Del Rio News Herald from Del Rio, Texas on June 27, 1961 · Page 2
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Del Rio News Herald from Del Rio, Texas · Page 2

Del Rio, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 27, 1961
Page 2
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27,- 196.1 National League Adopts D STANDINGS Oy THE ASSOCIATED .PRESS AMERICAN LEAGUE " W L Pet GB Detroit __ .),, 21 .Xi?\v Vork -i-i Boston _. _.. MIS Gamblers Face i';j so By JOE MOOSHIL Associated Press Sports Writer CHICAGO (At 3 )—The National '. i-it&iit: today adopted- a "liberalized" plan with a sliding scale i<-.provide major league talent for iis newest members — the New-. York Me is and the Houston Colls. Although the bulk of the plan] is similar to that of the American \ League,' the National League made available more players; from which the new comers ean , ehcoso, including premium picks ; of '$125.000 per. player. ' ' ; N'ew' York.and Houston \viit pay ' S75.0CH) each for most of. their'( players, but they also will have a choice of making $50,000 purchases, and each club will wind up with four $125,000 f premium players. ., in stocking IMA Angeles and Washington, earh American kowron Blasts Yankees Past Los 8-6 By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS ex-Yankee Ken Hunt homered off' Mantle. ' came off Southpaw Whiley Ford won his Ford, giving the Angels 1-0. 3-1. j Ari Fowler. !t was the Yanks' i:iih nnd became the first pitcher ; 5-3 ami 6-5 leads. But ihe Van- j KUsi home run. top total in'hoih to beat every club in the Ameri- kees blasted back against starter ; leagues. can League as the .\e\v Yankees ouioliihhed tho Los An- League club 'made available 15 | players from which the new teams j chose seven at a flat price of ; 575,000 a player. Each team spent j$2.1 million. I The .National League will make 'available 17 players from each i established team, with each new •club spending a minimum of SI.7 ! million to a maximum of 5TJ.1 million. Under the plan, each club will make available after the Work* | Series 15 players from their ros- | ter as of Aug. 31, 1901. Seven of j these miisl - be from the. ac- j live list and the other eight from i each team's major leasxse roster i Of 40.. . . ' " "..' Kansas C'ity : Washington i Minnesot;) ___ ; Los Angeles . .652 .KM. .577 .ML* .514 .514 From t Federal Lavi 6 9 O 1 15 ial of 32 players--at .375.WO a player with the established learns ...._„.,._. . , each losing four. .New York and Yurk Ken McBride on home runs' by .i Ford (13-2), gave, up six hits I Houston then will have a 'choice ,.tlickey Mamie, his 23rd. and J and, walked four, hut fanned sev- \ of otlc P'a.ver from each club ai ?;ck's Angels S-G Monday nisht. It i pinch-hitter Johnny Rlanehard } en in eight innings-, lipping his was Die only -game scheduled in "and a two-run single by Yoai Ber- ! .-XL-leading strikeout total to" lOi) the AL ami moved the Yankees ra. Skowron's winning shot, fc>!- ' Lefty Luis Arroyo mopped up within one game of first place lowing walks to fioaer Maris and 5-2-?, in the ninth Detroit. j- • "• ——— In the ^National, the Philadel- ~2 — : ? r ?^ r ; r :~ ; _ -•—— =—• — -_, phia Phillies heat San Francisco l~t), behind the eight-hit .pitching of .Tim Owens and Dallas Green, and Milwaukee"defeated St.'Louis !