W. Dickey cnmo up from Gull lake today. Harrlton Anns spent Sunday at Gull returning to town today. Only one month till the big county fair will be held in this city. John Kelly is remodeling his /eai- d«nce, on South Monroe streeti , ClarenceS. Joy and Chim. E.Joy have returned from their pastern trip. A daughter Was born to Mr. and Mrs Fred Andrews on High street Ang. 2fith. Mrs. C. A. Gtirdanier and Mies Martha Gardanier went to Lansing this morning. Willie and May Brandenburg, of Battie Creek, are visiting at John Monday's. The I). T; & M. shops in this city" are now running ton hours a day with fifty met*. " . - . '.; •'"•.'"."Mrs. Lucas and daughter, Mrs. Norton, of, Marcollus, are gueatsat Rev. I. Wil- 1 son's.;. -' -.'- .' .-•'•.-.- - -• .-' ' .••• '.J ; C. Keuchlo has come in from Lyon Webber a chance to, go camping. . . .,_ • Mrs. A. Billings returned Saturday from a week'* visit in Michigan City and Will wcfetir at tiffi late 'residence on,|Jortli Madi«>&.8|ire(B^TttesdBy at W o'clock »< fhe r emaitts will be takt^n to Pohtiac -m , bring RU beet! ridew of ^'ttte <3Jree^» Albion 'i IJomer loj^ther ^(ftder ^li^l ec*ktttii«>»< ftod WlH settle all oM inter-city in Goods, for bnrial-tm tth»jt&D train. - \ * * - S6tae titne in September a reunion will be held in $priiigpori of the war veferans of Hillsdrde, Calhotio, Eaton, Inghatn and Jackson counties. The business men of gpringport have raised sufficient money to make the affair « big success, and it ia expected that 1,000 tents will be needMToTircommodajfce the visitor?, • , r Hjcke savs that September will enter on- a storm period. There will bo another storm period from alxiut the 12th tplith and another from 21st to 24;th. On the whole he says that although there may bo some light fro§tn there is no reason to fpar anything out of the ordinary for September, as it is likely to be a warm, dry month. Oh! The Albion "Mirror demotes near* ly a column of its valuable space to the troubles of Evangelino Cisneros as recited by the yellow, kid journals" of New York. Had the editor of the Mirroir Kept •V !o«*r _ It has juat befenaacerteinedlhat ati important ronl.oatnte trtinenetion has taken plftCe at Gull lake, «»me Battle Creok gen- tlemeto having purchased tltelar^e island in thd middle of the lftk<* tot a vety valuable consideration. , Tbi ge'tttlemon ititer*%ted in Jh^etttot- prise are Messrs. OeoirgeB, Howi»B,S.O. Biist^ Bnainard T. Skinner, V. C, •Col. Hftle and five others equally nenUn Battle Creek. • It IB the purpose .ottbosegntiilemen^o' clear away "all "of the uiiderbrttsh and make the islaad into, an kleftl summer" resort, plat it into tot« which will be -gold to parties aurering to ereet^ cottages . to cost not less than $3, 00. - There will also be a private club house built on the island and with the extensive grounds beautifully improved, the whole island will 'be one of the llncst spots imaginable for a summer resort, and thn most select of any pla^po around Gull lake. This move would spcm to ipdicate that there is a good prospect of the electric road running to Gull lake beforo another season 'comes round. It now requires but this" to make the lake the greatest inland summer resort in the stftte. geveral Grand Rapids parties and also some parties in Kalamafcoo have been ti.% Underwear «•«• \ his eyes open he would have, fcajrned that the stories concerhintr the Cuban .girl are greatly oxaggorated, and so ;far from being transported she has not. yet. been tried for the crime of which «he is accused. —~—• -.