The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on August 14, 1962 · Page 1
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 1

Freeport, Texas
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Tuesday, August 14, 1962
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KENNEDY PLANS BILLION DOLLAR CORPORATE AND PERSONAL TAX CUTS FOR 1963-PAGE 5 5« Per Single Copy To Subscribe Call BE 3-3511 Freeport THE BRAZOSPORT FACTS SERVING BRAZOSPORT, ANSLETON. WEST COLUMBIA, BRA2ORIA. SWEENY, OLD OCEAN, DANBURY and DAMON Fueft Glaumed: IE 3-2411— AM Otdef Offleeti BI 3-3STJ Per Single Copy To Subscribe Call BE 3-3511 Freeport VOL. 50 NO. 142 Associated Press Member Much Discussed Bills Sent Back To Auditor Braznrin County Commission-,lor has nu.'lilod and approved the —Tluit the services were performed and materials delivered rrs' Court linn passed n set of bills, based on Ihe evidence controversial find much dlscus-ed i supplied hy the County engineer I and that Ihe county received the Chills lor mud materials nnd inn-1Hint the services ns represented! benefits of Ihe services nnd material haul hack lo County auditor ; by the bills have boon performed jtorials; i Frank A. Taylor for payment. jand the Ix-nefits received by the! — Thai Ihe prices charged were In n lengthy formal order pass-1 County nnd thtit Ihe prices nnd' reasonable and pmper; '! ed Monday, Ihe Courl directed charges were reasonable nnd pro-! — flint the actions of Precinct I Taylor to pay the bills which.per. ;0ne Commissioner Dixie Bro-vnl were Incurred by Prcclncl Onej In passing Ihe order, Ihe Court! In ordering Ihe work to be done,] between March 15 and March 23.!listed three basic findings, which!IK- ratified. '; These were bills for Ihe period!District Allorney Sum Ix-e wild: Court action has Ix-cn taken i between Ihe lime D. M. Forest, j IIP believed are sufficient to meet; concerning payment of these, then the county road ndmlnistra-jthe requirement of law as set for-1 same billi nt least Iwice in the: tor, directed Precinct One lo slopilh in opinions received hy Taylor,past, but the County auditor re- 0using hired trucks lo haul from Ihe Texas Attorney General.!fused lo issue vouchers for pay- materials nnd Ihe time the haul- I^e told the Court thai accord-Iment until he could further in- Ing was aclimlly stopped. ling to those opinions, "I believevesligale the legality of paying Forest said nt Hint time the;Ihe Court can pass this order Ihe bills. practice was illegal bccaus-o there j without any individual liability,; In adopting the three findings i was no contract for Ihe hauling, land Ihis would be sufficient for set forth in Monday's order, the 1 The bills In question total about jibe auditor to pay Ihe bills." Ix-e|Court generally followed thice ofj $7,500, Including clehls owed to:added Hint he was "just explain-!Ihe requirements set out by Tay-' Ihe nine truckers nnd to two per-1 ing the legal principles, not mak- i lor in a letter to Ihe Court several! sons for sand. jlng nn effort to get Ihe Court to weeks ago. In this letter Taylor i The Court snid It was mnklngjact." i listed several conditions which i Its findings sinco the County nudi-j In Us order, ihe Courl found: 'must be met in a Court order be-' fore he could pay the hills. The conditions which Taylor j listed included — in nlmost iden- : Ural wording — Ihe first two or the Court'* findings. Taylor had i also as-k'-d Hint the Courl, "ratify the n c t i o n s of Commissioner Brown in ordering the work to be resumed In defiance of Ihe Coun- jty road administrator's order and I the subsequent incurring of the New Councilman Sworn In At West