>-<" in ihe only games'scheduled. A three-run homer by Bili Skowrun willi t.wo out in the ninth gave the Yankees their only lead against the Angels and beat reliever. Jim 'Donohue (1-2) in a bnltlo of home runs at cozy Wrig- -'ii -);5 .sn t:» 2:"> 17 .:m VH'u Monday's Results Xew York S, Los" Angeks tl Only game scheduled" Today's Games Washington. '(Hobaugh 4-,'i) m Cleveland (Perry ti 5 or Stia- •num L'-0), night , Chit-ago (Pi/i-aro 3-0 and Rau- mami .Vti) at Detroit '(Re trail 7-2 and Casalo l-. r i), (2.), 1 twi- nis-hl . Baltimore {F.sfruda 4-5 and Pappas 3-3) a! Kansas Cily (Bass •4-0 and Dii.mar 2-I>>. (2), tw:- ;\eu York (Dah\v 5-!));'ht • Los Angeles i.'P.owsf ield S-'ai, m'.yist Boston (Cisco l-i and Monbou- 7-(>) at Minnc-suui (Ka:st and Ramos 4-8> (2), twi-- | - " By G. MILTON KSL'LY ; WASHINGTON* (AP) - Senate backers of bills designed to crack • down oh racketeers preying on ; collegiate and professional sports : awaited today the Justice Depart: nu-mVs reai-iit.n. Sen. James O. Enslland, D: Miss..'chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee said Monday he hopvd Congress will pass laws 'Jo deal with cases like' the •current college, basketball scandals. Sen. Kenneth B. Keating. R;N'.Y... announced he is collaborating with the National Collegiate Athletic Association in drafting such a bill.'He said il would make ihe bribing of cpllege and possibly other -amateur athletes a federal crime.'The-current scandals involve alleged payoffs by gam-- biers to some of (he nation's top college basketball stars to keep scoring in certain games within the range of the gamblers' point- spread. Herbert J. Miller Jr., chief of the Justice Depnrimehl's crimi- he lacked authority to commit the department to any position on such legislation. Miller was on the witness stand testifying in behalf of a broad program requested by Ally. Gen. Robert F. Kennedy to help battle crime, None i nody's bills v.ou.'d deal ' a1l> with basketball i sports scandals. Sen. Kstos Kefauver, I another member ot the \ tee, is planning to press I has drafted )o place bis jfcssional boxing undor i rc'sitlnlton. ;•'. ilis bill which has boon i duced. uotihl create the ; i federal boxing the Justice . powers to license iigiiior^ agers, promoters ami mat ; ers, and to move in the e< •punish secret deals with i I derworld. ley Field. "Albie Pearson. Stevo Bilko and Cardinals Get New Stadium 'St.. LOUIS (AP) — Way bas been cleared for an SS9 million downtown sports .stadium with ihe announcement by an insurance company executive at a S31 million loan commitment.' -.!;;jor item in the project is ;i : 50.0'OQ-seal" str.ditim. . to be the home of the St. Louis basebaM and Jootball Car:tinals. Tfiis \\-onid presumably mean I he end ]or litisch Sincihim. loti«- limi' h(jim> of 'the baseball Car- (iinais .and old St. Louis Browns of llio American Leayue. ' Cunstruetinn of the new stadi'im ! i.s expected to start in about 30 months. ! The next steps arc a bond issue lor municipal facilities ai the project and reaching the equity ,' Capital goal. | The 30-year loan commitment was nnnounced Monday by James • i-Y Gales, president of the Equit- • able Life Assurance Society. More than SI7 million of S20 million equity capita! been raised. It Only Hurts When He Laughs PHILADELPHIA (AP) _ Angered because his San Francisco Giants left 12 men on base in a 1-0 loss to 'Philadelphia, the usually mild- mannered Manager Alvln Dark tore the tip off the little finger of his right hand Monday night when he threw a stool in the Giants dressing room. ' Dark was taken to Temple University Hospital for emergency treatment and returned to his Philadelphia hotel room early this morning. His finger caught in a jagged edge on one of the legs of the stool as he threw it into his own locker. . " Of the 12 men the Giants left stranded, four of them were left on third base, once with none out. once with-one-but and twice with two out. ,c » price of '550,000. Finally, each established club [ must then make available two i premium players and from ihis i list the newcomers must aher- ! nately select four 5725,000 players. i Each now team! end up with 1 four premium players and each I established seam will lose only | one. Under the entire., 'plan, the j newcomers wiJ! have to pick 20 i players but