Del Rio News Herald from Del Rio, Texas on June 27, 1961 · Page 4
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Del Rio News Herald from Del Rio, Texas · Page 4

Del Rio, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 27, 1961
Page 4
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2B-DEI RIO (Texas) NEWS-HERALD, .Tuesday,: June 17, 1961 \ Simple Rites Held For Miriam Ferguson AUSTIN' CAP)— Tin? only woman ever to become governor of Texas, .Mr«. Miriam (Ma) Fcrp-.ison, Sti. «i<? buried here next 10 her , former Gov. James F. Shi- was buried in .the si ate cr-jiu-u-rv Monday after Dimple M rvu-cs at her Austin home. A L'irEe headstone o\er the joint plot i?:,'-rk<- ihe , graves oi ihe Mri. Fergu«on died Sunday after a heart attack; She was in a hi'-pha! several weeks alter .i in- art a Hack Xov. 30. liXHt Ti-i- Fer sai torts. _ who were '_'<>«,-• ernor ; diirin? a Uii buiem period. ••'.-.!•<- '.Sii- only husband and \\.fe Air Force Chaplain Drdwns in Formosa TAIPEI. Formosa. lAP.i — An American military chaplain. Air r..n-<- i":i!-.i. Clyde G Br<.\vn. -',2. '.>' Kir. \ntxinio. drowned in Coni! I..-KO. Harlem Formosa. H.:Mr«i; v • He it survived by hi> widow. Pami.-K-. and four children. They. v.v r-:> auaisins; travel order.-: to Mr: . : ii;r. here. Pn.-v.Ti war swimming wii'h Dr. I.ii.iis Fr:i> 5>e, chief of liie TJI- sir station medical service-. v h.-n be )n:>de 3. surt.-ice 'live ami !'. '.s'ed ID come up. team both to win 'election to the aoviTnor~hip- Tbe Rev. Charles Sumner. rc-e- tor of .St. David's Episcopal rhurch. of which she was s. member, jft'u-iated at she f-e.rvices. Pallbearers were state CYirnp- irolk'r iioVrt S. Caiven. Di>i. Any. Procter Jr.. D:si. Judge Mace T h :; T m a -a Jr.. Chartes Kriiecer. Jerome- Sr.t^d. Kobers >m>ed. Holland Pa^e Jim Moth-' <T;;! and Uil! Cou'-;->. aSi of Austin- Charlie Guokac 3rd Dr.' C. D.. I'f-eei-. both oi Ht.iiju-ri. a;^: u A;-:n?tr=ini: o: i ><:•;•• \K>i •>!. Eichmann Attempts To Pin Slaughter j I Of Jews on Gestapo i •' By THOMAS A. REEDY i JKRUSALEM (AP) — Adolf' •Kichmann, through ihe nv&tfsHM^. of ii\'e hand-drawn charts, today renewed his attempt to show iha; ihe Nazi slaughter of the Jews v.a> In the linr.ds of the Gestapo in the fietd. acting t.n top-level order?, and. That he \sns t>> passed. ai 'all times. This was espeeiaih true when Eiehmann was in the field him- Felf. rttrix-!ing the c-\ r,cus!ir<n • «if COfi.iXif: Jeu< from lluncary. de- unsel . Hubert ServvCius // Congress Votes the Money-,-...'" » • - . ' * .. Here s How We'll Get to the Moon If Everything Goes All Right, pt'tvs .; arc Minister's Young Son Drowns Near Cieburne f'l.FrU'RNF t-XF~) —=—TFomTirv^ <";-r!i- \'in>fin. 4. of For 1 , Vi'orth I'rcv.riet". Monday rJs.'iJ in the X'.rlan River near here. }fis i'a- thrr. th» Re-, 1 . Jairses Vinion_ i> p-35!or c-i ihf.. Calvary Way fiap- ?!•-; Ch'.irch in Fort Worth.'• The boy was with his parents v'.sitins; s farm hnn'ie and v.andereri /iff. ense < cdfiiende-i. In -• Budapest. ^;ii(! Sc-rvautis, the. tieporfri'ions to the. death eniiip;"; wore the responsibility of th^ senior SS and security j>u!iei.- and • Kirhm;inn <ni!y oryanirvd theirs ins. Eichmann nn \i'n- stand for ihe ?!\th d;f'. . a^iri s-a'. e :\ inarattion ili'^cription of the' Xu/s ;>>;n-a-Kr?cy di-sianed to ilhsstrjit'.: i.liat . he v.'a.< con<tnn!ly muii-r !>rd<-r> , ami per--«nai!v bore :w !e>pon^.i- hi!iiv ffir ihi- posrort!. Eichmann said ihe char'« Serva!;:>s introd'.u e;i ;nio e% ic't-nee •A't-re either drawn by JiiRTie!! «r • dro'.'.ri i!ii The iin>;s (if ;ni'>rn1:uii>n he pro-.ided. Ftcd ersyrin v. - 3"s u-"on for thus.? ' kiHin'j" ,'t-xvs. f'ir • "leasslni've effort" and green for "ik-portsiiori mnriers." Ti;e -(ie- fensr- crtniended ihat -Kiehnianri never stood diit^ide 'Ise "2rc-en" ar-^a in aH his dvalirijJs. un'i tle- spite. . hi> position a ~ cV.ifi of "Jf-'AJsh aff3ir> : ' ir: the Cesiajw.' ' Bring 'Results PRIZE WINNER—Jady Amsen. of Thermal^ Calif, d;-plays a prize-winning ear of corn at the recent King Kom Karnival in Coachella Vall-v. Not only Is the corcl T-.