Columbia Freepert, Texas Weekdays 5 Cents Sunday 15 Cent! Split Vote Okays Forest Dismissal The employment of former Bra- 1 Later he said, "I hate to have j road administrator for about a 7oria County Road Administrator to send a letter like that to the 'year after the death of former D. M. Forest of Brazoria wasjc ourt . I certainly did not want to Bra70r ia County engineer W. J. - ' terminated Monday, with the ac-; dcnartment can't have dr P arlmOTt ^an ' ha\e jr £ , & ItEMODKU.VG I S GIVING I1HS OFFICE A NEW LOOK Former Open Area Will Be DMoVI hy Teacher*' Mnll BOXP* TRYING TO BEAT THE BELL CHAIRS C. B. "Bubbn" Gilhert was sworn Into office by West Colum. bia Mayor Ralph Farmer Mon day night following a canvass of the returns from the special cily election Saturday. Tlie vote was found to give Gil-i.. bert, only candidates to file, 07] u """'"votes to 48 votes for writc-i n • candidate H. W. Body. Gillx-rt re-! places Harold Beal who resigned: when he moved outside the city.' School Maintenance Work In Full Swing j, additional law enforcement officer ™ to assist the police chief WHS brought up. The matter was Inbl- ed until the next regular meeting in order that the new Councilman might acquaint liimsclf with the situation. ' ,mg , i Henry Jordan of Alvin and J. L. j ifSkinniel Danford of West Colum* bia, in favor of rejecting it. Brown and Duncan both pointed out that the decision had neon made hy County Engineer Wil - liam H. Hershey, head of the County Engineering Department, !of which Forest had been an em- i ployee for about 15 years. I "I promised when we hired -Mr. i Hershey that I would not inter- Itere," Duncan said. I Jordan said that due to Forest's [ long time service to the County, '"and because of two emergencies ; riu-- lo the death of two ensinrrrs. •I would like to have a hearing with Mr. Hershey and Mr. Forest before making a decision." :1 work slart<-cl to repair the Velasco He said he wanted to go along 'gym floor, damaged in the with the- engineer, but would like s'orrn. About L'.fXKi [ret of flooring "to hear some facts on the case." was replaced and the floor was Danford concurred with this, sanded and refinished in time for "Mr. Hershey has to run his of- use in the school summer recrea- fice," Brown said. "He ha? Ition splitting Commissioners':"""• """ '"-*""'"»-•'"• «"' l "«VE on May ]R whpn (he Cwri 'Court in a 1-1 vote. >'° npa(ls - H toils down to that. ! p ] n yed Hershey for the engineer- County Judge Alton Arnold! 1 rii(ln ' t thinl; >' would, because!ing post. broke the tie by voting in favor r llad an interview with Mr. For- At that lime Forest resumed of accepting a letter announcing c * ( wnpn r first came U P here - his former title, that of chid the termination of Forest's em-! In announcing his tie-breaking iclerk for Ihe Engineering Depart- Iployment. ! votr ' 3^ee Arnold commented iment, and the salary he had re- Commissioners Dixie Brown of, that ! he Co , ur ' harl . h .! red Hershey j ceived prior to Lewis' death. ,Freeport and George Duncan of," a ' Im ' nis( ™'ive officer of the! Forest had also served as tern- I Sweeny voted in favor of accept-! ^ngmeering Department. "If youiporary head of Ihe Engineering the letter- Commissioners > " ' want him as administrative : Department for several months Tlie Council approved purchase |,i of nine chairs at S3fi.2() each from; 'Hie other requirements which j Spoonemorc's Office Supply Co.: Taylor listc«l were that the Court| In Kay City. Tlie new straight order that vouchers be issued in i j chairs wilh arms will lie used hy'payment for the bills and Hint his Tho Council accept- letter concerning Ihe situation he. ed the low bid on the chair?.:placed in the minutes rf Cum- u-i,.,,, .