can go as high as 28 [by exercising the right of select- i ing eight $50,000 players. j Warren Giles, president of the j National League, said he believed i the plan was far more liberal than {that adopted by the American j Le.ague. i The National League started its ! meeting Monday afternoon at 2:i Los Anj San .Kra NATIONAL LEAGUE VV L Pet G3 .i;i Z~, ..1532 _ ____ .',). :») ' .;,sc> •:; It's Beginning To Look Like Texas League Of p.m. and didn't conclude until 1- | .. | a.m. today. i "We discussed several plans/' isaid Giles. "Both the new" teams ! and the old teams were c'oapera- j tive in the exchange of thoir I views. The was unanmfous- jly adopted by all 10 clubs." ..... . _ Milwaukee _ ______ 3! ;]2 .492 9 : -^ St. Louis ------ :"•:> ;',i; .-IS").. 12 Chicago ________ ;-:. r i .10 .;i$-, }&,, Piiiladi-lphia _____ ?2 -!i .3.19 ix'-.. Monday's Results phij 1; f-'rain-isco 0 Milwaiikc-o U, .St. Lo;tt.S 0 . Only g:imes scheduled . Today's Games Cincinnati (Htm! s'-;-; i at Chicago (Kilsworth 2-J') San Fram-iseo Olru-Sehal i--l> .-,* I'hiladeiphia .( lUizzhardt 'J-S>. niqln Los Angeles (Podres 7-11 ar Pius- bur ah {friend S-7), niyhi (.Huh! .-;-:> or Cloninger 1-1) at Si. Louis i Simmons 2-(j). nigh!. TEXAS LEAGUE . " ' W L Pcf GB ; By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS The pitchers just .throw 'em and dtu-k m i he Texas League these days as the hitters take over. And the-ringleaders in this assault are Amariilo's Goid Sox, who Monday nighi moved to the ! longest lead of the year. 1 The Sox clouted Victoria in a j double - header. 7-1, -n-8, and I went seven games out from. [ Eighty - one hits' milled the .'boards in 'four' games Monday 'night. That's an average of better AIMING AT 20 By Afan Mover Barbecue For Junto Baseba . •Amarillo Tulsa San Ant<:ni(> .. . \ r ictor:;i -------- _ .Austin ___ ....... _ F the has WHITE BASS . ~~~ 5AS5 FA'AiLV AliU A '-'r; '_^- '^^ TH^ SOOO-—-".-.N !LVeW, MT? TAG WELL ~ &X. =-:;s vc~.T C= Tf-=M .£ l °-i. :> * i::? £ x - ; *-" A H-l^-r ^' A5O-L-. jO MCVrS- ;S LENGTH Fi we-re dealt a blovv 'Monday when Tom Patty was found scholastically ineligible. Patty, G-foot-5, was a starter last season while a' sophomore, Cocah J'olk . Robison called him ''a good rehounde'r and our fast- player/' T-AO GOOD UJRES PCX? -wHrre BASS.ALTJIOIXSH s c. HOOK ^^ '•*£" i cimneclcd w i t h Ma : nr i League' and Bahi:' i\uih will be "guests at a h«rhee! day : night ai the Lakt-• \Vai tar> Kosuri. . The barbecue is heins t;-. -,•<•, through the cooiHTntif-n i:i' lc>c:s! service clubs and Laughlin -Air Force accordint; to Kc\. O. \V. N'ickie.' president 01 tin: Junior Daseball Assn. li"'" will "start at 7 p.m. The invitation is extended to players, managers, roaciu-s. 'umpires, scorers and announcers, from the two leagues. Rev. .Vickie said. Each team manager will he responsible lor "the transportation of players on to team. Rev. Nickle also pointed out" players will not bt- nermmed in. the water or around the landing at the resort. .The menus for the meal in- j eludes: barbecued chicken, potato saland. beans, combination sa- Mad. .pickle relish. Frem-h" roils 'and soft drinks. 39 :-)fi -'.527 ;;>; ;'i< .514 :',:, :; k s .-!7'j ' :\~> •'.{ ,.\,',\ :}'• .so . lo?, s Rosy Us >•• ir-vi;; ]•> T •-• d -t •-• '•:- G 3 >T! ;• s - fijor leaue ieoders By THE ASSOCIATED THAT'S SPEED I LINCOLN, III. i.?, — How fasti does a baseball whiz over the plate when the pitcher is bear -i ing down? " • | Paul '(Dizzy) Trout, former! American League hurling star 1 and now. a. public relations rep- 1 Babe Ruth League James Hicks Pitches No-Hit, No-Run Game i Fight Results By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS i Las Vegas. Nov.—Cassius Clay. I94 1 !:, Louisville. Kyl._ ouJpoiir.ed I Kilo Sabedong. 22*3. Hawaii. 