-;!-; winner-."but IS-yesx-oid J'udv ii .ioo—sbe is Miss Coathelji Valiev. conceded u> Ihe c-nurt ;h:-l. The ' rhans v ere s'miev.hat «.-!irnp}icst- ed. Pre^idir,^ Justice Mo-,!ie Lan- oavi 5sid one o! thesTi wa» s« e<jjn- ples ii ' looked a? though o.rdi.T? won! round srtil. round and a!:?ii'~i " mei 'hem^eive? foinint 1 hsck. "a« tho'i^h the «nak>.' U':IA hi'i'i- iis •tail." PI2ZARAMA CLIFTON -SPRINGS. XV. ^ — ; The Baptist Church here ha- cume • up \\iih somolhinjr nc-w in chiirch •'=apper«. .They call it Piz?ara:ni:. ' PizJa i? served at the church, and phone orders are taken for delivery in the village. By JERRY BENNETT WASHINGTON — (NEA) Whether Uncle ia'ii in-, i. '. '• on ihe ituwn by 1967 how successful scie; Boning Apollo off ( .-:• tirawing hoard and into space. Apollo is ire space ci'afi' on which American scientists are pinning" their hinar hopes. So far. it is nothing but artists', concepts and mathematical computations. Scientists vieu President Ken- nudN-'s revues! for seven to nine billion dollars more for space race 'projects fiver the next five .'.•cars as a vital -hoi in ihe arm for converting cinta into a 25.000 snpJi re a lily. • -Hut ihe money is just part of the solution. Says George M. Low. Chief of Manned Space Fiiiihi jor the National Aeronau- uc.-; ami Space Administration: "Such a venture will require technological aiivsncements far in excess of those needed for Project Mercury, H will require the tieveloprnenl • uf aa^ advanced manned spacecraft that can withstand, the high loads of launching. thai can be guided and steered toward the moon, tha? can iaou {•ently on ihe moon and then be launched from the moon -and be guided back toward a safe reentry and recovery on earth." Scientists visualize ApoiJo as btiiiet shaped, weighing 150.00!) pounds and big enough to hold three ' men. It will he boosted by a missile from which it wi!! sep- aratt- '-before landing. The. self- conlaiiH'd propulsion system that «il! power it to the" moon after the' separation will be used for takeoff back to earth. Development costs are expected to total about si. '50 million. The Martin Co.", Convair and General" Electric are bidding lor the projects. The (irs! moon landing will be preceded by two other Apollo i First the space craft will he j [orbited atourin the earth in-the] [same manner piannetl for thoj jone-mah Mercury capsule. Laier ; ) a three-man astronaut crew will i .be shot into .orbit aroiind Ihe! }moon and then guide themselves! 'back to earth. Each of tht?se n,i?- : < 'sions will be completed throe i i limes before a moon landing at-: ! tempt is made. - '! ! '. •' i ! The earlier missions will give! | astronauts the chance to practice | flying the craft and to its 'highly sophisticated equipment. | On these misj.-.ons, Apollo'' 'boosted by Saturn rockets now : | under ( The Saturn' iC-l, with a thrust of \.5 million pounds, -s schtduled for tests this i stimmer. ! As for the missile powerful enough to boost the 150.000 pound j Apollo for the moon landing, sci- _tists believe ihe answer lies in an" enormous >pace vehicle, called i Nova bich is also i.-s the planning ; stage. NASA Chief James E. Webb describes ill Girl Surrenders^' After Youth Shot SAN ANTONIO <AP) — Henry" Escoto, 21, was shot to death ear- I) today and his girl friend was hooked and jailod on -a murder charge... Cfisa Gil. 13. telephoned police and gave herself up soon alter officers found the youth's .body slumped over the w heal • in -his cai. Me had been shot in Ifte chest. '-;•-. \t city jail, the Oil girl said Ote and Kscoto had l>ccu drinKint and riding.'A quarrel ensued"and >->if said she was slapptii a bout, ^bc suit! she drew Ihe pistol hut itii'n'l know it was. loadeti. APOLLO approoaches from the left for moon landing'. Days Are Numbered For Navy y s Blimps t- WASHINGTON (AP!