—•'--; -•- -The post office department has made an order ta the effect that postmarking nnd^ backstRmpirigmust hereafter, be made legible. The postmaster is required to make the./ impression on e~ery ollicial stamp BO'distinct that each hitter arid ilg- Dowagiac. ' . t I masters heretofore 1m Marriage license issued: Thbmiu?HM ti , i<i)iaVir , llVl , 1Ar rj>!1 ^ „ Johnson and Emma Mackinder, both ofn^ Battle Creek. Mrs ixn-in Burxvell, of Cleveland, 4s visiting with Mrs. James Wfliy, of Man-' »sion street. . / Jaa. M. DeShane',of Wallaceburg,Ont. ia working for hiB x brothor, JmJC J. Dt«- Bhane, tailor. Rev. Swrtn, of fanning, formerly pas- 'tor of the UniverBalist church in this city,' is in town. - * Mrs. H, I. Pwk and M'ws Llz?'C .i'a'rr went to Jackson today for a v»it with friehda in tbatTttyr " — Mn-and Mrs. Charles Burwell,f)f Clev ~MTK, Amos "Wilson uro may not brf mis-take(i. Borne post- been using rubber, lead and iron many of them old, worn out find some'of which \Vltoj no't furnished by the governmenti "Apropos the howl made by .republican papers regurding the [>rice of silver we would like to ask the question: About how much would wheat-be worth if there was no demand for it? The gbyernment lias seen fit to limit the usefulness of the white metal, therefore it has decreased in value and aa a consequence many silver mines in the west hav<* been closed down and large numbers of miners h^ve ^'ius boeu^ thrown out .of employment another evidence'of prosperity. negotiating f,or the island, but the Batt'e Creek, gentlemen-heard of. it and closed up the .transaction immediately. A prorainept architect of this city has Ijeeh ordered to prepare plans for fifteen sftmmer houses to bo erected by the original company, costing from $3,600. "to 84,000each. .:-_'-/-.:. ; * Account the state fair atGraniLUnpidB •Sept. 6th to llth ihe D. T. & M. will sell round trip tickets Marshall to Grand. Kapids at 82.:JO. -Fxcellont time is made to and from this point via this, lino now, the time between Marshall and Grandy Kapida being 2 hours rind £K> minuted. For time of trains, etcj enquire of -..-. A. H. AMSON, Agt. ] St. Mary's sch<x)l of iiiusic;wiH re-open on Monday, Aug. 30. The/t»e»t and hit •v^t methods are used in/mis department and special attention tfft'en to the theory and art of muBie. l?w further particulars call at the sjfhool or bisters' residence. / BLANKETS OUTING CLOTH. • . • ' - • / - / Look in/upon us| before the Stock is broker^ S. V. R. LEPPER. S "are guests '«* and .other f flench). ,' ' ' Robert Peck wont to Jaok«on the lat ter part (ft last week to spend the remain remainder of the vacation, t ~ ' • • The express and mail going w«*t oo the Michigan Central aud due, at J5J:J5> p., m. wa«K> minutes late today. H. W. Miitnaw attended the funeral oTfiis 'broth'ef iu Ohio Saturday. B* " will return the last of the wet&. '• There irill be jubilee cuncert givou at tb^ fj&t groand ""Tuesday eveuing -froqt '6 o'olwt untfJ &•' Public invited. . . I^ound -A black ribbojr b«)w with » stick pin marked P. Tb* owner ean oh • talik,tbfr«nwbyua)ii>wAfe A Chicago dispatch HJV.VS: • Th«-curio«»- tty of A. L,Smith,«f Marshall,Mich.,ami t a good cement walk? Aley. I" Wilt guarantee da!8* an , medicine at the corner. A large crowd had gathered and he was pointed oat to DettxJtive Fitzgerald, by a eofrwkl in^n, &» u pickpocket, Without' waitiuii for an explanation the, detootivs pltioed Mtnith under arrest and hurried him off to the eenlntl station in a {juttol wivon. Smith protested lite inuoetujcu to Serg^aat Mcfinire, and the UiUer turo*«l the-pri8onerov«r,te) JMeut" |fa<MS .Bin, rfUiry impreewd the lie.H tenant, and .b was able to -show 4*ttera df rvw^rai^cmitt tioo frotu leading rbsidonta of' Marshall and so he wn# ' Do Cull on a good / ,^_^ ^.... ^ I. M all to call on us at thy War- Boatbuilding and examinci our method. rft Dress Tailoring. We will cut any pattern for any lady who will taketho pains to call and examine our method. Our Btihool will IM* .ope»-to tbo public AUTUMN LEAVES nothing that is desirable lacking in onr oxqmsito stxxik of new and. habdaome suitings, that are waiting for your order to put th* shears into. Autnmn leaves will be falling before you realize that Hummer is over, so be ready for a change' in the weather. Anyhow look iu and nee the handsome fancy suitings, twillc,' cheviots, sergo* and worsteds that aie awaiting yjwr inspection.