„,,.,.,„ . • .1 , , ,. . ,^ . , ... . „ , . . , ,. . \Nncn summer arrives, the pace drafting room locatioi rrn/.ior Furnilure of \Vrst Colum- missumi-rs Court as his approval ••»<<- '<"'">, »"" MKHIDI bia had submilled a bid of SK.Ifl of the bills. slackens for most people who take into arts and crafts rooms. per chair. Another local firm had, Monday's Court order varied •vacations nnd plan leisurely liv- Tlie s<-hi>ol book store was mov- NFW POLICEMAN .dec-lined to bid since they did not somewhat in language concerning mt -' during Ihe hot summer cd to the Activity Room, with its Tho nosclhiuiu of emntnuini' aiJ' iav(1 " ''ompetitive source of sup- ratification of Brown's action and months. former site to he used as a class- ine possioimy 01 ernpio.vmt, an lp]y ^ (hjs ^ n{ fumi|un , 'includ-d no mention of filing Tay- Bl ". a* students and teachers room. BOAKD OF EQUALIZATION. ,lors Idler in Ihe minutes. At the vac-ate schools for the summer, Workers also spent about two Tlie Council adopted nn ordi -'time Taylor presented "his letter, " re ''* r!l * os P'' 11 ••••ehid system's weeks rebuilding a large lioiler nanc-e miming themselves to the'Commissioner George Duncan of maintenance department goes in- used in the healing Jysiem, and rfarsu'oi it's men have ;ii.- Board of Equalization as has lieen Sweeny had objected to ratifying lo n 'Sh gear. Hammers bang, they overhauled the swimming busy at Lanier School in the custom in past years. The Brown's action in light of slate- saws bile into wood, and paint pool filters. Council will sit as a tax board inents in the letter. brushes slap against walls as Ihe FJII tonight to go over Ihe city tax One of those wa.s. "to authorise < J gu!ar s'alf. auinnpnlcd by rolls in preparation for calling of and approve payment of the bills lr;1 emplovoes works to get a hearing. seemed to me to circumvent and schools ready for the fall opening, verting six rooms to that use hy ers of all levels of Ihe school. CITY HAI.L SITE render meaningless Ihe meaning Homer Harsdorff, school main- certain interior work and inslalla- Tlie band hall and choir room The matter of (he site for the of Ihp ''ompctitive bidding law tenance supervisor, and his em- tion of plumbinz, aiid electricity, were repainted, and outside colors and seemed to completely cnias- ployees have been carrying out Tne rooms were formerly used on the huikiings were renewed, dilate the provision <4 the option- varied projects at all Brazosport by O. A. Fleming School, then for SFA al road law, more especially the schools. Some heavy repair pro- social science studies when turn- Stephen F. Austin School at nutliorily and duties under this jec-ts date back to damage caused ed over for junior high use when Jones Creek came in for its share 'law as prc'wrilied to Ihe County hy last September's Hurricane Fleming's addition was complct- of storm rehabilitation. The 'road administrator or County en- Carla. ed. school wa.s repainted and doors ana-cr Jimmv Dodson to draft • Kinrer> as ll ' e l ' ilsn may bl>- " Th ' S sumnlf ' r - 'larsdorff's rcgu- The Freeport Junior High li - were resla/ed. Some 73 grills of •-, letler lo 1*> sen! to 'certain n'ro Taylor, who was confined to his lar year-round crew of two elec- brary has also been enlarged by the heating and air svslem were ehen »lnk," have, hit n new ni K h i'„,.,""wnei-s 'who hive illovod homi> h - v illm ' fis ' " as not P'esenl tncians, a plumber, plumber's removing a partition and utilizing removed ai-d repainted. officer, you might as well tell him following the death of former