The Ottawa Herald from Ottawa, Kansas on May 8, 1959 · Page 6
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The Ottawa Herald from Ottawa, Kansas · Page 6

Ottawa, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 8, 1959
Page 6
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OW?AWA HERALD Friday. May 8, Your Problems, By Ann Dear Anns I've been worrying myself. My husband wonders why I'm so jumpy. I can't bring myself to tell him the reason. We've been,married five years and are very happy. My husband is an honorable person and he thinks I am, too, I never told him that I was married once before we met. Maybe I was afraid it would spoil his mental image of me. Now my c o ns c i e n c e Is d r i v i n g me crazy. .I've start/ ed to tell him a dozen times but the words stick in, my throat. I live in fear that someone will LANDERS mention it to him and then I'll be finished. How can I explain five years of silence? Please, Ann, help me. I know I must tell him some day. How shall I put the words together?-KALAMAZOO Dear 'Kalamazoo: Don't try to put it in words. Hand your husband this.paper and say "honey, I wrote the first letter in Ann Lander's column. Can you help me solve my problem?" Good luck to you, Kalamazoo. Please let me know how you came out. I'm very much interested. Dear Ann: Fifteen years ago I married a girl I thought I loved. She was too close to her mother and the marriage was doomed from the start. She used to get asthma attacks almost every week and she moved to her mother's house to "get well." We separated after three years but were never divorced. I've gone with several women and some have been pretty nice. For the past two years I've been seeing a widow, 42. She wants to get married. Frankly, I'd rather continue to enjoy her company on this basis than go through a divorce. Why do women want to finalize everything and nail a man down? Why can't they be content to "take the cream off the top," so to speak? Please tell me.— D.R. You want the companionship of marriage (cream off the top) but not the responsibilities that go with it (skim milk). A woman 42 would be a sap to "go with a man" indefinitely. A man who keeps a dead marriage in cold storage for 15 years doesn't want to get married again. Be honest enough to admit it, and quit wasting this woman's time. Dear Ann: I'd like to tell Kathy, the 16-year-old expectant mother whose husband goes out alone, how I solved the same problem. We were also married under hurried circumstances. I was 17. Ralph was 18. I was ashamed of the mess I'd made of my life. Ralph felt resentful and "hooked." We weren't married a month when he started to phone and say he wouldn't be home to eat. He always wanted to go bowl with ome pal or go to a movie, or a ard game. I started to nag him and cry i the phone. Soon I ordered im to come home. The more emanding I got, the more he tayed away. I could see our marriage collapsing so I did a omplete about-face. I suggested he invite his friends o our place. He liked the idea. e began to take an interest in ow 'the house looked. He saved is money for good furniture in- lead of throwing it away on oolishness. When my attitude hanged, our lives changed. Now /e have three children and are ery happy. I'm sure the stra egy that worked for me will work or heri too.-ANOTHER KATHY Dear Ann: My sister - in - law oes her best to chop me down in iltle ways. One of her favorite ricks is to inform me (prefer bly in the presence of others) hat I have a run in my stocking spot on my dress, or a missing utton. Last week I told her off. She cted hurt and claimed she was nly trying to dp me a favor. My lusband took her part and I ould have wrung both their ecks. Who was wrong?—RA AYDICT Dear B.: I'm with you. There's o point in telling someone about run, a spot or a missing but- on (particularly in the presence f others) when nothing can be one about it. On the other hand, one of the reatest acts of charity one fe male can perform for another is o tell a gal when she has lip tick on her teeth. This she can emedy at once. ... ' Dear Ann: Most of the kids in ur graduating class are going o an. all-night swimming par the night of commencement, ; will be held at a well-known lace. There will be no chaper- ries. I've always been a good gir nd have never caused my par nts any trouble. I'm heartsick lat they don't have more faith n me. Some kids, in our class rink a little, but I don't anc have no desire to try it. Please say something in your olumn so my folks will let me o. I need your help. Thanks.