10. ', San Francisco — Benny Mndi- !na, l?S'v. Fresno. Calif..'shopped :A1 Mcdrano. ]37'.-j, Sacramento j Calif., 4. j Philadelphia — IlolSy Minis. ItH." : Washington, knocked out Jimrny I Remson. 161. Detroit. 3. Major League Stars service club meeting. DR. ANDRES PORTALES DR. J. H. KEY OPTOMETRISTS OHic» Hout»—Men. thru M. Confocl L«nt FiM»d ' . 5-4353 - 101 Gr>*nw Q »4 game of the twin bill the^JeJi came roarin« back- in thn i -.u .1. i ^ «.«ii,.i. iujiuj 0 oacK jn tne vvith three-run homer with two out bottom of the mnme in counter; i n ninth IXPERT UPHOLSTERY WORK of all kinds. • Guaranteed work done by Johnny Du'Prec BEAU'S CONVENIENT PARKING IOT Hicks faced only 14 batters in tallied twice to knot the "score at .the-game which was called after 3-3. They moved ahead by one four inning because of the ten- run in the fourth and then put run rule. The youngster had a the game on ice with five runs perfect game going for.three a'ndjn the fifth. LauRhlin added one one-third innings. With one out run. in the fifth and one in - Ihe in Ihe top of the fourth Hicks siv!h, while the Xats scored twice walked two consecutive batters, in the sixth and three times in He regained his control to get one the seventh. ba.tter on ai popup to the shortstop i Stexx- Blair and Jesse Suarez and the lifcxt on :a 'grounder ' to. eacn had three, hits for the Nats. third. r ' •. - • .TommV .Chambers had two hits. The Creamers gave Hicks all Romiu; fire -had a triple and a the runs he needed in the bottom 5 ' u ~ lt! for the-Jets, of the first • inning when -they; score3 six limes on one hit, one J error and six bases on balls. They; •added four - more in the second • inning and three in the third. The! Creamers §ot only Uiree hits, bull ni^e walke -and five errors.paved } the v.-ay for the runs. f -The Nats retained their hold o«; • • L p . ltc .!". ng SIX ' nnin ss. a n« S '° n ' (tia.nts j uns riitHi-ti . :n — r«'i)oi!y, San Friiiifiscii. .vi; IJtihin.-.on. Ciiii-in- huii. ••"i7. • , Mils — r'i:i>i>n. Cincinna'.i. f-S: • \Vi!! r - !.,., .\r,-,-;.^.^rf. DoiiJili.-^.— r-jn^'-n. '"inc'tnnati, 17; '.'nU'iV;;!']. '."i:K'it-?iati. i'i. Tripk-s — v'ifficu, Pittsburgh. '•: Al'iinan. Chir-as;o. Wills. Los Ai\- izvl'-f. Sujarl and ("li-nienle. Pil'.s- biir^h and Uiiyer. Si. Louis. ~>. HI'IIIH- r'i!is — ('•i-pct:a, Kun Fran-' ; ci^i't.'. ->•' Itiil.-insrui. Cincinnati IS. Slf'!i-M liasr-'. — Pinson, Cincinna- -ti. I".; Aaron. Milwaukee and May.;. Sari Fraiii'ix'o, ^O. ''iit'Mr.-.' r !>:!*"<! (.-ri ."i v.r more df-i'isions p--P<iibvs. L-,s Anyele.--. .7-1. .ST.".: .\:iti'..r. :>;,?! rranciKco. ti-1, • .Ji,">7! ' Sln';.-(iiii~-' - --Ken-fax. LIN Anee. h'-_ l\'. : : \S;U':!!i:-:. Li..; An-J.-lf^. An?-?rit?n League iV;i!t:!i'.; (!i:i-~''<i r,i>) i. r :ii or more at B:.l~i — . .Ca/h. Dc'troi!. .:!77: Hrandt. F';;'il'.imoi-(>; .Si',!. Huns— .Mani!<'. Xe\'. York. 0:i; Maris-, \ew York. t"i. •- Hi:s — Piersall. Cl.ovolai'ui. 90: : H. l>cbir,rx«n. P.Hiliiiiore. SS. . Douhh-s — i'o.s'er. r'Joveland, 20; Romano. ' Ciovfland. 1ft. • ; Triples— T.andis. Chicago aixl Wood, .Detroit. <>: Pk-rsail. Clevc- Innd rmf" Koouch. Washington. . : i. Homo runs— Maris, Xcw York. 27; "Cash. Holroit. 2-1. : : Sfoien bav''-.^ — A'l.iris-io. Ciiira- ; go. 22; Howst-r. Kansas City. 1!). • Pilchinc; fba«td on -5 or inurr- dociriinns') — l.atman. Clevclaivh '] 6-0. 1.000; Terry. Xew ^ p o1-k, 5-t). ; l.(K)0. Strike onls ~ ; - Ford. New York, j 100; P-asi'tial, Mi.''ota, SG. ; | than 20 safe knocks ; Eight home runs also ; gt-d and a (OJal of (V2 n> \ scored. ; Tulsa sacked • S;m I S-! for ' its fourth slrai'*;!!i , mciveti JJie Uilers. juto n>;. I second plaec. I Tnisa batlefc>d 13 hits i- San Antonio wish 115 ret- I hitting homers — Von. A; i Johnny Lewis and Mik<> S Craiglu Sorenson .parked i San Antonio: ; Amarillo used ho;iu' ri;r I to clout N'ictoria. For the Gold Sox «oi ihrt-.L' ; in the third inning of !h; -cap '.o go- ahesd to -.:, ; Miilcr hit a soio whii.