now or give him the authority to County Engineer E. W. Garnett, act " he said. and prior to the time Lewis was Forest had served as county i employed. SHOWN ON TV Russia s Space Team Still Circling Earth By PRESTON CiUOVKR ; Sir Bernard Lovcll. director of MOSCO?.' lAPi—Tlie Soviet Un- Britain's Jodrell Bank radio tele- ion's two newest astronauts com- STO P C ' loW ™P°*e™ Monday pleted am-thor day of circ-ling the mcht: ' l wnuld not >* surprised rarth today and appeared to be still in orbit in midaftornoon, the time considered best for a landing attempt. job to do. if Ixith men came down in one craft and left the other craft in orbit. We believe cither the spacemen now are both together or are extremely tic??e to each other." „ „ Moscow's central television sta- T, le Sohio Research Center in He is limited in his tion broadcast at 4:10 p.m. what ;Clcvcland- oh ,; O; r e por terl, however, that the two ships were employees, and to get ihe maxi- >\ flaimecl rnwn "from, his office and make ?lon from \vas a direct transmis-i r Free- :xirt. A storage area of the gym building has been paneled and ex- At Free-port Junior High. a air-conditioned to be used as a the science wing was created by mn- centralized workroom for teach- any work, he' has to be in charg :tok III. piloted by mo dng farther apart. Tlie center Maj. Andrian (Falcon! Nikolayev. calculated that Vortok III was o! it and say what goes on." Nikolayev could be seen raising 97r , „,„„ jn fron( of j(s si , t( , r Hcrshev pointed out that if the h " lo S ™x>k. looking from left to s (,ip when it passed over Cleve- order"failed "1 would not have "="» anfi - at nn< - '""t 1 - smilin 2 . land .„ 8:36 p m EST Monriay . Thieves Show Originality- Roof Stolen Thieves, sometimes accused of taking "everything but the Wt-j' 1 authority ir.ent." in that depart viously indicated since the city attorney could not be present. I.ETTKK The Council instructed City. In originality. Chile |mllcn ceived a report Moncluy someone hud stolen n 400 square font building roof, pint ratters. •their property to Ix-come run down. Tlie letters are lo request cooperation in remedying t h c i situation. The »hect metnl rnof, valued i at $13S, was taken from » boat i REPORTS nhed nt 1103 Kyle Riincl mi ; Hie Council also approved Oy«ler Crook somellmc during : police and the corporation court re- the, pa»t month. Tho theft MB*'ports as well ns >i S?. 1 .1(1 expense i- E. I.. Smicr n/ Ijikn'allowance submitted by Cily who told pcillee ncinie- Judge S. S. Fra/.ior lor the rcccnl on« aim look an electric clock, traffic court conference he at valued at K5, from tin- cmlslclr tended in Austin. The conference of Ihe former I'a.vnc- Jewelry is held anniKilly anil is partially •tore building on '.Main Slrti't sponsored by the University of during the unnie perlcMl. Sillier Texas Uiw Sc-hiKil. U a ro-cmner of Iwrfh pntiM^llt*^. ~ Since n-nuiMil nf rwif anil riifl- rrn Inlnrt uniild liuohe run- •Iclc-mlile InKrniilly on Ih,- purl of the Ihlevcs, |MI||,-,. Ihcurltc Ihnt thry wern cllmiiwi-nililiMl nt (he »o»nc>, then tuki-n HWUV. Hut whether by Isnil »r w« or »lr n-nmlnx unresolved. Lions Prince And Princess Contests Set helper, two carpenters and two storage room space, carpenter's helpers was joined by FP KLKMKNTARIKS three school shop teachers work- O. A. Fleming and Jane I>ong ing as carpenters along with two Schools in Freeport were com other extra carpenters, three pletely repainted inside due to the painters and three painter's help- .s t o r m. Fleming floors were ers. sanded and refinished, and cabi- IWS nets, doors, bulletin boards and In Freeport. Ihe workers are grills