— VATER BABY Dear Water Baby: You came to ic wrong place for help, honey, in not about to encourage par- nts of a high school girl to al- ow her to attend an all-night nchaperoned swimming partly 'here some of the kids drink ttle." This party may be perfectly ).K. but it has all the ingre- ients of dynamite and my ad- ice to you is to skip it. MACK ELECTRIC General Electric Swivel-Top CLEANER BOTH $ 84 75 «"""•* FLOOR '34" POLISHER ,»p..» MACK cLcwTRIw % ,.> We have built wr business on V • <• Stow* Service Of- 8. Mala *» Ottawa N Icebreaker Ready For Early Launching LONDON (AP) — Engines of he Soviet atomic-powered ice- reaker Lenin have been success- ully tested and the vessel is almost ready for launching, Mos- ow radio said today. The 16,00o-ton icebreaker caries three atomic reactors. "The engines, using electricity reduced by atomic power, will ave 44,000 horse power — twice s powerful as those of the big;est merican icebreaker, 1 ' the broadcast said. COMMUNITY PROJECT — Mrs. Eldon Hoyt, Mrs. Max Randel and Mrs. Dale Smith, members of Loyal Neighbors HDU, are pictured pain'.ing a mall box and putting up one of the many name plates the unit sold as a community project. They not only sold, but also delivered and mounted the marker and painted each mall box. accustomed to a new cast f characters in key convention iosts, ' Reps. Sam Rayburn (D-Tex), oseph W. Martin Jr. (R-Mass), ind John McCormack (D-Mass) may be missing from the glare of he camera spotlights. Rayburn, speaker of the House, las presided over the past three Democratic conventions. Martin, a 74-year-old veteran of many political wars, has wielded he gavel as, permanent chairman of the past five Republican Na- News From Richmond Area MISS MABEL CHANDLER Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Morford and Verda, Grand Junction, Colo., are spending this week with his parents Mr. and Mrs. Ed Morford. The Dan Dyers, Topeka; Ralph Vernon Morfords, Shawnee and Charles Printys, Ottawa spent Sunday with them. Mr. and Mrs, Russell Bailey, Lawrence spent the weekend with her parents the Chris Pickerts. Mr. and Mrs. Joe B. Lickteig, Greeley spent Sunday afternoon with them. Clarence Gretencord who has been stationed at Fort Leonard Wood is spending his 14 days leave here with his parents the Antone Gretencords. His next station will be Camp Chaffee, Arkansas. The Al Eatwells, Overland Park and C ( arl Pickert, Kansas City spent the weekend with their parents the Ernest Pickerts. Mrs, Joan Kratsberg spent the weekend with the Gus Kratsbergs in Greeley to accompany them to Chanute Sunday to visit Gene and Diane Kratsberg at the T.B. hospital. The Doug Kerschners, Gardner were here-Saturday visiting her parents the Ralph McCreas. Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Duffey entertained their bridge club Monday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Gerhold scored high. Others present were the Alfred Siglers, Abe Severns, George Dietrichs, Ernest Hendersons and Mrs. Merritt McDonald. Mr. and Mrs, John Roeckers and sons attended a picnic in Manhattan Sunday. Their daughter Marjorie returned home with them. Miss Imogene Bastin and Jack Patchen, Kansas City spent the weekend with Mrs. Alma Bastin. Their .Sunday guests were Mrs. Grace Keller, Mr. and Mrs. Abe Severns. Gene Mildfelt returned Wednesday from a fishing trip to Old Mexico. Mrs. Herb McClure took her daughters Judy and Connie and Joan Roeckers to Ottawa Sunday evening to participate in t h c rural life services at the First Baptist Church. Mrs. Robert Davis, San Diego, Calif., called her grandparents Mr. and Mrs. Sanford Shaw Sunday evening for a visit. The James Boyers, Wichita, spent the weekend with her parents Dr. and Mrs. J. R. Smith- heislar. Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Sise, Mike and John, Kansas City spent Sun- day with her parents " Mr anc Mrs. John Strobel. J. W. Hendrix underwent ma jor surgery at Trinity Luthera Hospital April 30. He is expecte home this week. Mrs. Ralph McCrea accompa nied the 0. 0. Tuckers of Ottaw to Garnett Sunday afternoon for , visit with the Everett Tuckers. John Miller a patient at t h Allen County Hospital shows im provement. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Edward were in Lawrence Saturday to al tend the meeting of the ornitholo gical society. The Bob Hadsalls and Clayto: McCalls spent Sunday at Ralp! Greenawalts near Paola. Mr. and Mrs. Everett Cluchey and their niece, Miss Beverl; Toyne, Lawrence, spent the week end with Mr. and Mrs. Stev Hoelscher. The Warren Yackles rural Paola, spent Sunday witl them. Weekend guests at the Haye Johnson home last week w e r » Mrs. Grace Gifford and Beverly Derby, Colo., Mr. and Mrs. Harr; Williams, Lost Springs, Georg Johnsons. Turner, Mr. and Mrs Jess Blake, Ottawa. Mmes. Lloyd Mills, J. A. Men denhall, and Goldie Elson, Paola were here Sunday afternoon visit ing Mrs. Kate Mersman. Mrs. Emma Mardick spent the weekend with Mr. and Mrs. Charles McCandless in Neodesha. Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Johnston, their daughter Mrs. Marvin Ross and family spent the weekend in Kansas City. The Bob Griners, Kansas City spent Sunday with her parents Mr. and Mrs. Chris Hermreck. The Don Hermrccks, Garnett spent Sunday evening with them. Weekend guests of Mr. and Mrs. Amos Lyon were the Carl Shinkles, Fall River, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Shearer, Lincoln, Nebr,, Miss Kay Shearer, Golden, Colo., Mrs. Robert Foltz, -Ottawa and the Elden Lyons spent Saturday with them. New Cast May Hold Key Convention Posts WASHINGTON (AP) - Teleyi- ion .viewers of the 1960 national olitical conventions may have to lional conventions. The 67-year-old McCormack, graduate of "the Boston school of practical politics," has headed the jlatform committee of three of the past four Democratic National conventions. But the three House members may not occupy, those spots in i960 when the Democrats meet in L/os Angeles and the Republicans in Chicago. Rayburn remarked at a recent Washington social affair that he might not be chairman in 1960 that he might want to make a nominating speech. As neutra referees, convention chairmen can not make nominating speeches. Rayburn attached no significance to the remark, which he said was made in jest. Whether he would accept the post of chairman if it were offered to him, he hasn't said. Some members of the Democratic National Commit- tee are known to favor for the chairmanship someone less inclined than Rayburn to conciliate the party's Southern wing. A question-'mark has been posed over Martin's possible role n I960 by his ouster from the party leadership in' the House. He was replaced as floor leader last January by Charles A. Halleck of. Indiana. Martin hasn't commented publicly on his I960 prospects. He reportedly would accept the post if it were offered to him. McCormack definitely does not want to head the Platform Committee. Try GOSS'S First! Largest Selection-Finest Quality. Buy It in Ottawa! GARDEN BULBS Gladiolus, Tuberous, Begonias, Amaryllis. Regal Lilies, Tuberoses, Rubruni Lilies, Dahlias, Gloxinias, and Caladiums. Potted Rosebushes From $1.50 up OSBURNS FLOWERS 118 E. 8th CH 2-2244 FR i MOTHER'S DAY Special WE HAVE A FREE SUNDAE REGULAR SIZE ANY FLAVOR For Each Mother Who Comes to Our Store on Mother's Day SUN., MAY 10th If Accompanied by Either a Son or Daughter. DRIRV QU 15th and S. Main Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Bowman Take Mother to the i NORTH AMERICAN COFFEE SHOP SUNDAY, MAY 10th — MENU — Roast Prime Rib of Beef with Au Jus $1.65 Roast Tom Turkey with celery dressing 1.40 Roast Leg o' Lamb with mint jelly 1.40 Southern Fried Chicken with giblet gravy.... 1.30 Baked Ham, Virginia style, with cherry sauce. 1.30 Pear & Cheese Salad Whipped Potatoes Buttered Corn o'Brien Baby Limas Strawberry Short Cake — Apple Cobbler Drink Rolls Butter Make reservations for Dining Room GIVE HER A LIVING GIFT! , » Something that will increase in beauty from year to year will tell her that you think of her more than just on this one day. Here are just a few suggestions - - • " * POTTED ROSES. Growing and thriving in Clov- erset pots. Many in bud. * POTTED SHRUBS. Flowering and ornamental types for foliage or bloom. * FLOWERING TREES. Magnolia, Dogwood, Mimosa, Flowering Crabs, etc. * BEDDING PLANTS. For the flower box, bed or border. * OR, if she is one of those girls who "has everything," give her a Gift Certificate so she can choose her own gift at her leisure. These are just a few suggestions from our extensive display of suitable things for Mother (or for yourself). Come out and see us. Open every day except Sunday. "Everything for the Lawn and Garden" WILLIS GARDEN CENTER 5th and Cherry Shop at Home YES, Here In OTTAWA One of the most important "DIVIDENDS" you earn when you shop at home is the part you play in helping your community be a better place in which to live. Yes, you are actually doing your part in Building and Bettering your home community . . . BECAUSE ... A part of every dollar you spend with your Ottawa merchants goes toward the improvements necessary in your community. The taxes your Ottawa merchant must pay help finance the operation of your city government and schools, city improvements and many other things necessary to keep "YOUR TOWN" looking the way you want it to look and be proud of. The person who isn't proud of his town and doesn't take the initiative toward improving it, should move away and stop complaining. "Buy at Home" is a firm step toward doing something constructive. This Message Sponsored in the Interest of Ottawa OTTAWA HERALD Read DAILY by Our 25,000 Readers

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