> ] Windle and Phil Lin?. .,>;.;: rtwo-nm circui'or. 1 Davcy Davis' mixhtv ; led the- Sox to \'irtt.Tv i opener. : Ardmore broke a ihroe losing strc-ak l.»v outlnstiti? }or Little League yers Upset Lions, pikers Edge Closer {THAT'S FOR I SAN DIEGO, Caiif. L? — the, I Lake'Hodges reservoir east of! i here, has been dry for 10 years j lor more due to lack of rain and? (increased water usage. But work-1 [men recently repaired a highway; sign that read '.'N'o Fishing From The Bridge." Dr. C. L. Baskett OPTOMETRIST ,, 104 W. Lotoyo Mt 5-3762 Curt Simmons, cast off by th<r Phils hist ;-i>rin.s. «-as ihe second : most effecliso suotiipav.' in tho N'ational League las', season. He had a 3.0G enrninl run record, and now i.s a regular starter for •St. Louis. r .. ' Tho Laushlin Flyers knocked off the !e'apue-lf-adin«. Lions in Major Lit tie League piny lasi night at Overstreot Park. In the second s;anie of the doubleheader the Elks Spikers Jximbed (he Rotary WhiH'k-rs 22-9 to climb wilhin one .fame- of first place. The Flyers-.took the lead in the second inning when Stan I'.odin' doubled to risht and scored on a j sinslc by Sieve Wise. They came vip with four unearned rims in the bottom of 5he third for a 5-0 lead. " " : ' Tlse Lions rallied for two runs in of ihe fourth and added; a singleion in the fifth. Langhlini picked up its final run in ihe hot- '. torn of the fifth. ' John Hutchinsofi was the winning pitcher for ihe Flyers. Chuck Shipley of the Flyers had two sin-. gles-to lead the hitters. \ The second game of the night' was a free-swinging affair with, the Spikers .pounding out 15 hits : and She. Wheelers collecting nine. Ronnie Cart a for the Spikers- and Xed Carta ' for ihe Wheelers ' had home rims during ihe game. ; The Spikers jro! thin'gs 'started; with four runs in the second in-. ; niny. They toted up five more in, Classified Atls Rrln e Results ALt NEW McCULLOCH MC 20 j MIRODON • SAIES & SERVICE 901 Griner — PR Say It With ADAMS' FLOWERS WANTED 1000 RADIATORS TO 6E CLEANED AND REPAIRED DEL RSO RADIATOR SERVICE 110 V/. Ogden Dial pR 5-4415 OASIS FAIRWAYS MONDAYS WEDNESDAYS FRIDAYS HALF PRICE DAY for Students High School Age and Under FREE ADVICE HWY 90 E PR 5-8284 • IS'- 10. 'in.'ihe on. The Rosebud? 'p first three" inninc the third inning. The Wheeler^ got things buzzing with a six-run outburst in the fourth. In the iop of the fifth the Spik- ers retaliated with five more runs to put them ahead 14-6. They pjiej up another eight runs in the sixth. Ned Carta drove home three run* for the Wheelers with his homer m the bottom of the sixth. Joe Nation, Spiker third sacker, led (he winners with three hits . Ernesto Zuniga, first baseman- ' pitcher for the Wheelers, had three ; singles for the losers. ' ;Pone Kingpefcfi •Defends Fivv/eif f ^ TifbTonignf |. TOKYO (AD — P;^. ; .of Japan battle tonipta. f- •Acrid ily\voi;;ht • boxrns ' ; i! : 1 Ihr- T'KH channiion 2 lieyv. itc to !<.:'(M-i ])i< I!^-;H>L.:;^; i- thi> fi^hi-ha-ppy lajiff .- >. thi- 15 nvsnc) '!?.-=• anco.'"'"' 1 ' e«L:e on ('\peri<-ncc ai> : skill. Svki.' IS. has TW.T - a heavier banta-!iv.-oi;jh-. I3i.l (wo months ua-'j .in: 'i.-r- ' on a stric! -.not. T<. p;;r«' ''.;• hi~ 11V". si weii r 'i-:n )!• without solid. f<vn? all ti;'.v M and i>a?iei! up breiikfas: << Kin«rp-:>tch has.a "5-T*. r<-.'r has not been hr-at-'n si.'i'.v «hen'he dropped a l?-ru;:r ; '.i sion so Leo E^pjnos-a of tisf Srkl. hae n 21-2-! rceonl v BE CAR SAP! with these GOOD^YEAP SAFETY |i SPiCIMf • Shock Absorbers] • Tail Pipes • Mufflers • Wheel Balancing^ • Wheel Rotation ALL ON EASY BUDGET TERMS SERVICE ' PHONE PR 5-3588 767 S. Main-Del'Rio,

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