al Jane Long were nlso remodeling the main oUic-e of given a new coat of paint. Bra/ospoit Senior High School for Velasco Elementary School win- more efficient use of the space, dows were reclamed and repainted An area is being converted into in ihe original building. Two an office for James Slade, as- rooms of Ihe old Resv.urce Center J. M. I-oathcrs, dim-tor of re- sistant principal. were converted into classrooms, search and development for the A Kink of teachers' mail IMM-S and anolchr calsrsoc.m was Dow Chemical Company's Texas and a new s\vitchbn.ird - reception ed hy use of half of the cafeteria Division in Freepcvt. has been an- area make a dividing nail in Ihe nrra. pointed to a company - wide re- main office which was formerly An nttice for the new special search advisory l«oard. a large open nre.i wilh front cram- education supervisor was provid- The appointment was announc- ter. ed hy removing shelves of an ed in Midland. Mich., by R. 11. A temporary classroom Ixuld- area "of a book room, and other Boundy, vice president and direr- ing wa.s moved to Ihe campus for remodeling, lor of research for Dow. a drafting room, wilh the former; As school closed in the spring, The advisory group — compos- "" • —— • •• (-d of divisional directors of re- Waxahachie Nabs Suspect Wanted Here Tlie announcer pointed to a port- Tlie center's first measurement hole o! the Vostok III and said of distance between the two ships that, through it. it was possible to Sunday indicated they were 75 sec Vostok IV. carrying Lt. Col. miles apart, hut Dr. A. I.. Jones, Pavel (Golden Ea^lei Popovich. supervisor of basic research at the This would indicate the two renter, said a mathematical pro- space ships. launch-Hi a day apart Jeetion of the center's fisures in- on almost identical orbits, were cheated the two space ships could i still close together. Western track- '"« touched one another in orbit jers have said the two ships now earlier. lare several hundred miles apart The Russian astronauts had ; after being as close as at Monday's ni«?ting. Leathers On New Research Board For Dow CI.I'TK Clute Junior High School's football fieM will again !>e ready for use at night. The light poles were blown down in Hurricane Cirln. the last school year. Two scicne'- rooms are lo be inst.V.led at the sclnxil with one a rephu'ement. 'Hie secretary's office is also beinc remodeled and painted. At thi- adjoinin; taiy School, the spac merly housed the librar made inlo two classrooms. The elementary library is now consoli- '"'_'' dated wilh ihe junior high library. At T. W. Ogg School, campus A good time for the landing supposedly would A suspect in the Aug. 5 burglary 2:30 p.m.. when Vostok III would attempt at the K and S Pharmacy have boen over the central Volga in Clute has been caught in Waxa- valley where other clolv-circiing hachie after a burglary attempt Soviet ships have come down, there in which his partner escaped Nikolayev completed his third in a hail of bullets. clay in orbit at 11:30 a.m. and Chief G. P. Litllelon of Clute Popovich finished his second day stiid Waxahachie 1 officers were.aloft al 11:02 a.m. also holding a 1953 Cadillac which. Tass. the Soviet news agency, mate-lies the description and li-.announced thai by noon Nikolayev ivnse m-mber of one seen at a had completed his -19lh orbit and Clute tourist court at the time of:had traveled about 1.25 million miles. ' OI1 g since outstripped the host previous Soviet and American PIMM Vlrmen ue o l_lUte r.lf niCn- . . , , ace which for- the pharmacy burglary attempt. brae is being ™''< '•'""•'<"' left ' or "ff harhic this morning He said the ^' » *« o! lhr ", . K*n «ktae partim-nt has Kn where water has been standing, and other minor work was done at school. I.AKK JACKSON V ^ , in wh , The suspect. C. Applications for tltc I.Ions Club carnival's prince and princess conlcsl must lie deliver- " jcci lo Mrs. Verrei Knrisch at her Fnvpiirt business at 107 West Second by noon Friday. The conlesi will gel underway at li p. m. Friclt.v for >oiingstcrs, The DOUCJ McCI-ANAHANS "" v " lllroui;l1 llu ' vears old. A spending some lime with (heir I" ilu ' (1 "'"' '"""''T "' '"' ' Hl daughter, SUSAN, »n,l family, i" 1 ''>' -i" l| 3<-s on ihe ba-'is• of up. and son JIMMY in San Diego IH-arauce and peiswialily. l-.i.tranis MR. nnd MRS. J. !. SOIUtKl'l : are '" Wl ''"' llrai ' il "'""' '"' '" llh ' ® JR., MIKK imd AI.ICH. ntu-iulingi'"*' Mlit - w '| h "" hli:llly t ' l: ' ri< "'"" 1 Ihe sale of cannier horses al Cir- """''' permitted, cie. M Ranch near Richmond '<illi,k, star Krrcttorl Sl ^ art '' v t pnxlurt departmcnl di- rri'tcjrs <»f research, and hcnds of iopment groups •— will advise Dr. Bounty, who is charged with the centralized direction << research and development for the AFL-CIO To Battle For 35 Hour Week Jackson Junior also Kcttin saint- reason. served prison lime in 1958 from:' 0 mcmac* n ..•„ o ... :„ ,A,.(in uu on ana on. tat the d,v here there was spoliation Uiat "the hvo ships ^ ^ :;* «. ««-« ^ u r r ; n1 g h « co,«° ,.,.., the fl 'S h>s were S« n B have been "about s P ace <?"orts and had covered distances far beyond those between the earth and the moon, which van- from ±.!1,-IS3 to J52.710 miles. Tass said both awoke at -1 a.m. ;i[ter seven hours of sleep — the . third nicht's sleep in space for Nikolayrv, the second for Popovich. While they slept, their ships operated on automatic control. On awaking, Tass said, the pilots "did their daily rio^.en and had breakfast'. Contaclins earth, thry reported that they had slept well, that they feel fine ?nd that the temperature, pressure and humidity of the air in the cabins iif the shins remain normal." tor total for a total Church Barbecue Saturday At Lake Corn on Ihe cob will he an unusual feature of the anrual St. •••• - — •••!. -. .... i A aoviei imurmam saui some- Timothy's Episcopal Church bar- •ampus work for the H r reeporl service stationi burglary. inlertsting wxiuld ha ppcn in Ix-cue lo IK- h-ld Saturday at the Low places on Ihe, »nd bu.-t;lai->' of the K and S Phar- ^ a ; ternnon _ Moscow is s houra L,-, ko Pavilion. , . • 10 Ili"h is Brazoria County in connection with A Soviet informant said . , fit-Id where the kind practices its tnacy in Oute. marching and Ihe football team Chief N. II Uissiler of Freeport ,_ vv ; ien ^ astro ' nauts ahead of Kastern Standard Time Serving will lie from noon until Salmiluy. They also ol,t,,u,c,l i autograph U Wells Fary.) TV star Dale Robertson. Amim-i "I"' MS ' UMim M "" 1 "" ul ''"' ""' ""' '• llllls * Pi<W»'». punyitiK Ilicm was an employee, FRKKMAN HANKS. . . CINDY SMIVKHS. cc-l.-bniting a blrllulay today, . . MR. and MRS. It. K. 1.ANK SR. of Jacksonville, Flu., iirriv Ihrougli Saturday nmni. ,,„.,„ „„,,,_ Applicaliins- may In- obiiuiied nl | )( , mui,,),-,) Ihe following locations: Krcepoii, Kariscii Fntnic Shop, i'le'Hicis, Western Auli II. D. Dciiin, rxecullvi 1 \lce president of JVw, said that the func- |v, r lion of Ihe ic\si-ariii iiilvisory Ixwrd will be In work wilh Dr. lloundy on such mailers us. c-om- pany • wide research and development, budget aint manpcmer nc-i^ls, resc-itifh >-oiumumi7ilioiis, ;'iiil the eviihuillon of various re search nrc-ns nnd uctivitu-s. "We recogni/e lhat the ph>s!cal ilecctilruliAilion of CRII liiUira • lories lus many ;ul\;nitaiies." :<nd ibis concept will d. However, as the company's activities increase nnd l-i'ivpoil i,,.,.,,,,,,, mure (tivcrse. Ihe re- CIHC'AGO (Al'l— UrKani^nl !