Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on June 1, 1947 · Page 16
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 16

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 1, 1947
Page 16
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InHollvwooa and thd prtttji' iftftlds ail fc jusfrtfhal W6 have Way. ou c'ahUftntlv httftt Miftt beauty oofen't ttipahi ft thiAg in Hollywood --Just tatehii feut to spite 6f this. thfc motitfn picture studios continue to sign ofcfe ftdld-piatfed tngersoll .„. *aeth#. jMiifr *« tot* ffti %artu&rtlftla f femiMrf A I>att<!rft} ftfth fett «!xc8ptlon$ al- totrfe*. t-ml'tsstild stffisa ZS of tH6 upper Bracket feminine stars In a cfrofus line, staftd back" 60 feet and hot'be Sfcl<s to, tell thett apart. I: HiVC A cfttenafU 1 on 1 my'desk with siren ot th«i yottnitit stars' photo£r»J»hs.:'t htfre fo look Hi the names to l»« able « n*k£ an; distinction i»etWe«f them. The color of the hair nukes no difference, "because Wiey Change that overnight* , Frankly, I think people arc get- $11.95 For cool summer wear. Cotton broadcloth, seersucker, cham- X' -' '- : : '-''*- ' bray/ linen, gingham, gabardine. *•*: "!•'•*•' ' * i / ' , . ' '-'•••••<• .-' , 7 THE TOGGERY Terrace Drive Phone 207 ... MAMR HOPPLE M0T WLL / **? tno vou FUfF Of= OA.RK SMOK6 SHOOT- INS OUT FROM. UWDSR. "Wfe •400D (JlS6t , OR. WAS it A RlO£ •**• VOO STAS AMD NUP.6E THIS MAV ©Et AM ORDER OF. CXJT OP IT w M*I aa« WO HCIi6311 ting tired of going to theaters ar\c seeing these pretty maids all In a row like a feature flower bed. INGRID'S A NATURAL They all fit the pattern. They've been given a standard glamor treatment by some Hollywood make-up man. All character has been wiped out or plugged up and a new face painted on. Just so many wax dolls to parade in front of the camera. But what makes me laugh at this copy-cat beauty treatment is that when the studios turn around and contradict themselves oiice In a while, they get a big star. They ,dtd with Ingrld Bergman. Ingiid's beauty Is natural. She wears little make-up. When she walks through a studio set where they arc making a-film with these standard glamor gals, she looks like a pink-cheeked kid walking through a wax museum. We need more of this natural beauty in Hollywood.- A chance for the character of the actress to show through on the screen. Nothing can show through that half-inch plaster cast ths make-up man puts on most of the glamor girls. The screen needs more women like Ingrld and the two English girls, Deborah Kerr and Celia Johnson. Celia was magnificent In "Brief Encounter," and she looked like a natural human being. Deborah Kerr just played opposite Clark Gable in "The Hucksters." I hope M-G-M doesn't try to make a standard Ingersol) out of her too. FRECKLE RACE IS ON Short Takes: Van Johnson Is eight freckles up on Myrna Loy, and the summer hasn't started yet—Since "The Jolson Story" hit, United Artists, is marketing the oldie, "Heart of New York,'" which was a Jolson movie originally titled, "Hallelujah, I'm a Bum." A Louisville, Ky., reviewer once treated It concisely by laying: "Glory me, Al, you sure are." There will be a surprise when the Ringllng Brothers circus visits Los Angeles. One of the clowns in the cotter ring will be George Tobias, making a boyhood ambition come truer .-•••- ; • -.• •• .-- Mary Pickford took a look at Maria Montez in some of the sizzling costumes she wears in "Atlantis" and wanted her for the lead in "One Touch of..Venus." But so far, Mary won't meet Maria's terms, which include a percentage deal. texturize you cleanse Wifli / '•'•-' ^ ^pasteurized" face ream" v by Helena rubinstein * * '.. •• •* j - '\ '•'• ' r ~' r t'' . . . Satiny, supple, 8,m9otH-t9xtured ?kin is more tl^an * of simple cjcajjsing. Mci H^lfoi Rubjiiitein gives you • • • .-•..* . ' .- T • -V- ••'•' ~' :l ^--.' • • than a ii "Mitiui«io» MCI CIUM. .• . -. . ..-,..... , fpr unlike ordinary 4can|M»g cre|tns, it conUini rich emol« ; v ' : '''••' ' • 'V •'•'•••'; '-•'• v < : ''? : ; f ' ' lient* that h?lp c<?ax your skin to petal-textured ' •' ••,' « j " f A«I CHUM for RpriRal ?r pily fkin, 3,50, 2,00, 1,00 > ~ ' " '-' •. "n ''.;••'*• v- • • ' - ';"'• "' . ' «>AITtW|illf* fA«i CMAM IMCUI f pr dry ikin, 4,50, 2.50, 1.00 pluj ! •'•.' ' ,.•' -^ <•••''. ;••: •';*••*•.