—The N'avy handed down today a death sen-. ' tence for its blimp fleet. li announced ihal eight of its 10 active airships would be de; flated- and placed in storage by •Nov. 30. The two others will be kept in service until a yt-ar from no\v for research and develop ment work. The decision was made because :.of a shortage of funds .and personnel "combined with ihe in, creasing capability of helicopters 'and fixed-wing aircraft-to perform : all necefssiy anti--subrnarine and airborne eariy warning functions,"' the announcement said- '•'f'he overall height of Nuv •., will he some 3BO feet-.-Cf) feet Mailer, than a football field is Jong.: The diameter of the first stager- will be'some 50 feel and the up- ; per stages some 25 feet. ; 1 "In one version the first stage; v.ill consist of eight clustered F-l '•• -engines, each developing a thrust of 1.5 million pounds: using conventional rocket fuel. In cluster, tiie engines will produce a total thrust of about 12 million pounds.; 'This version also calls for second | and third stages fueled with liq- ! iuid hydrogen and liquid oxygen."; • President Kennedy's new space '. •'budget calls for S48.5 million to I start work on a liquid-fueled Nova. Another SU2 million has been i earmarked !o perfect solid fuels : ; for Nova. As soon as the technt- !ca! promise 'of each can be as-j j sessed. or-e will be selected for ; final development and utilisation. ; At the same time additional j nullions wilt be spent on un- ; manned mac-nines on the moon, They v. ili be equipped Svilli television eameras und other i-t|iiip- mem to send to earth inform;ilioi! needed for a safe manned landing. Edgrir M Cortright, Assistant Director of NASA's Lunar and Planetary Programs, explains: "Project Prospector will be capable of 1 -, Sanding thousands oi" pounds of useful paySoad at a predetermined location on the lunar surface. Before the landing of man we will be able to establish a sma!! depot -of supplies und equipment, possibly a jeep for surface transportation and small rockets 'to return select ssmoies to earth." Dean Says Red China May Develop A-Bomb WASHINGTON' (AP) — Arthur H. Dean, thief U.S. nut-Scar • test h,>n iivs'-tintor. >:iys 'he Chinese r<>,rim'.mists may devi-l^ a n;t- elesr bemh in ;i year or '.wo. Vnti. f)e:in adiie.rf Sunday, Uhat"sm«l>. ^videnerr we have is thit '.he Hus.--ians arc- not helping thorn.'' Dean vvas .recalled so Washins- t'fi |j.-t \v-:-ok for consultattori en 'J i .stjilk-d .<';er:s.-v:i talks He-., ap- (jenred S v and-;»y on » •e'eviston new-; panel prusrarn X1!C—Afc-ei ihe I'!'u:-'s. Trinil/y U. Gets Gift KAN ANTON5O i AP>— Trinity I'niver-iiy S5.-'i-"i million 'richer ui.Ui.v 'A'iih a gu't from tht- l-.ari Sams Koundation for a physk-al «:dtTc;ition center. YOUTHFUL PLEA OKLAHOMA CiTV Lf^—.\ yotin:.' boy inserted tins advertisement in a newspaper classified ' section: "Please buy my practice piano so 1 won'-i have to this summer." "Renl Eslole Buyer i!'i Vouf REALTOR CAUING Alt BARGAIN H Homes, Jots, land and bxrtJnc^s opportunity — If you b*£i*v« '.^ »he future cf your City, !*•* mt $h'j.v/ you some of t'r-e b-ai~ga*t»s. cH-ered by those who MUSI s*JL E. A. STRiCKLEN-RtALTOR 1016 AVE. D PR 5-7731—PR S-6O2C—FR S-3&2S WHAT P'D "jOU PO? RAVE ATALK WfTH H/M? .i.HAD'A lALK' WiTHMowryi SEEN OTTO WORJC so HARD i E-hll^FU 1 T-;.. TH;'JH£Hft&\ HOLP ITi .'I'LL K^J H5CAP5DL C-1L ADMift Ul a z o 2 o >• < u lil > 144 u/TRIED BESSid'S }. EATT5R BRE-^P-. -^ BLON-'DiE? , Of Ul Z H, VOfA.'.'- LOOK AT MOW SLIM i AM//-V, r OKrT'FAT VJ»LTER"?/,V BOY FRJEMD, BE SC!RPR.ISED V.'HEN KE SEES r.1E /.'' ' HE'S BEEN! GONE FOR TVJO WEEKS — r..— »= ^-'H ^,/A -:<:.S::-::7/ r } NO!f DOM'T v/ALT££p.,Bur jf PC;-; .•.•;;// ^ TAK.-L-.7 . - V PAT „ '\ GcSciWG J I "V WALTER.'/ J NWSL=L r -OM '\ U^^.. / - V_ " . - j-jXMocKARONMijwg?. ^. ( -.;:-;;y; ?» ^a^ ^T4^Si\ ' r ^-^ <> Py v x—I '-- !_~r'<^^ \ •DO/,, LESS'N UE ;> MOON MEN? S 'NJOT. YET, /GET HELP TO .HIM 1 THEY SOT / A>WAY/ x\ IN A HURSJY.' . '••••-• "•"' ^ ' V? — '_ ' - . -., . /- j-Wi v^'-s^-T/ "•*>&••* S' -^Q%»1 LOCK, \M35 MAVC«~ HEADS SURE G(G?/ C^ 1 DEPARTArtENTS PON'T V,AK£ Vi J-« MISTAKES IW AVftTTERS tl!<£ W ' f=SvS—XT£ ' - 1

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