«• "All other attempts to deal itf- has re\-ealed its primary: fix -lively wilh unemployment ha\- weajion ill the Ivillle for full cm-'failed." be said. "We feel ploymem will lie a n.uioail cam- s |, n ,. trr , V(V ij „-,)! lake up oinsi paign for a 3.">'hour work week, i 11 T , - ., , Vv-i ,.i,-v i, i . derulile slack in the iinenip ov Ai-L-llO Prc-.sidenl iitMrge • Meany anii.Kinci-d Monday a drive ""'"' P"'H»'e. » we had it now, lo require double lime piiy fur there nmildn I IH> very many un hours workt-cl in excess of :k"i a eiuplovcil." be 7 p.m. Tickets are available to scrimmages are being bui'.i up. said Kubanks also served time m;. n a p^^,,,, ,„ descend. ' the public for Sl.'.'5 for adults and Work is also being done on re-'1951 nn n Fort Worth case, and in ^^ day . s j jrs( lxMnnllm jq U e at 75 c-enls for children under 10, covered walk - 19X1 on a Cleburne crime, and he g a ]n containe(1 a variation thai acccu-ding to ticket chairman ,md his partner may be responsi-; might signal son^hing special H. Bo>-d. Adull memhei-s of the Ijtke hie (or some other unsolved Free-:^ planned to day-a landing, a'church are now selling tickets and : close approach or even a linkup they are also available at St. a 'of the spaceships. :Paul's Kpiscopal Church in Free- Omitting Ihe usual signoff of port. " be used lo help sanctuary of U;e painting outside ways there. Oran Hoberts School in a Jackson required repairs for dam- port burglaries. age caused hy water in ihe school: The men were burglarizim during ihe hurricane period. F.nch|country store at Waxahachie when room bail areas where damaged discovered by the owner, Littleton!., ne [ijgjji continues. 1 Hie com- Proceeds floors lurt to be replaced. said, Tlie owner nabbed one of the' mun jque said: "At present, the furnish Ihe new \ l)arw.»xl Furniture 1 , lilroiiiinl's Super Mar- Monday to upend a week with kl ''- " ml M (| i*" ls I'harinacy-, nnd their WHI mxl family, Ihe LANES JH. of U. .". Jackson, diaries Marsha oflicc in the Profcs-ni/nal Building, KOHKRl' "ingle's Fiiiniluiv, and \ji Velio Shop. DR. a II d MRS. GOODRICH and .son I'AUL, upending- the weekend wilh their daughter anil suier, MRS'. FKRDj—. . _ . . . •";"':•", ( '"'" k ' '- ui:y |Tide Schedule who'd sp e n I the I week with her sister, returned loh'od.iy Dallas wilh her family. . . j jjijji, ].i : .|i |,. m . And Around Tho Cuunly: j U/w 7:M p.m. MARY F.LLA JOHNSTON u f i Wedn. -sd.iy Brazoria, to mark a birthday on High 4-titj a.m. and 1:L'7 p.m. Wednesday. .. Low 9M a m and g:45 pra iirc-h uilvisory Uiaul c-un assist in strengthening our research efforts and improving rcM'iinh productivity throughout Ihe company." Ymiiiiglandiii,' 'Hie ivseaii'li ml\ isoiy IKUII! in- iilially will lie composed of )1 —- iinemlK-rs, iiieluding Bnuiiily. week, lie termed the shorter work w e e k ".i ivitional ncecssiu ," The fi-deralion represents molt- than M million nf Ihe !'•' imlliun twlioiul work forc-e, 'Hie fixlenttion's Kxeciilive Council foiiuulatccl a twoproni; attack ou Ihe unemployment problem at Ihe opening of ils five-day StinillUT .se.v.iuM. It established a ccmmntlce to ihaft new legislation which will lie preseiilt-d lo Congress Me.iny s:iiit llu- change U- much less inflationary many persons think. LJ Council In Two Meetings The Ijike Jackson City meet at B:30 p.m. tonight Klisalvt Ney .Sc-hcxil in Like men, but Ihe other one ran Jackson is selling a new paint s]u>K;uil and automatic pisiol ixiUi joh CM> its