- J.~J.DE SHANE. MERCHANT TAIliOP. Why IVTot Educai e '-••' - . ',:-—AT—-'.'"- • *.. and Monday, Aug. U and arrest, uear^y landed the forine^iu- Jttil,|.where.ordor8 will be received for patterns shortly before noon toduy. Smith came io ChkAgo last Monday tar search of work. Today his curioai^f was aroused wad selling patent cut fr*e for any lady piiina to call and examine our method. I "The Place To buy flour, graham, bolted uwal.cosw . ground f»ed, bran or middUngs IB »t C. A. Ch««be*'« mill AH kinds of cufBton I'rtflding done, Loto of cheap chicken ' 'J, CuQuingUam is Bhowing nice stock ptes of tb* "Maiden bloat" tarifety. »«> tnm South. Water ' oiw xea4«re as HtPf '^1 W^y^~lT ""V — ~r ' - — Ted WhAteJUtiu tew pwrebaaed tb Denver^l,"^ fwr $*i&. Cux, .-J^uadiJi^.-ffifeJOflt. . Iwiue «{rowa potatoes re' new pair of you t»> look over ^nd w«l The of ita |*opulujr twt»-d«y t Bgpt. 15, e t-e , *W^ • • ft to«i» oorowf Jafeu Werner, who i^u ; {do^fueat of tke Wwtem Uui^n graph Co., ia ttu* city (be P»^ i** 3 *. left this after noon for Jackaou rka <M> th«? championship g»m«« of t% Aujateur Athbtui aseociu.tiou of K»vyork its -report of *hf run the S««dajs Tuiiea-JJefttld . sa-v« AD «yt* w^re straio«*J toward th^ "chute" ii, as It J«Ml for c^»mj»on; Long a »#*.» the foot,- b«side Uciog — T-«-»W -*i-i--»7 steo oae^ b»nd»oiue Announcement, A) * li/t- >^V* A»» JUlC- vr~-rf*'r-*c —W-.PIT——T™ " —i— ^dl lictot* to Jacteotj and return Aug. 36 *n«i 31 good ta. return S*i»t. Ajrt fur ~ MJU * '"* ' 1! ' '. ', Cr 'fietaat-Agmk Carpet ^'^^^J* 13 ^^ 1 9 *$J tet .furniture ^ ^^a^^ &»<« ^iaye secured tUe agency dlass tailors to the tf afie, 3Fhe special order de* manufacturers it a meaa- for the clothing merchants, 3»t JTew heoauae ol the necessity o| correct urement Unscrupulous men sought & do business by ^iyinf Wg tadn0eiaent» to ate i j>li 1 lae»f,a^ twtweeii ufacturer's prafll and a big profit to a spe<3ial sales* Chicago tMBUMi*, ae prkeifiak, • Burfee rushed « way in the lead, wttfa Huali ip claw atteodftuee. it^e U rat turn Biirke.etjU «i«ifltaieeiii 10%4 Bu«h atteoipting to 'take the curb f ro»u, who relu^wd io give it up, need .to jour lift PU**, Hu *oruaj», Evze^ao. , tiivtu»ot utber itotliutM uf 'ilu; . It not w«** tbam. Two ut Audock BtepJ Biitetseurwl we,' Lootf- »bout tow the Berke dr^w away, . ttity yanrf* b» «*«* **» * of a, gun, but did uwt <*uite sowi aoough twertafce Bwfce, *h« ««B by ft»ir dsv but ift tome tocatcfa th« itam cbaoapioti ou th^iioe. thu« The Always l«»b oud" »jaw; »trii41> high tcrade at V>w««t pficee; pruwpt deli Give DA a call »ud be @o»vm«4 *t PBKWO viiUs store. eare is a for tt«i tobfteuo babrt- It ur S. to, C tilled. f«*atoue A. *u4 to f «wt lor - j. w poor *»m OJd and Mi .bie houses will do tite, If you wis^ to get a clothtar prices 8ee our UllJe *' V and Gut ^ wojrli*aa**tfeB i I I t Sen >ol of Shorthand and Typewrtiug, UATTI.K t'KKKK, MItlll. Wh«f'- hundwdn of y(fang man and WOHIPTI twvo a pruiltaWw ndncalion. t»n« equipped >>nl<iupa* iol|i»K«* in tint »«cnred a mwfiil ana tit th» btfHt equipp rxwntry.- Cull on or write for {iprMcular* *nil i»t»iORD», EttabiUhed 1882. Incorporated 1896. GEORGE mCERSOLL, GENERAL 'wtie« MVUig biiuluo»s ia probate oourln nwv , 1 it b their fi,lerc«t to nonault him." WILLS," Beeds, Mortgages- \ *v ' ,i' '¥ ..' *ff> "^i ~4 Other Legal Papers GarefuHy etc. wtd Ut« —*i». t ' A * 1 'i' ou, r«»i . Iff •^ ^ JZ Cone* Hwulon »ud tit*u«l?sw. IOttiOAN, txiuaty ^ At »'i«rti*I^u of A* i>jx*b»te oouit lot j*»t.4

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