$; ••••' • Ge! Degrees From ACC McLEAN. (Special)—Miss^Sybil Weaver and James E. Fulbj^pit are listed among the ninety-umjc senior students In Abilene Christian College, Abilene. Commencement exercises are June 9 in Siwell Auditorium. Miss Weaver will receive a bachelor of science degree in biology. Mr. Pulbright will receive a bachelor of science degree in business administration. Read The Pampa News Want Ads Grade Reports fly GRACIE ALLEN My husband, George, wanted to go to that famous auto race at Indianapolis today and I'm sorry that I didn't say "Yes" and go with him. What a thrill it would be watching the| race with the tiandsomest man in show business! You sec, I just found out that Clark Gable is there. George said I'd ?et plenty of cx<* oracle citCment watching the race but I don't think anything spectacular will happen. How can it? They don't allow women drivers! George thinks I should pass my suggestion about women drivers along to the famous Mr. Shaw who funs the Speedway. He said Mr. Shaw used to drive himself and won three races. * 1 wish I could have seen that— what a sight he must have been with his long white beard flowing in the breeze and the crowd yelling, "Come on, George Bernard; come on, you vegetarian!" Pampa News, Sunday, June 1, 194? PAI Boy Named Student Sody Representative McLEAN, (Special)—The official counting committee of Oklahoma Baptist University at Shawnec, Okla., announce the election of boo McDonald of McLean as representative at larac of the student body of the year 1947-48. A big fuss is made because a small town is putting out signs reducing prices. A reduction in prices does not come from Main .Street, but from Wall Street.—Ex- Mayor Fiorello H. LaGuardia of New York. Panhandle Transfer & Storage Co. Byron Dees Pampa 016 W. Brown Ray Cox Amarillo 415 N. Taylor Agents for UNITED VAN LINES 48 Slate Cover«» Bonded — Insured Phono 1024 MR. C. C. DODD, Manager WE HAVE PLENTY OF STORAGE SPACE PROMPT COURTEOUS COURT HOUSE CAFE] Work is progressing nicely. The new floor is laid and we have finished the painting. CLOSED TO REMODEL The blackout gets cleaner-—so does the Court Mouse Cafe. Watch This Space! ' > ' J< < t ,+ * » ' « /* -#'t ,''' ,1 - ?< * ,' ' v \ ^.VS . ' PLOW CORPORATION announces a PRICE REDUCTION Effective June 1, 1947 IHIS step is being taken because we believe it is the obligation of every industry to reduce prices when it is'possible to do so. We think it is one way we can help cushion the effects of a possible recession and increase the purchasing power of our customers.* In one year's •Utte, this reduction will save our customers about $600,000.00. „, "' •» - *....,.»..•..«.• --V^tinf - •*> •««lf'-"ifcj)fi". ••"««-•-»•, There is no "snle''^ necessity involved in this price cut, for we now have MC largest backlog of^orders in our history and are entering our best selling season. Sales are increasing every day and many of our^ customers desperate need of plows which ^we are unable to deliver. Production Efficiency is Enabling Factor -*mf- -»-^«f^¥>- •¥,-• sfc^. *t.f*nf •( _.._ ._ _ In our case, production efficiency and sales volume have increased id the point where we are now able to offset the increased costs of labor and material. Our labor rates have increased approximately 110 per cent and our materials costs approximately 112 per cent since 1942. But our sales volume lias increased 2490 perjceni and our productive.efficiency 374 per cent in the eaine period. ~~~~ ~"~~* 1 r -waw-^ '• .._ ____ . ^ _ _. r ' _ _ .. '^^ Balancing these things, we find thiirwe~are~able to~cut back otiFfetail plow prices to a level approximately that of 1942. \ Modern equipment, improved manufacturing methods, our incentive wage system, and above all the unusually .high type of hard-working, independent Middlewesterncr who builds our plows, have combined to bring our factory to "a high peak of productivity.'|We are passing the benefits on to our customers, who during the past 23 years have enabled ui to_become_lhe nation's largest producer* of one*way disc plows. , ^^ "• •- ^(r^%. - ^»^9i* .„ , _.--••:|^ This price reduction is simply the'execution of what we"think is soutid policy, that of producing a better and better plow to sell for fess and less. ; To this end we pledge our ^future efforts. Sincerely, President EBAVSE PLOW CORPORATION 612 Wtst Avt. D, HUTCHINSON, KANSAS $INCi ONEWAY P10WS WIRE BUILT You? JUauw D*oltr ^^^^P ^^Bj^^ t I^^^^^^W ^^^^^^W ^y ^W ^^^^^^^f ^H^^P^^^^^^ 1F3H^^^" WW^^^Wr ^^^HJBP ^JPffP^ ^^^^ff^(^^ff ^^B W ^RPpR f^^jjjifjt ^PP ^PB| flJMBP ^TBIP^ *wBHl^ HP"

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