original siraeuire will) than the aslvslos-siding on Ihe building along Yaupoii Stiivl lieing rc[xiinttHl. At Hciilel SchiKil in the same 'cily, low s|iots on the c-ampus are U-ing fillixl. The maintenance- workers also plan to rcpainl the outsiile trim before school stntis. Alihou^h the pace is furious Council ^ through Ihe summer months, the maintenance department is al as -cosmonauts have started carrying I-ake Jackson church, general :xit their numerous difficult duties 'chairman Oliver Oshorn said. were lived nt him. j envisaged by the program tV Littleton hopes to "borrow" Eu-! S pace research planned for Aug. Iwnks, being held on a Waxaha-; 14. Tne group flight of spaceships j cliie hurr,lai-y c-liarge, lo i-elurn Vostok III and Vostok IV conli-- Sets today 7:03 p.m. him here for (juestioning on the'nues acc-ording lo the planned' Rises Wednesday 5:-19 a.m. Kx-ai burglaries. .program.' ' Sets Wednesday 7:02 p.m. Sun Data Two Hospitalized In Freeport Accidents * lee " with a 19ciO Morris Mini-Bus ciriven hv Richard i'. George of 171'! West en by nel T Sims III of 1319 1 ' '' N !" '" ° f l ,f collision \\est sevenlli, at \\ e>t scsuun o women were taken lo hos- Mrs. James was driver of a 1KI Miss Howard was driving a 1950 presenUM lo C'oiigrt-ss nexl lake action cm bids received for:work Ihroughoul the year. At its Phils' for treatment following Chevrolet involved in an accident Chevrolet which was involved in \e.u. It set up a task force williin water and sewer extensions to the Ash Street location in Freeport, sc-parale auto ac-cidenls in Free- wi|)] R ]a(j0 j; 01 .,.j s Mini-Bus ciriveii a wreck wilh a IfliW Ponliac. diiv- ihe federation lo aid affiliated Willow Diive-Snuthern Oaks aiva. a c-abinel shop and paint shop port AlimJay. unions in bai-Bainiiis for the XV At 7 p.m. Ihe Council and Plan- ktvp busy. Desks must )w sandcsl Mrs. Mary W. W. James of 31-1'j hour work week without loss in ning Cummi.ssion will hold a joint i and refim.sheci. Cabinets are built.. Va-t Kiglilb in Freoport was lak- Seventh. Frec-piirl. P a >- hc-ariiiK cm Ihe request to rcvone'Olher choies must Iw perlomietl |<•'! to Communiiy Hospital where occurred o.i Vel.--.yci) ami Mcsquile .ibout 9:M p.m. Meany told a ueus coiiteience ihe Raymond Tract, tocaled west lo keep Ihe schools functioning she was admitted for observalion. Bridge about 30 fcvt norlh oi West Police reported that Ihe Howard the pro|iosed double-tune pay for of I^>ip Koad near ils intersection properly. wilh her condition lisied as- good Second Siree'. atiout '1 p.m. auiu wai g"in^ easi on Seventh kc-eping u man on Ihe job hc.\<md with O\.ster Creek Drive, from Bui lluoush the summer, any-i Tuesday. Miss Jo Ann Howard of Kuvpoit police reported both and ihe Si.ns c.-ir w:is heided north li hours is calculated to make it single family residence to multi-'lluim thai ciin wait must do so. i 10-Hi West Ninth in Free-port was vehicles wcie headed noiih when ni Mc-.-quue wnen the vehicles economically mvesxury for em l:imily residential use. i While the students are away, the takr-n to Bra/rvport Memorial ihe runt front fender and bumper crashed in UK- mier action. Both lluindc-r showeis. ixiw tonishl 16. pl»>er» to tulist additional Bao-, Boi'h meeting* will bt held •t'maimenam-g «niplojee» m u* J Hospiial lor treatment, then *is- of the bus hit the left rear of the cars were estimated lo be total high Wednesday gg. Ipowcr. |Ui« Oty HalL i"Biak« b»j-." Imissed. iaicvraleL llos^cs. Weathercast C'leai In fwill>' c'luudy and hot lhrmii;h \Ve>tneMia>. Widely M at- lered late alleinoon and exening

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